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Eligible since: 1991 (The 1992 Induction Ceremony)

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Devil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly (1966)

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Will Mitch Ryder be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels were RnR. Mitch Ryder is the living embodiment of RnR.
Jenny Take A Ride is available. Listen to that and
tell me these guys don't deserve to be in. Devil With A Blue Dress, Little Latin lupe Lu, Sock It To Me Baby these were the rockingest singles ever
done. Ask Paul Schaeffer if he thinks Mitch deserves to be in. Yes, The Beatles got us to grow our hair and The Rolling Stones stayed to-
gether forever but this thing is called The Rock
And Roll Hall Of Fame and nobody could rock like
these guys. Put on Money by the Beatles and Honky Tonk Woman by the Stones then Jenny Take A Ride.
Listen to Johnny B the drummer. It's one of the greatest performances ever and it's real. Let
these guys in or change the name to The Hall For People Who Got A Lot Of Media Attention.

Posted by Robert Stephen Hamilton on Tuesday, 11.27.07 @ 18:03pm

With the most pitiful choice of Inductees chosen in 2008, at the rate the Committee is going, we'll have Lawernce Welk in there soon. Whomever was resposible for this mockery of music must be deaf and dumb. The choices SUCKED. And so does the Rock And Roll Hal of Shame.

Posted by Tim From Cincinnati on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 21:10pm

Hopefully they will get in. They deserve recognition.

Posted by JasonP on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 21:29pm

Good god. The man has only been cited as a major influence on Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp to name just two huge R&R powers. This induction is WAY over due. What gives with this committee? Let's keep industry politics out of it and give the man the respect he has earned.

Posted by Greg Tarr on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 10:03am

Well, now! The Coasters (no disrespect to them) made it in before the Beatles, so I guess it should come as no surprise that rock LEGEND Mitch Ryder hasn't been inducted yet. What exactly are we waiting for? Please induct Mr. Ryder. Thank you

Posted by David From Detroit on Sunday, 10.19.08 @ 02:55am

David, the Beatles WEREN'T ELIGIBLE for induction in '87, when they inducted the Coasters. Please grow a clue.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 10.19.08 @ 03:26am

Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels. YES

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Friday, 10.24.08 @ 19:41pm

I saw Mitch Ryder & his band in Bangor Maine - 1968. Lived in Europe from 1971-1974, saw many groups before they crossed the ocean and had hits in the USA. How ironic that the (for example)Stones, Van Morrison and many other European groups listened to American soul and tried to incorporate our sound into theirs. Mitch Ryder is SOUL defined. It is time that Mitch gets his one way ticket to board the soul train that he has ridden for so many years straight to the doors of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.It's been a long time coming. I vote YES.

Posted by Liz Munster on Tuesday, 01.27.09 @ 17:25pm

Anyone who has kept up with Mitch Ryder's career over the years will realize this man is more than just a few hits back in the '60's.
Unfortunately, the American audiences just want to hear the "Oldies" whereas the European fans get treated to his newer, and in some cases far superior material. And I think it's been established by the exclusion of acts like The Small Faces and The Shadows that American acceptance is the ticket to the hall of fame.
Check out the CD Red Blood and White Mink to see what I mean.

Posted by robbell on Sunday, 05.31.09 @ 18:55pm

Mitch Ryder is the Godfather of Blue Eyed Soul bar none. He is the greatest unappreciated Vocalist this country ever produced. Why he isnt in the Hall of Fame right now is an indicment about the lack of knowledge and true ability of the Board of the Hall of Fame to make a choice.

Posted by Rod Coleman on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 07:28am

"Mitch Ryder is the Godfather of Blue Eyed Soul bar none."- Rod Coleman

I don't think this statement is all!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 18:23pm

I like Mitch Ryder, but the "Godfather of Blue Eyed Soul" is a bit of a hyperbole

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 18:51pm

"Godfather of Blue eye soul" wow ! I like that idea. why not..? kinda fits ! I don't see me thinking Elton John in that vein or Bono LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 20:30pm

This is THE guy who started white soul. How big an influence does one have to be before it is clear?
From day one, back in the 60's till now he is still at it.
With The Detroit Wheels, his band in the beginning, there was none better at white rocking soul. Look at the list of who claims inspiration form these guys.

Posted by D. krammer on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 13:49pm

"There's six members on the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame board of directors and three of those men are my enemies. So what are my chances of getting in there?"
-Mitch Ryder on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (not sure the exact year he said this)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 07.18.10 @ 12:35pm

"Mitch Ryder is the Godfather of Blue Eyed Soul bar none."- Rod Coleman

In many ways I would have to agree .....No matter what you say ...He is "rockin" and the Detroit Wheels are "rollin"....Yes any day!!!

Posted by mrxyzomg on Sunday, 07.25.10 @ 22:20pm

Another year that Mitch Ryder gets passed by.
The board is not interested in how many times a performer performs, number of fans, number of hits that amde the top ten.
However,it seems that the board does not consider Mitch Ryder's influence that has been acknowledged by Bob Seger, John Mellecamp, Bruce Springsteen etc etc.
What are we waiting for? Mitch Ryder to pass away and then he can be inducted?
At the age of 66 he is still touring in Europe, writing great sonds, performing in the USA. amazing. He has more than paid his fair share of dues.
It is shameful that he gets by passed year after year while others, who I feel, are not even close to being a rock & roll band; are inducted.
He still can KICK IT and brings the house down. Too bad a wonderful legend is being shunned from an award that he has earned over and over again and is entitled to.

Posted by L. Munster on Friday, 03.11.11 @ 11:06am

Mitch ryder's induction could put the rock and roll hall of fame back on track and give it some street cred that it has lost over a decade ago....He has hits!!!He has influenced artist that followed him....He continues to amaze us with his voice to this day as well as write great music...check out youtube and see him side by side with Otis Redding wailing like only he can and then catch a youtube video of him perfroming "Freez'n in hell"....and it will embarrass you knowing he's not in there.

Posted by Violetsmike on Thursday, 08.18.11 @ 23:48pm

I am originally from Boston, a great Rock & Roll town and for the past two years I resided in Michigan. In case anyone does not know, Michigan's economy is amoung the hardest hit and Detroiters are having a rough time. A few weeks ago I saw Mitch Ryder play a "FREE" concert to the people of Detroit and more recently is donating his time to be involved in an independent film being made in Michigan in support of the people who were left hanging when the Govenor pull the film tax insentives. Mitch Ryder is much more than a Rock Lengend, he is a good man who cares about the people.

Posted by Ross on Monday, 08.22.11 @ 11:58am

Unbelievable! It was like yesterday when I got a call from a fellow bandmate telling me to come down to the music store where he worked and listen to "Devil With a Blue Dress".
The only thing that has shocked me more than that first listening is the fact that these strunzos from the R&R Hall of Fame seem to stonewall this guy, for what reasons, I don't know. Hopefully, in the end, whatever the circumstances and whenever the time, consensus will bring this guy into the historical musical spotlight he deserves.
Until then, he just keeps on keeping on, preserving the genre he helped create, not needing the musical sanhedrin to validate him or what he does, and that, my friend, is really what rock is all about.

Posted by vittorio on Wednesday, 05.30.12 @ 13:05pm

FRL predicts Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels will be nominated. Why hasn't this page been changed yet to Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels?

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 09.6.12 @ 01:24am

Mitch Ryder should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame PERIOD!!!! In my opinion he has the best voice in RnR. He still sounds great live and he always has a kick ass band!

Posted by Sheila Thomas on Friday, 07.19.13 @ 10:44am

I never realized he and the Wheels weren't in. The HOF is a joke. Someone should start an alternative.

Posted by Gannon Roberts on Wednesday, 02.10.16 @ 19:23pm

I was actually shocked to find out he's not in all ready.You've got to be kidding

Posted by Rick Wearing on Sunday, 04.10.16 @ 11:34am

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