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Eligible since: 2015 (The 2016 Induction Ceremony)

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Ice Ice Baby (1991)

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Will Vanilla Ice be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 04:02am

He did influence for the song "under pressure" didnt he?


Posted by anonimo on Wednesday, 06.27.07 @ 00:30am

Laughter is so appropriate.

Posted by Dave on Monday, 08.27.07 @ 04:52am

some shit one hit wonder shit4brains shouldnt even be on that list

how dare he use under pressure

Posted by liam on Wednesday, 09.5.07 @ 13:01pm

Are you kidding me?

Those are the only for words in the English language I can muster up.

Posted by Hailey on Monday, 01.21.08 @ 23:17pm

He completely ripped off under pressure and completely raped it and turned it in to a piece of crap rap song

Posted by Foshnicknes on Tuesday, 08.26.08 @ 11:39am

with the hits like: smells like teen spirit, all apologies, lithium, etc...of course he deserves the induction.

oh my...i thought i'm in nirvana's page.

Posted by akeem on Tuesday, 12.23.08 @ 20:05pm

Just another piece of crap rapper who steals other peoples music.I can't decide whos worse "A Tribe Called Quest" or this bozo.

Posted by A tribe called poop on Wednesday, 02.25.09 @ 17:50pm

anyone seen "cool as ice"?

apparently, he can't act either

Posted by Justin on Sunday, 08.16.09 @ 23:17pm

Good Videos, but "NO" music


Posted by Robert on Saturday, 06.19.10 @ 04:12am


Posted by Dan on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 17:45pm

No, never going to happen. He is a rapper, not a rockstar to the least bit.

Posted by Brittany on Friday, 09.3.10 @ 21:14pm

Well of course, he changed the face of rap music and brought meaning into it with such great songs as Ghetto gospel, Changes California love...
Oh wait, this isn't 2pac's pgae and just a shit stealing rapper wannabe?

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 11.14.10 @ 06:18am

Realisticaly he had the first number 1 rap single in the US and a number 1 album for 16 weeks so its only fair he does get in.

Posted by Jarrod on Friday, 01.21.11 @ 03:07am


Posted by GFW on Friday, 01.21.11 @ 09:53am

No way.

I'm all for the hip hop legends getting their due (LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Eric B & Rakim, etc), but not this one-hit wonder.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 05.2.11 @ 21:03pm


Posted by John Cady on Wednesday, 02.20.13 @ 10:59am

lmaoooooooo no.

are we really considering adding a one-hit wonder who supposedly "changed rap forever" and "paved way for other white rappers"? no thank you. this sellout would do better anywhere but with the real legends.

Posted by ja on Thursday, 06.19.14 @ 10:28am

One-hit wonder that ripped off a David Bowie song. Not a chance in Hell

Posted by NixtonV on Saturday, 07.5.14 @ 11:42am

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