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Sublime (1996)

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What I Got (1996)
Santeria (1997)

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Will Sublime be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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If Brad hadn'd died, Sublime would have continued to redefine their hybrid sound, and EVERYONE I KNOW loves the self titled album...I say it's in the Top 5 Albums of the 1990s.

Not to mention 40 0z to Freedom...a great album as well. They are the best.

Posted by Adam on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 09:14am

Yay ska-pop.

Tame frat boy rock. Not a chance.

Posted by MarkO on Friday, 01.12.07 @ 09:41am

I don't know one person that doesn't like Sublime. If you listen to Rap or Death Metal you can still find a common ground in their music. This band has a sound for everyone and everyone knows who they are. I think Sublime should definetly be inducted!!! Shit the lead singer can die and the their music is still growing more popular 10 years later. How many times does that happen in this world, were a singer dies yet the band and the music gets bigger and bigger?

Posted by madathatersandshittalkers on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 11:40am

Unlike Nirvana who I think would have sagged big time in the future had Cobain lived, Sublime is one of those bands that I think would have churned out some great music had they been able to continue. They have become immortalized for sure (turn on most rock radio stations and listen for more then an hour or so and you are bound to hear a Sublime number).

Posted by Jamie on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 22:09pm

"How many times does that happen in this world, were a singer dies yet the band and the music gets bigger and bigger?"

All. The. Time.

Posted by William on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 23:40pm

The official band of know it! Seriously though, they had a distinct reggae/ska sound for the 90s, and they should really be considered...also 420!

Posted by maplejet on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 11:59am

They were the perfect mixture of Reggae and Rock. They had a sound no one has even come close to matching, Sublime is its own category in the music world. Weather inducted or not, they will still get more play than all the people who were inducted.Hm, maybe they cant be inducted, they are still "alive" and at large, and still growing. The only reason they wouldnt be inducted is that they dont want to face that a bunch of partying drunk, druggies, created music possibly better than any before it or after.

Posted by Xaeo on Tuesday, 05.22.07 @ 09:04am

"The only reason they wouldnt be inducted is that they dont want to face that a bunch of partying drunk, druggies, created music possibly better than any before it or after."

Yeah, because if there's one thing that goes against everything that lies in rock's history, it's recreational drug use.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 19:50pm

Sublimes only positive musical attribute is the fact that they thanked Zappa and the M.O.I. in the linear notes. They suck.

Posted by Poucho on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 23:18pm

In reference to the first poster - There are two types of people in the world: Those who have friends who all love Sublime and those who have friends who all think they're rubbish.

So long as music snobs like me don't get to decide, they have a chance.

Posted by Jeff on Sunday, 05.27.07 @ 19:26pm

Sublime was one of those extremely rare bands that could appeal to just about anybody. With their own very original and very listenable blend of rock, punk, rap, and reggae, they're appeal was as broad as anybody's. They were definitely the most popular band at my high school (Class of 02).

Posted by Mountaineer on Tuesday, 07.15.08 @ 13:34pm

Santeria is an all time great (as a song). This I know for sure. Not sure of their merits beyond that, tho.

Posted by Chris on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 18:51pm

Yes to Sublime... I hope with in 5 years...

Posted by mrxyz on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 21:16pm

Love these CATS YES!!!

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 13:51pm

I love Sublime, but I doubt that they'll join the hall of fame just because Brad is dead.

Posted by Gary on Saturday, 02.21.09 @ 21:11pm

Sublime are probably one of the most original blends of hip-hop, rocknroll, ska/reagge/ and their song writing was passionate. the songs are filled with harmonies and cross beats with bradley's unforgetable voice and wicked style lyrics , this all made sublime live on and inspired bands like the bFoundation, Dirty Head and other SoCal Bands

Posted by Hank Deh Dank on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 11:18am

My prediction of the first 10 90s Rock Bands to be inducted:
1) Nirvana
2) Pearl Jam
3) Radiohead
4) Smashing Pumpkins
5) Rage Against the Machine
6) Green Day
7) Sublime
8) Foo Fighters
9) Oasis
10) No Doubt

Other big contenders would be Tool, Alice in Chains, The Black Crows, Stone Temple Pilots, Dave Matthews Band, and Weezer.

Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 13:06pm

My prediction of the first 10 90s Rock Bands to be inducted:
1) Nirvana
2) Pearl Jam
3) Radiohead
4) Smashing Pumpkins
5) Rage Against the Machine
6) Green Day
7) Sublime
8) Foo Fighters
9) Oasis
10) No Doubt

Other big contenders would be Tool, Alice in Chains, The Black Crows, Stone Temple Pilots, Dave Matthews Band, and Weezer.

Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 13:06pm
How 'bout Soundgarden?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 18:33pm

Cheesecrop, I think Soundgarden is an excellent band and will most likely get inducted when they're time comes. The reason I didn't include them, or Jane's Addiction for that matter, is because they date back to 1987 and I thought it might be too much of a stretch to put them in the with the 90s bands. (Admittedly, Nirvana dates to 1988 but I thought it was important that they head the list, representing the first major 90ish band to be inducted)

Posted by Jonny't on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 19:37pm

White boy stoner rap. Like the beatles with 98% of songs about drugs, and like 311/Rage with that rap rock sound. Overall, no chance.

Posted by Freddy on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 16:24pm

Ska Pop sucks. Sublime is ska pop. Stoner music. Suck it, Sublime.

Posted by Jiggy Pop on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 16:28pm

If it wasn't for date rape i'd never get laid.

Sublime is awesome and you know it fags.

Posted by Petey on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 16:30pm

Pure rubbish. Drug raddled fags who just sat on their ass smoking weed to find "inspiration" for their crap assed ska pop stoner rap.

Posted by Gibby Gibb on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 16:32pm

Overall I don't think they should get in. A few minor moment but are still remembered due to the Bradley's death, and have that pop/rock sound critics orgasm over. But critics don't like stoner music, so their chances get a severe downturn.

All in all, I say no

Posted by Bob on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 21:12pm

Made good quality 90's anthems. Blended ska, reggae, rock, pop and rap into some weird but amazing music genre. Yes Yes Yes!!!

Posted by Steve on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 21:16pm

I don't know if they will be but I sure hope so. I heard 1 or 2 of Sublimes songs a while ago and now I know all of them. I can't even choose a favorite. I'm always chantin the lyrics no matter where I am. Bradley Nowell's death is tragic. Ill never do smack because of him. Anybody that can't give respect to the Greats like Sublime should just keep their mouth shut.

"Ohhh Bud Gaugh will be singing there... and Eric Wilson will be bangin out there, yeah and well be all singin... with version, Reggae versionn."

Posted by Evan on Monday, 07.13.09 @ 11:23am

Great Band should be in the IN

Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 07.13.09 @ 11:40am

please say no commitee i hate this band

Posted by jehbahlookp on Monday, 07.20.09 @ 15:30pm

hey hey i saw on wiki. as of march first 2009 sublime is back with a new singer. I don't know whats going to happen. does anyone know about this?

Posted by Anthony Robert Craft on Wednesday, 08.5.09 @ 18:28pm

I'm actually pretty surprised at all the people on here trying to discredit Sublime because they're "druggies" and "stoners". As if the rest of the rock hall is filled with DARE moms or Alcoholics Anonymous? Let's see, how many rock hall members were on drugs... Oh yeah, there's that guy named Jimi Hendrix - someone told me he was on drugs once. Hmmm... do you think that Led Zeppelin band was on drugs? I'm not sure. Oh, and The Rolling Stones? Everyone always seems to joke about how that guitarist, Keith Richards, was one of the most smacked out guys on the earth. Janis Joplin? Do you think she ever did drugs? What about Jim Morrison? The Grateful Dead? Those guys, The Beatles, also had a reputation in their later days for taking large amounts of LSD (as they called it, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds")No, no way any of these of these people took drugs! They're in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! And you know that everyone has to take a piss test to get into that place! That's the lamest argument I've ever heard on this website! If you take all of the paraphernalia that all these great musicians used in their careers, you'd have enough pipes, needles, liquor bottles, and rolling papers to fill the Gulf of Mexico!
Aside from that argument, there's no reason Sublime shouldn't be inducted. In my generation, their songs have more mileage on radio stations, cd plays, ipods, or anything that plays music. And their music is certainly rock and roll - and so much else! They should be a lock. Unless, as some of you seem to think, the rock hall is some sort of pillar of temperance and modesty.

One last note: SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mountaineer on Friday, 08.28.09 @ 00:56am

They were just a touring band with a popular pseudo ska song about date rape (which they refused to sing at Lalapalooza dispite the entire crowd chanting "date rape"). Even in the 90s, they were very low on the totem pole of innovative 90s alternative music - just below the Phunk Junkees.

Posted by Drake on Thursday, 09.3.09 @ 07:44am

the thing about sublime was the energy! your all missing out on that. Brad brought a tremendous amount of energy in his music and you cant deny that his heart was in every single word he sang. Sublime should be inducted for their original style, their energy, and overall their ability to rock the f*** out! forget songs like santeria and what i got, go listen to songs like same in the end and all i need. that is not stoner rock in the slightest my friends. those that claim sublime to be stoner rock are very ill informed. another reason sublime should be inducted is because of their ability to create diverse music. EVERY song they made sounds like nothing else ever made before. even their covers! sublime rules, and whether they are inducted or not they will always be rock gods in my book

Posted by marcus on Tuesday, 12.8.09 @ 17:39pm

Ya got to love these rockers they had a sound of their own.. Heck they made the El Toro bass from G& L everybody's baby...I am sure old Leo Fender and George Fullerton enjoyed the popularity they gave it..
Yeah these Long Beach musician had a sound.. it was Beat 4 sho...

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 12.8.09 @ 19:43pm

I like their stuff ...

Posted by L-7 on Tuesday, 01.19.10 @ 22:43pm

No Hall for them. Cut down before their prime. Just starting to mature both musically and lyrically with their self-titled album (I still can't figure out if it's great or just very, very good). Don't do heroin kids.

Posted by Chalkie on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 18:50pm

White boy stoner rap. Like the beatles with 98% of songs about drugs, and like 311/Rage with that rap rock sound. Overall, no chance.

Posted by Freddy on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 16:24pm

obviously you havent heard the earlier beatles, which makes up more of their careers, dont attack another band with your opinion, honestly, if you dont like the band so much, why would you comment, dont try to change peoples lives, guess what opinions are like ass-holes,everyones got one, so the next time you attack the two bands i love the most in one sitting, why dont you think of all the people that have offended you, and how much you really didnt want them to say those terribly true things about your favorite band, and think about someone else, besides yourselve

Posted by not telling on Thursday, 05.13.10 @ 20:56pm

idk if they can get in b/c they werent around very long...but they are definitely one of the best bands of all time in my opinion, original, no one had their sound, reggae/rap rock, they were all amazing musicians, brad is one of the top 20 guitarists of all time in my opinion, he also had as good of vocals as you will ever hear, and really cool lyrics that showed you their chill lifestyle-weed loving cali surfer/skater slacker punks

Posted by bobsaget on Friday, 05.14.10 @ 21:46pm

um... sublime never played lollapalooza

Posted by sean on Wednesday, 08.18.10 @ 00:17am

Yes to Sublime... I hope with in 5 years...

Posted by mrxyz on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 21:16pm

They aren't even eligible until 2018. Well, unless they changed the 25 year rule.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 08.18.10 @ 01:52am

its sad, this band is incredible. Popularized Ska, yet they probably wont be inducted. Yet bands that popularize other genres will (Nirvana etc.) Just cause Sublime isn't a favorite to the indcution staff prob cuz of the lyrics about drugs, party etc. its a joke this band kicks ass! Sublime and SLightly Stoopd shuld be inducted!

Posted by Sublemon on Sunday, 08.22.10 @ 10:08am

What is everybodys problem with stoners or stoner music . Weed never hurt anyone and it actually makes everything better

Posted by Riley on Tuesday, 09.14.10 @ 21:38pm

I love Sublime and agree that they should be inducted, but who's going to be there besides Eric and Bud? Certainly not Brad, since he's dead. I guess that has to be Rome.

Posted by Brett on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 15:52pm

Okay, now every Sublime person is really going to hate me, but I'll say it: Sublime is one of the Top 5 overrated bands in my world. I like some of their songs, don't get me wrong. I think 'Doin Time' is a great song as well as 'Caress Me Down'. But their radio hits are just overplayed and overplayed and to this day I hear people who do drugs sing these like they are their 'freedom songs'. Everytime I go into a trendy music-themed clothing boutique like 'Hot Topic' or the like I wanna throw up everytime I see a Sublime shirt. Like everyone said above, if not for Brad dying, the band would have gotten nowhere.

Posted by Jason on Monday, 11.8.10 @ 07:28am

"***Popularized Ska***, yet they probably wont be inducted."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, man, you can't seriously think that, can you?

"Sublime is one of the Top 5 overrated bands in my world."

Top 5 overrated bands in my world...

Green Day
Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers

... it's sad because, as is the case with the other four groups, I like a few of their songs.

Oh yeah, and the same with Dave Matthews Band.

Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, 11.14.10 @ 19:51pm

The fact remains that Sublime is one of the greatest jam bands. They pulled inspiration from so many different styles of music as well as many different artists. They combined literally EVERY form of music to make it their own. Blues music with Freeway Time in LA County Jail. Punk rock with New Thrash and many others. Ska with STP, All You Need, Wrong Way. Reggae with Badfish, Don't Push. Rock N Roll with Jailhouse. Rap with April 29th, Live at E's.

So Many people feel that they hear the Self-titled album or 40 oz to Freedom album but forget about all their bootlegs and releases such as Everything Under the Sun. Check out some of their more underground harder to find music and it's so raw so real. To quote Brad, Sublime is a hodgepodge of all types of bands I have been into since I was a kid. Not like I mix it all up on purpose but more like its a subconscious type of thing. As a young kid I was heavily into hard core punk, like the Circle Jerks and Black Flag, then I first heard the ska sound from bands like The Selector and The Specials. I thought this was the best music I had ever heard. Then came the rub a dub style of dance hall reggae music which I've never been able get out of my head since! A little later I was into Run DMC and the whole NWA sound. I was blown away when I heard groups like BDP and KRS-One mixing rap and reggae. It was devastating. Without really trying I now seem to put a dance hall style lyric melody over much of my attempts at writing other types of music. The bottom line is I love good music and I try to shy away from all these labels that people think are so necessary to slap on music. It seems like people get afraid of a certain music if they can't pigeonhole it to their satisfaction. They will be up all night trying to slap a label on Sublime. Good music is good music, and that should be enough for anybody.

Good music is good music, and that should be enough for anybody. That's all sublime tried to do, and in my opinion, they did it very well. I can get anything I want to out of them. Whether it is calm chill "stoner" music, or some fast paced Ska, or even punk rock. It's such a huge range of music. I don't talk shit about the beatles saying they suck just because I'm not into their music, Led Zeppelin either. I respect their music, it's just not in my taste buds... But keep in mind... I put pickles and ranch on everything too :D

Posted by Kyle on Thursday, 03.24.11 @ 06:02am

I choose yes, Sublime for the win! They definitely gotta do this, even in rememberance to Brad.

Posted by Austin on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 21:54pm

I absolutely, 100% think Sublime should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Do I think they actually will be? It's hard to say (and even though I've seen Sublime w/ Rome in concert, I don't think they will help Sublime's case in getting in).

It's been 15 years since Bradley's unfortunate demise, and Sublime is more popular than ever. They still get more radio play than most current bands and I don't even know anyone that doesn't at least acknowledge that Bradley was extremely talented. Maybe not all of his lyrics were deep and profound, but what he sang about was as real as it gets and he sang with more emotion and passion than any other artist I've ever heard (ex: Under My Voodoo... especially the second half). It's really unfortunate that some of their best songs like Get Out! and Boss DJ are relatively unknown.

Sublime should be recognized for their contribution to the evolution of music. I hear music today that makes attempts at mixing up different genres, but no band will ever be able to do it as effortlessly and successfully as Sublime did.

I feel that Bradley's entire life and career can be viewed as one long artistic statement. He was said to have started using heroin as a souce of inspiration for his music after looking back on the history of Rock & Roll and seeing all the legends that were, in fact, heroin addicts themselves (Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Anthony Kiedis, and the list goes on). He partied hard, made incredible music in a relatively short amount of time, and passed away before ever having to deal with the drama of being a rock superstar, leaving only his music behind for us to remember him by. He viewed his own impending death as inevitable and expressed that emotion through his music in the hope that he would be immortalized through it, and he was.

On a side note, I am very excited that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame :D

Posted by Moe Fugga on Monday, 10.3.11 @ 13:59pm

"Top 5 overrated bands in my world...

Green Day
Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chalkie, considering your open dislike for grunge, I'm surprised you didn't include Soundgarden, Nirvana or Pearl Jam on that list.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 12.5.11 @ 12:03pm

Looks like lots of voters , like this band! I do also!

Posted by Happy on Tuesday, 05.15.12 @ 00:25am

I was born the year Bradley died, and the fact that a florescent Sublime poster hangs in my best friends room after years of lighting up and learning their songs next to it is testament to their influence, we go through their albums a shitload, perhaps the greatest posthumous act ever after Nick Drake (my biased personal favorite who has also been horribly overlooked)

There is nothing more precious and inspiring to young and struggling artists than men and women who's work successfully lives on as immortal after they die. It gives us hope that even though we are ignored now, what defines something as great is not present time success, minimal or non existant, but the beauty and passion of the art itself which gives us purpose to express and create. The fact that even on a deathbed, this hope can still exist from examples like Nick Drake and Sublime, the Picasso's of the music industry, is an incredible thing and there is nothing more inspiring to me as I develope and cringe in todays "musical" culture and hear artists who literally starve in the streets as they pour their hearts out. It is nice to think and hope even though it is not today, these people could one day be heard the way "flo ria" is, but actually make a change and inspire more of this struggling hope. THAT is why they are more popular than ever and WILL be inducted if the hall is not a joke by then

Posted by mikhail on Sunday, 12.30.12 @ 01:48am

why do people have to hate sublime fans what have we ever done to you i love sublime there why i play guitar and if u dont like them just leave

Posted by jon on Friday, 02.8.13 @ 23:12pm

I didn't know the head Sublimer was dead. Crap. Really like their stuff. Don't know if they have enough to get in, but they sure had it going for a while.

Great music to listen to while relaxing on the beach.

Also like the message of 'Date Rape'.

Posted by Paul in KY on Saturday, 02.9.13 @ 12:00pm

What makes them the amazing band they were is the feeling you get when you listen to them. My mind goes numb and I get lost in the music everytime, no matter how many times I've heard it and you all know you were singing along

Posted by Kimi Cleveland on Monday, 05.20.13 @ 15:17pm

Over 75 million albums sold without playing a show or doing an interview to promote it. Most requested song on KROQ which is one of the most influential radio stations in the world. Music still in heavy rotation on rock and alternative stations. Would be ridiculous not to let them in first year eligible.

Posted by Jeff on Thursday, 12.18.14 @ 02:48am

They better be inducted.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 08.21.16 @ 16:52pm

I really do hope they make it in. I loved how they really put their lyrics out there and didn't care what people thought. They probably influenced a lot of bands I listen to at the moment.

Posted by audrey on Wednesday, 09.28.16 @ 20:24pm

Their first single was released in 1991. That makes them eligible now.

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 11.12.16 @ 00:54am

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