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Eligible since: 1983 (The 1984 Induction Ceremony)

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Do You Want To Dance (1958)

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Will Bobby Freeman be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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I guess he won't get in But he did write "do you want to dance." the swim an a few other hits.. Heck he should get just because he worked at the same club in San Fran.. with Carol Doda..LOL
If you don't know who she IS look her UP
Rock ON!!!

Posted by mrxyzomg on Friday, 10.1.10 @ 22:47pm

Bobby Freeman is someone I don't care for, but do respect. In terms of credentials, I give him middling. "Do You Wanna Dance" and "The Swim" are somewhat important R&B records (heck, Do You Wanna Dance is pretty darned important), but I would put him just below Bobby Day in my queue, if I was actually keeping one.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 10.1.10 @ 23:07pm

I can understand that but I was talking about the real influence!!!! to many to musicians "Carol Doda"
With out a doubt.. Many of the best dug her ..At North Beach.. Condor Club.That .Was where it was happing in the 60's They had it all the music was top!!

Posted by mrxyxomg on Friday, 10.1.10 @ 23:16pm

"Do You Wanna Dance" is a great song but not enough to be inducted. Actually no one I know knows Freeman's name.

Posted by Robert on Tuesday, 11.15.11 @ 10:06am

"Do You Want To Dance". The vocal is not nuanced at all, and the piano playing is more like piano banging. But that apparently was its charm, as this primal sound swung its way up to #5 pop/#2 R&B in 1958. I'm guessing because the original was so perfectly flawed, that everyone felt they could cover it. Some shouldn't have (Sonny & Cher, Sandy Nelson), some had their own hits with it (the Beach Boys), some added it to their repertoires as crowd pleasers (the 4 Seasons, Cliff Richard & the Shadows, Jan & Dean) and some took the song in a completely different direction that actually embraced the lyrics (the Mamas and the Papas, Johnny Rivers, Bette Midler).

And here's a question - did this song presage the dance craze of the early 60s?

It was quite a song. Unfortunately, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not really geared towards recognizing artists who, whether they had other hits or not (and Bobby Freeman did have others hits). Yeah, they have that one hit wonders exhibit in the exhibition section, a wall painted with the song titles and artists, a display that shows a video and a few seats, and. . . that's about it. And they've managed to induct a few such artists like Ritchie Valens or Percy Sledge. But those artists exhibited talent to spare with an influence that stretched deeply into rock and roll beyond that one song they're mostly noted for. That may explain why they were inducted and other acts like Bobby Freeman were not. It's hard to say without talking to the nominators and the voters about those decisions.

Outside of those examples, I guess we'll just have to be happy with "Gee" by the Crows, "Sh-Boom" by the Chords, "The Book Of Love" by the Monotones, "Wild Thing" and "Love Is All Around" by the Troggs, "Louie Louie" by the Kingsmen, "Wooly Bully" by Sam The Sham & the Pharoahs and, yes, "Do You Want To Dance" by Bobby Freeman. We can embrace them even if the R&RHoF, by design, really can't.

Posted by Charles Crossley Jr on Thursday, 05.26.16 @ 10:23am

RIP Bobby Freeman

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 02.2.17 @ 20:46pm

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