Lightnin' Hopkins

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1984 (The 1985 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2024 (ranked #19 in the Influences - Rock Era category) .

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Will Lightnin' Hopkins be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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OMG 4 vote and I am the first to post.. If you ever talk Texas Blues than this is one of the Tall Texans. SRV pays nothing but true homage to this REAL BLUES GUY..He used his licks enough to skin a cat.. If you know anything about SRV or the blues..Then you knows If it Texas blues it is Lightnin' Hopkins...

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 20:49pm

"OMG 4 vote and I am the first to post.."

Could be because the page for him was added relatively recently, like a week ago

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 06.26.10 @ 03:33am

Could be because the page for him was added relatively recently, like a week ago

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 06.26.10 @ 03:33am

This page has been around for a long time LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 06.26.10 @ 10:59am

Well some may argue a week is a long time.

But seriously, I could have sworn this page was added relatively recently but I'll take your word for it

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 06.26.10 @ 11:48am

Wow it is up to 7 votes LOL

Posted by mrxyzomg on Thursday, 07.1.10 @ 22:59pm

Make that 8. And it was a "Yes".

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 07.1.10 @ 23:19pm

So Lightnin' Hopkins gets 8 votes and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers get 8500. Makes you wonder

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 07.2.10 @ 03:28am

I just can't understand why such great musicians like lighting is not in RRHF? They have the real feel you can't be schooled in it!

Posted by Happy on Tuesday, 02.21.12 @ 13:28pm

Why is Lightnin' Hopkins listed as being eligible in 1984? He had been performing long before 1959 and had first began recording for Aladdin in 1946. Even though his earliest recordings were only regionally released, Hopkins was active long before his first album was released in 1959.

He definitely needs to get inducted, considering the massive influence he's had on the blues scene. Too bad that he had to downgrade himself by performing with those purveyors of whiny, sissified folk, Pete Seeger and Joan Baez at Carnegie Hall. Hey, even geniuses make an occasional mistake now and then (e.g., Ray Charles doing duets with James Taylor and Johnny Mathis on his Genius Loves Company album).

Posted by Zach on Monday, 09.17.12 @ 17:15pm

In terms of influence and originality he should already be in. Oversight.

Posted by ddb on Monday, 05.20.13 @ 12:21pm

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