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Eligible in: 2026 (The 2027 Induction Ceremony)

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Is This It? (2001)

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Last Nite (2001)
Someday (2001)
Reptilia (2003)

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Will The Strokes be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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yea, the strokes are gonna make it, they saved the world from boy bands, and revitalized rock music, the real question is how can they not make it?

Posted by Alex on Saturday, 09.2.06 @ 11:28am

i have faith. they will make it i'm sure. the thing is...i don't think they saved the world from boybands. in a way, they themselves were a boy band. they did not save rock and roll either, and all media claiming they did, ruined them. rock and roll don't need to be saved. the people needs to be saved. long live the strokes. seriously.

Posted by Dreamer on Wednesday, 11.29.06 @ 17:09pm

they should win... c'mon at that moment the only thing that we got, was pop... pop. POP, but the strokes saved rock and roll in part... ;)

Posted by Victor Lopez on Saturday, 12.2.06 @ 09:34am


Posted by eff5 on Thursday, 12.28.06 @ 10:48am

of course they helped change music in the 00s

Posted by Louise on Thursday, 12.28.06 @ 12:50pm

They were at the head of a nifty little revitalization of rock at the beginning of the millenium, moving away not only from pop but from the samey drone of post-grunge and the sheer awfulness that is nu-metal. The question here is can they keep this pace up?

Posted by Kit on Friday, 01.26.07 @ 19:45pm

An intriguing prospect, but it's probably too early to accurately make a prediction. First album was great and very important. Second was unfairly bagged on. On the third they refined their sound, lengthened the songs, are largely lost the plot. I like them and I'm rooting for more good tunes. But I don't think they get in solely for the debut and the ripple effect. Time will tell.

Posted by Matt on Friday, 01.26.07 @ 22:44pm

Garage Rock...when the dust settles, someone is going to have to be credited with the genre. White Stripes and Strokes are the frontrunners.

Posted by maplejet on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 12:50pm

Well actually, this would be garage rock revival. Garage rock dates back to the '60s.

Posted by William on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 13:12pm

Can't say that this garage rock revival ever gripped me, and I'd say the 'leaders' (white stripes, strokes etc) are worse than alot of the lesser known acts.

As for the Strokes, I must say that they are the biggest pile of wank in a long time.

Posted by liam on Wednesday, 12.5.07 @ 14:02pm

they won't make it with first impressions, sadly, in my opinion........ with Is this it, they could win album of the frickin decade. y dont you nominate them for is this it?

Posted by fan on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 17:57pm

"The question here is can they keep this pace up?"

What pace? Their first album was, at best, average, and everything that has followed stank. Zero memorable riffs or hooks, and zero innovation. Despite the undeserved influence, why induct them?

"White Stripes and Strokes are the frontrunners."

And unfortunately those two are probably some of the least deserving of all the garage-rock revival. In fairness, the 00s garage rock rev. was a BIT less evil than "nu-metal" and "post-grunge", but not by much.

Posted by liam on Saturday, 12.15.07 @ 09:40am

liam is being very, very unfairly harsh on the Strokes.

The Strokes debut illustrated that they understood how to make good rock music - simple, catchy, great guitar solos, and did I say simple?

Room on Fire was good, but largely unmemorable (except 12:51 - come on, that's one catchy-ass riff). First Impressions was an improvement - like the previous release there are some forgettable and ones, but some great cuts as well - You Only Live Once, Vision of Division, Electricityscape and Ize of the World all deserve repeated listens.

..and not to mention their swagger, attitude. As if, 'yeah, we can make sick music, no big deal', or something. And for the record, I wasn't a victim of the Strokes hype machine back in the day - i only discovered them relativly recently.

Also, some modern bands who are gaining some recognition (Arctic Monkeys, Cribs) owe a lot directly to this band.

Posted by cwoller on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 22:41pm

liam, shut up. It seems like you just like to piss people off, because you never agree with anything.

Now, yes I believe the strokes should get in. Is this It? and Room on Fire were both amazing, and Is this It? was almost spiritual to hard rock fans. Alternative and Hip-hop/Pop had ruled the airwaves for almost ten years at this point, and then the strokes came. The first moment you put on Is This It? you were immersed. You were almost lifted above the world and into your own little realm. The first track fits perfectly, because it's almost proclaiming the problem with the airwaves, is this it? is what it's saying. No, it's not it anymore, thanks to the strokes. The Strokes made the 00's one of the most eclectic decades in music, not that bland alt/hip hop decade is was going too be. Now we have a little bit of everything, Hard rock exists. Alternative exists. Folk exists (thanks to the shins). The Strokes completely changed the game, gave us hope for change. They had darn better get in there.

Posted by Calzone on Thursday, 11.20.08 @ 15:26pm

Liam is being as polemic as usual (and a bit nationalist perhaps?). Shame, really, that not everyone can hold up to his beloved Kinks.

As for myself, I think their first album was classic, the second great and the last one was so-so. If they wanna make the hall, they'll have to do some serious readjustment or they'll be surpassed by Kings of Leon pretty soon.

Posted by denyo on Thursday, 11.20.08 @ 18:07pm

Just a tip: Read the post dates. He wrote that 11 months before you told him to shut up.

I don't see them getting in. I like the band, their first album at least, but I wouldn't back their induction. How many garage rock revivals have we had, anyway? It's nice that younger musicians never let the sound truly die, and we can count on it coming back again and again (interminably, so we don't burn out on it), but unless you're using a new variation on the style, or else spearheading the revival movement, which they didn't, then what?

Posted by William on Thursday, 11.20.08 @ 21:24pm

First Impressions of earth was... not good. But the way i see it, The Ramones only had two good albums (Ramones, Rocket To Russia,) and you could say that they were "surpassed" by The Clash, but they still got in. True, Ramones probably did more for rock and roll then The Strokes, but not much more. Them and The White Stripes should both get in, regardless of who spearheaded it. No, i don't think the Hives or the Libertines should get in, but Strokes and White Stripes are amazing.

Posted by Calzone on Thursday, 11.27.08 @ 09:55am

I Think The Strokes Will Get In, Not For Any Of There Albums, But for Just BEING THERE During The Garage Rock Revival. Because Eventualy, When The Next GRR Comes Around, Sombody Is Gonna Make The Connection That THOSE GUYS Will Have Listened To THESE GUYS. And If Only One GRRevivalist Gets In Ever, It Will Probobly Be The White Stripes, But I Think Its Safe To Say That The Strokes Have A Pretty Good Chance.

P.S. Liam, Good To See You Actualy Enjoy ONE Good Band. Kinks Rule!!!

Posted by Tyson on Wednesday, 12.31.08 @ 07:51am

So Tyson you must be a Garage Rock Revival historian. Tell me more about this please. What you mean by "revival"? And who were the originals? Then I will respond to you.

Posted by Worm on Wednesday, 12.31.08 @ 11:44am

Stooges, MC5. Those were the original "Garage Rock" Bands, but now they are more considered "Pre-Punk". I think all this in depth classifying thing is ridiculous anyway, does it really matter what "movement" they were apart of? They should get in just cause they were a good group, and influenced other groups. They don't need too "Spearhead" One of these critic created movements.

Posted by Calzone on Saturday, 01.3.09 @ 09:25am

The Strokes are one of the most influential bands in recent history. They revitalised artistry in music during the 00's. All indie bands today owe the strokes because even if they didnt inspire them they opened the door for all indie rock acts by drawing attention to a new sound. The strokes interestingly were overrated at first but in the long run will be VERY underrated.

Posted by Maghreb on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 21:46pm

There one of the best bands out there right now. There saviours of Rock. They have a good chance for the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 10.25.09 @ 11:19am


You may be right in saying "The Strokes may be one of the best bands out there right now" established bands that is. But you need to check out the amazing new album from Priestess titled, 'Prior To The Fire' it is amazing!

These guys are offering a fresh take on hard rock music combing elements from rock and metal genres with a ton of youthful energy. Check out my review of the record<div class="readmore"><a">here.</a></div>

Posted by SpaceTrucker on Sunday, 10.25.09 @ 19:55pm

If The Strokes never release another album, I almost wonder if Is This It's legacy will be enough come 2026... I hope so. Love The Strokes. I hope they release more albums even more, though.

Posted by David on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 23:00pm

I blinked. Must have missed that moment when they mattered. Actually, no, I can't say I missed it.

Posted by Ralph on Wednesday, 01.27.10 @ 08:57am

I like these guys, I really do.

But, I think the White Stripes have more critical acclaim and more diversity and consistency in their success with the "garage rock revival".

And, I gotta put The Hives ahead of the Stokes simply because the Hives came first and one of the earliest to start the garage rock revival.

So, for me, they're in my personal rock and roll hall of fame. But I think they will suffer from The White Stripes going in as the flagship band representing the entire garage rock revival in the eyes of the hall.

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, 02.16.10 @ 00:21am

No... never

Who´s next ???




Posted by Jim on Tuesday, 03.2.10 @ 10:27am

The Strokes are a good band, and I'm glad to see anyone in that genre become successful, but they benefited from the work of a lot of great trash-punk/garage bands who toiled away in the 90s in complete obscurity because nobody who didn't play fake grunge could get airplay in most US markets at the time.

If you appreciate the Strokes check out bands like NYC's D Generation, Phoenix's Beat Angels, San Diego's The Dragons or LA's Comatones, even some of Gilby Clarke's solo material at the time. These are amongst the acts that spent the better part of a decade laying the groundwork for what many believe the Strokes just pulled out of the air one day.

Posted by DarinRG on Wednesday, 02.9.11 @ 22:47pm

Just a bad Stooges ripoff. There's nothing creative about them. Nothing new. Nothing even so much as uniquely derivative of their influences. Really, I don't know why Iggy hasn't sued them, the ripoff is so shameless. If the one kids daddy wasn't a bigwig in the fashion industry and didn't rub elbows with record execs, they'd never have gotten signed in the first place. Nothing to see here.

Posted by Brent on Saturday, 02.19.11 @ 07:36am

Dull, fake, boring, unoriginal, inconsequential, uninfluential. Nothing about this band deserves to be acknowledged, celebrated or enshrined.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 03:55am

Yes. Really Me.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 03:56am

My sister showed me The Strokes when I was in 6th grade, I believe it was 2003. When Room On Fire came out. At that time my sister was a huge fan, and to this day still is. As for me, I am crazy for them. I am always being updated on what they're up to. Of course they'll make it. NME named them to have the best album of the 00's, and Rolling Stones gave them 2nd place for 00's. The Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, The Killers, shit.. Even Interpol all give a HUGE credit to The Strokes for their influence. It's like the way The Who, The Beach Boys, The Smiths, The Doors, The Beatles all did to the bands of the 70's, 80's 90's, 00's, and still to this day. They are just that type of band where you can't get enough. I don't understand why people don't like First Impressions, I love it personally. It was the album that had the most "Rock n Roll" to it. The most shredding, sickest solos, and awesome break downs. Is This It?, was such an amazing simple album. Room On Fire, was hyper, yet mellow. Beautiful, and now Angles. I can't even comment on that. They're getting enough credit and news for it as it is. No matter what they have made, they have always kept "their sound" never lost it. Other bands have. Like Green Day, Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys, and much more. When bands like Kings of Leon give their upmost respect and credit to The Strokes, they are mos def an amazing band. And incredible live. They will mos def be looked at as one of the best 100 rock n roll bands of all time. Even if it's #100.

Posted by NicolasValles on Thursday, 04.28.11 @ 16:32pm

Saw them at Bonnaroo on Sunday. Was in 2nd row. Man, this band has dedicated & enthusiastic fans! Saw the most signs & artwork in crowd for these guys. Lead singer is very compelling, really commands the crowd. On their way to Hall, IMO.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 06.15.11 @ 14:34pm

They'll get in, but I'm less confident now than I was a few years ago. They seriously seem to be running on the legacy of Is This It as a game-changing record. Sure, there they have their hardcore fans who love every song on First Impressions, Angles, etc., but those records don't seem to have made much of an impact on the public at large.

Posted by David on Thursday, 08.4.11 @ 17:47pm

They need ONE more good song

Posted by Me on Thursday, 06.7.12 @ 20:22pm

I'm a huge fan of The Strokes, love all of their albums. However, I think their chances are a bit slimmer after Comedown Machine, as it wasn't commercially successful and got decent reviews. They are going back into the studio soon, so another good album will definitely help their chances. I think they will get in eventually.

Posted by Michael on Wednesday, 10.21.15 @ 02:44am

Honestly this band had amazing potential, too bad they couldn't continue making good albums.They can still make a comeback but man this band is one of the "wow what the fudge happened to them they had talent and could have been a top 10 influential of my generation band".

Posted by Samuel on Monday, 11.16.15 @ 15:22pm

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