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Loveless (1991)

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Only Shallow (1991)

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Will My Bloody Valentine be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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My Bloody Valentine's album Loveless is continually regarded as one of the greatest alternative rock albums of all time. Whether or not they'll be inducted based on that one album or not will be interesting to see, because they haven't done anything else since.

I suspect it will take until at least 2020 before they get the right mix of people on the nominating committee that will recognize them.

Posted by c.w. on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 20:59pm

They'll get in, but like Pink Floyd, it'll take a few rounds.

Posted by MSB on Wednesday, 05.16.07 @ 12:17pm

I think that right now it is still too soon to really tell how much influence they are having. The Smashing Pumpkins basically ripped off their guitar sound for Siamese Dream, and nobody before them used sampling the way they have. They are becoming a band that every kid learns about at some point and is amazed at their sound. Almost like a right of passage, that I think will end every bit as influential as Nirvana or Radiohead from the nineties.

Posted by John on Saturday, 09.29.07 @ 13:00pm

Interesting note: The entirety of Loveless has been covered by the band Japancakes and released this year. How's that for influence?

Oh, there's also this whole shoegaze revival thing going on. It's not a revival in the true sense considering that it's been in the works for a while, but it's actually starting to get some attention.

Posted by William on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 13:51pm

Yeah, lots of bands associated are reuniting, the most prominent being The Verve (who weren't REALLY madchester, but, you know...) and the Happy Mondays. The rumours about the Stone Roses getting together again have been floating about for a good while now, although Ian Brown is just a pillock now; Mani seems comfortable enough in Primal Scream; Squire has pretty much done all but give up music completely; and Reni hasn't said anything.

But, hey, who REALLY expected the Verve to reunite (again....I know)

Posted by liam on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 14:39pm


Yeah, lots of bands associated WITH MADCHESTER are reuniting ASWELL

Posted by liam on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 14:45pm

So.....why can't I find a page for the group Ride? They were a pretty big force in shoegaze, even if they won't EVER get inducted.

Posted by liam on Sunday, 01.13.08 @ 14:27pm

Shawn, I don't know whether you'll see this comment, but what did you think of MBV and the Roses?

Posted by Liam on Friday, 04.4.08 @ 15:38pm

Liam, I was very surprised at how much I was seduced by Loveless. I expected to have to choke it down, based on my listens to other lo-fi bands, but what I found is that I don't mind the feedback fuzz as long as it is used with tact and style, and how vital the vocals are to my attitude. I was pretty much mesmerized by BB's vocals, obscured as they are, over the hum of all that looped stuff.

What really opened my ears though to the beauty of this was the cover that Japancakes did, which I obtained at the same time. This was reamrkable, because it allowed me to hear, when the distortion was removed, the muddied melody lines hidden to me.

Esp on the first three tracks Japancakes versions were like Cliff Notes for my ears - what I found vaguely intrguing snapped into a new perception and I now heard the MBV tracks as dreamy, druggy, exotically beautiful amid all that buzz. "Loomer" and "Only Shallow" became something more layered and lovely than I had recognized.

My God, track 3 "Touched" sounded like throwaway strange noise until I heard Japancakes reveal the underlying melody. Then it became almost unbearably sad in its beauty.

Best way I can describe how I "see" Lovelss is now like a supmtuous naked woman surrounded in barbed wire; the lo-fi rattle is OK because its a frame around the thoghtful, gorgeous center and together its very groovy, man.

Also makes me konow that I hated Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. because they were truly obnoxious.

Posted by shawn on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 15:28pm

I'll get you on some REALLY weird stuff some time later, Shawn. I'm thinking The Fall and Spacemen 3...

Posted by Liam on Tuesday, 04.15.08 @ 05:11am

"Loveless" truly does stand as an awesome album, but will one be enough to get them in? I am not disregarding the earlier work, and "Isn't Anything" could definitely be pointed to as extra proof of how good they were, but you'vr got to wonder how the boys in the back room will see it. It would be a shame if they thought otherwise.

Perhaps I missed it, but is there something here for Swervedriver? I always thought they were a better than average band, and I'd like to believe they will be recognized as such in the near future.

Posted by Cheeecrop on Monday, 06.16.08 @ 05:03am

If the Swervedrive reunion album (assuming there is one, of course) isn't stale like "Bam Thwok" or Collideoscope, I can see a potential future for them. As it stands, I'd say it's pretty unlikely.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 06.16.08 @ 10:59am


Posted by Alonso on Wednesday, 07.9.08 @ 00:41am

Loveless is such a monolithic album. They deserve it on its merits alone.

Isn't Anything and the EPs hold up well. The legend of the band's development of their signature sound up to Loveless makes for a great story. The stories/myths/rumors of the making of that classic are well known.

So, yes, they ought to but it'll probably take some time.

Posted by Jonas on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 00:37am

Indie sucks. mbv sucks too.

Posted by AntiIndie on Wednesday, 01.7.09 @ 22:16pm

That movie looks good,doesn't it?Har, har, har.

Posted by S.R on Friday, 01.16.09 @ 19:03pm

They probably won't but never say never! Can you imagine what the ceremony would be like????

Posted by Rudy on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 19:00pm

Emphatic yes here

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 04.29.10 @ 18:43pm

I agree with Chalkie.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 07.27.10 @ 15:50pm

I just listened to "Loveless" for the first time. At first I could recognize it was groundbreaking, but didn't find it special; I just didn't get it. Then about halfway through something clicked, and I really enjoyed it. A second listen should provide my final opinion on it. I still believe they should get in.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 20:30pm

I just listened to "Loveless" for the first time. At first I could recognize it was groundbreaking, but didn't find it special; I just didn't get it. Then about halfway through something clicked, and I really enjoyed it. A second listen should provide my final opinion on it.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 20:30pm
The melodies come later; first time through I thought it was all senseless noise. Second time through, I started hearing it differently. By the third time through, I found myself picking out favorite tracks.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 08.14.10 @ 03:44am


Posted by Sam on Sunday, 08.15.10 @ 19:35pm

Okay, scratch that. On my second listen, I'm still not getting it. It's alright, and certainly innovative, but I'm not getting those genius vibes that I'm supposed to be getting. Anybody want to help me out here?

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 13:57pm

"Anybody want to help me out here?"

Can't. Keep listening and you'll get it when you get it (IF you get it).

Posted by Chalkie on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 15:46pm

Much better than My Chemical Romance

Posted by xdc on Thursday, 01.13.11 @ 19:00pm

Bullet For My Valentine

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 08.9.11 @ 22:31pm

'Isn't Anything' should have been elected in the Album Project... there also should be more tracks than "Only Shallow".

Posted by Chalkie on Saturday, 08.13.11 @ 18:42pm

Agreed... Isn't Anything>Loveless

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 08.25.11 @ 06:37am

Nirvana sucks balls

Posted by roy on Wednesday, 12.21.11 @ 08:11am

Hey! we already have a Roy here and if you want to post under that name then you must first post 5 lists of artists better than nirvana and in each of those lists you must mention Chicago.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 12.21.11 @ 08:38am

"Agreed... Isn't Anything>Loveless"

That's not what I said.

Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, 03.11.12 @ 19:50pm

My Chemical Romance

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 01.23.13 @ 09:48am

So, "mbv", the "Chinese Democracy" of Alt Rock has finally surfaced after a 22 year wait.

The album is very good. The 16.99 price tag for a 9 song digital download was a bit of a middle finger to fans who have waited patiently for a couple decades, but the album itself was well worth the wait.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 02.3.13 @ 11:08am

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