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I hadn't heard a lot from this group, other than "Twenty Killer Hurts" and "Desire"...both of them were catchy tunes, and I liked the guitar work on them. I know the guitar player was touring with A Flock Of Seagulls earlier this decade when they were trying to change their image a bit.

Posted by Terry on Monday, 02.11.08 @ 21:41pm

Dameon...what did you think of these guys? I made a comment before about two of their songs I liked, but don't know much more. Also, who was the lead guitar player for Great White when they recorded "Rock Me"? I think that cat can wail!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.24.08 @ 20:03pm

To be honest, I am not the best source when it comes to Gene Loves Jezebel. Perhaps Liam or Shawn can help with that. I am only familiar with the few songs that got some radio play. But it is one of those bands that I want to go back and check out.

As for Great White, they are another one of those bands that got lumped into the "Hair Band" genre. The lead guitarist for Great White was Mark Kendall. I put them in a similair category as Tesla, only not quite as good, IMO. And they along with Drew Carey did help bring Ian Hunter back into the conversation, even if it was just for a short while. No HoF credentials, but a good band. There is something to be said about blues based rock.

William, Shawn, Kit, Casper and Liam, please don't bash me over these comments. It is the music that I like.

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 02.24.08 @ 21:02pm

Actually, I thought there were some good guitarists in the "hair band" era (George Lynch comes to mind). A lot of the stuff sounded the same, but I thought "Rock Me" stood out, particularly the guitar work.

Hey, I asked a gave the best answer you could, greatly appreciated!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.24.08 @ 21:13pm

There were actually some very good guitarists in some of those bands. George Lynch was definitely one of them. Warren Di Martini was another. I thought Collen and Clark from D.L. made a great tandem. And although I don't recall his name right now, there was an excellent player in a horrible group called Winger. The boy could play.

Even in processed music, there could be excellent musicianship. I don't think all or even most musicians play for only the love. If he or she can eke a living out of it, then great. If he can manage an actual career playing music; then even better. And if he can be successful and earn some serious scratch from it; hell yeah!

My talent on the guitar could bring me none of that; but if someone was to tell me when I was 21 that I could become rich, world famous and have all the hot chicks I wanted by playing in a band that was not going to be critically successful, but still sell millions of albums - I would have signed up in a NY minute; artistic integrity be damned. I could always be true to my music and instrument when I got a bit older.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 03:36am

I hear ya man...also back in the day playing in clubs had other "fringe"!!! It was also true that when we were in our 20's, they weren't exactly handing out recording contracts to just anyone. I saw some very good bands back then that couldn't get arrested that would probably enjoy some success now, IMO.

I was good at listening to songs and adapting them into my playing (does that make sense?), which made me good for "cover bands". Hindsight being 20/20 though, I would've learned the instrument better then and been more original, instead of waiting to do it about 10 years ago...oh, well...

Posted by Terry on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 06:33am

Terry - Did a band called the Good Rats ever get to your end of the world? They were very big in NY in the early to mid 70's. They hailed from Long Island and released several albums. I got to share the stage with them a few times. They actually got a story written about them in CREEM magazine. I think they were voted the ugliest band of all time, but they were good. They were always the headline band in the clubs. They used to finish their set with a song - Fireball Express and all the other bands would jump on stage with them. It was fun. Check them out, I think you will like the guitarist "The Cat". I think his last name was Gato; but that was many years and lots of booze and pills ago.

Also, Bob Mayo, Frampton's sidekick for many years used to play in a band called Rat Race Choir. They used to do all the HS dances here in NY back in the early 70's. He was a pretty good musician.

I left a thread on the 2008 Induction board asking everyone who they believe is the 5 biggest ommissions so far in the HoF. I am interested in who you think they are.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 07:11am

Good Rats actually played the Turn Of The Century in Denver during that time...can't remember when. I just remember that band name sticking out, and "The Turn" was one of the places we frequented.

In kind, do you remember Alpha Centauri? I was friends with those guys and I know they were starting to make some noise in the midwest, but I don't know if they made it to NY. I saw their drummer at a high school reunion, but just talked to him briefly.

Posted by Terry on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 11:56am

I don't believe they made any significant inroads here on the East Coast; but I cannot say for sure. I am personally not familiar with them.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 14:14pm

Gene Loves Jezebel is ~the~ most underrated group ever!

Check them out at or


Posted by Lani on Sunday, 03.16.08 @ 21:48pm

Best band ever!!!

Check them out on facebook too!!


Posted by Pame :) on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 03:46am

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