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Radar Love (1973)
Twilight Zone (1983)

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Will Golden Earring be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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The bums didn't show up to a show at the COW Palace. Ended up seeing the B52s get boo'd off the stage and Bill Graham quickly getting the Runaways out on stage. The Runaways definitely didn't get any boo's (maybe booze).

I can't recall the other bands that night.

Posted by subhuman on Wednesday, 02.27.08 @ 22:15pm

Moontan is a great album.

Posted by dameon on Friday, 08.1.08 @ 06:19am

Wow...Golden Earring is not even a part of the DISCUSSION for nomination, much less induction. It's too bad that "Radar Love" and "Twilight Zone" are the only songs that most anyone really knows, because this band is STILL going strong since their first release in 1965 (-hey, besides the Stones, isn't that a record for longevity?-).

After 30+ albums (-yes, check their website!-), all of which are top-notch, why has the best Dutch band ever (-okay, that's not saying much, but they really are on-par with every other HOF inductee-) never even been considered for the HOF?

Okay, one day, Golden Earring will be reconginzed, and it will be obvious that the lack of HOF consideration is more than just an injustice.

That said, please check out ANY of Earring's albums from 1966-2006. You will not be disappointed, and will also wonder what gives. If you want a real R&R treat, seek out the albums TOGETHER, MOONTAN, CUT, MILLBROOK USA, LIVE, CONTRABAND, or any other LP.

Golden Earring still rocks better than any band today (or yesterday), save for the other HOF'ers.

Posted by deighton on Tuesday, 09.9.08 @ 17:00pm

They must be in!! so many great songs!! better than all modern crap!

Posted by Helltotheyes on Friday, 12.12.08 @ 11:47am

When the bullet hits the bone!!!

Posted by Joe-Skee on Friday, 12.12.08 @ 12:34pm

That's Twilight Zone.

Posted by joker on Friday, 12.12.08 @ 14:45pm

Again take their hit songs + add tons of great albums that are not that known to general public in the US, and they u ll understand that it is YES!

Posted by Child in Time 27 on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 19:34pm

Who the hell votes no????

Posted by Abandoned on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 08:40am

Yes! Greatest Dutch band ever!

Posted by aNGEL on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 01:03am

Golden Earring must be in. They're great!

Posted by Stefan on Saturday, 01.2.10 @ 07:41am

The bums didn't show up to a show at the COW Palace. Ended up seeing the B52s get boo'd off the stage and Bill Graham quickly getting the Runaways out on stage. The Runaways definitely didn't get any boo's (maybe booze).

I can't recall the other bands that night.

Posted by subhuman on Wednesday, 02.27.08 @ 22:15pm

LOL that's pretty funny, at least you have a good story to tell your grandchildren, subhuman

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 07.3.10 @ 07:57am

I'm leaning no on this one.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 07.28.10 @ 20:04pm

No way in Heck they should ever be inducted, but 'Radar Love' is one damn good song. Great highway driving song.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.29.10 @ 06:45am

"Radar Love" is indeed a fine song

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 07.29.10 @ 13:48pm

saw this band five tmes in concert. they stole the show each time. please induct.

Posted by charmedjannie on Saturday, 05.5.12 @ 10:27am

Really should have been a first ballot HOFer. Those who say no should really listen to their albums. Especially their 70's albums. They would be legendary if they were born in the US.

Posted by clark80 on Tuesday, 08.20.13 @ 22:40pm

All they are really remembered for is The Twilight Zone

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 08.20.13 @ 22:46pm

And Radar Love

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Wednesday, 08.21.13 @ 02:22am

They are big in Holland

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 08.21.13 @ 08:18am

do u people even listen to what they have done they are the only band that has the same four people since 1963 who can top that so friggin bite me

Posted by david on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 04:04am

The current line-up was established in 1970, when (the excellent) drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk joined the band. Furthermore, lead singer Barry Hay is only part of the band since '67.

Posted by The_Claw on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 04:35am

I did some more research, because I was intrigued by the question which band has performed with the same lineup for the longest time, and Golden Earring are among the top contenders.

The band was founded as The Golden Earrings in 1961 by guitarist and vocalist George Kooymans and bassist Rinus Gerritsen. In 1967, Barry Hay became their frontman. In 1970, they dropped the 's' and Cesar Zuiderwijk joined. They have been together since.

I've found only two groups that performed longer continuously in the same line-up: Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard are part of ZZ Top since 1969, and The Dells performed in the same lineup for 49 years, from 1960, when John Carter joined the group, until 2009, when he died.

Posted by The_Claw on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 09:21am

It's a shame Golden Earring is so largely ignored in the United States. Few bands have accomplished what they have over their lifetime, and as of 2016 they are still going strong. Unlike many bands like ZZ Top that have survived for so long, Golden Earring have continuously toured and recorded new music with the exception of a 1 year hiatus in 2000. Just go to Amazon and read some of the reviews. May I suggest you start with the self-titled album from 1970 (also known as the Wall of Dolls). It is a rock and roll masterpiece! And no, it's no their first album, it's their sixth. Their first album was released in 1965 which had a Mersey beat type of sound, but just 2 years later, they already had a sound that was all their own. Unlike bands like ZZ Top, Golden Earring have never sold out, and never will!! For this, they get my vote!

Posted by Scap on Saturday, 04.2.16 @ 19:28pm

My dad was a fan when they first appaired. When I was 19 (1997) he took me to their concert only a 10 minute walk from my home. I've been going eversince (each year). Next time I'm going to bring my youngest daughter along. 3rd genaration! They should definetly be inducted. And not only because of twilight zone and radar love.

Posted by Ruud Dekker on Saturday, 05.21.16 @ 18:42pm

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