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In The Summertime (1970)

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Will Mungo Jerry be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Great song 'In the Summertime'. Only thing I would change about it is that periodically one of the band members grunts like he is passing a big turd. Remove that & the song would be wonderful.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 10.23.08 @ 12:10pm

Mungo Jerry will NEVER be inducted, but they were a pretty cool skiffle-inspired one-hit wonder. And as for the grunting in "In the Summertime", I love it. Thats what you call mojo

Posted by Jonny on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 12:46pm

It's funny how Mungo Jerry is considered a one hit wonder even though their single "Baby Jump" (which I personally prefer a lot more than "In the Summertime") reached #1 on the Billboard Charts and the group also had a series of hits like "Hello Nadine," "Lady Rose," "Staying at Home," "Got a Job," "Alright, Alright" and a few others

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 14:43pm

on what chart did they have this no.1 hit??? keebord

Posted by Brian on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 15:00pm

Actually, "In The Summertime" and "Baby Jump" reached number one in the U.K., I don't know what they topped out at in the U.S., though. They also had No. 1 hits in other countries up to about 1980 or 81 (give or take), but I couldn't tell you where or what songs...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 17:24pm

Gitarzan answered my question Brian. But yeah most of Mungo Jerry's hits were in the UK

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 18:03pm

To classify Mungo Jerry as a one-hit-wonder is bullshit! They had many hits. Donīt forget this great song "Lady Rose", which missed the No.1-position in Britain only because it had a B-side about drugs named "Have a Whiff on me" (BBC banned it). But it reached the top of the charts in other countries - like in Japan! Or remember the great rock-song "Alright Alright Alright", which was No. 3 in Britain! Not only fun songs: "You donīt have to be in the army to fight in the war", which reached Chart-success and became a hymn of young man in Europe which did social work insted of joining the army. Other hits worldwide: "Hello Nadine", "Sunshine Reggae",
"Long legged woman dressed in black", "Open up".
And the first rock-song without drums: "Baby Jump", No.1 in Britain. "Wild Love", "Itīs a secret" and so on... Three composer-oscars (Ivor Novello Award!) for Mr. "Mungo Jerry" Ray Dorset.
The Sony Award for selling 30 Millions of "In the Summertime" - the most successfull summer song ever. This should be enough to bring Mungo in the rock hall of fame.

Posted by Popeye on Monday, 09.28.09 @ 11:14am

And the first rock-song without drums: "Baby Jump", No.1 in Britain

I can think of plenty Janice Joplin "OH lord buy me Mercedes Benz' "Barbra Ann" Beach Boys.. I am sure there are many others LOL also....Beatles "Black Bird".

Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 09.28.09 @ 14:45pm

Personally, I think "Baby Jump" is much better than "In the Summertime" mind you I like most of their songs. I nice, good, fun band, not really RRHOF worthy though. Saw a promo for a song of theirs recently called "Staying At Home." Ray Dorset's still got it, even without the sideburns

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 06.22.10 @ 09:04am

Correction: "A nice" not "I nice" makes much more sense

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 06.22.10 @ 09:04am

"If we were still together the Beatles would be recording either with lots of orchestration as they had been doing and sounding like Electric Light Orchestra, or more to my roots with skiffle and great honest sounds like Mungo Jerry" - John Lennon (Replying to being asked how the Beatles would sound like in the 70's if they were still together)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 12.8.11 @ 05:19am

In The Summertime should be an essential song.

Posted by Brian on Saturday, 10.22.16 @ 20:35pm

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