Chaka Khan

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2003 (The 2004 Induction Ceremony)

Nominated in: 2016   2017   

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

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I Feel for You (1984)
I Feel For You (1984)

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I'm Every Woman (1978)
I Feel For You (1984)

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Will Chaka Khan be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Chaka Khan SOLO ? NO !!!

RUFUS as a GROUP ? YES !!!

Let's not start another Miracles/Smokey fiasco.

Posted by Bill G. on Tuesday, 07.9.13 @ 21:25pm

Still no FRL page on RUFUS. Only Chaka solo. Neil: Please add a page on RUFUS.
Fortunately, The Rock Hall DID nominate RUFUS as a group WITH Chaka last year. But, no induction. (Why am I NOT surprised ?)

Posted by Bill G. on Tuesday, 07.9.13 @ 21:31pm

They were nominated as "Rufus with Chaka Khan".

Posted by FRL on Tuesday, 07.9.13 @ 22:38pm

I just love Chaka khan but with out Rufus it seems empty.. I was sad when Joplin make it in but not Big Brother and the Holding Company

Posted by Happy on Tuesday, 07.9.13 @ 23:20pm

Chaka Khan should be nominated and inducted as a solo artist!

Posted by Ty'Berria Clatt on Friday, 09.25.15 @ 22:51pm

I'd like to see both make it in. The group and the soloist. That'd be awesome.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 09.25.15 @ 23:58pm

What makes Chaka Khan's chances any better than the chances for Rufus with Chaka Khan? Do you think they will induct Chaka Khan and induct Rufus separately in the same year, but Rufus will get in the Musical Excellence category?

Posted by Roy on Monday, 10.12.15 @ 17:02pm

Donna Summer was nominated 5 times before being inducted. Will the same thing happen to Chaka Khan?

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 11.1.15 @ 14:44pm

I have been a Rufus/Chaka Khan fan as in since they have started this is crazy that they are not nominated as a group!

Posted by Rufus Fan Page on Saturday, 12.5.15 @ 15:03pm

I agree, I don't think she's done enough as a solo artist to warrant and induction, but as Rufus w/ Chaka Khan definitely! I find it surprising they've only received one nomination

Posted by Christian on Tuesday, 09.13.16 @ 16:54pm

Chaka Khan's Rock Hall page says she's been nominated 3 times. They are counting her nomination with Rufus as the first. This doesn't look good for Rufus. They might not get another nomination. Maybe they'll induct them in the Musical Excellence category the same year that Chaka Khan gets inducted.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 10.21.16 @ 22:06pm

She should of been in there long time

Posted by Noel Goodridge on Friday, 04.7.17 @ 21:52pm

Both, Chaka Khan and Janet Jackson got enough votes in 2015 to get nominated again in 2016.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 05:26am

Nominated as…

Rufus With Chaka Khan (2011)
Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan (2017)
Chaka Khan (2015, 2016)

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 05:27am

Littlr miss gary should not even be mentioned wiyh great Chaka Khan.

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 05:52am

Time To Be Lovers by Chaka Khan and Michael McDonald on the 1992 Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 10:17am

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