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Listen Like Thieves (1985)
Kick (1987)

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The One Thing (1982)
What You Need (1985)
Need You Tonight (1987)
New Sensation (1987)
Devil Inside (1987)
Suicide Blonde (1990)

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Will INXS be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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These guys are the best band ever !!!

Posted by susan on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 10:23am

With Micheal Hutchene or with JD Fortune, INXS is pure musical sex and the best live band of all time!

Posted by RockEsq on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 14:33pm

INXS just rocks, always did, always will!!!!

Posted by Joline on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 14:33pm

I think time INXS is put into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Best Band Ever

Posted by Renaye on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 15:05pm

INXS is the best live band ever!! Their energy and ability to move you is undeniable! They have influenced a lot of current pop and dance artists. Not to mention their innovations in the making of videos. It is definitely time they be put into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!

Posted by Steph on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 16:05pm

They are classy, talented, devoted rockstars, one of the best rock bands of all time! And why not have them inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I'd say it's about time don't you?

Posted by toronto__chick on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 16:18pm

INXS are the best rock band ever!! with beloved Michael or with JD Fortune. They are both gods of Rock!! shear ecstasy to watch on stage!!
They deserve to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame without a doubt!!!!

Posted by jan4inxs on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 20:06pm

INXS is first and foremost, the best band ever. Their boundless energy, awesome talent and creativity, undeniable spirit, and unsurpassed longevity is truly amazing. Their distinctive and irrisitable sound has influenced countless bands and musicians, past and present.
They are legends and deserve to be recognized as such.

Posted by winterbrr on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 21:16pm

The best band in the world & the best live act ever!!
Simple INXS should have been in ages ago!

Posted by Farriss6 on Wednesday, 01.10.07 @ 00:48am

INXS is the best live band ever! Their sound is, and has always been, so distinct! Alot of people, both young and old, may not know their names, but when they hear their music on the radio, most will know already know the song(s). To me, their music is very danceable and uplifting; my daughter knows she only has to play an INXS song and my bad mood disappears instantly! They really deserve to be inducted in to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame!

Posted by POKE SMOT on Wednesday, 01.10.07 @ 10:30am

I've seen INXS in concert twice, and they are an amazingly talented and energetic band. I can't even think of the 80's music scene without thinking of INXS. Now that they have their new lead singer J.D. Fortune, they're back in top form again. They should definitely be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame.

Posted by ajskater388 on Monday, 01.15.07 @ 15:53pm

INXS is one of the greatest bands of all time wether it is fronted by J.D Fortune or Micheal Hutchence and i think u should feature both these singers in the rock and roll hall of fame
they truly deserve it

Posted by Rahul on Thursday, 02.1.07 @ 05:00am

I think most of these posts were written by the same person.

Posted by Dezmond on Tuesday, 02.13.07 @ 16:18pm

Icon Aussie band who did the hard yards on the Australian pub scene before becoming a huge international success. A must for the hall of fame.

Posted by Brett on Thursday, 02.15.07 @ 01:08am

With the band's 30th anniversary this year they have stood the test of time. They have influenced a whole new generation of bands like the Killers and their song writing and live performances are unforgettable. They have always been ahead of their time and whether Michael or JD are performing their shows are amazing. Their influence should have been acknowledged when they were first eligible, but this year would be fitting. Their songs are infectious and the guys are all great role models and people. Let 2007 be the year they get inducted!

Posted by Daysie on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 22:50pm

INXS definitely deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Their musical contributions to the world are invaluable and far surpass those of many bands already in the Hall of Fame. INXS is a tight band of 'brothers', with Tim Farriss, Andrew Farriss, Jon Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Garry Beers, and two charismatic lead singers, the late beloved Michael Hutchence and now JD Fortune.

Posted by Wendy C on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 07:37am

INXS is by far the best live band I have ever seen and I've seen many!! They definitely should be inducted into the RnR Hall of Fame!!

Posted by Val on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 15:31pm

INXS deserves to be in the rOCK aND rOLL hALL oF fAME!

Posted by Kelly on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 10:10am

yea they should be in, but the reality show might hurt them a little in my opinion

Posted by Hummer on Wednesday, 04.11.07 @ 16:18pm

I absolutely love this band. If the R+R HOF was in Australia, these guys would have a bronze statue resting in front of the entrance. But alas, as an American institute, I don't see the Hall recognizing them as more than 80's "Notables but second tier" for a good decade. I think that is wrong, but reality.

Posted by shawn on Saturday, 05.5.07 @ 10:46am

No way....I know the lead singer was "hot" and they had a bunch of "hits", but please - where is the influence and innovation?

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 08.13.07 @ 05:36am

Hmm, this one is a tough one for me. I lean towards "yes", but there are some good arguments against. Or rather, the arguments for induction are probably borderline. This is tough because I personally really dig INXS (the Hutchense years, obviously), and I think they did create some of the best pop rock of the 80's. And they were more than a singles band, they released several very solid records (The Swing, Listen Like Thieves, Kick, X...all are very good). I don't know if I can point to any obvious innovation on their part, but they did take a style and do it about as well as it can be done. That counts for something. And, Anonymous, Hutchense was more than just "hot". He was a fantastic and magnetic frontman with a great vocal range. You could probably find some similar bands that were influenced by them. But, like I said, it is a borderline call, but I'd like to see them in eventually. But they need to wait in line behind lots of other more obvious snubs.

Posted by Dezmond on Monday, 08.13.07 @ 08:33am

I could easily be very biased with regards to INXS; they have been one of my favorites for a long, long time. They were a positively kisk-ASS fusion of guitar based hard rock, keyboard based new wave, funk, pop and dance in their heyday from '82-'92. Consumate live performers too.
Just a fun, fun band with clever and innovative hooks and grooves. Innovative in their integration of saxophone with synth and guitar. Loved them. Just insired and infectious music.

"Shabooh-Shoobah" was an early college radio favorite and "Don't Change", "The One Thing" and other deeper tracks like "To Look at You" and "Black and White" were on the cusp of the synth-rock-dance wave in 1982.
"The Swing" in 1984("Original Sin" on which they They collaborated with Nile Rodgers, "I Send a Message", "Dancing on the Jetty") further cemented their innovative adeptness with even harder rock flavor and harder dance rythms. Chock full of hooks. I've not heard anything like it.

I don't have a laundry list of influencees. I can only assume.

Their next 4 albums continued to showcase their unique talent for composing sexy Stonesy guitar meets synth based grooves. Hutchence was made to be a frontman. His comparisons to Jagger and Morrison are deserved.

But I also agree with Dezmond; they need to get in line behind other more iconic post punk/new wave synth bands like New Order, Joy Division, The Cure and Depeche Mode.
One of the best Aussie exports ever, in my opinion.

Posted by shawn on Monday, 08.13.07 @ 14:36pm

I only said that because when I was in college, all the girls would talk about him in that way. I guess your way, as a guy, of talking about him in that way is to refer to him as "magnetic." For me, they were nothing great, just another band - in 30 years will anyone care about them? Does anyone even care about them now?

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 08.13.07 @ 17:46pm

I think that quite a few people from a certain generation/age group are INXS fans. As I said, it is a borderline case, but their best records will stand the test of time, and I think that we could still have a serious discussion ten years from now regarding whether they should be inducted or not.

Posted by Dezmond on Monday, 08.13.07 @ 19:34pm


Posted by INXSHUTCH on Monday, 09.3.07 @ 16:23pm

What a great band. The J.D. era shouldn't even come in the mix. Hutch was one of if not the greatest singer/frontman of the last 25 years. They were awesome in the 90's as well, but overlooked due to the grunge era and due to America's obsession with b.s. bubblegum. The album "Welcome to Wherever You Are" signifies this best!!!

Posted by Anthony Mac on Saturday, 03.15.08 @ 08:25am

And the song 'Heaven Sent' off of 'Welcome To Whereever You Are' is one of the finest singles of the 90s.

Posted by Steve Potocin on Saturday, 03.15.08 @ 12:06pm

Just read through some of the other comments. Yes..there are fans who care about INXS. Their induction into the Hall of Fame is was overdue. I believe that the original band..the only true INXS with Michael Hutchence should be inducted in. INXS have always been underrated and overlooked for their contribution in the music industry. Their sound is not only innovative and was the soundtrack for an entire generation. They were the biggest band to ever come out of Australia..and they didn't just take over the world..they dominated the industry. They crossed boundaries and no matter what country they that moment they became a part of that country. They were able to connect with everyone..eliminating nationality, race, faith.
Michael Hutchence was one of the greatest frontmen of all time. His lyrics will always be fresh, relevant and appeal to every generation. INXS are the greatest live band ever! They are always spot on in performance and they toured for years..back to back..continuing to create new sounds..always challenging themselves.
The time has come for INXS to be inducted and for this band to finally get the respect and recognition that they deserve.

Thank you...Love and Peace Always

Posted by Xgirl on Thursday, 05.1.08 @ 21:34pm

I am also a big fan of INXS, but they were not the biggest band to ever come out of Australia, that would have to be AC/DC.

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 05.1.08 @ 23:09pm

Love old INXS too! From 82's Shabooh-Shoobah, through The Swing, Listen Like Thieves, Kick, and X I think they were one of the most innovative, talented, kick-ASS bands making music and performing. They were a key part of the New-Wave and Dance genre 82-84 and then kept creating excellent dance infused rock/pop stuff for the rest of the 80's; very talented musicians and potent songwriting from the Farriss brothers.

The band stayed intact and prolific for 7 straight albums (not counting their initial two before they broke big with 82's "The One Thing"), moving from funk to a more rock oriented sound and back and forth. Integreating the saxophone of Kirk Pengilly was often an innovative kick-ASS habit.

I too think they are overlooked and generally wrongly dismissed as disposable 80's pop. I wish they would be inducted one day, but I doubt it very much.
Austrailia loves them mightily - and rightly so.
They were great.

Posted by shawn on Friday, 05.2.08 @ 01:56am

I think "Too Look At You" from 'Shabooh Shoobah' is still one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I would love to see INXS receive their just due.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 05.2.08 @ 06:44am

"To Look At You" is also my favorite INXS song, Dameon - good call. What an intoxicating tune - I think it even bests "The One Thing" and one of the best synth/guitar rock anthems ever - "Don't Change" - whch is saying a lot. Don't Change has to be one of the finest album closer songs ever created. Those two anthems stand the test of time 26 years later imo.

I had the good fortune to see INXS live three times in the 80's at both small and large venues and their reputation as an elite live act was 100% deserved. The joy these guys obviously had for playing live just exploded like good time shrapnel - they were electric; always satisfying.

Posted by shawn on Friday, 05.2.08 @ 09:53am

Here is the better thing about "To Look At You". Play it for whatever honey you fancy at the moment. It never fails! (Excuse my candor ladies) If I am not mistaken, alot of the Shabooh, Shoobah album was used in a movie called "Reckless" starring Aiden Quinn and Daryl Hannah.

I saw INXS when they first came to NYC. I thought Michael H. was the best front man I had seen since Freddie Mercury.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 05.2.08 @ 10:18am


Posted by Yngwee on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 22:18pm

This band deserves more love, so I am bringing them back into the discussion. They were just a great band fusing Hard Guitar Rock with Synth, Dance and Pop music.

Posted by Dasmeon on Monday, 12.15.08 @ 03:48am

I just found out that INXS dumped their new singer JD Fortune in Hong Kong at the end of the Switch Tour. Evidently they just told him "thanks" and that was it. He's gone back to living in his car.

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 02.27.09 @ 12:35pm

"They are classy, talented, devoted rockstars, one of the best rock bands of all time!" I agree that Hutchence was talented, and maybe I'm just saying this b/c I had a relative that took their life, but I wouldn't say hanging yourself is "classy."
"Their distinctive and irrisitable sound has influenced countless bands and musicians, past and present." Care to name some?
"And the song 'Heaven Sent' off of 'Welcome To Whereever You Are' is one of the finest singles of the 90s." It absolutely is.

I'd say that their Greatest Hits contains some of the best songs of the 80's and 90's, and some great hooks, and I suppose maybe you could call them innovative (Hard Rock meets Dance Pop meets regular Pop music) but I'm not sure that the influence is really there. Combine that with the fact that many acts who definitely deserve it are waiting in line and I'll have to say maybe for now. I'd say they're borderline, though technically they are Australia's biggest band since most of AC/DC are off Scottish or English heritage (Bon Scott included.)

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 02.9.10 @ 20:16pm

I would agree with Shawn that though it would be cool to see them get in they probably won't, and there are quite a few pop-rock, dance-pop and synth-music acts that deserve in first (yep, it's the same Sam.)

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 05.29.10 @ 13:47pm

Essentially, they never lived up to the promising, brilliant pop of Kick. A shame.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 06.24.10 @ 18:46pm

I don't get those that cite them as having anything to do with hard rock. There's nothing hard rock about them.

They were sugar coated pop for hormonal teenage girls who now confuse their nostalgia for actual good music.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 11:17am

I'm a 20-year old guy Mikey, and I'm pretty sure they rank higher on the new wave scale then GNR do on the Hard Rock scale.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 17:58pm

Mike is obviously ignorant to the great songwriting abilities of INXS, they're ridulously underrated.

Posted by Jimbo on Wednesday, 08.11.10 @ 16:11pm

That's a matter of opinion, Jimbo, but he is ignorant to a lot of things. I agree with you about INXS though.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 08.11.10 @ 20:32pm

I'm a big fan of the original INXS, fronted by the late, great Michael Hutchence, 1977 - 1997. However they have been a complete and utter joke since then. You wouldnt expect U2 or Depeche Mode to carry on if they lost Bono or Dave Gahan would you? Fair enough if they wanted to carry on playing music but do it under a different name for christ sake, INXS died with Michael Hutchence, full stop.

Posted by Paul on Thursday, 11.11.10 @ 18:31pm

I suggest a page for Michael Hutchence.

Posted by Paul on Monday, 01.3.11 @ 13:36pm

Hutchence did have a solo career, but there's no way he has a chance of getting in. INXS may eventually, and that would be fine by me, but Hutchence on his own? Then again, Lindsay Lohan's been given a page and so has Bauhaus (who I like), who's chances of being inducted are LESS than zero, so why not?

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 01.5.11 @ 16:04pm

OK then, a page for the "Original INXS" or "Michael Hutchence & INXS", wipe away all the rock star inxs and jd fortune crap, wipe it from history.

Posted by Paul on Monday, 02.7.11 @ 08:20am

INXS are the best band ever!!!

They're playing in Toronto at Sound Academy March 22nd 2011.

Win tickets here:

Posted by Kevin on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 08:44am

Now it seems even odder that they haven't even been considered, since David Fricke's a fan ( and he's on the Committee.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 04.22.11 @ 11:36am

They simply might not be viewed as significant enough to be considered at this point, which may or may not be true.

Also, it seems like Fricke is a fan of every Hall snub.

Posted by Jim on Sunday, 05.1.11 @ 22:57pm

Hmmm... well, true. There are plenty of people who have made stuff that I've enjoyed, but that doesn't mean I'd argue for them to be inducted. Fricke is one of the Rolling Stone writers who seems to know what he's talking about, I'll give him that. Even when I disagree with a review his reviews actually have substance to them.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 05.29.11 @ 11:22am

They deserve to be inducted, they were the only band to briefly overshadow U2 in the late 80s.

Posted by Paul on Sunday, 09.18.11 @ 12:02pm

INXS deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! They are the best rock band of all time! In fact, why are they not included in it now? They should have been inducted a long time ago! No one can ever forget about Michael Hutchence, Tim, Andrew, and Jon Farriss, Garry Beers, and Kirk Pengilly, all the originals. What are you waiting for? Put INXS in the Hall of Fame now!!!! Fans are waiting... INXS FOREVER!

Posted by Bowler17 on Sunday, 12.18.11 @ 13:58pm


01. Michael Hutchence
02. Kirk Pengilly
03. Garry Beers
04. Andrew Farriss
05. Tim Farriss
06. Jon Farriss

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 09.4.12 @ 09:47am

Would love them to be inducted. About time when you consider the garbage that has been! I have seen every major group and solo star in concert and these guys beat everyone of them. In fact I think they were voted best concert at Wembley, London up to 1991 when they were simply awesome. Sadly in this country (Australia) every body just loves queuing up too have a dig. When you consider there is only the awful ACDC to compare with this amazing band they really should be on a pedestal. Inducted asap!!!!!!

Posted by Gareth on Sunday, 10.7.12 @ 13:09pm

INXS Break Up After 35 Years
Band announces split midway through show in Australia

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 11.13.12 @ 10:49am

INXS is the ultimate borderline RRHOF candidate. Had the smash CD the Committee likes in KICK.So many hits Need You Tonight,New Sensation,& my FAV Never Tear Us Apart.

No question Michael Hutchence one of the greatest singers & frontmen of the 80's. They were on a Hall of Fame path when Hutchence died mysteriously by hanging himself or accident. It really was a hole INXS could not replace.

Give INXS credit for rotating singers & working hard to soldier on without Hutchence.They even had a Rock Star INXS reality show & selected JD Fortune as their new singer.

I'm leaning towards their induction for creating interesting rock music with a great sax man & Hutchence was a undeniable singing talent. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 02.23.14 @ 15:12pm

Was planning a trip to the RockandRoll Hall of Fame - but am rethinking the trip since I found out INXS isn't included. They are my best memories of my youth and the greatest concerts I've ever seen. Get it together nominating committee and get them in!

Posted by Kellyinthewoods on Saturday, 05.30.15 @ 18:47pm

I don't know how this group has not been inducted to the hall of fame. They were part of the pioneers, in MTV videos from the start. I recall the one thing in the original rotation. their music was fresh and were different from the rest. They had a vibe that carried into the following decade. The genius of Andrew Farris' music and the lyric of Michael Hutchence is a testament to the fact their music is still played on web stations like Pandora and spotify. they should be inducted and Michael's daughter should be there to accept the award for her late father.

Posted by Therese on Wednesday, 09.23.15 @ 15:49pm

Other than Ac/dc inxs is the biggest band out of Australia. They were one of the biggest bands of the 80's. But people only think of the rock in the 80's. They have so many #1 hits it's ridiculous why they aren't in.

Posted by Kevin on Sunday, 10.4.15 @ 20:18pm

Well, another year, another INXS SNUB!!!! Today marks the 29th anniversary of the album KICK release... There are more songs on that SINGLE album that were Top HITS and are better (still today) than half of the "music" production of most of 2017's current nominations...Chic, really?!?!?

Posted by Caroline on Thursday, 10.20.16 @ 16:58pm

On INXS: I'm going to try and squeeze INXS onto my Nomination List 2017-2018. Examining their discography again, I thought they made some Classic songs. Never Tear Us Apart gets better with every listen. Perfect song! Beautiful Girl is a King FAV. Plus the other KICK songs New Sensation, What You Need,KICK,Devil Inside. I would guess KICK would be like Queensryche's Empire. It's difficult to

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 05.9.17 @ 20:25pm

I'm not too sure whether they will get in, compared to other 80s acts.

But, for selfish reasons, they should at least get in for being Australian. Too many Americans, British, etc, are in there. People down under exist, y'know!

Posted by Geoff on Thursday, 08.3.17 @ 03:18am

Why isn't Elegantly Wasted available on iTunes?

Posted by Roy on Friday, 01.12.18 @ 10:19am

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