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Eligible since: 1995 (The 1996 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Will Tower of Power be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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the fact that this band has nver been select is a complete error in judgement by those who vote. their sound is unique and has never been replicated. there is no band on who has it power... none

Posted by Dan Dion on Friday, 08.1.08 @ 17:21pm

Tower of Power is huge!!! Tower of Power is some heavy music, man, I can't believe only one person has commented. Hmm, maybe they are just more popular among the Bay Area, but I consider them a musical force to be reckoned with.
All that having been said, I can't imagine they would get in before Chicago (not that the comparison is a good one, its just that I see Chicago as completely dominating the whole rovk w/ a horn section genre).

Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 23:54pm

I couldnt agree more that they belong in the hall of fame. How many bands still exist since 1968?
And they still sound as good as they did in the beginning. Please quit ignoring them.

Posted by Randy on Wednesday, 08.11.10 @ 23:09pm

Please people, take note Tower of Power has celebrateed another year(41) and counting.There music is still fresh and Powefull. James Brown said it best,"please, please,please.

Posted by DAN DION on Thursday, 10.21.10 @ 13:47pm

James Brown once said Tower of Power was the only band he made his musicians listen to upon release of an album. Sting was in a Tower of Power clone band prior to forming The Police. Talk about star power. Tower consistantly plays to sold out venues world wide. Besides the greatest, David Garibaldi and Rocco Prestia, how would you neglect the horn section? Tighter than a clenched fist. Shameful, just shameful

Posted by andy on Tuesday, 09.27.11 @ 15:02pm

Tower of Power still packs the house,and rocks.I can't believe that a band with this much history,and influence still is not in the HOF.I have visited the HOF,and like how it reflects the history of rock, from the blues,Elvis,etc. TOP is NOT a regional band from Oakland,they are worldwide known.The time has come to truly recognize there contribution to so many musicians,and the the world.

Posted by Ernie Franchino on Wednesday, 05.1.13 @ 16:59pm

Kind of hard to believe that the Tower of Power has not been considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ? There isn't band today that can match musicianship and pure energy since the great James Brown Bands. It's a shame to see another induction because to be honest,. most of the acts are Bush League,.. Just think, when if they are ever inducted,. there will be a few present inductees that can actually be on stage with the great Tower of Power.

Posted by Manuel Moreno on Saturday, 06.28.14 @ 13:45pm

Mic Gillette RIP

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.19.16 @ 20:12pm

top should have selected hof along time ago if chicago is in top 100times better and the horns lets not go there

Posted by rick howell on Saturday, 07.16.16 @ 14:43pm

Tower still tours to sold out venues around the world, Their horns have alwaqys been the best and their band is the tightest. Reaaly some of the last grou[s that play their own music.We've been fo;;owing them since at keast 1977, and still try to see them whenever they are in townI love that when you hear their music it's identifiable how could you not induct them. Long overdue.

Posted by Donna Howell on Friday, 08.5.16 @ 02:52am

The Tower of Power has the greatest brass section in funk and R&B
HANDS DOWN!! I am shocked that they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They were and still are one of the "Hippest" bands ever! Please consider them.

Posted by victoria mason on Friday, 05.5.17 @ 17:47pm

Say Yes if you know What Is Hip.

Posted by Dick on Monday, 08.28.17 @ 23:29pm

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