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Eligible in: 2029 (The 2030 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Gwen Stefani be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Gwen? no. No Doubt? maybe.

Posted by Adam on Sunday, 12.24.06 @ 00:55am

is this web site making some sort of sick, sick joke?

Posted by ian on Sunday, 01.7.07 @ 18:02pm

What's next, Paris Hilton?

Posted by AZ Dave on Sunday, 03.4.07 @ 10:35am

this is kind of a hard decision because its gwen stefani. yeah she was in a ska band called no doubt from the start but they changed their music dramatically to attract the more youngsters of that time. so i say no cause they wanted to go with the "vibe" and play like every other pop band, which pisses me off cause that means that they are only doing it for the money and for popularity and not even worry about the love for the music. sorry gwen but i dont think you should be in here.....

Posted by chris on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 15:15pm

I think her solo music is just good as with No Doubt. I think she sould be in as both.
And how dare you compare Gwen to Paris. Paris has little next no talent and Gwen is a very talented singer NO DOUBT about it.

Posted by --------- on Tuesday, 05.29.07 @ 14:07pm

She sucks as much as Paris you fool

Posted by Coolio on Monday, 08.25.08 @ 20:43pm

i say no cause they wanted to go with the "vibe" and play like every other pop band, which pisses me off cause that means that they are only doing it for the money and for popularity and not even worry about the love for the music...chris

I don't want to break the news to you, but most bands are trying to make the $$$$ and fame. Why do you think the Ramones hired Phil Spector for "End of the Century", because they were trying to be true to the music? It was because they felt they should be Platinum selling artists. Why do you think the VU fell in with Andy Warhol; because he was a nice guy? It was because Andy was an avenue that might lead them down the road to success. Look at some of the bands that Steve Vai has played in: Whitesnake, David Lee Roth. I think he was willing to for go some artistic integrity for a few bucks.

Obviously some bands maintain some integrity more so than others, therefore they don't marginalize their music as much, but I guarantee it is because they are quite happy living whatever life style their level of success has brought them. I would bet that Sonic Youth, a band that has held as true to itself as you can get over a very long period of time can afford things that most middle-class America can only dream of.

A lot of it also boils down to the agents and record labels as well. Music is a business. Do you think record labels walk down city streets or the cul de sacs of the suburbs listening to the music that is coming out of the neighborhood garages? They go into clubs and see what bands have a following and then they do a due dilligence to see if that band is worth investing money into; afterall, they want to make their money as well. 9 out of 10 bands will except compromise with the label if it means the possibility of fame and fortune.

Here is the tough question; some executive comes to you and says we like your basic sound, but if you up-tempo it a bit, we think you can succeed at this kind of level; however if you don't want to change a little, we will go to the band down the road. Which way are you going to go (Bank Teller or Rock Star). I know what my answer is and I bet bottom dollar that I know what your answer is.

Like I said, it all depends on what level of success a band/artist dreams about if they are given the opportunity.

As for Gwen and her solo career - No! But she does or did have the best Abs in the business. I wouldn't mind seeing a Gwen/Paris home video on the Internet. Sorry ladies - I am just being a disgusting guy :-)

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 08.26.08 @ 04:30am

Dameon, shut the FUUUUUUUg Up!! Please!!! Don`t ever write anotehr paragraph in your lifetime!! I`ll freakin puke!! NO doubt should never get in the HOF and Gwen Suckonme will NEVER get in!! F`n horrible sheet!!

Posted by Lickit on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 01:43am

She's cute, but there's nothing there in terms of a solo career. It's all pandering to the dance & hip-hop crowd, and it ends up empty. I hear talk about a No Doubt reunion, but I don't think anyone's really clamoring that much for it. The real question of doubt ought to be how many will show up for a new album/reunion swing around the concert circuit.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 15:44pm

Oh sure she belongs in the Hall. She is better than Blondie who are in... which brings me to the question of how the Hall treats cases where someone is nominally part of a band but overshadows the rest of the band. The other members of No Doubt were fine musicians and all that good stuff--- but really they were just Gwen's backup band. It seems to me the 25-year clock for Gwen Stefani should have started much earlier than 2004. (The other members of Blondie had a much stronger collective identity than the other members of No Doubt.)

Posted by Timothy Horrigan on Friday, 03.20.09 @ 16:16pm

There should be an entirely different building/institution for pop music. Preferably on a small island where the corporate sponsors can drain the bank accounts of the brain-dead fans.

All these Pop stars who couldn't even carry a tune without the million dollar studios would have fun trying to stay in the same key, while they hum cum by yah

Posted by Joey on Friday, 02.25.11 @ 06:21am

With No Doubt, eventually. Solo? I don't think so.

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Monday, 07.7.14 @ 01:19am

Gwen is an absolute star!! R u kidding... As the lead singer of no doubt she was legendary at that time like no other. With that ska rock n roll!!.. They were great, she was greater, even as a solo artist, she is truly an artist in every way! There are so many haters out there! She is so Unique!!is a Queen for sure! Her latest solo album Truth is pretty good too! She's an icon and deserves to b in hall of fame for sure!!!!! Wtf. U people are delusional ...

Posted by Amelia on Sunday, 04.17.16 @ 01:32am

I saw her perform early last week, and me and my friends actually had a blast! (The tickets were free, so who am I to turn them down?) She did mostly her solo stuff, as well as her new songs and a few No Doubt tunes. Due to the recent publicity of her personal life in the tabloids and the most recent news about her lack of sales (tour-wise), she sounded a bit insecure when she continuously thanked the audience for coming out. The main highlights were watching her perform with Eve (who opened for her) on their two collaboration hit songs "Let Me Blow Your Mind" and "Rich Girl". It was different, in short.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 08.15.16 @ 00:03am

Hey Jason! Glad you saw her for free! Sounds like a fine show.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 08.16.16 @ 09:47am

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