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Will Marc Bolan be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Without Bolan/T. Rex there would be no glam rock. There would be no Ziggy Stardust. Bolan is responsible for an entire genre not to mention was a major influence on the late 70's punk scene including taking many of the UK bands under his wing before his tragic death. While his music has often gone overlooked whenever I tell someone to go check his music out especially if they like Bowie, Reed or the Dolls they fall completly in love with his work. One of the most underrated artists ever and it's sad that his life was cut short, especially when his career was just begining to get hot again.

Posted by Jason on Saturday, 07.14.07 @ 18:02pm

he's in with T Rex, so it doe....oh wait he ISN'T in with T Rex!!!!

Posted by liam on Thursday, 10.25.07 @ 13:18pm

How is Marc Bolan overlooked when his music is used 30 years later in movie soundtracks such as Billy Elliott, Jarhead, Death Proof and many more.His influence over the past 30 years since his death is extraordinary and it holds up still today as rock classics. Both Electric Warrior and The Slider are top 100 Rock albums of all time yet John Mellencamp a poor imitation of Springsteen is inducted this year? Dave Clark Five get inducted yet you cannot buy their Cds ? Bolans inlfuence will continue with or without this recognition, what a shame it isn't officially recognised.

Posted by HOTROCKS on Saturday, 03.1.08 @ 03:52am

If you feel passionate about this subject, please add your signature to my petition at:


Posted by Jeremy Shatan on Tuesday, 06.10.08 @ 11:29am


Posted by Delf and Kaz x on Monday, 07.7.08 @ 04:49am


Posted by mark sheehan on Monday, 07.7.08 @ 10:20am

its crazy, that we need to sign these things, for an artist such as marc bolan, he was marc bolan, there will never be anther, with his talent, he put poetry to rock, he put excitment, and energy into his guitar playing, this is an injustice, that the music industire does not reconise, this was not just a glam star, he was rock, he was poetry, from sunken rags to ballrooms of mars these words are magical, his spirit and attitude, can not be missed, he is an icon that the music industrie ignore, they choose not to find his songs of poetry, or listen to the purfumed garden of gulliver smith, the hall of fame it should be

Posted by irene on Saturday, 11.1.08 @ 05:04am

in his short life, he amassed a stunning legacy of great songs. he is the godfather of glam rock. david bowie pretty much owes his career to marc bolan. no one deserves to be in the RRHF more than marc bolan.

Posted by eydie on Tuesday, 11.25.08 @ 06:41am

Induct Marc Bolan both as a solo artist and with T. Rex

Posted by Firebrick on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 14:18pm

Marc Bolan is respected by those who know their music. Bolan was able to transfer from Mod to Hippy to Glam king, Soul/funk/disco and champion punk (with an eye on self promo of course!). In the Uk we should celebrate our heroes and there is none so deserving and influential as Marc Bolan. Just because he isn't as straight and easy to package as other artists and because he had a big mouth and didn't hit the no1 spot after some time shouldn't detract from what he did achieve. Peel saw talent, Visconti, Bowie, Starr and Elton. they are accepted as the real deal and rated Marc so why not an well deserved induction for Bolan,please!

Posted by GGray on Tuesday, 01.13.09 @ 15:06pm

We all know Bolan deserves his moment, but the star chasers who run the show prefer Bowie. If they could redo the early 70's they'd leave T-Rex as a folk outfit so Bowie could get all the glory. Not a knock on Bowie in anyway, but Bolan brought something different to the table as well.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 01.13.09 @ 15:19pm

his music should have more airplay because he was different than any other has brits,we should be proud of him and more on is death aniversary like elvis.

Posted by peter sharman on Thursday, 01.15.09 @ 09:45am

No for his solo work. He deseves to get in with T. Rex.

Posted by Dude Man on Monday, 07.27.09 @ 14:12pm

I'm starting The Real ROCK and Roll Hall of Fame and T. Rex will be in it along with Deep Purple, ELP, King Crimson, Yes, Rush, Moody Blues, ELO, Ted Nugent, SRV, Rory Gallagher etc ...

Sorry Madonna and Abba fans, they don't get in, but but they get to stay in the current Rock and Roll Hall of LAME.

Posted by Francesco Di Pacelli on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 07:39am

Trying to make a dent with the Hall of Fame. Please sign the petition at:

Rock on!

Posted by Jeremy Shatan on Saturday, 09.18.10 @ 05:22am

After reading all of your posts,Im sobbing. I know there's a huge Bolan fandom in the U.K. but relatively small here in the states,which I will NEvER understand. I cannot fathom why Marc has never been inducted. I can think of no more deserving artist. He changed the face of music. Eydie mentioned that Bowie pretty much owes his career to Marc and I was so happy to read that because Ive been saying that for years. I remember being 6 or 7 hearing the opening riff to "Bang a Gong" and getting a giddy,butterfly feeling in my stomach and here it is 35 years later and I STILL get that same feeling. How can the RRHF ignore the power in that??

Posted by Joan on Sunday, 05.20.12 @ 01:59am

without Marc Bolan the Hall ia a Hall of Shame instead a Hall of Fame...

Posted by Wolfgang on Wednesday, 10.3.12 @ 17:23pm

Its a Disgrace that Marc and T.Rex have not been inducted into the hall of fame. Marc Bolan is a legend, and was so ahead of his time that he was a musical genius, a fantastic poet, and a complete entertainer. Marc will be remembered long after the hall of fame is forgotten. R.I.P Marc you live on in your loyal fans.

Posted by Gary Miskin on Saturday, 11.12.16 @ 13:31pm

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