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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2020 (ranked #186) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Undertow (1993)
Aenima (1996)
Lateralus (2001)
10,000 Days (2006)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Sober (1993)
Aenema (1996)
Stinkfist (1996)
Forty Six & 2 (1996)
Schism (2001)

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Will Tool be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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This band isn't a household name (at least among non-rockers), but they've practically defined their own genre. They should be in, but it will be interesting to see.

Posted by Rick on Saturday, 07.15.06 @ 15:57pm

they are one of the best if not the best rock band in the history, of course they should be in.

Posted by wrong man on Thursday, 07.20.06 @ 03:58am

Tool have been on top of the prog-metal world for the last dozen years or so. They continue to produce the most exhiliarating music around.

Maynard James Keenan needs to be recognized for his work not only with Tool but also A Perfect Circle. That dude is one of a kind.

Posted by c.w. on Monday, 12.4.06 @ 15:00pm

Interesting one... they practically reinvented the progressive metal genre, although prog metal isn't recognised widely enough for Tool to be inducted... yet. They deserve to be in the hall, but unfortunately most people are unwilling to accept anything that doesn't sound like the pre-packaged pop that they listen to.

Posted by Paul on Thursday, 12.7.06 @ 03:36am

Listening to some Tool right now. Of course they deserve to be in, but they aren't a pop band so they are going to get over looked no matter how much they have done for their genre or how good their music is.

Posted by Justin on Tuesday, 12.12.06 @ 20:33pm

Only 1% as good as King Crimson at making almost the same type of music.

Posted by William on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 17:57pm

Rock bands should only be in the f'n "ROCK" n Roll hall of fame.

I mean, come on!!! now I'm starting to hear that rap artists will be inducted.

This Induction Process is a load of Crap.

There Should be only a spot for every type of rock band that has truely done something.

What the hell did 'Public Enemy' do, and whats next? Britney spears craptastic music.

Posted by ERNIE on Thursday, 02.15.07 @ 16:50pm

Based on right now? No. If we wait another 10 years...chances will probably improve due to a few more albums (especially if one kicks ass).

Posted by maplejet on Tuesday, 02.27.07 @ 11:26am

i understand ernies anger about some ty pop and rap stars being inducted but public enemy was a revolutionary rapper and probly deserves it.

Posted by Daniel on Monday, 03.5.07 @ 19:45pm

Tool are a tops band, they changed the face of Prog-Metal forever and wolfmother won the grammy!
They need to be recognised.

Posted by Bogen on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 20:47pm

Also, should note that the year's class Tool is in is very competitive with Beck and Rage and Radiohead, plus, they'll be other bands on backlog too so it looks like Tool will not have a great shot until 2022.

Posted by maplejet on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 13:27pm

Another Rush influenced band....put em both in

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 05.25.07 @ 22:02pm

Definitely deserve it, but I find it unlikely.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 03:25am

They must be in.

Posted by G.Llamas on Wednesday, 06.27.07 @ 00:27am

You're kidding. If they aren't in, originality and influence mean nothing in Cleveland.

Humbly yours,
P. Martini

Posted by P. Martini on Saturday, 11.10.07 @ 21:31pm

They deserve it, but I'm not sure they will get in right away. They are very very consistent though. Undertow, AEnima, Lateralus, 10,000 Days. Quite a streak.

Posted by Tom on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 11:51am

It's nice to see some musicians be creative and use their brains. Crazy time signatures, clever lyrics and good music is a good mix. They're definitely one of a kind which is what the rock hall is all about. So yeah, definitely should be in.

Posted by Luke on Wednesday, 04.9.08 @ 12:58pm

I'll take Slint over Tool any day.

Posted by William on Wednesday, 04.9.08 @ 21:42pm

they should be first in the year that they can go in, most of the others on the list in tools year don't even play rock music wtf... and danny carey owns on drums

Posted by superduper on Tuesday, 09.9.08 @ 19:16pm

YES!!!!!!!!! They are the ultimate prog metal band, and have an insanely talented drummer. Their lyrics are excellent too. They should definitely be in.

Posted by Joey on Monday, 09.22.08 @ 14:47pm

I consider these guys a lock...similar to Radiohead in that sense. Both are highly progressive and artistic bands playing and evolving their own unique style...and both have certainly left a permanent mark on the landscape of rock.

I believe their influence/legacy will only grow as time goes on. Wait and see i suppose

Posted by Me on Wednesday, 10.1.08 @ 13:23pm

Maynard Keenan = Thom Yorke.

Posted by Gorgeous on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 19:21pm

Tool is the most profound and dynamic band of their generation. All other contemporary rock bands are just that...rock bands. Tool is transcendental.

Posted by Rick on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 18:39pm

I don't think Maynard would give a rats ass if they get "inducted"

Posted by Scott A. on Wednesday, 04.8.09 @ 03:42am

are they popular? no. Do they crash the hit charts? no. are they an innovative band that has had an influence on metal as we know it? you know it!

metallica was just as unheard of as tool is now, and look where they are!

p.s. if anyone gets offended that i am comparing tool to Metallica, i am truly sorry.

Posted by Justin on Tuesday, 06.23.09 @ 15:35pm

I actually think the Metallica comparison is a good one, although I don't foresee Tool making the mainstream leap that Metallica did, but that's a good thing.

Posted by Carl on Tuesday, 06.23.09 @ 15:55pm

Definitely deserve to be in. In my opinion, the Led Zeppelin of our time. In terms of originality and musical skill definitely one of the best. Knowing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame though, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys will get in before Tool. It's all politics, I mean they are willing to let Blondie and Madonna in before they let in Rush or Iron Maiden. I mean give me a break. By the way good comparison of Thom Yorke to Maynard. Even though Tool and Radiohead are very different bands they are kind of the same in a way that they are both very innovative and have their own sound and that they both require a bit of listening before you realize just how great both really are.

Posted by Tennis on Sunday, 01.24.10 @ 21:19pm

"I consider these guys a lock...similar to Radiohead in that sense." Not at all. Radiohead are a lock because not only are they still popular, they are practically universally loved by critics and got Rolling Stone's permanent seal of approval back in 2003. Tool I think are liked by RS but not loved, and I'm not sure what critics think of them overall. My rundown of Tool: Innovation? Check. They definitely have their own style, it's difficult to describe. You need to listen to fully understand why. Influence? I'm not entirely sure about that, but with Jones' funny tunings they might've been a piece of the puzzle for nu-metal (I know Fred Durst has cited them as an influence.) We'll explore this fully in 2015 or '16. They have enough success to be considered (Undertow Platinum, Aenima #2, Platinum, Lateralus #1, Platinum, 10,000 Days #1, Platinum or Gold.) They are a great band and I feel they should be at least considered.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 02.17.10 @ 20:55pm

I like Them

Posted by mrxyz on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 10:25am

I like Them

Posted by mrxyz on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 10:25am

Yeah, Them is pretty cool, but how do you feel about Tool?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 16:50pm

Hey, who missed me? How's everyone doing? It's been a few months since the last time I was here.

Personally I prefer Dream Theater over Tool, just a thought.

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 19:25pm

Alright, it's simple, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should recognise artist's who have achieved commercial and more importantly critical success in the broad field of ROCK music.

Tool is a band who have have had four platinum albums (two of those being double and one triple) out of four, with very little promoting and even less air play and video play because of they're "controversial" music. These four blokes have come out with a type of music that was like nothing else in the last twenty years and they have f***ing nailed it. In a time where bullshit pop with cheesy "catchy" melodies dominates the landscape of music, Tool sits in the background doing what Tool does best; not giving a shit of what others think, combining art with metal and progressive forms of music, and continuely pushing themselves into the realms of the unknown, so when they're next album comes out whenever the f*** they want it to come out, we can sit down and listen to it, and when the last note is played, we will know we have just experienced a masterpiece of rock.

Now I'm tellin' you blokes that if that isn't worthy of an induction into the hall of fame, then the music industry has truely died.

Posted by Pommy on Saturday, 03.6.10 @ 05:24am

Pommy: Well said. I don't know what their chances are but Rolling Stone has given them recognition (yes, positive) so I think they have a shot.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 03.6.10 @ 14:41pm

Do I think they deserve to get in? Yes, definitly.
Do I give a shit if they get in? No.
Who cares, the rock & roll hall of fame has no credibility.

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 03.9.10 @ 01:03am

I'm certain it won't bother them if they don't. I like to think I know which artists do and don't deserve to be in. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are the only Eligible's who have made a big deal about not being in yet, so if it doesn't bother the bands who should be in then it certainly shouldn't bother me (though it does.)

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 03.9.10 @ 18:46pm

Tool, one of the best bands in the world.
Defined there own genre.
Lyrical master.
It would a disgrace if Tool wasn't in.

Posted by Doki on Tuesday, 04.27.10 @ 16:52pm

You could end up very angry then. I feel they should get in as well, and the classes by the time they're eligible will be weak, but at the same time... the Hall seems to hate prog and metal, and Tool are kind of a fusion of the two. I'd be dissapointed but not surprised if they don't get in.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 04.27.10 @ 20:51pm

Come on they have to be a slam dunk right? They were like my generations Pink Floyd. One of the great rock artists.

Posted by Downboy on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 02:19am

Hypothetically yes. However:

1. Their albums haven't sold anything more than platinum (maybe double platinum for one), meaning they don't stand out in terms of popularity
2. As I said, they have a lot of prog and metal in them, and the Hall has reservations to both.
3. They're much less likely to be inducted if they're not interested in showing up, which is a real possibility
4. Very un-prolific; slow work rate, which could hurt them

I think they do have a chance to get in eventually, but I also wouldn't be surprised if they don't, and it won't be first-ballot (what chance do they have against Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine)?

Posted by Sam on Monday, 05.31.10 @ 21:11pm

"What chance do they have against Radiohead and RATM?"

They've got no chance against Radiohead as Radiohead are getting in the Hall, if not first ballot then within a few years, critics love them and they're well known enough to push them in easily, if you compare all of this to Tool, Tool have like you said, too little mainstream success (yes, yes I know it should be about influence and innovation, but clearly this isn't always the case, see the lack of Kraftwerk for starters) and they're prog and metal, two styles of music the Hall have done a poor job representing, and if you consider the current lack of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Motorhead for starters (and I'm not even mentioning the biggest omission, aka Deep Purple) and prog acts like The Moody Blues, Yes, ELP, King Crimson and Procol Harum, it's going to be next to impossible for Tool to get in with the current regime.

RATM likely deserve it (even though I'm not a fan), but I just don't see it happening with the current regime. (I can expand more on this point if you want, but I'm not sure if it's necessary).

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 03.22.11 @ 09:08am

if you compare all of this to Tool, Tool have like you said, too little mainstream success (yes, yes I know it should be about influence and innovation, but clearly this isn't always the case, see the lack of Kraftwerk for starters) and they're prog and metal, two styles of music the Hall have done a poor job representing

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 03.22.11 @ 09:08am

I'm going to humbly disagree here. I think Tool does have a better than average chance. People talk about a lack of commercial success, but this group does have two #1 albums, so I think somebody's listening out there. In addition, you made mention of the lack of prog/metal in the Hall. Could that not favor Tool? As much as I hate to envision this, could the voting board figure it's doing both genres a favor by inducting Tool, as opposed to placing separate prog & metal entities in there? I don't necessarily care for that idea, but it could be one way the committee leans at some point.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 03.22.11 @ 16:49pm

"you made mention of the lack of prog/metal in the Hall. Could that not favor Tool?" - Cheesecrop

As you pointed out, it absolutely could if the Hall were looking to get two birds with one stone in, so to speak.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 03.23.11 @ 03:38am

Tool needs to put out a couple more killer albums before you can start seriously considering them for the Hall (IMO).

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 03.23.11 @ 06:39am

Not necesarily, Paul. It would help of course, but I say yes at this point. Still respect your viewpoint.

Tahvo: What makes you think Rage will be blanked? They have the requisite commercial success, Rolling Stone loves them, they have enough critical respect and they've gotten love from musicians (ironically Rage and Tool are good friends as well as both being alt-metal, so it would be awesome if they were inducted at the same time). I think another killer and succesful album before then would help, but their surprise appearance on the new VH1 list confirms that they haven't been forgotten. They also have some international success, trust me. I don't think they'll get in right away (Radiohead's the only lock for 2017 at this point), but I could definitely see them making it a few years down the line.

Back to Tool: I think they're unlikely to be inducted barring some new blood, but another great album or two would certainly help. I think it's amazing that they've managed to fly under the radar and still be commercially succesful. As for the rest of alternative metal: Soundgarden will likely make it, and Alice in Chains have a decent shot, though it's hard to tell whether this new incarnation will hurt or help their cause, though I personally enjoy what they're doing. There are some others in that genre who deserve consideration but don't have a shot. Faith No More (no-brainer) is first.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 03.24.11 @ 12:47pm

"Tahvo: What makes you think Rage will be blanked?"

I realize I didn't do that RATM paragraph justice, I'll rephrase myself a little bit, I don't necessarily think RATM won't be inducted at all, just they likely won't get in within their first/first few years of eligibility. I'll admit I may be underestimating them though, as I wasn't aware of some of those points you mentioned that could work in their favor.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 03.24.11 @ 12:58pm

"As for the rest of alternative metal: Soundgarden will likely make it, and Alice in Chains have a decent shot"

If Pearl Jam makes it (and they will), then these two sure as Hell deserve to make it as well.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 03.24.11 @ 13:01pm

Pearl Jam and Nirvana are both locks, and rightly so. Soundgarden won't get in quickly but they were such a force in the 90's that it'll be impossible to ignore them for too long. Alice won't get in right away but I could see them slipping in during a weak year like 2018 or 2020. Same with Tool, though they're less likely.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 06:40am

The thinkers band. They combine metal and a Pink Floyd feel while including art rock. Truly a progressive metal band, but like every other progressive band will take years to be inducted.

Posted by Bob on Monday, 07.18.11 @ 15:29pm

I don't care. I just want a new album from Tool

Posted by Matishaman on Wednesday, 06.13.12 @ 00:08am

Most definitely, #1on my list.

Posted by Jared on Thursday, 05.23.13 @ 00:28am

Well, they have won three Grammy awards as of now. Lateralus and 10,000 Days both were #1 selling albums when they were released. I think they'll get in.

Posted by Dan on Friday, 09.6.13 @ 22:45pm

Just fantastic band. Tool has a unique sound. Been putting out good material over 20 years. I liked the Undertow CD. They have won Grammys for their work & have had #1 CD's. They should be inducted in 2020. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 02.6.14 @ 13:00pm

As much as I realize Maynard James Kennan's lyrical talent and Danny Carey's drum talent, lets face it: it can be hard at times to tell one tool song apart from another.10000 Days had a sound of its own, and I am very excited for the new album that will apparently be released in 2015(?). That said, I myself am still an over enthusiastic fan for Opiate, Undertow, AEnima, and Lateralus.

Posted by Devin on Sunday, 06.1.14 @ 16:21pm

Cars will probably get nominated 2019. I hope Counting Crows gets in 2019. One of My fav bands with Def Leppard, Bryan Adams,The Black Crowes,Scorpions. My FAV The Cars song probably Drive. I like Orr singing better. KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 04.27.15 @ 20:08pm

Tool-Wished Duran & Duran and Tool collaborated on a few songs together. It might be some kind of 1,000 on the fantastic meter. They are the leaders of progressive metal and one of the greatest groups of all time. I remember when Prison Sex & Sober came out. Just blew people away. As Enigmaticus would say, Tool deserves immediate induction into the RRHOF. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 01:54am

Tool belongs in there alright. The music is mindbending and the light shows are one of a kind. If this isn't enough, then wait till the new album arrives in July.

Posted by Chowmein on Monday, 01.25.16 @ 16:44pm

Tool and Radiohead are the Zeppelin and Floyd of Generation X, both still playing making music, and blowing minds. It's a shame if both aren't first ballot.

Posted by Chris on Monday, 02.15.16 @ 23:19pm

Saw these guys last night at Voodoo Fest in NOLA. Huge crowd for them. Not really my cup of tea, as they are so gloomy. Lead singer was wearing what looked like a SWAT team outfit, including helmet (it is Halloween).

Was hard to tell as he stayed in background all set. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out where the hell he was! The crowd certainly enjoyed them. They did not allow the 2 TV screens to show the band performing, which I think is a dick move. Hard for people to really see anything at back of huge crowd, if screens not in use.

No page for them here, but Enig you need to check out the Claypool Lennon Experience. They are so prog!! I was pretty stoned for their set & there were at least 2 songs that wee about freaking me out (given my condition). Know you and any of our other proggers would really enjoy them.

Posted by Paul in KY on Sunday, 10.30.16 @ 09:04am

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