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Have You Seen Her (1971)
Oh Girl (1972)

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Will The Chi-Lites be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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They are from Chicago. If other Chicago acts can get in (Buddy Guy, Dells, etc) let these dudes in.

Posted by Bubba on Tuesday, 11.6.07 @ 10:11am

I didn't know that place of origin was an induction criteria.

Posted by denyo on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 21:56pm

Another soul group I'd love to see make it. Another soul group that probably has no chance of ever making it though. We'll see who they turn to for soul acts next with Womack in.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 06.14.09 @ 03:25am

In the wake of Teddy Pendergrass' recent passing almost no one noticed that we also just lost one of the original Chi-Lites, Robert "Squirrel" Lester , who just died on January 22, 2010, at the age of 67. His death leaves group leader / founder Marshall Thompson the only remaining original Chi-Lite still alive, as original group lead singer Eugene Record and original bass singer Credael "Red" Jones have already passed on. Condolences to Marshall, the Lester Family, and Chi-Lites fans everywhere.

Posted by Bill G on Saturday, 01.30.10 @ 21:13pm

It is amazing that a group who has been entertaining for over 50 years has not been inducted; making hit after hit after hit. I pray that the Chi-Lites will get its due recognition in my lifetime. We need more music such as theirs.

Posted by Daisy on Sunday, 02.21.10 @ 17:39pm

It's not just The Chi-Lites that have been ignored by the "Great Hall" . In fact THE ENTIRE GENRE OF LATE '60'S , EARLY 70'S R&B and SOUL has been completely ignored. The RRHOF just COMPLETELY BYPASSED IT and went straight to 80's Rockers and Rappers.

These people sold an awful LOT of records , and may well be the last vestige of a great American musical tradition, as the record industry, Clear Channel, and Radio has simply pushed Classic R&B (and the artists who made it) aside and phased it out, in favor of Rap, Hip-Hop, and Black Pop. These artists should NOT simply be consigned to the footnotes of musical history without SOME acknowledgement of their importance.

These people deserve to be inducted...and should have been before any 80's artists were.

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 11:53am

These are the artists who came of age during the era of SOUL TRAIN back in the 1970's and the first generation of artists who received mass national exposure as a result of that television classic. In fact , Soul Train's creator and host , DON CORNELIUS, hasn't been inducted either. More than any person,with the exception of perhaps Berry Gordy, Don Cornelius was responsible for bringing Black Music , and the artists who made it, into the mainstream, and into the homes of people all across America and all around the world. Until Don C., There was an entire generation of artists who weren't seen on television, until he opened the doors to mass exposure for them. He brought Soul & R&B Music into the mainstream as never before...and into the homes of people where it had never been seen before. SOUL TRAIN was and is a PHENOMENON...and is still seen on television sets all over the world even today. Don Cornelius , and the artists of the SOUL TRAIN generation, should not be forgotten. They should be inducted into the ROCK and ROLL HALL of FAME.

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 12:10pm

It's not just The Chi-Lites that have been ignored by the "Great Hall" ~Bill G.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Chi-Lites had some big R&B hits, notable are Oh Girl and Have You Seen Her. Probably (imo) they are not getting into R&RHOF. But that doesn't mean they will be "forgotten" or "consigned to the footnotes of musical history". I know this site is all about who gets into the R&RHOF, but that isn't the be-all and end-all for all artists. Having said that, of the artists you named, I do think Donna Summer will make it in the near future. Would love it if The Pointer Sisters make it, but they have never even been previously considered.

Posted by telarock on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 12:35pm

Oh, I also think The Spinners will make it. They were nominated last year I believe. BTW: some time ago I put up a Youtube video of "Spaceballs" the title track they did for a Mel Brooks movie ... its pretty funny.

Posted by telarock on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 12:46pm

These people deserve to be inducted...and should have been before any 80's artists were.

All of them?

Oh hell naw.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 14:10pm

Well, GFW, you have already demonstrated on this site that you are not a fan of R&B/Black Music, so I would expect that kind of comment from you. And that's OK, because everyone is not going to be a fan of every kind of music. But that doesn't mean the artists I mentioned aren't deserving. It just means that you don't like them. You said the same thing about The Miracles and The Famous Flames ...but they were inducted because they were deserving .There are many neglected artists that deserve to be Rock as well as R&B.
Maybe you should consider looking at the full spectrum of Rock and Roll...instead of just your favorites.

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 15:16pm

"Well, GFW, you have already demonstrated on this site that you are not a fan of R&B/Black Music"

Generalization much? GFW has been quite a vocal supporter of Black music on here. You can find him vouching for everything from early rock and roll to modern day rap (just look for his Jay-Z/Kanye West comments).

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 15:29pm

If Pop music penetration was the only deciding factor for induction, then The Dells, Lloyd Price, Bobby Bland, Bobby Womack,The Midnighters, and several others wouldn't have ever gotten in. But they got in because they were deserving. And again, Pop Chart success is not and should not be the be all and end all in determining induction . The Chi-Lites , as an example , had 23 Chart Hits on the Billboard Hot 100. That is nothing to take lightly. There are many Inductees that haven't done as well. On the R&B Chart, they did even better, with no less that 41 Billboard R&B chart hits...including no less than 12 R&B Top 10's and 2 # 1's . I think that those numbers are pretty impressive...and the group's lead singer, Eugene Record , wrote almost all of them. So yes, I think that The Chi-Lites deserve to be in.

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 15:35pm that case, GFW, I stand corrected .

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 15:36pm

That said, GFW, tell me which ones don't you think should be in.

Do you think that Don Cornelius deserves to be inducted ?

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 15:39pm

I know this was not directed at me, but Don Cornelius SHOULD be IN already!!

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 15:53pm

I totally agree, Tahvo.

What with all of the publicity surrounding the deaths of Donna Summer and Whitney Houston,I've seen nowhere NEAR the same coverage over Don's death.

Very unfair.

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 15:59pm

Don Cornelius should definitely be in, Soul Train was from what I understand THE definitive show for black pop music for decades.

I wasn't against The Miracles and The Famous Flames induction, just against them getting performer spots rather than addendum's (I think that's the right word)

I must admit though, I'm not very knowledgeable on 70's R&B, when it comes to the 70's rock is my main focus, so i can't really say which of them I'd keep off. I was more talking about your comment that they should of all gotten in before any 80's artists. I know you love 70's R&B but when you look at it objectively you can't say that they are more deserving than the cream of the crop of the 80's. Not to mention finding space for them would mean omitting some other very deserving 70's acts.

I will agree with you though, the hall does snub 70's R&B, which is odd as they love 60's soul/R&B, having inducted almost every notable name from the genre.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 07.20.12 @ 16:18pm

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