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About Bread, Steve Z wrote:
  I'm an advocate for Bread and the Association, as well as singer/songwriters like Lightfoot, Fogelberg, McClean, and especially Denver.

I look at the hall as a sort of giant book on the history of rock and roll, with each genre as having its own chapter. If we were to have a chapter on Soft Rock, I think Bread, along with the Carpenters among others, would have to be included. So thats what shifts my leaning on Bread towards yes.
Wednesday, 04.26.17 @ 09:29am
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About Rock Hall Projected, Paul in KY wrote:
  Nicky, nice touch on Diamond Dave not showing up! Excellent writeup.
Wednesday, 04.26.17 @ 08:17am
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About Saint Asonia, Paul in KY wrote:
  I've seen them & they throw on a pretty good show, but no. The lead singer has a higher chance of going in with Three Days Grace than with this outfit (as it stands now).
Wednesday, 04.26.17 @ 08:14am
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About Rock Hall Projected, Nicky Joe wrote:
  Van Halen
Pasadena, California
inducted Members: Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone

Inducted by Dimebag Darrell in 2004

Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love
Why Can't This be Love?
Panama with Dimebag Darrell
*David Lee Roth doesn't show up and Gary Cherone and Sammy Hagar share vocals

In the late 1970's, rock was in grave danger of being overrun by disco and punk, they weren't bad of course but that all out rock that was fulling up arenas and stadiums was starting to slide away. From out of nowhere, a band called Van Halen showed up in 1978 and got massive almost immediately with their self-titled debut record which has since got diamond in their native U.S., that is an accomplishment to be proud of and they soon proved they weren't a one trick pony with a string of successful albums including another diamond album; 1984's... 1984. Unfortunately, David Lee Roth left the group soon afterwards and was replaced by ex-Montrose frontman and solo artist Sammy Hagar who continued to see the band through success an it doesn't matter who's fronting them today, they will always remain an incredibly popular and amazing band. Whether it's the chomping basslines of Michael Anthony, the pounding drums of Alex Van Halen, the party nature of David Lee Roth or the proficient singing of Sammy Hagar, this band can stand on their own. Then there's Eddie Van Halen, who became a guitar god right out of the gate with his amazing signature solo, Eruption and it showed the world how tapping and soloing is done. Numerous guitarists including Dimebag Darrell, Kirk Hammett, Jerry Cantrell, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dave Navarro, Mike McCready, George Lynch, Slash and so many, many more where that came from. Many bands including Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Winger, Extreme, Poison, Cinderella, Living Colour have been influenced by their full blown hard rock style and their's plenty more where that came from.
Wednesday, 04.26.17 @ 06:48am
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About Bread, KING wrote:
  Great write-up Zuzu on some of the soft rock groups and singer-songwriters. I'm surprised Gordon Lightfoot has not been inducted. Bob Dylan has sang Lightfoot's presence on a few occasions and he made some classic songs Sundown, The Wreck of the E.F, If You Could Read My Mind.
Philip brought some good discussion on the metrics qualifications of the Soft Rock groups just like any genre. There was a dozen of these groups in the 70's. Difficult to see who influenced who as some had different offshoots. Anne Murray had a very successful career. She's underrated at this point. I'd like to see Three Dog Night inducted someday. Loved the vocals and One is one of the best songs.
My FAV groups range in the hard rock and metal genre AIC, Def Leppard, Scorpions etc but also Counting Crows, Bryan Adams, and U2. Nirvana was a FAV of mine but Kurt died. They could have put out some killer material in the 90's and 2000's.
Another underrepresented area is the female vocal legends or for lack of a better word "Divas". Annie Lennox,Celine Dion, Dionne Warwick, Mariah Carey,Pat Benatar,Whitney Houston,etc. I'd like to see Stevie Nicks inducted twice. KING
Wednesday, 04.26.17 @ 06:33am
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About Bread, Zuzu wrote:
  I was referring to 4 Canadian artist I feel should be inducted: The Guess Who, BTO, Gordon Lightfoot and Dan Aykroyd as part of the Blues Brothers.

I know you disagree on Gordon Lightfoot but look at what some artist say about his work. They are some of the same artist that had good things to say about Leonard Cohen.

In the 70s rock didn't have its own chart. Pop was pretty much what was marketed to the kids or adults.

Look at some of the songs Helen recorded.

I Don't Know How to Love Him - a song from the rock opera, Jesus Christ Super Star

Delta Dawn - also recorded by Linda Ronstadt

I Am Woman - The anthem of the Women's Movement. She just sang it at the Women's March in LA. It's a protest song. Protest songs are not pop.

Listening to the Very Best of Helen Reddy album on youtube - most of the songs have blues, r&b or country elements which is in line with rock fusion and not pop

Wednesday, 04.26.17 @ 00:38am
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About Bread, Philip wrote:
  Barry White was not pap. That's the distinction I was trying to make. Love songs have their place. But just as not every arena or classic rocker deserves induction, nor does every soft rock act that scored hits.

Also, I hope you're not suggesting that the Hall needs to make a point to induct Canadians. If an artist is worthy, they're worthy whether they're Canadian, American, Laotian, Congolese, or Kazakh.

As for Helen Reddy.... the thought of the All-Star Jam being "I Am Woman" is fiendishly delightful, but it would raise the question, what if any distinctions do we draw between MOR pop and "soft rock"?
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 22:00pm
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About the eligibility class of 2018, Angalia Bianca wrote:
  I am wondering why Vanilla Fudge has never been nominated or inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after all day had a huge impact on music and influenced many guitarist and drummers including Led Zeppelin's drummer, Keith Moon of The Who and many more. They had a huge impact and I believe they should be nominated and inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 21:52pm
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About Patti LaBelle, Deacon James Little wrote:
  Patti Labelle, Nona Hendrix,Sarah Dash they were ahead of their time. They sang wild horses, black roles in the sky, and many other. Performed with Rolling Stones and the Who. All the singers in Labelle could sing.
Nona Hendrix was a great song writer
Labelle were glam rock please give
them their do. It's only fair.
These were true talented
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 21:26pm
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About The Damned, Paul in KY wrote:
  Saw these guys in Louisville at Mercury Ballroom. About 300 there for a great show. Had 2 other bands before them, Vice Tricks & Bleached (check out Bleached. Nice pop/rock band).

Turns out it was Captain Sensible's birthday & thus he was in rare form. I'm not that up on their songs, but crowd sure loved them. They did finish up with 'Smash It Up'.

The crowd was very eclectically dressed & some of them were looking 'steam punk'. They were fans of Dave Vanian, who came out dressed like he was going to Oscar Wilde's funeral.

Definite Hall candidates.

Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 19:18pm
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About the 2017 Nominees, dmg wrote:
  Here are my preliminary fifteen nominees for 2017/2018 in strictly alphabetical order:

A Tribe Called Quest
Bad Brains
Carly Simon
Def Leppard
Janet Jackson
Joy Division/New Order
New York Dolls
Nine Inch Nails
Phil Collins
The Cars
The Doobie Brothers
The Meters
Warren Zevon

If there are more than 15:

If 16, add: MC5
If 17, add: The J. Geils Band
If 18, add: The Marvelettes
If 19, add: Soundgarden
If 20, add: The Moody Blues
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 17:14pm
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About the eligibility class of 2018, dmg wrote:
  Radiohead is first eligible for the 2017/2018 class. This is the list of 2018/2019 first eligibles.
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 16:17pm
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About the eligibility class of 2018, Jack wrote:
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 14:41pm
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About Bread, Zuzu wrote:

We are all entitled to our own tastes. I feel the same way about Hallelujah. It's in these instances that we need to check what other artist thinks to be objective. He is one of 4 Canadian artist from the era that need to be inducted.

Makeout music would eliminate several r&b artist including Barry White.

Soft rock is a good area to ensure that more women are inducted into the hall. If enough pressure is put on the hall it is a possibility that they will have a year dedicated to women. If they do you have to include Helen Ready because I am Woman would be the closing song.
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 12:17pm
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About Bon Jovi, KingCamo wrote:
  He deserves to be in the rock hall of fame for his inspiration towards many people I am Hunter Lee Dulaney at the age of 13
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 12:15pm
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About Saint Asonia, Finjacko wrote:
  It's a long time away, but trust me:

They will make it.
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 09:13am
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About Fleetwood Mac, Jani wrote:
  I would add Then Play On (1969) as an essential album for Fleetwood Mac. Also they have a few essential tunes from that era: Black Magic Woman, Albatross, Man Of The World, Oh Well and Green Manalishi.
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 04:42am
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About Bread, Philip wrote:
  Sorry Zuzu, "Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" is an awful, awful song. I hate pretty much every Lightfoot song I've ever heard. "If You Could Read My Mind" is the most tolerable, but even then, I change the station if it comes on.

That said, if we want to start including more soft rock bands (inducting more acts than singer/songwriters), we need to hold them to the same metrics we hold other acts to. For me, it's the 4 I's. For others, it's about making sure to induct those who elevate it as an art form, and not just backseat smooching pap.
Tuesday, 04.25.17 @ 00:45am
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About Bread, Zuzu wrote:
  A few more

Harry Chapin, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Dr Hook and the Medicine Show, Seals and Crofts, Dan Hill and Lobo
Monday, 04.24.17 @ 23:55pm
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About Bread, Zuzu wrote:
  Classic Rock

Singer songwriter were in the soft rock section. John Denver and Glen Campbell were in the country section even though I would consider them actually soft rock. The problem is that a lot of music in the 70's was a fusion of rock, folk, country and blues.

Some others would be: Don McClean, Melanie, Anne Murray, Helen Ready, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, First Edition, Jim Stafford and Loggins & Messina.

Judy Collins, Arlo Guthrie, Steve Goodman and John Prine would be folk.


No Gordon Lightfoot? Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is classic.

Monday, 04.24.17 @ 23:16pm
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About Bread, Philip wrote:
  KING, you're right about their VGHoF inductions. The Association were in 2003, and Bread in 2006, if I remember correctly. I remember when I read about Bread being inducted, I thought it was a pretty lame choice. Problem was, if you're mostly familiar with the BIG hits, you don't know their abilities to harmonize. Even "Everything I Own", the harmonies were a little vague. You really have to go album deep on them to find their harmonies. In addition to my Rock Hall CDs, I also have a VGHoF set of homemade CDs, and for Bread, I chose "Let Your Love Go," which is very atypical of their general style, but it was a hit with very noticeable harmonies. lol.

Classic Rock, it'd be nice to see, but I think if they do they'll be VERY picky. Besides which, John Denver, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, and probably Dan and Glen would fall pretty comfortably in the pet "singer/songwriter" category. Although, honestly, Lightfoot and Fogelberg would be terrible calls. Worse than Cat Stevens.
Monday, 04.24.17 @ 22:34pm
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About Bread, Classic Rock wrote:
  Agree King, soft rock has been overlooked by the HOF. It's hard to draw a line between singer/songwriter types and "soft rock", but I'd like to see the Carpenters, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce, America, and Glen Campbell get some attention.
Monday, 04.24.17 @ 21:34pm
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About Fugees, Np wrote:
  Without a question or doubt they will get in. Lauryn hill is one of if not the most influential r&b singer of her generation. Her latest public drama may hurt her chances with the hall as a solo artist and she will have to wait some years. But her influence along with wyclef jeans hype man/story telling/rappering issued a completely different sound for rap/r&b/and music alone.not to mention the production was A+ considering it was recorded in a basement. And the production work wyclef and lauryn have with other artists. This is not really a choice it's basically a fact that they'll get in.
Monday, 04.24.17 @ 20:58pm
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About Bread, KING wrote:
  Thanks for the write-up Philip. I think The Association were/are one fine band. Mesmerizing vocals. Have one of their 2000 year concerts. Can still get it done vocally. Now that Prog has been represented in RRHOF recently Deep Purple, ELO, Rush, YES etc, it might be time for RRHOF committee to examine some of the overlooked genres: Soft Rock, Country Rock, maybe some of the R & B type groups Bill G. was speaking of.

Maybe, it still some years away (nomination) but Bread had some success in the 70's amassing 6 or 7 gold albums. I think the Best of Bread went multi-platinum as well. You made a good point with The Carpenters. It's a shame Karen died young. Had she stayed alive, I think The Carpenters would probably have been nominated maybe inducted already. Remember seeing Karen behind the drums too. Talented musicians. I think The Association and Bread are in the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame. That's a very high honor if they don't receive RRHOF induction. Thanks for your intelligent music posts on this forum. KING

Monday, 04.24.17 @ 20:46pm
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About Bread, Philip wrote:
  No KING, they were not early pioneers of soft rock. If nothing else, both the Association and the New Colony Six both predate Bread in that regard. And as far as more important or influential, the Carpenters are far ahead of Bread in that category.
Monday, 04.24.17 @ 17:50pm
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About Bread, KING wrote:
  I think there's an argument for David Gates & Bread in the RRHOF. They had gold albums and were early pioneers of the soft rock or California easy rock of the early 70's. Guitar Man is such a great song. People might try to dismiss Bread and other of the soft rock groups but plenty of artists have covered their songs. I've seen some concerts where there guitars really rock out on Guitar Man & Down On My Knees. David Gates was as good a 70's singer-songwriter as those inducted in RRHOF. I think David Gates one of the only band members still alive. Deserving of induction. KING
Monday, 04.24.17 @ 08:17am
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About Jethro Tull, Ben wrote:
  I have not dwelled on Jethro Tull as much as I should. They are one of my favorite bands. Jethro Tull is long overdue for an induction. As I said last year they are my favorite "progressive rock"
band. The Moody Blues are my 2nd favorite for the genre. Ian Anderson is a terrific flute player and has written great lyrics and music for nearly 50 years at this point.

I do think the Moody Blues will be inducted first due to their somewhat greater success and following. However, once the Moody Blues are inducted Jethro Tull would probably be a prog act to follow. Now there is Emerson, Lake and Palmer to consider also. Due to the recent deaths of 2 members they may be inducted before Tull as well. So after the Moody Blues and ELP I think Jethro Tull will be inducted.

I was introduced to the music of Jethro Tull with Benefit and Aqualung. I have known their music for over 35 years like Enig.
Monday, 04.24.17 @ 06:43am
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About Air Supply, Deth to all puss music wrote:
  Uh, no...👎
Sunday, 04.23.17 @ 19:23pm
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About Air Supply, KING wrote:
  On Air Supply: They have a case for the RRHOF. AS was one of the first and best Prog Adjacent Australian Soft Rock Bands. They continue to tour 40 years later and Russell is hands down one of the greatest singers. Graham the left handed guitarist crafts some beautiful guitar work. Lost In Love is a Classic where Graham initiates singing and Russell continues later and ends in soaring tenor. Even The Nights Are Better is a solid song as well. Very upbeat. Air Supply has been commercially successful and have many of their songs covered by important artists. When many of rock group have been placed on the scrap heap of history, Air Supply is still around. RRHOF has inducted a wide swath of music groups from James Taylor to The Clash to Darlene Love to NWA. There should be room for Air Supply, America, David Gates & Bread, Pablo Cruise, and groups of this genre. KING
Sunday, 04.23.17 @ 14:40pm
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About Snubbed Members, Len weinman wrote:
  The rules stating an artist can't be nominated into the RandR HOF because he or she was in more then one group AkaThe voice Johnny Meastro who is punished for being in 2 great groups The Crest and Brooklyn Bridge and till his passing still sod out arenas around the country is not just ridiculous but very very sad should be changed . Len weinman
Sunday, 04.23.17 @ 14:19pm
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About Deep Purple, Roy wrote:
  Deep Purple has a new album out.
Sunday, 04.23.17 @ 09:07am
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About The Moody Blues, Enigmaticus wrote:
  Prior to Rush's induction in 2013, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee had this to say about "prog" artists who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame:

Lifeson says he hopes Rush's inclusion "opens the doors for bands like the Moody Blues and King Crimson, who had a huge influence. It's a bit ironic, really. Rock music was born in rebellion, so it's odd to have (a Hall of Fame) where there seem to be guidelines for who's acceptable and who's not."

"I think there's a lot of reasons to it," he said, behind a pair of round-framed sunglasses. "Progressive rock is not accepted by this group of people who make this decision. Yes are not in the hall. That's an error. Deep Purple are not in the hall. That's an error. Moody Blues are not in the hall. So prog-rock is viewed as a kind of lesser art form by the powers that be.

Now that Deep Purple and Yes have finally been inducted into the Rock Hall, which major "prog" artist will be next?
Sunday, 04.23.17 @ 08:55am
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About Wolfman Jack, Happy wrote:
  I just can't imagine not having Wolfman Jack in RRHOF....Miles from nowhere is your car late at night was Wolfman ....Like a beacon in the dark..
Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 21:21pm
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About The Grateful Dead, Michael M wrote:
  I'm 61 yrs, & the Grateful Dead have been a part of my Rock N Roll music experience in my life in a major overwelming kinda way,& proidly so. I've dated & lived with former girlfriends of the band while living in S. Florida, & I can say that the band didn't come anywhere I was but only once that I missed the show. A Grateful Dead show had a different ombeiance feel to it that you felt it was so peaceful in a wild messed up outside. The band was a living thing in the lives of any conscience to the times of the 60's & 70's. They were a part of the American fiber I thought. I don't think there will ever be a generation of individuals who go from town to town by thumb just for the chance of catching their next show several states away manytimes. Of course the 7/11's won't mind seeing them gone, but they are the establishment man!
Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 18:49pm
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About The Moody Blues, Enigmaticus wrote:
  Lifeson says he hopes Rush's inclusion "opens the doors for bands like the Moody Blues and King Crimson, who had a huge influence. It's a bit ironic, really. Rock music was born in rebellion, so it's odd to have (a Hall of Fame) where there seem to be guidelines for who's acceptable and who's not."

Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 15:36pm
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About The Immortals, Roy wrote:
  Al Hibbler * Debbie Reynolds * Mickey Baker * Loreena McKennitt * Joy Of Cooking * Changing Faces * Kaoma * Jack Mack And The Heart Attack * Anjani * Adam Cohen
Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 08:42am
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About The Main Ingredient, Bill G wrote:

One of The Main Ingredient's GREATEST RECORDS
was never even released as a single...

" I Want To Make You Glad "

Led by Cuba,and backed by Luther and Tony, this song featured some of the BEST vocal group singing I've EVER heard !!
Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 05:21am
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About The Main Ingredient, Bill G wrote:

The Main Ingredient's first Top 10 R&B hit,
"Spinning Around (I Must Be Falling in Love)"
featuring Don Mc Pherson, is a 70's vocal group classic !!!
Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 05:10am
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About The Main Ingredient, Bill G wrote:

Their first 5 hits were led by original lead singer Don Mc Pherson, before he passed away
from leukemia (cancer of the blood) in 1970 .

(Ironically,26 years later, original member Tony Sylvester also died from a blood- based cancer, Multiple myeloma,
in 2006).
After Don's passing ,original member Cuba Gooding ,who, strangely , wasn't signed by RCA when the other 3 were, was the group's choice as their new lead singer.Despite his not initally getting signed with the others,Don, Tony and Luther continued to let him record with him on their records. RCA rejected him initally when TMI was first signed, and again later, when Tony and Luther wanted him, stating that his sound was "not commercial enough".
The group's first song featuring Cuba turned out to be their first million seller..."Everybody Plays The Fool".
Their second million-seller was with their cover version of Ronnie Dyson's "Just Don't Want to Be Lonely" also led by Cuba, which far outsold the original,reaching the Top 10 on the Billboard Pop Charts.(Dyson's original only reached # 60 Pop).
Both "Just Don't Want to Be Lonely" and "Everybody Plays The Fool" were worldwide hits, charting in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. Their 1974 Top 40 hit, "Happiness Is Just Around the Bend", also charted in Canada as well.

Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 04:56am
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About The Main Ingredient, Bill G wrote:
  *****The MAIN INGREDIENT*****
13 HOT 100 HITS, including 2 Top 10's
19 Billboard R&B Hits, including 10 Top 20's
and 5 Top 10's
There first Hit, "You've Been My Inspration", reached the charts in 1970,

and their last,"Nothing's Too Good for My Baby" hit in 1990. That's 20 YEARS of HITS.
Saturday, 04.22.17 @ 04:30am
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