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Eligible in: 2025 (The 2026 Induction Ceremony)

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Fat Lip (2001)
Still Waiting (2002)

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Will Sum 41 be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Sum41, Blink182, Avril Lavigne and other surfer-skater-"punks" bands : F**K OFF !

Posted by Hyde on Friday, 08.11.06 @ 16:42pm

Hmmmm id have to say after listening to Chuck I think they might deserve a little more respect than that.

Posted by Garrett on Tuesday, 11.21.06 @ 19:59pm

sum 41 is a good band, but their chance of getting in the hall is really slim, but if they become extremely extremely good in the future MAYBE

Posted by kfeointgh on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 04:25am

wow have you even listened to em lately? they arent even close to what you people call 'skater punks', blink 182 has those people taken care of. these guys at least knows that music isnt shouting cuss words into the microphone and just strumin guitar chords that eventually lead to a solo. and by the way, blink 182 and avril lavigne arent bout you actually listen to punk before you call bands punk. but anyways these guys are more of a pop-rock that run along the same themes of system of a down

Posted by bleh on Thursday, 01.18.07 @ 21:28pm

sum 41 are insporational and i beleive that when they get big and realy good in about 10 years they definitly deserve to be inducted

Posted by kaffer kirk on Monday, 02.5.07 @ 18:32pm

when sum 41 gets good, ill kill my dog, when they get inducted ill dive head first into the Grand Canyon, no this 'band' does not deserve to be on the same list as Led Zeppelin. these jerks cant play guitar like Jimmy, not many can, those who can should be in this Hall. i hate hate pop/rock because it is not influential and BLEH i dont really care to split hairs over whats puke.. ahem i mean punk and whats pop rock. punk is equal to one english word; tanlentless!

Posted by mike on Tuesday, 02.20.07 @ 23:36pm

I must admit, i do like Sum 41. But I dont think pop-punk bands should be included in this thing..

Posted by Josie on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:28am

I think sum41, had a good run. And in the time of there high, they did a good deed. They went to Africa and tryed to help out, witch most 'celebs' don't even think about. With doing such deed as they did they should have the chance to be in the hall of fame.

Posted by Lizz on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:43am

i no ppl wil disagree but sum41 deserve this.they arent just another wannbe 'punk' band. thy no they rnt punk and have a good sense of humour about it and dnt tke themselves to seriously. thy deserve more sucess!!!

Posted by charli on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:54am

Sum 41 has been and will always be my favorite band in the world and if u got any s**t to say about them f**k off cause they have made some of the most kick a** songs ever all 4 cds they made have been awesome and they deserve alot more respect than what they get.

Posted by Dustin Weber on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 13:22pm

sum 41 is great band they should be in the rock and roll hall fame, they deserve it.

Posted by joey on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 13:23pm

Well, once again, their success like GC is due to Green Day...GD goes in first...and Sum 41 other than Fat Lip...I don't think they've made enough noise.

Posted by maplejet on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 13:09pm

I love this band, but at their present position in the industry, I doubt they will get in at all, much less in 2025. I don't think they have been real imfluential or important in the development of Rock and Roll.

Posted by Drew on Monday, 08.27.07 @ 12:56pm

Give Sum 41 another ten years, then vote on them.

Posted by Nathan182 on Friday, 09.14.07 @ 11:01am

I think it all depends on there new album coming out in somw time in 2010

Posted by MT on Sunday, 12.27.09 @ 09:55am

None of these pop-punk bands deserves to be inducted.

To name them with bands such as The Clash or The Ramones is a shame.

Posted by Fipo on Monday, 12.28.09 @ 13:05pm

Sum 41 got famous off of Green Day's success and popularity. Sum 41 is not punk by any chance. The Hall won't accept punk-posers, therefore, they will not be inducted.

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 01.6.11 @ 08:11am

Whether they get in or not, they have many really catchy tunes. I like them.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 01.6.11 @ 09:41am

LOL. I lo0ve how Brittany can work Green Day into any thread. And then calls another band poser punks.

Posted by DarinRG on Wednesday, 02.9.11 @ 23:31pm

All of life's existence must be measured against Green Day.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 06:14am

"Green day is much more of a punk band than the Ramones or The Clash, they suck!
hell, she'd likely find a way to refer to them in a conversation abour ringo starr or kraftwerk.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 10:04am

Yes, Iggy Pop invented punk while fellating Billie Joe!!!! It's true! Punk wouldn't have existed if Green Day hadn't invented it ten years after it ended!!!!!

Posted by rashomon72 on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 12:18pm

Sum 41 is different then the other pop punk bands a bit harder and eventually changed to a hard rock sound. but they like Simple Plan Good Charlotte etc. rode the wave created by Blink-182, Green Day, and The Offspring. those 3 were the originals and most popular so idk if sum 41 can make some great shit maybe. But i do like sum 41 so it would be cool to see them get in

Posted by Alex on Tuesday, 11.15.11 @ 16:15pm

Blink-182 has to get in before they do. They are less successful and don't have nearly the amount of hits Blink does.

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 03.11.15 @ 00:35am

Pop-Punk is a highly important genre in rock history and a lot of these bands deserve to be in the Hall of Fame someday. Some of these artists include:

Blink 182
Sum 41
The Offspring
New Found Glory
A Day To Remember
Simple Plan
Good Charlotte
All Time Low
Fall Out Boy
and maybe if their careers keep going the way they are
The Wonder Years
Man Overboard
and The Story So Far

Posted by J on Wednesday, 08.12.15 @ 23:26pm

Mark my words, this upcoming album from Sum 41 is going to put them on the rock map the same way American Idiot did for Green Day. No one considered Green Day for the HOF before American Idiot, the same way no one considers Sum 41 for the HOF before 13 Voices. This upcoming album is that damn good, it's going to change the way this band is perceived.

Posted by Adam on Wednesday, 08.31.16 @ 12:20pm

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