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Will Green River be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Green River is more important for their impact than the actual music they made. Easily the strongest early root of grunge, even if Malfunkshun did technically come first. Green River was the first of those bands to record their own album, and their rough sound (a little too rough sometimes) set the pace for the movement.

When they broke up, two bands emerged: Mother Love Bone and Mudhoney. What happened to MLB? They lost their singer to heroin, got a new one, and called it Pearl Jam. What happened to Mudhoney? Nothing. They're still around. Mudhoney and the Melvins are the only grunge holdovers from the '80s still making music today.

Posted by William on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 05:02am

I'll give this a yes, mainly cause they pioneered the sound of Seattle.

Posted by Tom on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 10:09am

They will never get in, but they do have a real case to be made. They didn't invent grunge, but they were the most influecial of the early bands.

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 10.3.09 @ 22:58pm


Wow, I made a rockinsue mistake there. Make that "influencial".

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 10.3.09 @ 23:00pm

Is that how the British spell it? On this side of the pond, it's "influential" with a t.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 10.3.09 @ 23:02pm

"Is that how the British spell it? On this side of the pond, it's "influential" with a t."-Philip

Alright I just mispell that again, so............................................................................................................................................right..............well I just look stupid many periods am I going to tye here.........

And I'm an American for the record. I know the Small Faces support would make some think I'm a Brit, but I first discovered them though the Zep influence and Humble Pie.

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 10.3.09 @ 23:10pm

lol Well, before you "tye" too much more, I'll just advise you blame it on being up so late.

It wasn't just the Small Faces. I think you did the "colour" thing too in other spellings, and came down on the British side of the argument scale a few other times too.

Can't blame you for the Small Faces, though. The more I listen, the more I like... if they could have broken through that glass ceiling in the U.S. and left a better impression than "Itchycoo Park" (which while my opinion also isn't really a good indicator of who they REALLY were), I might be more inclined to say yes.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 10.3.09 @ 23:14pm

I was born and live in New York for the record, not even British decent. Irish, Estonian decent.

The Small Faces will sadly be remembered as one-hit wonder here, but I can live with the fact that the bands they did have some influence on will look beyond it.

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 10.3.09 @ 23:34pm

Warning: The following comment you are reading may contain multiple spelling mistakes. Rest assured it was not written by a British person, but by an American too lazy to give a second and proof read. Anyone who owns a dictionary is recommended to look away or watch an episode of Frasier instead.


Mac tat descent.

Tat's it shrew tha Inglis languge. Wat dit Shakeapeare eva do 4 rawk n rol????

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 10.4.09 @ 00:21am

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