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Will Lou Gramm be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Yes, I believe so. Lou Gramm has proven himself as a major influence on - - and has won the respect of - - many of his peers since taking the stage with Foreigner in 1977. He has also garnered the interest of many up-and-coming vocalists of this generation who aspire to sing in the style of his own unique, powerhouse tradition. To illustrate, just google "Lou Gramm", and you will find that more musicians cite him as a direct influence on their music and style, more than could probably be read in a straight week. Despite the physical hardships he has had to overcome over the past ten years or so, Lou Gramm continues to demonstrate that he remains an immensely powerful vocalist who has not only stood the test of adversity, but that of time as well. I do hope the RRHOF seriously considers inducting Mr. Gramm, as there will never be another voice like his.

Posted by Zoe F. on Monday, 05.12.08 @ 08:02am

Lou Gramm should absolutely be inducted, and not a moment past his eligibility date. His range, pitch and clarity were phenomenal and distinctive ~ when you came across Lou on the radio, you knew you were listening to Foreigner. Along with Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung, Lou Gramm's voice is unmistakeable. I wholeheartedly encourage and look forward to his induction! :-)

Posted by Lisa G. on Monday, 09.8.08 @ 14:46pm

Lisa G...as with the other artists you mentioned, don't hold your breath on Gramm getting in. Foreigner would have to get inducted first, and although they were a pretty good band and had some hits, I don't think they ever will.

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 09.8.08 @ 19:12pm

Lou gramm should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.He's a great singer and in my opinion he made the band Foreigner. Today, it's like Foreigner is a group of imposters.Please,remane the group the New Foreigners.

Posted by Pam W on Tuesday, 01.13.09 @ 21:02pm

Sure okay Pam, I enjoyed him on Mary Tyler Moore show too. (joke) Why doesn't he unite with Steve Perry ... call them Ex-Foreigner/Journey, the duo.

Posted by Worm on Tuesday, 01.13.09 @ 21:10pm

In my opinion he should have been inducted long ago. Lou Gramm is a singer's singer. He has a vocal tone, "punch" and range few can top. "Heaven on our side" is a song that displays his vocal prowess.

Posted by BOB on Wednesday, 01.28.09 @ 15:44pm

Gitarzanm, you are smoking crack! Lou Gramm will get in there as well as Steve Perry, Jimi Jameson, Dennis DeYoung etc etc

Posted by Jim on Saturday, 11.21.09 @ 19:46pm

"He has also garnered the interest of many up-and-coming vocalists of this generation who aspire to sing in the style of his own unique, powerhouse tradition. To illustrate, just google "Lou Gramm", and you will find that more musicians cite him as a direct influence on their music and style, more than could probably be read in a straight week." I did google his name, and couldn't find anything about his influence. If he is inducted it will only be (and rightfully so) after Foreigner, and that's probably not happening.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 03.22.10 @ 18:31pm

I think he absolutely should be inducted. Foreigner would not be what they were without him. Like it or not Mick Jones just isn't that talented and only a strong voice could have made their music come alive. Lou Gramm is the reason I began singing. I listened to him more than any other singer and it was his range that made me want to explore what my voice could do. As a woman my range still cannot compete with his and his general inflection and clarity of sound is beyond talent. It is an artform. I speak as a singer and a fan.

Posted by Gina on Monday, 08.23.10 @ 13:03pm

One of the greatest singers ever..Lou and Foreinger had given me so mutch pleasure and so many listening hours..He has a voice like no other.I think he absolutely should be inducted.

Posted by PJ-Sound on Saturday, 09.11.10 @ 14:05pm

I think you'll find that's not relevant. Even Foreigner themselves have no chance.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 09.15.10 @ 15:01pm

Lou Gramm is an amazing singer who in my opinion made the band Foreigner. without him that band is not the same. any Foreigner CD's I buy have to be with him as lead.
he should be inducted, and I look forward to it :)

Posted by Kim on Saturday, 09.18.10 @ 22:16pm

Foreigner would have to get in first (that's really the only chance he is), and you'll be waiting decades for that to happen.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 10.13.10 @ 15:58pm

The only chance he "has". Can't believe I made a mistake like that and didn't notice.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 11.27.10 @ 06:52am

No question that Lou Gramm is one of the greatest singers ever with a very distinct style all his
He should have been inducted a 'long long time
ago. His powerful clear voice and range and
spirit and intensity/sincerity put him at the
pinnacle! Must be political because otherwise his
not getting inducted totally defies logic
in this ardent fan (for over thirty years) honest opinion.

Posted by Maria on Wednesday, 03.16.11 @ 03:17am

He's not eligible yet. Well, he is with Foreigner, and if he gets in at all it'll be with them, though they won't as their case is rather weak. I don't know why he even has a page of his own.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 03.23.11 @ 06:01am

Foreigner hit the airwaves around 76,77 with great songs
what stood out to me immediately was the lead singer, Lou Gramm. During that period, Plant and Rodgers were probably the best. Gramm had a powerful voice with great range. For my money, he had the best voice in rock going into the 80's. But I could tell that the band was getting away from the straight ahead rock formula and relying more on keyboards. For me, during that era, Foreigners first 3 records are

Posted by Eddie Dobz on Thursday, 09.29.11 @ 23:37pm

Lou Gramm was the first singer to really grab my attention like Blackmore on guitar. He had a power packed voice that had soul and blues elements. Listen to tracks like At war with the world and Rev on the red line, he is amazing. The problem with respect for the Hall of Fame is the direction teatewehe band took after Head Games. They started relying on keyboards instead of guitars. Although Gramm, with his gr

Posted by Eddie Dobz on Wednesday, 10.19.11 @ 23:47pm


It's interesting you mentioned Lou Gramm and Ritchie Blackmore in the same paragraph. The first time I heard Rainbow's "Street of Dreams" from their final studio album, "Bent Out of Shape" I thought it was Foreigner. I don't know whether Joe Lynn Turner was consciously or subconsciously imitating Lou Gramm.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 10.21.11 @ 19:15pm

I liked Rainbow and Joe Lynn Turner very much. He was a great singer but he didnt have Gramm's power or range. I could tell that they started moving to a more pop direction after Head Games. If you look at the singers of that era, Gramm had the most complete voice. Perry could hit the high notes, Rodgers had the bluesey style, Waite had a great style with The aBabys. Foreigner had great songs and I could listen to the records front to back.

Posted by Eddie Dobz on Friday, 10.28.11 @ 22:59pm

The group FOREIGNER should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, due to the "quality" of music it has provided since the 70's. Mick Jones was most likely a musical genius with what he done to forming the group.
The music; There isn't music like this even today!. And with a voice like Lou Gramm, and there isn't anyone like him anywhere. I am 56yrs old and have been listening to him since I was in my 20's.

Posted by roger smart on Sunday, 01.8.12 @ 08:02am

Lou Gramm is one of the most powerful singers that the music world will ever know... Just like some of the other comments, there will NEVER be another like him. He is one of those singers that puts so much raw and heartfelt emotion in his songs. I certainly hope that Mr. Gramm gets inducted into the RRHOF based on his own merits and contributions-

Posted by Margo Crotsley on Saturday, 01.14.12 @ 08:06am

Lou DEFINATELY belongs in the Rock Hall!! Check out my online petition at www.change.org. Type in "foreigner" and sign, PLEASE!!

Posted by Holly on Tuesday, 08.7.12 @ 15:10pm

Deserves induction as member of Foreigner. At that time there where many great singers with Plant, Daltry, and Rodgers. Along with Plant, Lou Gramm possessed the greatest power and range. Some singers can hit the high notes like Perry, Mercury and the guy from Boston. Some deliver a straight ahead rock style like Daltry and others. Gramm combined a powerful delivery with the ability to hit the high notes. On the strength of the 1st 4 Albums, should be in.

Posted by warrior on Sunday, 08.19.12 @ 21:28pm

Just Between You and Me * Midnight Blue

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 09.2.12 @ 21:50pm

Mick Jones and Lou Gramm are nominated for the 2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 10.13.12 @ 20:55pm

Lou Gramm is simply the best rock singer of all time. He could absolutely do it all and with great facility. He is truly one of a kind and absolutely belongs in the Hall. I have never heard anyone who could perform with such consistent power/fire/soul yet with a voice as clear as a bell complete with so much subtle nuance as well and as always sings with superb taste.
The current edition of "Foreigner" without Lou is a joke at best and at worst something of a travesty.


Posted by Thomas on Sunday, 10.14.12 @ 23:14pm

2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee!

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 02.24.13 @ 22:29pm

Absolutely loved this group while in the music industry. The power of Lou Gramm's voice carried the tunes of Foreigner and made them what they were. He, and the group, should be inducted without delay as it is way overdue. Talent is Talent and that can not be denied. Lou you are one of the "Best" ever !

Posted by Don Aselin on Friday, 12.23.16 @ 11:43am

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