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Eligible since: 2010 (The 2011 Induction Ceremony)

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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2026 (ranked #237) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! (1985)
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (1986)
Rust In Peace (1990)
Countdown to Extinction (1992)
Dystopia (2016)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Peace Sells (1986)
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (1990)
Symphony Of Destruction (1992)

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Will Megadeth be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Why not? They are one of the big 4 of thrash. I think they are seriously underrated and always overshadowed by Metallica

Posted by Ryan on Friday, 08.11.06 @ 18:24pm

They are The Rolling Stones to Metallica's Beatles. I'm pulling for them.

Posted by AZ Dave on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 22:39pm

They're extremly underrated! They rock and they never sold out unlike Metallica. They stayed true to there roots. They deserve to be in there before Green Day, RHCP, or any other band! They're great. Their lyrics are so true and they're not just a political band. Don't hate them for Dave's past with Metallica. Droogies and she~wolves step up and support your band!

Posted by Alex on Saturday, 08.19.06 @ 23:31pm

THE most kick ass Heavy Metal Band EVER!
Much more talented than all the other thrash metal bands.....Slayer and Metallica can only dream of playing those guitar solos...MEGADETH RULEZ and Dave's the KING! Hail MEGADETH HAIL METAL...

Posted by ad on Monday, 12.11.06 @ 14:13pm

f++k megadeth, not because there music is bad, its fine, it deserves to be in the hall. But they have the most selfish band meber ever.=, Dave Mustaine. Oh and by the way, maybe they wouldnt be so underrated if they played music that thrashers would be into but could aso captivate the general public.

Posted by joey on Thursday, 01.4.07 @ 17:34pm

if megadeth doesn't make it in ok... but if a man like Dave Mustaine is not in the HOF... that would be simply ridiculous as he's got more mind and skill than well... pretty much and almost everyone already there.

Posted by Forock on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 00:36am

Though they were plauged with line up problems, Mustaine, Ellefson, and Friedman all deserve induction.


Posted by Eric on Friday, 06.15.07 @ 00:10am

look at the talent that was gonna be in megadeth
kerry king
two metal gods wanted in
they shud be in there allong with any of the other thash giants
panteras not thrash but they are heavy all the same

Posted by AndreW on Wednesday, 01.30.08 @ 00:01am

I weep for the youth of America.
God, I hope this glombus is a youth.
Is this some kind of bong resin thrasher Ebonics?

Posted by Blue on Wednesday, 01.30.08 @ 08:36am

of course megadeth should be in all you have to do is listen to the guitaring in the song peace sells to see hoe great they are

Posted by the pac on Sunday, 06.1.08 @ 16:55pm

AndreW, I disagree, Pantera was most surely thrash to me. I'm not trying to start one of these elementary school pissing contests that these boards are famous for, just stating my opinion.

Megadeth should be in for sure, but won't happen for a few years. I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if they are even on the final ballot before 2011 or 2012. I hope I'm wrong, just doesn't seem to be the direction the hall is going, they're going to put a couple more groundbreaking rap acts (PE and The Beasties) in before thrash (with the exception of Metallica, I don't think they can be kept out).

Posted by TAG on Saturday, 07.19.08 @ 20:47pm

HELL YES!!!!!!!!! One of the most underrated metal bands of all time. They have made awesome music and made great songs. They have always stayed true to their roots. Their guitarists (Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman) are both amazing and have performed some great guitar solos in their careers. Megadeth deserves to be in.

Posted by Joey on Tuesday, 08.26.08 @ 21:32pm

Um.... no, But Dave Mustaine Should Get in. They Should Induct him with Metallica, since he was the original guitarist. I say no for the whole band though, didn't have as broad appeal or influence as Metallica.

Posted by Calzone on Wednesday, 10.8.08 @ 15:40pm

"maybe they wouldnt be so underrated if they played music that thrashers would be into but could aso captivate the general public."
That's the exact opposite of heavy metal. You shouldn't have to alienate your audience and fans just to get some recognition. The Gods of speed Metal should be in the HOF. Mustaine, Friedman, Poland, wow!

Posted by Alex H on Sunday, 10.12.08 @ 01:33am

And yes Mustaine should be inducted with metallica because he wrote their first 2 albums.

Posted by Alex H on Sunday, 10.12.08 @ 01:34am

Not as good as Metallica, but they are still awesome. Just listen to the guitar solo on ''Hangar 18''.It will blow you away for sure.

Posted by S.R on Saturday, 02.28.09 @ 18:22pm

There are 3 bands that have pretty much created metal.

and Slayer

Megadeth is a great band and I hope they get in.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 15:52pm

I think you'll find that Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc... pre-dated those bands by just a bit. "Heavy Metal" has had a slow evolution, dating back 3 or 4 decades...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 18:39pm

AC/DC and Black Sabbath ended the whole Flower Power thing and then along came the Sex Pistols ect.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 03.27.09 @ 15:19pm

They are the finest thrash metal band ever on the earth....
metallica on the other hand are ******* sellouts..../and i dont care if they are inducted or not...

Posted by megadeth_army on Monday, 04.6.09 @ 08:46am

Megadeth deserves to be inducted. They are just as good as Metallica but just not as popular. And no, Metallica didn't "sell out" like all you ignorant people say they did. Just because it doesn't sound like Master of Puppets doesn't mean they sold out. Anyways, Megadeth definitely should be inducted. Mustaine is a musical genius.

Posted by Zach on Monday, 04.6.09 @ 16:40pm u even know the meaning of selling out???
okay stop ...the metallica thing...

Megadeth Deserves to be in.....

Posted by megadeth_army on Monday, 04.6.09 @ 17:13pm

Joey you have no clue what the hell you are talking about Dave Mustaine isnt selfish you dumb prick with out dave mustaine you wouldn't have metallica nor slayer.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 04.6.09 @ 18:58pm

Megadeth own
they are still an extremely undefrrated band and thouroughly deserve to be in the hall of fame!

Rattle yer freakin head!


Posted by Daniel on Tuesday, 04.7.09 @ 08:20am


Posted by DaviD on Tuesday, 04.7.09 @ 10:58am

If Megadeth as a band isn't inducted, Dave Mustaine himself should be.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 04.7.09 @ 17:11pm


Posted by ali albadri on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 05:44am


Posted by megaman on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 08:42am

hope they get in!!!!!!!

Posted by Megadave! on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 12:13pm

God bless Mustaine.....
God bless megadeth

Posted by devillll on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 13:33pm

The only reason I don't think Megadeth is in yet is because of the bands drug problems back in the day. As for the actual band with songs and lyrics, it should be inducted.

If you look up, "Poison Was the Cure" the lyrics are amazing, along with, "Good Mourning/Black Friday". Amazing song! "Hangar 18
" is one of the best Thrash Metal tracks ever. I think Megadeth songs have alot more meaning to them rather than most of Metallica's stuff.

Both deserve to be inducted, so why just one?

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 14:43pm

Peace sells.. but whos buying is f uc kin epic record....
brutal thrash metal....
and RUST IN PEACE...we all know......awesome...\marty friedman/
United Abominations was awesome also...
All their albums from CTE and The system has failed are freakin nice....awesome stuff..
I hope the committee is listening.....

Posted by megaded on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 16:33pm

is the bestกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก

Posted by yarm on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 16:34pm

megadeth are one of the founder of thrash metal and i think deserve more attention. _|m|

Posted by niople on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 20:52pm

Megadeth is ONE OF THE BIG 4 OF THRASH!!!

...No comments, MEGADETH FOR Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, NOW!!!!!!

Posted by Michael on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 10:02am


Posted by megaded on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 15:55pm

Megadeth is one of the top thrash metal! Come on people! VOTE FOR MEGADETH!

Posted by argel on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 19:33pm




Posted by Michael on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 19:53pm

Megadeth is way to talented to be called Thrash Metal. Dave Mustaine is an extremely talented song writer and a very underrated amazing guitarist. What ever musicians he hooks up with become better because of his song writing and playing abilities.

He is a driven hard rocking madman that has had some serious demons to contend with but he has overcome them and is more focused than ever. I can't wait for the forthcoming album.

As far as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is concerned they wouldn't know a good rock band if it blew their brains (what little brains they have) out with a Marshall Stack and Gibson Flying V. Megadeth ROCKS!!!!

"Hello me, it's been nice talkin' too you"

Long Live The Peoples Choice Rock Legends Hall Of Fame.


Posted by SpaceTrucker on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 21:57pm

When looking back on Metallica and Megadeath, I see the following:

Metallica had greater consistency than Megadeath, but the best of Megadeath is better than the best of Metallica.

Again, this is just my opinion.

I have a feeling that the Hall will not open its doors for Megadeath and that would be a shame.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 05:54am

Metallica had great consistency than Megadeth ?????????

are u f u c k i n kidding????

Posted by metallica_sucks on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 06:17am

What Dameon said is a little closer to the truth. Dissing another band for the sake of Megadeth is just lame. Why don't you give it a rest until you can give an intelligent comment or at least substantiate what you say with fact...or at least a rational argument. "Metallica Sucks" makes you sound a little juvenile.

Besides that, if it's not the committee's "opinion" that Megadeth will get inducted, then they won't. Appears to be the case...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 06:32am

Gitar - you got to love these teenagers! I was just checking out the You Tube comments on the RnR HoF jam with everyone doing Train Kept A Rollin. It was hysterical - there were people screaming like our friend here how Kurt H. blew away Jeff Beck and Joe Perry. You just go to laugh. Did you check out that e-mail D. Marsh sent me. I posted it here in the comments for induction 2010.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 06:49am

Dameon...what's up, my friend?? Yes, I did read it...Dave Marsh, obviously a legeng in his own mind! Interviewing rock stars making someone a "rock authority" is like saying playing the stereo makes one a good misician...LOL!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 07:17am

So you're suggesting that only musicians can be authorities on rock? That's ridiculous.

Posted by Allen on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 11:14am

Didn't say that at all...not all interviewers are self-absorbed prima donnas and think they're the "true authority" like DM or some other selected few...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 12:01pm

Wouldn't an interviewer like Marsh be one of the more enlightened people on the subject? He certainly has had unique access to a lot of musicians and would know who the primary influences are. I guess the question is does he actually use that knowledge or does he just default to his personal taste.

Posted by Allen on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 12:14pm we all know, "rock stars" are notorious for saying just about anything, so your guess is as good as mine how accurate the information they get is. DM probably thinks they'd give him the "genuine article" with a splash of his own opinion carefully placed here and there...that's the way I've seen it in the past, anyway...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 12:34pm


Posted by metallica_sucks on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 16:18pm

Ya know, if you tried really hard, I'm sure you could look more ridiculous. I know it would be difficult...but if you tried really, really hard.

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 18:04pm

obviously they should get in, but if they dont then fine, and f*** them if they wanna put some crappy rap group in the supposed "rock and roll" hall of fame instead. if society wont recognise megadeth for how great they are, then at least theres still plenty others who do.

Posted by adam on Saturday, 04.11.09 @ 10:47am

the only reason they wont make it is because they didnt sell out like metallica

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 04.12.09 @ 13:10pm

I think megadeth deserves to be in the rock and roll hall of fame just as much as metallica does. VOTE FOR MEGADETH!

Posted by chris on Sunday, 04.12.09 @ 20:27pm

"the only reason they wont make it is because they didnt sell out like metallica"

Someone hasn't listened to Cryptic Writings!

Posted by MBI on Monday, 04.13.09 @ 18:46pm

"the only reason they wont make it is because they didnt sell out like metallica"

Someone hasn't listened to Cryptic Writings!

Posted by MBI on Monday, 04.13.09 @ 18:46pm
Everyone on this page, at least after the first 15 posts or so, is arguing about Metallica selling out & Megadeth not selling out. This post caught my attention, cause I'll tell you, I honestly liked the Cryptic Writings album. My question is this: is it wrong for a band to "sell out" if what comes out of it is halfway good?

Stop & think for a minute. Ex.: Pat Benatar. The CRIMES OF PASSION album & the song HIT ME W/YOUR BEST SHOT sounds nothing like her mid-80's work. Yet I've never heard anybody cry sell-out over INVINCIBLE or WE BELONG.

ex.: Robert Plant. W/the exception of a brief mid-late 80's period of solo stuff & the Page/Plant reunion from 94-98, most of Plants music has tried to get away from Zeppelin. the HONEYDRIPPERS, STRANGE SENSATION, the teaming w/Alison Krauss. Yet no one cries "Sell-out". Heck I like a lot of the Honeydrippers stuff.

There are probably more I could reference, but space is limited here. Just trying to figure out: Is it really selling out if the sell-out turns out to be good?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 04.14.09 @ 05:53am

Megadeth deserves to be in the hall for many reasons, but the most important thing is that they still rock, unlike Metallica, Megadeth`s music keeps the escence of the thrash, not to mention that is one of the big 4 of thrash bands and the best nowadays.

Metallica is gettin in just cuz they are famous, but honestly they sucked after the black album.

Megadeth should be in because they ROCK!

Posted by Carlos Casas on Tuesday, 04.14.09 @ 09:55am

Yes, Megadeth should get inducted! They've been underated for too long, it's time for them to finally shine brighter than before!

Posted by Eboni on Tuesday, 04.14.09 @ 10:26am

MEGADETH rulez!!! just because

Posted by monsellefson on Wednesday, 04.15.09 @ 22:14pm

"Is it really selling out if the sell-out turns out to be good?"

Yep, still selling out. I honestly think most bands get better after they sell out though, and I like sellout Megadeth and sellout Metallica.

Posted by MBI on Friday, 04.17.09 @ 12:19pm

"Is it really selling out if the sell-out turns out to be good?"

Yep, still selling out. I honestly think most bands get better after they sell out though, and I like sellout Megadeth and sellout Metallica.

Posted by MBI on Friday, 04.17.09 @ 12:19pm
Six to one, half a dozen to the other...

Cash-strapped band w/ideas gets no cash, ideas rot away - what good was it? The ideas are still out there, but only a select few have heard them (presumably live)

Cash-strapped band has ideas, gets big advance - now ideas can be brought to fruition. Fans scream sell-out, but are the ideas still not those from the beginning? How can cash invalidate ideas?

Cash-strapped band has precious little ideas, but gets big advance on generic sound - will the cash help band improve ideas? To what extent? Will the cash stop flowing if the rock stops being cookie-cutter?

I think the argument around "sell-out" has to be defined more closely.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 04.17.09 @ 19:45pm

Megadeth totally deserves to be in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. They've been one of the greatest metal bands for all this time and Dave Mustaine has kept the band together making brilliant music!

Posted by John on Wednesday, 04.22.09 @ 13:45pm

They are EXTREMElY overated. 6* out of 5*

Posted by Nic Cooling on Wednesday, 04.22.09 @ 15:47pm

Mustaine is a frikkin genius. there isnt one mention of musitain on the metallica rocklegend introduction.

hes inflenci@l BIG FUKIN TIME

Posted by chelbo stink sniffer on Thursday, 04.23.09 @ 18:24pm

Megadeth, should have been inducted before Metallica...

Posted by Jake on Tuesday, 04.28.09 @ 16:38pm

"And no, Metallica didn't "sell out" like all you ignorant people say they did. Just because it doesn't sound like Master of Puppets doesn't mean they sold out. Anyways, Megadeth definitely should be inducted. Mustaine is a musical genius."
Dude theres a whole guitar hero game based on them, and besides there new stuff is slow and feelingless and kirk hammet plays the exact same wah/penatonic based solo in every freaking metallica song. thats pretty much selling out to me

Posted by nick on Monday, 05.4.09 @ 19:43pm

Dave Mustaine is very talented guy. and his band deserve it!, he always wrote music that make sense, and kept all the drugs and sexuality, violence away from his lyrics. Please Give Megadeth a chance!

Posted by Amir Off on Friday, 05.8.09 @ 17:08pm

Megadeth is my favorite band and probably the best of the big four (jazz-thrash beats standard thrash, Metallica and Anthrax, and definitely beats hardcore punk influenced thrash, Slayer) but I voted "no" because I think Slayer will be inducted (their grammy wins are indicative of this) and Megadeth won't be.

Hell, Deep Purple and Motorhead aren't even in yet.

Posted by Motley on Saturday, 05.9.09 @ 20:48pm

Megadeth is the best thrash metal band ever. They never sold out unlike Metallica (Alternica???)...


Posted by El_Pistolero_Solitaire on Thursday, 05.28.09 @ 14:16pm

Megadeth maid a unmatched trash, nobody can dabate that...

Megadeth for Hall Of Fame in 2010 yeah...

Posted by Marty Friedman on Saturday, 05.30.09 @ 20:04pm

I'm fairly positive that Megadeth will get in
But Does that mean that the other 20+ ex-members will get inducted as well?

Posted by Ivan on Monday, 06.15.09 @ 20:41pm

I don't think Megadeth have any chance of induction, but they are one of the pioneers of thrash metal. Some of the classics of the genre were made my Dave Mustaine and company.

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 07.30.09 @ 21:52pm

Honestly, I'd prefer Megadeth over Metallica any day, but let's be honest; with Metallica already inducted, the only other band in the Big Four that is certain to get into the HoF is Slayer. Megadeth may have a chance to get in, but it will be a minute chance. Like I said on the Jonas Brothers page: "Why? Because the commercialized poster boys always get in." Metallica is the poster boy for heavy metal, and Megadeth is likely to be left behind because let's face it: compared to Metallica, Megadeth isn't going to leave behind a huge legacy. If Megadeth does get in, it's going to be a long while from now, after all look who's still waiting: Deep Purple, The Stooges, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Rush, Yes, etc etc. So, here's hoping Megadeth does indeed make it into the Hall someday.

Posted by Breaker on Friday, 09.11.09 @ 12:38pm

I love Megadeth. They aren't sellouts. Thats why they will never be inducted.

Posted by James on Friday, 10.2.09 @ 18:06pm

James...what exactly is considered a "sellout"??? What Metallica did with the "black album" wasn't a "sellout", so get over it!!! If "making money" isn't the top reason for even getting a recording contract, it has to be "1B"!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 10.2.09 @ 18:25pm

Gitarzan, from my experience a "sellout" is a term a certain individual who doesn't like a particular artist uses to insult the artist and seem like they have credibility at the same time. (They think calling an artist a "sellout" makes them sound more educated than if they would just say the artist "sucks"). The term itself is kind of similar to "corporate rock" (which is used in similar situations)

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 10.2.09 @ 19:37pm

The term "sellout" is merely thrown around by people who have no life and is rarely used correctly. I would say Metallica made some mistakes, but I wouldn't really say they sold out with The Black Album. Anyhow: When Megadeth are on few people can touch them, and Rust In Peace is an album every aspring metal guitarist should listen to (of course there's more to them than that.) They seem to be just as influential in the world of metal as Metallica and were a major force in thrash and speed, and just like Metallica managed to move into Top 40 whilst still keeping their balls attached (i.e. having pop smarts.) That's hard to do. Absolutely they should be inducted, but I doubt it'll happen.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 02.22.10 @ 18:12pm

I couldn't agree more Sam, Megadeth is a very powerful, influential band in the metal genre. Dave Mustaine is a brilliant and very talented guitarist and song writer (of course Gitarzan will say "He's so so") and should absolutely be in the Hall. We all know that's not going to happen though. Can't wait to see the 'Rust In Peace' 2oth Anniversary tour coming up.

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal RULES!


Posted by SpaceTrucker on Monday, 02.22.10 @ 18:54pm

"They deserve to be in there before Green Day, RHCP, or any other band!"

That is true, they are better than Green Day and RHCP, and are closer to being originals than both. If I hear the term "sell-out" thrown around one more time, I'm going to get on a plane to look for the person who said it. As Jason Newsted put it: "Yes, we sell-out. Every seat in the house."

Posted by Sam on Monday, 03.29.10 @ 19:46pm

those who stik 2 their roots take 4ever 2 b recognised like black sabbath BEST MUSIC INFLUENCE EVER , megadeth deserves recognition & may or may not get it , metallica sold out , that's y they got th boost , in any band , u choose social acceptance or self-respect , metallica chose social acceptance , megadeth chose self-respect , both deserve 2 b in th hall of fame , megadeth moreso , but the path dave chose will take more time MEGADETH KICKS A$$!

Posted by Kaycy on Tuesday, 03.30.10 @ 03:37am

"those who stik 2 their roots take 4ever 2 b recognised like black sabbath BEST MUSIC INFLUENCE EVER" Not necessarily. Queen and Zeppelin experimented, and critics still hated them.

"metallica sold out , that's y they got th boost" They were getting positive reviews before the Black Album, and they moved up to being a headlining act and packing arenas on the Damaged Justice Tour, three years BEFORE the Black Album.

"metallica chose social acceptance , megadeth chose self-respect" I take it you've never listened to "A Tout Le Monde" (great song), "Trust" (great song) or "Crush Em?" 'Deth got poppy in some spots, just like Metallica. In fact they made things a bit more simple and radio-friendly for Countdown to Extinction, after Metallica found success doing the same thing (the difference is Countdown is heavier than The Black Album.)

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 03.30.10 @ 17:39pm

Dear sam, Those three songs from megadeth WERE their poppy tunes. If you want TRUE thrash metal you need to listen to ANY tune from Rust in Peace. Even their recent stuff (Endgame/Abominations) is amazing and sums up the true skill and the metal Core that is Megadeth. Metallica certainly had this at one time and I respect that they are trying to go for it again but neither band is underrated, nor to be reckoned with!

Posted by This guy on Sunday, 04.4.10 @ 22:22pm

I happen to agree. Rust In Peace is fantastic, and any aspring metal guitarists should listen to it. I agree that Metallica and Megadeth are both great bands. Dave knows it, James and Lars know it. If they're not going to induct Priest Maiden or Motorhead, they should induct Megadeth.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 04.12.10 @ 17:14pm

Lol, this isn't asking about your opinions. So short answer; yes.
That is all.

Slayer of dethconomics
Anthrax in a jar mixed with adrenacrome
Megadeth of the unrighteous ordain
and the rest did their best but you gotta go home.

Posted by Jesse Spades on Thursday, 04.29.10 @ 18:11pm

Let me rewrite that. Short answer; yes.

-Slayer: Godfathers of death metal.
-Anthrax: Fused speed metal and hardcore punk, partially responsible for rap metal.
-Megadeth: Jazz tempos with speed metal, insane guitar playing.

I love Metallica, but they're already in (rightfully so), so no point in discussing them. I'll comment on the rest later.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 04.29.10 @ 20:19pm

"maybe they wouldnt be so underrated if they played music that thrashers would be into but could aso captivate the general public."

That's called selling out, kiddo. This is Megadeth you're talking about, not Metallica.

Posted by Phil on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 23:48pm

"Selling out" is a ridiculous term, old-timer, and the only people who use it in a musical context are either afraid of success or hate success. That kind of thing is why people think metal fans are idiots. Just in case your memory's going, let me remind you: Megadeth did somewhat move away from thrash and add more hooks to their music, on "Countdown to Extinction" and "Cryptic Writings". That's not to say there's anything wrong with that; in fact, quite the opposite. They'd paid their dues in the underground and had come up with brilliant material, so they deserved the right to earn more money and do whatever they wanted. Ditto for Metallica. In conclusion: Both bands deserve the accolades they've received, Megadeth should be inducted, and the real usage of "selling out" just means you're saying "the band did something different and I don't like it." Either like it or don't, but just don't be such a bunch of schoolgirls.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 07.14.10 @ 16:54pm








Posted by JOE on Friday, 08.20.10 @ 14:20pm




Have you done your research? That album made Metallica more succesful than almost anyone else throughout the 90's, I'll grant you that. But they had gotten MTV play and were selling out arenas on the Damaged Justice Tour. At that point they were still much bigger than Megadeth, ask anyone who was there.




That part is most certainly not true. I might add that when Metallica decided to go "meat and potatoes" for The Black Album Megadeth did the same thing with "Countdown to Extinction"; both great albums.

I am a Megadeth fan and think they should be inducted, but stupid overbearing fanboys like you only hurt their chances.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 08.22.10 @ 14:58pm

Its funny how the fan approval is about 85% that they will make it and theres about a 9% chance they will according 2 the website. i say yes anyway

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 08.22.10 @ 17:35pm

I think there should be two polls: One to vote on whether an act will be inducted or not, and another to vote on whether they SHOULD be inducted or not. I'd say a 9% chance is about right given the Hall's attitude towards metal, and the percentage is probably only that high because they did have some pop crossover success.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 08.25.10 @ 16:46pm

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Posted by Serial on Friday, 09.24.10 @ 08:06am

Megadeth deserve it more than metallica

Posted by gran turismo on Thursday, 10.14.10 @ 18:18pm

It would be a big mistake if they don't get in. DM is a lyrical genius and a master riffer.

Many newer bands of today list megadeth as a influence in their musical direction.

Dave & megadeth are very deserving of being invited and should be.

Dave has made his mistakes and has repented for his sins against man and god. Do the right thing and vote them in please.

Posted by Guitardeth on Thursday, 10.14.10 @ 20:22pm

Cheers to Guitardeth. As expected they weren't even considered this time around, so that big mistake is already happening.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 10.15.10 @ 09:39am

Megadeth Rules!! they're the best thrash metal band today and they really should be inducted to the Hall of Fame 2011

Posted by Dan M on Friday, 10.15.10 @ 21:44pm

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Posted by Crack Paris on Thursday, 10.28.10 @ 07:41am

Megadeth probably will be inducted, but the requirement is that you have to have 25 years between the induction and your first album. Megadeth has been eligible for a very brief period, it should happen soon

Posted by yunus on Wednesday, 11.24.10 @ 02:32am

They should be in. No doubt in my mind. In my mind, Dave Mustaine is a really under rated guitar player and singer by a lot of people. Megadeth went through line up changes but so did metallica and they are in (I used metallica because i know people always compare the two). Anyway, megadeth should be put in. Listen to albums like Peace Sells, So far, So good... So What, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction, Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings, and even their most recent album endgame. They are all music genious in my opinion and I would hate to see it put aside by the rock and roll hall of fame.

Posted by Ryan on Saturday, 11.27.10 @ 02:07am

They are probably significant enough to be inducted with the current criterion for induction, but the procedure--the bottleneck of only five inductions per year, with so many worthies becoming newly eligible each year--the odds are anything but good.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 02.6.11 @ 22:00pm








Posted by JOE on Friday, 02.18.11 @ 13:45pm

Que viva megadeth yeahhhhhhh megadeth meagdeth te queremos aya dentro mustaine yeahhhh unanse en nuestro grupo de facebook UnidosxMustaine!/pages/UnidosxMustaine/156444391076484

Posted by Alejandro on Monday, 02.21.11 @ 22:40pm

Boring band, They will never get in.

Posted by DarinRG on Monday, 02.21.11 @ 23:28pm

I actually agree with that one.

Posted by DarinRG on Monday, 02.21.11 @ 23:39pm

Influential Thrash Metal band, should get in soon if the hall wishes to recognize the genre more.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 06.25.11 @ 17:03pm

Megadeth is so awsome and I think there the best heavy metal band.

Posted by Aaron on Sunday, 08.28.11 @ 09:44am

Join this group to petition metal in the Rock Hall of Fame!

Posted by Kyle on Tuesday, 11.22.11 @ 17:46pm

Best thrash band ever created. Metallica shouldnt have been put in the Hof for taking daves lyrics. Megadeth is faster harder and gives u a stiffer neck in the morning

Posted by bigman on Wednesday, 01.4.12 @ 19:20pm

Metallica sucks. Try to listen to some real decent metal like Testament, Overkill, Opeth, Blind Guardian, Death and especially the best band of them all - MEGADETH.

Posted by Lore on Sunday, 01.8.12 @ 05:09am

Megadeth is too good to go in the HOF. Btw Metallica sucks.

Posted by Wave on Thursday, 01.12.12 @ 17:11pm

Metallica are overrated garbage

Posted by Drive on Tuesday, 01.17.12 @ 05:50am

Metallica doesn't suck! They have been one of the most influential bands in metal history.

Now, on to a more important topic....the induction of Megadeth to the R&R Hall of Fame. This should be an absolute MUST! While Metallica was definitely more mainstream, Megadeth certainly has had an outstanding career, created many a great albums, and overcame the adversity of being in Metallica's shadow for so many years. You cannot deny Megadeth's music, longevity, and influence in the heavy metal scene and on today's music in general. For those reasons, Megadeth should be inducted. Especially considering 1/4 of the current inductees either have nothing to do with rock & roll, have had MINIMAL influence or are groups/individuals that most people have NEVER EVEN HEARD OF!!!

I think we need some new and/or additional members on the nominating committee to help broaden their horizon a bit. I mean, looking at the artists that will be eligible over the next few years, there are definitely a couple great ones that should be inducted. However, Megadeth is head and shoulders above 90-95% of those that could potentially be inducted in the next 5 years!

Thank you.

Posted by Pat on Sunday, 04.1.12 @ 11:49am

if megadeth will evebe inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame who will be the inductees?

Posted by L.A on Friday, 04.20.12 @ 15:49pm

Megadeth deserves to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.that's all!!and i hope if it will happen Chris Poland and the late Gar Samuelson will be inducted too..

Posted by stoop on Thursday, 11.29.12 @ 17:25pm

What if I told you that you can be a fan of Megadeth as well as Metallica, loving both of their legacies? I do... however, Megadeth is my band (as a fan) :)! Just wanted to get that bit out of the way.

Megadeth will be inducted someday, I just hope it's not like 50 years from now and done posthumously. They absolutely deserve to be in the HOF, no question about it. MD have had a great and direct impact on the music community with respect to hard rock, metal etc.

Although, I have to say that Axl got me thinking about the HOF this year... WTF is it? I mean is it someone or something saying that "you are"? Some lone editors back in the 80's create something and call it the HOF, but on what authority? The community of fans have no say in the process for which an artist/band is nominated or inducted. A lot of "truly greats" are in the HOF, accept inductions, and this gives some credence or authenticity to it [HOF]. With that said, I'm always excited to know who is nominated and accepted, and I look forward to Megadeth's day in the HOF. Their spot is there, 100%, I guarantee you. Although, patience is not much of a virtue for me in this case... INDUCT 'EM. It will help make the HOF "current". Anway, I could go on and on.

Posted by Ronnie on Sunday, 12.23.12 @ 10:03am

Megadeth is one of the main influence on Thrash Metal, I guess Dave's too good to be in the hall of fame.

Posted by Someone on Wednesday, 01.16.13 @ 04:52am

They won't be inducted, coz they don't rock'n'roll, they metal up yer ass.
And, this RARHOF, is run by a bunch of pussy.

So, dear Megadeth, leave dis hall and fame thing, coz, Dave and his boys don't do music for others or fame, they do it us (fans) and themselves, and that is the greatest fame i believe (fans luv/support).

To the true Thrasher...]V[EGADE]-[...

Posted by Wolf on Saturday, 04.13.13 @ 11:19am

Megadeth has about a 70% chance of making the RRHOF. Metallica's RRHOF induction should open the door to Megadeth & other thrash metal acts.

Mustaine's early years with Metallica should be beneficial as many metal fans & rock voters know the history.

I saw earlier post about Mustaine as a musical genius.Agree on Mustaine's greatness & musical prowess. He's a real talent.

The songs that I enjoy:Peace Sells,Anarchy,Hangar 18,Devil's Island & my personal FAV.Symphony of Destruction.

As the bands get inducted,Megadeth will rise to the top of the list of candidates. These guys played music loud & proud without selling their souls. Kudos Megadeth!!! KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 01.28.14 @ 21:35pm

They talk about musical excellence as a criteria then Megadeth has to be inducted. Influenced many metal bands who arrived later. Say Mustaine had a voice like Bono or Natalie Merchant. Megadeth would be definitely be elected. Peace Sells...was an excellent album. I like Symphony of Destruction too. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 05.17.15 @ 21:34pm

RIP Nick Menza. Reportedly died on stage while performing.


Posted by dmg on Sunday, 05.22.16 @ 10:40am

Should the band be inducted in the future, I expect only these members to be enshrined:

1. Dave Mustaine - vocals, guitars
2. Dave Ellefson - bass
3. Marty Friedman - guitars
4. Nick Menza - drums
5. Chris Poland - guitars
6. Gar Samuelson - drums

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, 03.16.17 @ 02:14am

Though never as consistent or as popular as Metallica, Megadeth still made some of the greatest albums of all time (especially "Rust in Peace"). They deserve the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, without a doubt!

Posted by Luke Madigan on Monday, 05.8.17 @ 14:19pm

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