Judas Priest

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1999 (The 2000 Induction Ceremony)

Nominated in: 2018   

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 2006 (ranked #138) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Sad Wings of Destiny (1976)
British Steel (1980)
Screaming For Vengeance (1982)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Victim of Changes (1976)
Breaking The Law (1980)
Living After Midnight (1980)
You Got Another Thing Comin' (1982)
The Hellion/Electric Eye (1982)
Painkiller (1990)

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Will Judas Priest be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Judas Priest should have been in this years ago.This makes me sick.

Posted by Claire on Monday, 09.4.06 @ 14:51pm

It's a shame they are not in. They are an amazing group

Posted by roméo on Wednesday, 10.11.06 @ 10:46am

Well you know it's not like anyone can name any of their hit songs............. like hell bent for leather, living after midnight, the green manalishi, breaking the law, electric eye, heading out to the highway, you got another thing coming, some heads are gonna roll, turbo lover, freewheel burning, ram it down...........

Posted by Eric Neuman on Sunday, 10.29.06 @ 01:02am

Absolutely unbelieveable.

Posted by Denny on Wednesday, 11.8.06 @ 20:53pm

Like Victim of Changes is not innovative enough?
JP ruled well before Metallica came along!

Posted by Fredrocks on Friday, 12.8.06 @ 12:33pm

I've been going back and forth on Priest for a while now, but right now I think they should be in, although I personally prefer both Maiden and Motorhead.

Posted by Kit on Friday, 01.26.07 @ 19:24pm

the Priest will never get the recognition they deserve. every metal band is at least 10% Judas Priest.

Posted by Steve b on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 23:26pm

This is simple. Judas Priest was always better than Black Sabbath. They could "turn circles" around them. Sabbath is in...so should Priest.

Posted by dave on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 11:56am

Alas, my friends, I fear the mighty Priest are long shots to get in at best. Should they be in? Without question--along with Sabbath and Maiden they are the godfathers of heavy metal. But, as with Maiden, the powers that be thumb their noses at heavy metal. Sad, sad, sad.

Posted by daniel on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 18:51pm

Umm....what the hell. I just generally assumed that Priest was on because I didn't think it was much of a question, they are the Pinacle Of Metal. I don't understand what is stopping them from being their...

Posted by Shane Vanier on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 18:44pm

How in God's name are they not in already? I'm not even a big fan of Judas Priest and I know their influence.

Posted by Moni3 on Saturday, 05.5.07 @ 19:10pm

While Sabbath created Metal, it's undeniable the Priest was the first big metal band to get airplay in America once they released British Steel and Screamin' for Vengeance. Along with Iron Maiden, there is no doubt in my mind that they should be in.

Posted by Eric on Friday, 06.15.07 @ 00:05am

Once again, in case anyone wasn't paying attention: Black Sabbath did not create metal.

Posted by William on Friday, 06.15.07 @ 00:32am

Most metal experts would agree that Priest was just as influential in the world of Metal as Sabbath, not to mention they have not gone through the kind of lead singer debacle Sabbath went through in the 80's, yet they caved in anyway and inducted Sabbath. No excuses to keep Priest out any longer.

Posted by James on Wednesday, 09.12.07 @ 22:26pm

I thought once Sabbath opened the door Priest would follow, but when you put the sex pistols in the hall who only had one album and there one and only tour ended after a few week well what can one say eccept WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

Posted by Jeff on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 12:49pm

If the Hall wants to document the evolution of Metal then it seems that naturally Judas Priest would get in eventually - but I voted "No" not because I don't think they deserve it, but because I doubt they will ever see the induction stage, since the arrogated lunkhead gatekeepers of the HOF seem perfectly content to limit their "guest list" to 5 fucking party goers each year now.
If Genesis and Steve Miller and Alice Cooper and The Cure and Kraftwek and The Stooges and The Replacements and Sonic Youth and Peter Gabriel and Rush and......... can't get on a ballot, Judas Priest doesn't have a prayer.

Posted by shawn on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 13:41pm

"I thought once Sabbath opened the door Priest would follow, but when you put the sex pistols in the hall who only had one album and there one and only tour ended after a few week well what can one say eccept WHAT A JOKE!!!!!"-Jeff

So are you new to this "influence" concept? I'm almost positive more bands owe their sound to the Pistols than to JP. So logically, if you feel JP deserves in, then so do the Pistols.

Posted by William on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 14:40pm

Give me a break. Priest's influence on metal is second only to Sabbath. Of course they deserve to be in the Hall. They've faded a bit from the mind of the public because they weren't all that active in the '90s, and because of that the committee will probably continue to deny the metal gods their place in the Hall. Or maybe one of them had a family member who tried to commit suicide after listening to Class, I dunno. Still, their influence, even on other big metal bands, is undeniable. Priest has been around since 1974 and had put out five albums (six if you count Unleashed in the East) before Iron Maiden put out their first. I mean, for Christ's sake, Van f*ckin' Halen's in the Hall, and at best they're a mediocre Priest knockoff.

Posted by Isaac on Tuesday, 10.23.07 @ 21:30pm

With all due respect, William, I disagree. You listen to mostly punk bands, I believe, and consequently are unaware of the vast influence Judas Priest has over countless musicians, equal at least to The Sex Pistols.

Posted by Metalsmith on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 18:16pm

"You listen to mostly punk bands, I believe"-Metalsmith

Wrong. Fail.

"and consequently are unaware of the vast influence Judas Priest has over countless musicians, equal at least to The Sex Pistols."-Metalsmith

I am aware of their influence, but simply put there were plenty of other early metal bands cutting their teeth at and around the same time. They are influential, yes. Not "second only to Sabbath," as the person above states, but up there. But for a person who calls himself "Metalsmith" you don't show a very comprehensive understanding of metal.

Posted by William on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 18:37pm

Well, excuse me. I was just saying Judas Priest have a large influence on heavy metal, which is definitely true. The reason I don't show a great depth of understanding is because I'm only talking about one thing. With that said, you always defend The Sex Pistols like they're the greatest thing ever and then you deny that you like punk rock. Make up your mind.

Posted by Metalsmith on Saturday, 02.9.08 @ 10:15am

"I was just saying Judas Priest have a large influence on heavy metal,"

No, that is not what you were saying.

"The reason I don't show a great depth of understanding is because I'm only talking about one thing."

More likely because your knowledge isn't as great as you seem to think it is.

"With that said, you always defend The Sex Pistols like they're the greatest thing ever"

No, you've only been here for a few weeks, so I'd hardly think that you would be one to say what William "always" does. Besides, he's already told that he isn't a big Pistols fan - it's called being objective. The Sex Pistols are one of the most influential Garage/Independent groups ever, and the only thing preventing you from seeing that is personal ignorance.

"then you deny that you like punk rock"

It's called being objective. Besides, I've read alot of William's comments, and he seems to like a lot of hard-core punk, so you're wrong anyway.

Next English class your in, ask your teacher what the difference between the "object" and the "subject" is.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 02.9.08 @ 10:28am

Just shove off with your bloody self-rigtheous attitude. "It's called being objective." Yeah, well, no one cares about it. This whole site is dedicated to people expressing their opinions and you're not a better person just because you hide behind a cloak of "objectivity." If you wanted to be objective, you wouldn't keep arguing useless points and you would occasionally talk about someone besides The Sex Pistols. And would the two of you kindly stop speaking on behalf of one another. I can only address one of you at a time.

Posted by Metalsmith on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 13:18pm

"Just shove off with your bloody self-rigtheous attitude."

Look, Mr Blacksmith, I'm not being self-righteous at all. If you feel upset by others being able to put their own preferences aside, then you need to deal with it.

"This whole site is dedicated to people expressing their opinions and you're not a better person just because you hide behind a cloak of "objectivity.""

No. Wrong. Nil Points. It's actually about deciding upon which artists do and do not deserve induction, by looking at their influence and innovation in music. Learn to read.

"If you wanted to be objective, you wouldn't keep arguing useless points and you would occasionally talk about someone besides The Sex Pistols."

You're yet to give any valuable input to the site, so you're in no real position to talk like that. Now, unless you're gonna move on from the RAAAAAAWKERS, I really don't want to talk to you.

"And would the two of you kindly stop speaking on behalf of one another. I can only address one of you at a time."

What a shame. This is an OPEN FORUM, meaning anyone can join in to any conversation. Stop being so hyper-sensitive.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 13:36pm

"It's called being objective

Thats right, it is about being objective. Theres a lot of inductees who I don't really like, but I don't disagree with them being in the HOF. On the other hand, theres artists whose music I've enjoyed, but I know that they don't stand a chance in HELL of getting in. Its about being open-minded, which, quite frankly, you aren't a lot of the time.

I don't always agree with some of the opinions posted on this site, but if they are objective (theres that word again!!) and thought provoking I certainly respect them. When someone says "SO & SO RULES", its usually my cue to think "oh, no...here we go!!!"

Educate yourself on Rock history...all of it!! You would understand who the big instrumental forces were in popular music, and why they are held in such high esteem. You'd also understand why some don't make the grade. You may not like all of it, but you would at least understand why. None of the points are "useless".

As for everything else, I don't even know why you let it bother you!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 13:41pm

You're right, Terry. There's a lot of rock history I don't know and choose not to know because it doesn't interest me. You're right for pointing that out. But as far as this page goes, I think I'm right in saying that Judas Priest have had a massive impact on rock and roll.

Posted by Metalsmith on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:30pm

How do you know that it doesn't interest you if you haven't tried it?

Why would choose NOT to look into new stuff?

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:36pm

I used to confuse Judas Priest with Iron Maiden...silly me!! I never confused Led Zeppelin with anyone...get what I'm saying? Not saying the weren't or aren't a good band, though (there's that word again..."good")

As far as rock history...you're interested, you just don't know it yet.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:41pm

No one could claim to be fully aware of the entirety of "Modern Music" (ie 1915-Present). To do so shows an enormous amount of arrognace, complacency and a heavy-dose of self-righteousness.

There's so much music out there, and I intend to keep looking for as long as new music is being made. Which will hopefully be for-ever!

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:45pm

Another thing...and Liam I'm not defending you because you quite frankly don't need my help...but yesterday I got turned on to a whole SLEW of music that I can't recall ever hearing. I would've probably never pursued it unless someone said "if you like that, then give this a try". I just a little more education on rock music that I didn't even know was there...because I asked!!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:47pm

Yeah, I wouldn't be into half the stuff I am if it wasn't for recommendations!

There's still absolutely LOADS that I'm yet to delve into!

PS Any of my recommendations stand out to you, Terry? I mean, it's all great (lol!), but any in particular?

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:53pm

When I first started to listen, I thought "Yeah, this is good stuff", but that song "To Hell With Poverty" was the one that made me go "DAMN!!!!" Then I was really into it! I played that stuff for a long time. Heard some Siouxsie & The Banshees I really liked...she does have a great versatile voice!! I didn't forward any of it. It made for a very enjoyable evening...

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 15:07pm

By "forward" I mean I didn't skip any of the tracks...

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 15:09pm

Not sure why they have not been accepted, I am sure some politics are involved. I have every album back to Rocka Rolla and I am only 30. We are talking about multiple generations following this band. Is it really that hard to decide on a band like Judas Priest?

Posted by Geer on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 03:12am

Thirty five plus years of Metal excellence, starting in a time when no one had two lead guitarists. Now its common practice. Some of the best duelling guitar ever performed, both contrasting and simutanious solos and riffs. How is it possible that a pioneering vocalist who has the range in both octaves and style is overlooked. Judas priest, from the early 70's led the movement, taking the speed of hard rock and combining the heavy sounds of Black Sabbath to a new level, leading the way for most every metal band. Where is the respect to one of the hardest working bands in history? They are still going strong today. A new album and world tour will happen this year. Keep the faith, Priest rules!

Posted by greg regoli on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 23:34pm


Posted by kyle on Friday, 05.30.08 @ 23:17pm

Judas Priest started playing in the early seventies with a completely unique style. The first time I saw them, you could walk right up to Rob, K.K., and Glenn in the front row, circa 1979. They became so popular that the concerts were all sell outs and huge events! The tours just got better and more professional."Screaming For Vengeance" may have been the pinnacle for 'Priest'.The dual guitars of Glenn and K.K. were huge and Robs vocals always shined through. 'Priest' carried the Metal Banner through it's darkest hours and lived to triumph and play again. They should be in the Hall of Fame. Totally unique and never played a bad concert!!!!!!!! Mark

Posted by Mark Glew on Saturday, 05.31.08 @ 17:58pm

Along with Black Sabbath, one of the earliest, most influential, and certainly one of the original founders of metal. I'm not going to say they have ever been the most popular but they are certainly influential, and that's what it's about. But the Rock Hall mostly overlooks Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal so it's not very likely.

Posted by MaulYoda on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 18:05pm

I was watching Heavy Metal on one of the satellite stations recently. This show proclaimed that Judas Priest was the first to wear leather, ride Harleys and carry whips on stage. Sounds like a rip-off of Blue Oyster Cult.

Posted by Mutant on Monday, 07.14.08 @ 07:01am

As for the Hall of Fame, have you ever been in the place? It is a pyramid and only pointy-headed folks can fit into the place. Is it that important for some organization that has a financial focus to determine who they want in their pointy-headed building? You know who is better. Been to the place once and will not return. It isn't a big enough place to encapsulate the likes of Johnny Cash, Judas Priest, Blue Oyster Cult, or anybody other than the likes of Madonna. The Sex Pistols were smart to not attend their induction. When are folks going to wake up and realize that the Hall of Fame is just a money making organization.

Posted by Mutant on Monday, 07.14.08 @ 07:10am

Judas Priest has influenced so many bands. They should have been inducted in 1999 when they were first eligible. You hear them played on the radio every day !

Posted by METALMAN on Thursday, 07.17.08 @ 08:22am

Priest's exclusion is further proof of the Rock HOF's bias against metal. And their exclusion is only another reason why there needs to be a METAL HOF. And theres no better place to put it than in Birmingham, UK, the home of not only Priest but Sabbath.

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 18:05pm

There are only five singers in the history of rock who can sing the Priest catalog, due to its complexity, range, power and masculinity. There is Rob himself of course, then Ian Gillen, Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate and Sebastian Bach. On the basis of musical virtuosity ALONE, Priest (along with the four gentlemen just mentioned) deserve HOF status. There is no argument. Excluding Priest from Rock's honored pantheon is a disgrace akin to snubbing Mozart, Pavoratti, or Paganini.

To those who claim Sabbath, BOC or Deep Purple are the "true" founders of Metal, what crap. Each of those bands contributed one or two elements that were foundational to the synthesis of Metal, but Priest was the first band to put it all together in a complete package.

Do you honestly compare Ozzy's vocals, or Dio's, or Dharma's (hah!) to Halford??? Gillen and Deep Purple come closest - but the reliance on keyboards, to my mind, invalidates their claim to the throne. Judas Priest, my friends, are the founders of Metal.

Posted by Troy on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 12:39pm

Excluding Priest from Rock's honored pantheon is a disgrace akin to snubbing Mozart, Pavoratti, or Paganini.

Posted by Troy on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 12:39pm
Now you did it, Troy. I've been at it with the Rock Hall for a while over the exclusion of these gentleman. Finally, somebody speaks up for the power of powdered wigs! Don't believe me - then try THIS!:

Halford influenced Ripper Owens, who influenced Mark Wahlberg & a bunch of Hollywood producers to make "Rock Star" in 01.

Mozart influenced Falco - nuff said!

Pavarotti once sung a duet w/Vanessa Williams... o.k., that's a little weak, but remember, it was on SNL, once a bastion for great musical performances as well.

Paganini influenced Yngwie Malmsteen - nuff said!

And the connection is... I don't know. But I am with you on Priest. They definitely belong. Of course, the other three are slightly more overdue than Priest. Heck, even the SRV fans can't say anything on this one.


Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 16:47pm

Cheesie...If we follow your formula, that'll mean we have to induct Kevin Bacon, too...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 19:07pm

The Fathers of Heavy Metal MUST be in.

Posted by Abandoned on Wednesday, 12.17.08 @ 18:33pm

Wait .... judas priest was just inducted!!No,seriously! There was a huge celebration just a few hours ago. Don't you guys ever watch the news?

Posted by king floyd on Tuesday, 12.30.08 @ 17:19pm

Inducted where?

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 12.30.08 @ 17:51pm

At the north pole of course!you silly boy.

Posted by S.R on Tuesday, 12.30.08 @ 21:51pm

My Top 5;
1.Hell Bent For Leather
3.Screaming For Vengenance
4.You've Got Another Thing Coming
5.The Hellion

Posted by S.R on Saturday, 01.10.09 @ 17:06pm


Wheres Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight, or One Shot at Glory?

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 03.25.09 @ 17:20pm

Nowhere.What are you,illiterate?

Posted by S.R on Wednesday, 03.25.09 @ 18:12pm

Judas Priest are just one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. Rob Halford has one of the most distinquished and powerful voices in not just metal, but all rock. They took the thick, duel guitar work of Thin Lizzy and Wishbone Ash to the next level. They influence everything from most of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal to the trashers of the late '80s and '90s to most of today's rock bands. I can still hear "Living After Midnight", "You Got Another Thing Comin'", and "Breaking the Law" every month on radio. And all thier other all great songs like "Hell Bent for Leather", "United", "Victim of Change", "The Ripper" etc. are still great songs. Really a shame the hall has denied them thier place, like so many others.

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 04.26.09 @ 12:46pm

there is no doubt that Priest should be in. The only reason Sabbath is in is because of the successfull solo carrer of Ozzy and Dio, combined with the sabbath influence.
We shouldn't count on Rob's amazing singing ability to get them in any time soon It took Queen 5 years to get in and they had possibly the best and most loved lead singers of all time in Fredie Mercury. So as much as I hate to say it I don't think they will put the Metal Gods in.

Posted by Rocker on Sunday, 06.14.09 @ 23:28pm

judas priest are inventors of heavi matal music.

Posted by vitohol123456i on Saturday, 01.23.10 @ 12:06pm

black sabbayh is not heavy metal,is heavy rock .judas priest are the fathers of heavy metal.

Posted by avitohol on Saturday, 01.23.10 @ 12:13pm

Now they are grammy winners, Judas Priest

Posted by Greg on Sunday, 01.31.10 @ 23:48pm

I don't put much weight in the Grammy's when it comes to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal because they usually get it wrong and they don't respect those genres enough to televise the presentation of those awards.

Judas Priest is one of the most glaring ommissions from the Rock and Roll Hall of Lame. They pretty much created the metal genre and took rock music to a whole new level. I know some of you will sight other bands that played metal before Judas Priest but the Priest were all metal and nothing but metal. Many musicians have sighted Judas Priest as the originaters of metal and I couldn't agree more.

If you want to discuss Judas Priest and other great Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands, check out rockchoice.com


Posted by SpaceTrucker on Tuesday, 02.2.10 @ 12:59pm

Everything that needed to be said has been said. By fusing together the twin leads, leather, studs and spikes, bikers obsession, they took metal in a whole new direction; as Scott Ian said, "The riffs had the same inherent darkness had but it just sounded more metallic." They laid down the blueprint for NWOBHM, which in turn influenced speed and thrash. It doesn't take much research at all to find the impact and influence Tipton and Downing have had on metal guitarists, and the number of singers Halford has influenced. Their influence and impact is undeniable; they should've been in the moment they were eligible, no excuses. The fact that they probably won't be in, ever, is not a stain on Priest, it just goes to further show how out of touch the voters are.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 02.11.10 @ 20:14pm

"The same inherent darkness that Sabbath had." Typo. I'd do a Keltner analysis but it doesn't even feel necessary in this case.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 03.2.10 @ 16:37pm

"Metal Gods" They belong in the RRHOF. Overwhelmingly Influential.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Wednesday, 04.21.10 @ 15:14pm

They should be in there, but they won't be for a while. There should be a metal hall of fame because the rock and roll hall of fame cares more about classic rock like, for example, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and The Beatles than any other kind of bands.
The metal hall of fame should have bands like black sabbath, judas priest, iron maiden, slayer, metallica, pantera, and a bunch of other greats. The metal hall of fame would have more knowledge of metal.

Posted by Mark on Tuesday, 10.19.10 @ 20:33pm

Alice Cooper before Judas Priest? What a joke. Metallica before the great bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the people that greatly influenced Metallica, unbelievable. Judas Priest has influenced basically every single great speed metal band today, and if they are not inducted I will lose my respect for the RHOF. Rob Halford is the best singer in heavy metal, with the largest range to boot.

Posted by Bob on Monday, 07.18.11 @ 15:08pm

A petition for The Defenders of The Faith, or just to those who wish to see justice done to a band that has seen heavy metal through 40 years. Please put your signature along with more than 19,000 others to see this band inducted where it belongs.

Posted by Bob on Monday, 07.18.11 @ 15:18pm

Judas Priest is arguably the biggest and most influencial heavy metal band of all time with a 40 year and continuing history and 40 million records sold; yet they haven't so much as had a nomination.

Posted by JayDee on Wednesday, 09.14.11 @ 09:34am

RRHOF wants The J Geils Band over Judas Priest. Oh the absurdity!

Posted by JayDee on Wednesday, 09.14.11 @ 09:45am

I'm not a big fan but I couldn't agree more, especially the second comment.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 09.14.11 @ 11:11am

I dont think this should even be called the Rock and Roll hall of fame it should be called The Music Hall of Fame because most of these people i've seen didnt have much to do with rock. Judas Priest - Ronnie James Dio - Ozzy - W.A.S.P. - Manowar where are all these guys at? these guys rock far more than the nominees this year and most years this is just a big disgrace to the people who busted thier asses to get to where they are now and they get no recognition at all. this is a place i will definately never visit in my life time

Posted by Don Campbell on Tuesday, 09.27.11 @ 13:03pm

I dont think this should even be called the Rock and Roll hall of fame it should be called The Music Hall of Fame because most of these people i've seen didnt have much to do with rock. Judas Priest - Ronnie James Dio - Ozzy - W.A.S.P. - Manowar where are all these guys at? these guys rock far more than the nominees this year and most years this is just a big disgrace to the people who busted thier asses to get to where they are now and they get no recognition at all. this is a place i will definately i will never visit

Posted by Don Campbell on Tuesday, 09.27.11 @ 13:03pm

Join this page to petition metal in the Rock Hall of Fame! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Induct-More-Metal-Bands-Into-The-Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame/193628144053264?sk=photos

Posted by Kyle on Tuesday, 11.22.11 @ 17:42pm

If Judas Priest will be inducted into the rrhf(soon i hope), this would be the inductees:


Posted by L,A on Wednesday, 02.29.12 @ 09:14am

At work so first post has to be quick - THIS IS AN OUTRAGE THAT JUDAS MF PRIEST IS NOT IN THE HALL! One note on their wide scope of metal and rock influence - pick up the recent Chosen Few album. Metal starts today and Priest's contemporaries pick their favorite Priest tunes and explain how they influenced them, the lasting and still growing effect that the Metal Gods have had on metal and rock. The best quotation I ever heard about Sabbath and Priest - "Sabbath was heavy but Priest was Metal." The look, the attitude, the VOLUME - Judas MF Priest! We have to get the Metal Gods in!

Posted by Dave Phillips IV on Friday, 03.30.12 @ 15:23pm

I think Judas Priest will get inducted. Black Sabbath & Metallica inductions shows RRHOF will put bands of this genre in RRHOF.

Priest were a very intelligent group. They played heavy metal but Halford sang coherently where many groups later screamed into the microphone.

We all know the hits:Breaking The Law,Living After Midnight,Turbo Lover, Heading...etc.

Can't find many faults with JP.Outstanding vocals,great axe men with a KING FAV KK Downing. Also 1 of the Godfathers of metal in. They deserve induction in the 2016-2017 year although there will be some 1st balloters in that class. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 02.20.14 @ 17:22pm

It's a shame that a lot of metal/hard rock bands such as Motörhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, Scorpions, Slayer, Anthrax, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sister, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Venom, Budgie, et al are shut out of the hall of fame but Madonna, RUN DMC, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, ABBA, and Public Enemy get in before them.
I agree with a lot of previous posts that there should be a Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame. I also believe that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should change its name to MUSIC Hall of Fame, because their induction process is a joke. They treat metal and progressive rock bands as if they are *not* rock and roll.

Posted by DannyRainbow on Thursday, 06.5.14 @ 23:26pm

The place needs to be called the "Music Hall of Fame" NOT Rock N Roll because it clearly encompasses more than just Rock! With that said, heavy metal is a genre of rock music that is grossly underappreciated by the hall's voters. Too bad. At least the fans know who's who. Great bands like W.A.S.P. will never get in & I get why. But Priest? They need to go in immediately with the Hall's deepest apology! Even by the "Music HoF's" inconsistent criteria the MIGHTY Priest deserve induction for their enormous influence & outstanding career!

Posted by Jim on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 10:04am

Judas Priest, Deep Purple. Scorpions, Blue Oyster Cult ALL deserve to be inducted immediately and apologized to for gross negligence/oversight on the Hall's behalf. Then Iron Maiden should be inducted ASAP! BUT if only one were to get in it needs to be Judas Priest! Thinking of who is in and who isn't is enough to make the blood boil! Sabbath may get credit for inventing heavy metal (there is an argument for another day) but Priest championed the metal cause & influenced the future more than any other. Oh BTW - they were/still are the best. Combination of Halford's vocals & Glenn & KK's twin axe attack were unmatched. Ritchie Faulkner has admirably stepped into KK's shoes & they have continued to conquer!

Posted by Jim on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 10:15am

this compiled list is bullc''p anyway, essential lbums from 76 thats way more than 15 years overlooked, wai what about the platinum album that has it's 30th anniversary this year, defenders of the faith, the sentinel etc, what a load of cr;;p, the pop hall of fame it should be renamed to or thesimplemusicianscomposium

Posted by gary on Monday, 04.20.15 @ 14:47pm

I could see Judas Priest nominated in 2015. With groups like Black Sabbath, Metallica, and KISS inducted recently, Judas Priest should be next in line. Deep Purple should be inducted this RRHOF cycle that's the only thing that could hurt Priest's chances on the 2015 ballot. They would be a sure fire RRHOF induction candidate 2016-2020. I think Judas Priest would rise to one of the Top eligible RRHOF bands once Deep Purple is inducted. What is your FAV Judas Priest song? KING

Posted by KING on Friday, 07.17.15 @ 21:14pm

If Judas Priest will be inducted into the rrhf(soon i hope), this would be the inductees:


Posted by L,A on Wednesday, 02.29.12 @ 09:14am

They'll probably include Tim Ripper Owens in the group of nominees for induction. Not that they should, but don't be surprised if they do include him too.

Posted by DannyRainbow on Thursday, 07.30.15 @ 22:56pm

How can fans influence the Rock and Roll Hall? Leaving Priest out is an absolute insult to rock and roll fans who know anything at all about the historical influence of artists from the '70's. Their body of work stands up against any band ever and they are legendary live performers. They even have rock and roll history on their side with the subliminal messaging leading to suicide trial they had to endure in the mid '80s. These guys are every bit as rock and roll as the Rolling Stones.

Posted by madlyinanger on Saturday, 01.21.17 @ 16:13pm

Glad to see someone else on here supporting the metal community. As far as influencing the rock hall from our position, I don't know that there's much we can do. The rock hall is very political and closed minded. It always seems that they induct artists they believe will draw attention and money. I think thats why they even induct bands before the bands that influenced those bands, ex induction of GnR long before Kiss.

The one thing these shunned artists have in their corner is that Tom Morello is now on the rock hall committee. Thats why all of a sudden they finally inducted Deep Purple, Alice Cooper , Rush, Kiss.
I love Judas Priest and I hope Tom Morello can do something to get them in soon. Halford has arguably the greatest metal voice next to Bruce Dickinson. They were a huge part of the 80s metal movement. So many great songs, albums and tours. It would be a shame if they didn't get their recognition. I think they'll get it but I have a feeling we'll see Def Leppard or Bon Jovi get in first as they draw more attention from the mainstream.

Posted by Vito on Sunday, 01.22.17 @ 13:48pm

Also a fun fact, I visited the rock hall in 2015,they also have things from artists who are not yet inducted. One thing they have, Rob Halfords coat from the 2005 tour!

Posted by Vito on Sunday, 01.22.17 @ 22:19pm

I saw the Priest in 2005 when they co-headlined Ozzfest and they rocked the stage for over 2 hours. One of the most memorable shows ever, and I really wasn't into the band at the time. If I do make it up to Cleveland, I'll be sure to get a selfie with it.

The good news is now that the NomCom is changing, especially with Tom Morello part of it, Judas Priest has better chances of getting in (or at least making the ballot for now). There are several hard-rock/metal acts that are long overdue, and without doubt the Priest is one of them. As for now, I'm youuurrrr turrrrbooo loverrrr

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 01.22.17 @ 23:11pm

Jason, saw The Priest at 1st Louder Than Life fest in Louisville back in 2014. They closed the 1st day. Very enjoyable set. Played all their hits. Definite snub, as they need to be in The Hall.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 01.23.17 @ 08:22am

It is a joke that they aren't in already yet Green Day got in first ballot.. I like Green Day but this is a travesty, and the biggest reason I consider this "hall" a joke. It is also missing Iron Maiden, and Nine Inch Nails.

Posted by Samuel Sanchez on Tuesday, 04.11.17 @ 21:27pm

It's a massive shame that Priest has not been honored; they are one of the most influential bands in the development of heavy metal, for which we should forever be grateful.

Posted by Luke Madigan on Monday, 05.8.17 @ 14:08pm

Next year, next year they will be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. This year's nomination proves the Rock Hall wants to honor them. It was a shame they weren't inducted this year, but I know next year, they will be inducted and metal acts will start to be better represented.

Posted by Nathan on Saturday, 12.16.17 @ 23:44pm

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