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Eligible since: 2003 (The 2004 Induction Ceremony)

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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2023 (ranked #242) .

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Damaged (1981)
My War (1984)

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Rise Above (1981)

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Will Black Flag be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Will Black Flag get in? Most likely not, same with Joan Jett and the blackhearts, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Should they? Yes. They have influence, that's for sure. They were one of the original LA punk bands and helped usher in the age of hardcore.

Posted by DrP on Friday, 02.23.07 @ 12:03pm

The american hardcore movement was the most influential and radical movement in hard music since Zepplin. Black Flag, along with the Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, and a group of others changed the face of hard music forever. Every hard band past '82 lives in the shadow of bands like black flag.

Posted by Blake on Sunday, 04.8.07 @ 00:37am

Only 2 groups from the early 80's LA punk scene have a reasonable shot at getting into the RRHOF. X is one of them, Black Flag is the other. IF Black Flag gets in, it won't be for the music so much as for the DIY ethic they brought to the music scene. When no major record companies were interested in the music of punk LA, Black Flag, particularly leader/guitarist Greg Ginn started SST records, considered one of the best independent record companys around, and released their own music along with other siminal groups such as Husker Du, Minutemen, Meat Puppets among others. And with singer Henry Rollins starting his own publishing company, no longer would artists that lacked clout have to kow-tow to major record or publishing companies. Oh yeah, their music was awsome also, but that doesn't always cut it with the HOF voters. If BF gets in, (and I think they will, though not on their first nomination) it will because they radicalized the behind the scenes, as well as the music.

Posted by qoz on Saturday, 11.17.07 @ 21:10pm

At a Black Flag show in NY (May have been the Left Bank Club), they notified the DJ to play only Motorhead and KISS between their two sets. The club was filled with punkrockers. I know this to be true because my friend Walter was the DJ at the club. For me, this says somthing about the importance of both Motorhead and KISS. I may not be a fan of KISS, but I will give them their due.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 12:11pm

That doesn't prove that KISS had any influence on Black Flag at all, just that the members were fans. I've listened to Black Flag, and I can't hear any KISS in there.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 12:34pm

If Henry Rollins cites KISS as an influence, who are you to say that Blag Flag was not influenced by KISS?

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 13:47pm

I've never seen/heard him do so and you didn't give any examples of that happening. And I still haven't seen a citation....

Posted by Liam on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 13:56pm

In an interview which was aired on VH1. What can I say. Where the interview took place, I cannot say. I think they were talking about the greatest Hard Rock bands of all time.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 16:56pm

Yes, Black Flag definitely deserves it.

Screw Hardcore, those kids rejected the band and Black Flag made better albums after Damaged anyway. Greg Ginn was an important pioneer in implementing raw noise via free and avant-garde jazz into rock guitar and the band itself did much to expand the boundaries of its community. SST was the great American label of the 1980s, some of the best and most influential records came out through Black Flag's label. Then there is the band's legendary work ethic.

Posted by Jonas on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 00:12am

Black Flag are absolutely inluential on the progression of rock. Grunge (although I'm not a fan) was heralded as a rebirth in music and if you ask who the bands listened to growing up I bet most would say Black Flag. They changed music, albeit second generation. Kurt Cobain recorded his inner demons for all to hear, not to sell records, but because he listened to My War by Black Flag and found a way to make it palpable. Henry Rollins (not the be all end all of Black Flag) has said that receiving a trophy for art is stupid. So I hope they get in but never show to be formally inducted. Lastly, no guitarist today will ever show the bravery Greg Ginn showed with his guitar.

Posted by Steve on Friday, 03.26.10 @ 17:04pm

Yes. I'm surprised they haven't at least been considered, because critics love them. Part of the first wave of hardcore punk and the first wave of alternative. One of the original hardcore bands. They had a huge influence on Seattle. I know they've influenced Nirvana and The Melvins, but even if it's only that that's more than enough. Not to mention their influence on punk, which is probably huge. They even influenced Slayer for God's sake! I'm not much of a fan but I must give credit where credit is due. Put them in already.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 05.2.10 @ 17:03pm

Re: the Kiss story, that's probably just something Henry did to pissoff a bunch of angry punks

Also, Black Flag is a must. Crucial band.

Posted by Chalkie on Wednesday, 06.23.10 @ 17:29pm

In elaboration on my Seattle comment, first-wave Grunge was heavily influenced by Punk, and "Gun" by Soundgarden is quite reminiscent in parts of "Nothing Left Inside". Actually, most of the My War album is. We'll see what Soundgarden have to say about this omission when they get in.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 01.22.11 @ 09:42am

"Yes. I'm surprised they haven't at least been considered, because critics love them. " - Sam

Sam, it says right at the top, "Previously Considered? Yes."

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 12.3.11 @ 15:45pm

YES! they already inducted The Clash, The Ramones and The Sex Pistols! why not move on forward To Black Flag, Dead Kennedys or Bad Brains.....before going on hyping up Greed Day in the RNRHOF they should welcome in the hardcore punk wave of the 80's first! although my doubt of inducting every single punk band is really high you gotta bring in Black Flag!

Posted by Rene Cornejo on Friday, 03.23.12 @ 19:11pm

They should rightly move forward to them. Unfortunately, their notion of moving forward into the early-mid 80's meant Madonna, etc.

Black Flag is just another case of necessary back-tracking that the Hall should do, but may not. It'll take a heavy push from those who are already in, or on their way. Don't know what Metallica thinks of them, but they might help out. Same w/RHCP, now that their going in.

When Nirvana gets in, this might lead to a push for Sonic Youth. If SY get in, maybe a combined push from Metallica,the Chili's, Nirvana, & Sonic Youth could get Black Flag in. It would be nice.

Kinda sad that these acts a re reduced to influence peddling here...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 03.23.12 @ 19:27pm

I'd personally prefer to see the Buzzcocks or Bad Brains go next, but I'd still be thrilled to see Black Flag go in at any point, or for that matter Television, Richard Hell & the Voidoids or the Slits (who are a far superior pick to the Runaways by almost any measure, IMNSHO).

I'm also amazed how little attention some of the important Proto-punk acts still outstanding have gotten. MC5, New York Dolls, Modern Lovers and Suicide are all more than due.

Posted by DarinRG on Friday, 03.23.12 @ 21:00pm

YES! And with Kira Roessler!!

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 23:22pm

It is an absolute disgrace that they've been snubbed for over a decade. They should have gotten in at least 5 years ago.

Posted by Hunter Morrow on Saturday, 08.30.14 @ 20:50pm

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