Jeff Buckley

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Eligible in: 2018 (The 2019 Induction Ceremony)

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Grace (1994)

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Hallelujah (1994)
Grace (1994)

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Will Jeff Buckley be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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This guy released one of the greatest albums ever then passed away before the second one was finished. He should definitely be considered.

Posted by AZ Dave on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 23:15pm

Jeff was probably one of the most influential highly respected artists of his time. He's still considered as a great artist. I really hope he's inducted in the near future. I know many would be grateful.

Posted by Jeff Buckley fan on Friday, 12.22.06 @ 01:28am

Jeff was the greatest singer of his generation and should really be in the hall of fame

Posted by Louise on Thursday, 12.28.06 @ 12:49pm

He's dead = he's in.

Posted by adrock on Tuesday, 01.23.07 @ 09:40am

Heard him once, was totally nonplussed. Not even remotely worthy of consideration. Got to do a bit more than one album and drown, sorry.

Posted by Jeff on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 17:17pm

This mere man has the voice of an angel, rated by Led Zep and 10 years after his death is still revered for his talent and his eternal GRACE!

Get over the whole 'drowning' thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with his music.

Posted by Nikki on Tuesday, 06.19.07 @ 06:41am

you heard Jeff and you were nonplussed??????? oh I know: you are deaf. That explains it.

Jeff's talent was almost not-of-this-world. He would have been blowing everyone out of the water, had he had the chance to grow even further as a person and as a musician.

Posted by prmz on Tuesday, 06.19.07 @ 08:59am

This guys was a genious. His music influences many artists nowadays. He deserves the honour to be part of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame.

Posted by Christy on Tuesday, 06.19.07 @ 13:26pm

Jeff was the most soulful musician that ever existed in my opinion. No one's voice can even come close to his. His guitar playing was absolutely incredible but so under-rated. I guess when you have a voice like that, some things get over looked.
Grace is the most amazing thing you can do with your ears.
Jeff was truly a once in a life time artist. He was such a gift to the world but he was taken way too soon. It's really unfair. But what he left us with something extremely precious and intangible.

Posted by Steve on Tuesday, 06.19.07 @ 17:41pm

no one can sing, play guitar and write like the late jeff buckley. i would be agreeing with all of his musical peers, past such as led zep, and present from U2, chris cornell, incubus, chrissie hynde and many others in saying, there is no-one else that is more deservly.

One word to back-up all my points...


Posted by TOM on Tuesday, 06.19.07 @ 18:50pm

One album true, but there have been soooo many artists today that still cite him as an influence for their work.

Posted by Annony Mouse on Tuesday, 06.19.07 @ 21:29pm

prescious prescious silver and gold!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ANON on Wednesday, 01.16.08 @ 16:02pm

prescious prescious silver and gold!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ANON on Wednesday, 01.16.08 @ 16:02pm

He may not get in his first year eligible but YES he deserves to be in the Rock Hall. His death blunted future brilliance.

Posted by JasonP on Thursday, 03.20.08 @ 12:04pm

Jeff Buckley...
Is an Ikon, his career was not long but he touched every soul and heart that listened to him. When Jeff sings Hallelujah itīs magical and tears well up in your eys... He should be in the rockhall forever just for singing Hallelujah ...Belive me this is the best song ever done...Jeff Buckley did it imortal!

Posted by John on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 18:22pm

A great talent definitely, but his limited output will damper his induction chances considerably. Nevertheless, you can feel his repercussions to this very day. "Grace" gets better with each passing year and his rendition of "Hallelujah" is by far the greatest, IMO.

Posted by denyo on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 18:39pm

Record one album that gets good reviews, drown and you go into the Hall? I think not. I've heard some of his recordings, sounded like everything else. NOT deserving, sorry.

Posted by Jeff on Wednesday, 02.18.09 @ 07:56am

no disrespect to the man, his album was great. But one needs to ask themselves two questions:
How much of an impact did he really have on rock? did he change the music or seriously affected music to the point where he should be considered?
Also, for bands such as rush or others that have spent years upon years building up influence and albums, while Jeff only released one album, does Jeff really deserve to be inducted? What if this one album was a fluke, what if his following albums were not so powerful? Alotta unanswered questions that, I believe, will keep him outta the rnr hall of fame. Best of luck to him though, great album and great man.

Posted by damien on Thursday, 06.4.09 @ 21:46pm

His influence and importance on other artists is so great that the fact that he only released one real album won't matter. Look at the Sex Pistols...

Posted by Kyle on Wednesday, 10.28.09 @ 23:50pm

He DOES deserve, so shut up all of you. He did not sound "like everyone else" by any, any means at all! He was an angel with the voice of heaven and a incredible musical gift which shone through his skills on guitar and poetic lyrics. And he was a real visionary and intellectual artist with a way of music and words like nobody else!!!

It does not matter though... He will not ever be forgoten...And the hall of fame, with the trash in the hall of fame now, would be a scar on his memory. On the memories he left the world, he was an angel. He's better off not being in that thing. LOVE ALWAYS FOR JB, FROM GERMANY

Posted by Ingrid on Wednesday, 01.13.10 @ 14:09pm

Talent has often been described as a gift from god and when one listens to Jeff Buckley the meaning of that description is epiphanically realized. His voice alone could probably make a believer out of anyone; but, that it was so soulfully, sensitively wrought (one feels him actually LIVING through the music) that there can be no doubt. That is why so many continue to be inspired by the little that he was able to leave us.
So, yes, he well deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He was a rare and timeless gift who became ever influential.
But, just as Ingrid said, "It does not matter though.. He will not ever be forgoten..."

Posted by Carolyn Nelson on Wednesday, 03.10.10 @ 22:17pm

Yes, he should! And will!
Looking forward to that day in NY 2020!!
Peace, Love & Jeff Buckley~

Posted by Buckleyesque Veronica on Wednesday, 05.19.10 @ 14:29pm

Jeff was a legend at the time he lived and is even more so now. The drowing aside, he is far more than worthy for induction. His vocal breadth and range and the pure soul that just spilled from his throat was what most people imagine angels sounding like. He was a fantastic guitarist, songwriter and poet and he put every single shred of his being into his art. He has influenced a generation and will continue on doing so forever.

Posted by MoJo on Thursday, 08.26.10 @ 08:19am

The greatest musician that ever lived jeff buckley for my genaration and should be in the rock n'roll hall of fame with in living color the band !

Posted by Elizabeth Jensen on Sunday, 03.27.11 @ 13:30pm

{Heard him once, was totally nonplussed. Not even remotely worthy of consideration. Got to do a bit more than one album and drown, sorry.}

(Posted by Jeff on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 17:17pm)

Not only is he deaf but this guy has no soul. Sorry guy for your unfortunate condition. You'll never truly appreciate what we "hear" and "feel"
Truly sad

Posted by look e here on Saturday, 06.18.11 @ 12:43pm

Grace might be his only "official" album, but it's not his whole discography. That's all I keep reading on this site, it's bothersome. Let's give this man the credit he deserves for ALL his work. And for the record, there aren't many musicians I know of that can cover any genre of music and do it so well. Jeff seems to do it flawlessly.

Posted by Ryan on Friday, 02.3.12 @ 19:03pm

If he had lived, he would have been one of the biggest selling artists ever.

if he is not in by 2060 I will personally burn down the hall.

Posted by Mikhail on Monday, 07.30.12 @ 17:07pm

Jeff Buckley was and is a brilliant vocalist/songwriter.musician. if he doesn't get inducted then all hope is lost. He was the last of the great singers. I love his music and I miss him everyday.

Posted by Mark Craig on Sunday, 01.6.13 @ 20:36pm

That Jeff made the mark he did with only one studio recording, a handful of unfinished demos, and few tour's worth of live recordings speaks to the man's brilliance. When artists as diverse as Jimmy Page, Patti Smith, and Elvis Costello are singing your praises, there's probably something worthwhile there. Jeff was one of a kind and the few precious gems he left us pale in comparison only to what might have been.

Posted by sarah on Sunday, 01.6.13 @ 20:44pm

I truly believe that no one deserves to be here more than Jeff. The combination of his astounding voice, songwriting/poetry skills, his talent as a guitarist and of course, his beautiful persona, adds up to someone whose place just cannot be refused. His short time in the music industry left an extraordinary mark on the world that no one will forget. Jeff is the only artist who has influenced my life in such a way, and always will be. I miss him dearly, and will continue to love him eternally.

Posted by Eloise on Sunday, 01.6.13 @ 22:10pm

happy to see him on the hot list, not as good as a composer/singer as his father as many believe, but he certainly seems to have more influence, and rolling stone sees him as one of the last true rock stars. Mojo Pin may be the greatest song ever written

Posted by jany fany fuck on Monday, 01.7.13 @ 16:01pm

I love his music, but I will always feel, KEVIN GILBERT deserves more or less all the same posthumous accolades that Jeff receives, including being elected into the Rock Hall.

Posted by AllMediaReviews on Thursday, 04.25.13 @ 00:45am

Jeff was the best musician to ever grace the earth. If you think Grace was the only thing he did in his lifetime, take a listen to Live At Sin-e, Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk, Mystery White Boy, ANY OF JEFF'S OTHER WORK. You will be amazed. Jeff deserves this, he was truly a musical genius and a wonderful man.

Posted by Becca on Monday, 06.10.13 @ 17:48pm

I think he will be inducted. Even though his output is limited by his early death, it is not like it automatically disqualify him. Just look at Sex Pistol. Also, Rolling stone rated him #39 at the greatest singer list, "Hallelujah" and "Grace" are also on their greatest songs and greatest albums list. If you know how the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame process work, you should know that for artists who receive such critical acclaim from Rolling Stone are pretty much guaranteed to get in.

Posted by Lee on Monday, 07.22.13 @ 03:44am

I love Jeff Buckley and am a huge fan. I also agree that he was one of the most uniquely talented singers (and guitar players) to ever grace the RnR landscape.

Buckley had the potential to reach the level of Dylan and Springsteen, but "potential" is the key word.

No way do I think he should be in the RnR Hall of Fame. He may have had the greatest voice ever, and had already mastered his instrument by the time of his major label debut, but that one brilliant album is not enough to warrant induction.

For example, a rookie baseball player is called up to the Major League and wins the triple crown, putting up numbers rivaling Ted Williams in 1941. During the following off season, he tragically drowns in the Mississippi River. Would he ever make it into the Hall of Fame? Absolutely not.

It's the body of work. Tragically, we'll never know if Buckley had any sort of staying power. If he had lived and died in the 1950s, then it would've been easier case to make because he would've been a pioneer. By the 1990s, too many people had one brilliant album, but failed to live up to their initial promise. To be a true HOFer, you have to prove that you live up to the potential, and sadly Buckley never had the opportunity to do so.

Posted by T.O. on Friday, 11.1.13 @ 10:29am

Ryan said:

"Grace might be his only "official" album, but it's not his whole discography. That's all I keep reading on this site, it's bothersome. Let's give this man the credit he deserves for ALL his work. And for the record, there aren't many musicians I know of that can cover any genre of music and do it so well. Jeff seems to do it flawlessly."

Posted by Ryan on Friday, 02.3.12 @ 19:03pm

Yeah, but the rest of it pales in comparison. His official live releases are spotty, and Sketches is just what the title indicates, unfinished.

My Sweetheart may have turned into a great masterpiece that surpassed even Grace, but in it's released state, it pales in comparison. There are some brilliant ideas, but they sound generic in their demo form. Disc 2 has some great insights into where he was headed, but it's like listening to Jandek.

Posted by T.O. on Friday, 11.1.13 @ 10:34am

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