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Will 311 be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Hell ya they should be in the Hall of Fame! They are awesome at what they do...period!

Posted by Vanessa on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 13:45pm

i agree completely with vanessa. 311 kicks ace!!!!

Posted by evilmonkeyfromcloset on Thursday, 04.5.07 @ 13:40pm

Probably a longshot, but they were one of the first rapcore artists. They still get radio play and some praise....so why not?

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 04.6.07 @ 11:30am

I'm goanna be sick.

Posted by Jeff on Sunday, 05.27.07 @ 19:31pm

If rage gets in, 311 gets in. Both bands were the pioneers for rapcore.311 has a unique sound and are one of the best live bands in the 21st century so far. So a yes for me

Posted by ken on Friday, 11.16.07 @ 22:02pm

311 is the best

Posted by Frank on Tuesday, 03.18.08 @ 10:17am

"Come Original" was a catchy tune...haven't heard much more than that, though.

Posted by Terry on Tuesday, 03.18.08 @ 10:57am

i like them but i don't know anyone else who knows them. so i dont think they are popular enough

Posted by xavier on Friday, 01.16.09 @ 02:56am

definitely should get in. absolute rabbid fan base, 311 day held every other year in new orleans, major influence on the whole rap rock scene, many top 10 rock radio hits (down, all mixed up, creatures). one of the best live bands of today.

Posted by incubeau7 on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 08:57am

New album Uplifter kicks ass. 311 is awesome. Beatiful Disaster, Down and All Mixed Up are awesome songs! Much better than RATM. They still have successeful songs. Better than Sublime.

Posted by lame on Monday, 06.15.09 @ 15:25pm

Aside from The Dead, these guys have the biggest/loyal fanbase popular music has ever seen. They have carved out a career that is both mainstream and underground. They can still sell out huge concerts without even releasing an album. They could arguably be one of the greatest live rock acts ever. They have been a huge influence on the hybrid music scene. These guys are alternative rock.

Posted by Ken on Wednesday, 11.18.09 @ 14:39pm

I voted no but after reading everyones comments I remembered how amazing they are live. A really really talented group of guys. Didn't like them until I first saw them live. It just clicked.

Posted by Downboy on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 02:11am

sublime>>>>311, just saying...

Posted by downboyisgay on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 21:13pm

311 has much better songs than Sublime. Sublime was a good band, but 311 wrote better lyrics and were much better live. 311 was more innovative than Sublime. Although I know Sublime will get inducted before 311.

Posted by lame on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 21:32pm

311 has to go in. They have survived through many years of musical changes. They couldve have given up on themselves a long time ago when music critiques were slamming them after transistor, but they didn't. They are also the definition of a band they are many different parts put together to make an awesome sound. And they play the best shows they have more energy at their concerts than any human beings I've ever seen. They have great songs that are better than a lot of stuff on the radio they just don't get the recognition they deserve because radio stations can't classify their music.

Posted by Paul on Sunday, 08.15.10 @ 17:08pm

311 deserves to go in. They have been together for 20 years and continue to put out great albums and have stuck together through thick and thin. Also, they are extremely talented. Both singers can rap,sing, and do reggae renditions and still sound great. There is noboby like them they have to go in just on talent, longevity and versatility alone.

Posted by Doug on Sunday, 08.15.10 @ 17:16pm

I don't understand why music critics continue to bash 311. What the hell did 311 ever do to you!!. They are the nicest guys in the world and they still appreciate their fans unlike other radio friendly sell-out punk ass bands like Green Day and Blink. Oh ya and 311's guitar players actually know more than 3 chords unlike Green Day and Kiss. Oh, but I guess u guys don't like them because they don't sell dolls and merchandise at the mall like Kiss and Green Day do. Or maybe u don't like them because they are just better and you guys just don't want to admit it. 311 all the way to the (dance) hall.

Posted by Keanu on Monday, 08.16.10 @ 20:52pm

ehh srry but 311's lyrics are lame for the most part, at least sublime had some interesting songs about drugs and their cali lifestyle, 311s are either like pure pop lyrics or just saying the same thing over and over again, be nice and positive blah blah blah we get it after like 8 albums

Posted by bobo on Wednesday, 02.16.11 @ 22:13pm

I think they'll get in, along with Sublime. With bands like the Dirty Heads, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, and the Expendables, both 311 and Sublime's influence is finally starting to show. In 311's case, I think they will be one of those bands who will gain more recognition once they're done, but who knows when that will be. 20 years and still going very strong, how many bands can claim to doing that?

Posted by kevin on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 14:57pm

They've been going strong for 21 years...and wether you like their style or not, they are unquestionably one of the best live bands still going today. Unreal sound and tightness from these guys... it's a rarity these days, so a yes for me.

Posted by Garrett on Tuesday, 06.7.11 @ 16:15pm

It would suck to not see 311 be inducted. Come on now, the people that bash them have only heard a few of their songs like "Come Original", "Amber", the ones that have had music videos. Their music is amazing and their lyrics do have meaning. People just don't listen to the right songs. They've been together for a very long time and give a positive message. They've created a nation of diehard, understanding fans. They probably have a fan base like no other, and created a movement. Lots of people know of them, and lots of people don't. But I think they made a big enough impact. They deserve the credit.

Posted by Elaine on Thursday, 12.8.11 @ 15:19pm

OMG, do you see whats happening in Syria? Regardless of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue

Posted by Steve Parker on Sunday, 12.18.11 @ 06:17am

My prediction: 311 will not get in the first ten years of eligibility. During this time, millions of fans will petition to get them in, and in many ways the RRHOF will be put under heavy criticism and will lose credibility. Then 311 will finally get in. They'll be in their late 50's but still making albums and touring, and their induction ceremony will be epic.

What happens to 311 will be exactly what happened to Rush.

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, 01.23.13 @ 23:26pm

311 is not "Rapcore" like many people are stating here. They fuse hip hop, reggae, punk, and metal and do it very well. They are a very unique band that has been around 25 years strong with a huge following. Rapcore would refer to awful bands like Limp Bizkit that have no business being in the same conversation as 311.

Posted by not rapcore on Wednesday, 04.17.13 @ 14:47pm

I have to preface this by stating that I knew who 311 was Way before they became famous, when they were a local Omaha band. Having said that, 311 is one of the most innovative bands since Rush. They mix rock, reggae, punk R&B (see the song Amber), rap, and soul. No they are not rapcore or whatever you want to call it, they are unique. What other band can claim that except maybe Sublime and No Doubt. Sublime unfortunately is hampered by the loss of their lead singer before they became famous, which as far as influencing the genera is a detractor(still miss u Brad). No Doubt is an outside shot but they don't have the fan base since Gwen Stefani went solo.

Posted by David C on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 02:15am

You just have to look at two things: Who have they influenced and how accepted are they? This band has influenced and help launch so many other bands' careers. They have developed their own sound/style, built a GRASSROOTS fan base, and have never wavered in their output. Longevity, relevance, influence. 311 in the Hall please!

Posted by MikeyT on Tuesday, 05.5.15 @ 11:47am

Most noteworthy is the rabid and loyal fan following the band has developed and maintained, absolutely stunning. They've sold records: Blue Album was triple-platinum, Transistor was platinum. Many top 10 modern rock hits; Down, All Mixed Up, Come Original, Don't Tread On Me, etc. And the icing on the cake has to be the unquestionably electric live show. Their music is unique and wide-ranging, and the lyrics are markedly underrated (you have to listen, read them if you must). They'll get in, eventually.

Posted by TJ on Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 03:49am

I have been a fan of 311 for a very long time. They have, without a shadow of a doubt, given me some of the best memories of my childhood in the 90's. Not only, are they insanely talented, but they are one of the most energetic rock bands out there. I recently saw them live at the Great South Bay Music Festival where they went on after the Mighty Mighty Boss Tones. I can remember how insane the concert was, everyone jumping and having a good time, remembering the motto of all 311 fans: "Peace, Love, and Unity." If other people out there are as big a fan as I am of 311, then you will agree that they absolutely deserve a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It would be an insult to the group that helped found Reggae-Rock, and it would further prove that our society does not know what great music is. If you love 311, then you know they deserve their rightful spot. I cannot wait to see them get in, and I know you all can't wait either.

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 10.27.15 @ 01:12am

I've always enjoyed 311's music every since the song 'Down' ruled radio, and I've seen them twice in concert. Very high-energy shows, even if their beats/rhythm are the same in just about all of their songs. Despite of this, its unknown whether they are HOF-worthy. I'd like them to be. Several elements can help them get in. 1) Releasing an album every 2-3 years is a big one. 2) Radio still loves them. 3) Critics? I don't know 4) And as mentioned, their headlining shows are never a letdown. People do buy the tickets and party.

I didn't realize they are now eligible, but I know it'll be at least maybe a few years (?). If nothing else, some of their friends (like Jay-Z) could help out in getting them in.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Tuesday, 10.27.15 @ 15:46pm

Saw them again live as part of a retro-festival this weekend. As I mentioned in the previous comment, they are never a letdown as a live band. In fact, they are one of the greatest of this generation, imo. I always forget they are already eligible to get in the Rock Hall. I'm not sure how soon they will be inducted, but I know it'll happen sometime down the road.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 07.11.16 @ 23:25pm

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