Tori Amos

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2016 (The 2017 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2033 (ranked #333) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Little Earthquakes (1992)
Under The Pink (1994)
Boys For Pele (1996)
From The Choirgirl Hotel (1998)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Silent All These Years (1992)
God (1994)
Cornflake Girl (1994)

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Will Tori Amos be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Hell no, no way! Maybe in 10 more years.

Posted by rich on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 17:18pm

Ha ha who are you kidding, maybe in adult easy listening.

Posted by no longer on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 18:23pm

F*ck yes she should!

Posted by luciferswaitress on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 18:42pm

sure, if she does a hip hop or rap album

Posted by once in a dream on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 18:58pm

If she doesn't then it is a sad day for music - Tori rocks - end of...

Posted by V on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 20:18pm

I've been a Tori fan for some time now, and I know where I stand with Tori. She is awesome in ALL she does. But in the forum, fans are split 50/50 on most topics. As for being nominated, yes oh yes,Tori has worked hard and needs to be up there with the best of the best.

Posted by mycloud on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 20:51pm

YES!. no one deserves it more.

Posted by Mitholas on Saturday, 08.19.06 @ 11:28am

yes she should be

Posted by m2thaizzo on Saturday, 08.19.06 @ 15:29pm

She will need at least 2 or 3 top 10 singles or albums till then. Can it happen???

Posted by thisside on Saturday, 08.19.06 @ 20:26pm

Of course! Tori is amazing- and just because she doesn't have drums and guitars in every song doesn't mean she doesn't ROCK!

Posted by James Jupiter on Saturday, 08.19.06 @ 23:17pm

I think Tori is the most influential female artist for her generation and beyond. She's earned it.

On the 'maybe in adult easy listening...' comment: Listen to her entire catalog of music, then see if you say the same thing.

Her piano is her guitar, and she plays/rocks it well. Looking at the list of those who have been inducted in the past, she belongs among them. It's a CRIME not to induct her.

Posted by aquadonia on Sunday, 08.20.06 @ 01:18am

With a fan base made of neurotic females and little GAY boys, she has as much of a chance as anyone else.

Posted by mysticriver on Sunday, 08.20.06 @ 09:06am

Tori is one of the most original musicians.

Posted by Joshua on Monday, 08.21.06 @ 12:53pm

Of course she should be inducted.

By 2016 she would have been making music for 48 years, with a huge catalog and fan base. She innovated rock music with her piano, and started the confessional singer-songwriter age of the 90's. She was a prodigy and never stopped pushing the boundaries.

Hell yes.

Posted by G on Monday, 08.21.06 @ 13:48pm

^^ I totally agree. :o)

Posted by aquadonia on Monday, 08.21.06 @ 14:59pm

Although I must say I am not at all pleased with the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame it's quite boring, and doesn't really fit with my taste. I however believe that Tori is one of the most influential /innovative contemporary artist of all time. If anyone deserves this type of respect it would be Tori Amos

Posted by decipheryourmessage on Monday, 08.21.06 @ 16:07pm

Tori needs to put out some kick ass albums soon, and not like the last 3. You may soon hear Tori"s music [no singing] in an elevator near you.

Posted by dadee on Monday, 08.21.06 @ 17:38pm

tori needs to be heard on the radio for the mases
not listened to by troubled and abused little girls and flaming GAY boys as the tori forums show are full of gays. and they post their pics,
wouldn't give any of them the time of day, and cross the street to avoid them. YUK!!!

Posted by mysticriver on Wednesday, 08.30.06 @ 18:46pm

Well, it's nice to know YOU'RE a bit homophobic and shallow, mysticriver.

But WE still love Tori.

Posted by G on Wednesday, 08.30.06 @ 19:00pm

Tori is truly one of the most unique performers of our time. Tori is a prolific song-writer with some of the most evocative, provocative, enigmatic, cryptic lyrics known to music.

She rocks, just not with a guitar. But that is precisely the point.

Have some of you "no" voters even seen her live? Tori live is a mind-blowing experience. I have never witnessed such a reworking of songs from album to live performance by any other artist. Tori live is what gives me life.

Truly, Tori is one of the best. She should be recognised as such.

Posted by PegA on Thursday, 08.31.06 @ 00:55am

I left the Tori forum, but I still love Tori and her music.I still play her daily, she will always be here in my head.Yes she should be inducted, she wrote and plays the music this sick world needs to make it a better place.
to all that know me, I wish you all PEACE.

Posted by once known as rich0856 on Thursday, 08.31.06 @ 23:24pm

we need more votes!!! and vote yes
would that be GREAT??
I can see all your saying.
bright shades of raspberry!!
dripping mango!
earthbound goddess!!

Posted by somethinghere on Wednesday, 09.6.06 @ 18:32pm

Keep in mind there is a difference between being a good artist and being a rock hall of fame inductee...Many great artists have not been inducted and many will not ever get inducted. I think she'll eventually get in but it'll take some time

Posted by Phil on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 11:42am

Does anyone know if there's a strong presence of current and former Atlantic Record suits on the nominating committee? I ask this because Tori has publicly stated over the years that she frequently questioned the powers at Atlantic over several things, two of them being about payola and not promoting her work properly, which obviously resulted in her getting on their bad side.

Anyone who is familiar with Tori Amos knows that she was basically at the forefront of the women's singer/songwriter movement in the 90's, making it possible for artists like Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple, not to mention her daringly original and creative stylistic shifts from album to album, so I couldn't imagine her not being seriously considered for induction when the time comes. But... if there are Atlantic people on the committee who have personal grudges against her, it makes me wonder what her chances for induction really are.

Posted by Antonio on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 12:22pm

It is fair to say that her early work alone would be enough to justify inclusion. She did more than anybody to make rock cerebral than anyone since Steely Dan (except perhaps Paddy McAloon but nobody heard him in the States).

On the other hand, as an inductee Tori actually has many strikes against her. She will be seen certainly as too virtuosic and perhaps as too "feminine" with some of the themes on her disappointing third album "Boys For Pele". The fact that Tori sold records without airplay on commercial radio (I never checked out Triple J because I hated the thrashy grunge sound fo Nirvana et. al.) makes her still closer to the many metal and progressive bands overlooked by the Hall.

So, even if there is a case, I can easily see Torinot being inducted when her fans expect. The fact that nothing less than a pardigm shift would be needed to get her less successful predecessors Kate Bush, Laura Nyro and the Cocteau Twins (who should logically be in befiore Tori is) into the Hall should be some pause for those who think Tori will be in in 2017/2018.

Posted by taite on Saturday, 12.22.07 @ 04:41am

When Tori becomes eligible it will be an uphill struggle for her primarily BECAUSE she is a classically trained musician.

I think she is a great artist with a unique sound who said a lot of things that needed to be said at the time. Lyrically, she could be similiar to NIN, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, et. al, who rules the airwaves and the critics' columns in the '90s, but her music is a lot mellower as well as much better played technically.

She will face the same dilemma as The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Yes, Todd Rundgren, Chicago, Neil Diamond and others are currently facing: bieng OVERqualified.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 22:37pm

Alanis and Sarah McLachlan will likely be the token eccentric female singer-songwriters inducted from that era.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 22:41pm

Tori Amos MIGHT be considered, but not before Kate Bush is inducted first. Kate is where it all began for contemporary female singer/songwriters.

Posted by ChuChu on Thursday, 09.24.09 @ 00:07am

I LOVE Tori Amos, but she won't be inducted unless Kate Bush is first. I prefer Tori over Kate, but you gotta give props where they're due. Kate was the girl who started the eccentric female singer/songwriter thing first.

Also, anyone who thinks that she's just a girl who makes "boring" ballads should definitely listen to more than just "Winter" or "Silent All These Years". Tori has experimented with many genres, from rock to electronica to baroque to funk/soul/gospel. Not to mention that she can make the piano and harpsichord sound like a rock instrument (just listen to "Precious Things" or the original version of "Professional Widow"). That's just touching the surface. Tori's more than a Kate Bush successor, but I can't imagine Tori having a chance if Kate doesn't get inducted first, or at all.

Posted by Soap Magic on Tuesday, 11.24.09 @ 17:44pm

In fact, Tori Amos can be chosen from 2013 because his first album came out in the year 1988is called "Y Kant Tori Read"

Posted by Juan Diaz on Friday, 01.15.10 @ 15:32pm

You are all crazy. Tori Amos is more talented than have the bands on this website. Doesn't anyone know good music anymore?

Posted by Crystal on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 06:49am

My favorite Artist of all time. Changed my life. What is most incredible is that she did this not with her records, but live performances. I downloaded them with an audio converter and they got me through highschool and were the soundtrack of college. I will listen to them on my deathbed. She is truly an influencial raw and genius artist of her generation who was crucial in the second wave of singer songwriters such as jeff buckley, elliot smith, bjork, fiona apple, and so on.

These being the most legendary, many of them performed shortly after tragic events such as miscarriages, every performance of the song is different from the last and unique, for example, "precious things" has dozens of different tempos and added lyrics/signatures for each individual performance. for any of you who feel she is overrated, just watch and listen:

Posted by Mikhail on Saturday, 07.7.12 @ 03:49am

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h t t p : / / w w w . (Just listen to that bridge and tell me she does not have rock in her)

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h t t p : / / w w w . (mainly for the intro)

Posted by Mikhail on Saturday, 07.7.12 @ 04:10am

this was the golden age for piano based rock (sarah mclachlan, Fionna Apple, natalie merchant, and in a more modern age, Amy lee, and Regina specktor) and Tori Amos opened this genre up to what it is now. Truley one of the best Musicians of all time.

Posted by abby on Sunday, 10.13.13 @ 23:00pm

Tori Amos definitely needs to be included. She has received universal acclaim these past couple of years and recognition for her immense talent and body of work.

Posted by Chris on Monday, 12.7.15 @ 01:46am

Alanis and PJ Harvey will get in first, but Tori is just as deserving.

Posted by dank on Thursday, 12.24.15 @ 10:17am

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