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Today's Hall of Fame Birthdays:

Herman Santiago, age 77!

Dr. Dre, age 53!

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Check out a list of snubbed members from inducted artists.

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What are people talking about?

About the 2018 Inductees, Zuzu wrote:

Naming women to be inducted does not mean you are sexist in your attitudes. It is what is said about artist that liked more by women. Example is the sexist tiramisu comment. So a testosterone diet of male only opinion is ok. Where is the yin yang?If you guys are not sexist then where is the balance of female opinions on here? It wasn't that way further back. What changed?

Look at my list and you will see that the Spinners are in the group. I personally think the push ahead policy is the problem. Think Kiss. the rest of your list did not get votes. By the way I was voting for NIN, It's going to take time before they get in - the others - I do not see it.

I did not call the Spinners garbage. I just knew they would not get the votes and were put on as a filler.

Kate Bush, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey all have the same problem - no root support or barely any with older artist. You need that to get the votes.

I've looked on line and Janet Jackson's fans don't care about her getting inducted. A bunch of family paid for publicity does not make her a worthy candidate, I do support TLC who I feel have enough r&r elements to qualify. They also set the blueprint for future r&b artist which JJ did not do and that is out of the mouth of Beyonce.

Chaka and Tina Turner yes Seriously Pat Benetar is one of the biggest complaints. Carole King is in as a writer and does not have enough for an artist as by the 70s her material is ac.

I wish they would hold off on Chaka and Rufus for a couple of years since getting some the artist that are from Chicago or spent time in Chicago would probably give them enough votes. That is if they held back on the push ahead policy.

Do you actually think you know enough about REO to make a judgement call? Based on the fact that their earlier material is missing from their song list on this site, I do not think so.

have you even listened to

Golden Country
Flying Turkey Trot
157 Riverside Ave
Ridin the Storm Out

If you do not know anything prior to the 80s how can you judge these artist

You do not think they can get the votes but I think they could.

All I ask islet them get nominated and let's see which of us their peers agree with.

Sunday, 02.18.18 @ 19:56pm

About The Album Project, Nicky Joe wrote:
3 - Martha & The Vandellas - Dance Party (1965)
2 - Sam & Dave - Soul Men (1967)
1 - The Dells - There Is (1968)
Sunday, 02.18.18 @ 18:29pm

About the 2018 Inductees, Nicky Joe wrote:

Not to mention, your OWN LOGIC can be used AGAINST YOU!

Styx, REO Speedwagon, The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Grand Funk Railroad, Three Dog Night and Kansas (they're all completely unworthy by the way). None of them have a chance in Hell of induction so they're about as important as 2000 calories of tiramisu is to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.
Sunday, 02.18.18 @ 18:27pm

About The Song Project, Dave wrote:
Charley Pride - Is Anybody Goiní to San Antone (1970) - 6
The Jackson Five - The Love You Save (1970) - 5
Etta James - A Sunday Kind of Love (1960) - 4
Ruth Brown - 5-10-15 Hours (1952) - 3
Dinah Washington - Teach Me Tonight (1954) - 2
W.C. Handy - Beale Street Blues (1916) - 1

Al Green - You Ought to Be With Me (1972)
Muddy Waters - Sugar Sweet (1955)
Sly & The Family Stone - Stand! (1969)
Sunday, 02.18.18 @ 18:23pm

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