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Will Gloria Gaynor be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Gloria Gaynor should be inducted before Donna Summer.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 08.23.08 @ 08:15am

Roy...surely you're joking about that statement. Gloria Gaynor had a mediocre dance version of "Never Can Say Goodbye" in about 1974, and "I Will Survive" in 1979...what else?? Donna Summer was one of the major players in modern music from the mid 70's to the mid 80's. People sometimes mistake really good R&B that you could also happen to dance to for "disco" (a prime example of "disco" would be "Makin' It", by David Naughton...the "I'm A Pepper werewolf starring in a really awful disco TV series" guy...UGH!!!!). I think it's a shame that she got tagged with "disco queen", but I'll admit whenever you went into a club in the mid to late 70's, you were going to hear Donna Summer. I think her music was more diverse than that. "Love To Love You Baby" had to be one of the most sensual songs ever recorded, with no help from a video. She and Giorgio Moroder made some very good electronic music, she had an amazing string of hits, she won Grammys, and a song she recorded won an Oscar ("Last Dance", which was written by Paul Jabara, I think).

I think if they were going to induct the true original from dance-pop, it should've been Donna Summer...NOT Madonna!! Gloria Gaynor's recording career pales in comparison.

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 08.23.08 @ 09:36am

Gitarzan- That's an absolute PRICELESS description of David Naughton. It also made me think of that awful song by Dan Hartman called "Instant Reply"...what a hideous song!!! I agree that the "Top 40 disco" songs weren't the songs being played that much in clubs, that music was usually much better, but for some reason didn't get a lot of airplay. I was there, in the clubs a couple of times a week!!

I liked the underground stuff (punk, etc...) during that time, too. It was a better time for music than most people will admit to.

Posted by St0rmy on Saturday, 08.23.08 @ 10:55am

Gloria Gaynor was the first "Queen of Disco" before Donna Summer. In addition to "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "I Will Survive" she also had minor hits with "Honey Bee" and "Do It Yourself" (The latter song predated Peter Gabriel's "D.I.Y." by three years.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 08.23.08 @ 13:21pm

Aaron...Funny thing about it was that I think Donna Summer probably wishes anyone but HER would've gotten stuck with that title. My point is that Donna Summers' recording success supercedes Gloria Gaynor's, and her career was a bit more say the least. My personal favorite of Donna Summers is "Spring Affair" off of the "Four Seasons Of Love" album, I believe.

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 08.23.08 @ 20:59pm

If Gloria gets in before Donna, then the universe will implode! I like her version of I Am What I Am-but that's it. Donna Summer is HUGE compared to Gloria. If Gloria is the queen then Donna is the EMPRESS!

Posted by Red on Thursday, 09.4.08 @ 14:35pm

BOTH ladies are deserving of the honor. But it was Gloria Gaynor who pioneered dance music and the "longplay" or "12' " inch versions as we know it today. The R&R Hall of Fame honors those who have significance and influence in rock n roll. In my opinion, Gloria was the First Lady of Dance and has had continued and lasting success while Donna Summer had brought it to new levels in the late ;70s and early '80s. Both women have made a remarkable contribution to disco/dance and word has it, they are both friends!

Posted by Janet on Friday, 02.13.09 @ 18:29pm

"I Will Survive".... blech. Another one of those records that should be considered a war crime.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 02.13.09 @ 18:40pm

Yes BOTH ladies should be inducted, without a doubt. Gloria started the "long play" with songs blending into one another. "Never can say Goodbye", "Reach out, I'll be there" etc...Donna started the "12 inch" entended versions with "Love to Love you Baby" taking the whole side of an album/lp. Sure Donna Summer's career soared, but Gloria definitely deserves some credit as well, BOTH women are class acts and seem to always be left out. Its really sad to see a hybrid by Madonna get in first before the innovators who paved the way for her career to be successful.

Posted by William on Monday, 04.6.09 @ 03:45am

There is no bigger song by any recording artist other than "I Will Survive." No other song has empowered people from all walks of life for the last 30 years. When you find one, let me know.

Gloria Gaynor should have been inducted years ago.

Posted by Lisa D-Smith on Friday, 09.4.09 @ 22:24pm

You people are freaking over nothing! Go get a life and stop caring over who gets inducted first cuz there both gonna get inducted anyway so chill out

Posted by Scott on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 08:21am

Scott, I can guarantee you that no one on this site is 'freaking out' one way or the other over Ms. Gaynor getting in the Hall.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 11:30am

Scott, who exactly is "freaking out" here?

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 15:12pm

Hey guys, I'm back. Did I miss anything in the last two months or so?

Posted by Milestones on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 15:21pm

Not much Milestones, just the usual in addition to some fanatical happenings on the Insane Clown Posse page courtesy of some "jugheads"

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 15:25pm

Well in that case I guess I'll renew my title as "Milestones, the Rajah of Recipes." Whereabouts is Cheesecrop, is he still the Prince of Provolone?

Posted by Milestones on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 15:26pm

Well... I might be. But that's just because "I Will Survive" is such a grating and irritating song.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 16:45pm

Well in that case I guess I'll renew my title as "Milestones, the Rajah of Recipes." Whereabouts is Cheesecrop, is he still the Prince of Provolone?

Posted by Milestones on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 15:26pm
Alas, I still lurk in the far reaches of the rock universe, though I am temporarily unable to reign as Prince of Provolone...

Milk products can give you congestion, & my allergies are acting up, hence...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 18:20pm

That's not all milk can give you...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 18:32pm

That's not all milk can give you...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 18:32pm


it can also cause flatulence in some, but we'll pass on those side effects for now...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 20:12pm

According to Joel Whitburn's Dance/Disco singles book (2003 edition), Gloria's bio ends with 'The first true disco superstar'. I can't help but agree. Sure, she had maybe 2 well-known hits, but if you look at her long discography and chart positions you'll discover she actually did have a respectable career. Hall-of-fame worthy? Maybe. The more they are putting in dance/disco acts than there's probably a chance. I don't like her signature song 'I Will Survive' (though I understand why people consider it uplifting) but apparently I'm in the minority :)

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 07.14.13 @ 12:58pm

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