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Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2027 (The 2028 Induction Ceremony)

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Will The All-American Rejects be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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are you serious? how could you even consider inducting these pieces of sh*t.

Posted by mike on Monday, 07.31.06 @ 13:02pm

I love AAR but I seriously doubt they qualify for this.

Posted by Cassie on Monday, 08.21.06 @ 17:49pm

the AAR write many catchy tunes but I don't think their current status makes them deserve a spot in the hall.

Posted by kfeointgh on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 04:22am

They haven't really influeced or done anything that amazing.

Posted by ... on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 17:34pm

As much as you may or may not like the All American Rejects, the two main factors influence and innovation are not at all present in this band. They have even gone on to say themselves, and I do quote guitarist Nick Wheeler, "we're not out to reinvent the wheel or anything. we just want to have fun with music."
Honest enough. But despite the plethora of dime-a-dozen pop punk bands that are drawing from their powerpop prowress, AAR has barely dented the real music scene. Still, factor in the prospect of their record sales and overall marketablity, you have yourself a lasting band.

Posted by G.M. on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:53pm

yeah they haven't done anything influencing...yet...give them time

Posted by cody leach on Friday, 05.11.07 @ 05:43am

This band isn't emo at all...but they need more work. A lot of people were drawn away by their second effort despite some interesting videos. But they do have more talent than Panic! If any pop rock bands, they should keep an eye on Weezer (mainly 90s work + drug song).

Posted by maplejet on Thursday, 05.17.07 @ 12:56pm

These jerks are only in it for the money and women/men. They lack knowledge of musical history which they want to be a part of. Heres an example. There was an interview with the singer and what I got from this was he only has a few cds. His favorite of which is Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. They procede to ask him what his favorite song on that record is. He responds with "Good Vibrations". THAT SONG ISNT EVEN ON THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!! That alone should get AAM banned from the music industry for good.

BTW- panic at the disco sucks too but atleast they are slightly more original. Both bands should go straight to hell.

Posted by Flipper on Monday, 08.20.07 @ 00:59am

First of all, does anybody care about butt rock?
No, so no induction here anytime soon.

Posted by Frank on Wednesday, 03.19.08 @ 10:09am

bu grubu çok sewiyorum stanbula konsere gelseler en önde olurum heralde onları çok sewiyorum

Posted by oguz on Monday, 03.31.08 @ 07:40am

Benim gerçekten yabanci Rock Olarak en sevdigim grup
hepsini çok sewiyorum abim gibi yakinlar bana oguzundada dedigi gibi Turkey/Istanbula konsere gelseler en önde ben olurum keşke onlarla karsilassamda konusabilsem :S

Posted by ogulcan on Monday, 03.31.08 @ 08:07am

Obviously they got rejected!!

They're American after all!!

Posted by Joker on Saturday, 10.25.08 @ 21:32pm

I once went to New York City to watch my friend Peter run a marathon and after the race the All-American Rejects proformed. There solos and vocals sucked. That was a waste of $20.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 18:03pm

I think they are the future of rock because they sing it like it is, the fact that they are just like us only makes them that much better. I think they are going to go far, I personaly like their music, it's a bitter-sweet twange. After all they do play guitar and piano so those are instuments which makes them tecnacly a band. Keep up the great work American Rejects.

Posted by Alyssa Anderson on Sunday, 12.28.08 @ 12:51pm

oh c,mon. it's way too early for these guys to make any impact in music.

i like their music though. so there's always hoping.

Posted by Justin on Monday, 06.8.09 @ 15:48pm

Obviously too soon to tell, but I'm filing them under "guilty pleasures" Don't like them THAT much, but they're consistently decent.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 08.15.09 @ 12:59pm

Got their album 'Move Along' (1/2 price used record). Was pleasantly surprised. HOF Worthy they are not. Some catchy tunes, though. Like a more poppy version of Blink-182.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 09.21.09 @ 07:34am

I think The All-American Rejects will make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of how good their live performances are, they got chosen to play at Canada for the Winter Games. The AAR's Gives You Hell spent 13 weeks on billbords hot 100 top ten, and Gives You Hell was 2009's most played song in the U.S. and you say they dont have an influence on music they must if they are a multi-platinum band. This band who will be loved or hated will be in the hall becouse of songs like Swing,Swing, Dirty Little Secret, Move Along, It Ends Tonight, Gives You Hell, When the wind blows, I Wanna, and they will be most remembered for writing great songs, and for giving their all esvery day for their millions and millions of fans this here is the resons why AAR will be inductid in the 2028 Rock Hall.

Posted by BP on Thursday, 03.4.10 @ 18:47pm

I think that they are horrible, at the 2009 VMA's last year they were performing on the SIDE because they suck that bad and everyone just felt sorry for them so they let them get their 2 and a half minutes of fame. No way will they make it into the R&RHF.....hopefully never. They have done nothing shocking or even close to making a notice in the music industry.

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, 10.19.10 @ 09:32am

Anyone agree?....^

Posted by Brittany on Friday, 10.22.10 @ 07:55am

All that the All-American Rejects really are is the beefed up version of the Jonas Brothers

Posted by Karl Singleton on Monday, 06.2.14 @ 11:38am

Saw these guys perform last night at Riverbend. They were 1st of 3 (with A Day to Remember & Blink-182 following).

They only had time to do about 7 songs. The vocalist chatted so much, he missed out on 1 song (IMO).

Have 3 of their albums & probably about 8 songs on my iPod. For them, pretty good songs, I think. They did not play one of them. A bit disappointed.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 08.11.16 @ 11:11am

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