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Eligible in: 2032 (The 2033 Induction Ceremony)

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Vampire Weekend (2008)
Contra (2010)
Modern Vampires of the City (2013)

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A-Punk (2008)

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Will Vampire Weekend be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Well, we can only hope (for their sakes) that they don't get over hyped to the point where I actually want to kill them because of it.

Come back in 25 years, and I'll give you an answer.

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 01.31.08 @ 18:10pm

That is a pretty good album. I wouldn't even start discussing hall-worthiness yet. Still, between these guys and Times New Viking, '08 is off to a fine start (not to mention the as-yet unreleased Bob Mould coming out in February, and having already heard it, it's not bad).

Posted by William on Thursday, 01.31.08 @ 19:22pm

i don't know...I quite like the album, and I'd guess that the band are pretty talented, but I just can't really "gel" with the album.

Those vocals sure as hell grate on me. I can cope with the music, but it justs reminds me of jokey jam and/or pub groups for some reason.

I just don't know...

Posted by Liam on Friday, 02.1.08 @ 14:47pm

Wow! I just got this album and I concur withthe accolades they have received. Now, would VW be considered innovative as hell for integrating African rumba and other afro-pop, or did somone like Paul Simon "beat them to it" with Graceland simply because he utilized some South African music?
I ask this because Liam keeps negating the influential significance of artists like The Cure and Depeche Mode based on this logic that someone else beat then to their style.

This is just a joy to listen to. Am I mistaken, or do I hear The Kinks, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, The Specials as well as some early 80's synth/New Wave in VW's music in addition to the African Congo stuff?

Posted by shawn on Sunday, 05.4.08 @ 16:39pm

I can definitely hear all those in VW, and someone I know said "The '00s Cars," which I could understand.

Not sure that you could call them innovative, but there definitely aren't many others playing like them.

Get "Dig!!! Lazarus, Dig!!!" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and "Third" by Portishead to hear how great '08 is turning out to be. I'll get some other recommendations up soon...

Posted by Liam on Monday, 05.5.08 @ 04:24am

Cool Liam; will do. How about this '08 Bob Mould that William spoke of - any thoughts on that?

Posted by shawn on Monday, 05.5.08 @ 08:44am

I've not listened to it yet, but I've heard "Stupid Now" and "The Silence Between Us," both of which are pretty good. Not on par with Husker Du, but would you expect it to be?

I was really p*ssed off that the new Franz Ferdinand (supposedly called "Not Yet") is only coming out in October, but I'm glad that it won't sound as rushed as You Could Have It So Much Better.

The new Nick Cave is arguably one of his best solo efforts to date. Catchy as sh*t, and yet at the same time complex. Even contains some of his unique darkness. I think my favourite tracks on it are Today's Lesson and Albert Goes West.

Radiohead's recent album was totally disappointing; the 9.3 it got from Pitchfork was way off the mark, more like 7.0 (max). Just a bunch of nice melodies, which would be OK coming from (almost) anyone except Radiohead.

The Go! Team had their second album out quite a few months ago. It's not nearly s good as their debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, but I still really enjoy it, especially the song Grip Like A Vice. They've got a really, really good sound; like Sonic Youth playing dance/electronica.

I think you'd really like the Super Furry Animals, especially since you like The Flaming Lips, but don't start on their most recent album. They take enjoyable rock and pop structures and fill them with weird psychedelia (synths, samples). Try Guerilla or (my favourite) Radiator from their rich back-catalogue to get into them.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 05.5.08 @ 09:40am

Don't forget "Rings Around the World", Liam

Posted by denyo on Monday, 12.22.08 @ 16:53pm

Only one album out... an excellent one however... but impossible to tell at this stage...
everyone comment when they're 3 albums in to their career perhaps

Posted by Pierrot on Wednesday, 03.18.09 @ 19:45pm

Contra is amazing. I think it might be better than their first. They're in, I'm almost positive.

Posted by chase on Tuesday, 01.12.10 @ 22:53pm

They're not bad but they're good enough to make the cut either.

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 09.27.10 @ 08:07am

sorry i meant, they are NOT good enought to make the cut in the hall. sorryy...

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 09.27.10 @ 08:08am

Frankly, I think they're a little overrated. Yeah, their first album was good. It had some killer tunes. But is it really the 430th greatest album of all time? I'd say no. A lot of the songs got a little boring after a few spins also. Haven't listened to their other two albums just yet.

Posted by Daniel on Monday, 07.8.13 @ 12:51pm

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