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Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2007 (The 2008 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Will Shonen Knife be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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For Shonen Knife to get in, Kyu Sakamoto has to get in first; the Ramones are already in.

Posted by Gregory Pietsch on Monday, 03.24.08 @ 13:40pm

I forgot. The Go-Go's and Bangles as well before Shonen Knife, as they were more influential. Still, the Knife mixes Ramones-style punk with kawaii-ness very well.

Posted by Gregory Pietsch on Monday, 03.24.08 @ 14:17pm

Does anyone really care what the Japanese-obsessed Gregory Pietsch has to say? As for Shonen Knife, Pass.

Posted by Firebrick on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 20:47pm

If a Japanese band should get in, it's Loudness. Not Shonen Knife

Posted by Frankophone on Sunday, 12.21.08 @ 20:24pm

Shonen Knife has 0% chance of getting in

Posted by Carle on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 10:06am

I bought their entire discography for three easy payments of $19.99. And they sent the salad shredder for free since I was in the first hundred callers.

Posted by Vilos Cohaagen on Saturday, 12.5.09 @ 11:34am

It must suck to be young...Shonen Knife Rules !

Naoko Yamano does not need the hall of shame !

Save your comments for sombody who cares !

pete 712

Posted by 712 on Sunday, 12.27.09 @ 15:47pm

Age has nothing to do with it, Pete... Shonen Knife had almost zero impact here in the States.. I don't about the rest of the world. I like Shonen Knife, but the only place you ever heard them was pretty much college radio, and even then barely.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 12.28.09 @ 20:21pm

Although Shonen Knife may be considered more "cult" than "mainstream", I can't think of a better band in terms of global impact. This can be seen just based on their recent tours to Asia, Europe, North America, Australia in 2009. Of course, as most rock and roll experts know, Shonen Knife has had a major impact on rock and roll in the USA as evidence of Kurt Cobain inviting Shonen Knife to open for them in the early '90s. The compilation CD released in '89 entitled "Every Band Has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them" showed the big influence they were on US bands. I'm not holding my breath on their induction into the Hall of Fame, but I personally think it would be a very cool choice. Long live Shonen Knife!

Posted by Tim on Thursday, 12.31.09 @ 19:33pm

Whoever is the vocalist in Shonen Knife can't sing! (Or at least not in English)

Posted by Boomer on Thursday, 12.31.09 @ 20:30pm

Shonen Knife just did 30 cites in 35 days in
October and November..They filled every Room they showed up at...
Ill agree there not a house hold name but
If I Youtube ,Google or go to Ebay they
show up that must mean something..If you have never heard of them does that make the band not
exist ?

As for being young sucks..It is age..I run into
so many self proclaimed U boat Commanders and
experts on the Ramones and there only 18 years old...
Here we go ..I cant spell ??? Nor play Guitar hero !
So Yes to Naoko and here abuse of C7 and G7 Chords and her bad Engrish...
Long Live Shonen Knife...

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Saturday, 01.2.10 @ 09:23am

Agree with your observations, Pete!

BTW, when I look at alll the potential groups eligible in 2007 the only one I might consider as well is Sonic Youth. And as you probably know, Shonen Knife has collaborated in the past with Thurston Moore. Sonic Youth is getting a lot of positive feedback on this site - Shonen Knife should be considered just as well in my opinion.

Long live the Knife!

Posted by Tim on Saturday, 01.2.10 @ 11:46am

I hate to say it but your showing your age !

Around 1995 Shonen Knife did somthing that
everywhere you went you saw them...

Ill give you a hint (Pink Lady and Jeff)

712 forever

Posted by Pete 712 on Saturday, 01.9.10 @ 07:42am

And you're showing you're ignorance. The 90's were good to Shonen Knife, but again, they were only influential in the underground garage scene. They never really broke through, for whatever reason. Their music is good, but hardly merits HoF induction. Though having Cobain and Moore as fans does bode well for them.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 01.9.10 @ 15:33pm

Well...based on their numerous collaborations it is obvious that their fellow musicians like and respect Shonen Knife. If that doesn't make a statement about influence then I don't know what does. Surely not criteria based solely on radio airtime. That is representtive of business and marketing savy, and luck. There are a lot of people who don't really like music; they just buy into what they think is popular to be part of the scene.

Posted by John on Monday, 01.11.10 @ 14:52pm

Radio play is a combination of business savvy and luck, but there is some room in the equation for popularity with the people. Unfortunately, independent market research has severely diminished in the past decade and a half, to actually test what plays in Peoria instead of Peoria being told it'll play there because San Francisco says it shall.

But I tink it says more about respect than actual influence. If Shonen Knife had really opened up the floodgates for more Japanese artists to come or people actually emulating the sounds and styles of Shonen Knife into their style and sound... you'd have a stronger argument. I don't hear Shonen Knife when I hear Nirvana, and Cobain was supposedly huge on them.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 01.11.10 @ 17:05pm

Funny, I just heard a recent interview on You Tube with Shonen Knife with someone asking Naoko to compare their music with Nirvana who they opened for in the '90s. Naoko acknowledged that their music style is much different but their "spirt of rock" is the same. Anyone who has to been to one of Shonen Knife's concerts would understand that comment:)

I do think it is interesting the groups that have befriended Shonen Knife. Another good one are the Ramones who were deservedly inducted into the hall a few years ago. Both Joey and Marky Ramone have joined Shonen Knife on stage with Joey calling them the "Osaka Ramones". My whole time living on the east coast in DC when I was a kid, I never heard the Ramones on the radio (who knows why). Yet, when I started listening to them in college, you could tell the Ramones were a huge influence on many groups - to include Shonen Knife. I think gaining the respect of such legendary bands like the Ramones says something about Shonen Knife. Go Knife!

Posted by Tim on Tuesday, 01.12.10 @ 19:35pm

I want to thank Philip and Tim for responding to my initial posting. Philip brought up some good points, but I think popularity with the masses bears more weight than it merits in measuring the value of an artist.

If I may offer my own experience as an example: I had known of and liked Shonen Knife since, I think, the late 1980s. But due to their infrequent airtime (and my own short attention span) they slipped in and out of my frame of musical awareness for a number of years. When I finally bought one of their CDs I immediately fell in love with their music. It was the new songs I hadn't heard before, not just the one I knew from that particular CD. I now own (with the pending arrival of their latest release) 17 of their CDs. I have won over several new fans by exposing them to SK music. Shonen Knife is a fantastick band comprised of wonderful and uniquely talented people. Rock forever !..! And SK forever !..!

Posted by John on Wednesday, 01.13.10 @ 18:28pm

You brought up a great point John..
Do not ever believe in Radio,Television or Cable.
It is all revenue driven at all levels..

I didnt get any Kitchen Knifes as a gift
when Free Time Showed up last week but I got a
great Girl Group Album packed in heavy carboard
and a cloth sleave with a mini poster...Have
to say if you buy American CD's they com in a cheep plastic case and 1 sheet of paper.

I think Shonen Knife has to get in the hall of fame Because Michie Nakatani may show up !

Michie where are you ?

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 06:00am

Being Ignorant but always Naoko Nuts...

Define breaking through ????

3% now 4% of getting in..The odds improve !

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Sunday, 01.24.10 @ 19:43pm

Shonen knife is the best band ever, period. I will cut you bitch! Shonen Knife forever.

Posted by BurningFarm on Friday, 03.19.10 @ 15:45pm

Shonen knife is the best band ever, period. I will cut you bitch! Shonen Knife forever.

Posted by BurningFarm on Friday, 03.19.10 @ 15:45pm

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the PERFECT example of tasteless commentary we don't need on this site!

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 05.23.10 @ 03:43am

SK is a great rock and roll story - three bored Japanese girls decide it might be fun to start a rock band even though they have zero musical skills. So they get instruments, spend a year learning to play them and writing songs, and then play their first gig in front of 30 people. Three decades and 17 albums later and Naoko is still rockin! I love her songwriting philosophy - no love songs, preaching or politics, just fun rock and roll that always makes me smile. Heck, Fujigen even made a "Naoko Yamano Signiture Edition" guitar (she often plays one). So of course Naoko and Shonen Knife deserve to be in the Hall of Fame - I'll take staying true to your music over selling out for commercial success any day. But realistically, they will probably never make it, and thats fine. They will continue on as one of the best-kept secrets in rock. See them live and you will understand my enthusiasm for them.

Posted by JoeBob on Wednesday, 10.20.10 @ 14:59pm

Any real Naoko Nut Knows Shonen Knife is named
after a Pencil Sharpener !

Posted by 712 on Tuesday, 10.26.10 @ 14:12pm

I actually like some of Shonen Knife's stuff, but anybody who thinks the Hall will consider them is either a biased, hardcore fan (like this Pete 712 character, I appreciate his passion. However, his attack on young people today was both uncalled for AND unnecessary), or deluded. If you ask the morons on the NomCom who Shonen Knife is, they'll say "uhhh... isn't that some special type of cooking utensil??"

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 04.11.11 @ 14:44pm

Person on another website is a big Shonen Knife fan & put up 3 or 4 youtube videos. I watched them. Decent bubblegum band. Not Hall worthy.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 04.12.11 @ 07:15am

You guys really dont get it do you !
Naoko started back in 1981 and is still around.Longer than most of you have been alive...
To sit at your folding tables and listen to
College radio or posting youtube videos bootlegged
off of a DVD does not make you the Stone of all
music legend.
I dont have a right to make a comment !
Now your sounding like your President !
$4 gas and where really not in Libya..
Vote for your crappy bands Ill stay with Shonen Knife...
Yes I know your going to sit and think of somthing Novel to say to this angry old man !
You Have no right to say anything...
Love it...Start your own Band !

Posted by Pete 712 on Friday, 04.22.11 @ 22:08pm

No, Pete I'm afraid you don't get it. Look, there are tons of bands I like who I care far more about than some of the big bands that make the Hall of Fame, I know these bands will never make the Hall and who know what? That's fine. It's very easy for people to criticize an institution like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, you can call them biased, only interested in their pet projects, etc. Yet, when it comes down to it, if these people complaining (I'm not saying your complaining, please don't misunderstand me) were in charge, the Hall would just as easily turn into a little museum of their own little pet projects! (And no, I am not trying to be on a high horse or anything, so if I come off as sounding like that I apologize).

Also, you say Naoko has been around playing for longer than most of us have been alive, what exactly does that have to do with anything? Just because someone has "been around longer" does that somehow give them seniority reasons to walk on other people's heads? Forgive me for attempting to speak in the comparative here, but would some lazy housewife who never lifted a finger in her entire life and married some wealthy businessman just so she could live off him her entire life have more important/final says in matters than a 25 year old campaigning and running for President , just because this said woman would be 50 years old and "has seen more in her life, and done more (she has 25 years on him!)?" Utter BS.

This site is not intended to massage pet projects (sometimes it more than often turns into), it's supposed to discuss the merits of artists for the RRHOF (Now what people think about this institution is a whole other matter), I'm very sorry for you there's not 200 posts on here by people saying stuff like "Naoko and Shonen Knife rocks! 5 stars, peace and love RRHOF all the way!" 200 times, but that's what happens when this isn't a fan page and if you don't like it you can either leave or try and defend why your band is Hall of Fame worthy, not simply dismiss people who disagree with you as "young people who vote for their crappy bands." I've noticed several times on this site when someone has nothing more to say to defend their band they resort to name calling and attacking the personal tastes of other people, something which more than often turns people off, I'd think.

Also, saying people on an open forum have "no right to say anything" to you just because we haven't formed bands and are rocking for the past 30 years is the definition of a superiority complex to end all seniority complex. You seriously need to stop with the intimidation tactics if you want people to have any sort of intelligent discussion with you.

Finally, I'm not defending young people here in anyway. Young people more than often tend to try and impress their colleagues (in the music department) by going out there, looking for some obscure music and then pretending how much they know and how informed and thus better they are than their vanilla friends who listen to "crap music like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears." Frankly, I don't like Lady Gaga and I can't stand Britney Spears but that's not the point. These people lap in the propaganda that a band like the Beatles were (which honestly, they probably were) the greatest band of all time and anybody who dismisses them/disagree with them somehow becomes a musical outcast who doesn't know anything. While the Beatles were #1 for a long period of time, setting their legacy in stone like most people do and claim that "no band sometime in the future can EVER be as great as the Beatles" is both inaccurate and depressing." I like Shonen Knife, I'm not a hardcore fan and I would never claim to know anything more about Shonen Knife than a hardcore fan would, I'm just asking you to open your mind a little bit.

And always remember, opinions are like b*ttholes, everyone's got one and they all stink. There's my "novel" response to you, take it as you will.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 04.23.11 @ 04:20am

Four things:

1. In the first paragraph, it should "and you know what" not "and who know what."

2. In the fourth paragraph, it should say "superiority complex to end all superiority complexes."

3. That quotation mark after the word depressing in the second last paragraph shouldn't be there.

4. I only spelled "b*ttholes" that way to get around the spam filters, I'm not trying to be politically correct.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 04.23.11 @ 04:28am

I agree with you on Why, but I say why not !
1-Shonen Knife was formed december 1981
30 years this year in music !
2-15+ Albums plus Mini Albums, Possiblly 30+ total.
3- Their music has been in Movies TV Shows.
4- No Over Doses nor Hotel Smashings.
5- They show up and the bar is not empty.
Name me 1 show in 30 years that they didnt fill
the room.

They wont be voted in because they are Japanese
and Mainly they are not signed up with a major label.
Its not that Ga Ga is talented its that Gene Simmons is booting the money for her act !

Im a die hard fan of SK and a boat load of other bands too.

My Complaint is since 2007 the responses have sucked in my opinion on the forum !
1-I dont hear them on College radio !
Who in the hell over 20 years old listens to college radio ! Phil is possibly dead now !
2-I saw them on Youtube there Bubble Gum !
Youture is the vast waste land of people who dont have a life and need to be wanted.
Yes there are great videos on Youtube but 95%
is uploaded by people who have no freinds in the real world...the other 5% are small record companies that need to advertising!
3-If you buy an album you get a knife set !
Just stupid How are you going to put a knife set
in a CD package !
4- Ill cut you up !
Shonen Knife is named after a pencil sharpening knife...Break out the bandaids.

These people are showing their age...there 15 year
old using their birthday Computer to look at Porn
and make stupid comments.

I stand my ground with bad spelling too.
I want Shonen Knife in the Hall Of Fame !
Be nice If Dick Dale was invited on the same day
too !

As for forming a Band ...99% of these music
experts were never in a marching band at school
or played and musical instrument in their house
but for some reason because their Crap ass band
who they like this month is not in the Hall then
nobody else it allowed neither.

I give you credit Tahvo your standing your ground
thats alot more than others have done in 4 years.

But your dealing with a real Naoko Nut &
Shonnen Knife fan.
Not to many around.

Ps I love when Debbie Harry and Frank Infanti
got into a pissing match when Blonie got in the hall of fame proving that everybody in that band
hates each other ! You can Beame Chris Stien for that !

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Wednesday, 04.27.11 @ 16:01pm

Insulting others is a bad way to get people on your side of an argument.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 04.27.11 @ 16:08pm

As a side note you can correct every thing
I spell and correct my grammer but I work for
a living so it doesnt bruise my ego..

Id say dont correct women when they talk on a date
You will never get laid that way....

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Wednesday, 04.27.11 @ 20:18pm

Thanks for responding, Pete. A few things:

-I'm happy to hear Shonen Knife is still able to fill entire rooms everywhere they play, more power to them
-You say you're a diehard fan of other bands not just Shonen Knife, it's nice to hear a fan with some perspective. What you have to understand is that occasionally fans who come to this site tend to only provide discussion on their specific #1 act and never discuss anybody else as if nobody else matters. I'm glad you claim this in't the case with you
-I agree there are some weak responses on here, particularly those toward the top of the page, such as those by Frankophone, Carle, etc. Though Philip brings up succinct points, IMO
-I don't listen to college radio so I can't comment
-I found your comments about YouTube hilarious, the funny thing is, based on some of the people my age it's true too!
-I think the guy commenting on the knife ("Vilos Cohaagen") set was kidding
-I disagree that there is some sort of notion that one must be in a band in order to be able to discuss music with a fraction of accuracy. However, it sounds like you had encounters with some major morons and I assure you not all young people are like that
-I endorse GFW's comment


Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 04.30.11 @ 12:06pm

Also don't pigeonhole all youth, were not all idiots.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 04.30.11 @ 15:40pm

Hi Tahvo
Well...For the first time in years we have made
contact with a open minden Human...
Yes..I like all kinds of Music...Besides Shonen Knife I love instro Surf Bands and I can get
into quite a debate over traditional and the New wave bands...I like both but that seems to rub one or the other fans the wrong way.Im not a fan of country music I worked with it in the 1980s and It took Dive for the worse by 1995...Pam Tillis was my last hero I have not ever looked back.

Theres alot of great bands out there...Grace Slick once said support the bands nobody knows !
Not all teen ager are idiots...But if some kid is 15years old dont start telling about how you commanded a WW2 U-boat or were in Vietnam,,,Little
more taunt your music skills that dont exist..
Ive tride to teach a 15year old basic guitar chords an he said I made his fingers hurt..Whats with these chords..I want to play like Slash !
My response was Who ???? I proceeded to hear a 5 minute advertisment for him...All Im asking is for a G7 Chord and tune the thing !
As for being in a band it pretty much is hard work and little pay..there no glory in it...
Im just saying Pick up a Guitar,Clarinet or
bongo drums before saying sombody who has been doing it for years sucks...that applies to everybody!
Yes Shonen Knife is not the greatest thing
but Naoko Shibata (Yamano) has kept the tradition
for 30 years now and She gets my Vote. The last
Concert I saw them in Milford CT 2010 was $12..A great show..Filled the room and after they signed everything I had...People pay $100-$500 to sit
1,000 feet away from there hero's with bad audio
warm beer and $50 parking and say that was fantastic...Never had that issue with Shonen Knife.

We will materialize at this location later and see
if Life still exist.

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Monday, 05.2.11 @ 22:29pm

Lady Gaga do not confuse with the punk band
GaGaGa Special...

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Tuesday, 05.3.11 @ 07:13am

Criteria for HoF induction: "Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Criteria include the influence and significance of the artistsí contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll."

Shonen Knife celebrate their 30th Anniversary as a band in this year! I understand they're working right now on their 18th record. They earlier recorded some Ramones songs which might be on it. Also, I just heard a Runaways tribute CD will be released shortly featuring a song from Shonen Knife. I'm guessing another world-wide tour might be in the works as well.

I'm a fan of many bands as well to include the Beatles, Ramones, and Beach Boys. I think Shonen Knife captures the same spirit of these bands - infectious and energetic rock music.

Induction into Rock 'N' Roll HoF? A long shot granted, but the Hall has shown in the past that an artist does not necessarily have to have great commercial success to be inducted. Iggy and the Stooges come to mind.

Anyhow, congratulations to Shonen Knife as they celebrate their 30th Anniversary this year!

Posted by Tim on Tuesday, 05.3.11 @ 16:42pm

Thanks Tim
More wind for the sails...Its A long trip !
Its not going to be easy...
When they do get in we can look back and say...
It was about time !

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Tuesday, 05.3.11 @ 20:50pm

Pete, Shonen Knife will never get in. They don't deserve it. They are a good band, fun songs, etc. but not Hall worthy, IMO.

Doesn't mean you & other fans can't enjoy their music.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 05.4.11 @ 08:06am

I totally agree with you they wont get in...
Just like the Bricklin The car of the future
It just was never to be ! I still want one..

It is painful who has got in The HAll
lately though !

Did Kiss ever get in ? I know one day at
a gas station it was top conversation with
some employees....One guy was talking about Ozzy.
OZZY-ozzy-Ozzy..I said how old are you...21!
I have T shirts older than you !
The OZ is great man !...Hmmmm
If I remember the last Black Sabbath 8 track I owned was around 1976.

Pete 712

Posted by Pete 712 on Wednesday, 05.4.11 @ 15:48pm

I still want an explination how
Run DMC got in the hall ???

Talk about Not Worthy !

Dike Dale cant even get nomitated...

Posted by Pete 712 on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 14:35pm

Peter 712 - Talk about Totally Worthy!

Posted by Gassman on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 14:56pm

Dick Dale SHOULD get nominated (imo).

Posted by Cokey on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 15:00pm

More worthy than Shonen Knife, they were the pioneers of the biggest genre of the late 90's - 2000's,. Try and tell me SK has done something close to that.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 15:39pm

Dick Dale SHOULD get nominated (imo).

Posted by Cokey on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 15:43pm

How about stay together as a band for 30 years.
1981-2011 Summer tour already posted.

As for DMC they broke up 2003-04 they made their
money..You cant even get the 3 guys in the same room nowm little more get a positive interview by
any member.We were the greatest !..Note the words "WE WERE" !

Like Steve Tyler said...The Biggest problem with
Aerosmith is that everybody makes to much money!

Gene Simmons has not lost a $1 footing GAGA.
As they say get a good Manager and you will go far in Show Biz...

The continuing visit by angry 15 year olds on their
Birthday computers has gone on here for 4 years now.Doomed to yotube videos and high school
pressure to like what the in gang likes...It must Suck to be young now ! The 1990s..That was a pimple on the Ass of Progess ! What happened
in that 10 years that was a great memory.
Im sure there will be an award for Car on the 90s
Tv show of the 90s Movie of the 90s...Not!

Shonen Knife has a snow balls chance in hell of
getting in along with Dick Dale because he pissed them all off in the 1960s by never signing up
with a major lable.

I believe your President has got us in 4 wars now
and Gasoline is at $3.89 but dont worry he wants to add a Dollar tax to get things in this country going...As for the opposition we get Mitt and
Palin ..We are all screwed..Except that Shonen Knife is going on their 30th annaversary tour
and if your over 21 you can see them at some night club spend $12 for ticket and $50 on stuff
at their table and at the end of the night of fun Music take a picture with them and they will sign everything you bring out...Start making a list of Bands that do that for you ?

Thats Why They get my Vote..

Posted by Pete 712 on Sunday, 06.12.11 @ 11:36am

Longetivity means nothing.

And one of DMC is dead so of cours ehtey broke up you absolute idiot.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 06.12.11 @ 12:10pm

Hmm, I seem to remember someone earlier saying "Insulting others is a bad way to get people on your side of an argument":)

Go Knife!

Posted by Tim on Sunday, 06.12.11 @ 14:47pm

Alright, maybe that was a bit much.
But jesus, have a bit of knowledge about a band before insulting them. I'm sure RUN DMC would still be together if one of them wasn't shot.

Also Pete I don't know about your school days but I'm in them right now and i hate most the music the "in crowd" like and that hasn't really effected my social life

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 06.12.11 @ 15:14pm

About Shonen Knife, GFW wrote:

"Longetivity means nothing.

And one of DMC is dead so of cours ehtey broke up you absolute idiot."

You might want to learn to spell before you start calling others idiots.

Posted by joker on Sunday, 06.12.11 @ 17:22pm

Typing mistake, put the e at the end of cours and it's right.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 06.13.11 @ 12:13pm

Same with htey, put the H infront of t and it works. just typing mistakes.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 06.13.11 @ 12:35pm

I like chibi-kawaii-desu-nee Shonen Jump gals, but there are more influential japanese bands. I'm not very much into X-Japan, but there's an example. The Stalins, Aburadako, Beardsley... I can go all night.

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 22:47pm

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