Black Sabbath

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 2006

Inducted by: Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield

Nominated in: 1997   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2006

First Eligible: 1996 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and Bill Ward

Snubbed Members: Vinny Appice, Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Nicholls

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1996 (ranked #29) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Paranoid (1970)
Black Sabbath (1970)
Master Of Reality (1971)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)
Heaven and Hell (1980)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Black Sabbath (1970)
Iron Man (1970)
Paranoid (1970)
War Pigs (1970)
N.I.B. (1970)
Children of the Grave (1971)
Sweet Leaf (1971)
Heaven and Hell (1980)

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46 comments so far (post your own)

You just cant go wrong w/ BLACK SABBATH!
The lyrics, the riffs, the evil!
It would seem wrong not to put them in agin.

Posted by CRAZY OZZY on Thursday, 03.1.07 @ 17:22pm

Comment blacksabbaths excellence dammit they're the 23 best selling band in britan they're in the top twenties and in america their album paranoid is the 8th best selling album in america and the best selling cd in britan in britan blacksabbath are better selling than the beatles, led zepplin, aerosmith BLACK SABBATH ROCKS! I miss Ozzie come back to the band =( keep kicking ass and taking names guys u rule!!!!!! I am not worthy.

Posted by Lucas on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 23:55pm

I feel Black Sabbath deserves to be in the Hall 100%. But I can't help to think if the Osbournes did not have that TV show they would have gotten bypassed like so many others.

Posted by anthony rubbo on Thursday, 04.5.07 @ 21:09pm

This band finally got into the hall last year, which might be a sign that more hard rock/heavy metal acts are to follow...possibly Deep Purple.

Posted by maplejet on Tuesday, 05.22.07 @ 13:00pm

The fact that it took them 8 years, is very very sad. Yet hopfully that with Sabbath and Van Halen getting inducted in back to back that more Metal/Hard bands get inducted. (Deep Purple/Kiss/Judas Priest/Alice Cooper)

Posted by Gassman on Tuesday, 09.4.07 @ 22:19pm

I'm afraid maplejet's predictions are sadly untrue. We have had a brief moment of glory only to be shattered by Madonna. What a foul, tragic fate.

Posted by Metalsmith on Friday, 04.4.08 @ 20:27pm

Here's something to talk about.
IAN GILLAN: awesome
GLENN HUGHES: nothing special

Posted by Metalsmith on Tuesday, 04.15.08 @ 08:26am

yes finally i think the rock hall of fame needs more rock no more madonna please god! Also i think that mettalica should get in eventually

Posted by the pac on Sunday, 06.1.08 @ 15:43pm

No one likes my analysis of Black Sabbath singers, I see.

Posted by Metalsmith on Friday, 06.13.08 @ 13:45pm


Its not that we don't like it. I do like it. However when you think Sabbath, you think Ozzy, it's a given, and Maybe Dio if the Song Heaven and Hell comes to mind. (Great Sabbath side project feat. Iommi,Dio, Geezer, and Vinnie Appice)While Ian was also a great singer I dont think he really fit the Sabbath mold and he never caugh fire with me. and the last two singers you hit the nail on the head. But sabbath is not the same without Ozzy at the helm. Never was the same probably never will be. Yet hold on to your breath rumors are rife, that ofter their last reunion concerts two years ago that a new Sabbath album( featuring all the original members counld be in the works in the near future)

Posted by Will on Tuesday, 08.12.08 @ 08:48am

Couldn't agree with you more, Will. Ozzy just has so much heart. I've never seen a more charismatic frontman. But I still enjoy the novelty of having different singers contribute their own ideas to the Black Sabbath formula. You can't go wrong with Dio, whatever band he's in and Gillan is one of the all-time great rock singers. But you're right; each of them deserves to be successful in their own respective bands. Rock on, man.

Posted by Metalsmith on Tuesday, 09.2.08 @ 16:12pm

My Black Sabbath top 5

1.Iron Man
4.Children of the Grave
5.Crazy Train

Posted by David on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 14:29pm

Top 5

1. Crazy Train
2. Iron Mn
3. War Pigs
4. Paranoid
5. Heaven and Hell

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 14:29pm

Mike - Crazy Train is not a Sabbath song. It is an Ozzy solo track.

Posted by Dasmeon on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 17:16pm

I told you Mike,Crazy Train is a solo track by Ozzy,he made me right it so,BLAME HIM

Posted by David on Monday, 10.20.08 @ 16:24pm

Apparently, no Crazy Train is a Sabbath song. When Ozzy left they were working on Crazy Train but they decided not to release it because Ozzy would had put it on Blizzard of Oz.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 14:10pm

my top 5; 1. war pigs 2.iron man 3.paranoid the hero 5.sabbath,bloody sabbath 6. ace of spades

Posted by king floyd on Saturday, 11.22.08 @ 19:54pm

In the fields of bodies burning...

Posted by king floyd on Friday, 12.12.08 @ 20:48pm

I personally enjoy Sabbath's first three line-ups(even though I know everyone else hates the Born Again album, but I like some of it's tracks.) I always wondered why Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice were not inducted with the band because to many Sabbath fans that era is just as loved as the Ozzy era. Then I found this old album review and now I know why.

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 06.6.09 @ 11:22am

No one ever talks about the few recordings with Ian Gillian and lead vocals. I mean, it is nothing historic, but I still have Zero the Hero implanted into my head all these years later.

Posted by Dameon on Saturday, 06.6.09 @ 13:25pm

True, it's not the best Sabbath album and it has a horrible album cover, but I think "Zero the Hero" and "Disturbing the Priest" were alright songs.

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 06.6.09 @ 13:45pm

I don't know if anyone has heard of Flower Travellin' Band, but they did a pretty cool cover of "Black Sabbath".

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 06.18.09 @ 13:01pm

I think it would be better if we move this debate to the Black Sabbath page because it doesn't have much to do with predictions.

Speed metal is a form quicky paced metal that began in the ealry '70s. Deep Purple basically started the genre. Bands like Judas Priest, Motorhead, Budgie, etc. all used the format of very fast metal.

Thrash metal would later evole taking influence from bands mixing elements for the NWoBHM and hardcore punk. It was much agressive than speed. Some examples of it be: Metallica(early/current), Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax,(these first 4 bands I have mentioned are often refered to as the Big 4 of the genre), Exodus, Anvil, Metal Church, Testament, etc.

Black Sabbath did Church benefits, wrote Satan being something to stay away from, and the symbol of the band was a cross. They were a Christian band.

I going to be gone for a few days.

Posted by Dude Man on Tuesday, 08.4.09 @ 18:23pm

2:31. I believe this is where Black Sabbath got thier "Paranoid" intro.

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 08.16.09 @ 14:15pm

Iron Man...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 08.18.09 @ 12:52pm

It bothers me that only the original lineup was inducted. It's completely unfair to about 15 other people who were members of Black Sabbath, among them Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan and the late great Cozy Powell, all of whom should already be in this Hall multiple times.

Posted by Metalsmith on Wednesday, 08.19.09 @ 19:34pm

"It bothers me that only the original lineup was inducted. It's completely unfair to about 15 other people who were members of Black Sabbath." -Metalsmith
Metalsmith, I'm no expert on Black Sabbath but heres an answer I will give anyway. Often what happens is that a band with great longevity becomes a "tribute" band of it's former self, e.g., this is exactly the situation ICO Chicago. Ergo, members who were onboard during the formative years, or during the heydey years, are really the meat (metal?) of the band. They made it. Latecomers then are just riding the wave - not saying they aren't talented, but you can't induct 15 people for a 5 or 6 person group. That would be bullshit.

Posted by Telarock on Thursday, 08.20.09 @ 07:22am

I have to disagree with you there, Telarock. Ronnie James Dio never rode the wave of the Osbourne era band's success; in fact, he would have preferred not to perform Ozzy's songs at all. Besides, according to your logic, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page shouldn't be inducted with The Yardbirds because they weren't part of the initial lineup and that, my friend, is bullshit.

Posted by Metalsmith on Saturday, 08.22.09 @ 22:37pm

Since we had that whole proto-metal thing on the Beatles page, I just wanted to post this old Sabbath demo. This is what Black Sabbath(then known as Earth) were playing in 1969, they really changed thier sound the next year.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 09.2.09 @ 12:20pm

Do most of us agree that Black Sabbath are not a doom metal band?

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 10.4.09 @ 22:06pm

Do most of us agree that Black Sabbath are not a doom metal band?

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 10.4.09 @ 22:06pm

other than Ozzie they are doomed LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 10.5.09 @ 01:16am

Alright, it's unanimous, Black Sabbath are not a doom metal band.

Posted by Dude Man on Monday, 10.5.09 @ 13:14pm

Why aren't they a doom metal band?

Posted by Metalsmith on Wednesday, 11.18.09 @ 13:07pm

"Why aren't they a doom metal band?"

Because doom metal is much slower and lower tuned than Sabbath. They were an influence on it, that's about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Besides you can find just as many sources pointing them to stoner rock or sludge metal.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 11.18.09 @ 13:23pm

True, but then every form of metal can claim descent from Black Sabbath. I don't think they should be labelled as any specific subcategory.

Posted by Metalsmith on Friday, 11.20.09 @ 18:06pm

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

Posted by Steve Z on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 14:16pm

Thank you, Steve Z. By now, most of your have probably heard the news of Ronnie James Dio's death from stomach cancer. One question: Why was he not included in the Hall of Fame nomination with Black Sabbath? Even though his contribution was after Ozzy Osbourne's (arguably the band's heydey), he still had a contribution to Black Sabbath's success and, well, fame.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 15:04pm

RIP Ronnie James Dio

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 19:35pm

I was, and am, surprised that Ronnie James Dio was not included with the members of Black Sabbath. Does anyone out there know if the induction bylaws would allow an omitted member of an inducted band to be included later?

If anyone knows and would enlighten me, thank you.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 06.20.10 @ 21:11pm

May Ronnie R.I.P. Some people only think of the Ozzy era as Sabbath, and probably the Hall thought the same way. Just my guess as to why Ronnie and Vinnie were left out. Ian Gillan was left out because they weren't intending on calling Born Again a Sabbath album; ditto for Glenn Hughes. But yeah, no reason not to induct Ronnie. Unfortunately, you can't do it over and change the induction.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 06.26.10 @ 16:08pm

An absolute TRAVESTY that Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice were excluded from induction into the Hall as MEMBERS of BLACK SABBATH in 2006, especially considering Hagar got in as a member of Van Halen a year later. Frankly, that's absolutely SHAMEFUL in my opinion.

Personally, I think the Hall could right this WRONG by re-inducting Black Sabbath with Dio, posthumously, and Appice. For all intents and purposes, Ronnie's passing in May 2010 laid to rest perhaps the greatest "Mach II/III" incarnation in the HISTORY of popular music. A GLARING omission that DESERVES to be rectified!

Posted by V.F.T. on Wednesday, 12.11.13 @ 21:53pm

Would like to know if Sabbath is playing any of the 'Dio Years' songs during their current tour. Also if they play any of Ozzy's solo stuff (like Mr. Crowley, etc.).

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 12.12.13 @ 07:40am

So Guns N Roses were inducted into this Hall of Fame after just 1 nomination but Black Sabbath were inducted upon their 8th nomination? I understand where music is concerned that there can't be 100% objectivity but that is 100% absurd. Black Sabbath established way more of an impact in heavy metal.

Posted by Zechariah on Sunday, 11.22.15 @ 02:57am

Well what about Tony Martin, Cozy Powell and Neil Murray? They qualify as snubbed members as well.

Posted by Nicky Joe on Friday, 01.20.17 @ 07:13am

For me, Black Sabbath is the most important band of all time, for the sheer fact that they defined heavy metal for all time!

Posted by Luke Madigan on Monday, 05.8.17 @ 16:31pm

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