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Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2030 (The 2031 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Tokio Hotel be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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hell no

Posted by joe on Friday, 05.1.09 @ 16:31pm

Tokio Hotel sucks!!!

Posted by Vince on Saturday, 05.16.09 @ 17:08pm

Tokio Hotel sucks!!!

Posted by Vince on Saturday, 05.16.09 @ 17:08pm

Tokio Hotel sucks!!!

Posted by Vince on Saturday, 05.16.09 @ 17:09pm

Like Joe, i will say: "Hell No!"
I do not know why bands that simply have not yet shown contribuition to Rock can be on this site, even if they will have their chance in 2030

Posted by Filipe Amaral on Tuesday, 08.25.09 @ 13:20pm

They don't suck, they just have absolutely nothing to do with rock! Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they suck!

Posted by Chylsy on Tuesday, 09.29.09 @ 10:59am

Tokio Hotel has only become well known in the U.S for a few years. Its hard to say what will become of them in the future. They have a few songs I like and started out really young as a band in Germany. However in my opinion if the Hall were to induct any German bands, Tokio Hotel would be the last choice.

They would most likely induct the Scorpians (if not already) than maybe Rammestein, but not too sure cause I think their all their lyrics are in German. But still those 2 bands or atleast the Scorpians have a better chance than Tokio Hotel.


Posted by Marshmellow on Monday, 02.15.10 @ 21:21pm

Hopefully they'll get Kraftwerk or Can in before any other german acts.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.30.10 @ 15:13pm

They look like barbie-dolls. ewwwww

Posted by Brittany on Wednesday, 11.3.10 @ 10:01am

But I do like one song from them, "Automatic", good tune, not going to lie.

Posted by Brittany on Sunday, 11.7.10 @ 19:20pm

Tokio Hotel is 1 of the best bands in the world!! And I think they should be in the rock n roll hall of fame!

Posted by Morgan on Wednesday, 01.11.12 @ 05:13am

"They would most likely induct the Scorpians (if not already) than maybe Rammestein" - Marshmellow

You seem to be forgetting two more German bands that are much more significant than Scorpions (the correct spelling of the band's name) and Rammstein (also the correct spelling). These two bands are Kraftwerk and Can.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 01.11.12 @ 06:13am

Tokio Hotel rules!!!)
Let me agree with Morgan - "Tokio Hotel is 1 of the best bands in the world!! And I think they should be in the rock n roll hall of fame!"(c)

Posted by redroze on Monday, 01.30.12 @ 03:08am

Tokio Hotel makes me want to puke, and not in a good way either. I mean they make me really sick, like I want to bend over and puke my guts out like I drank wayyyyy to much. I'm getting sick right now thinking about them! I gotta go!

Posted by NO on Monday, 01.30.12 @ 03:27am

can anything make you want to puke in a good way?

Posted by GFW on Monday, 01.30.12 @ 12:03pm


Posted by Anita on Monday, 01.30.12 @ 23:25pm

Pues claro que deben estar son un grupo genial y no lo niego Tokio Hotel me encanta y creo que se lo merecen porque con mucho esfuerzo han llegado hasta a donde estan ahora <3 Vamos TOKiO HOTEL

Posted by Javiera =) on Monday, 01.30.12 @ 23:26pm

First of all, there's no reason to do that. Tokio Hotel isn't Rock & Roll and they're irrelevant on the music industry these days.

They're just a german band (at least they play teir own instruments, ha) doing their own thing, whose fans are most teens. People wil never take this serious.

But one can see that as teen sensations they are, the fan following is big and loud and they pretty much love them just the way they are, No matter the others opinion

So, they may suck, my fav band as well .. pff! well, at the end of the day that's what make us happy :)

Posted by Alex on Monday, 01.30.12 @ 23:33pm


Posted by Carolina Engel on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 10:14am

i hope so cuz they r reaally good and i dont care if anyone disagrees besides the guys have passed through sooo much... they deserve it in my opinion

Posted by gogi on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 10:33am

Tokio Hotel rocks!!! I love their music !!

Posted by H'K on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 17:03pm

yesss!! es una super banda!!, llevan ya 10 años juntos y próximamente sacaran disco, claro que merecen estar ahí, han hecho tanto por su país y han sobre salido mucho en el mundo como banda alemana, tiene muchos logros y buena música. claro que si!

Posted by the flacks on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 17:11pm

yes tokio hotel to the hall of fame... u... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Karem on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 17:13pm


Posted by karoline on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 17:20pm

YES!!! They're SO great and talented! Bill's voice is awesome! Tom, Georg and Gustav plays REALLY good...! Definitely to the Hall of Fame!

Posted by Karen on Tuesday, 01.31.12 @ 23:27pm


Posted by Lois South on Wednesday, 02.1.12 @ 11:57am

Get back to us in 25 years...

Posted by Paul on Wednesday, 02.1.12 @ 16:37pm

Yesss Tokio Hotel is a The Best Band In The World!!

Posted by Daniela Herzing on Wednesday, 02.1.12 @ 17:43pm

ohh yyyeeeaaaaaaah!!
great band, I love the songs
TH rules

Posted by Any on Wednesday, 02.1.12 @ 22:17pm

Yayyy Tokio Hotel is a great and talented band
they need to be there in the Hall of Fame!!

Posted by Jessy on Thursday, 02.2.12 @ 14:33pm

I think Tokio Hotel has potential. They just need the exposure (which I think is what they have been working on)
They already have lots of fans (although i wish some of those fans would control themselves for it makes even myself want to tear my hair out) and are getting the recognition for their hard work in the form of awards and whatnot.
I think given 18 years time, the guys will have more than enough experience in the music business to show for their acheivements and by then be deserving of this honor.

Posted by Stephanie on Friday, 02.3.12 @ 19:47pm

Yes, yes, yes!!

I think Tokio Hotel have made revolution in music!
They are popular all over the world. Even in the smallest parts of the world.

They are worthy!!!!!!

Posted by Regina on Sunday, 02.12.12 @ 14:07pm

By the time Tokio Motel-6 becomes eligible for the rock hall of fame in 2030 they will be long forgotten.... Mostly do to the fact that they suck.

Posted by vicki on Saturday, 02.18.12 @ 20:12pm

It is not even being discussed, they definitely deserve it! They were something new and interesting break in the music world! They are loved by millions and I am sure, for aliens it will be important. Know that their idols were awarded this honor. Sorry for my english, I'm from Russia =)

Posted by Anna Pak on Sunday, 02.19.12 @ 19:07pm

вы не имеете права говорить кто они есть на самом деле не зная их.!они лучшие=Ъ

Posted by MoonyNuni on Monday, 02.20.12 @ 08:38am

Apparently their fanclub has bombarded the site. WTF?

I'll say it again --- artists without at least 10 years under their belts shouldn't even be listed.

Good day.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 02.24.12 @ 10:33am

Tokio Hotel is a lot better than Michael Jackson or other no names... I´m kissing my TH Poster all night long!

Posted by Steven on Friday, 02.24.12 @ 11:13am

"Tokio Hotel is a lot better than Michael jackson or other no names"

1/10, wasn't even irritated.

Neutral Milk Hotel forever!

Posted by GFW on Friday, 02.24.12 @ 15:18pm

Wow sure lots of people like this band..! That an Coven seem to take front stage!!!

Posted by Happy on Wednesday, 04.4.12 @ 11:42am

Tokio Hotel is crazy amaze-balls. Like, oh my god. They changed music. Like, seriously? I cannot believe they aren't already inducted. SOOOOO AMAZING!

Posted by Mike on Friday, 04.27.12 @ 10:59am

Ich bin ganz sicher, dass "TH" eine bestimmte Rolle in der Entwicklung der moderner Musik gespielt haben. Ich hoffe, sie werden noch etwas Schönes dabei machen. Ich glaube daran!!!

Posted by serguselena on Friday, 04.27.12 @ 11:22am

Never heard of them. I take it that they are not a US band.

Posted by Paul on Friday, 04.27.12 @ 15:05pm

some german band, i think they do bad metal.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 04.27.12 @ 15:32pm

Tokio Hotel ... where shall I began?


Posted by Mike on Thursday, 05.10.12 @ 09:41am

I think they should be inducted, when the time comes. Their music is really unique, they have millions of fans, they have won over 100 awards, and the band members are only ages 22-25...Also, they've been together for 11 years. That's pretty amazing, because they're so young. They caused Beatle-like frenzy among people...Tokio Hotel deserves this. They're the most successful band from Germany since Rammstein.

Posted by Mikayla on Wednesday, 05.30.12 @ 19:51pm

...'Tokio Hotel' WHO...?


Posted by Peter on Thursday, 06.7.12 @ 15:27pm

Tokio Hotel, If God would have wanted you in the Rock Hall of Fame he would have miracled your ass up there by now, wouldn't he?

Posted by Valerie on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 19:45pm

"What is this Mickey Mouse shit? What in the name of Jesus H. Christ are you rock and roll wannabe's doing on my forum? Why is Tokio Hotel being mentioned here? Why is Tokio Hotel holding those instruments? Why aren't you stomping Tokio Hotel?"

Posted by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 20:04pm

I'm confused. Have they even had a hit in the USA yet? I've never even heard of them. It's thrilling that they're so well known in Germany, but come on now....

Posted by Marissa on Tuesday, 07.3.12 @ 11:09am

...You've GOT to be kidding me!


Posted by Steve Johnson on Tuesday, 07.24.12 @ 13:05pm

Gosh them and Coven are big here?
oh well

Posted by Happy on Saturday, 07.28.12 @ 05:48am

how did you people discover this site and learn english? GO AWAY. This is for serious artists who were influences to rock n roll, not tokio hotel.

go away. it will NEVER happen, I'm not 92% sure like the voting system, I'm 100% sure. They will always be the most worthless band in music history.

Posted by Mikhail on Sunday, 08.5.12 @ 04:03am

seems somebody really doesn't like Tokio Hotel? what up wit dat?

Posted by telarock on Wednesday, 08.22.12 @ 13:39pm

Seems more like somebody really likes Tokio Hotel, and everyone else doesn’t. Dat's what up wit dat.

Posted by Sully on Thursday, 08.23.12 @ 16:06pm

thanx Sully. now I know/can see wats goin on here.

Posted by telarock on Friday, 08.24.12 @ 09:00am

Why don't the admins just remove this band from the site? They are unknown in the US and the constant voting is a nuisance.

Posted by Pete on Wednesday, 09.26.12 @ 12:56pm

How in the world has Tokio Hotel attracted this much attention? Are they the latest Coven/Senses Fail/Steve Perry/ICP on FRL? The mind boggles.

Posted by Zach on Sunday, 10.14.12 @ 04:10am

Who keeps on voting "yes" for a no-hit wonder "band"?

Posted by Tim on Thursday, 11.22.12 @ 12:30pm

I agree with Pete. I think Tokio Hotel should be removed from the site....even if it's only temporary. It's ridiculous that nobody has ever even heard of them in the USA, yet they're in the top 5 of artists voted on? Give me a break...

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.5.12 @ 12:04pm

What a joke.

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 01.12.13 @ 12:50pm


Uh, no.

Posted by Idolator on Sunday, 02.10.13 @ 10:32am

This band that nobody has even heard of is about to have the most votes on the site. What the hell?

Posted by Idolator on Friday, 03.1.13 @ 13:23pm

Nobody knows this band. LOL

Posted by ..... on Saturday, 03.16.13 @ 15:48pm

All the above comments would argue otherwise.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 03.16.13 @ 16:22pm

I do believe they should and I can't elaborate as this site is ridiculous.they try to bridge the language barrier (do German and English).the German is better.hopefully they can adapt and change that.I would love to see more musicians do that.not everyone should just know English.they require actual instruments and work hard for what they today's world they are impressive and try to keep it rock in modern times.

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 04.29.13 @ 19:51pm

... No way this is the same Brittany that used to come on this site.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 04.30.13 @ 12:23pm

LOL - but did you actually read any of the above comments, @GFW?

Posted by Mike on Monday, 05.27.13 @ 08:42am

I'm very upset at myself for accidently voting yes for a band I don't know.

Posted by andrew on Wednesday, 04.9.14 @ 18:37pm

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