Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2018 (The 2019 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2020 (ranked #153) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
ATLiens (1996)
Aquemini (1998)
Stankonia (2000)
Speakerboxx/The Love Below (2003)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Elevators (Me & You) (1996)
Rosa Parks (1998)
B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) (2000)
Ms. Jackson (2000)
Hey Ya! (2003)
The Way You Move (2003)
Roses (2003)

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Will Outkast be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Screw Outkast. They're anything but rock.

Posted by Brandon on Tuesday, 08.29.06 @ 23:15pm

i agree with brandon they need to take them off here not even close

Posted by curt on Sunday, 12.10.06 @ 09:32am

Outkast are more talented and more creative than most of the folks that are already in the hall. Also, the Hall of Fame encompasses all genres of music. You don't have to be a fucking rock band to get in. P.S.: Dre plays more instruments than these other rock and rollers.

Posted by jv on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 17:28pm

agreed, Remember the rock hall of fame does not induct rock bands alone. Even DJs are inducted into the hall of fame. Seriously stop be so discriminating.

Posted by 52627 on Tuesday, 05.8.07 @ 06:37am

Even though I'm not a fan of rap, these guys are talented, unlike many of their peers.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 03:30am

If they dont get in I will be mad.There good and creative and have done a lot for hip-hop.Dre is a better writer and artist than many rock artists.
Of course all these up tight suburban chumps dont want them in because there not the technical definition of rock but let me ask you.When the rock become about technical definitons and all that garbage.We have all forgot about what rock really it about.

Posted by Craig on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 20:30pm

They are consistently hailed by critics and the general public as one of the most original and creative hip-hop groups of all time.

I don't know if OutKast will be inducted the very first year they are eligible, but they're as much of a lock as Run-DMC and Public Enemy. They're in for sure.

Posted by Antonio on Sunday, 04.19.09 @ 08:32am

Outkast may not be rap, however, they are one of the most unique artists of the hip hop era. They combind the elements of funk and hip hop in ways which only rappers can dream of. Their music is well done with great writing and such. They are the most refreshing rap group i have heard in a long time, and I typically look down on rap

Posted by James on Wednesday, 06.10.09 @ 16:44pm

"Screw Outkast. They're anything but rock.

Posted by Brandon on Tuesday, 08.29.06 @ 23:15pm"

Oh really? Take a listen to the album Aquemini or the song Gasoline Dreams.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 08.3.09 @ 20:29pm

One decent record does not a rock n roll hall of fame inductee make.

Posted by P. Onyou on Monday, 03.8.10 @ 16:23pm

they should defenitly be in the hall of fame they are one of the most original bands EVER

Posted by tron on Tuesday, 04.13.10 @ 17:58pm

Even if the Hall had not inducted Rap artist like Gradmaster Flash & The Furious Five or Run DMC, I still think Outkast would have had a great chance of getting in. I would almost argue that they are more a R&B/Funk group that came from /brings a Hip-Hop dimension. They have recorded some of the best pop music of the last 10 years!

Posted by Gassman on Monday, 07.19.10 @ 12:20pm

One decent record does not a rock n roll hall of fame inductee make.

Posted by P. Onyou on Monday, 03.8.10 @ 16:23pm

One decent album?? Every single record they have put out has gone Platinum. This also includes one 4x platinum and one 11x platinum (Diamond) record.

How can you deny them their success??

Posted by Cha$e on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 19:43pm


Posted by jacob morin on Sunday, 10.30.11 @ 13:40pm

Why am I even commenting? obvious lock

but while I am here I might as well point out this is another crucial dead lock that was influenced by kate bush.

Posted by Mikhail on Friday, 07.6.12 @ 05:45am

Lots of Rock bands have been influenced by old southern blues (the Rolling Stones). OutKast is a modern version of Mississippi delta style jam. 3 stacks might be the most talented person in hip hop; their double album Speakerboxx and the Love Below won album of the year and certified diamond(11x Platinum). ENd of Discussion

Posted by T on Wednesday, 10.10.12 @ 01:23am

Definitely a lock on this one. It's no surprise they are one of the headliners for this years Coachella.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Thursday, 01.9.14 @ 19:03pm

Outkast has this under Lock and Key... There is no denying the influence André 3000, and Big Boi have had on music in general... Great music too.

Posted by Micheal on Sunday, 05.11.14 @ 19:09pm

Just came back from The Hangout, where Outkast closed it out. I'm generally no fan of the hippity hop (Arrested Development is my kind of rap), but I'm now a fan of Outkast. Wonderful set, with huge audience applause & singing along. Most singing along to songs that I've heard (maybe Paul McCartney set).

No rust that night as they tore thru hit after hit with a 12 piece backing band. I couldn't stay for entire set, as I needed to get back to condo to sleep. Will see them twice more (at least) at closer festivals & I will stay till the end.

Had never heard it before, but 'Ms. Jackson' is a badass song. Heard several more that I can't identify right now, but I liked them too. Did miss 'Hey Ya'. Highest recommendation on seeing this band.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 05.22.14 @ 08:19am

Outkast is very talented and influential undoubtedly but having hiphop/rap acts (except bboys -they were actually a band) and pop singer no matter how much influence they have just seems not right being it "THE ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME". If so, they should just change it to music/musicians hall of fame... just saying...

Posted by seracerveza on Friday, 07.4.14 @ 15:53pm

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