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Have a story for y'all about this band (hoping I can get it past the spam detector):

They played at the 1st Louder Than Life fest that I attended back in early October. A lot of people were there to see them & when they commenced their set, they had a large, raucous crowd. I was sorta near the back. The band got through about half their set when the lead singer stopped it and said something like this: 'There are a lot of other bands out there doing this, but we were the 1st ones to do it'. I wondered what the Hell he was talking about.

They then proceeded to invite a bunch of little kids up on the stage. Most were in the 1st 3 rows of the crowd, but a few crowd surfed in. Ended up with about 12 kids up on stage, 6 - 13 in age, lined up in front of the drum kit & behind the lead singer. He said 'We're going to have them help lead us through our next song'. They then commenced that next song, which was 'Burn Motherf**ker'!

The kids were up there singing the chorus with the band & generally having a great time. The lead singer quipped that this was one of the few times they could get away with cursing. Crowd loved it.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 01.23.15 @ 07:37am

The above comment illustrates one of the main differences I have noticed between a 'hard rock or metal' type fest and all the other ones I have attended (like Bonnaroo, Hangout, Voodoo Fest, etc.).

Other differences are that at Metal Fests, they encourage people (mostly girls) to get up on the shoulders of people. At these other fests, that is strongly discouraged. Then, they have a camera dedicated to finding these girls out & getting them to flash their boobs on the camera (Buckcherry had that in droves). You may see a lot of tit at Bonnaroo, but it will just be ladies walking around & the topless women are never put on the big TV screens (never see any topless women at the non-Bonnaroo 'normal' fests I have been to). Also, Metalfest goers wear masks a lot more than at these other fests. Not a whole lot of mask wearers (compared to the total number of attendees), but you just about never see anyone wearing a mask at these other fests.

Just a few observations from my Louder Than Life experience.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 01.23.15 @ 07:46am

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