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Eligible since: 1985 (The 1986 Induction Ceremony)

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Tell It Like It Is (1966)

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Will Aaron Neville be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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R&B, Country and Folk. He could do it all!

Aaron Neville, amazing voice. Compared to Barry Gibb and Peter Cetera.


Posted by Qazisaidso on Sunday, 02.15.09 @ 05:06am

01. Over You
02. She Took You For A Ride
03. Tell It Like It Is
04. Don't Know Much (with Linda Ronstadt)
05. All My Life (with Linda Ronstadt)
06. Bird On The Wire
07. Everybody Plays The Fool
08. Somewhere, Somebody
09. Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
10. The Grand Tour
11. Don't Take Away My Heaven
12. Even If My Heart Would Break (with Kenny G)
13. Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You (The Rain Song)
14. Use Me
15. Say What's In My Heart
16. It's All Right

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 17:54pm

Aaron Neville should have done a remake of Staying Alive by The Bee-Gees in his earlier days.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.09 @ 07:14am

Tahvo...I hear Aaron getting slammed a lot because he's such a big, burly man with that smooth voice singing those ballads. But when I think of the Nevilles I think of this song...or the Meters. I don't know if you're familiar with it, but thought I'd throw it at you anyway...


Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 07.4.10 @ 07:44am

Thanks for another great link, Gitarzan. I'm familiar (though not very much so) with the Neville Brothers and Aaron Neville, the song itself I don't recall hearing. Nice song, good sound I'll check out more of their catalogue, always looking forward to stumbling across some great artist I either don't know at all or not overly familiar with, and clips from YouTube certainly help my never ending and highly enjoyable quest.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 07.4.10 @ 09:43am

"Heís recorded other songs of mine, all great performances, but for some reason I kept thinking about 'Shooting Star,' something heís never recorded but I knew that he could. I could always hear him singing it for some reason, even when I wrote it. I mean, what can you say? He's the most soulful of singers, maybe in all of recorded history. If angels sing, they must sing in that voice. I just think his gift is so great. The man has no flaws, never has. Heís always been one of my favorite singers right from the beginning. 'Tell it Like it Is,' that could be my theme song. Itís strange, because heís the kind of performer that can do your songs better than you, but you canít do his better than him. Really, you canít say enough about Aaron Neville. We wonít see his likes again." - Bob Dylan

Posted by Huckleberry on Sunday, 02.15.15 @ 00:59am

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