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Eligible since: 1984 (The 1985 Induction Ceremony)

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East Bound and Down (1977)

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Will Jerry Reed be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Country and Novelty.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 02.25.15 @ 22:08pm

Guitar man
Amos Moses - rock country funk and Cajun fusion
When You're Hot You're Hot
She Got The Goldmine I Got The Shaft
A Thing Called Love

Chet Atkins and Les Claypool have called Jerry Reed a great guitar player.

Les Claypool said Amos Moses is one of the first records he ever bought.

Due to Reed's unique style of tuning and guitar playing The guitar players Elvis was using on his cover of Guitar Man could not recapture the sound of the original as Elvis wanted. Jerry Reed played on the cover and also several other Elvis recordings.

Jerry Reed played on Ringo Starr's recording of Nashville Jam

Jerry Reed has also been involved in 11 movies.

Some of the artists that have covered Jerry Reed's songs:

Brenda Lee - Ronnie Milsap - Merle Haggard - Elvis Presley Chet Atkins - Johnny Cash - Dolly Parton - Willie Nelson - Bobby Bare - Righteous Brothers - Hank Williams Jr - Glen Campbell - Oak Ridge Boys - Dean Martin - The Imperials - Homer & Jethro - Joan Baez - Al Hirt - Frankie Laine - Jimmy Dean - Tom Jones - Tanya Tucker - Duane Eddy - Lynn Anderson - Conway Twitty - Ray Price - Primus - Jesus and Mary Chain

Posted by Zuzu on Thursday, 02.26.15 @ 08:58am

Some interesting tidbits on 10 of Rolling Stones Top 100 Guitarist concerning Jerry Reed

#77 - Willie Nelson - Jerry Reed played guitar on several of Willie's records

#21 - Chet Atkins - mentored Jerry Reed and performed and recorded several songs and albums together
declared Jerry Reed a Certified Guitar Player - only 4 people were given this title

#19 - James Burton - wasn't able to nail Elvis' cover of Reeds Guitar Man - so they got Jerry Reed to play it

#64 - Duane Eddy - covered Guitar Man

#3 - Jimmy Page - there had been a rumor going around that Page had been trying to get album recorded with Reed that didn't work out

#5 - Jeff Beck - named one of his albums Crazy Legs after a Jerry Reed song

#44 - Mark Knopfler - colaberated with Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed

Acknowledged Jerry Reeds contributions to guitar playing

#6 - B B King
#2 - Eric Clapton
#18 - Les Paul

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 09.15.15 @ 12:18pm

Jerry Reed needs to get into the Country Music Hall of Fame before we worry about the Rock Hall.

Imo, one of the biggest snubs for the Country Hall.

Posted by Gassman on Tuesday, 09.15.15 @ 14:43pm

Elvis recorded 4 songs written by Jerry Reed (the most songs Elvis recorded, written by any songwriter

Jerry Reed also played guitar on several of Elvis' recordings

Elvis was inducted into the R&R hall in 1986 and the Country hall in 1998.

Posted by Zuzu on Monday, 09.21.15 @ 10:55am

Jerry Reed is one of this year's Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees.

So Gassman are you ready now to start considering him for the Rock hall?

Posted by Zuzu on Thursday, 04.6.17 @ 17:30pm

There's a really good argument for him. I think, trying to be realistic, if he is inducted, it'll be AME. Just as long as it isn't another horrible misuse of the EI category.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 04.7.17 @ 00:53am


I think it is possible that he could get in as a performer. His innovative guitar playing is well respected by artist from several genres. Guitar Man is rock and roll and Amos Moses is rock so EI would be a joke. The only country artist I can think of off the top of my head that is legitimately EI is The Carter Family and it is a joke that they aren't in the hall already considering their huge influence.

Posted by Zuzu on Saturday, 04.8.17 @ 20:21pm


Ideally, yeah, it would be as Performer. EI would be the worst travesty to befall that category... utterly ridiculous. Sadly, I think his chances are best as AME. Between the powers'-that-be conscious decision to keep classes unreasonably small and the bias against country already in place, a Performer induction would be a miracle. If they won't do a seventh Performer inductee for the sake of their dear friend and compatriot, they're unlikely to broaden their horizons to accommodate the country side of rock'n'roll.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 04.8.17 @ 21:14pm


The problems lie in the selection committee. They have a hard time seeing beyond East and West Coasts, Brittan and R & B. Too many on the committee are promoting their own self-interests.

The hall needs to be put back in balance. The problems started with induction of 60's artist. Having more inductees per year is only part of the solution. There needs to be a moratorium on British artist for 3 to 5 years. At least limit it to only 1 British nominee per year. Eligible voting artist need to be able to choose a few of the nominating committee seats each year. There needs to be a rule that an artist can not be nominated more than 3x's in a 10 year period.

I have also given some thought to the possibility of expanding the number of nominees to 1 for each eligible year in a decade. So 50's would have 5 and the 90's would have 4 or is it 3 for next year and 60's, 70's and 80's would each have 10.

Last - a guarantee of at least 5 years of voting privileges. The closest living relative would vote for 5 years for a deceased nominee or the remainder of 5 years for a nominee that dies in the first 5 years.

Getting back to country - There might be more acceptance considering that non-country artist are performing at the CMA's

Posted by Zuzu on Sunday, 04.9.17 @ 14:09pm


That's certainly a thorough suggestion. The induction of Bert Berns and simultaneous absence of Jerry Ragovoy is a bit of a smoking gun, imo, when it comes to the Hall promoting their own interests.

I'm not sure what you think a moratorium on British artists would accomplish. There's certainly a sizeable number on the ballot each year, but a moratorium only streamlines the process for American classic/arena rock. It also kind of cuts off the attempt to recognize the alternative scene during the '80s. Not fully, but a bit. Maybe it's just me, but under the scenario you suggest, I see Malo getting inducted before the Marvelettes, because they'll still load the ballot with classic rock MemberBerries, and that's who will be voted for.

Then again, I'm not a fan of anything that manifestly or latently gravitates toward something resembling a quota system.

The 3x cap is something I wouldn't recommend either. I do understand your logic though: you're trying to tell the NomComm "Your pet project isn't getting in. Suck it up and move along!" But momentum is a precious thing too. I believe it took... four tries to get Donna Summer in. And those happened in a five cycle period. Overall, I'll just say too many worthy inductees have needed 5 or more nominations to get in for me to be on board with that idea.

I could be persuaded towards that minimum 5 years of voting privileges guarantee though. That has possibilities.

If nothing else, though, I will say I respect the amount of thought you've clearly put into this.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 04.9.17 @ 18:24pm

Oh, as for country... maybe, but if there isn't much overlap between the Hall and some of the other awards honchos, it may not be the best indicator either. But I don't know how much overlap there is between them either.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 04.9.17 @ 18:27pm

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