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No Matter What (1970)
Come and Get It (1970)
Day After Day (1971)
Baby Blue (1972)

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Will Badfinger be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Badfinger created Power Pop. Please consider them for induction to the R&RHF.

Posted by Paul Nyman on Monday, 11.6.06 @ 22:55pm

No one deserves this honor more than they do...This is the greatest rock band since the Beatles. They're music is as fresh today as it was back in 1972. Give them this important recognition please!!!

Posted by Susan Robison on Wednesday, 11.8.06 @ 04:44am

No band deserves this more for the art they created and what they collectively endured at the hands their management. they have influenced countless artists from Aimee Mann to Cheap Trick.

They were the pioneers of the "power pop" movement of the early seventies and their impact is still being felt today with their music being covered by Def Leppard, Rod Stewart...

Posted by Pat Casey on Friday, 11.17.06 @ 12:25pm

How many more times are they going to get ripped off. Nobody at any time was cooler or more musical. It wasn't just Pete, he was phenomenal, but listen to the records and hear Joey and Tom. Not unlike the Beatles they hit you from all sides. Pete on slide, or Mike on acoustic, or joey's compositions. They were not the new Beatles. They held their own, easily. They were so far ahead of the rest. Their image, their music, what do you need to be convinced? I've been to the "Rock Hall". Get something good in there! Get Badfinger.

Posted by Dominick A. Demase Jr. on Wednesday, 01.31.07 @ 18:39pm

Thanks for spamming me, I can tell you're not really interested in Badfinger.

Posted by Dominick A. Demase Jr. on Wednesday, 01.31.07 @ 18:41pm

Yes, yes, yes! Badfinger deserve it!

Posted by Brendan on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:53am

Badfinger best rock band ever who knows how many fans are out here .As I watched both British and American hall of fame i waited to see if bfr would be mentioned .but no.i think its about time for the best band ever gets in also i wonder what music would be like if they survived as a band i quess ill never know till i see the boys altoghether in that rock n roll band in the sky you know theyll have a helluva band God bless Bandfinger Amen

Posted by mike murphy on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 18:38pm

Badfinger should be enterd into the Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame.One of the best band besieds the
Beatles.these guys were great musicians,songwriters
you will not here music of this quaility played
today by modern artist.they were real craftsmen.
Joey Molland plays some awesome lead guitar.

Posted by brad on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 12:45pm

Just because they're called Badfinger doesn't mean the powers-that-be have to give them the finger!

Posted by punster1941 on Friday, 06.29.07 @ 00:09am

I loved Badfinger dearly and think that they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. On the other hand, I almost hope they don't get in because Joey is the only member left, and quite frankly, he's a jerk.

Posted by Beth on Sunday, 08.5.07 @ 21:49pm

I live near Cleveland. I don't want to see a great band like Badfinger put in any hall, like the "rock & roll" hall of fame where commercial idiots put "mad donna" in just to sell overpriced admission fees. Were they one of the best bands ever? Without a doubt. Do they deserve to be inducted? No way, no great power pop band does. What did they do to be placed in with a bunch of talentless wanna'bes? It makes me want to puke that the Beatles are in next to some of the losers that have been placed in due to commercial "sucksess". There are some great artists in the rock hall. I wish they would have gracefully declined their nomination.

Posted by Mike Stuver on Tuesday, 01.15.08 @ 23:32pm

"I wish they would have gracefully declined their nomination."

They've never been nominated, dumbass.

Posted by blue on Wednesday, 01.16.08 @ 07:51am

Yes without a doubt, Badfinger deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They were a very talented band that crafted wonderful music that is loved by their fans, and respected by musicians - inovative and influential. They have always been overshadowed by the Beatles, when actually that are the only band that could "create" (not "recreate" or "imitate") what the Beatles created. Nevermind that there are some artists there already who don't really belong; as though they're running out of eligible artists who do deserve the "honor", but there should be a renewed focus by the HoF to identify the deserving artisits that have been overlooked (Badfinger, Heart, the list goes on) and vote them in. The sooner the better. It is too bad that there is only one survivor of Badfinger, Joey Molland, all the more reason to act on this as soon as possible. And Beth, it is obvious you don't know Mr. Molland at all.

Posted by Anne on Friday, 03.7.08 @ 01:55am

What in heaven's name is keeping you all from inducting Badfinger into the Rock'n Roll hall of Fame? They were an absolutely great group with a terrific sound in the 70's which has influenced alot of modern music.They deserve the recognition.This group had suffered to many shortcomings throughout their musical career.Let's put an end to the word tragedy that is associated with Badfinger.Let all their hard work not be in vain.Let them be recognized!!!!!!

Posted by Sonia Batson on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 15:45pm

A great band. Period.

Posted by Steve Potocin on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 16:27pm

"Without You" the song popularized by Harry Nilsson and later Mariah Carey was written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans and first recorded by Badfinger

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 06.3.08 @ 21:51pm

Badfinger gets my vote

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.21.08 @ 19:54pm

I agree with everyone: Badfinger DESERVES to get in. I really don't understand why they aren't there already.
People, we need to do something to get them in. Is there some sort of petition going around, or anything?
This is crazy. I don't even really want to the HoF anymore. They obviously don;t know what they are doing to not think of letting Badfinger in.

Posted by Carly on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 18:20pm

Pete Ham and Tom Evans were pure musical rock and roll no BS straight from the heart. Joey and Mike rounded out this quartet of perfection. Very sad how the whole thing ended. I love the classics like Day After Day, Baby Blue, and even Come and Get It but also love the lesser known Better Days and Believe Me. Its so funny when you talk about Without You and everyone says ..."Yeah thats that Harry Nillson song right?" and you lay it down for them that this was originally written by Badfinger. RIP Pete, Tommy, Mike. Joey will be with you soon and Badfinger will be back together again! Please give them their props if they aren't there already. Remember Badfinger!

Posted by Dave Hickey on Monday, 02.16.09 @ 11:27am

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame without Badfinger being inducted is like rock and roll without the Beatles--it makes absolutely NO sense!

Just think what music would've be like without such classics as "Day After Day," "Baby Blue," "No Matter What," "Name of the Game" and "Without You."

I honestly can't think of another band that deserves to be inducted more than Badfinger.

Until the day Badfinger is inducted, I will think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a complete and total joke.

Posted by Tim on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 00:24am

Badfinger get my vote. They have influence(they have been covered by Def Leppard, Rod Stewart, Lifehouse, The Knack, etc.) and innovation(founders of power pop.)

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 07.30.09 @ 21:41pm

Question regarding influence.

If Band X records a song which was written and recorded a decade earlier by Band Z, does that make Band Z an influential band?

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 05:43am

It means Band X liked the song. There's lots of songs out there that I've liked and played but wasn't necessarily influenced by the artist/band...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 06:05am

I could have sworn Badfinger was previously considered, but evidently I was wrong.

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 09:33am

Question regarding influence.

If Band X records a song which was written and recorded a decade earlier by Band Z, does that make Band Z an influential band?

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 05:43am
I think it may depend on just how popular the song was in the first place.

One of the best case examples of this is Slade's original "Cum On Feel The Noize". Precious few people even remembered it when Quiet Riot got their hands on it in 83, but looked what happened.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 14:19pm

Well and truly overdue. Badfinger are the greatest band ever, and Without the best ballad song of all time!

Posted by Conor on Sunday, 10.11.09 @ 23:02pm

OF COURSE Badfinger SHOULD be MANY other Classic artists too...!

The SAD thing is their story is SO's like a "Titanic" of Rock.....

EVERY young musician going into the Music Business needs to read Dan Mantovina's Book "Without You" (makes you realise how important a Decent Manager is !)

the "Human Tragedy" re poor Pete & Tom has cast a Long dark shadow over their band life story....something like say in Aviation with The De Haviland Comet aircraft etc....

Plus their Classic era music with Apple & Warners being Off catalogue for SO MANY years....led to the band FOR SO LONG being nothing but a seventies memory....

Thankfully today the situation has finally changed....

their music...always such a POSITIVE UPLIFTING at last emerging from behind the shadow of all the tragic events....being easily available to buy again....and their Influence is now being properly appreciated (at long last !)

Badfinger's being so close to The Beatles was always a "Double Edged Sword" (like earlier Sixties Beat Boom bands such as The Fourmost - who were also blighted by tragedy too....etc)

Badfinger deserved their OWN acclaim....yet were FOREVER compared to The fab Four...far more so than say even Wings ever were !

We should also remember besides Pete, Tom, Joey, & Mike....Ron Griffiths, & Bob Jackson (who always paid concert tributes to Badfinger in The Fortunes shows)

Posted by Boz on Thursday, 01.21.10 @ 11:21am

It is sad what happen to these talented artist a real Shakespeare tragedy.... where there is life there is hope..

Posted by mrxyz on Thursday, 01.21.10 @ 20:08pm

These guys were imitators, not innovators. They were influenced, not influential. Beatles lite.

No way they deserve consideration.

Posted by Engstfeld on Monday, 03.8.10 @ 19:17pm

You guys need to hurry up before Badfinger is inducted post humously. Joe Molland is the only member still alive and he is still out there performing. Get them in. They were Apple Records best non Beatle Act. It's a sin they have not been inducted.

Posted by John Bills on Monday, 08.9.10 @ 12:46pm

It is hard to believe that they aren't in yet. Wrote "Day after Day", "No Matter What", "Baby Blue", "Without You". It is almost surreal that they haven't been considered yet, but a band like "Cornershop" has a 24% chance of getting in. WTF?

Posted by Vince on Sunday, 12.5.10 @ 08:03am

There was MORE to Badfinger than mere imitators !

They probably did invent 'Power Pop' as such....while of course they were influenced by others (as EVERYONE else was)

Yes They do have aspects of both musically The Beatles and vocally The Hollies (and even a Kinks influence can clearly be heard on whimsical & nostalgic songs like: 'Their Knocking Down Our Home')
- a blend of influences from Pop to rock in their music, but Pete Ham was a very individualistic powerful guitarist, tasteful keyboardist, and a major talent as a songwriter....while Tom Evans, Joey Molland, and Mike Gibbins, plus later Bob Jackson were all fine songwriters and musicians

Badfinger's music had a special quality of it's own, that we know certainly impressed both George Harrison and Paul McCartney - the fact the Beatles snapped them up for Apple is proof they were worthy of respect....

Their powering guitars and solid vocal harmonies had an instantly recognisable sound of it's own...had the band been properly managed & creatively nurtured (as say The Beatles were) they could have hit even greater heights...with several 'hits that could have been'(i.e. 'Lonely You', 'Know one knows', 'Lay Me Down' etc) ,

As it was managerial problems, the demise of Apple,Warners loosing a big advance (Hence legal problems), and various other non musical problems beset them...pushing first Pete then later Tom over the edge...

the fact their catalogue was for so long off the market...and the 'shadow' of Human tragedy loomed over their story...putting some people off looking at the music itself...has somewhat 'airbrushed' them out of Rock History for many years...

thankfully a situation now rectified.

Posted by Dave on Saturday, 12.25.10 @ 03:41am

This Rock N roll Hall of Shame is a Sham. Bands Like Badfinger, The Rspberries & Big Star & The Sweet are omited But Iggy Pop & madonna are In Iggy is so Overrated. & madonna what the hell does sje have to do with rock???? But badfinger, the Rspberries & Big Star & The sweet have influenced Bands from the Moment they started making Music Bands That owe a debt to These 4 Power Pop/Rock Iconic bands are as follows, The Replacements, Cheap trick, the Knack, the Posies, R.E.M., Lemmonheads , Michael penn, The Grays/Jason Faulkner, XTC,Ammie Man, Sam Phillips,Enuff Z'Nuff, redd Kross,Oasis,Matthew sweet, The Bangles The Thorns,Pernice Brothers, Landon Pigg I can list 1,000 more but it will only fall on Deaf ears anyway. Put These 4 bands In for 2012 BADFINGER,THE RASPBERRIES,BIG STAR, THE SWEET

Imagine Life without songs Like No matter what, baby Blue, Day After Day,Without You all badfinger

Go all the way ,Let's pretend, I wanna be with you,Overnight sensation (hit record) By the raspberries

September Gurls, You get what you deserve , Ba;;ad Of El Gordo,Thirteen & In the streets(Better known as the theme from That 70's show) afrom Big Star

Fox On The Run, Little Willie,Action, Love is Like Oxygen By the Sweet

The new wave era & alternitive rock would not exisit without these 4 bands paving the way

Posted by Joe Caravella on Sunday, 04.3.11 @ 18:46pm

Many people thought that Badfinger's name was a parody of "Goldfinger," but their name comes from "Bad Finger Boogie" (a working title of "With A Little Help From My Friends") John Lennon wrote "WALHFMF" using only one finger. he had a broken forefinger at the time. Badfinger actually borrowed two song titles from the Beatles, "Love Me Do" (from "No Dice") and "Flying" (from "Straight Up"). (The namesake Beatles songs appear on Please Please Me and Magical Mystery Tour, respectively) Also, Badfinger's "Day After Day" was in the top five at same time as Harry Nilsson's recording of "Without You"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 04.5.11 @ 17:11pm

Former Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye played on Badfinger's final studio album, "Say No More" (Kaye left Yes after "The Yes Album" dnd rejoined Yes for "90125" and left Yes again after "Talk") Also, Rick Wakeman's keyboard riff in the "I Get Up, I Get Down" section of "Close To The Edge" bears similarities to the opening piano riff in Harry Nilsson's version of "Without You"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 04.5.11 @ 23:36pm

They impressed the Beatles, for God's sake. Members of the band sang backup on Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy;" performed with George at the Concert for Bangladesh; wrote "Without You," a huge worldwide hit -- twice -- for other artists. And of course had big four worldwide hits themselves. The'd be better remembered if the troubled Pete Ham hadn't committed suicide at only 27. Bands throughout the '70s and '80s were influenced by Badfinger's power ballads. Then think of the artists with far skimpier resumes -- the Velvet Underground, the Sex Pistols, Percy Sledge -- who are already in the HOF. It's a travesty that Badfinger wasn't inducted a decade ago.

Posted by Steve Galvacky on Monday, 07.25.11 @ 08:00am

@STeve: The Velvet Underground and the Pistols deserve it for their massive ifnluence, but I agree with you on Sledge. One hit wonder with no innovation or influence.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 07.25.11 @ 09:54am

How the heck does the Beastie Boys get into the HOF and Badginger doesn't? I would love to debate anyone who thinks a rap group deserves it over them....they have absolutely NO ARGUMENT!!!!!!

Posted by J. Davis on Friday, 09.7.12 @ 20:15pm

I agree J. Davis I like them better than the Beastie Boys Thought they are good
This band should be in..!
Lets Hope

Posted by Happy on Friday, 09.7.12 @ 22:00pm

Beastie Boys are objectively far more important than badfinger, that's why.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 09.8.12 @ 07:27am

i definitely agree badfinger should get criticism against the group was the constant comparisons with the fact,i even once read an article describing them as beatles clones.however,if you actually listen to their albums and concert music,they sound nothing like the beatles.they definitely had a sound and presence all their own.

Posted by lori hallenbeck on Monday, 04.22.13 @ 00:37am

Of course Badfinger deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
And why are they snubbed on the Biggest Rock Hall Snubs tab?

Posted by Sorethumb44 on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 12:37pm

Badfinger (1969-1981)

01. Pete Ham vocals, guitar, keyboards
02. Tom Evans vocals, guitar, bass
03. Mike Gibbins vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards
04. Ron Griffiths vocals, bass
05. Joey Molland vocals, guitar, keyboards

Posted by Roy on Friday, 11.25.16 @ 06:54am

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