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Eligible in: 2017 (The 2018 Induction Ceremony)

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No Rain (1992)

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Will Blind Melon be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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They Had One Damn Hit

Posted by D on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 15:18pm

Love 'The Bee Song'. That's not enough (by a long stetch) to make the Hall, however.

I will freak if they ever make the Hall.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.17.08 @ 11:54am

Hoon was the man, I hate how people call Blind Melon one hit wonders they had many more songs that were way better than 'No Rain'

Posted by Jack on Saturday, 07.3.10 @ 00:53am

They had one commercial hit but if you listen to their albums then you would realize that every song they released was great. Blind Melon should be in the Hall of Fame but might not make it due to the lack of extreme commercial success.

Posted by Dan on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 18:33pm

Shannon ruled the 90s, so no I don't think they should be inducted.

Posted by Brett on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 15:53pm

Blind Melon should absolutely be in the HOF! They are definately the most underrated band of the 90's. Thier music was SO pure and earthy feeling. Shannon Hoon had his problems with drug abuse, but he was a brilliant songwriter and frontman. To say that Blind Melon only had one hit is outrageous! whoever says that does not know good and important music.

Posted by Lance on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 08:25am

It's unfortunate that people associate blind melon with no rain. Its a decent song and all but in no way does it stand up to their other songs. Take some time and listen and you'll probably realize that this band was 1 or 2 albums away from being in everyone's ear. It's the best music to come out of the 90s, no one's even close. Hoon was one of the biggest musical losses in rock. Unfortunately, the HOF probably won't happen because people can't seem to get past no rain. Give a listen, its one of the last examples of real rock music.

Posted by Nic on Wednesday, 10.26.11 @ 12:35pm

theAMAZINGcool was on this page for no apparent reason 2013...

Posted by theAMAZINGcool on Monday, 06.24.13 @ 13:36pm

You know, Jimi Hendrix also only had one hit.

Posted by James on Thursday, 10.9.14 @ 12:36pm

RIP, Shannon. 20 years ago today. A kind soul, by all accounts.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 10.21.15 @ 15:36pm

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