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I'm Not in Love (1975)
Things We Do For Love (1976)

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Will 10cc be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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How about Graham Gouldman as a Non-Performer. Before he cofounded 10cc he wrote hits for The Hollies ("Bus Stop" "Look Through Any Window"), The Yardbirds ("For Your Love" "Heart Full of Soul" "Evil Hearted You") Herman's Hermits ("Listen People" "No Milk Today") Jeff Beck ("Tallyman") and Many More

I do hope they induct 10cc too. But I think they have already waited too long to induct 10cc and at this point they merit a special, more prestigious honor. That is why I have proposed to Jan Werner that the Rock Hall starts a new special category where they induct 10cc as a Band and all of them as individual members. I am quite certain that my proposal is being taking seriously and will probably occur in 2010

Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 02.3.09 @ 02:58am

Is this Lax26's brother or Lax himself with a differnet name?

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 02.3.09 @ 03:54am

Brian - This was a bit of a scary post. I hope to God it is actually Lax26. I would hate to think that there is someone else who thinks like him.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 02.3.09 @ 05:31am

No, this is not LAX 26 (or his brother), just a satirist mocking the absurdity of his Genesis posts, I'm glad at least a few ppl noticed the connection...

Posted by Jonny on Sunday, 02.15.09 @ 13:40pm

horrible songs - this band should never be considered again

Posted by mista cool on Wednesday, 07.1.09 @ 08:38am

Don't tell me I'm the only one who knows the origin of the name 10cc lol

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 14:19pm

I guess I am lol

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 07.10.09 @ 12:39pm

There's a stain on their wall.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.17.09 @ 04:43am

#360 on Notinhalloffame.com and #199 on rateitall.com I lean towards rateitall on this one. Loved the irony of this band, and though musically they were underrated. This was not just a standard soft rock band. Oh....and yes i know the origin of the name......:) http://notinhalloffame.com/news.php

Posted by The_Avenger on Tuesday, 03.23.10 @ 21:45pm

10cc don't really deserve to be in, they were more of a pop rock band really.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 06.9.10 @ 14:28pm

Wasn't Abba a pop rock band?

How about The Beach Boys?

Posted by interviewer on Wednesday, 06.9.10 @ 15:51pm

Giid point.
But I just dont feel like they were ever really important enough to enter.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 07.23.10 @ 10:02am

my third favourite band, Eric Stewart was a genius, and Graham gouldman, amazing songwriter but i dont see what they are recognized for (in rock)

Posted by phil on Saturday, 11.20.10 @ 11:16am

Both Donovan and Graham Gouldman are being inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame next Thursday, (June 12). They are birthmates since they were both born on May 10, 1946. (Another artist born on May 10, 1946 is Dave Mason)

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 06.6.14 @ 20:22pm

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