Connie Francis

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1983 (The 1984 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2015 (ranked #285) .

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Who's Sorry Now (1958)
Stupid Cupid (1958)
Where the Boys Are (1960)
Everybody's Somebody's Fool (1960)

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Will Connie Francis be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Please do the right thing and admit Connie Francis to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She's a force of nature in the history of the biz for so many reasons. She rocks in spades from the git go..with talent and range and rockin' lyrics.

Posted by Alan DeValle on Wednesday, 04.4.07 @ 21:24pm

Connie Francis is of course nr. 1. queen of rock hits! stupid cupid.....

Posted by valgardur stefansson on Tuesday, 04.17.07 @ 07:07am

Why she is not in there already is a mystery. She should have been inducted with the initial group.

Posted by Sal on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 20:08pm

Why Connie has been omitted from the HOF is to say the least, puzzling. The fact that she went on to other venues AFTER rock 'n roll should make it even more the reason for her to belong. Not only is the HOF doing Connie a disservice, but it is doing itself a disservice. Connie has been around 50 years in this business...let other inductees lay claim to that...virtually impossible. It's never too late to recognize inductees.

Posted by Michael on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 21:41pm

The neglect of Connie Francis by the Hall of Fame is truly criminal. Not only did she achieve enormous success in the field, she paved the way for many other female artists by controlling her own career and producing her own recordings. Put Connie in the Hall!!!

Posted by JJ on Thursday, 09.6.07 @ 07:40am

How can anyone take RRHOF seriously when they neglect the number 1 female singer of the early rock era. RRHOF has become a joke.

Posted by C. Dennis Buzbee on Friday, 09.28.07 @ 13:28pm

When pop stars like Madona are even considered for induction after all the years that Connie Francis has been bypassed is just plain silly. The RRHOF has become nothing but a fan club and can not be be taken seriously.
Connie Francis was and still is the standard that all Female performers have to meet.
I guess we will have to wait for her to die some bazzare death before she is considered.
Bill Stockwell
Janesville, WI

Posted by Bill Stockwell on Sunday, 12.9.07 @ 14:37pm

I will not be happy with the Hall of Fame until they induct Connie Francis, which they should have done years ago. I was fortunate to meet her and I asked her if it bothers her that she has not been inducted yet. She said it doesn't bother her but I could tell she was disappointed.

What is the holdup? Put Connie in!

Posted by Barrog on Monday, 12.17.07 @ 11:27am

It is unacceptable in every way you can imagine that Connie Francis is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! To all persons responsible for inducting members, I ask you: Have you seen and heard this woman sing? Are you familiar with her unique place in the earliest days of rock history? NOT having her in the hall is like saying, "Hmmm . . . I think we'll keep Jerry Lee Lewis out. Or Little Richard. Or Chuck Berry. Or Elvis. . . " She was and remains a living legend, and she is THAT important to this musical genre. There is no credible rationale for keeping her out. Please do the right thing and correct this glaring and unfathomable omission at once. Set history right and induct Connie Francis into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!

Posted by Joey on Saturday, 02.23.08 @ 10:49am

As the years go by it seems less and less likely that Connie Francis will make it into the HOF. The fact that she was one of the earliest rockers in history and has scored numerous hits and legions of fans (many to this day follow her career religiously) almost seems overplayed at this time. The question that still remains, however, is simply WHY? Anybody courageous enough to respond that has induction/nomination credibility is welcomed to email me. Thousands of us want to know............

Posted by Richard on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 22:24pm's really hard to say. She truly is a talented vocalist (I really like her Italian album...really nice stuff on that), but she kinda got caught up in that early 60's "teen idol" era, which I don't know that anyone will be inducted from that particular time..."guilty by association", if you will. She is definitely worth a listen to anyone not familiar with her. I wish she would've done some harder edged stuff...I think she would've been good at it and it would've helped her cause with this particular debate.

As for the HoF, I'm afraid they'll just keep passing her by. They inducted Madonna before a lot of more deserving female vocalists...calling it "an easy decision"...I certainly didn't think so! For that matter, I think Bonnie Raitt got in too soon, but that's just my opinion; it's not that I don't like her.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 12:25pm

I do think that one reason for her omission is the teen idol association. However, even so, she was in a class by herself at that time. Another possible reason is that she expanded her career into the standards. This, and especially the great success she achieved with he ethnic recordings, might have led to the omission. In this way, she survived the British Invasion by becoming the major female concert act while her contempories suffered. This, in some way, has overshadowed her rock/pop contributions. She was the first female superstar of the rock and roll era and she achieved the first rock and roll million seller. She internationalized American pop music. She should have entered the Hall with the initial inductees!

Posted by Sal on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 06:30am

How can you justifiably omit Connie Francis from the HOF? What an injustice! She is undoubtedbly the biggest selling female artist of the early years of rock snd paved the path for the rest. She should have been a charter member. When I see artists like Ruth Brown,Billie Holliday, Dinah Washington, Etta James, Mahalia Jackson, LaVern Baker and Bessie Smith; none of which had many hits, I kind of get the picture. The HOF is a joke.

Posted by Steve Sauser on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 18:41pm


Posted by Luis A Grant on Friday, 05.30.08 @ 04:31am

Connie Frances was the biggest female artist of the 60s. Even Dick Clark said she was the best.

Posted by L.K Morris on Thursday, 07.10.08 @ 14:11pm

As far as I can remember, Connie Francis and Brenda Lee were the ONLY girl singers during the period of about 1958 - 1963 who had DOZENS of top - ten hits. Connie also recorded in several different languages and was enormously popular in other countries. I can't imagine what reason they are giving for not including her!

Posted by Elaine Dasher on Saturday, 09.20.08 @ 08:19am

For those of you are the Rock Hall who doubt her talent go onto You Tube and watch here sing songs in 9 different languages, including Japanese.

It took the hall 9 tries to induct Gene Pitney yet inducted Martha and the Vandellas who wrote no music, ahead of Brenda Lee. The Venture had to wait 48 years to be inducted. Percy Sledge in the Hall? Give me a break!

Go to You tube and listen to Connie Francis singing "Mi Tonto Amor" in Spanish and "Schoner Fremder Mann" in German. Both versions are basically the same song sung in two languages. How many languages did Percey Sledge sing in?

What Rock and Roll did Bonnie Rait or Joannie Mitchell sing?

Posted by Joe Poli on Saturday, 10.18.08 @ 19:48pm

That Connie Francis is not in the Rock and Hall of Fame is truly a shame. I don't think any of the people on the board have ever really listened to Connie sing. Her early rockers(Stupid Cupid and Lipstick on Your Collar) and rock ballads(Who's Sorry Now? and Where the Boys Are) are what the stuff early Rock and Roll was all about.Induct her. It's the right thing to do.

Posted by Jerry Wion on Monday, 11.3.08 @ 14:20pm

That girl sure can sing..!

Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 11.3.08 @ 22:44pm

Enough all ready Induct her! The first female rock and roll artist in the late 50,s 60,s to sell millions 16 Gold records she paved the way for many behind her sings in many languages still to this day she has a great following from all over the world.I was just at her two concert in NJ and Pa sold out great concerts.I wonder if anyone who votes has ever seen this lady sing in her prime and how great she still is.I bet not.Pat

Posted by Pat James on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 13:13pm

If any artist deserves to be recognized, it is Miss Connie Francis, queen of the rock and roll era. She paved the way for all women of rock and, with her credentials and talent, should have been inducted into the HOF in the first class. So, what has taken so long to induct a true legend? Voters - get with it and honor the woman that truly deserves the honor.

Posted by BJ Kruczek on Saturday, 02.28.09 @ 11:13am

Connie should have been inducted YEARS ago! Visit my website and find out why I call this the Rock & Roll Hall of SHAME!

Posted by John Donatelli Jr on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 05:49am

She should have gone in with the initial group. She was the female representative for Rock and Roll from 1958 through the mid to late sixties. The hits are to numerous to list and her popularity enormous by any standard. It's just further proof the people that elect the artist that go into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame are seriously flawed. It is obvious they know little about the music and the history of Rock and Roll.
This organization needs serious help. Get people on the board that know what their doing and start inducting the countless singers and groups that really deserve to be in.

Posted by David Petrelle on Monday, 05.25.09 @ 07:28am

As they have not included such memorable singers such as Connie Francis, Neil Diamond, and the like, we question their criteria. Looking at the list of who is in RRHOF and who is missing, it is a travesty...I feel like all true fans should ridicule and ban anything from the should be closed and a REAL hall of fame built.

Posted by Howard on Saturday, 10.17.09 @ 15:02pm

Connie Francis' absence from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is simply outrageous! My recommendation: elect Connie to the Hall of Fame ASAP. There is simply no one who is more deserving. DO THE RIGHT THING!

Posted by Jim Patterson on Thursday, 11.12.09 @ 17:37pm

I have been seeing a lot of yes vote lately I agree!! She is a true contender for the RRHF in my book..

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 03.6.10 @ 10:57am

That Connie Francis hasn't been inducted into the HOF is a huge oversight on the part of the voters. That she's been eligible since 1983 and never even been considered is a travesty! After all she's been through in her personal life, it would be great to induct her while she's still around to take part in the ceremony and accept the accolades. These guys (the nominators and voters) need to get their acts together, and fast!

Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 03.17.10 @ 00:28am

This is a bunch of crap!!! I can't believe this woman isn't in the hall of fame yet. She was basically the first huge female Rock n' roller and one of the fifties biggest stars. She should of been inducted before Madonna and Run-DMC and right along with Brenda Lee, Etta James and the Miracles (who also aren't in the hall of fame.)I spit on this institution!

Posted by Batiste on Thursday, 04.29.10 @ 00:57am

The fact that Miss Francis is not in the Hall of Hame is not only an egredious travesty of justice and common sense, but it makes everything the R&R H of F stands for meaningless and shameful.

Would you honor the Rolling Stones, but tell Mick Jagger he is not wanted --only the rest of the group is?

This is ludicrous, and the people who make these decisions have no business being involved in the process if they don't understand the magnitude of this blunder.

Posted by Louis on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 14:03pm

"Would you honor the Rolling Stones, but tell Mick Jagger he is not wanted --only the rest of the group is? - Louis"

How is this relevant?

Anyways, I personally wouldn't vote for Ms. Francis, but would have no problem with her being elected.

Posted by Chalkie on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 15:45pm

If your hall is to have any creditability Connie Francis needs to be inducted. She was the first female rock star.

Posted by Bill Mead on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 15:00pm

Yes, it`s ridiculously absurd that she is not in the HOF.

However, not getting the credit she deserves is nothing new.

Ask most people who is the greatest female singer ever is and the answers will be :


People, wake the hell up : Connie is better than each and every one of them....COMBINED!!!!

Posted by J.J. on Wednesday, 05.26.10 @ 21:01pm

J.J., she's not better than Aretha.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 05.27.10 @ 06:15am

She was a big star back in the day- but, the fact is that she has never really garnered much in the way of acclaim (songs or albums). Brenda Lee has not either, but shes was "Little Miss Dynamite," and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" has persisted as such a holiday classic, that that could have helped her.

Posted by JR on Thursday, 07.22.10 @ 10:05am

Thank the middy Quin.. She is still In ... LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 00:14am

I remember when there was just a handful of votes an some not to mention names laught at me and downgraded er ...... I am very pleased many of YOU have come on board.....Where there is life there is hope

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 08.31.10 @ 20:33pm

Please enter Connie Francis in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. You have been so unfair to her. She certainly deserves this recognition. Those of lesser caliber have been acknowledged and honored. In her day, she was an international star who brought the music of her day throughout the world - an American Icon! She was a "super-star." To this day her fans are true to her and she still fills theaters with her performances. I saw her this past summer, then in September and will see her again in November. It's a fact that her fans cross the Atlantic Ocean to attend her concerts.

Posted by PHYLIS GIRONE on Wednesday, 09.15.10 @ 23:14pm

Connie has not garnered much in the way of acclaim? Well, she continues to sell out concerts around the world. She is respected by those in the entertainment world, and she continues to be honored in various ways. She is considered to be a legend. Many of her songs are classics and Who's sorry Now is one of the songs of the century. I think the reason she is sometimes overlooked is that she never hyped herself like many of the others and she never sought publicity. She never had a PR person. Perhaps the reason why she has not been inducted is that she handled all types of music competently and successfully went into ethnic genre. While this might have kept her out of the Hall, it has kept her career going all these years. She really is too good for the Hall if you examine many of the inductees.

Posted by Sal on Friday, 09.24.10 @ 20:18pm

Ms. Francis has been eligible since the first induction year. The fact that the HOF has yet to even consider her does not bode well for induction. She was very successful, had a nice voice, all of that- but she could be seen as lightweight. That same sentiment also could keep others out.

Posted by JR on Saturday, 09.25.10 @ 14:11pm

if one listens to her great LP recordings, she would not be considered a lightweight.

Posted by Sal on Wednesday, 10.13.10 @ 21:15pm

oh...and Madonna is a heavyweight? Connie's great LP recoridngs showcase her talent and many of her recordings are considered the definitive versions, e.g., I Will wait For You, Brother Can You Spare A Dime, to name just two.

Posted by Sal on Wednesday, 10.13.10 @ 21:17pm

I have been harping on this for years, and it royally ticks me off that she is ignored year after year. I have made it a point to make such comments on reviews I have done at (e.g. her CD Souvenirs and on things like Who's Sorry Now? on YouTube.

As I repeatedly say, music can only be judged in the context of its time, and in her time at the dawning of the R&R era, Connie was one of just 4 females to more than hold her own on the charts with the male giants, the others being Brenda Lee, LaVerne Baker and, to a lesser degree, Ruth Brown. She is the ONLY one of that group not to be honoured and, quite frankly, it's a disgrace.

I always use the comparison with Dusty Springfield when I hear the argument that, well, Connie wasn't really a "R&R artist." And I respond with "oh really? and so how does Dusty qualify? I have nothing against Dusty's admission but if she's in then you can't keep Connie out since she had far more R&R hits (again, looking at them in the context of their time).

The same argument can be made when considering that Bobby Darin is in while Pat Boone is not. Say what? I loved Darin's music, but he was more along the lines of a Sinatra than a rocker, with the exception of a few early hits that qualified IN THE CONTEXT OF THEIR TIME. But then, Pat also had as many or more.

For these reasons I consider the R&R Hall Of Fame a colossal joke, regulated by ciphers who have no clue as to what the music meant to those of us who actually LIVED at the time.

Posted by George on Sunday, 10.24.10 @ 11:59am

Once again Connie Francis has been snubbed. Even though she is the first lady of rock n roll it happens every year. I was actually glad to hear Connie say in a recent interview that if she was ever nominated for the RRHOF she would not accept.

Posted by John Donatelli Jr on Wednesday, 12.22.10 @ 06:03am

Check out the people on the Nominating Committee and look at how many were born in the 40's and tell me that as teenagers in the 50's NONE of them thought Connie Francis was ever worthy of being inducted into the RRHOF?????
What a joke the RRHOF has become.
Check out my website at and you'll see why I call it "The Rock N Roll Hall of SHAME!

Posted by John Donatelli Jr on Wednesday, 12.22.10 @ 06:20am

Connie Francis was the number 1 female vocalist in the 50's and early 60's. She was an early rock and roll influence. I can't take the RRHOF seriously until she is inducted. Shame on them.

Posted by Florence Limina on Sunday, 12.26.10 @ 21:27pm

Connie Francis is timeless and beautiful. The nuns told her early that she could not sing. They were not listening. I've heard her 'live' and listen to her music to this day.
She has class all her own! I love her no matter what.

Posted by DF on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 13:35pm

It is an outrageous oversight not electing Connie Francis to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What other female singer from the 50's and 60's has as many hits as she does? She was one of the first female stars of rock and roll. The committee should be ashamed of itself for this blatant oversight. Give Ms. Francis her due while she is still around to enjoy it.

Posted by Joel Block on Tuesday, 03.15.11 @ 05:40am

Connie is the first female Rock and Roll superstar and should have been inducted from the beginning.
All female singers owe her a debt for paving the way for others.
Please do the right thing and Induct Her ASAP!

Posted by Melanie Chilson on Wednesday, 06.1.11 @ 10:36am

The fact that Darlene Love is inducted before Connie Francis is incredible and it makes no sense. The fact she is inducted has me scratched my head. She was not even a minor player nor a contributor during her peek, if she ever had one. She had no influence during the early Rock and Roll era. I feel sometimes they have charity inductees because they feel sorry for them or they know someone from the R&RHOF organization. She was one of Phil Spector's musical slave for all I care. R&RHOF is in the hands of idiots who make personal choices rather than seeing the real historical facts and what really happened back then. Idiots!!!

Posted by Sylvain on Wednesday, 07.13.11 @ 15:42pm

Connie is long overdue to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Let's see her get inducted soon!

Posted by John on Thursday, 10.6.11 @ 16:08pm

I beg to differ. Francis is far too easy listening to be seen as important for the course of rock music.

Posted by Robert on Tuesday, 11.15.11 @ 10:02am

Brenda Lee was more AC than Connie, and that's before she went country. Connie did go largely AC later in her career, but you can't ignore great songs like "Lipstick On Your Collar," "Vacation," "Stupid Cupid," "I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter" etc. Great rock'n'roll music. You don't take an average when considering merit for the Hall.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 11.15.11 @ 13:00pm


Posted by vic on Thursday, 11.24.11 @ 13:08pm

It breaks my heart that she is not in After all she has given an been through ,It is a true crime she is not in!
Just another tragedy it almost makes me angry!
I feel sorry for the RRHOF for this over sight
she is one of the best ,,,, lets hope she is seen for her beauty and true talent!

Posted by Happy on Saturday, 03.31.12 @ 00:51am


Posted by JOEL C. LEOPANDO on Saturday, 05.12.12 @ 07:17am

I almost went to the RRHOF but decided not to because whomever is in charge of nominations must be 15 or so and really don't remember Connie Francis. She was and is the female voice of early Rock and Roll. It is a travesty that any woman is inducted into the HOF before Connie

Posted by Ron Raposa on Monday, 12.16.13 @ 18:51pm

I was encouraged many years ago when Gloria Estefan purchased the rights to Ms. Francis' biography with the intent of creating a film...since that project became tied up in legal-eeze, I am not encouraged that a movie about her life and career will be available to help spur the HOF folks to action. But then, it shouldn't take a major motion picture to get this done.

Posted by Kevin McShane on Thursday, 12.26.13 @ 13:07pm

a travesty not to include MS. francis. She is still performing 2014 there is still time please please please make this right HOF.

Posted by Roger Rigby on Friday, 10.17.14 @ 06:30am

WTF she is not in? One of the best females of the 50's era. I started looking and came across her name!

Posted by Bryan on Wednesday, 12.17.14 @ 18:10pm

I just don't see it happening.

Posted by Jonas on Wednesday, 05.6.15 @ 07:45am

Connie Francis entertained the troops in Vietnam and sung her heart out and I will not go to the Hall Of Fame until she is in there.

Posted by Donald Bohnert on Friday, 10.30.15 @ 21:08pm

I was flabbergasted to learn Connie Francis was not in the HOL! Are you kidding? There is a group of us that planned to charter a small bus to go to the HOF next spring. We are older (mid 60's to late 70s) oldies fanatics. But the concensus is not to go if Connie is not inducted! Connie and Elvis ruled back then. She IS a rocker! Apparently those who decide who will be inducted are much younger and weren't around when rock was born! Iam a proud 1st generation rock & roller. Shame on the HOF!

Posted by Richard Schlicher on Saturday, 11.28.15 @ 22:01pm

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