Future Rock Legends Predicts the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Since 2013, when Rush was finally nominated and then inducted, the Rock Hall has continued the trend of giving into the will of the people. In 2014, they inducted KISS. In 2015, it was Stevie Ray Vaughan. In 2016, Chicago made it. And last year, Journey was finally allowed entry. With the exception of KISS, all of those artists were inducted the first time they were nominated, and they each won the “fan vote.”

And they aren’t alone. Since 2013, 58% of inductees have finished in the top five of the fan vote. The Rock Hall has also leaned heavily on artists who are nominated for the first time, with 62% of inductees getting in immediately (including five out of six last year).

So, there is some correlation between the fan vote winners and the inductees, as well as those who are fresh names on the ballot. The official fan poll winners were: Bon Jovi (2nd nomination), The Moody Blues (1st nomination), Dire Straits (1st nomination), The Cars (3rd nomination) and Judas Priest (1st nomination).

Future Rock Legends predicts the inductees of the Rock Hall class of 2018 will be:

  • Bon Jovi: Jann Wenner’s dislike of the band has probably been one of the main reasons they haven’t gotten in yet, but his influence seems to be waning, and the momentum is strong this year. Don’t be surprised if a big summer tour follows their induction with Richie Sambora back in the fold.
  • The Moody Blues: If it weren’t for Bon Jovi, The Moody Blues would have been the big story this year. Their fans have been nagging the Rock Hall for years about the snub. Voters should vote them in quickly now that they have the chance.
  • Radiohead: Yes, their disinterest could hurt their chances of induction this year, but Level 3 or 4 Hall of Famers don’t come around very often. The Rock Hall will look hopelessly foolish and out of touch to an entire generation if they don’t get in (as if they don’t already).
  • Dire Straits: Like Jeff Lynne and E.L.O. last year, voters will jump at the chance to induct Mark Knopfler.
  • Judas Priest: The Rock Hall undeniably needs more metal, and Judas Priest are more than happy to be inducted. Unlike Radiohead, they even left a gap in their tour schedule for the induction ceremony.
  • Nina Simone: Women getting inducted is rare, but a black woman hasn’t been inducted since Donna Summer in 2013.

Since this is a Cleveland Induction Ceremony, the Early Influence category should be resurrected. We’ll predict they’ll again pull from the performer ballot and induct both Link Wray and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Inductees will be officially announced on Wednesday, December 13th.

The Rock Hall Induction Ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 14 at Public Hall in Cleveland.

For eleven years we have been conducting our own unofficial poll here which, unlike the official Rock Hall poll, requires voters to select five artists on their ballot. The results (after 1084 ballots):

  1. The Moody Blues 53%
  2. The Cars 51%
  3. Radiohead 44%
  4. Dire Straits 39%
  5. Bon Jovi 38%
  6. Nina Simone 34%
  7. Eurythmics 31%
  8. Judas Priest 31%
  9. Depeche Mode 29%
  10. The Zombies 26%
  11. Kate Bush 25%
  12. Rage Against the Machine 20%
  13. MC5 15%
  14. Sister Rosetta Tharpe 15%
  15. Link Wray 14%
  16. LL Cool J 14%
  17. The J. Geils Band 13%
  18. The Meters 6%
  19. Rufus featuring Chaka Khan 5%
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