Janet Jackson

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2007 (The 2008 Induction Ceremony)

Nominated in: 2016   2017   

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2015 (ranked #146) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Control (1986)
Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989)
janet. (1993)
The Velvet Rope (1997)
All For You (2001)
Unbreakable (2015)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Nasty (1986)
What Have You Done For Me Lately (1986)
The Pleasure Principle (1986)
Control (1986)
Rhythm Nation (1989)
Escapade (1989)
Black Cat (1989)
Love Will Never Do (Without You) (1989)
Again (1993)
That's The Way Love Goes (1993)
If (1993)
Together Again (1997)
All For You (2001)

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Will Janet Jackson be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Looking at the long list of artists for this particular year, I definitely think that if Madonna isn't inducted for some reason, Janet definitely shouldn't be either. Though I definitely agree that Janet deserves to be inducted, Madonna's overall longevity, success in the industry and her influence on global popular music/ culture was obviously more substantial. And, history should reflect this.

Posted by Justin on Tuesday, 10.31.06 @ 02:19am

Besides the popularity of the Jakcson 5, and Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson is the only other jackson who has effected the world on an epic scale. She should deffinately be inducteed.

Posted by Master on Saturday, 01.20.07 @ 19:36pm

Janet Jackson is a music Icon.She's an entertainer that we all watched grow up from pretty naive little girl to the sex pot that she is today.If it were'nt for Janet there would be no Brittany Spears or Ciara to name a few.They all took from Janet's obvious talent.She brought sexy back long before Justin Timberlake did,but while she was at it she gave us awesome videos,killer music and an ever changing look,you could'nt get bored with her.She clearly deserves to be in the hall of fame not just because of her famous brothers, but because of Janet.

Posted by shell on Wednesday, 02.28.07 @ 20:10pm

Hell no...she is tacky and far from innovative....her brother was worthy but as far as the Jackson's go that's it

Posted by joe on Thursday, 03.1.07 @ 19:11pm

No she's not rock and because if she makes the hall we're going to see lots of pops and rnb artists that are even worst than her

Posted by roméo on Monday, 03.5.07 @ 10:12am

I don't see Janet Jackson's induction. There seems to be a parallel with Madonna, but that's just because both have had pop hits in the 1980s. Since then, their careers have diverged. Madonna has become the most avant-garde major pop star with her electronic albums, while Janet Jackson has slipped further and further into stale, run-of-the-mill R&B and copying Madonna's shock tactics of fifteen years ago.

If Janet does get inducted, it almost certainly won't be on the first ballot.

Posted by Andrew on Tuesday, 03.6.07 @ 23:05pm


Posted by Morticia S on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 08:51am

Of course she deserves it! She's created some of the greatest albums of all time, some great music videos, and she is an AMAZING performer! Plus she's one of the most beautiful women inside and out.

Posted by redsimba on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 09:18am

Yup. She's the only artist (besides Madonna) who have been re-innovating the music industry.

Posted by JAQ on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 10:04am

Well, of course. She has, single handedly, revolutionized the world of music. Not to mention giving a voice to young black women and opened the door for artists like Beyonce, Britney and Pink. Hell yeah she should be inducted into the hall of fame.

Posted by shawn32 on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 11:13am

She should absolutely be inducted--and so should Madonna for that matter. Both artists have profoundly affected the music industry and influenced many of today's artists. If there was no Janet, there would be no Britney, Ciara, or Beyonce. Janet had to work hard to create a legacy separate from her talented brothers, but she did. She proved that she is an amazing artist in her own right, and albums like Control, Rhythm Nation, Janet, and the Velvet Rope spawned singles and videos that will stand the test of time. Janet truly deserves to be inducted.

Posted by SB on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 11:20am

Janet Jackson is the world's icon and legend who gave unselfishly to different organizations and helped raise funds for different organizations which is why she has been award with so many humanitarian awards. Janet Jackson is the best performing female artist of all time; and you have artist like Beyonce, Ciara, and Britney who has imitated alot of Janet's styles in which I don't blame them because Janet Jackson was the shit back in the 80's and 90's and she is still the shit in another century. I do not care about album sales because Janet Jackson have had her days of selling bigger than any of these young artist that is out today. These younger artist have to re-release an album to sale 6 million copies,but Janet Jackson never had to do this she was always a big seller and her tours always sold out, she has nothing else to prove in the music nor movie business she was nominated for an oscar, golden globe, and has won more awards on billboard chart and grammys than any other artist that is out today. Janet Jackson deserves to be picked up by the entire world and carried over to the Rock & Roll hall of fame. I truely love Miss Jackson and enjoyed her last album 20 Y O has listened to every day now.

Posted by TOMMY on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 11:40am

roméo, Rock&Roll is just a name for the music HOF.. its not a guideline.

Janet has changed the way people listen to music. She is legendary & a trendsetter. Ms. Janet has done it all and influences majority of all female artists of today & tomorrow.

If Madonna goes, you have to let Janet in... & vise versa

Posted by Norm on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 12:01pm

Janet deserves it. She's rivaled the best in the biz. If she doesn't get in, then I'm blowing some shyt up..

Posted by Damon on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 12:04pm

Janet deserves it!!! She is an ICON. There are so many styles started because of her, music followed because of her and so much more. She has had such an impact on so many people and pop culture. A true living legend...

Posted by Christina on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 12:11pm



Posted by Tracy on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 12:28pm

It would truly be a shame if Janet wasn't inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. Everyone is well aware of her achievements and the imprint that she has made in commercial music. Her influence is undeniable and her presence is uncomparable. PERIOD!

Posted by Nate on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 13:09pm

Janet Jackson was one of the pioneering artist for the music video. She changed the way we receive music and even with her past album, "So Excited" changed music video technology.

of course she should get it. And they should get her and madonna on stage together at the ceremony...

Posted by Nuklehid on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 13:43pm


Posted by lato on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 15:34pm

If the likes of REM with there two and a half hits can get in.....of course Janet Jackson should get in no problem.

Posted by Russia on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 16:20pm

I think people are trying to "play" Janet because of the SB incident in'04. Put aside the social hijinks, the nude magazine covers and coffee table sex books and see who's music truly is superior. Madonna by far is a visual artist but Janet is a visual artist who's music is great and has super quality to back it up as well...i don't think the quality of Janets music has dropped i think people are so quick to past judgement on her and any thing associated with her...are we forgeting that madonna made a freaking soft porn/erotica photobook..the worst janet ever done was pose with another man covering her breast on the cover of rolling stone. if you don't own the albums janet. or The Velvet Rope or Rhythm Nation, then our in no position to make a judgement as to whether she should be inducted or not

Posted by J on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 16:40pm

Signing, at the time, an 80 million dollar contract, rivaling her brother(a member) and other "icons" for worldwide appeal, selling millions of records globally, revolutionized music and blazed a trail for others to follow(Britney, Ciara, Beyonce, Aaliyah, etc) doesn't constitute induction is utterly preposterous.

Posted by Sexpot on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 16:50pm

i think she should be inducted janet is influential innovative. and janet has longevity. talent beauty. one of the best dancers ever

Posted by andryce76 on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 17:09pm

Most definitely.

Like someone else mentioned, if Madonna will be inducted in the future, so should Janet as goes for the same if she wont be. Whether who made a bigger impact or overall influence is arguable, but nonetheless not really the point. And yes, besides Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, the only other significant Jackson there is is Janet Jackson. She deserves her spot next to her brothers!

I can't think of a single artist who has come out on their own when they have a famous established sibling. And when that certain sibling is the greatest entertainer of all time (Michael Jackson) to still come out on your own AND be iconic in your own right should be applauded. A lot of people who want to try and discredit Janet by saying she only made it because of her surname are completely misguided. People don't like you because of who you're related to - they won't buy YOUR music because they like your brother or whoever. Evidence of this remains with the very first two albums she released before Control (most people to this day still don't know they exist). She didn't truly deliver until Control, and that is why from there on out she became successful. But most obvious of all, if Janet only succeeded because of her family name, the same amount of success should of happened with Rebbie, La Toya and Jermaine as well - who's solo efforts never picked up from the ground.

Just like Michael has influenced so many artists on every level, so has Janet. You really didn't see female dance artists before Janet - not with mind blowing choreography like that. And as much as Britney Spears has credited Madonna above all of her idols, I have a pretty hard time believing she saw some Madonna music video on television and thought "Wow, I want to learn how to dance like that!" There is just no way; its all Janet.

Janet Jackson is a very under-rated music artist to the fullest and should be given the credit and respect an icon of her status deserves.

Posted by Angie on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 17:46pm

The mere fact that I am able to vote for Janet...says that she is qualified to be in selected. In addition to this, she has set a trend for many, many female artist to follow. The fact that Janet...exist, is why the bar has been raised for any female artist who dare...Perform

Posted by Mark on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 19:16pm

Janet Jackson is one of the greatest pop icons of our times. No matter how high her fame takes her she remains humble, and loyal to her fans. She definetly deserves her spot in the Hall of Fame. Janet is what many artist aspire to become.

Posted by Jim on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 19:23pm

Love your music

Posted by Kricket on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 19:24pm

Is this really a question? Are we really asking should JANET JACKSON get inducted into the Hall of Fame? Come on People, H$&& YES she should be inducted!! Janet Jackson is one of if not the hardest working people in the industry. This woman had to compete with the popularity of Michael Jackson, and still make a name for herself, and she did this succesfully. Her Rhythm Nation tour was the THE most successful premiere tour of any artist in history. She took the initiative to dump her father, and find her own style and creativity which in turn made her the most successful female star their was. Her record contract with Virgin Records still makes record breaking success, and I think is still unmatched. She has created trends, set a new stature for videos, and definitely for performing. There is not one female, and not many men, who can get on a stage and perform like Janet Jackson. She built her legacy on her own, never even collaborating with Michael on anything until after the Janet album dropped which sold over 10 million copies. With that said, she never needed to ride any one's coat tails. Madonna? I love the woman, but come on. Her and Janet Jackson... Madonna got famous off of touching herself and making sex videos, while Janet was solidified as a performer and artist before even dabling into the sexual arena. She still has NEVER had to get as vulgar as Madonna, and has had way more success than Madonna. Can anyone even name the last few titles of Madonna's albums? I love Janet, and respect her. She inspired everyday and also inspired me to be a performer and dancer. Thank you Janet Jackson, just for being alive!!

Posted by Antony A. Ware on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 19:27pm

Janet Jackson is a living legend. She has touched the lives of so many people through her artistry and humanitarian efforts. If she is not inducted into the Hall of Fame it would be an outright disgrace.

Posted by Darian on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 20:18pm

Of Course Janet The MTV Icon C,mon now!! She is a legend , Are people still holding on to the superbowl thing, the Truth is no matter how you feel about her you have to admit she help to Revolutionize and pioneer not only musical style but sway a generation, moved by Video imagery and what tremendous Style A true Living legend and Icon,

Posted by Luis on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 20:19pm

Janet Jackson is the most influencil women in the histroy. From her dance moves to her beautiful voice she continues to help all women get their rightful place in the music industry.
She is just amazing.
I Love Her.

Posted by Cherry on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 21:43pm

I love janet she need this right about now to bring her up

Posted by martique on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 22:29pm

I have to say that Janet is the innovator in POP music. You can go down a long list of artist that has taken what Janet has created and applied and morphed and made the same "IDEAS" into thier own. Janet deserves her place in history because she has been a leader, unfraid, and she did it all humbly and repectfully! She has embraced all forms of music just listen to songs like "I WANT YOU" to hear the CARPENTERS influence in meldoies and the harmonies, 'Thats the Way Love Goes' to here the late great James Brown, or the most over looked 'Got Till Its Gone' to get lost in the awesome fusion of hip hop and JONI MITCHELL this list could go on. Janet has a way of using her gift in song to touch people's lives and move you in spirit and on the dance floor! That IS the magic, that IS her music, That IS JANET JACKSON! Although I am not in a postion to do so I NOMMINATE JANET JACKSON! HELL YES I DO!

Posted by Immyownboo@myspace on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 22:36pm

Janet Jackson is an Icon She is one of the most successful female artist of all time, she has sold more than 70 million records world wide. She started the business as a child at 7 years old and she still is going strong. She is a good singer, shes an excellent performer!! I've seen her twice on tour and damn she can put on a show. She's a transitter and is always changing. There are many artist that look up to janet, such as Beyonce, Britney, Ciara and they all have many of her moves in their videos. She has won dozens of awards. She deserves to be in the rock and roll hall of fame. She's made 10 Cd's in her career and they;ve all been big hits such as contol, rhythm nation, janet and so on. Even thought Damita jo and 20 Y.O didn't sell much they were both good albums. Janet is a hot!! she is an artist, singer, performer she's an Icon!! Janet is a Legend and needs to be in the Rock hall of fame!!

Posted by Danny on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 23:35pm

Janet Damita Jo Jackson should most definetly inducted into the Hall of Fame, she's the Queen of Pop!

Posted by Kevin on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 23:46pm

I love Janet Jackson. However, her influence and creditiblity are clearly in question. She hasn't had a solo hit in six years, her last two albums flopped (Jermaine Dupri got fired after her last album was released), she's been critical failure for at least a decade, et al.

If Janet just got back to making good music and stopped trying to look or be young (trashy at times), she'd probably regain her popularity. I think she'll have to have another huge hit album before they induct her.

Posted by sRe on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 00:29am

Of course Janet should be inducted. Because of Janet is why we have the destiny's child, Beyonce, and other female groups who incorperate dance into every show.Janets High energy shows are the reasons young girls like Beyonce grew up trying to be exactly like her. She deserves first ballot no matter what happened at the super bowl. Most of the Rock Bands you induct have done way worse....thank you for listening..

Posted by J.J.Gonzales on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 00:38am

Janet deserves to be inducted.She's one of the best -selling female artists of all time.She's also one of the most successful artists in the history of the Billboard charts.She's inspired a lot of today's artists.She sets trends and that's why her career has been so long and successful.Superbowl may have caused her record sales to drop significantly,but her albums still continue to debut on the Top Three on the Billboard 200 Album charts(20 Y.O was her eighth consecutive Top 3 album debut).That alone proves that she's still relevant in the music industry.Comparing Madonna and Janet is like comparing apples and oranges.Madonna is a pop artist while Janet is an all-rounder(The only artist to top the pop,R&B,rap,dance,rock and adult contemporary charts).This alone proves that Janet is an icon and has carved her own place in the music industry and chart records.

Posted by Loni on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 04:15am


Posted by STACEY G. on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 07:47am


Posted by switchblade330 on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 07:51am

Yes, Janet most definitely deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Why it hasn't happened yet or why it's even a question I don't know.

Posted by Mishe on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 08:51am

There is no questioning this women's list of hits, millions or records sold, and honors ALREADY bestowed by nearly every venue possible. She is considered a living legend in the african american community.

Everyone wants to stunt because of 2004's nipple-gate. Its a sad world we live in when something like that occurs, but its also a sad world when one party involved is blacklisted and another party involved revelled for "raciness" and embraced for "sexiness" by some of the main entities who banned janet... rather transparent, don't you think?

Janet will again have hits on the radio and she will again have a multi-platinum record. Her legacy and legend of greatness cannot be denied, shes simply been forced by our media world to "start all over again" musically and artistically in order to once again be taken seriously.

Oh, she'll get there. And she'll get here.

How long? hopefully sooner than later.

Posted by Jeff on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 09:50am

Janet Jackson and Madonna both deserve to be inducted this year. They are both outstanding performing artists who started their careers at the exact same time eventually taking the world by storm. They have different styles and I like them both. Madonna just adopted a baby, and Janet is starring in Tyler Perry's movie in Feb 2008. Keep peace, let them both in.

Both have left a big impact on the lives of their fans. Madonna and Janet Jackson both rock!

Posted by Taylor Malloy on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 10:49am

Madonna YES. Janet NO. She used to be "ok" but what has she done lately?? Her last album was a HUGE dissapointment and she couldnt even get her 2007 tour off the ground. And there are very few songs of hers that I can even understand the words. Her announcation is awful. There hasn't been any real "re-invention" or growth in her sound. And lastly, she should have been eligible years ago or has everyone forgotten the year her Dreamstreet album debut??

Posted by Paulito on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 11:34am


Posted by Bill on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 12:28pm

Is this post from "Bill" for real? That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

Posted by Dezmond on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 12:34pm

I think Janet deserves this induction. She's changed the world of dance music. I think the fact that there are so many copycat Janet Jackson wannabes shows how much of an impact she's had.

Posted by Darrick on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 12:52pm

to paulito youre talking like a man with a papersack head. she deserves to be inducted. idiot how should she have been eligible years ago. you have to have released an album 25 years ago to be eligible. dreamstreet was released in 1984 so she wasn't eligible for years

Posted by andryce76 on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 13:18pm

Paulito you are probably not a Janet Jackson fan, but knowing Janet and the good heart that she has, I'm sure she loves you as much as she does any of her true fans. Since you asked the
question, "What has she done lately?"

Besides all of the life encouraging, energetic, healing, and high spirited music she has released over the years, Janet is currently shooting another starring role in a movie set to be released on the big screen in 2008. Hopefully her music will once again grace the soundtrack of another hit film.

What has she done latey? She has continued to love everyone.

Posted by Montana Miller on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 13:25pm

janet should be inducted, no matter what happens you can't think about the history of music and not think about janet

Posted by Darion on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 13:50pm

Without question, Janet is one of the most influential individuals in music history. Not that mentioning is necessry, still... her 70 million plus album sales, her 20 million plus singles sales, her tours (biggest debut tour of all time), ot to mention the countess top ten hits and number one singles that she has pumped out over the past 3 decades, and as well her presence.
She has left an iconic presence on the entire music world. Her "Control," "Rhythm Nation 1814" and "Velvet Rope" albums are undeniably affecting to not only fans but to music lovers in general. As well, her other noteable albums such as "Janet" and "All for You" present fun, uplifting, and simply heart pumping good music.

Induction isn't a question: induction is simply a slautation to a musical icon that has truely earned her right to all that hse has achieved.

Posted by Ab on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 13:53pm



Posted by TUTTIE FRUITY on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 14:18pm

If people think Madonna should be inducted into the Hall of Fame then Janet Jackson deserves the spot just as well. Superbowl 2004 will live with her for the rest of her life. Because everybody is calling her trashy. I think it's not case people just won't let that moment die down. When Madonna was rolling around on the stage and playing with herself I guess that was okay. But now since janet has exposed her breast it's so trashy. It's so odd that the phrase "Sex sells" is always used and seen on television everyday. Janet exposes her breast she is considered trashy for the rest of her life. 20 Y.O. is a great CD everybody who is calling it garbage I am quite certain hasn't even heard it. JANET JACKSON fan forever.

Posted by Scott Franklin on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 14:40pm

Janet deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . she has hits from 89 until 2001. The most consinstent artists eligible. 4 number 1 album 10 number 1's and a ton of top ten hits. you can look at all the artists today and see the influence and impact she has in music from Aalyiah, Cassie, Ciair , and even Britney Spears.
and If your seriously not going to let Janet in the Rock and Hall of fame because of the superbowl then the Rock and Roll Hall of fame will lose complete credit to me and you might as well not let Madonna in it either because she has done stuff just as controversial if not more. she's just as taltent as the rest of her family who are already members

Posted by shortstuff45220 on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 15:30pm

If Janet doesn't get in the R&R hall of fame then they might as well close it down. There is no way they can deny one of the most groundbreaking female aritsts of our time. One who has transcended every boundary in popular music. She has #1 Dance, Rock, R&B, Pop songs. How many artists can say that. Not even Madonna. Janet isn't tied to just one genre. Not to mention she is the most electrifying live performer of the last 20 years. Also another factor i believe that should grant her access to the HOF is that Janet hasn't always went against the grain and did what people least expected. She followed her Control album with an album nobody said would work, an album about racial lines and education and it did work. garnering 4 #1 pop singles and 7 top 5 singles on the BB Hot 100 something no other artist has ever done. She followed the hugely successful janet. album with The Velvet Rope. One of the most personal albums an aritst of Janet's stature has ever released. Dealing with homosexuality, depression, domestic violence, etc. Janet has always did what she felt she needed to do to get a REAL message across. She has never been afraid to lose record sales to get her messsage across and that should get her in alone. JANET DESERVES IT.

Posted by James Nelson on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 17:34pm

Just my opinion, Janet Is one of the Best if not Best Female performers of ALL TIME... Sure Madonna is great and I Love her music, however, There are more artist today trying to do what Janet has done, that tells me Janet's impact is catastrophic in the music world, Janet is the first and only one of her kind, sure we have the britney's and ciara's that try sooooooooo hard to have the same star power but they ALWAYS fall short, If people would open their minds a little and stop hanging on to the superbowl event you can clearly see why Janet should be in the hall of fame, Her work speaks for its self, She smashes other female artist all around, she has it all, Her voice is like an angel she writes lyrics you can believe and when it comes to dance LOL! Hands down shell give anyone dust! Basically Music without Janet wouldn't be the same, ask Britney, Ciara and Beyonce. BASS


Posted by RoBin on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 18:37pm

I definately think she needs to be inducted into the hall of fame. The woman is good at what she does. And she has been doing it for years and she has been successful at it and she has influenced alot of younger artists.

Posted by Angela on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 18:46pm

Janet is an icon. Looking soley at her music and acting Janet is the best. She kicked down doors for a lot of people in the music industry. She was the 1st of her kind. Singer, songwriter, dancer, produer, actress. Beat that !

Posted by Lanza on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 19:31pm

Janet should be inducted into the hall of fame, she is a icon. Her music covers the 80,90, and the present, she has sold millions of records. She has use rock in roll in alot of her music (black cat), her music has reach all types of races. She is a superstar in her own right.

Posted by Mario Arnold on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 20:07pm

I think Janet and Madonna have great chances of being inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Which ones would go before the other, we don't know. But I'm gonna say this, I'd like to see Motown divas like the Marvelettes, Mary Wells and post-Supremes Diana Ross get inductions too. In fact, the women who paved the way for Madonna and Janet to even make a scene that haven't even got a NOTICE from the Rock Hall need to get in. But I do see Janet getting into the Rock Hall for the sole fact she was able to branch into an influential career while her brother was doing some legendary stuff.

Posted by Tim on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 21:17pm


Posted by steven p. on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 21:41pm

This is a well deserve honor for janet!!im so excited for her.She has been in this business for 33years and has open doors for those who follow in her footsteps like britney,beyonce,christina and etc...Let honor this icon..I love you dunk!! ty in inglewood calif..

Posted by thai on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 22:31pm

I believe that Janet Jackson should be inducted she has been the most influental black female in modern times, Although artist like Madonna and MJ have mixed artistry with Controversy to maintain intrest Janet never did this till recent and manged to maintain a career purly on fantastic and inspiring music and being a spectaculer performer writng and co producing 95% of every hit she ever had, Just from watching her MTV Icons special everyone from N Sync, Britney , Xtina, JLO, Aaliyah, Ciara, Paula Abdul, Beyonce, Missy have all been inspired by her work she ia an Icon and she deserves this, especially after what the way she has been rejected since the Super Bowl.

Posted by oggie on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 02:56am

Yes , janet is an Idol , she is a best choregraphie,her song is good,she is a source of inspiration for the other artist as cassie,beyonce,Jennifer lopez and more.janet we love and your are a legend .

Posted by chester on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 09:53am

YES! Like her or not, she has blazed a trail. Music videos without a Janet-Jackson-influence would not be quite the same. Everyone from New Kids on the Block/Paula Abdul to Beyonce/Justin Timberlake owe her a debt of gratitude. Without Janet Jackson, who would Britney Spears copy?

I say yes, si, QUI! *edit*

Posted by David on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 17:10pm

forget Madonna.... JANET IS HOTT!

Posted by lato on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 01:40am




Posted by Appreciate on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 06:08am

I've read so many of these, and the fact of the matter is that Janet is a household name, a dance revolutionary, a hit maker (past and present), and an outstanding artist overall. A lot of comments have been made as to what has she done lately. Aside from having a number one hit with her new album, she really hasn't been too successful. Let's put the blame where it lies, the superbowl. Many people are still mad at her for that and it's probably not going to change. However, as mad as they are at her, you know, her album still made a mark on the billboard charts. Maybe not as big as other COMMERCIALIZED artist, but still quite a mark. Getting to the point in case, the hall of fame doesn't measure what the artist has done for music lately; but instead, what the artist has done over the span of 25 years. If the hall of fame only measured recent activities, many of the previous recepients wouldn't be inducted. She's one of the few artists that's still making music after 20 yrs. The undeniable truth is that she has paved the way for a lot of the artist today. Male and Female. Face it, she was hall of fame material after the album Janet. If not, before then.

Posted by Chris on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 21:21pm

i definitly think Janet Jackson should be inducted not only because she is a n legand she is also an icon to all genres of music all around the world and just as janet put it herself she has more class than madonna im not saying that madonna isnt goood im mean she's great but i prefer janet over madonna on any occasion thats just my honest opinion.

Posted by angelice on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 21:47pm

more over as a big r&b listener janet introduced me to rock music and rock & roll artists through some of the samples which her music has used

-James Brown
-Joni Mitchell
-archie bell and the drells

Posted by ju on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 09:40am

Janet Jackson deserves to be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. She has changed the face of music with her innovative videos and intricate dance moves. Her music appeals to people of all ages & ethnicities. She has had so much success and has given lots back to special causes that are important to her. Go JANET!

Posted by Jason on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 18:30pm

Of curse Janet Jackson deserves to be inducted, obviousy! There is no doubt about it. The Superbowl incident night have went on w/out a hitch if MJ wasn't her brother and also if her skin wasn't brown....just a few weeks prior, Madonna tongue kissed a Janet immitator (I 4get er'name) on MTV n front of an MTV audience which is made up of mostly youth, however Janet can't seem to be forgiven.

She sooooooo deserves this honor! Janet WE love you, always and forever!

Posted by jay on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 19:04pm

Janet Jackson definitely deserves to be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. The Rock Hall is not exclusive to rock artists with blaring guitars (this is in reference to the poster many posts above). Janet has sold millions of albums, had a number of hits. Sold out tours. I can't even count how many artist cite JANET as their influence. She has much more respect that most people realize. She deserves the recognition.

Posted by Kirk on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 09:16am

Oh my gosh I love Janet Jackson she is so wild and creative. She is the one who intruduced me to the love of rock and roll music when I saw her performing a rock song at her last concert.

She has got to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She's one of the best selling artist in America. Three of her albums sold over 14 million copies in the U.S. alone. She definetly should be inducted.

Posted by Maxine Phillips on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 13:36pm

I think that Janet should be in the Hall Of Fame. She is THE BEST singer/actress there is.

Posted by Linda on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 23:39pm

Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer on the planet Period. But I think Janet is the greatest female entertainer, so she just has to be in the Hall of Fame with her brother!

You go Girl! :)

Posted by Amanda on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 00:48am

Wow!!! Reading all of your cooments goes to show just of an major impact Janet Jackson has made in this business. i believe, without a doubt, she should most definitely get of honors of being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. i not going to say all that she has accomplish because its has all been stated. She has made music base of her own ideas and creativitly. many artists today, i called then the norm because they are told what should be done in order to have hit recods/albums. Janet on the other hand didi what a true artist should do and that is to go way beyond the norm and push the envelope further, and that is what she has done and that what make a true Legend. Only Legends are able to go beyond tha sale and hits and do what in there hearts. And that is what she has done. So Janet i thank you for your arttistic expression beause with out you what would these little girls do. Janet I Love you and wish and pray that you get inducted. Peace and Love.

Posted by Jose on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 20:05pm

madonna has not done contribution to music she only has been everytime a mix of Marilyn Monroe and Cyndi Lauper , in 80s she has not relevance like other persons that in true were relevant persons , and you shouldn't be talking of other singers in a place of Janet .

Posted by Gaybo on Thursday, 03.22.07 @ 15:58pm

Janet needs to be induted into the hall of fame,
regardless if Madonna makes it or not! I think people like Justin are crazy. This woman not only broken down many walls, she has paved away for a lot of young artist. Seven top five singles off one album, the only person have her world tour debut at #01 (Rhytm Nation 1814). The highest paid artist, which she has broken more than once. janet 1993 (40 million), then turns around & re-signed with Virgin for 80 million. She has the most gold singles collected than any other female artist, has the most awards collected, by any artist. And has won every award known in the music industry. Every single she has released in the US has cracked the top 20 on Billboard. She was declared Mtv's first Icon. The only Jackson still going strong in the business, regardless of the CRAP that Mtv has tried pulling.

Posted by janetlover78 on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 14:00pm

All you haters bow down to the queen.. Janet Jackson deserves to be inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame...You know if it weren't for janet there would be no britney, pink etc...as much as you'll hate to admit janet is the queen of dance & pop...she took it to a whole different level and can still get down to this day no other female can top her when it comes to pop & dance...so stop the hate your just jealous because she's she can dance, sing and she's a beautiful black queen....bow down bitches..bow down!

Posted by naenae1 on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 19:11pm

I can't believe there are people ignorant enough to say no to her. Madonna played her career on pushing the envelope, which was extremely successful--but at the end of the day, she's more of a pop culture icon than she is a pop music icon. Janet was always known for being sexy, but can you name one more popular '80s music line that "Janet--Miss Jackson if you're nasty"? You probably can't name that many.

And also, if they can put Michael's molestation charges behind him when inducting him, they can put this silly Super Bowl incident behind too.

Posted by Eric on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 09:59am

yes....janet rocks and we all love her

Posted by john on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 01:05am

I have been a Janet fan since 1984 (control) and I havent looked back since. She is an innovator,musical pioneer,activist and humanitarian. Not much can be said about any other artist of the last 20 or so years with the execption of Madonna who is also an inductee. I think miss jackson definitley deserves the nomination,if not overdue. We love you Janet!!!!!

Posted by adrian on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 18:48pm

Yes she will get in but she doesn't deserve to. It was overproduced music like hers that made alternative music so necessary back in the 80s. She is more product than artist and noting that she is the big inspiration for "artists" like Britney Spears/Beyonce/Jessica Simpson and their ilk should not help her case.

But she'll get in anyway.

I do however predict that, with her induction and other patently commercial products like her, including hiphop artists, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will itself experience a rift that mirrors that of the mid-80s fight betweeen mainstream and alternative music. The Alternative Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should spring into life, say, around 2010.

Posted by Rod on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 20:27pm

Janet's music wasn't shit without Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis !!!

Posted by Joe-Skee on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 15:13pm

Joe we really appreciate all of Jimmy and Terry's expertise and musical insight throughout Janet's career.
You might not be aware of this, but Jimmy and Terry are not eligible inductees for the Rock and Roll Hallo of Fame right now.

Janet Jackson is, and she not only deserves to be inducted, she will definetly be inducted next year.

Posted by Tiger on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 19:21pm

How come they're not??? The Time's first album was released in 1981!!! and who was the man that brought out The Time??? Prince!!! Influence and Innovation.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 03.27.07 @ 10:06am

Many of u don't realize that without Janet, there would be no Britney, Christina, or even Madonna. Janet revolutionized the way women in popular music performed. She started out as a child actor who sang, but became a performance artist. She danced her butt off and made a VERY LASTING impression on popular music. She may not make it the first year, but she will end up there eventually.

Posted by Kel on Wednesday, 03.28.07 @ 14:11pm

Kel, saying there would be no Madonna if it wasn't for Janet....well, that takes the cake for uninformed opinions posted in the comments section. And there's been plenty of them.

Janet hardly even has great commercial appeal to make up for her lack of being a respected critical darling. 99% of the public couldn't sing one of her tunes on call. Hell, the only one I can recall is "Scream" and that was with her brother...oh, and "everywhere I go, everywhere I see, I know you are there smiling down at me?"....something to that effect. And if a music nerd like me can only remember a few lyrics of one track despite having heard many of her songs...

Posted by Casper on Wednesday, 03.28.07 @ 23:29pm

Saying you cant remember any of Janets songs and calling yourself a music person??? wow.. you cant remember NASTY, Thats the way love goes? , all 4 u, Control? come on.. dont call your self an all around music lover if you dont know those.. your just a pissed off madonna fan..I personally do not like Madonna but yet I voted for her because I do see the impact she has made on music. But her last two tours, WOW she really needs to step it up..i know she was never able to dance but it almost like watching someone grandmother perform dirty things on stage now. Sad Sad Sad

Posted by J.J. on Thursday, 03.29.07 @ 16:07pm

Joe-Skee! You're so funny! If you read the back of all of Janet's CD's (Control-20Y.O) it say PRODUCED by: JANET JACKSON, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. I want you to read that last sentence again!!!!! JANET JACKSON’s name came first, like it does on all of her CD’s when it says PRODUED BY. Just because you produce something doesn’t mean it will big or do something. Janet is Jimmy & Terry’s hottest & best selling artist. This is why they always use her when they produce things like soundtracks and other collaborations, i.e (Shaggy, Herb Alpert, Beanie Man & Elton John.) That’s like saying Mariah Carey wouldn’t be anything without JD. The bottom line is Janet Damita-jo Jackson deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. She has been around for 20+ years & has no signs of stopping. I wish people like would grow up & stop putting disrespectful comments on sites like that! Janet is talented in numerous ways. Singer, Dancer & Actress (triple treat). The ONLY artist to date able to come forward and rock after having a famous sibling! Numerous hit albums, singles & world tours. Both movies she stared in made #01 at the box office. From Grammys to Emmys she has won it all! I think both Janet & Madonna deserve this honor. Best of luck to them both!

Posted by janetlover78 on Thursday, 03.29.07 @ 17:03pm

Numerous hit albums,singles, and world tours. That sounds like DONNA SUMMER to me!!! The original Dance/Pop Diva. Go get 'em Queen!!!

Posted by Joe-Skee on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 12:26pm

On her albums Madonna's songs and her voice are cloudy .

Her albums really has not a true difference they both

Grammies shouldn’t be to reward scandals . Don’t do a rewarding for disappoint and imposition get more credibility be accurate .

Madonna should grow up and she is an insane person by the popularity when she gets the initiative to say in everywhere " hey I'm the queen of the Bible ! " and to do a crucifixion absolutely the pretension to win the attention for none relation for art . Madonna bases her career in scandals , bad examples and exploits women’s immage in scarcity of original ideas , creativity and effort , her new album follows with this custom for her doesn’t matter all this when she wins 1 or 2 dollars more

Madonna believe that the art isn`t an important part in our culture .

When I hear a Madona's song I think the same country who acquits the furtive publications on the media is the same who does a mediocre singer a notable one and the same who buys the madona's discs .

She nor with the furtive support of musical media tv her albumes has reciprocity sales , it shows a more big rejection for the albumes by people lately more . Definetively everytime on her acts she shows her interest for the commerce and the exploit and not by a true inspiration . Without some award there were recent albums better than Madonna’s and in addition she does insane scandals , saying that she is having a plot in opposition , animating the public to get an undemocratic and erroneous attitude ,and offending people of some media who does a just job . I guess it turns in an insane obsession of some persons about Madonna . It happens when a person bases a career in stereotypes and never get an artistic overcoming .

Madonna isn’t the origin of the fashion she isn’t who deserves a recognition .

Madonna is a bad representation of the pop music and of the american people , there are other singers with more capacity , included great artists in who Madonna takes the inspiration , her albums are an inspiration from another people’s previous albumes . Those another people with the origin of ideas doesn’t deserves to be in contempt

Posted by Straunt on Saturday, 03.31.07 @ 18:25pm

I doubt of the veracity of this votations this is so cloudy , disc's sales arent with reciprocity to what this site demostrates , the first commentary is very insinuating , your situation about videos aren't just , Cyndi Lauper has not nor a one , I don't like to do a vote

Posted by Netis on Saturday, 03.31.07 @ 18:54pm

Janet is definately a music icon. She should be inducted with no question.

Posted by Stephanie on Monday, 04.2.07 @ 10:52am

Janet is STILL THE queen of music today. Every new female or female group has had Janet to use as a guide for their music, look, or videos...she definately is an ICON, and she deserves to be inducted!

Posted by PJ on Friday, 04.6.07 @ 11:45am

I love Janet Jackson....she's sooo sexy and she's also an awesome musical arist!!! I hope she wins!!!! I LOVE YOU JANET!!!

Posted by Nicki AKA Janet Lover 4LIFE! on Saturday, 04.7.07 @ 04:38am

Janet should be in the hall of fame....no doubt....that whole superbowl thing was blown outta propotion....Janet is beautiful, smart, very talented and should get the hall of fame waaaaaaaaay before her brother Michael.... :o)

Posted by Erica on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 20:40pm

If it was not for Janet there would be no No Paula Abdul, No J-Lo, No Ciara, No Brittney, NO women as we see them today. They say Madonna was first but they all act like Janet....AND YOU KNOW THATS THE TRUTH!
Janet can pass off some Rock-N-Roll too!! i.e. "Black Cat" She wrote all alone! She's always had a Rock sound. "If" was very Rock! Other songs like "This Time","Trust a Try", "What About". She's Dance, She's Rock, she's Club, She's R&B, She's a well rounded Music Artist/Entertainer! Give it up and accept it already.....Accept her Legitamacy!!! She's Global and still entertaning Millions of people Decades later. That accounts for someting. By now She's touched and inspired generations of people , even if you may not be one of them, there are Millions of them out there. Isn't that the real gift of Music and Rock-N-Roll anyway?

Posted by Ryan on Tuesday, 04.17.07 @ 01:56am

If Janet is let in then the computer that enhances her thin tacky vocals should be as well.

Yes she can dance.
Yes she lips her concerts.
Yes she used her brothers fame to get her career.
Yes she has some good songs.

Hell no she is not even in the same ball park as Madonna.
No she can't sing with out a computer.

And Ryan YOUR wrong Janet had no impact on Paula Abdul, J-Lo, Ciara, Britney they all point to MADONNA as there Idol, they all act like Madonna, dress like Madonna, sing music like Madonna, copy Madonna's tours and videos JUST LIKE JANET.

Madonna was 1st and she is the only woman you can truly call a legend. You won't find Janet or any of these other women in the enclopedia or dictionary, but guess what Madonna is there.

Madonna is the 3rd best selling artist in history, she is the #1 female vocalist of the ENTIRE rock era. And for good cause.

Posted by Josh on Sunday, 04.22.07 @ 23:16pm

Straunt, you have lost your mind... Janet is far more trampy on her albums than Madonna ever was, and the music drowns her out, at least Madonna can sing and Janet is just another MADONNA wanna be, to even mention Madonna in the same subject as Janet is disgraceful. You talk like Janet is some saint when she is trash and foul and that is what she really is, Madonna sold a sexy image it was business pure and simple. YOU forget that that was only a small part of her long career. Madonna has created image after image and that is all it is. Madonna never flashed her tits on live public TV for kids to watch either. Janet has ZERO class, Madonna may not be a saint but she has managed to raise 2 great kids, be married most of her entire career and NEVER once commited adultry. Madonna has used other artists as impiration for some of her songs but NMAE one who has not?? Janet copies Madonna all the time, and Britney is nothing more than a Madonna clone.

Posted by Isla on Sunday, 04.22.07 @ 23:24pm

I like Janet, but vocally she is not much to listen to, and I agree with most on her she has not had the global impact of Madonna, to say otherwise is wrong. Even if you don't like Madonna the woman has paved the way for artist like Janet, Madonna is by far the most famous woman in the world, has sold more albums than any other female artist ever, Janet is not even in the top 10 artists of all time. To compare Janet to Madonna should be a sin, Janet has clearly been inspired by Madonna and to deny that is ignorance. Madonna can only be compared to Elvis they both had global impact that has went far beyound just music or fashion or even entertainment. And folks it takes more than selling a few million records to be an Icon or a legend, Janet has never had the global impact of Madonna, Elvis, The Beatles or sadly even Britney just review the United World Chart. Madonna has had more global #1 singles than anyone including Elvis. And she has had far fewer albums or singles than him. Now that is what I call a legend..

Posted by Devin on Sunday, 04.22.07 @ 23:32pm

Out of the list for 2007 only 4 really should be inducted:

Madonna: No other artist has impacted popular culture more than Madonna, on every level you can think of she has impacted. You can not compare her to anyother female vocalist this woman paved the way for artists like Janet, Maraih, Britney and they all awe her for it. She raised the stakes for everyone male or female. Before Madonna there was just singers now we have entertainers. Madonna is the only artist that has creditable sales in over 100 countries around the world. No one is more famed, she is the richest and most sucessful female vocalist in the history of rock and roll. Even the haters can not deny any of this.

Can't figure out how some of you think that she is on the level of Madonna or that if Madonna gets in Janet should. I can not think of anything she has done that was not following Madonna or inspired by Madonna or even had a bigger impact than Madonna. But to each his own I guess.

Beastie Boys: I don't care for them but they made rap mainstream, I hate rap but they made there spot in history.

Don Henley: His work with the Eagles gives hima egde.

Metallica: Huge imact on hard core rock.

Posted by Ann on Sunday, 04.22.07 @ 23:49pm

Janet should've already been inducted!Right after Michael!! It's overdue..and if Madonna isn't already in there since she came out and is older than janet shows maybe she doesn't deserve it! Madonna is cold, Janet is real with soul and has had to overcome things that Madonna will never understand..Madonna's great but Janet has a classic iconic edge that Madonna doesn't have..please put them both in But Janet has worked much harder to get her status as a legendary entertainer, hell her brother is Michael...I'm sure Madonna envies janet deep down. I met Janet..she is real down to earth and will hug you and cry with you and thank you for your support. Madonna is arrogant and thinks she's all that and she is not all that. I preferred Madonna back in the day when she tried to be more black if u know what I mean..Anyway I said my opinion. Give it to JJ..she deserves it!

Posted by kenny on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 00:30am

I'm sorry but Janet does Not act like Madonna. Ive never seen Madonna Dance with the same energy and Fire that janet has. janet voice is nice soft but noce. Madonna Can sing too , but just barley she aint no Whitney either. As for brittney she acts like janet all time!! Every Hip thrust and hair whip is all JANET! Not Madonna! Please Josh your and idiot! Madonna has
lip-synced plenty of times as well. She is no sait to that!

Posted by Ryan on Friday, 05.4.07 @ 21:26pm

She's an icon.

Despite living in the shadows of her legendary brothers, she carved her own career and paved the way for singers like Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez (a former back-up dancer of Janet's) & Ciara.

"Control," "Rhythm Nation 1814," "Janet" and "The Velvet Rope" are classic albums, and though 4 is a small # of great albums, each had dynamic longevity in regards to singles & videos that helped influence many other artists.

Of course she deserves to be inducted.

Posted by Michael H. on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 22:31pm

while read the comments i came across one that said, and i quote "No she's not rock and because if she makes the hall we're going to see lots of pops and rnb artists that are even worst than her", which brought me to think. if it wasn't for R&B then there would be no rock and rool. Pop came before rock and roll and is a bigger and more influential music than rock and roll. not to take anything for rock, without R&B and pop there would be no Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Aretha Franklin. All music is Rock and Roll. Now about Janet Jackson. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts people after being int he music business for more then 25 years. Janet started her music career in 1982 witht he album "Janet Jackson", two years later she released "Dreamstreet" and two years after that she released one of the best albums of the last 30 years, "Control". She had five number 1 hits from that album. "Rhythm Nation", "janet", "Design of a Decade", "The Velvet Rope", "All For You", "Damita Jo", and most resently "20 Y.O.", all of which were #1 upon release, have help pave the way music is today. Britney Spears, Mya, Ciara, Beyonce, Pink, and many others have not only copied her sound and dance in the videos she made, they followed in her career path. Yes i am aware that Madonna will be inducted before Janet, even thought her career started two years after janets, But if you induct Madonna, you must induct Janet. Fair is Fair.

Posted by miquel kabew on Tuesday, 07.3.07 @ 17:33pm

Yes, yes YES Janet Jackson should be inducted!!!

Her New Jack Swing/Soul/R&B/Funk/Pop hybrid style of the '80's ("Control" and "Rhythm Nation 1814") directly influenced pretty much EVERY female R&B artist out there now. It would even be true to say that she became the template that every Beyonce and Ciara of today tries to imitate. But they are simply not as exhilirating and innovative as the original.

All those years ago, Janet created music that was poppy, yet unusual, adventurous and highly inventive. With Jam & Lewis, she created challenging and intoxicating grooves. "Rhythm Nation 1814" was a socio-political concept album with a dazzling array of styles~much more thought provoking than anything that Madonna has ever released.

It's easy to dismiss the (admittedly "stale" and "bland") Janet of today, but if you have a passion for music, it cannot be denied that her '80's output should be ranked up there with Prince and Michael Jackson with the best and most loved Pop/funk of the era. (and no, I am not comparing her to the genius of Prince and Michael Jackson, but she is the closest to a female version of either of these that we have ever gotten)

And Janet co-produced, played on and wrote many of her songs so she is not some pop puppet!

Posted by Frizzly on Monday, 07.9.07 @ 15:13pm

Janet is an ICON, her music and dancing styles have been often imitated but never duplicated!! Janet's music reaches beyond race, age and class. Her universal appeal makes her a no-brainer for the hall of fame!!

Posted by Diana on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 11:07am

I think Janet is a shoe-in for the Hall because she has contributed greatly to the music scene...without Janet alot of female artists that enjoy success today wouldnt be around in the same manner if not at all. No Britney...No Ciara...No Beyonce...Janet's influence has been undervalued and overreaching for decades now..

Posted by Jay on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 11:09am

Come on who in the hell has Janet not influenced in this music industry today.She is an Icon and Legend.Just ask Beyonce, Ciara,Britney,Christina A, Mya,Christina Milian, shit every female perfromer out who influenced them and you will get"Janet Jackson" everytime. She is a true Rock and Roll hall of famer.

Posted by Tamela Johnson on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 11:23am

Janet better get that shit, bitch!!

Posted by Cici on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 11:34am


Posted by Janet Fan For Life on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 13:14pm

There is only one thing to say..."JANET JACKSON"!
That name alone "SHOULD" be enough to get her in the Hall of Fame. She has paved the way for sooooooooo many female - and male artists that are out today. Janet is 41 yrs young and is still bringing it with her songs and intricate dance moves. Give that girl (woman) what she deserves and induct her in that HALL.

LOVE JA JJ -- MYM!!! :-)

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 13:27pm

when it comes to music janet is the ultimate no bitch can step to her especially not madonna!

Posted by Tiffany on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 15:44pm

of course, Janet should be inducted. Her influence is and has been clearly evident in the present generation of artists. Her video imagery is iconic. And her chart success, on both the pop and r&b charts, places her amongst the top 10 artists of all time.

Posted by patrick on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 15:45pm

Janet Jackson DESERVES this...

Posted by Chadd Bryant on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 15:52pm

Janet should be inducted to the Hall of Fame based on her merits as an artist.

Posted by JanetBoob on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 15:54pm

SHE DESERVES THIS! For sure! She should be inducted!

Posted by Danny on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 15:57pm

Janet Jackson deserves to be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Her artistry and creativity is only matched by the passion and devotion she has for her craft. She has more than paid her dues and endured more 30 years in the entertainment industry. Her music is both influential and remarkable. Her list of hits are too many to name. Her style and swagger have been copied by some of todays biggest and brightest stars. Just like many artists and acts already inducted she has attracted criticism and skepticism. She was named MTV's first ICON and received a Golden Globe and an Academy award nomination for best original song. She is a star and a legend.

Posted by Adrian on Sunday, 08.12.07 @ 01:12am

R U FREAKIN' KIDDIN'ME? Justin, u can't be serious. Madonna wishes she was half the artist that Janet is. If there were no Janet Damita Jo Jackson. The music picture would be bleak. There would not be any Ciaras any Beyonces, any Cassies Rihannas or Britney Spears. She made music to such heights that Madonna has never seen. No disrespect to Madonna but she is no Janet. She deserves to be in the R&R Hall of Fame way more than Madonna.

Posted by Darren on Monday, 08.27.07 @ 08:58am

"If there were no Janet Damita Jo Jackson. The music picture would be bleak. There would not be any Ciaras any Beyonces, any Cassies Rihannas or Britney Spears." LOL.

You speak as if that is a respectable legacy. Well, Beyonce is nice to look at, and she's a Houston girl, so that is a plus. Perhaps we should all regret that Janet Damita Jo Jackson hit the big time if the result is Ciara, Rhianna and Britney. The music picture these days is bleak precisely because of these people.

Posted by Dezmond on Monday, 08.27.07 @ 11:56am

Honestly, Janet was a late bloomer when it came to writing her own material compared to Madonna. 1982's S/T album and 1984's Dream Street were written by someone else. However, Janet's writing is very introspective. When listening to her music you know where she is at in her life. I feel that I have an idea of who Janet is. On the other hand, I don't know who Madonna is until the 1997 release of Ray Of Light. It turns out that Madonna is also a late bloomer when it comes to introspective writing. In my opinion, Janet hit the introspective-writing-nail on the head with the 1986 release of Control and continues to ever since. Madonna hits the nail as well but is behind when it comes to introspective writing. The bottom line is if Madonna gets inducted based upon her writing; Janet has nothing to worry about.

Posted by Jeffery on Sunday, 09.30.07 @ 04:05am

Off course Janet sould be inducted. She has some of the biggest records breakings in music that stand even today.
If she made it on her brother's (michael) name, then why didn't latoya, rebbie,etc. ever have real success in the music industry....
people... wake up.....Janet made her fantastic albums on her own merits....She is an Icon the worldover, and deserving of this honor!

Posted by damita Joe on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 16:23pm

She innovated nothing. She owes everything to her last name and her superstar songwriter/producers. She can't sing. She has little to say as an artist, and the little she does have to say is preposterously stupid (i.e. the "dance music can save the world!" message of the Rhythm Nation years. Yeah, that worked real well.) If you put her in, you might as well follow up with Paula Abdul and Britney Spears.

Posted by ezwriter on Wednesday, 10.3.07 @ 13:04pm

I wasn,t surprised Madonna squeaked by her in the nominations though it is surprising that they weren,t nominated together.

Posted by DL on Friday, 10.12.07 @ 10:44am

Oh yeah Jane is talented. But when she's compared with the pop queen Madonna- no doubt, she'll be dropped.

Posted by munna on Tuesday, 01.8.08 @ 04:01am

It's amazing to me that everyone talks of Madonna, Janet and other pop stars who shouldn't be inducted. You all forget Aretha Franklin is an inductee. Yes, she has left her mark in music.........BUT SHE'S NOT ROCK AND ROLL.

Posted by Darry on Tuesday, 01.15.08 @ 10:26am

You all forget Aretha Franklin is an inductee. Yes, she has left her mark in music.........BUT SHE'S NOT ROCK AND ROLL.

Posted by Darry on Tuesday, 01.15.08 @ 10:26am

I don't think anyone has forgotten who Aretha Franklin is. She is the Queen of Soul and reigned in the 60's. And her influence does not just lie in pop music. She has touched all genre's including RnR, Jazz and Gospel. Her songs have been covered by everyone in every genre.

She is cited by fans, industry and muscians as the top female Rock and Roll/Music performer of all time.

Madonna, Janet, Donna Summers and all others that followed have my respect, but let's not use Aretha as the arguement for them getting in.

Posted by Frankie on Tuesday, 01.15.08 @ 10:48am

Now that Madonna has been inducted, Janet Jackson should be inducted into the Hall. Her longevity, alone (especially against a climate of anti-Jackson sentiment) should secure her a place in the hall of fame.

Posted by Mark on Friday, 02.29.08 @ 13:01pm

I am not going to debate J. Jackson here, but I am puzzled about your statement - Her longevity, alone (especially against a climate of anti-Jackson sentiment) should secure her a place in the hall of fame.

Can you explain that to me? If I am reading your correctly, because she comes from a weird family which has received some negative press, this entitles her to be inducted into the HoF. Am I understanding you right?

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 02.29.08 @ 17:11pm

Initially had some success at a time when being a Jackson was a "good thing", which didn't hurt, but her last few albums haven't been that hot and her new release is getting negative reviews. I also didn't see her as much of an influence...basically dance/pop stuff, which a lot of other people were doing at her peak. HoF...I don't think so.

Posted by Terry on Friday, 02.29.08 @ 18:15pm

Dameon, I think Mark means she was hated on because she is a Jackson.

I don't completely agree with that. I think initially being a Jackson helped her propel her career, but ultimately (because of Michael's misdeeds and alleged abuse of the clan by the patriarch, Joe Jackson), it hurt her career.

That being said, we shouldn't look at her family history, but rather her own achievements. At a young age, she broke away from her manager father, and with the help of Jam and Lewis, launched a career (Control). Along the way, she defied her record company's wishes and paved her own way by releasing a socially concious album (Rhythm Nation), a sexy album (Janet), and then a provocative introspective album (The Velvet Rope).

Yes, she may have fallen off since then, but can you blame her? After tackling heavy subject such as illiteracy, ignorance, prejudice, abuse, sexism, homophobia, and even S&M, how else are you going to top yourself?

On the merit of the above-mentioned albums, she should be inducted.

Posted by John on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 10:04am

You may very well be correct in what Mark was saying, but longevity is not supposed to be a criteria benchmark item for induction either. I actually enjoyed some of her music, even though I am not a big fan of dance music unless I am in fact dancing (not very good at it either, I admit) I enjoyed Black Cat - heavy guitars!

I respect her as an artist, but I don't believe she has had more impact on RnR music as Joan Jett, Pat Benetar or the Wilson sisters and none of them have been inducted. She has been a female version although somewhat lesser in talent than that of her brother who I still believe is slightly over-rated. (I don't like that sentence, but I don't feel like changing it:-) I never thought his music was genius.

And I will be completely indifferent if she is inducted. The HoF lost me quite a number of years ago. I just like coming to this site to discuss RnR music.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 13:13pm

How can you say that longevity isn't supposed to be a factor? It's about the "contribution to ... the perpetuation of rock and roll." Longevity isn't the only factor, but it does matter.

Posted by mel on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 13:19pm

No, it doesn't. Whether "longevity" in terms of being around for a long time or "longevity" in terms of music staying fresh, no, it doesn't matter.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 13:25pm

You're delusional if you don't think longevity matters. Let's say AC/DC decided breakup in 1980 (after all of their meaningful albums were released), do you still think they'd make it into the Hall? They're chances would be pretty remote. They stuck around and became a rock institution by constantly touring the world. If you break up after a short run... well, out of sight, out of mind.

Posted by mel on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 13:33pm

"Yeah, and dem Beatles - absolute no-hopers!"

I'd wager that AC/DC would've gotten in whether or not they split up. Their more recent more hasn't been at all notable.

Still, being around for a long time doesn't automatically make you a "rock insitution". That's why Bon Jovi can go for 25+ years without any substantial following, but The Smiths went for 5 years and are still a massive force on british guitar pop.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 13:39pm

I take it back. "Longevity" alone shouldn't secure her a place in the hall of fame, but as mel pointed out, it most definitely IS a factor.

"Criteria include the influence and significance of the artists’ contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll."

Many musical artists, rock or otherwise, have already cited Jackson as an influence. And the powerful messages of autonomy (on the Control album), social conciousness (on Rhythm Nation), sensuality (on Janet.) and self-examination (on Velvet Rope) have definitely impacted the ears and hearts of listeners, the world over.

She may not be "rock and roll" to you, but she certainly has had an impact on the world. If having an impact on a listener is not rock and roll, then I don't know what is.

Posted by Mark on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 14:35pm

Actually, Janet Jackson owes a lot to Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam for really getting her career rolling...don't know that those first albums eould've been as good without them!

Posted by Terry on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 17:19pm

Okay Janet is an AWESOME performer. Janet has sold untold millions of records. But she is not even in Madonna's LEAGUE when it comes to overall contribution. Madonna has constantly pushed the envelope creatively. Janet however has endured and hasn't really grown much as an artist over the years.

Others who say that Janet was some sort of "trailblazer" for other artists like Beyonce and the like are also incorrect. That trail was already blazed by Diana Ross, Stephanie Mills, Aretha Franklin and many many others. This is not to say Janet didn't do her forebears proud, but to claim that Janet broke some kind of barrier in Black females in pop music is just inaccurate. (Her Brother and Prince broke the MTV color barrier back in the early 80's)

Janet is deserving of a place but a FIRST BALLOT spot? not really.

Posted by Josh on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 13:24pm

If you're saying Britney, Ciara, Beyonce, Paula, etc etc are clons of janet...why don't ask them which want to be carer like??(madonna or janet)...even mariah and whitney...when you talk about madonna, you're talking about world chart, not only local chart (USA), the last janet's albums aren't bad, but is the same, the same producer. writers., Janet is good, has done a lot of humanity, she deserves get in Hall of Fame, but let's face it...Madonna is bigger than Janet, Madonna is a smart person who knows how to make bussines in music, when the people think about janet, always think in Michael jackson, is a shadow of him, if you see list of world chart, you can see which position is Janet right now, her best janet's time was janet's album (Rythm Nation, or Janet) but she deserves get in it....of course

Posted by Gen on Thursday, 03.20.08 @ 12:28pm

janet....who...she dissapear for year...her last recors was a totally disaster... c'on....janet!!!! is like compare shit with chocolate... madonna is the chocolate..in this case! X

Posted by xxxx on Tuesday, 03.25.08 @ 04:10am

Hell yeah!

F@*K Justin

Posted by Leon on Thursday, 09.4.08 @ 23:04pm

I think among Madonna's contemporaries, Janet Jackson stands a better shot at being considered than a Whitney Houston or a Mariah Carey- just because she has a body of work that, somewhat, can't all be lumped together and be considered samey (despite working with the same producers for a good amount of years, until recently that is). She did the whole Rhythm Nation thing, had a strong message with Control, all of that. I think in recent years, her stock has gone down- but she could be considered- just probably not in the immediate future.

Posted by JR on Saturday, 09.13.08 @ 10:06am

I am reading so much lavish praise here for Janet Jackson. One person saying she changed the world. Other people saying there would be no Brittney or Beyoncé without her, and that she smashed barriers and pushed all the envelopes. Isn't that all a bit too much? People want to make her into her brother Michael Jackson. Now he was the artist who really pushed the envelope. When she showed her breast at the Superbowl, she showed that she was a Madonna wannabe. Shocking public behaviour is not pushing the envelope. I might vote for Janet, but I certainly don't believe all the hype I read here.

Posted by Cokey on Friday, 10.24.08 @ 09:57am

Janet does deserve it and congratulations to Madonna. Madonna is the hugest white female entertainer along with Cher and Celine Dion and others but I just can't think of them Lol. Janet proved herself and she deserves it more than anyone. The Jacksons have been bashed by the people who were crazy about them and they don't even give them praise for the wonderful music they have given us. The Jackson 5 has gotten their induction. michael alone has. Now it's janet's turn. Janet baby release another killer album and you're in. I love you!

Posted by DiBBS on Monday, 11.24.08 @ 20:00pm

Well, Madonna is in an entirely other league than the mentioned women. Cher is an icon no doubt, but her musical impact isn't comparable (for obvious reasons). Dion is a workhorse, with a big voice, but the material just isn't strong enough. Neither Cher or Dion have been critical darlings.

Janet Jackson needs to release more than just one real strong album- the last three were kinda damaging. And her impact also hasn't been at the level of a Madonna. But I said it before, that her consideration possibilities would be stronger than any of her contemporaries.

Posted by JR on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 10:29am

I'm convinced that only two things would survive a nuclear holocaust...cockroaches and Madonna. Unfortunately, it seems some things will never go away...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 10:45am

Janet may actually get some consideration next year. I'm not gonna pull a LAX on you guys and say "we know she'll be inducted," but considering they got Madonna and now Wanda Jackson in... they may be looking at her for the supposed requisite female nominee to put on the ballot. Or maybe they'll hold off on her till they get Donna Summer and possibly solo Tina Turner in first, but just as brother Michael didn't make it in the first few years he was eligible but made it eventually, I think Janet's gonna get the nod one of these years.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 22:22pm

Okay so I’m looking at all of the entries and I’m noticing that so many people are trying to discredit Janet a lot. Yes I am a huge Janet fan and I believe she should be inducted. I also realize that Madonna is Madonna and if it came down to who that will induct first it will be her, but to say that Janet doesn’t deserve it and isn’t on the same level as Madonna is just lying to yourself. Janet is on the same level as Madonna because they have had parallel careers. Janet only comes second to Madonna because of the cultural status that Madonna has. Janet is one of four women in music that is constantly referred to by artist of this generation like Britney Spears, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Ciara, Rihanna and Pink. It’s even more disturbing that something that happened 5 years ago and was seen live for only 5 seconds is what people think of when you here the name Janet Jackson. You don’t think of the 40 million dollar contract to record 1 album which was so successful that she signed another contract for 80 million two years later. Or that she has been nominated and is the only female artist ever to win BMG’s songwriter of the year award. Or that she has the most wins of any artist at the Billboard Music Awards with 33 wins. Maybe the two Academy Awards nominations or Golden Globe Nomination or Emmy wins would factor in, and not for acting for music actually go figure. Plus not to take away for her acting which has been praised over Madonna’s by a long shot. What I’m trying to say is to say Madonna has more of an influence on music than Janet does is a lie and needs to be corrected. I know why Madonna was inducted and I believe whore heartedly that Janet deserves the same for the shear fact the yes she is influential and she has introduced different types of music to the urban music crowd by crossing over and became an all around rock star. If Madonna can make it in on the simple fact the she has made dance/pop music her whole career and nothing else than Janet should make it in for dabbling in rock, jazz, pop, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, dance and opera. Fair is fair and credit is due where is should be giving. Stop hating and look into the musical aspect of things, if you did we would be having this discussion at all.

Posted by miquel on Friday, 03.20.09 @ 02:30am

I ama big Janet Jackson fan, but it's not just cultural status. Madonna and her music have enjoyed more acclaim than Janet, for one- so that's another area.

There is no doubt Janet has been influential- but, what's funny is that she probably- in some way- was influenced by Madonna, but will never acknowledge it. She recently did say nice things about Madonna, though, which was a contrast to the past. There's no need for hostile feelings between them, they're both pretty great.

I think Janet should be considered for the HOF, but what has hurt her, though, is this decade (in particular her last three albums; these last four just don't cut it compared to the four that preceded them). Also, like Michael, she keeps on doing the same moves and such on stage. I know fans like to see the classic choreography, but I know for myself that I would like to see new moves (not the same ones from the videos), new stagings of the songs.

I am glad she did a medley of tunes from her first couple of albums on her last tour, though- it's the exact medley I suggested via that hot line she had running.

I wrote about Janet at my blog (www.entertainmentdissected.today.com). I did a Favorite Females feature.

Posted by JR on Friday, 03.20.09 @ 09:10am

Janet Jackson is an ICON, a LEGEND, and a trendsetter. She is my IDOL, and has influenced so many artists, such as Beyonce, Aaliyah, Destiny's Child, Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Rhianna, EnVogue, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and TLC. Janet has made OUTSTANDING music and performances. Janet Jackson is an amazing talent, a beautiful woman, with a very modest, humble, down-to-earth personality, and she DEFINITELY deserves to be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. I love Janet Jackson! She is truly an amazing, unique, original, and AMAZING artist who has influenced and contributed so much to the world. Janet is the QUEEN!

Posted by Tam on Sunday, 08.2.09 @ 13:48pm

Oh boy... please tell me this won't turn into another Madge thread... well, if she's gonna get onto the ballot, this will be the most likely year for it to happen.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 08.2.09 @ 13:57pm

An entertainer with the last name "Jackson" who has a "very modest, humble, and down-to-earth personality"...since when???? It did make for some good (fictional) reading...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 08.2.09 @ 19:37pm

I am a Janet fan- my second or third favorite female- but SHE influenced Madonna? That's rather humorous. Janet recently said some good things about Madge but back in the day, she was not friendly and would nevr acknowledge that she took a few cues from Madonna (note how her first two albums tankd, and then in 1986, she was able to take "Control").

Anyhow, I reiterate things I've said before: I think this decade has hurt Janet's chances for consideration. She hasn't produced anything as of late to rival her best work from the 80s and 90s, and she has not varied her live show much since the early 90s (Michael was guilty of that, too, though, continuously doing the same choreography from the videos again and again).

Barring a "sympathetic" vote, I don't think she'll be on the nominees list this year.

Posted by JR on Thursday, 08.20.09 @ 21:24pm

So I was reading the post and I kept noticing that people were trying to take away from the fact that Janet Jackson has been performing for the last 33 years and has been one of the most successful and influential artist of the last 27 years. It is no doubt in my mind that Madonna has more influence over Janet, but to say that Janet hasn’t influenced artist like Beyonce and Britney Spears and Rihanna is a complete undermining of her career. Janet is a cross-over hit, not just a R&B/Pop and dance artist, she's an all around pop star with music in every genre but country and metal( let’s not argue about this fact, it's unnecessary. you know it's true). So to say that she is undeserving is untrue. She deserves it just as much as Madonna. Madonna is the bigger star and a bigger influence so she deserved to be inducted without a doubt, despite her limited range in musical explorations and sticking to want she does best, 100% pure Pop/ Dance music, nothing more or less, but we mustn't forget her less appreciated and more daring competitor Janet.

As for people say that Janet will get a sympathy vote because of Michael’s death is like you all implying that Janet has been riding on Michael’s coat-tails her whole career, which is so untrue. She is the only Jackson that has been able to branch out and do her own thing without having to rely on her family name, so I truly believe that her induction into the R&RHOF (and yes she will be inducted for all you haters) will be based on her career and influence in the music industry not her family ties.

It’s just saddening to see people taking away from the fact that she has been making really great music and has influence a whole group of young female and male artists that has mimicked her career over the years.

With that said it’s only fair that Janet be inducted solely because of what she has contributed to the world of music.

Posted by miquel on Friday, 09.11.09 @ 01:02am

Janet influenced many more artists than Madonna, Madonna had a bigger role in Pop Culture though.

Posted by Kendall on Wednesday, 09.16.09 @ 16:47pm

No question that Janet has influenced a lot of acts- but to say more than Madonna? No real way of gauging that. Madonna, in one way or another- either musically or stylistically or as a means of expression- has influenced/inspired a number of female acts, likley including Janet Jackson (though she probably would not acknowledge that- she did say good things about Madonna last year, though).

And while Janet has received some acclaim, it hasn't been comparable to Madonna's amount.

But, again, I think she should be considered- but her next project could be a factor (not the rumored hits collection)- she needs a creative revitalization, following the last three albums.

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 09.16.09 @ 19:08pm

When is Janet Jackson going to be nominated! I mean she has done far more than LL Cool has done for the music industry. She won awards, sold over 100 million albums, now has mini Janets (ex Britney Spears, Ciara, Cassie) The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is really missing out on an artist who helped change the way we see music video and hear music!

Posted by Chris on Wednesday, 09.23.09 @ 15:31pm


What is the world coming to when the R&RHOF will consider inducting the opening act over the headliner. Bravo people bravo.

Posted by miquel on Saturday, 09.26.09 @ 20:26pm

Janet was never inspired by Madonna. Her idols are Diana Ross, her brothers and Debbie Allen. When it comes to Respect, that's something Janet will always have over Madonna. Madonna has been in the game for a long time now so of course she deserves the respect but no one really considers her this acclaimed artist like Janet. Janet is considered to be the Greatest Female Performer of her time.

Fashion wise YES; Madonna was a trend setter but Janet was more influential musically to different artist like Beyonce, En Vogue, Christina, Britney, Suga Babes, Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, Macy Gray, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Usher, NSYNC, Brandy, Ciara, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Lopez, TLC, Kylie Mininogue, and many more. All these artist copied her videos, dance, and performance style is some weay.

Yes most of the people on this list have praised Madonna but the only ones that were really inspired by her are Britney, Kylie and Rihanna.

Posted by Kendall on Tuesday, 10.20.09 @ 02:19am

Kendall, there were heaps of Madonna wanna-bes that emerged in the post-Madonna world. Any female pop-dance act sicne can be traced back to Madonna. Whether Janet admits it or not, she has taken a page from her, whether in regards to female independence and not being anyone's "boy toy" (I'm sure you know that miniker was tongue-in-cheek). Notice that Janet took Control after Madonna already had been in control with her first two albums. :)

I'm not sure what you're looking at in terms of beign an acclaimed act. Madonna has racked up notably more acclaim than Janet- check outwww.acclaimedmusic.net, for starters. And whebnever there are lists/freatures of the greatest/most important acts, Madonna places favorably, whereas Janet does less so.

That is not to take anything away from Janet Jackson- she's probably my second-favorite female act. But it's not surprising that she has yet to be considered three years into her eligibility, and why Madonna was a first-year inductee. Madonna is regarded as more important in the grand scheme of music history, bnot only making template-setting music, but changing the way acts express themselves and opening tons of doors in that respect. Naturally, though, they can't do what Madonna has done (as she pretty much did it all).

No question that in female pop, many of the acts to emerge have taken cues from Janet, as well. We see takes on Janet's dance style often (the style, incidentally, originates from her brother and Paula Abdul's Control choreography- remember she was not much of a dancer before that).

Janet needs to make a strong record come next year, because she's been on a creative decline this decade. That could negatively impact her chances for consideration.

Posted by JR on Tuesday, 10.20.09 @ 10:53am

JR, I know that Madonna has influenced many people (Business and Fashion Wise) but I already stated that. What I was saying what that Janet has influenced more artist musically and you can't even deny that. Now in no way or form has Janet took a page from Madonna. If anything Madonna took a page from Janet during her Rythem Nation era and everyone knows this. Just like Madonna took a page from Cyndi Lauper in the mid-80's. Janet has the Oscar Nomination to her name, Janet was MTV's first Icon. Pr-2004 it was actually Janet=Madonna not this way MADONNA>>>>>>janet

Yes I will agree Janet hit a low peak during the mid-late 2000's but she came back hard with Discipline which was a good album. It's not her fault that she was blacklisted by Radio can many MEDIA Outlets. Janet is Pop Royalty and she deserved to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

FYI, Madonna was not in Control with her first two albums. She hardly was involved in the writing and the producing. Janet wanting CONTROL had nothing to do with Madonna. Janet was tired and fed up so she ditched her father. THAT'S what Control was about. A Project that she worked on in 1985 with two of the BEST producers in the game.

Again FYI, Janet was always a dancer. Fame, Early 80's Pepsi Commerical, etc.. Janet's dancing style and Michael's dancing style are can not be any different. Remember Michael got the dangerous routine from his little sister and Paula was only her choreography for 4 videos. Please remember JR, know that you're talking about before you start stating Bull. Of course Janet wouldn't make these special lists, I wouldn't be surprised if she NEVER made the hall of fame because of the SB incident.

And you talking about Respect?? No one started to Respect Madonna until 98. Again Fail!!

Posted by Kendall on Saturday, 10.24.09 @ 15:46pm

Yes Janet Jackson should be inducted, she holds many records including being the only artist with a number one record in three different decades, just think with another #1 next yr she could hold that record forever.Her credentials are on par with her brother and Madonna, and sometimes they exceed them.

Posted by Lezli on Saturday, 12.12.09 @ 23:15pm

Janet Jackson rocks and so does Michael even thought he is gone :(...... but they rock!!

Posted by Natalie on Monday, 02.8.10 @ 16:46pm

I suppose she will eventually make it in but all this woman did was coast on Madonna's wake.

Posted by skytorch on Sunday, 03.7.10 @ 14:40pm

but all this woman did was coast on Madonna's wake.

Posted by skytorch on Sunday, 03.7.10 @ 14:40pm

LOl HUH,,.???? She is a Jackson she didn't coast on Madonna ,,
I like her... she has been in the shadows an over looked ...A very talented lady

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 03.7.10 @ 21:22pm

Janet has coasted on NO ONE. She should be inducted yesterday! Her credentials speak for themselves...

*her "RN 1814" is the only album in history with 7 top 5 Billboard Hot 100 hits
*"Control" was the first album to have 5 consecutive top 5 Hot 100 hits
*her RN Tour is still the highest grossing debut tour by any artist in history, and still holds the record for fastest sell-out at the Tokyo Dome
*she is the only female singer in the history of Rock & Roll to score 5 back to back #1 studio albums on the Billboard Album's chart. "Control", "Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation", "Janet", "The Velvet Rope" and "All For You" all reached #1..."Damita Jo" and "20 Y.O." debuted at #2 and "Discipline" debuted at #1
*"RN 1814" is the only album in history to produce #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in three separate calendar years ["Miss You Much" in 1989, "Escapade" and "Black Cat" in 1990, and "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" in 1991]
*she is second to Aretha Franklin as the female with the most R&B #1s
*With "Black Cat," Janet became the first artist to score a #1 hit simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 and Mainstream Rock singles charts
*she is the only artist in history to be nominated in the Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B and Rap categories at the Grammys
*her "janet." album was the first Soundscan-era album by a female to debut at #1
*she, to this day, inspires many fans and female performers alike with her innovative videos (over 40 to date), choreography and live performances
*she signed two record-breaking deals with Virgin Records in the '90s, which, at the time, made her the highest-paid female artist in history
*second most successful female artist of the '90s
*all of her films to date have debuted at #1 at the US box office
*her songs are still being sampled today
*she has more Billboard awards (34) than any other artist in history
*#2 female Billboard Dance Chart artist
*first-crowned MTV Icon
*When the song "All For You" went to #1 in 2001, it made her the first artist to score a Hot 100 #1 in the '80s, '90s and '00s. And when "Make Me" went to #1 on the Dance chart, it made her the first artist to achieve a #1 in the '80s, '90s, '00s and '10s on any chart
*her influence on the newer generation of female artists is evident in their videos and performances
*she is one of the biggest-selling artists in history
*she has amassed 27 top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100
*Several of her albums have been on definitive R&R "Albums of All Time" lists
*achieved Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for her song "Again"
*appeared in Guiness Book of World records several times



First female artist to have the #1 selling album of the year (Rhythm Nation 1814, 1990)

First female recording artist of color to be nominated for a Producer Of The Year Grammy.

First black artist to be nominated for an Academy Award (Best Original Song category)

First and only female artist to have five #1 R&B singles from one album (Control). Which is the most R&B #1’s off one album.

First artist to place 7 Top 5 singles on the Hot 100 (technically, Top 4)

First artist to have five or more Top 10 hits from three consecutive albums

First artist to have their first three films consecutively open at #1 at the box office

First female artist to sweep an awards show

First black artist to be awarded GLAAD's Vanguard Award

First artist to have a single simultaneously top the Hot 100, R&B, and dance charts.

First artist to have a single debut atop the R&B Airplay Charts

First artist to win Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, and Favorite Dance Artist at the American Music Awards

First female artist to debut in the Top 10 on the Hot 100 (Runaway)

First female artist to debut in the Top 5 on the Hot 100 ("Scream" with Michael)

First artist to produce 4 #1 hits on the Dance chart

"All For You" became the first (and only) single in music history to be added to every possible American radio station in its first week. Janet ruled over 4 formats, Top 40, crossover, rhythmic and urban radio, no one has ever ruled over let alone 3 formats.

"All For You" became the first single to be added to every possible station, in the US, Japan, Asia, France and South Africa in its first week.


Janet holds the record for the most consecutive Top 10 hits on the Hot 100 (18)

Janet holds the record for the most consecutive Top 10 hits on the R&B chart (25)

Janet holds the record for the most Top 10 hits on the R&B chart (30)

Janet holds the record for the most Billboard Awards won in a single night (14)

Janet holds the record for the most #1 singles across the Billboard charts from a single album (7)

Janet holds the record for the most successful debut tour of any artist male or female, selling out in 3 continents (USA, Europe, Asia)

Janet is BMG's Biggest Selling Female Artist in the club.

Janet holds the record for most gold singles for a black female artist

Janet holds the record for the most Soul Train Award won (12)

Janet holds the record for the most American Music Awards nominations in a single year (9), earning an additional three nominations the following year (1987 & 1988 respectively)

Janet holds the record for the fastest sellout in the history of the Tokyo Dome, 48,000 seats with four shows which sold out in a record seven minutes.


Janet broke and set stadium attendance records at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii with The Velvet Rope Tour and the All For You Tour

The live HBO broadcast of The Velvet Rope Tour garnered a total of 15 million viewers outperforming ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX in HBO homes, in addition to 13 Emmy nominations including one win.

In 1996, Janet signed with Virgin Records for a reported $80 million, making her the highest paid entertainer (at that time) surpassing brother Michael ,Madonna and Prince.

Janet’s Velvet Rope Tour broke house records in Washington, D.C., Detroit, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Salt Lake City.

Janet is one of the world’s best-selling artist having sold in the excess of 100 million albums worldwide (130-140 records)

Janet ranks as the second most successful female artist of all time

In 2008, Janet ranked as the 7th most successful artist of Billboard’s Hot 100 All-Time Artists, 3rd female, 2nd African-American, and 1st African-American female.

In 2007, Janet was named by Forbes Magazine and E! Entertainment Television as one of the 20 Richest Women in Entertainment, coming in at #7.

Since her debut in 1982, Janet has spent a total of 660 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart and 540 weeks on Billboard's 200 Albums chart.

In 2004, Billboard ranked Janet as the ninth most successful recording artist in the history of Rock & Roll.

To this day, Janet remains the only artist in Billboard history to hit no.1 on the Dance, Pop, Rock, Rap, R&B, Adult Contemporary and Top 40 charts.

In 2003, Janet's "Design of a Decade 1986/1996", "Rhythm Nation 1814", "Control", "janet." and "The Velvet Rope" were listed on the BMG Music Club's 100 Biggest Selling Albums in the U.S. coming in at no.9, no.35, no.58, no.63 and no.95, respectively. "Design of a Decade" and "Rhythm Nation 1814" are two of the club's 1 million sellers.

In 2003, Jackson's "The Velvet Rope" and "Rhythm Nation 1814" were named by Rolling Stone Magazine as two of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, coming in at no.256 and no.275, respectively.

In 1986, at the age of 20, Jackson became the youngest black female to hit no.1 on Billboard's 200 Albums Chart.

With six no.1 albums on the Billboard 200, Janet sits with a third place tie with Mariah Carey among female artists with the most no.1 albums on that chart.

Janet's "Scream", with brother Michael, is featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the Most Expensive Music Video Ever Made. The video cost more than $7 million dollars.

Janet's "Nasty" was named by Rolling Stone magazine as the no.79 Greatest Song in Rock & Roll history.

Janet's "Make me" marks her 19th no.1 hit on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart. The most no.1's of any black female.

Janet's "That's The Way Love Goes" is the biggest-selling single of all time by a female recording artist in South Africa. It also holds the record for most weeks spent at no.1 (9 weeks) and most weeks spent on the South African Sales chart (44 weeks).

With the release of only two studio albums (three including compilation –Design of the Decade) in the 1990s, Janet was named by Billboard as the second biggest/most successful artist of the decade, surpassing such artists as Whitney Houston, Garth Brooks, En Vogue, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Boyz II Men and only second to Mariah Carey.

With sixteen no.1 hits on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, Jackson is second only to Aretha Franklin among female artists and fifth overall with the most no.1 singles on that chart.

Janet's "Together Again" is her longest-charting single spending 46 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

Janet's biggest selling single worldwide is "Together Again", in 1998 it was the 4th biggest selling single of the year in Europe (2nd biggest for a female, only outsold by Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"). Worldwide sales according to Virgin Records are over 5.5 million copies, one of the largest selling singles ever from a female artist. "Together Again" spent nearly 50 weeks in the Top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100, it also remains one of the longest charting hits in Billboard history. "Together Again" sold over 760,000 in the UK making it one of the biggest selling singles ever in the UK from a female artist, "Together Again" sold over 600,000 copies in Germany also earned a Platinum certification just 2 months after it was released. "Together Again", also went Platinum in the Netherlands, France, Belgian, South Africa, Italy, and even went Double Platinum in New Zealand and Australia.

Posted by S.H. on Tuesday, 03.23.10 @ 21:34pm

I agree S.H 101%

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 03.23.10 @ 22:35pm

May I ask that if Janet's publicist is going to post an exhaustive accounting of Janet's oatalog, that they do it with less spacing between paragraphs & sub-paragraphs? Thanks!

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 07:25am

"May I ask that if Janet's publicist is going to post an exhaustive accounting of Janet's oatalog, that they do it with less spacing between paragraphs & sub-paragraphs? Thanks!"

Well, I'm definately not her publicist, and that's not really her catalog, per se, just a listing of achievements that definately scream (no pun intended) "RnR Hall of Fame worthy."

Posted by S.H. on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 08:52am

And for those of you who are foolish enough to think that Janet has had no influence on today's young pop starlets, then you are just deluding yourselves. For instance, take one look at any Britney, Mya, Ciara, Cassie (etc) video, and you will see Janet's stamp all over it--not Madonna's, not Cher's, not Tina Turners, not Diana Ross's. Hell, Britney's "Overprotected" video is basically a carbon copy of Janet's "Son of a Gun," even shot in the same hotel. Even when her landmark "Control" CD came out in 1986, there were a bevy of female acts that followed in the same vein, adopting the tough chick/big dance production that Janet established. Janet has never, as far as I'm concerned, gotten the respect she deserves in the business.

Posted by S.H. on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 09:02am

She is all about talent I feel she has open the misical box door for many

Posted by L-7 on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 11:42am

S.H., do you understand what I'm asking? When you create a lengthy post, try not to doublespace so many sentences. It makes your post overlong.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 12:52pm

"S.H., do you understand what I'm asking? When you create a lengthy post, try not to doublespace so many sentences. It makes your post overlong."

Of course I understood what you asked. What makes you think otherwise? Because I didn't address it in my last post? I mean, really.

Posted by S.H. on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 13:55pm

Glad you understood.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 06:18am

@Paul in KY, are you the forum police?

Posted by S.H. on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 13:29pm

Too much to read over in that biography, but Janet has never appeared on any rock chart, so not sure where that info came from.

Anyhow, like I've said before, she needs to come up with a damn fine album to make the HOF consider her. For as great and important as Control, Rhythm nation, etc. were, the last decade did her no favors, creatively.

Posted by JBR on Saturday, 05.22.10 @ 17:35pm

In December, if Janet isn't on the list to be inducted in the 2011 class, then it says alot about this voting process. She was eligible in 2007, but her first two records weren't successful. She should get in on "Control" alone, because the record was classic and broke boundaries for female pop stars to come. I truly believe that politics is to blame for her not getting inducted when you have another female "pop star" already inducted. Forget popularity. Janet should be inducted.

Posted by DB on Tuesday, 06.22.10 @ 13:57pm

Janet Jackson has been on the rock and roll charts for Black Cat. She is one of the few pop/r&b artists to do so. But that is besides the point. She has done more in her career than most other female acts, and still continues on. She not only has had a record breaking, successful musical career, but her acting career has been better than most cross-over performers. She will be inducted to it I am sure. It is a matter of when everyone can get over 6 years ago, and move on past it.

Posted by bahamut on Saturday, 07.31.10 @ 23:03pm



Posted by Christian on Tuesday, 08.17.10 @ 23:00pm

She should be In.....No doubt...!

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 08.17.10 @ 23:04pm

Without a doubt - Janet needs to be inducted.

Legend - ICON - Trendsetter

Posted by Mike on Monday, 08.30.10 @ 13:05pm

Janet's success alone is enough to get her inducted, being related to Michael or having a similar career as Madonna are points that don't have any weight. Janet holds records that neither one of those two have. There is no way she could be overlooked. Billboard, alone, names her the 2nd most successful female singer. How can she be denied????? She can't!!!!

Posted by B Lamont on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 13:37pm

Janet should be inducted without a doubt.
'Control', 'Rhythm Nation', 'Janet.' and 'The velvet Rope' are 4 of the greatest albums all time, that changed pop culture!!
She established R&B contemporary music, which we now associate today as popular music.
She also establised the singer/dance imprimateur that we take for granted today as the 'way' to perform.
She deserves way more than Madonna, who I personally don't see to be as impacting as people make out.

Posted by Dan on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 13:57pm

B Lamont, commercial success doesn't play much of a role in HOF induction. Not that it matters much, but Billboard's list of top 100 Hot 100 acts that ran in August 2008 had Janet as the third most successful female on the Hot 100 (after Madonna and Mariah Carey).

Dan- Madonna's induction upon her eligibility was a no-brainer. The things she has done in her work to challenge gender, racial, religious, sexual and social mores is incomparable to any other act from the past 25+ years. That's why she fares well on best-of/greatest artist/entertainer features like she does. And, her music has been pretty darn good, too- why her music fares decently on those, too.

Janet Jackson probably is my No. 2 female act, but the last decade has hurt her. I don't see the HOF rushing to nominate her anytime soon, unfortunately. I don't think she set the singer/dancer thing in motion- I think her brother had something to do with that before her. :-)

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 17:12pm

Janet deserves to be inducted, no doubt about it.

Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope and All For You were all monster hit albums. This is undeniable. For this 18 year span ALONE, Janet deserves to be inducted.

Posted by Christoff on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 17:47pm

I just read something from 3 years ago here that was so stupid I have to correct this haters stupidity. What he said was...
"Yes she lips her concerts.
Yes she used her brothers fame to get her career."

First its clear you know absolutely NOTHING bout her. 2nd If you think she "lips" (lipsynchs, stupid)her concerts than your an idiot and probably never saw any of her actual concerts, She only lipsynched certain award shows in the 80's and 90's, On tour its all live, if you were actually smart and researched this you'd know that. She breaks from the song, talks to the audience and breaths in the mic and laughs impromtu all the time, if you honestly think thats lipsynched your incredibly stupid. Used her brothers? Sorry stupid, but her name got her a contract, not the album sells, if you dont think so ask Rebbie, ask how far using the name for a contract got her. Besides its more respectful that Janet used her name for a contract than using her vadge for a contract like Madonna did.

Janet desserves this way more than Madonna. Janet is just plain better than her in EVERY way. Madonna is just more popular, and popularity dosent make up for talent. Nearly 10 years before ANYONE knew who or what a Madonna was in the industry, every one knew Janets name. Janets been a hardworking performer, singer, dancer and actress of 37 years!!! To Madonna's 29. Janet has inspired so many women in the industry, who if it werent for janet would simply be background singers or dancers, yet are todays biggest female aritist. Janet reaches and touches more cultures and genres than Madonna ever could dream of. The proof in that being that Janet is the ONLY person (not just female PERSON) to have a #1 on all major genere's except Country, which she had a top 10 in. And for the haters talking about the voice, please. Dont let a few songs where she whispered determine her entire 10 album catalog, the women has 3 octives and has used them all plenty of times, maybe a little less on her more recent albums, but for her live shows, she proves she's a vocalist as much as she's a dancer, Madonna is beneath her in both.

Janet Jackson is a strong hardworking women who hasent let ANYTHING stop her from getting what she wants in her career. With her brother passing it easily makes her quite possibly the best living entertainer on the planet. And trust that if she released more albums and tours in the 80s & 90s like Madonna did, her name would be way bigger. But Janet's better and has worked for this introduction.

Posted by Jackson1 on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 19:09pm

Um Y should Janet released another killer album just to be inducted into the HOF. Like are u serious. She been giving us hits for 20 years straight. She has nothing to prove now. She been there done that. She been the Queen for 2 decades, sold millions of albums around the world and broke records from left to right. Janet created Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna and the rest of the goons that we have HOT now. She has like 40 #1 global hits. (Don't believe that 34 crap cuz some #1 singles were left out of the Number Ones greatest hits catalog). Like its Janet Jackson we are talking about here. Ever since SB, everyone has overlooked Janet for some reason. I remember her AFY era (2001), she was being honor and prasied eveywhere. Everyone knew Janet is the Queen but now, we all fell on our heads and suffer an concussion and forget what the women has done. SMH! It's Janet Jacksonppls, let her in.. She is the greatest female entertainer of all. I cant believe, Janet has to prove herself again that she is worthy to be inducted. I used to think Janet was way to over rated but now shes way to underrated. If Beyonce gets in before Janet, o hell will break loose.

Posted by Chris on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 22:50pm

Janet deserves to be in the hall of fame. Her impact on the world of pop, r&b, and dance music are clear and evident. Her career accomplishments speak for themselves.

Posted by Darrick on Thursday, 09.2.10 @ 11:08am

of course she should be inducted....she carved a career for herself that has been used as a formula for current artists, even more so than madonna's career has

Posted by brian on Thursday, 09.2.10 @ 13:04pm

When I hear the name Janet Jackson,,,ICON is my first thought! Janet revolutionized dance music single handedly! Janet has contributed so much dialogue to the world of pop since her breakthrough album Control was relaeased! Janet raised the bar time and time again and broke so many barriers and records during her career thus far! Janet should have been voted in since 2007! Why she was'nt is a mystery to me. Look at all the lifetime achievement and humanitarian awards a top all the music awards and #1 albums and singles and tours she has under her belt! Janet is the definition of music entertainment! Janet's passion and drive is stronger than most other pop singers! Janet has influenced many pop stars including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah, Selena, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Brandy, Ciara, Mya, Ashanti,and numerous others! Each one of the above mentioned singers has said Janet Jackson is a major influence on their lives and careers! Janet Jackson is a living Legend!!!

Posted by David Victor Pavon on Thursday, 09.2.10 @ 15:18pm


Janet has shined brightly, apart from her brother's spotlight. She has sustained her career long after most artists fade.

She is most worthy.

Posted by TwStD E on Friday, 09.3.10 @ 16:19pm

How could Janet be denied? She's sold well over 100 million albums/singles. She's had sold-out world tours. She's won just about every Award known to man. Her videos have been groundbreaking and visually stunning. She's also a humanitarian and is the epitome of "giving back".

This should be a no-brainer. Granted, Janet isn't a rocker if we go by definition alone. Yet she's paved the way for many (and I repeat, MANY) in this industry.

Those that say that Janet is only successful because she has the last name Jackson. Hmmmmm - how about LaToya, Marlon, Rebbie, Tito. Need I go on? If Janet didn't have the dedication, determination, drive, talent and perfectionist work ethic - she never would have had the amazing success and longevity that she has had.

Posted by Bruce on Saturday, 09.4.10 @ 07:44am

^No, her success is not tied to the Jackson name- we saw that when her first two albums did not take off. I believe Janet should be considered for induction- when I say that it may not happen anytime soon, it's because I think the HOF committee may look at the past decade and see that it's been pretty disappointing. Control and Rhythm nation were her landmark albums- janet. was good, but is noit as revered as either of those. Same goes for Velvet Rope. So, the last decade may hinder any immediate chances for her.

And, remember, Bruce- commercial success is not major factor in HOF induction. :)

Posted by JR on Saturday, 09.4.10 @ 09:54am

"All For You" was released in this past decade ... and many would say that it wasn't a "disappointment".

Janet has 10 studio albums. She's been making music since 1982. Seriously - she needs to be considered.

Posted by Bruce on Saturday, 09.4.10 @ 13:32pm

yes Janet deserves it, she is a wonderfull singer dancer, i love her, i find her really awesome !

Posted by compper marie-louise on Sunday, 09.5.10 @ 21:34pm

Janet totally deserves it! She's a legend, icon, triple threat, the list can go on!!!

Posted by Charmaine on Tuesday, 09.14.10 @ 12:07pm

all i got to say is that without janet jackson the music industry would have dissolved years ago.she is a legend if i have ever seen one and i feel so blessed to have grown up during the time i did to see her go from good times to now still doing it big in why did i get married 2.god bless you janet!!!

Posted by ALGIE on Tuesday, 09.14.10 @ 14:52pm

She's one of the greatest entertainers to ever exist, you can consider any other entertainers of her time, or even now, without thinking about her too. It's just undeniable and who ever wants to deny it, are cheating themselves of the truth.

Posted by MaxCake on Friday, 09.17.10 @ 16:38pm

Words cannot express what Janet means to me.... I cannot imagine my world without her music. It has helped to make me the person that I am today!!!

Posted by Danny on Saturday, 09.18.10 @ 05:56am

Janet Jackson was one of the brightest pop stars of the 80's and 90's, with few able to match her record sales and top 10 hits. Whether or not the Super Bowl fiasco with Justin Timberlake is enough to keep her out of the Hall for a few years, we'll have to wait and see. Janet's prospects at induction may be indirectly tied to Madonna. If the Rock Hall sees fit to induct a dance/pop artist like Madonna, they would have a tough time keeping Janet out.

Posted by DDD on Monday, 09.20.10 @ 07:35am

^Only trouble is, Janet's impact was not on the level of Madonna's. She had some good stuff, but, again, can't compare the impact.

It will be 25 years since Control next year, but we've seen enough acts instantly inducted even if the 25 years didn't coincide with their first big impact. Nonetheless, if she doesn't make the cut this year, her waiting time will increase to four years.

RE All For You- the album generally is not viewed as being as good as the albums that preceded it. And I agree with that- other than a handful of tracks, it's a mediocre effort (and those slow, dreary "baby-making" songs kill any momentum).

Posted by JR on Monday, 09.20.10 @ 11:24am

JR - I hear your point, but disagree about Janet's impact. Janet's impact has been on the level of Madonna's, and even moreso in the African American community.

Janet should be nominated and inducted, without a shadow of a doubt!

Posted by Jerry on Wednesday, 09.22.10 @ 06:07am

Look at how many studio albums Janet has released over her career. And she's set to release another new album in 2011. Look at how many chart topping singles Janet has released ... and innovative and creative videos to go with them.

I'm seriously hoping that the nominating committee is holding out for the 25 year anniversary of the release of the "Control" album to finally induct Janet.

It's time. And it's well deserved.

Posted by Marissa Scott on Friday, 09.24.10 @ 18:21pm

Yes. Janet's star power and her accomplishments are purely the result of her talent, dedication and hard work. She should have already been inducted. I can not believe she has not been recognized in this way already.

Posted by Lenora C on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 19:41pm

Of course she should. Janet always tries new things on her records and she is rooted in R&B (so why that's being brought up is beyond me). Janet & Madonna couldn't be further apart. Janet isn't trying to be Madonna or vice versa. They are both their own people and I wish for the love of GOD people would stop trying to draw these dumb comparisons to both women! Because if we are going off of comparisons to 'singing ability, dancing, and overall concert and live performance' value - make me laugh by saying Madonna LMAO!

Janet Jackson has sold over 100 million records. Period.
Janet Jackson has had some of the biggest selling concerts in history. Period.
Janet Jackson has had over 50 hit singles over the course of her career. Period.
Janet Jackson has inspired a mass majority of all these new up and coming artists. Period.
Janet Jackson is an Oscar nominated (for music by the way), has won every award under the moon. Period.

People "liking" her or not is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is the 'facts. Period.

Posted by Jacxon on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 07:35am

It was mentioned in the comments above, but I think it's worth mentioning again.... Janet's debut tour, The Rhythm Nation World Tour, was the most successful debut tour of any artist in the history of music. And still is to this day.

While the induction criteria might not always be about album sales or chart success, numbers like these speak volumes.

Janet needs to be inducted.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.4.10 @ 05:58am

I'm shocked Janet isn't already in, actually....

Posted by Marco on Thursday, 10.21.10 @ 09:06am

Janet is absolutely the BEST! She may sing the same type of music but both artists are different. Madonna deserved her recognition and so does Janet. Her influence on music has been remarkable and more importantly her influence on other artists goes without saying!

Posted by Jessie Shackleford on Monday, 10.25.10 @ 13:38pm

Of course she should. Janet always tries new things on her records and she is rooted in R&B (so why that's being brought up is beyond me). Janet & Madonna couldn't be further apart. Janet isn't trying to be Madonna or vice versa. They are both their own people and I wish for the love of GOD people would stop trying to draw these dumb comparisons to both women! Because if we are going off of comparisons to 'singing ability, dancing, and overall concert and live performance' value - make me laugh by saying Madonna LMAO!

Janet Jackson has sold over 100 million records. Period.
Janet Jackson has had some of the biggest selling concerts in history. Period.
Janet Jackson has had over 50 hit singles over the course of her career. Period.
Janet Jackson has inspired a mass majority of all these new up and coming artists. Period.
Janet Jackson is an Oscar nominated (for music by the way), has won every award under the moon. Period.

People "liking" her or not is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is the 'facts. Period.

Posted by idrag4mj on Tuesday, 10.26.10 @ 14:12pm

It's time for Janet to get her induction nomination! Definitely!

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.26.10 @ 14:19pm

I agree janet jackson is so influential, she worked so hard to make her name prominent. Janet should difinetly get inducted, she has been working since she was about 6 or 7 years old, this girl was getting paid big bucjks by the time she was about 10 or 11 and then her musical career is phenomanal 4get madonna and her ahock tactics,janet is real talent she can dance, sing(she can hit the whistle note like mariah carey), act and can play the piana. janet is a tru artist and i often feel dat she is overlooked, bcuz her last name is jackson(bcuz of mike). but janet is her own and she does what she wants to do. janet is a true atrtist period. And the facts the commenter put on there, should prove dat.

Posted by christi on Friday, 11.5.10 @ 16:13pm

There's some Oscar buzz for Janet's theme song, "Nothing", from her movie Why Did I Get Married Too.
This would be her SECOND Oscar nomination if it holds up.

"Again" from Poetic Justice was nominated back in the early 90's.

It's time for Janet to be recognized and inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame.

Posted by Marissa on Sunday, 11.7.10 @ 07:39am

Isn't Janet second to only Aretha Franklin for the most #1 singles on the R&B charts? Ironically enough, Aretha is in the HOF.

Let's give Janet some respect and induct her!

Posted by MikeCheck on Thursday, 11.11.10 @ 13:18pm

The Hall of Fame is not about commercial success- you should know that, MikeCheck. :)

Not saying Janet doesn't deserved to be considered, but her level of acclaim and importance (to the history and development of music) isn't comparable to that of Aretha.

I'd think Janet will be considered eventually, but not expecting it anytime soon. She's now on her fourth year in terms of a wait.

Posted by JR on Thursday, 11.11.10 @ 13:28pm

Janet Jackson was one of the brightest pop stars of the 80's and 90's, with few able to match her record sales and top 10 hits. Whether or not the Super Bowl fiasco with Justin Timberlake is enough to keep her out of the Hall for a few years, we'll have to wait and see. Janet's prospects at induction may be indirectly tied to Madonna. If the Rock Hall sees fit to induct a dance/pop artist like Madonna, they would have a tough time keeping Janet out.

Posted by FRHL on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 12:32pm

Janet is definitely deserving of a nomination for induction. Her career has been amazing and she has inspired and influenced so many.

Posted by Jessica on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 07:04am

Obviously, the Rock Hall is not rushing to consider Janet, as she hasn't even made it onto the nomination ballot (now up to at least four years of waiting time). I still believe the last decade's lack of GREAT output (not just the Wardrobe malfunction) hurt her.

As for her impact, she has had an impact, but it isn't comparable to someone like Madonna- otherwise, she'd be regarded to the the same degree (i.e. on greatest/most important artists/entertainers lists)- and she's not.

The HOF committee may consider her, but I'd be surprised if it were anytime soon.

Posted by JR on Tuesday, 11.30.10 @ 08:47am

I'm sorry but I think it's a damn shame that Janet hasn't been on a ballot yet. I hate to play the racism card, but I think it's obvious here. Madonna is in. Janet should ALSO be IN!!!!!

Posted by Berry on Wednesday, 12.1.10 @ 18:53pm

I think Janet should get in for sure!!

Posted by JanFan on Monday, 12.6.10 @ 15:06pm

OMG LOL SOMEONE SAID JANETS IMPACT ISNT AS BIG AS MADONNA!!! WOW, that was stupid. Madonna only has 1 main audience that she looks out for, her gay fans. Janets name and music reaches through to more races, ages and genres of music than Madge. Janets just plain better. Shes the real tripple threat and with this possible upcomming Golden Globe and oscar nomination, that speaks volumes for her music. Not even just about her winning those awards but the fact that shes still up for consideration. (whens the last time Madges music had a Oscar nomination? Janets on her way to 2.

Posted by Tom on Tuesday, 12.7.10 @ 13:56pm


That person was correct in a spectacular, no brainer sort of way. I'm not even a Madonna fan, but I have lived on planet Earth for the entirety of both careers.

"I hate to play the racism card, but I think it's obvious here. Madonna is in. Janet should ALSO be IN!!!!!"
"Madonna only has 1 main audience that she looks out for, her gay fans."

Stay classy, Janet fans. I'm sure she'd be thrilled with the use of racist and homophobic innuendo to prop her up.

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 12.9.10 @ 06:31am


"Madonna only has 1 main audience that she looks out for, her gay fans."

"Stay classy, Janet fans. I'm sure she'd be thrilled with the use of racist and homophobic innuendo to prop her up."

I don't see anything homophobic about the comment. Yes, it mentions Madonna's gay fan-base but there is nothing derogatory about the statement. Reaching, perhaps? Your beloved Madonna is already in. It's time for Janet to get some shine.

Posted by Marissa on Monday, 12.13.10 @ 06:08am

Janet Jackson makes me cry!

Posted by I'm a boy on Monday, 12.13.10 @ 08:52am

To clarify- Janet's impact is not regarded as highly or as importantly as Madonna's. Madonna's work has spawned countless articles and books dedicated to dissecting her work. That's not to say that Janet hasn't addressed important stuff in her work- she has- but she's not regarded at the level of Madonna. So, one shouldn't really use Madonna as an argument for Janet getting into the HOF.

I think that, eventually, the HOF may consider Janet. But I maintain that it likely won't happen any time soon. I mean, Michael didn't get in until his fourth year of eligibility. And we know Michael's impact is considered vastly more notable than his sister's.

Posted by JR on Monday, 01.3.11 @ 17:13pm

You continue to post the exact same things .... over and over. We get it :)

In my opinion, Janet deserves to be recogzined.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 01.5.11 @ 10:30am

Janet Jackson have been working she age 7 years old. she make music and moives for 30 years and more. Janet has 35 number ones. Janet did everything to music to tv moive.Janet alwayls be Queen of pop and The Legend of music. she is The Legend of Dance. Janet Jackson born to be artists.

Posted by Jean on Wednesday, 01.12.11 @ 21:13pm


Posted by vanessa on Sunday, 02.6.11 @ 11:10am

With albums addressing the problems of the world today more so than any other artist including Michael, Janet definitely should be inducted, she has fought to make the world a better place in her music more so than any other.

Plus many more artists have openly said Janet has inspired them than Madonna, such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Pink, Mya Keri Hilson, Rihanna, Ciara, Britney, Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton, N'Sync, Usher, TLC, Cassie,Christina Aguilera,Crystal Kay, all these people live in the house that Janet built. Janet has paved the way for black artists.

Whats more she's known as a gay icon, receiving numerous awards by gay organizations, shes known just like her brother Michael to give generously to charities,in fact she donated a large proportion of the proceeds of her Velvet Rope tour to the Child Promise charity.

And her dancing is second to none, even at the age of 44 nearly 45 she is out dancing her 20 year old dancers, anyone who even draws a comparison to Madonna in the dancing field is a fool, who obviously knows nothing about dancing.

She also has set a number of world records including the most spectacular the most successful debut tour by any artist, viewed by over 2 million fans, still an unbeaten record 20 years later. Shes listed as one of the most successful artists of all time, with over 40 worldwide number ones to her name she is a global icon, who deserves to be inducted, more so than a lot of people.
She has become a lot more successful than the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons and to many rivals Michael. With a career spanning nearly 30 years, shes an Icon, just as MTV inducted her as the FIRST MTV Icon, if she doesn't deserve to be inducted no one does, now do the right thing and get her in there.

Posted by RyanO on Tuesday, 03.1.11 @ 16:18pm

Yes she should be a rock Legend, it shocks me to the core that she isn't already!
Come on guys, she has sold millions and millions of records, her last few albums may not have sold as many as her 80´s and 90's ones but they were still hits.
A woman is her 40's still going strong, ok some fans have turned their backs on her because they didnt like her newer sound or because she flashed a boob 7 years ago, or for what ever reason.... she still has a massive fanbase who will always support her.... she deserves some respect for all her hard work.

Posted by James on Thursday, 03.3.11 @ 16:14pm

When I think of Iconic female artist, Janet Jackson comes to mind. Perhaps there is a reason for this...could be: 35 number 1 hits, many more close to reaching number 1, many number 1 albums, a style of music artistry that set and raise the bar for others, too many awards to mention, too much charity to others to mention, first MTV ICON, sold out concerts, and at the age of 45 doing a world tour that is sold out. Oh yeah, there is actress, 30 years in the business,a top selling book. YEAH i think ICON and I also think Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Posted by Mark on Thursday, 03.3.11 @ 18:04pm

Janet is truly an icon and should definitely be considered for induction. Aside from Madonna, I can't think of another MORE influential female artist in the world of pop / R&B / dance.

Janet has paved the way for so many and is still going strong. It's her time to get some shine.

Posted by Carter Murphy on Tuesday, 03.8.11 @ 06:55am

Janet's impact is not regarded as highly or as importantly as Madonna's. Madonna's work has spawned countless articles and books dedicated to dissecting her work


Really?? Janet influenced way more artist and her music impacted way more genres. Janet BROKE records and made history just like her rival Madonna. People (especially the media) tend to forget that 1986-2004) never happened. I hope she becomes appreciated again and have that comeback before it's too late.

Posted by Kim on Saturday, 03.12.11 @ 22:52pm

She deserves it. She is responsible for the pop star. Everybody has copied off of her. She has shaped pop history.

Posted by real music on Sunday, 03.13.11 @ 16:06pm

It's Way overdue for Janet to be inducted. The time is coming soon. Wake up and recognize....

Posted by juan on Tuesday, 04.12.11 @ 19:42pm

I'm slightly shocked that Janet isn't already in ??
The woman is an icon and seems to be mounting a nice little comeback. From what I hear, her recent tour is getting rave reviews and has been extended through the remainder of 2011.

Janet is a no-brainer "yes" vote from me.

Posted by Sarah Blaugh on Friday, 04.15.11 @ 18:33pm

Janet should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Not only because of her influeance on today's younger generation but she's been in the industry since she was 7 years old.
Furthermore, she has made music that fits into the "Rock" genre (Black cat - #1 hit and grammy notimated, What about, If, scream) as oppose to Madonna who has not made any.

Posted by Alex on Friday, 04.29.11 @ 22:12pm

First of all, for the 237th time, the Rock Hall is not just about the rock genre, so it doesn't matter that Janet had a couple of rock-fused tracks. (and as an FYI, Madonna has had rock/guitar-fueled tracks scattered through her career). Madonna's first-year induction was a no-brainer because of both her music and being the most important female performer of the past 30 years. That's not to take away from Janet's accomplishments, but Madonna is in a league of her own in terms of reverence, especially among mainstream acts.

A lot of acts eventually do get in, it's just a matter of how long they have to wait. Janet's currently on a four-year wait, at the least. The last decade has hurt her, in my estimation, and that's why the Rock Hall has not rushed to nominate her as of yet. Even Michael Jackson- whose enjoyed notably more acclaim and critical love than his sister- had a four-year wait (hard to believe as that may be).

Posted by JR on Sunday, 05.1.11 @ 09:34am

It's surprising that Janet hasn't already been considered. She's every bit as influential as Madonna, but a bit more feminine and likeable. Perhaps that's the reason?

Nevertheless, Janet needs to be inducted. I vote yes.

Posted by Patricia Kemp on Monday, 05.2.11 @ 18:41pm

I'm sorry, it's a shame that people still don't give Janet the credit she deserves. If Tito, Marlon, Jackie, and Jermaine got inducted in to the Rock N Roll hall of fame, then Janet should too. She actually deserves it more than her brothers I just mentioned.

Posted by ebb dren on Thursday, 05.5.11 @ 21:00pm

Janet will definitely get her nomination. The question is "WHEN?". I'd vote for sooner, rather than later. Janet deserves it.

Posted by Kerry on Saturday, 05.14.11 @ 11:40am

Janet Jackson should already be in. Wow. Maybe those on The Committee will rectify this snub this year??

Posted by Xerxes on Tuesday, 06.14.11 @ 22:05pm

Of Course she should be inducted!!! People are saying because she's Pop & R-N-B, she should'nt. She's UNIVERSAL!!! Let's not forget "If" & "Trust A Try" that are rock songs of hers but it does'nt matter if she does rock music or not. Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Accepts all forms of music. If not, then Run DMC would'nt have been inducted. She definitely needs to be inducted. She's a talented, hard worker and inspirational to millions upon millions through her music. It's about time she got honored in such a way!!! She's been deserving of it.

Posted by Knowledge on Tuesday, 06.14.11 @ 23:00pm

madonna has been here longer and she's made hits after hits after hits too.just because janet is black and her brothers were once the jackson 5 and all that.she have made some ok stuff.i like her better in movies.she reminds me of my grandmother so sure so serious.she plays the part of a innocent roll like i'm so perfect my shit do not stink but yours do kinda person.

Posted by tiny25 on Sunday, 06.19.11 @ 17:42pm

Actually, Janet Jackson's first album was released a year (1982) before Madonna's. I see people still get on here and spout without having their facts straight. A cross we all have to bear, I guess!

Thanks for the shout Cheesecrop!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 06.19.11 @ 19:05pm

I still don't see the Rock Hall committee nominating Janet this year. She really needs to do something wow-worthy, IMO, to make the Hall re-evaluate and see that she is worthy. The last decade, whether in terms of albums, videos, performances, etc.- has not helped in that regard.

Posted by JR on Tuesday, 06.21.11 @ 23:33pm

In my opinion, Janet is worthy from the following string of albums alone: Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, Janet., The Velvet Rope, All For You, Damita Jo.

20 Y.O. was a commercial and critical disappointment, but Discipline actually garnered some decent reviews. The record label (IDJ) completely abandoned the project two weeks after the release. Pretty shady - but Janet continues to persevere.

I definitely think she's paid her dues and definitely feel she's worthy of the Hall. She's literally influenced generation after generation. It should be interesting to see what her new album in 2012 brings to the table.

Posted by Clark Brees on Wednesday, 06.22.11 @ 02:54am

I voted Yes here. Janet truly is an icon and definitely an innovator throughout her career. I can name dozens of artists that she's influenced.

I see "Essential Songs" and "Essential Albums" listed above. I agree with every single one, but I have to admit that there are some glaring omissions.
I'd make a case that "What Have You Done For Me Lately" and "That's The Way Love Goes" should be listed in songs. And the "janet." album should definitely be added. Who takes that feedback, the webmaster of the site?

Posted by Carly Teblan on Saturday, 07.2.11 @ 10:17am

The songs are decided in the album projects and song projects and are voted in by the users of the site.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 07.2.11 @ 15:11pm

I have to agree with what Carly mentioned above regarding the "Essential Songs" thing. How in the world could Janet only have 3? Here are a few others that the group must consider: What Have You Done For Me Lately, Pleasure Principle, That's The Way Love Goes, Again, I Get Lonely, All For You, Feedback.

It looks like Michael has a dozen or so listed, and Janet only has 3? Wow. Maybe it's a men's club...

By the way - I voted "Yes". Janet Jackson needs to be inducted.

Posted by HodaWoman on Friday, 07.29.11 @ 16:29pm

I just stumbled across this site from somebody's post on Facebook and I have to say that I'm rather shocked that Janet Jackson has been eligible for the past few years and still hasn't been inducted. Interesting. She's an icon, a legend, a trendsetter, and so many after her have been influenced by her. Hopefully it happens soon. Very soon!

Posted by Clarence Torim on Wednesday, 08.10.11 @ 19:39pm

Clarence, you wouldn't be shocked if you read my comments on why she has not been considered. ;-)

Janet did have a nice string of albums from 1986-1997 (the 1993-1997 albums not being as hailed as the 1986-1989 ones), but albums like All For You and Damita Jo would not help her cause, as those albums were rather weak by comparison (though I enjoy some stuff on them).

While I feel she should be considered and possibly inducted, going by what I think the committee will do, I'd be surprised if the committee nominates her (though I'd be less surprised by a nomination than an induction in the near future).

Posted by JR on Thursday, 08.11.11 @ 10:32am

Many thanks, JR.

I hadn't perused through Janet's comments until just today. Apparently she's struck a nerve with you. Ha. Regardless it doesn't really matter what YOU think....it's what the Hall thinks. The simple fact that you stated that "the 1993-1997 albums weren't hailed" as much as the earlier ones caused all credibility to be dismissed. "The Velvet Rope" is universally considered Janet's masterpiece (amongst fans and critics alike).

Carry on.

Posted by Clarence Torim on Saturday, 08.13.11 @ 16:54pm

Pure and simple....The woman has worked just as hard as anyone else that has been inducted over the years. She deserves some much needed recognition!

Posted by Lisa Greco on Friday, 08.19.11 @ 17:34pm

Janet Jackson continues to be an inspiration in my life and the lives of many others. She truly captures the essence of what a humble SUPERSTAR should model. I have followed Miss Jackson pretty much all of my life, from reruns of her as Penny on Good Times, to Charlene on Different Strokes, to Cleo on Fame...all of the way to present day. I have every album, b-side and movie she has ever been in. In short, Janet is the only superstar that I have been star struck over. I pray she is honored for the Rock and Roll hall of fame, she truly deserves it and I fully support her nod. Janet, if you are reading this... YOU ARE AMAZING and I am happy to be a proud fan of yours! JJ forever!

Posted by Mikey M on Friday, 08.19.11 @ 17:36pm

Clarence, Janet is one of my favorite female acts, so, yes, she has struck something in me. :) I'm talking about strictly how the Hall thinks- the fact that it has not nominated her in her first four years of eligibility says a lot.

And, if you'd like to get an idea as to Janet's level of acclaim., visit www.acclaimedmusic.net. You will see that Control and Rhythm Nation have garnered the lion's share of her acclaim- and therefore no need to dismiss my credibility, as I follow all that kind of stuff. :) The Velvet Rope had a recent lower-rank citation on Slant's best-of-the-90s albums list, but it's not near the level of overall acclaim of those two albums. Do check it out.

Posted by JR on Friday, 08.19.11 @ 23:56pm

I find it very hard to believe that they could use the Super Bowl as any part of a reason for keeping her out -- the Hall of Fame already has enough of a reputation for being a boys' club, and that would only further it. Otherwise what are they going to do, disallow any man who's ever performed without a shirt or with an unbuttoned shirt? Allowing the SB to have any influence on their decision would basically be admitting flat out that they hold women to a completely different standard than men (and would create still another barrier for female musicians, which is the last thing we need).

Also, one thing people often forget is that Janet is the first and STILL the only artist to be nominated in for Grammys in the Pop, R&B, Dance, Rock and Rap categories. NOBODY else has ever done that, and with the lack of versatility shown by most mainstream artists today, it's unlikely anybody else will any time soon. (I think KNaan could, but I don't see him getting popular enough any time soon, as awesome as that would be.)

Posted by lavandula on Saturday, 08.20.11 @ 13:24pm

www.acclaimedmusic.net looks pretty broke down to me. Is that your site? ;)

I'd vote yes for Janet.

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 08.20.11 @ 16:55pm

HA No, not my site- but that of a very hard-working, dedicated, fellow acclaimed fan. :)

lavandula, I'm for giving props to Janet, but let's not use the Shammys- er, Grannys- er, Grammys- as evidence.

I doubt Nipplegate is a valid reason why the Hall of Fame has not nominated her as of yet. I think it has more to do with the reasons I mentioned.

Like with a lot of acts, it's more of a question of when the act will be inducted. Neil Diamond was inducted 22 years after becoming eligible. I'm intrigued by the number of years it takes acts to get inducted after their first year of eligibility- just two females have been first-year-eligible inductees, and there really are no females on the horizon who likely will be nominated and inducted in their first year.

Posted by JR on Saturday, 08.20.11 @ 21:37pm

It will happen, Janet deserves it and put in the work for it. She is the only artist of any relevance they could induct, and they should.I am sure the racist white media is aware that she would be among the youngest if not thee to be inducted, so i would think they would hold out as long as possible to protect Madonna's fake legacy. Anyways Madonna has already been inducted so inducting Janet SHOULD be a no brainer.

Posted by Music on Monday, 08.29.11 @ 09:36am

>Janet is the only artist of any relevance they can induct
haha, wow.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 08.29.11 @ 09:50am

Well, obviously Janet isn't "the only artist of any relevance they can induct", but Janet is certainly deserving and should get a nomination.

She's coming to Sydney soon and I can't wait to see her concert.

Posted by Sylvain on Monday, 08.29.11 @ 12:49pm

Well, obviously Janet isn't "the only artist of any relevance they can induct", but Janet is certainly deserving and should get a nomination.

She's coming to Sydney soon and I can't wait to see her concert.

Posted by Sylvain on Monday, 08.29.11 @ 12:49pm

Having just seen Janet in concert, I feel that she should definitely be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. She is still incredibly relevant. Every song that she sang was known by the audience. She is currently touring around the world. Madonna isn't doing this. Janet is a triple threat, she sings, dances & acts. Her energy, singing & choreography are amazing. Janet, like her brother Michael, has the love & support of the fans. Nothing against Madonna, but she doesn't inspire the same love that Janet does. #Janet Jackson should be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame & soon!

Posted by Debbie on Monday, 08.29.11 @ 22:36pm

Janet Jackson makes me cry.

Posted by nuuni on Friday, 09.2.11 @ 07:35am

Debbie- obviously you don't attend Madonna concerts, or are not aware at how revered she and her music are. :) Nothing against Janet Jackson (probably my second favorite female), but she's not in Madonna's league in terms of acclaim/reverence or importance. If the HOF committee felt she was (obviously some big fans may think so, but that bears no relevance here), perhaps she would have been a first-year-eligible nominee and/or inductee.

By the way- the site doesn't have her on its list of predictions for this year's nominees. Not that there won't be any surprises or anything- there always are.

Posted by JR on Saturday, 09.10.11 @ 10:00am

Let's Look at Janet's achievements:

-The only artist to have 7 top 5 hits off of one album (Rhythm Nation)

-The artist with the most Billboard awards.

-The artist with the most Soul Train Awards.

-Had the biggest opening tour of any artist in history (Over 2 million people saw the Rhythm Nation Tour)

-Both Rhythm Nation and The Velvet Rope made Rolling Stone's list of "500 Greatest Ablums".

-Was the second most succcessful artist of the 90s (After Mariah Carey)

-Has the msot Gold singles of any female artists in history.

-Her album Rhythm Nation inspired two young women in 1989 to finally graduate from High School and eventually go to college.

-her janet. album became the first successful album to reach the top of the charts on the Soundscan.

-Has 10 chart topping singles from the Hot 100.

-The only artist to have 1# singles from one album in 3 consecutive years (1989-1991).

-The only artist to have 5 back to back #1 albums on the Billboard charts. ("Control"-"All For You")

-Ties with Madonna for second as the female artists with most #1 albums on the Billboard charts (Barbara Streisand has 8).

-Has one every single kind of musical award from Grammies to Soul Train Awards to American Music Awards etc.

-Made VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons list landing at #144.

-Is a great humanitarian winning awards for her various contributions to charities.

-Is an activist for gay rights.

-Her iconic music videos have stood the test of time and inspired a generation of new female artists.

-J. Lo, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ciara, Cassie, Christina Aguilara, Justin Timberlake, etc. have all mentioned that they were inspired by Janet's music.

-Was crowned an Icon by MTV in 2001.

-Has one various special awards from various award shows like Icon awards, lifetime achievement awards, Idol awards etc.

-The only female artist to be nominated for a grammy in the following catergories: Rock, R&B, Pop and Hip Hop.

-The only female artist to top the charts in the following charts: Rock (Black Cat", R&B ("That's The Way Loves Goes"), Pop ("Escape") and Hip Hop ("What's It Gonna Be?")

-Has sold over 25 million copies in the U.S. alone and nearly 100 million world wide.

If that's not enough to get her into the Hall of Fame yet they inducted Madonna, then those inducters better get their act to together...fast!!! They have no excuses at this point!

Posted by lenzo88 on Wednesday, 09.14.11 @ 13:23pm

lenzo, you cite a lot of chart/sales stats, but that has little to do with induction (a few stats are a little off, i.e. having the most certified gold singles- and,she never actually charted on the rock chart- but that's here nor there).

As stated, an album that rivals tyhe quality of her best work would give the HOF committee a good reason to look at her more closely. But until then, I would not be surprised to see the HOF committee continue to overlook her.

A nomination, though, would be a pleasant surprise.

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 09.14.11 @ 23:39pm

@GFW -

I'd be interested in seeing your analysis for Janet.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.8.11 @ 09:14am

Nah, I don't know enough about her right now.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.8.11 @ 13:37pm

Janet's work ethic and quality is first class and appropriate for the "diva" that she has become. Her fans would love to see Janet nominated for induction into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, immediately. She is a living legend.

Posted by Carole King on Tuesday, 10.11.11 @ 19:29pm

Longevity? Absolutely. 10 studio slbums and 2 Greatest Hits packages that span 28 years and counting. 100 million albums sold - and counting.

Innovation? Without a doubt. Janet has influenced by just about every female (and some male) artists that came after her. Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Jody Watley, Deborah Cox, Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Christina Aguiler, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Robyn, Aaliyah and many many others list Janet as a major influence.

29 years after her musical career began, she's still touring worldwide to major critical acclaim.
Her string of the following albums alone should have at least gotten her a nomination in the previous year's inductions: Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope, All For You.

Rhythm Nation 1814 is still the only artist in history to produce 7 top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, and 4 of them reached #1.

It's somewhat baffling what the Hall Committee is waiting on with at least given Janet a nomination.

Oh, and her #1 track from the movie Poetic Justice received Oscar & Golden Glode nominations in 1994. This is pretty much a no-brainer.

Posted by Stardust on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 02:36am

Is Janet really Hall-worthy or is it Jam & Lewis that deserve the nod for their innovative production on "Control", "Rhythm Nation" and a host of albums by the SOS Band, Alexander O'Neil and Cherelle? I've never actually heard Janet sing a capella and am not at all sure she can sing outside of a studio production. Don't get me wrong, she's had three terrific albums, but her vocals are used as one more instrument in the Jam & Lewis mix.

Posted by Paul on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 07:29am

Jam & Lewis are definitely up there, in my opinion. But, Janet needs some credit here, too. Cherelle and Alexander O'Neal and the other countless artists that they produced had decent success. But how can Janet's enormous success not count for something. (And please don't state it's because of her last name. There are 7 other siblings that had zero the impact that Janet had)

Can Janet truly sing? Absolutely. She's underrated. She's no Whitney Houston obviously, but she can definitely carry a tune. :)

Check out this clip of Janet singing "I Get Lonely" from the Rosie O'Donnell show several years back. This is just the first example that came to mind.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 09:08am

And you mention that "she's had three terrific albums". You mention "Control" and "Rhythm Nation 1814" ---- the "janet." was also rather stellar. And the fan & critical favorite of her career thus far has been "The Velvet Rope".

"All For You" even have some very bright moments, although uneven on the whole. There's no denying she deserves some recognition.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 09:11am


The greatest contributing factor to her sales success was the music video. Without them, I sincerely doubt that "Pleasure Principal" or "Black Cat" would have been hits.

Yes, I agree, "Janet" was the last great production. Those that followed had highlights, but were not all that memorable for the right reasons. And it doesn't hurt to be a Jackson...heck, even Latoya had a few middling chart tunes. I just feel that she is a performer and more of a studio creation a la Britney, and that so many other female vocalists are deserving of a Rock Hall nod before Janet.

Posted by Paul on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 09:48am

Cool. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. But, Janet is head and shoulders about Britney (or Rihanna or J Lo, etc). Janet was creatively involved every step of the way with writing & melodies, etc.

If we were judging Janet on her vocals alone, then yes the likes of Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, etc need to be at the head of the pack. Lady Madonna sure isn't a vocalist, either, mind you. Just some food for thought.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 10:06am

There are too many Pauls on this site. But the more contributors the merrier, just no stealing my PK Thunder (I hope someone got that reference) :P

Posted by Paul Kagebein on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 12:50pm

Janet is certainly known as an entertainer / performer, but she does have a nice voice. Mike picked a good example with that Rosie O'Donell performance. Here's another one from Saturday Night Live - Janet singing "Anytime Anyplace".


Oh, and I voted yes.

Posted by Marissa on Thursday, 10.13.11 @ 10:10am

I'm on the fence here. First Janet clearly benefited from being the sister of Michael Jackson. Call it brand recognition.

Second, how many of her sales were due to the Milli Vanilli effect? By the mid 80s music marketing had become a science: do slick dance-oriented songs with strong visuals and a visually appealing artist, and presto. And if she had brand recognition to begin with, all the better (think 1984's Private Dancer). In fact, when taking the first two factors into consideration, note the amazing jump between her first two albums and her breakthrough in 1986 which was 14 times platinum.

Third, I'm just not sure how many of the songs hold up. How many can truly be called classic even in the pop genre?

Fourth, she benefited tremendously from the songwriting of James Harris III and Terry Lewis, whose credits run throughout her discography. (And if her name wasn't Jackson, would she have had this type of assistance?). How many of her co-writing credits, which begin in 1986, are the "soft" variety we see with heavily market artists nowadays? And songs like Control were not exactly lyrically centered, depending much more on dance beat and rhythm.

Also, I don't see her as an innovative artist, although innovation/influence tend to be the most
nebulous factors.

Against that, she sold an awful lot of albums. Some artist have benefited from that, some haven't.

Posted by astrodog on Thursday, 10.13.11 @ 12:42pm

Hmmmmm - Milli Vanilli effect? I don't think that kind of wizadry was around in 1982 when her first album, "Janet Jackson" was released. The girl can sing. If you've never listened to it, then you should reserve judgment. Yes, it is cheese-tastic, but most pop music was in 1982. She was 15 for christ's sake.

For the record, Janet didn't even want to record her first two albums. She was contractually obligated to Diff'rent Strokes and Fame at that time. She could care less about music back then and was trying to kick-start an acting career. Her papa kinda forced her into it. (surprise, surprise)

She took "Control" in 1986. And by that, I mean Janet took control. She fired her father as her manager and took things in another direction. A&M execs introduced her to Jam & Lewis and the rest is history.

Janet Jackson is an icon. Her mark on the music industry in undeniable. You can remain on the fence as long as you like. :) But, if Janet Jackson had no talent, couldn't sing, and couldn't perform and had no creative vision then she'd be just like every other run-of-the-mill Jackson siblings.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 10.13.11 @ 13:38pm

What I'm describing when I talk about Milli Vanilli is not whether Janet could sing but the very formulaic why labels were able to sell music in the mid-80s. Other than selling a lot of albums, I'm not sure what her mark is. She was better than Latoya. We will see.

Posted by astrodog on Thursday, 10.13.11 @ 16:49pm

Janet Jackson is the real deal.

Astrodog - you do realize that Karyn White was married to Terry Lewis and she had some success (trying to be a Janet Jackson clone). As did Jody Watley. As did Pebbles. As did Cherelle. The list goes on and on.

If Janet didn't bring any creativity or artistry or feeling or that special something to the table, then she would have seen mediocre success as well.

Janet Jackson is an icon and she is deserving. She not only opened doors for african american females in the 80's with the dance/funk/feisty but can still be sexy vibe - she KNOCKED IT DOWN!

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 10.15.11 @ 10:09am

Janet's influence in the music world is tremendous. A lot of younger female acts may cite other artists as their influence, yet the way they sing and perform on stage reflect so much Janet. Britney may point to another female artist as her idol, yet the way she projects herself and moves on stage is almost a carbon copy of Janet's. Of course, her singing and dancing talent will never match up. It's the same even with bigger voiced artists like Beyonce and Rihanna when it comes to performing.

Janet has always been underestimated, despite having genuine success at what she does (heck, even Adam Levine of Maroon 5 recently tweeted that Janet is underrated even with the great music she's done). The Jackson family name gave her an easier time in entering the business. But it was her own talent and drive (and a bit of luck) that got her where she is today -- a pop icon. If she can't sing, can't dance, can't perform, then she would have been "gone" a long time ago. Her siblings who are not named Michael all released solo albums, but none made much impact. So much for being a Jackson.

Janet is truly talented. She co-wrote and co-produced her music. Listen to her music with Jam & Lewis, and to their music produced for other artists -- Janet's music is on a whole 'nother level, while the Jam & Lewis-produced songs for other artists are quite generic. Based on that alone you'll know that she has had a big hand in creating her music.

Whether you accept it or not, Janet, along with brother Michael, Madonna, & Mariah produced a big chunk of the best and memorable pop music in the last 25-30 years. Her hits producing years may have been cut prematurely (whether due to controversy or her own artistic misstep is not an issue anymore) but her music catalogue and achievements are simply so strong there's no arguing that she's forever etched her name and legacy in the history of pop music.

I voted yes. She deserves to be inducted.

Posted by special on Saturday, 10.15.11 @ 16:40pm

All of this picking apart, "well if she didn't have this" or "if such and such hadn't been the case" is nonsense. You could do that for every single artist already inducted.

Posted by Shawn on Sunday, 10.16.11 @ 19:19pm

janet no doubt should be madonna attracted white audiences all over the world but janet attracted all races the queen cant have partial people janet has more awards madonna may have been the 1st to have 2 back up dancers but janet is the 1st with the style of back up dancers dancing today thats raising stakes for every artist she was the 1st highest paid artist while madonna was singing when rhythm of nation being offered 50 million on that album alone until michael came out with thriller knocking her to #2 beyonce back up dancers when she use a lot of them came from this is it she copied michael which i thought she took advantage of him when he died 2or 3 months later she appeared on an award show and had all those marching men in armour suits she copied from him. her billboard performance with a lot of her on film came from michael this is it she took the credit dont know how she getting these awards and she is not original & the people she copy she dont say thank you she admits she goes to play & concerts &you tube & copy thats not hard work when other artist thought of the ideal laid out everything &then she copies like she said on the internet the jackson didnt copy janet didnt copy michael videos she is original click janet jackson inspires the world. janet jackson copycats gracious janet,people dont copy beyonce cause she steals artist stuff so they go back to ms.janet,brittany spears says madonna is her inspiration but she copies janet & jack her videos & she hired janet jackson ex choreoghrapher, click beyonce the biggest copycat.beyonce copies again.beyonce steals music,beyonce being sued beyonce swag is shakira amerie and the late aaliah which janet says would take her spot she even have a video she jacked from aaliyah last video she done & she fowl and overrated she screams when she sings and doesnt sing better than mariah ms.jackson has the most dance moves the most dance steps. her artistic poses her videos are original to back flips leaping chairs that stare at the audiences they say beyonce does she got from ms.jackson click come on get up live in hawaii janet be has been known for her fab abs beyonce fake bootylicious wears a booty pad beyonce says everybody copy thats how you can tell who is doing hard work you wont look on you tube &see someone else work like the next beyonce videos is up more than michael blacks wasnt allowed on videos michael jackson was the 1st like michael he broke barriers why he is the king of pop & janet is the queen how is jayz going to say beyaonce is 2nd next to michael when she is not 2nd next to janet copycats shouldnt go into the hall of fame janet belongs in there she was the 1st black positive honest artist females had & the super bowl janet has never appeared on a live tv show opening her legs half naked like beyon look at all her tv performances look at her face when shes in shock shes always show her breast but not on live tv they need to show all her videos so these artist can see you dont copy to make the top until they have an artist dont copy beyonce don run nothing

Posted by te7221 on Wednesday, 11.23.11 @ 10:40am

Janet really deserves this honor. Her acconplishments speak for themselves. Not to mention, she has been successfully making music for 25 yrs. She is a legend.

Posted by Dean on Friday, 11.25.11 @ 13:58pm

who watched the Oscars?

Posted by levitra on Friday, 12.2.11 @ 09:24am

Yes she should be! She is an icon with so many accomplishments and still goin strong.she has sold over 100 million albums making her at number 8 in music history to date in sales and still going strong ."control" is listed as in top 200 rock albums of all time and mtv named her their first icon in '01 followed by aerosmith in '02. SHE IS THE ONLY ARTIST EVER TO HAVE GRAMMY NOMINATIONS IN ALL CATERGORIES-- (ROCK,RAP,POP,R-n-B, ADULT CONTEMPORARY)THAT ALONE SHOULD BE ENOUGH.she's oscar nominated
and now ny times bestsellar and now blackglamma face for 2nd year in a row give her her props!!!

Posted by tony williamson on Saturday, 12.3.11 @ 07:40am

First of all,why is MJ's name on all these comments. He has nothing to do with this. I mean yeah Janet is his sister, but this post is about Janet and Madonna.Secondly Madonna didn't influence Janet,Janet was influenced by MJ and she even said it herself.Third of all,don't get me wrong I like Janet,but why are all these people saying Janet set this record and Janet set that record and MJ hasn't even done that.This is what it is Janet set records that MJ hasn't set and MJ set records that Janet hasn't set,so in my book they are both talented people. They both love singing and dancing and that's why MJ called Janet his twin.Finally, for the person who said MJ got his dangerous routine from Janet,well newsflash she kind of owed him that.I mean lets not forget in the 80's MJ did a movie called Captain EO and Janet saw the choreography to it and she asked MJ could she borrow it for her next video which I think was Rythym Nation. MJ was going to use that routine from that movie for one of his videos,but he let her borrow that routine because she was his sister.So as far as I'm concern she owed him that dangerous routine.

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, 12.20.11 @ 23:04pm

I'm confused, Brittany. Where does Janet tie in to Green Day?

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 12.21.11 @ 07:16am

Now I'm confused Paul.I don't understand what you mean.

Posted by Brittany on Wednesday, 12.21.11 @ 17:24pm

You must be another 'Brittany'. Go to the Green Day thread. There's an entity who posts as 'Brittany' and tries to tie all of life's experiences to Green Day.

I thought you were her, but since you didn't mention Green Day in your post, you must not be her. I should have realized that.

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 12.22.11 @ 08:31am

Oh,that's okay and Happy Holidays to you too.

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 12.22.11 @ 22:44pm

Looks like we were just bombarded with some fan-spam. 30 straight "no" Janet Jackson votes in a row. Good times.

Rather transparent if you ask me.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 01.5.12 @ 08:57am

According to voting statistics she's only received 11 "no" votes recently and 14 "yes" votes, so it balances itself out to the yes side. Anyway, 30 votes out of 5000+ isn't going to change much.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 01.5.12 @ 10:39am

She is a supporter of animal torture and cruelty. All vote NO. This plastic surgery obsessed woman no longer deserves this.

Posted by Judas on Monday, 01.9.12 @ 10:53am

Boo hoo, she likes plastic surgery, who really cares?

Posted by GFW on Monday, 01.9.12 @ 12:23pm

Queen Madonna has been inducted. Bow down.


Posted by @Judas on Monday, 01.9.12 @ 14:42pm

What Janet Jackson endorses or doesn't endorse has no bearing on whether or not she should be inducted into the RnRHOF. Her legacy, musical history, records, achievements and the fact that she has OBVIOUSLY inpsired most of the pop artists of today is why she SHOULD be inducted. Period. Some of you PETA people are more barbaric than the people you throw stones at. Janet is and always has been an animal lover. Endorsing BlackGlama does not negate that. You people need to get a clue.

Posted by S.H. on Tuesday, 01.17.12 @ 18:20pm

Janet Jackson has paid her dues. She's listed as one of the top female recording artists of all time. She's received every award and accolade possible in the music business. And 2012 marks her thirtieth year in the business. 30!
Janet has paved the way for so many and so many credit Janet as an influence and an inspiration.

Janet deserves some recognition.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 01.21.12 @ 12:54pm

Janet has done MORE than enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Janet Jackson changed the course of pop music for ALL female artists today. She is an icon, legend, trendsetter, influence, and inspiration. and if 35 #1 hits doesn't speak for itself, i don.t know what does

INDUCT JANET JACKSON INTO THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME!!!!!!! or the world will end in 2012... hehehe.

Posted by Joi Hall on Saturday, 01.21.12 @ 18:59pm

what janet started in the 8o's n 90's is still on-goin today...timeless,entertaining,innovative,music videos and live performances. Yes she's had a rough decade,but it only makes for a bigger comeback! This performer is timeless in every sense of the word. and if my words fail u,i promise her music wont fail u. cause where words fail to speak,jus let her music do tha talking. That is a powerful thing! i love j,j and cant wait for her to come out wit new music. i have a feeling she's not dont yet. she proved herself to tha world,and this time she's going to do it again and make all yall hater eat ur words and sing her songs again!:))

Posted by king j on Thursday, 01.26.12 @ 11:40am

What's taking so long?

Posted by Tracy on Saturday, 01.28.12 @ 06:53am

She is a groundbreaker,I am upside down at the views janet is recieveing. She deserves more views on YouTube. She is the greatest female entertainer of all time because she can dress fully clothed with no heels or skin showing and sell 70 records worldwide. She can stand on stage and speak then have the audience clap for 2 minutes straight. she does these stiff visionary moves like how a boy dances but in her womanly way.
she is amazing and a killer! she's been trying to get out from underneath Michael's shadow and stop letting people see her as the sister of him. she is her own musician and she has shown over the years that she got this far with her talent,not by her surname. if it was the case,she would be on the same level as Latoya and Jermaine.
so the crown goes to Janet,that's the way it goes:)

Posted by Invisible on Sunday, 01.29.12 @ 01:29am

For anybody that truly questions Janet's impact, longevity or influence on other artists & the entire music industry, take a few minutes and view this clip on Youtube.


Woh ever put that montage together did an incredible job! Janet Jackson more than deserves induction!

Posted by Kelly Blanca on Tuesday, 02.7.12 @ 12:28pm

Of course Janet should be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. That's not even a debate... The women is one of the MOST awarded artist in music history. She has broken records and set records, that have YET to be broken. Her first tour in 1989 the Rhythm Nation Tour was and still is the BIGGEST debuting tour in music history. They Rhythm Nation Album was and still is the ONLY album in music history to span 3 calender years; '89, '90 and 91. The self title janet. album of 1993 went #1 in 23 countries. In 1989, Janet released the smash single, “Miss You Much” off of the album Rhythm Nation 1814. The number-one single was the first of 18 consecutive Top 10 hits that would last until 1998. The streak put her third in the record books behind Elvis Presley and the Beatles, and ahead of brother Michael. I could go on & on with janet's achievements... the point of the matter is, she should've BEEN inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame long before Madonna. Janet's HISTORY speaks for itself.

Posted by Terell on Sunday, 03.4.12 @ 22:51pm

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Posted by pawowgold on Sunday, 03.18.12 @ 03:21am

I honestly don’t think Janet should be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame. Why? To me, she’s more R n’ B material, but I’ll note that some of her songs have more of a rock feel to them (If, from her ‘93 album, janet., Just A Little While, from her ‘04 album, Damita Jo, and my all-time favorite song, Trust A Try, from her ‘01 album, All For You). Everyone seems to feel as if Janet should be inducted into it because of her good talent. I grew up listening to Janet. From the Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps to Why Did I Get Married, Too?. Her videos never disappoint me. Take ‘All For You’ for example. This video happens to be my favorite of all-time, along with Someone to Call My Lover, & Doesn’t Really Matter. Judging by the fact that only 2 singles were featured on the album, I do feel that three more songs (Come On Get Up, Trust A Try, You Ain’t Right) also could’ve made the cut. Janet has made a huge impact on the music industry. To the people who fail to realize that & would rather throw shade at the other artists just because they just so happen to “Steal her moves, & wanna be like her so desperately!”, let it go.

The reason why people STILL talk about the Superbowl is because they enjoy throwing shade at Justin Timberlake & defend Janet like she’s an angel. “It’s just a boob.” “I’ve seen WORSE on MTV!” Madonna has ALSO made an impact on the music industry, & she is a bit risqué, but Janet was more vulgar. Now, I’m not sayin’ she doesn’t have class (she does), but I believe she could’ve done without the sex. With all due respect, I got nothing’ but love 4 Miss Jackson.

Posted by Tashaela on Sunday, 03.25.12 @ 14:56pm

She is the only one female artist i see up there with Madonna, there's no mistake in saying she should be inducted, she inspired a lot in this new generation of music, her energy on stage, Rhythm Nation, even though i wasn't in the world at that time, when i watch back her live shows and listen to her creative sounds with Jimmy and Terry, there's no question she is a Legend who deserves that honor as Madonna and her brother Michael to be inducted. Lets not leave her out.

Posted by Shayne on Tuesday, 03.27.12 @ 10:51am

Janet has changed the world and everybody copies. Put her in it!

Posted by tony on Thursday, 03.29.12 @ 14:03pm

everyone copies? Even Thom Yorke?

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 03.29.12 @ 15:04pm

That's How Love Goes- Jermaine Jackson 1972
That's The Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson 1993

Rock With You- Michael Jackson 1979
Rock With U- Janet Jackson 2008

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Sunday, 04.8.12 @ 07:50am

Human Nature - Michael Jackson 1983

Human Nature - Madonna 1995

Posted by Shayne on Thursday, 04.26.12 @ 14:22pm

Janet Jackson to Executive Produce Transgender Documentary
'Truth' will follow stories of transgender people across the world

Janet Jackson is set for an executive producing role on an upcoming transgender documentary, according to New York-based Brainchild Films. Truth will follow various stories of transgender people ranging from North and Latin America to Europe and Australia. Jackson is already working on the film, and will conduct some on-camera interviews for the documentary.

"I've been fortunate to make friends and learn about very different lives. Truth is our small chance to ask that you try and understand someone who lives their life in a way that is a little bit different from yours, even though all of our hearts are the same," said Jackson. "We want to stop the hate and find understanding."

Robert Jason will direct Truth, which will start production this summer. This will be Jackson's first role as executive producer.

Rudy Huston, the dancer who played Janet Jackson's boyfriend in her music videos for What Have You Done For Me Lately, Nasty and Escapade, as well as a dancer in the music videos for Mercedes Boy and Girlfriend by Pebbles, and the music video for The Lover In Me by Sheena Easton, was gay, and he got a sex change! Rudy Huston has been a woman for the past 20 years. He was on an episode of Sally Jesse Raphael.

Maybe Rudy Huston will be in the documentary.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 08:48am


Rudy Huston when he was a man in Janet Jackson's music video for What Have You Done For Me Lately

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 08:52am

2012 marks Janet Jackson's 30th year in the music business. She's currently laying the groundwork for her next studio album release which will most likely be in early 2013.

That's amazing career longevity. It's time for Janet to at least be nominated!

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 06.19.12 @ 13:19pm

YES! Janet laid the foundation for the modern female pop star. Control - history was made. Janet continues to be innovative, beautiful and real.

Posted by Scott on Thursday, 06.21.12 @ 22:24pm


February 1, 2004 was a pagan holiday called Candlemass also known as Imboloc. This was the real reason for the disgusting X Rated performance by Janet Jackson at Super Bowl XXXVIII. This is just another example of a long line of incidents involving the Occult and the Jackson family. They do not deserve to be honored in any way. Please heed this warning and steer clear of them. Put your trust in Him.

Posted by Evangelist on Sunday, 07.1.12 @ 01:11am

Man, I love this guy, can we keep him around?

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 07.1.12 @ 07:28am

I don't know much about Candlemass, but if it involves women exposing their breasts in public, I'm all for it.

Posted by The_Claw on Sunday, 07.1.12 @ 15:53pm

Depends on whose a member. If Bjork and Nicki Minaj are then i'm all for it.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 07.1.12 @ 16:15pm

Man, I love this guy, can we keep him around?


I don't know much about Candlemass, but if it involves women exposing their breasts in public, I'm all for it.


Seconded on both counts. It's like he's trying to make a Janet Jackson fan out of me.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 07.1.12 @ 18:03pm

Nicki Minaj? She looks like the inspiration for the costumes of the Capital dwellers in The Hunger Games!

And I'd have to watch while wearing earplugs. She's almost as bad as Ke$ha.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 07.1.12 @ 22:24pm

eh, she looked fine enough in the super bass video.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 07.2.12 @ 12:33pm


Posted by night on Sunday, 07.15.12 @ 13:41pm

Justin if you think Madonna should win this based off of longevity then you are terribly misinformed. Janet has been performing since 73 when she was 7, Madonna started in like 79 or 80 when she was like 21. So you tell me who has had more longevity?

Posted by Lib on Sunday, 07.15.12 @ 14:02pm

Janet Jackson deserves a nomination.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 07.21.12 @ 12:24pm

Why isn't Janet Jackson getting the same treatment from the Rock Hall that they gave Madonna. Control and Rhythm Nation alone will get her inducted eventually!

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 07.24.12 @ 19:41pm

As explained prior, Janet's impact on culture and entertainment in general doers not compare to that of Madonna (just check out features/lists of greatest/most important acts/entertainers to support that statement); nor is her overall work as revered as Madonna. That's why Madonna was a first-year shoo-in. That's not to say Janet is not deserving- she's just not the no-brainer that Madonna was.

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 08.1.12 @ 09:14am

Maybe Toure will nominate Janet Jackson. The guy responsible for LL Cool J being nominated!

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 08.1.12 @ 20:48pm

she. sure can SING!

Posted by Happy on Wednesday, 08.1.12 @ 23:03pm

Janet deserves to be here, she has worked so hard! I have seen her live and she is brilliant.
She has a huge collection of hits.

Its time already, stop messing with her!

Posted by James on Thursday, 08.2.12 @ 02:56am

Janet deserves to be here, she has worked so hard! I have seen her live and she is brilliant.
She has a huge collection of hits.

Its time already, stop messing with her!

Posted by James on Thursday, 08.2.12 @ 02:56am


Tell Toure to nominate Janet Jackson.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 08.14.12 @ 21:19pm

To everyone who's saying that Janet has not contributed much musically, you are all wrong.

- Janet is credited to have popularized the New Jack Swing genre.

- Janet Jackson style dance videos have become the standard prototype for female dance videos complete with the dance break. MJ and Madonna never did dance breaks, at least not like janets. So no matter how much Britney Spears scream Madonna, she is 100% Janet Jackson through and through. Many of the popular female/ male artists both in US and Worldwide have followed that dance video - breakdown prototype.
- Britney
- Christina
- Pink
- Jlo
- Beyonce to a lesser extent
All used that prototype.


- Janet has been nominated for a Grammy in the Rock catergories.

Madonna may have had more impact culturally, but musically Janet has as much if not more impact.

Posted by Abcd on Wednesday, 08.29.12 @ 13:27pm

I'm a fan of Madonna and Janet Jackson. Janet has had impact and influence, for sure. But, not as much as Madonna, in the grand scope- at least that is the general thinking. Of course there will be big fans of an act who will think he or she is the bread and butter and reigns supreme over all others.

But, it looks like the general thinking is that Janet's impact and influence on the industry hasn't been as insanely large as some fans say. It's been five years since she became eligible, and she hasn't been considered yet. That sort of goes along with how she fares on best-of lists and such. She'll occasionally get some notices, but not as much as the big guns.

Posted by JR on Thursday, 09.20.12 @ 10:24am


Posted by JACKIE COBLE on Thursday, 09.20.12 @ 21:02pm

I do think Janet should be inducted. I think it goes further then her musical and acting accomplishments, it also goes to her humantarian acts as well as her need to give back to her fans. I hate to hear of some of these artist get inducted and they treat there fans and others like crap. Janet just did a tour that was just for the fans. She didnt have to tour. But she wanted to get closer to her fans. I think alot of people look down on her for the superbowl incident. However the question I would challenge people to ask, is why was Justin not held accountable. Why is there a double standard. and excuse me, you saw a nipple. However, it is o.k. to see a half naked man or a girl about to bust out of a bikini , or a murder scene on TV. thats o.k. I think Janet is very talented, and a star that shold be honored and accepted int the hall of fame.

Posted by Anthony on Thursday, 09.20.12 @ 22:36pm

Hmmmm an wow Anthony

All I can say is were talking about her talent singing and what is brought to the music table ..
I think she has lots that could put her in the RRHOF...
As many others ... Let's find the good in folks it is really a good idea..

Posted by Happy on Thursday, 09.20.12 @ 22:54pm

Come on already...this woman deserved this ages ago. She has done alot for society today.She is the reason for most young artists out there now...there all sitting in her house. She is a very inspirational woman..and is a good role model. If it wasnt for justin timberFAKE she would be known to all young teenagers today but instead she got blacklisted. The world we live in is pithetic.

Posted by Anamei on Thursday, 09.20.12 @ 23:08pm


Posted by Dezmond on Friday, 09.21.12 @ 05:51am

Forget what I said about Janet a few years ago. What the hell was I thinking or smoking at the time. She belongs in the RRHOF.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Friday, 09.21.12 @ 13:24pm

She COULD be a contender one day mainly because of the first four Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis albums but who knows? I was sure about wanting her to be inducted years ago...now I'm not really confident about it.

Posted by Tim on Saturday, 10.13.12 @ 01:28am

maybe in 2001. she cant even sing live. shes such a joke nowadays. her music has become ghetto and cheap. shes busy with fur and microwave meals. yummy

Posted by Aladdin on Tuesday, 10.23.12 @ 10:27am

She wasn't eligible in 2001, einstein. (I mean Aladdin) Janet became eligible in 2007.

Once Donna Summer gets in this next go around I really think Janet's name will be mentioned more for nomiantion consideration. Janet definitely deserves it.

Posted by Marissa on Wednesday, 10.31.12 @ 10:17am

NO NO NO. Janet is not a legend. She was on her way but destroyed her own career and legacy.

Posted by Hagzawa on Friday, 11.16.12 @ 11:46am

Going by our picks (which i'll have to as I know next to nothing about janet) 4 quality albums is pretty great, more than most artists.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 11.16.12 @ 12:00pm

@GFW - yep, that string of Janet's back-to-back chart-topping and influential albums is undeniable and induction worthy on their own merit.

Rhythm Nation 1814
The Velvet Rope

The All For You album was also rock solid - but not quite as critically acclaimed as the aforementioned.

I would imagine once Donna Summer gets inducted this year Janet will become the R&B/pop female "must induct" artist. Just a hunch.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 11.16.12 @ 14:37pm

I think had she continued on the path she did with "Control" and "Rhythm Nation", she'd be a shoo-in. "The Velvet Rope" was a real good album. "janet." was alright. Then she went on a career downward spiral that she hasn't truly recovered from.

Posted by Tim on Saturday, 11.17.12 @ 12:14pm

I enjoyed her albums but still do not believe she is Hall of Fame material. She is a product of her producers...Jam & Lewis. I'm all for their induction.

Posted by Paul on Monday, 12.10.12 @ 19:02pm

Jam & Lewis definitely deserves to be inducted in the Ahmet Ertegun category... their work goes back to 1982 with groups like the S.O.S. Band and Klymaxx and their first hits were with the former group, then Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle before Janet came into the picture in late 1985.

Posted by Tim on Monday, 12.10.12 @ 19:04pm

Why would the Superbowl fiasco stop her from being inducted. The Rock Hall likes that kind of stuff. It's Rock and Roll.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 08:40am

Yes, the Super Bowl incident is not a reason.

Like I've reiterated, I think she will be inducted eventually. When that will be, who knows.

Posted by JR on Thursday, 12.20.12 @ 10:38am

Janet Jackson should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame simply because she put's her entire Heart & Soul into everything she does. Not only does she write, sing, and dance, she's also one of the most incredible Actress' of our time. She is so Blessed with such incredible talent, and has influenced so many other Artisit's....She is an ICON and deserves the love and RESPECT to be inducted NOW ! Thank you Janet., for everthing you've done so far....please don't ever stop, we LOVE YOU more then words can ever say !

Posted by Bill Barnes on Thursday, 01.31.13 @ 16:46pm

Janet Jackson is not talented. She's lucky that she even had a hit. She's ugly and she sucks.

Posted by Calypso on Sunday, 02.24.13 @ 15:43pm

you ever considered becoming a music critic, Calypso?

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 02.24.13 @ 17:04pm

I just realized that Janet Jackson sampled Sly and the Family Stone on Rhythm Nation. (Thank you/be myself again)

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 02.26.13 @ 08:46am

Roy - that is correct. And they are credited for the sample.

I think my favorite Janet sample is Got Til It's Gone, sampling Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi. Joni absolutely LOVED it. Pretty cool trivia tidbit.

I just realized that Janet Jackson sampled Sly and the Family Stone on Rhythm Nation. (Thank you/be myself again)

Posted by Roy

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 02.26.13 @ 09:22am

NO. Janet has ruined her legacy! She is a joke now who only whispers about sex

Posted by Toysoldier on Wednesday, 03.27.13 @ 10:59am

Interesting comment, Toysoldier. Her two most recent offerings, "Make Me" and "Nothing" were neither whispery, nor really about sex.

Janet's legacy remains. There's no denying her musical and cultural impact, especially during her heyday.

Posted by Marissa on Wednesday, 03.27.13 @ 11:07am

She will probably make it in a weak year when many of the first year eligibility artists are unmemorable or when she dies. But I definitely think she will be in it someday.
(nastay nastay boys

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, 04.3.13 @ 17:40pm

Anyone who doesn't think Janet should be inducted into the Hall of Fame obviously doesn't know music. Janet is single handedly responsible for every thing you see and hear from Britney, Beyonce, RIhanna, X-Tina and so forth. SHe has started the singer/dancer motif that you see regularly in pop music.

Before 1986 when Janet dropped control, no female, not even Madonna was doing the dance production number. So Janet even inspired ya'll favorite Queen Madonna in ways. Madonna decided to work with Dallas Austin and experiment with New Jack Swing, R&B, on her Erotica album and Bedtime Stories because of Janet's success.

During her heydey, she has sold out stadiums worldwide and had international #1 hits in both RnB, Pop, and Rock, but ppl tend to forge that. One of her #1 hits was a rock track (Black Cat) another of her hits was rock influenced (If), on every album she has experimented with Rock music and lets not forget where Rock music stems from (blues and rhythm and blues). If Madonna can be inducted so can Janet, for no one has influence pop music as she. They've also iinducted other influential RnB and SOul group into the Hall of Fame.END OF STORY

Posted by V Bernard on Saturday, 04.13.13 @ 18:21pm

Janets albams are no longer quality effarts. She made some good music and had a string of hits. But it's been ages. She is now more busy with her billionaire husband. Janet does not care anymore, Neither should we :) x

Posted by Porpoise on Tuesday, 04.16.13 @ 12:01pm

Janet Jackson should already be in the Hall. The list of songs on this page is great but so many other great songs by her are left off. Janet is a beautiful spirit who has contributed so much to music as well as to Humanitarian work ( AIDS, Education and more). So many artist have come after her and stop to give her credit for why they do what they do. This is really a no brainer so I don't understand what the problem is. Let's honor our Iconic legends while they are still among us.

Posted by Benita on Thursday, 04.25.13 @ 16:19pm

Hell yeah..Janet should have been inducted..Janet paved they way for the Brittany's and the Beyonce's..etc....She has set SEVERAL records, that to this day have no been broken..She has ALWAYS been a trendsetter, with her music, fashion, videos, choreography...her live performances are just BANANAS..no other artist effectively brings the video to the stage and KILLS IT.

Posted by Prentice on Thursday, 04.25.13 @ 17:50pm

Really?!?!?!? Do we even have to ask this question?!?!?!??! "Ms Jackson if you're nasty!" & "What have you done for me lately?" These song lyrics and others are apart of the fabric of music for so many, especially women! Let's get this ball rolling and get her in her rightful place......in Rock & Roll history.

Posted by Chet on Tuesday, 05.14.13 @ 11:20am

Janet definitely deserves a spot in the hall of Fame regardless who other names are on the list. There chance will come as well, but let's give Janet Jackson her moment.

Posted by Printice Raines on Tuesday, 05.14.13 @ 11:51am

Yes, Janet should be inducted. I'm surprised she hasn't been nominated yet. The Rhythm Nation 1814 tour is still the most successful debut tour in history. (pretty amazing!)

Remember the Janet knock-offs that every record label tried to clone to achieve Janet Jackson-like success? Jody Watley, Karyn White, Paula Adbul, Pebbles? (there are probably dozens more but those artists came to mind immediately)

Janet's definitely left her mark on the music industry and deserves to be inducted.

Posted by Marci Sanchez on Tuesday, 05.14.13 @ 14:22pm

I stumbled upon this YouTube video this morning. Anybody who still has doubts whether Janet Jackson had cultural impact and inspired her peers and those that followed, please watch this.


Janet receives praise from the following: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, TLC, Bonnie Raitt, Debbie Gibson, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Grace Jones, Queen Latifah, Kelly Rowland, etc. etc. etc.

Posted by Humble Pie on Sunday, 06.9.13 @ 12:49pm

When Janet releases her upcoming album (she's currently in the studio finishing it), and if it's even mildly successful I think the nomination committee will have to mark her as a serious contender.

30 years in the music business is pretty amazing.

Posted by Bree Bree on Tuesday, 07.2.13 @ 10:35am

This is a no-brainer!!! The fact that there is even a question is an insult. Janet Jackson is an Icon around the world. She helped define an era in music. Many of the current top artists credit her as a being role model and inspiration...case closed!

Posted by Thomas on Tuesday, 07.2.13 @ 14:37pm

I strongly encourage the review committee to induct Janet Jackson into the Hall of Fame. She has inspired four generations of people, of all walks of life, to end racism, domestic and intimate partner violence, bigotry and homelessness. She stands at the forefront on health issues such as HIV/AIDS, depression and obesity. More so, she supports education and diversity. All of this is achieved through her incredible 10 CD collection of music.

She is one of the greatest performers of all time and someone whom I deeply respect. Please induct Mrs. Jackson!!!

Posted by Jay Blahnik on Friday, 07.12.13 @ 02:21am

I think the induction of Quincy Jones this year was in preparation for a Janet Jackson induction sometime soon. I don't think nipplegate is the reason Janet Jackson isn't in yet. Remember Madonna's antics? I think Toure will throw Janet Jackson's name down for nomination. He's on the committee.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 08.13.13 @ 06:39am

No no no just no! She does not even sing live.

Posted by Nippy on Wednesday, 08.21.13 @ 08:48am

Madonna's "antics" were not like that of that one-time controversy for Janet (who, despite moving toward a more sexual image, is pretty non-threatening as an entertainer). And they were not done at an event like the Super Bowl.

Anyhow, I said it before- she's deserving of a nomination, but the fact that she hasn't been nominated as of yet is telling. I don't expect a nod this year.

Posted by JR on Saturday, 09.7.13 @ 21:30pm

I was slightly surprised to see Janet Jackson snubbed the nomination committee again. The 2014 ballot is very light on females and very light on R&B. Chic being the only R&B group, and they're really disco.

I'm hoping Janet gets her nomination next time around. It's time.

Posted by Bill M. on Wednesday, 10.16.13 @ 16:09pm

FutureRockLegends - "All For You" was released in 2001, not 2000.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.29.13 @ 08:58am

Janet is a talentless skank. Thank God for Rihanna and Katy Perry...true talents!

Posted by HolidayGuy on Monday, 11.11.13 @ 14:00pm


I really hope you're kidding. The only thing I agree with in your post is about Rihanna.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 11.11.13 @ 17:50pm

Janet no longer deserves it. She ruined her legacy and her career is a joke now. Meanwhile miss Jackson is laughing all the way to the bank. Good for her, but she is no longer an artist

Posted by Porpoise on Tuesday, 11.19.13 @ 17:53pm

by showing her tits, yeah? god forbid a woman show any skin!

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 11.19.13 @ 17:54pm


You somehow say in a sentence what would take me several paragraphs to get out.


There is so much sexism going on in your post I can't even touch it.

Posted by Chris F. on Wednesday, 11.20.13 @ 09:14am

Janet Jackson will be inducted whether you like it or not!

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 11.20.13 @ 09:34am

Some of the above comments are ridiculous.

Janet is deserving of a nomination and I truly believe she'll be nominated within a couple of years. Her chances will greatly improve once she releases new material. If her new album is even moderately successful it might provide a gentle nudge to the nomination committee.

Posted by Chris Bender on Thursday, 11.21.13 @ 10:48am

Not even Janets more famous sister La Toya has been inducted. I dont see Janet being accepted, not until la Toya gets it. But keep praying guys X

Posted by zaghawa on Wednesday, 11.27.13 @ 16:16pm

"La Toya"

"More famous"


Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 11.27.13 @ 16:22pm

"Not even Janets more famous sister La Toya has been inducted."

Neither has a chance until Rebbie gets in though. With that legendary career it shouldn't be much longer.

Posted by Chris F. on Wednesday, 11.27.13 @ 16:27pm

Janet will be nominated. The only real question is when.

Posted by Marissa on Friday, 11.29.13 @ 09:29am

Interesting read....

Why Aren't They In The Rock&Roll Hall of Fame: Janet Jackson


Posted by Marissa on Thursday, 12.19.13 @ 12:27pm

Janet will be inducted within the next 30-50 years Im sure. There is just a very long list of artists before her that deserve it too if not more.

Posted by DAWO on Friday, 12.20.13 @ 15:31pm

Great blog post from SOULBounce on the brilliance of the "janet." album - 20 years later.

A noteworthy excerpt:
"The chart and cultural impact of janet. was far-reaching. The album launched a whopping nine singles internationally, with many landing in the Top 10 of charts all over the world. It also showed female stars that there was a lane to be sexy somewhere between her own chaste "Let's Wait Awhile" and Madonna's full-out erotic assault. And if you think that future generations didn't follow this blueprint, you're sorely mistaken. Look no further than Beyoncé's recent self-titled album, where the once very private star has finally opened up to express her sexual and sensual sides while also embracing her womanhood (sound familiar yet?). It's easy to see, then, that in SoulBounce's Class of 1993, janet. is clearly the valedictorian. Now bow down to that."

Posted by Mike on Friday, 12.27.13 @ 10:04am

Some of the ppl on this thread is eeking some of the most idiotic comments I've ever read. EVERYTHING you see done today by dancer/singers comes from Janet. JT, Usher, Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna 9I an go on and on) were all influenced by Janet's bonafide formula. Madonna hasn't had a good a;bum since 2000's Music and they saw fit to induct her. Madonna cannot sing nor dance but she's in the Hall of Fame. Janet may not have the strongest voice but her hits (like Madonna's) is timeless and people will be jamming to them for decades to come.

Her legacy is solid and haters just have to accept it,

Posted by VBernard on Sunday, 12.29.13 @ 17:01pm



As Arsenio would say, " Things that make you go "Hmmmm"....

Janet Jackson's career and her RRHOF induction chances are derailed by one "wardrobe malfunction", Yet, Madonna releases an entire X-RATED BOOK about "SEX" and SHE GETS INDUCTED.


Posted by Bill G on Monday, 01.20.14 @ 21:31pm

Michael Powell (former FCC chief) was recently quoted that Janet was treated unfairly during and after the Super Bowl. It's interesting that it took him 10 years to say it, but better late than never?

I hope Janet finally receives her nomination during the next induction cycle.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 01.28.14 @ 11:06am


Janet has to be one of, if not the, biggest of snubs in the Hall. I never expected it to take her this long to get in, especially with the sheer magnitude of a career like that. Madonna was ushered in, and Janet was her main competition during both their peaks.

If the Hall is keeping someone out because of a scandal involving sexuality, then they are the biggest group of hypocrites out there.

Although the Hall does tend to have a sexist mentality. I don't think it is as big as some make it out to be, but it is fairly apparent that there are token female artists getting in and getting nominated.

Posted by Chris F. on Tuesday, 01.28.14 @ 18:46pm

Time to give it a rest

Posted by Habibi on Saturday, 02.1.14 @ 12:39pm

@Habibi - time to give what a rest?

Time to give it a rest

Posted by Habibi on Saturday, 02.1.14 @ 12:39pm

Posted by Marissa on Friday, 02.7.14 @ 09:53am

Janet Jackson is a fabulous entertainer

Posted by Ron Ceasar on Monday, 02.17.14 @ 07:27am

Good interview from notinhalloffame.com on Janet Jackson and nomination chances, etc.


Posted by Marissa on Friday, 04.25.14 @ 14:31pm

Its due, its deserved, nuff said.

Posted by Anthony H on Friday, 05.23.14 @ 16:11pm

Janet Jackson laid the blueprint for the pop/dance/R&B female artist.

How has she not been inducted yet?

Posted by KING on Saturday, 05.24.14 @ 23:54pm

Janet Jackson's music is amazing. You can relate to her in her music.

Posted by James Majestic on Wednesday, 05.28.14 @ 23:04pm

JANET IS A BEAST! She deserves to be inducted like people deserve air! She is more than talk when it comes to matters of the heart like love, children, education, and social awareness. She is an icon; a living legend! No one can, has, or will match what she does. I love her. The world loves her. To some extent she belongs to her fans.....and her fans say and feel that she belongs in the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME!

Posted by Rachel on Wednesday, 06.11.14 @ 08:54am

Janet Jackson is a musical icon and a genius. She has won a slew of many musical accolades,scored five #1 back-to-back CD's between Control,Rhythm Nation 1814,janet.,The Velvet Rope,and All For You,and has had 40 number one hit singles.She has outsold her contemporaries in concert tour ticket sales (Madonna,Tina Turner,and her brother Michael) and is the third most successful African-American touring artist behind Tina Turner and brother Michael. Her debut tour,Rhythm Nation,was the most successful debut tour of any musical artist ever. Janet Jackson has sold over 140 million records,has won six Grammy's,33 Billboard Music Awards,10 VMA moonmen,15 American Music Awards,one Emmy award,and one World Music Award for lifetime acheivement. It's high time that Janet Damita Jo Jackson should be honored for her greatest contributions to the music industry by being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Danny Monroe on Thursday, 06.12.14 @ 01:19am

Hey Janet is well! she have the best Fam. base.
she's not interested in short term fans.
She's well with in her right to be inducted.
But if she got to put work in like she hasn't done her part in music. The industry is way out of control. Janet been in entertainment since birth. With famous brothers in the business, she set the blue print for all these Janet wanna be's that's out now. The truth is undeniable but negative hating folk will praise BS and reward tasteless garbage. Janet has a loyal fam. base. that roller coaster ride song she has. Describes the ins an outs of Fans whose intensions are temporary. Janet's true fam. love her 4life!

Posted by regina on Sunday, 06.22.14 @ 10:28am

Momentum seems to be building for a Janet Jackson nomination.

Did you know? Janet has had more top ten hits than any eligible artist who isn’t in the Hall…surpassing acts like Chicago and her contemporary, Whitney Houston.

It's inevitable for Janet. Just a matter of when.

Posted by Marco on Thursday, 06.26.14 @ 10:22am

Can't compare Madonna to Janet- while Janet has been influential and has produced some great material, Madonna is a whole 'nother league in terms of influence and impact (on both music/entertainment and culture).

But, Janet, on her own, is deserving of a nomninatio nand eventual induction. It will eventually happen; it's just a matter of when for some acts. Look at neil Diamond and some others who waited a long time. The Hall just didn't see Janet as one of those no-brainer, first-year-eligible acts.

Posted by JR on Monday, 06.30.14 @ 09:50am

Janet Jackson definitely deserves to be inducted because not only did she rule the charts in the 80's-90's but she was a fashion trend setter, a social activist, and she is from one of music's most talented families. Janet was always so kind and gentle in her interviews. She performed on every TV show, and I personally saw her in very high energy concerts where she gave it her all. Janet is a true entertainer. Her acting skills are stellar. 'Black Cat' was one a favourite rock song for a long time and she continued to push the envelope collaborating with great song writers and musicians. She pioneered the dance movement and Janet Jackson really was the one in the 80's to bring back dance. She was the first to start having sycronised dancers backing her up on stage with innovative choreo, with the help of Paula Abdul. In fact, she helped to kick-start many careers included Abdul's and Jennifer Lopez. Janet Jackson deserves to be a part of rock and roll history officially. Please induct her this year. Thank you for listening.

Posted by Megan Ramsey on Saturday, 07.12.14 @ 18:59pm

To whoever said, Time to give it a rest, I agree.
Janet fanbase is pushing so hard, it's tacky.
Actually, the object of their adulation is a bit tacky imo.

Posted by Worm on Monday, 07.14.14 @ 11:59am

You're certainly entitled to your opinion of thinking Janet is tacky.

But, what exactly is tacky about a fanbase pushing for a nomination?

Posted by Marissa on Thursday, 07.17.14 @ 09:20am


Fair point. Afterall, the whole idea of this site is to argue for and push our own particular candidates. But some artists have rabid fans (thats okay) but that they not so much present a case, they mobilize like an army of sheep! lol. Can you spell oxymoron! Janet's fan base can do that imo. But she is not "unworthy" as they say (ref Waynes World) does she really need to be pushed?

Posted by Worm on Thursday, 07.17.14 @ 18:49pm

Please add Janet Jackson!! It is time! She has done so much with her music, for dance and acting. She has grown up in the business, put on amazing shows and concerts and has paved the way for so many artists: The Late Whitney Houston(from her own words she stated it), Madonna, Nia Peeples, Vanessa Williams, Paula Abdul, TLC, The Late Aaliyah, Brandy, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Beyonce', Ciara, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, there are more, but these are the biggest names in the industry, and of course us all that had our fashion trends, Janet started major ones, remember the key on the earring? It was a big trend, jewelry stores selling them... along with hairstyles and the dance moves... here is an article about her to help this along, please induct Janet Jackson! Thank you


Posted by Latosha on Friday, 07.25.14 @ 00:17am

Please get her in. She is a great person inside out and has amazing naturally raw talent like no one else. Love Janet!

Posted by Ari on Saturday, 08.30.14 @ 21:32pm

I'm surprised that Janet Jackson hasn't even been nominated yet. I noticed the Essential Albums and Essential Songs sections at the top. You are missing the "All For You" album. It was successful and influential.

And you're missing a lot of her songs. "Control", "If", "Got Til It's Gone", and "I Get Lonely" are among the best in her catalog. Why aren't those listed?

Posted by Elizabeth Foley on Monday, 09.15.14 @ 08:26am

If you ask the average person on the street which two words describe Janet Jackson, they will say "wardrobe malfunction," not spectacular artist, nor great songwriter, or anything positive.

If Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction had occurred on a late night show on H.B.O., it may have been forgiven, but instead it was during the Superbowl Half-time show. This was an inappropriate venue to try something so provocative. It made her look desperate, like she had needed attention. Children and their parents watch this show. To the right wing religious types, it was a deliberate affront to their sensibilities.
They did not like it and they made it known. Meanwhile, Viacom and their many television outlets were furious, they had banned her from their media outlets.

Many may look at this as an an ill- conceived attempt to create controversy. Janet had transformed from the "good girl" on "Good Times" to a Nasty girl over those two decades. The powers that be, do not like women to be sexually provocative. In my honest opinion, when Justin may have suggested this, she should have said "No way, my career is much more

It is for this error in judgement that she was raked over the coals. Her earlier albums reflect a maturing, independent young lady. If she had never participated in this, she would have been enshrined already, but Janet was becoming more provocative. She had appeared topless on "Rolling Stone," with her boyfriend's hands onlycovering her breasts. She was also talking about taboo subjects, this does not sit well with Conservative Middle America. If she was not a celebrity, she probably would have been arrested for indecent behavior.

Unfortunately this incident leaves a huge stain on her brilliant career. Her charitable work has been quite notable, but her audience has changed. She appeals to a demographic of teenage girls and young gay men.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Monday, 09.15.14 @ 09:58am

Enig, the NomCom are not average people on the street; in fact, they kind of proud of that. Neither are the voting bloc, for that matter. The wardrobe malfunction won't mean squat to them. Nada.

Also, Michael had to wait a few years after becoming eligible, too.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 09.15.14 @ 22:01pm

But, we can't have someone who showed part of her boobie inducted into the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame and tarnishing the reputations of the fine, upstanding citizens who are already inducted.

Posted by DarinRG on Monday, 09.15.14 @ 22:18pm

Yeah, the "wardrobe malfunction" has long been thought of by a lot of people to be the reason she's not in the HOF, and anyone that actually knows the people on the committee and at the HOF knows that that has nothing to do with it. If anything the controversy from it would make them want to vote for her. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominating and Voting Committees aren't looking for upstanding, wholesome inductees. This isn't Bible Belt Americans voting on the inductees after all. The more rebellious, the more controversy, the better.

I do believe that the "wardrobe malfunction" helped to end her peak as one of the top artists in the music industry as there was a huge backlash against her afterwards. But that had to do with her record sales and concert sales, her radio airplay, the promotion of her albums and songs, etc. Not her legacy as a music artist or whether she'll be considered an icon or legend in the music industry, her place in music history was already set. When you go 10-15 years as one of the top 5 most famous people in the music industry, like Janet was able to, that's a pretty big deal, and short of you murdering someone, that's not gonna go away. The wardrobe malfunction just happened to bring a close to her prime years as one of the top figures in the music industry. She's still a legend and icon of the music industry and her influence on the generation of pop and R&B musicians that came after her, didn't go with it. She just faded out of the limelight, like pretty much every other entertainer has ever done.

The reason she hasn't been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is because the Hall is just reluctant to induct artists of her kind. Not just the fact that she's black, not just the fact that she's a woman, but more than anything that she's a pop artist. The Hall has been very slow to acknowledge 80's music, and it's been especially slow to acknowledge pop and dance music. This is the same crowd that still believes disco was the worst thing to ever happen to music, and pop and dance music was the next evolutionary step after disco, so naturally the same people that won't vote Chic in, the same people that wouldn't vote Donna Summer in until after she died, these are the same people that don't want to acknowledge Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and they'll have the same mentality when Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears become eligible in the next 10 years. It's a bias against 80's music, and especially pop music. Madonna was more edgy and controversial, not to mention being in an elite club of the most iconic American musicians in history, so you kind of can't ignore Madonna. But the rest of the female pop stars of the 80's and 90's? Sure. Just as it took Donna Summer 5 nominations and her dying to get inducted, just as Chic has been nominated 8 times and still hasn't been voted in, until the Nominating Committee gets younger and more diverse, it's gonna be a struggle for Janet, Whitney, Mariah, and later on Britney, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc. to get in. That's just the way it is.

Posted by Donnie on Monday, 09.15.14 @ 22:43pm

No, but in order to put on each of these extravaganzas, you need to have sponsors. Generally speaking, sponsors are much more conservative than either you, or I.

If they feel that the risk is too great, they will pull their support. Sponsors rely on those so-called "Middle Americans" to purchase their products. If they do not sell their products, they cannot afford to provide financial backing.

When you offend the sensibilities of a large group like this, you risk the possibility of losing your business. Since most decisions are purely economic in nature, something as trite as the decision to nominate, or not nominate someone is usually monetarily driven. Otherwise, how do you explain the induction of KISS earlier this year?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Tuesday, 09.16.14 @ 04:05am

Donnie's assessment is spot on.

I think Janet's nomination is inevitable - it's just a matter of time.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 09.16.14 @ 09:39am

If you ask the average person on the street which two words describe Janet Jackson, they will say "wardrobe malfunction," not spectacular artist, nor great songwriter, or anything positive.

If Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction had occurred on a late night show on H.B.O., it may have been forgiven, but instead it was during the Superbowl Half-time show. This was an inappropriate venue to try something so provocative. It made her look desperate, like she had needed attention. Children and their parents watch this show. To the right wing religious types, it was a deliberate affront to their sensibilities.
They did not like it and they made it known. Meanwhile, Viacom and their many television outlets were furious, they had banned her from their media outlets.

Many may look at this as an an ill- conceived attempt to create controversy. Janet had transformed from the "good girl" on "Good Times" to a Nasty girl over those two decades. The powers that be, do not like women to be sexually provocative. In my honest opinion, when Justin may have suggested this, she should have said "No way, my career is far too important and much more valuable."

Is it for this error in judgement that she was raked over the coals? Her earlier albums reflect a maturing, independent
young lady.

If she had never participated in this, would she
have been enshrined already?

However, Janet was becoming more provocative. She had appeared topless on "Rolling Stone," with only her boyfriend's hands covering her breasts. She was pushing the envelope by also talking about taboo subjects. This does not sit well with Conservative Middle America. If she was not a celebrity, she probably would have been arrested for indecent behavior.

Unfortunately this incident leaves a huge stain on her otherwise brilliant career.

However, Janet's charitable work has been quite notable, especially her support of AmFar. Her audience has changed. She now appeals largely to a demographic consisting of teenage girls and young gay men.

I think that Donnie has made some very astute observations. Is the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame having difficulty with this? Is Mariah Carey next?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Monday, 09.15.14 @ 09:58am

Posted by Enigmaticus on Tuesday, 09.16.14 @ 10:06am

"No, but in order to put on each of these extravaganzas, you need to have sponsors. Generally speaking, sponsors are much more conservative than either you, or I.

If they feel that the risk is too great, they will pull their support. Sponsors rely on those so-called "Middle Americans" to purchase their products. If they do not sell their products, they cannot afford to provide financial backing."

Considering that the Hall is sponsored primarily by Wenner's empire, I think the dollar trail is secure for now.

Also, after this many years and more provocative things having been done and said on television, I think most people would agree that "Nipplegate" was at most a tempest in a teacup. Anyone still truly upset about that incident would die of instant coronary if they turned on the E! channel at any given moment (assuming commercials weren't on that second).

"When you offend the sensibilities of a large group like this, you risk the possibility of losing your business. Since most decisions are purely economic in nature, something as trite as the decision to nominate, or not nominate someone is usually monetarily driven. Otherwise, how do you explain the induction of KISS earlier this year?"

Two things:

1. They got a very passionate new member in the NomCom, named Tom Morello who was passionate enough to out-argue the detractors on that committee to get them somewhere in the Top 16 names.

2 In past years, the Hall has maintained a steady practice of getting guitar presence inducted every year, particularly toward the classic rock appeal, which KISS is a part of. Votes from their contemporaries and other voters who see rock and roll as narrowly as Gene Simmons helped get them in. Placing first in the fan ballot probably didn't hurt either.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 09.16.14 @ 12:57pm

Could it simply be that they feel Janet Jackson's appeal wasn't as extensive as other's see it?

I remember being in school, & hearing Jackson on the radio, & seeing her videos on MTV. R&B moved on after a while though, & I'm not sure she really kept up. She was still relevant when groups like TLC were out there, but after the later 90's, you seldom heard her mentioned.

In a way, Mariah Carey trumped her in the mid-90's, & Celine Dion also took a piece of her ballad audience (not the R&B part, but the pop part). In addition, girl groups that broke up, such as Destiny's Child, launched the Beyoncé's of the world out there. Add in the Britney's & Christina Aguilera's, & you've got a whole lot of people working the same style.

One other thing - R&B seldom bothers to acknowledge it's immediate past. You'll often hear about modern artists saluting someone 30 yrs. ago, but you seldom hear anyone talking about what someone did just 5 yrs. ago. The fan base seems willing to jettison someone in the immediate, & move on. The rapper 50 Cent was challenging Kanye West less than a decade ago - now where is he? The rapper who Weird Al ripped off w/the song "White & Nerdy", I forget his name - which pretty much says it all. Even someone like Alicia Keys is not receiving as much hype as she did just 5 yrs. ago.

Even when Jackson did the Super Bowl, it seemed as though she was a little anachronistic. Modern audiences may have expected a Rihanna to be alongside Timberlake that night. I know I ignored it & did all the important things one is supposed to do during the halftime show, like grab an extra slice of pizza (if there's any left), hit the bathroom, or clean up the mess left over from the pizza you ate before the game started.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 09.17.14 @ 06:00am

Thank you for your observations, Cheesecrop.

I hardly ever watch the half-time show either. When I see who has been booked, I often change the channel. Since Superbowl generally occurs around, or in close proximity to my birthday, I am usually engaged in other activities, at that time as well, including posting on a blog, or sleeping. If I have decided to watch the Superbowl at all, it would have been predominantly for the commercials.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Wednesday, 09.17.14 @ 09:25am

Janet will eventually be nominated but it's just a matter of when. Will it be this year? Only time will tell.

Posted by KellDawg on Thursday, 09.18.14 @ 07:57am

Their are not many artist that can make an Cd that mostly every song is hit worthy. Janet has made at least 4 cd's in my book 5 counting Damita Jo that is superior to what was out then and still remains to this day superior to what is out now. She set the standard high the the bar was raised that even Madonna could not compare to her as far as musical genius is concerned. America may not recognize her accomplishments to the musical world because of the so called "wardrobe malfunction" but the world does and will. Janet not only put out top notch music but her concerts were an event. She left you awe struck with her precision dance moves never to miss a beat while singing and moving around the stage. Janet was the complete package.I know one day she will be there when america wakes up and realize what a talent she is. Janet in my mind you have always been there in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the world knows it too.

Posted by crilla on Friday, 09.19.14 @ 17:37pm

Wardrobe malfunction!

Posted by Timius on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 08:39am

Actually, there are several artists who have been creating great albums besides Janet Jackson, over those several decades, crilla. I do appreciate that Janet Jackson has done a great deal for those less fortunate and the gay community, where she is considered to be an icon. I think that she had been pushing the sexuality thing a little too far, and therefore made quite a few Conservatives very uncomfortable, they would rather have their children see hours of violence, but anything related to sex is taboo to them. I think that what she said to young female teenagers was good also.

Her lyrics and music have never resonated with me. I just happen to prefer Sade's music and lyrics, over Janet's any given day of the week.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 09:39am

Actually, there are several artists who have been creating great albums besides Janet Jackson, over those several decades, crilla. I do appreciate that Janet Jackson has done a great deal for those less fortunate and the gay community, where she is considered to be an icon. I think that she had been pushing the sexuality thing a little too far, and therefore had made quite a few Conservatives very uncomfortable. They would rather have their children watch hours of violence; anything related to sex is taboo to them.

As far as her legacy is concerned: I think that what she had originally said to young female teenagers about becoming independent young women, was great also.

Her lyrics and music have never resonated with me. I just happen to prefer Sade's music and lyrics, over Janet's any given day of the week.

Outside of Sade, I happen to support "classic rock," artists, "singer/songwriters" and "art rock/progressive rock" artists. Many of those artists also, have many great albums, also.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 09:39am

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 09:59am

Rhythm Nation 1814 celebrated a 25 year anniversary yesterday. It was praised by critics and was a blockbuster seller and record breaker. It continues to have quite an impact even today.

I'll post the album's spoken opening and ending. It definitely resonates today.

"We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing for a world rid of color lines."

"In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us. Don't let your eyes deceive you."

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 10:35am

Those are quite inspirational words Marissa; thank you for posting them. Now, if only Janet's song lyrics had shown the same degree of intellectual development, then, I would have definitely become a supporter of hers.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 11:06am

Sure thing, @Enigmaticus. I'd recommend listening to Rhythm Nation 1814 if you've never done so. There's quite a message there, especially in the first 3 tracks (Rhythm Nation, State of the World, The Knowledge)

Rhythm Nation lyrics:
"With music by our side to break the color lines.
Let's work together to improve our way of life.
Join voices in protest to social injustice.
A generation full of courage come forth with me.

People of the world today are you looking for a better way of life? We are a part of the Rhythm Nation.

People of the world unite, strength in numbers we can get it right one time. We are a part of the Rhythm Nation.

This is the test - no struggle no progress.
Lend a hand to help your brother to his best.
Things are getting worse, we have to make it better.

People of the world today are you looking for a better way of life? We are a part of the Rhythm Nation."

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 11:23am


Thank you for posting those lyrics. If you have other examples of other songs, please do not hesitate to post them.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 11:42am

I could go on and on. Here's another:

Interlude: We are in a race between education and catastrophe.

The Knowledge

Insight to what's going on.
Information keeps us strong.
What you don't know can hurt you bad.
Take it from you'll be walking around sad.
Crying for a better day, until you educate for a better way.
So if you wanna be in control. You gotta get yourself in the know.

Get the knowledge - that you really want.
The knowledge - do you really want.
It's the knowledge - what you really want.
The knowledge - that you really want.

Spreading vise don't believe the hype.
You don't find the knowledge in a pipe.
Too many lives go up in smoke.
It's nice to laugh but don't be the joke.
To get over, get better, try to be the possessor of the one thing we all need in life.
To succeed - take my advice and get the knowledge.

Listen it's up to everyone.
If we're gonna change the way the world is run.
The way to start is to rid the children on prejudice and ignorance.
We've gotta teach our kids to read and write.
That's the only way to win this fight for life.
Educations is the goal so, if you wanna be in the know.

Get the knowledge - it's the one thing we all need in life.

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 12:14pm

The Velvet Rope has some highly introspective tracks including the title track. Janet's not just a bunch of pop fluff. There's quite a bit of substance there. Here's "You".

Here I am in your face.
Tellin' truths and not your old lies.
Seems to me that you care.
And I know that you're runnin out of time
See ya can't get away.
I'll be there forever and again.
Whispering in your ear - Do believe 'cause you know you cannot win.

Spent most your life pretending not to be.
The one you are but who you choose to see.
Learned to survive in your fictitious world.
Does what they think of you determine your worth?
If special's what you feel when you're with them.
Taken away you feel less than again.

That's right! You gotta mean what you say.
You gotta say what you mean.
Trying to please everyone - sacrifice your own needs.
Check in the mirror my friend, no lies will be told then.
Pointin' the finger again, you can't blame nobody but YOU.

There's a feeling inside.
No you can't change it right away.
Gotta make that try - and with time it'll start to go away.
I'll be here when you need - that one to sit and cry to.
'Cause I'm the you you forgot.
The only one you know you can't lie to.

Bitter you'll be if you don't change your ways.
When you hate you, you hate everyone that day.
Unleash this scared child that you've grown into.
You cannot run for you can't hide from you.

That's right! You gotta mean what you say.
You gotta say what you mean.
Trying to please everyone - sacrifice your own needs.
Check in the mirror my friend, no lies will be told then.
Pointin' the finger again, you can't blame nobody but YOU.

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 09.20.14 @ 12:33pm

How can we get "Control" added to essential songs. That's one of Janet's most iconic tracks.

Posted by Lisa Lisa on Saturday, 09.27.14 @ 11:22am

JANET JACKSON,one of the originator's of dance,with the likes ofLEGENDS ,aalongside Michael Jackson deserves this induction.

Posted by Antonio Clark on Sunday, 09.28.14 @ 04:03am


Posted by Timius on Wednesday, 10.8.14 @ 10:26am

So, will Control be added to the essential songs?

Posted by Lisa Lisa on Friday, 10.10.14 @ 07:47am

@Lisa Lisa-

I don't think Control was voted in this month. Although I agree, it's certainly an essential track and should be included.

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 10.11.14 @ 09:41am


It's very inreresting that JANET JACKSON is being villified and barred from H of F induction for "nipplegate", yet, MADONNA can make AND RELEASE an ENTIRE BOOK called "SEX", with graphic depictions of sex and explict photos-and still get inducted.I'm not, by any means , saying that Janet was right, I'm just pointing out the "Double Standard" that The Hall of Fame has employed many times , for many different reasons, for inducting THEIR FAVORITES,while other deserving artists are left out in the COLD .

Posted by Bill G. on Saturday, 10.11.14 @ 15:15pm

Completely agree, Bill G.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.11.14 @ 15:23pm

Yes Bill G,

It is a double standard. It's a lot like a family who has two daughters. The older daughter is promiscuous and the younger one is straight-laced. Until one day, when the straight-laced daughter decides to follow her older sister's example. The family is shocked and decides to teach the younger daughter a lesson. Meanwhile, nothing happens to her older sister, because they expect her to be that way. Therefore, they had expected the older daughter to be the way that she was and reward her accordingly.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 10.11.14 @ 18:58pm

I still think that's a bogus argument, Enigmaticus.

Janet's resume' up to the SuperBowl in 2004 should already be more than enough to garner a nomination.

Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., The Velvet Rope and All For You were incredibly successful and wildly influential eras. There's just no denying it.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 10.12.14 @ 08:20am

i love the Rhythm Nation album back then in velvet rope that was my bday CD since i was 9yrs old, i enjoy every last part of that album still sing it tell this day got it in my head right now lol, We have a special need To feel that we belong Come with me inside Inside my velvet rope! that my song right there luv it lol, see janet jackson is a legend!! she will get you hook without you even knowing that you are hook, she put a spell on me every since i was young.. in ms janet i luv u for that, im glad i had experience every moment of you im 22 now, in you are forever well be my idol you have inspired me to look forward in never look back in i was amazed how strong you kept your being in i thank you for that, i really hope you get it because you deserve the hack out of that award, you really do :) I.LOVE.YOU J.J!!

Posted by Paris.L.Harper on Monday, 10.20.14 @ 16:09pm

lol hahaha Slap a plam on my face for that post smh, im not gonna what i had said wrong but you will get it tho, i luv u J Congrats on your award tho this is paris signing out smh lol

Posted by Ok people i feel stupid now on Monday, 10.20.14 @ 16:21pm

Janet Jackson is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO underrated! We are talking about a woman who has inspired every artist that is curently famous and toping the charts. If it wasn't for Janet there would be no Britney, no Christina, no Beyonce, no Rihanna, no Gaga, none these little Disney stars that are turning into pop stars. She has left a tremedeus mark on not only pop music but also pop culture.

She is one of the best artists that have ever lived! Amazing dancer, singer-songwriter and even an actress! NO ONE can ever release an album as personal as Janet's albums are! You feel like you connect with her through her music! She has impacted so many peoples lives with her music!

We all know that if it wasn't for that Super Bowl fiasco we wouldn't be here on this website trying to get her in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, coz she would have already been in. It makes me so angry when I think about it. Just because we (accidentally) saw woman's breast on tv her whole career and achievements are forgotten.


Posted by Jelena on Sunday, 11.2.14 @ 05:56am

Janet JAckson. Get the point, good...let's vote. Janet was the only female doing all that dancing and singing, writing and producing, back when she was doing it until PAula Abdul decided to do her own music thing. Then came all of these "others". Without Janet, who knows where music would be right now. She is a Pop, R&B, Dance, and even Rock icon...Love me some Janet.

Posted by troy on Monday, 11.10.14 @ 08:53am

First and foremost thnx to whomever put this together. As a huge fan of this woman I would like to say that her induction is long overdue. Saying not to nominate her is like saying she didn't make any contributions to the music industry. How many people's career has she not inspired? How many lives has she not changed? How many humanitarian efforts has she not spearheaded? I have been her fan since '89 and there are a few people qualify to me as the greatest whose ever done it. I hope our efforts are successful and she receive this accolade that she rightfully deserve.

Posted by Shellie Greene on Saturday, 11.15.14 @ 04:05am

It's only a matter of time until Janet Jackson is nominated. She'll likely get inducted upon her first nomination. Janet's career is just too massive and her impact too great to continue to be overlooked by the committee.

Posted by Marcos on Thursday, 11.20.14 @ 11:43am

She didn't even have that many hit songs to be honest.

Posted by Paul on Wednesday, 12.3.14 @ 13:08pm

Hmmm. I'm going to assume your comment was sarcasm or a joke.

Billboard magazine recently ranked Janet as the #7 artist of all time in regards to the Billboard Hot 100. One slot above her big brother, I might add. Their list:

1 The Beatles
2 Madonna
3 Elton John
4 Elvis Presley
5 Stevie Wonder
6 Mariah Carey
7 Janet Jackson
8 Michael Jackson
9 Whitney Houston
10 The Rolling Stones

She didn't even have that many hit songs to be honest.

Posted by Marissa on Wednesday, 12.3.14 @ 15:18pm

Wasn't Janet one of the youngest female artists ever to be honored with the ASCAP award for critical achievement in songwriting. I want to say this was around 1989-1990 during Rhythm Nation 1814. Obviously, from that pint on the writing and coo-writing accolades began to flood in.

For those that doubt Janet's creative input in Control. Rhythm Nation, janet., The Velvet Rope, All For You and Damita Jo ---- the proof is in the pudding, and more appropriately, the songwriting awards. The actual massive chart success these singles/albums had was simply icing on the creative cake.

And back in those days there was none of the "change one bar and add a hum to a track to get songwriting credit. (enter Beyonce)

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 12.28.14 @ 23:51pm

You must put her in soon. All the dancing and hits she is so worthy. Nasty videos and awesome songs!!!

Posted by Bryan on Monday, 12.29.14 @ 01:04am

Janet has laid one of the most proven blueprints of this generation. So many artists have followed it word for word, music video by video. She has inspired today's biggest hits like Justin Timberlake, Britney, Christina, Pink, Beyonce', Katy Perry, Mia and more. Plus, the countless legions of dancers and the millions of fans. Even her Superbowl performance broke records.

Posted by Dominic on Friday, 01.2.15 @ 08:05am

She deserves it, so what are you waiting for? Induct her!

Posted by Shirl Wright on Friday, 01.2.15 @ 08:53am

Because of Janet Jackson;
We have Britney Spears, Beyonce, Destiny Child, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Rihanna,Usher, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Ciera and the list goes on and on.

Posted by Ericka Jackson Schingoethe on Saturday, 01.3.15 @ 14:02pm

So is that an argument for or against her induction?

Posted by Dezmond on Saturday, 01.3.15 @ 14:48pm


I think Ericka was pointing out how influential Janet Jackson is/was in the music game. To this day, you still hear Janet elements on radio and in videos .... and DEFINITELY on the concert stage.

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 01.3.15 @ 15:50pm


Posted by justice on Wednesday, 01.7.15 @ 03:03am


Posted by Paris Andre on Sunday, 01.18.15 @ 20:32pm

I vote yes because she has one of the best voices in the business. Her success speaks for itself!

Posted by Tony Cole on Monday, 01.19.15 @ 00:54am

I vote yes. She deserves it.

Posted by LaKeeta Thomas on Wednesday, 01.21.15 @ 11:04am

I was pretty surprised to discover that Janet Jackson is not yet in the R&R Hall of Fame. How come? Especially when you have even one hit wonders there. (I do not want to name names here, but there are artists in the HOF with a lot less success and influence than Janet and even ones who were indeed just a little more than one hit wonders.) Janet Jackson was one of the top artists of the late 80s, early 90s, had many Nr 1. hits, Nr. 1. albums, sold lots of records and influenced a lot of female artists who came after her. So c'mon now, Hall of Fame, do the right thing! I hope she will get her induction soon.

Posted by Suzy on Thursday, 01.22.15 @ 07:01am

I see that some people think Janet has been snubbed so far because of Nipple-gate. Well, if that is the case it's very hypocritical from HOF. As if all other artists who are in are saints. LOL.

Posted by Suzy on Thursday, 01.22.15 @ 08:13am

I also see a lot of arguments like "oh her albums in the late 80s, early 90s were good but later she declined. If we set that standard - that you cannot decline in your career - then no one should be introduced to the HOF. Ever. I mean show me an artist whose had the same level of success and acclaim all through his/her/their career. It's natural that artists have their peak and then somewhat decline. Either in popularity or the quality of their music or both. One cannot keep up the same level for decades. In my opinion there are artists already inducted in the HOF who's had a much shorter peak and a faster decline than Janet Jackson.

Posted by Suzy on Thursday, 01.22.15 @ 14:08pm

This is for the naysayers that continue to doubt how involved Janet was in the creative process of her smash albums.

Correspondence and Virgin press release from Mitchel Schneider and Marcee Rondan on May 28, 1993.

"janet." album - #1 in America and around the world; the singer/songwriter/producer enters the US and UK album charts at #1 amidst critical acclaim!

Hot on the heels of her # 1 single "That's The Way Love Goes" = which retains this position on Billboard's Pop and R&B charts for the third and fourth consecutive weeks, respectively --- Janet Jackson has entered the Billboard Pop and R&B charts at #1 with "janet.", her Virgin Records debut album.

Janet, who produced "janet." and co-wrote all its songs, which are comprised of Janet's own lyrics and melodies -- has also duplicated this feat on the UK albums chart. To top it all off, "That's The Way Love Goes" remains #1 in Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Toure' praised the album with a four **** review in Rolling Stone and Billboard's review was even more glowing. Expect a very long chart run with "janet." which is jam packed with potential hit singles!

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 01.31.15 @ 06:30am

Did you know?

Janet Jackson was the first female to receive a "Producer of the Year" nomination at the Grammys in 1990? Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were nominated for the brilliant 'Rhythm Nation 1814' album.

Also, Janet used to hold the record for Grammy nominations spanning the most genres: Dance, Pop, Rock, Rap & R&B.
The Rock nomination was for "Black Cat" - which charted on all kinds of Billboard charts.

Does anyone know if Janet still holds this Grammy record?

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 01.31.15 @ 08:20am

Very interesting analysis about chart performance amongst the Jackson family.


Janet Jackson Outsells Michael On Billboard Top Selling Jackson Singles

New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Back before her 1986 breakthrough, "Control," then-teenage Janet Jackson was still mostly known as Michael's Little Sister. That changed when Janet released her iconic single "What Have You Done for Me Lately" in February of 1986, the song earned Jackson two Grammy nominations and a Soul Train Music Award for Video of the Year, since then Janet Jackson and has been a record-breaking, history setting icon who has sold over 140 million albums and singles worldwide.

Billboard's latest Hottest Hot 100 Hits book lists four of the five biggest selling singles by the Jackson family are by Janet, surprisingly not her legendary brother Michael. Her massive 1993 hit "That's the Way Love Goes" is the biggest selling single of all the Jackson family members, while her 2001 hit "All for You" is the second biggest selling single. Looks like Janet was the one really in control.

#1 That's The Way Love Goes | Janet Jackson
#2 All for You | Janet Jackson
#3 Say, Say, Say | Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
#4 Together Again | Janet Jackson
#5 Again | Janet Jackson
#6 Billie Jean | Michael Jackson
#7 Black Or White | Michael Jackson
#8 I'll Be There | Jackson 5
#9 Doesn't Really Matter | Janet Jackson
#10 Rock With You | Michael Jackson

#11 Beat It | Michael Jackson
#12 ABC | Jackson 5
#13 You Are Not Alone | Michael Jackson
#14 Escapade | Janet Jackson
#15 Miss You Much | Janet Jackson
#16 Any Time, Any Place | Janet Jackson
#17 I Want You Back | Jackson 5
#18 Runaway | Janet Jackson
#19 The Love You Save | Jackson 5
#20 The Girl Is Mine | Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney

Posted by Marissa on Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 08:59am


Posted by Janet Saddler on Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 23:50pm

Simply put, there is only ONE JANET! Creative, relevant, powerful, talented, influential. Her work over the past 3 decades speaks for itself. This is a no brainer! YES, SHE DESERVES TO BE INDUCTED!!!!

Posted by Darryl on Friday, 02.6.15 @ 12:30pm

Well said, Darryl. Completely agree! Janet's body of work speaks for itself and MORE than warrants a nomination.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 02.6.15 @ 13:02pm

I didn't know that Janet Jackson was the first female ever to be nominated for Producer Of The Year at the Grammys. How the hell hasn't she been nominated yet?

Posted by King on Monday, 02.9.15 @ 19:22pm

That's true, King. Janet doesn't get the credit she deserves for her songwriting and production efforts.

Still hopeful that a new album comes out this year.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 02.14.15 @ 05:36am

janet deserves this. Music icon. Master dancer. Visionary videos. What more can you ask. Sold out shows

Posted by rosita Mahoney on Sunday, 03.8.15 @ 17:05pm

The Rhythm Nation 1814 world tour remains the most successful,debut tour of any artist in music history. That's pretty incredible!

Posted by Marissa on Thursday, 03.26.15 @ 04:44am

Janet's nomination is coming and likely this year.

Can't wait to hear the haters squirm and bitch & moan.

Posted by Marissa on Monday, 03.30.15 @ 02:25am

Janet is more than deserving of the induction. If Madonna and Michael can get inducted then so can Janet. She was one of the most successful artists of the 80s and 90s. She basically ruled the charts during the Rhythm Nation era and she made some pretty stellar albums too. The nip slip shouldn't even be spoken of since so many stars show skin and nipples these days and no one bats an eye. So why should that be the only thing holding Janet back from being inducted in 2015 or 16? Sure she's not necessarily "rock" but she has plenty of songs that are rock influenced. Black Cat was full on heavy metal. And MJ and Madonna still got inducted as well despite them being pop stars. C'mon R&RHOF make us proud!! Induct Janet already!!!

Posted by Tyler on Saturday, 04.4.15 @ 02:19am

Janet Jackson is the first artist I remember. He appreciation for the arts mixed with Pop culture is unparalleled. Often times because of his magnitude of greatness Michael Jackson is given credit that Janet deserves. She never gives the same look, she always has raw choreography and stands beside her dancers seamlessly. She is the Rosetta Stone for what you see in modern Pop influenced artists, both male and female. Her concerts are epic and I've seen none still that top her presentation. Janet is now and forever my all-time favorite and I have many I love, but not like I Love her!

Posted by James Boynton on Saturday, 04.4.15 @ 07:43am

I love Janet have since she was Good Times as Penny and she deserves to be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Janet rocks the crowd in person and on cd!E

Posted by Yolanda Ferguson on Sunday, 04.5.15 @ 00:46am

Whether you like it or not, Janet is a true legend . She will always be a hall of famed in my heart.

Posted by Phil on Tuesday, 04.14.15 @ 10:23am

Nothing but white people voting no for Janet so it's no surprise there. They were fine having Madonna make it but when it comes to Janet it's a no as if Madonna made rock music. At least Janet had a no.1 rock hit "Black Cat" and Janet had the "Rhythm Nation" album that hit on issues like prejudice, homelessness, suicide, poverty, education, and knowledge. The record label told her not to do it and she did it anyway and it was successful selling over 14 million copies.

Posted by JoeJoe on Tuesday, 04.14.15 @ 12:20pm

Go to YouTube and Watch janet's black cat.
Enough said

Posted by john on Tuesday, 04.14.15 @ 13:22pm

Janet Jackson is a MUST to be INDUCTED into the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame....
Janet has been in the public's eye and a celebrity in her own right since the age of 7 years old performing the first time on stage with her siblings in Las Vegas at the Grand Hotel..during their 1 season summer Variety show.."The Jacksons".
Janet has emerged into MTV'S 1ST Icon, a Legend, a Trendsetter and Humanitarian helping and being active in various Charities and with her 1 number selling album 1989's Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 puts Janet as the first music artist with 7 Top 10 singles and 5 of them at number #!.
Making Janet Jackson the only artist in history to have 7 top singles in the the top ten and 5 at number 1's.....
Not even her brother the late Michael Jackson and Madonna has not broken her record..no other artist has this recognition.
Janet Jackson was the Honoree at the 1990 Billboard Music Awards...honored with more than 7 Awards that evening.....
No other artist has put out so many number #1 Hits from 1 album....
Janet was on top..on the Club Charts..Pop charts, Adult Contemporary Charts..Dance Charts and R&B/Soul Charts...
Janet Jackson was named MTV'S 1ST Icon in April 2001...
Janet and Michael Jackson became the dynamic duo
both having number one Pop singles when..
Janet's 1986 Hit Track.."When I Think Of You"..
Became Janet's 1st Pop number 1.....
Janet Jackson's 1990 Debut world tour Rhythm Nation..became the number #1 Debut Tour to have sold out concerts all over the world...
No other artists debut tours have broken Janet's selling out shows from Rhythm Nation World Tour not even Phil Collins has this Honor.
Janet Jackson continued through-out her career to break her own records. Her 1993 debut album from Virgin Records "janet." is Janet's biggest selling album to date selling 22 million copies world wide.
Janet has sold overall 150 million albums across the globe.
Janet Jackson is one of the top selling female music artists in the world and still is today.
There is no reason why The Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of fame should have any doubt to induct her for 2016.
What is it with The Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame..waiting to see when an artist dies then you pay them homage....?
No, Janet Jackson is a popular demand to be inducted so she lives to see herself in The Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame...
She has received numerous Awards...Honored time and time again...
Janet is a living Legend...
Janet Jackson is not just a visionary, beautiful, talented, a great business woman and Humanitarian.
Janet Jackson is an ICON..
Janet Damita Jo Jackson deserves to have this Lifetime Recognition.......

Posted by Terence Brandes on Tuesday, 04.14.15 @ 17:10pm

Please Induct Janet Jackson into the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame...
Its about time Janet gets honored this Lifetime Honor...
She is a Multimillion world selling Artist..
She was Honorary Winner at the 1990 Billboard Music Awards...
Janet and Michael were the first siblings to have #1 Pop singles from Billboard in 1987 when Janet's Hit #1 song became number on the Pop charts for her single "When I Think OF you"..from her 1986 Blockbuster album "Control".
Janet is MTV'S 1ST Icon...she always a worldwide Humanitarian, Visionary, Choreographer, Producer, Dancer, Actress, and Janet is also a Grammy winning Songwriter of the year in 1991..she was the first woman in Music history to be nominated and won..for her 1989 Rhythm Nation 1814 album.

Posted by Cheryl on Tuesday, 04.14.15 @ 21:20pm

During its reign, Rhythm Nation 1814 shifted more than seven million copies in the US alone, sitting atop the charts for seven weeks in 1989 before becoming the best selling album of 1990.

It was the first album in history to produce number 1 hits in three separate calendar years (1989, 1990, 1991). Meanwhile, it's innovative music videos - including the iconic militant imagery and intricate choreography of the title track - were ubiquitous on MTV.

Oh - and Janet's first tour - the Rhythm Nation 1814 World Tour remains to this day the most successful debut tour by any artist (male, female or group) in music history!


Posted by RumpShaker on Wednesday, 04.15.15 @ 03:40am

I wish people stop comparing Janet to Madonna. Madonna is a unique artist in her own right. Janet has been in the spotlight since she was 7. Nobody knew who Madonna was at 7. Madonna is only 8 years older than Madonna. Madonna made her tv debut in 1984. You ask how would I know. I was 18 the same age as Janet. I believe that there is room for both women whom are trailblazers.

Posted by James on Wednesday, 04.15.15 @ 05:35am

Madonna did not write her early hits at all. My last post I meant to say Madonna is only 8 years older than Janet. Lets nominate both women.

Posted by James on Wednesday, 04.15.15 @ 05:41am

I agree, James. They're both very powerful women and the sexist NomCom seemingly can't fathom more than 1 strong female on the ballot at a time. Completely ridiculous!

Janet's continued snub becomes more glaring with each passing year. Surely, this will be Janet's year for an overdue nomination.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 04.15.15 @ 05:42am

For those of you who are saying no, just because she is not a rock artist, clearly don't know that there are hip hop and rap artist as well as directors inducted

Posted by Prentice on Friday, 04.17.15 @ 20:46pm

Janet Jackson sweet

Posted by Marshall on Wednesday, 04.22.15 @ 20:26pm

So OVERLOOKED for too long. The scrutiny is harder on women and even harder on black women.
Janet is in my rock n roll hall of fame always.
Love you Miss Jackson. Because of you, I'm alive today.

Posted by Vincent Martinez on Sunday, 05.3.15 @ 20:53pm

Did you know???

Janet Jackson was the youngest female artist (at the time) to receive the BMI Award for "Songwriter of the Year" for her brilliant work on the epic album, Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814. (1990)

Rhythm Nation 1814 sent seven singles into the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100, and 4 of those reached #1. That had never been done before - and still hasn't been repeated unless you count Katy Perry and Rihanna and their album re-releases.

Single Hot 100 position
Miss You Much #1
Rhythm Nation (single) #2
Escapade #1
Alright #2
Come Back to Me #4
Black Cat #1
Love Will Never Do (W/O You) #1
State of the World (airplay only, pealing at #3)

Posted by Marissa on Sunday, 05.10.15 @ 14:02pm

SPIN magazine just released their list of the best 300 albums from the past 30 years. Janet has three entries:

234. Control
164. janet.
54. Rhythm Nation 1814

Here's what they wrote for Rhythm Nation 1814:
Forget Michael, let's talk about his baby sister - oops, the all-grown-up Miss Jackson. Sexy and self-assured and socially conscious' Janet's fourth album is jaw-dropping in the sheer number of hit singles it produced. The slinky, flirty "Miss You Much" is the apex of '80s dance-pop; "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" is an unforgettable anthem even without the iconic Herb Ritts directed video. And though the dream team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis turns everything to gold, Jackson was under-recognized for being the album's co-producer as well. In the process, she became as big a turn-of-the-decade star as Madonna, and maybe even a bigger one than her brother. - REBECCA HAITHCOAT


Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 05.12.15 @ 09:30am

If you think Janet Jackson should not be OK inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of then you are looking at music with your eyes closed.The Rock and Roll Hall of FameRoll Hall of Fame is not Created only for Rock artists but R&B,Rap,Pop, Blues and Country too. Too Not induct her because her roots is R&B is wrong. Give Janet her rightful place In history,she EARNED it!!

Posted by Michelle Mills on Sunday, 05.17.15 @ 07:25am

And again - like clockwork. Janet receives dozens and dozens of back to back no votes. Clearly from one IP address. That should probably be investigated.

And quite frankly, I feel a little sorry for ya buddy.

Janet is getting in so vote no all you want!

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 05.20.15 @ 03:12am

Oh, but on days when Janet's yes votes spike to over 150 out of the last 1000 it's just a bunch of different loyal fans all having the same idea to vote yes at the same exact time?

Sure, pal.

Posted by darius on Wednesday, 05.20.15 @ 03:33am

Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey should all be put on the same ballot and let's see what happens. Maybe all three will be inducted in the same year.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 05.20.15 @ 09:15am


Look pal. The Induct Janet Jackson into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Facebook page has 70,000 followers. You think 150 votes is out of the question?

Do the math, pal!

Oh, but on days when Janet's yes votes spike to over 150 out of the last 1000 it's just a bunch of different loyal fans all having the same idea to vote yes at the same exact time?

Sure, pal.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 05.20.15 @ 14:35pm

I'm posting this for those who doubt Janet's creativity in her music making process. And this all be solidifies her cultural impact to music. The proof is in the pudding.....

From Billboard.com

This past Saturday was Janet Jackson's birthday (happy 49th!) and it was us who got a present. "I promised you'd hear it from my lips and now you will," she teased. "This year: new music; new world tour; a new movement. I've been listening. Let's keep the conversation going."

As we wait for new music from Jackson (let's wait [only] a [little] while?), let's count down her biggest Billboard Hot 100 hits in a career that has resulted in one of the most impressive chart histories of any artist. She's one of just nine acts with at least 10 Hot 100 No. 1s, having tallied 10 between 1986 and 2001, while her 27 top 10s are tied for fifth-best all time (with Mariah Carey and Elton John).

And, with two No. 1s in the '80s, six in the '90s and two in the '00s, Jackson is one of just two solo artists with multiple Hot 100 No. 1s in three decades. The other: Her brother Michael, who notched two in the '70s, nine in the '80s and two in the '90s (not counting his four, all in 1970, as part of the Jackson 5, as well). (Combining Paul McCartney's work with the Beatles and Wings, plus his solo fare, he would also qualify, with 18 No. 1s in the '60s, eight in the '70s and three more in the '80s.)

Let the countdown begin … Here are Janet Jackson's biggest Hot 100 hits, from No. 25 to No. 1:

25, "Scream" (Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson), No. 5, 1995
24, "I Get Lonely" (Janet feat. BLACKstreet), No. 3, 1998
23, "You Want This"/"70's Love Groove," No. 8, 1994
22, "Someone to Call My Lover," No. 3, 2001
21, "What's It Gonna Be?!" (Busta Rhymes feat. Janet), No. 3, 1999

20, "If," No. 4, 1993
19, "Any Time, Any Place"/"And On and On," No. 2, 1994
18, "Come Back to Me," No. 2, 1990
17, "Let's Wait Awhile," No. 2, 1987
16, "Nasty," No. 3, 1986

15, "Black Cat," No. 1 (one week), 1990
14, "What Have You Done for Me Lately," No. 4, 1986
13, "Control," No. 5, 1987
12, "Alright," No. 4, 1990
11, "Rhythm Nation," No. 2, 1990

10, "Doesn't Really Matter," No. 1 (three weeks), 2000
9, "Runaway," No. 3, 1995
8, "Again," No. 1 (two weeks), 1993
7, "When I Think of You," No. 1 (two weeks), 1986
6, "Love Will Never Do (Without You)," No. 1 (one week), 1991

5, "Together Again," No. 1 (two weeks), 1998
4, "All for You," No. 1 (seven weeks), 2001
3, "That's the Way Love Goes," No. 1 (eight weeks), 1993
2, "Escapade," No. 1 (three weeks), 1990

And …

1, "Miss You Much," No. 1 (four weeks), 1989 :?

"Much-anticipated release from the Jackson sibling has all the trimmings for an across-the-board smash," Billboard correctly predicted in its Aug. 26, 1989 single review for "Much." "Hooky rhythmic pulse and memorable chorus." Also proven true: "First of what's sure to be many from the forthcoming Rhythm Nation."

Janet Jackson's Biggest Billboard Hits is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100 chart. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 100 earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the years, eras are weighted differently to account for different chart turnover rates over various periods.

Posted by Marissa on Wednesday, 05.20.15 @ 14:43pm

Marissa really brought it with Janet Jackson support. The incredible amount of hits and success is impressive. I was always impressed with Janet's dancing, singing, songwriting. That's why the future rock legends forums are important discussing the artists. Marissa showed Janet Jackson does belong in RRHOF convincingly. JJ should be in for Black Cat alone. That song rocked! That's The Way Love Goes, Nasty Boys, Rhythm Nation other King FAVS. I think Janet Jackson has a good chance at nomination and induction. Other female candidates could be Stevie Nicks, Mariah Carrey, Pat Benatar, Carly Simon. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 05.24.15 @ 16:10pm

Agreed, KING.

There have been some great articles recently heralding Janet's comeback and her overall impact to the music game. The below I came across from The Daily Beast is one of the best thus far.

Janet Jackson Deserves Our Respect: The Pop Diva and Sex Goddess Reclaims Her Throne


"I promised you’d hear it from my lips. And now you will. This year. New music. New world tour. A new movement. I’ve been listening. Let’s keep the conversation going."

That was the message pop megastar Janet Jackson gave to her fans this past weekend. On her 49th birthday, the legendary Ms. Jackson announced from her website that she is returning to music after a quiet several years. It’s been seven years since her last studio album, 2008s Discipline; and four years since “Number Ones: Up Close and Personal,” her last major tour. The news of Janet’s return sent social media into a flurry. Fans had been wondering out loud what the six-time Grammy winner has been up to-there had been rumors for the past several months that she was working with her longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She’d tweeted that she would let the world know when she was good and ready-and this weekend, she did.

Since the announcement, fans and media have been asking whether or not Janet Jackson can pull off a successful comeback at this point in her career. Since her 2001 album, All For You, Janet’s missteps have been well-documented: from the infamous “Nipplegate” controversy during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, to the string of lukewarm albums that followed. Over the years, her album sales declined, she started and ended a high-profile relationship with superproducer Jermaine Dupri, was blacklisted from radio stations (due to Nipplegate), lost her superstar brother, starred in a couple of Tyler Perry movies, and got married to a billionaire. With Janet finally returning, everyone seems to question whether or not she can reclaim her place in pop music. But in all of the commentary, a very important point has apparently been forgotten:

Janet Jackson doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

From 1986 to 2001, Janet consistently delivered the best dance pop music of her generation. It was better than Madonna’s over that same stretch. It was even better than her legendary brother Michael’s post-Thriller output. That may seem like blasphemy to some, but with Jam and Lewis in her corner, Janet’s albums from Control to All For You were more thematically unified and fully-realized than well-crafted-but-inconsistent late ’80s/early ’90s MJ albums like Bad and Dangerous. With Control, she helped lay the groundwork for New Jack Swing (Jam and Lewis deserve as much credit for popularizing that sound as Teddy Riley or L.A. Reid and Babyface) and with Rhythm Nation, she delivered that genre’s most compelling and ambitious LP. For what it’s worth, Michael didn’t get hip to New Jack Swing until he teamed with Riley in 1991, which was five years after his sister and about two years before the style was dead. Whatever dismissals one can toss at Janet as a songwriter, it’s obvious that her albums were representations of her-even with Jam and Lewis handling the bulk of the music. The Velvet Rope is very much an album that feels introspective and brazenly personal.

But while other superstars of her era can release new music without scrutiny, Janet is being analyzed and dissected. Having announced her comeback, the news was met with skepticism in some circles. Talk-show host Wendy Williams had some “advice” for Jackson. “She should stick with her number ones, the songs that we know,” Williams said on her show. “Janet is 49 years old right now. She’s married to that billionaire WASP… she wants to put out new music but nobody bought the music last time. I think that this comeback is going to be impossible; she’s living in a Beyoncé/Rihanna/Taylor Swift world. The music-buying public barely buys and they’re young kids, they’re not us with mortgages and tuition.”

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 05.24.15 @ 18:10pm

(continued from above - The Daily Beast)

“She needs to sit down and wait for Mariah, Britney and Jennifer to leave [their Las Vegas residencies] and do all the songs that we know the words to.”

Janet’s commercial lag isn’t all that unique. Most chartbusting superstars of yesteryear have experienced sales declines in the era of streaming music and illegal downloading. And great artists do age, with younger generations finding their own heroes to listen to. Prince hasn’t been the chart-topping juggernaut of his heyday in quite some time. But that doesn’t matter because he’s Prince. No one really cares if he doesn’t have a “When Doves Cry” or a “Diamonds and Pearls” dominating radio anymore; his legacy is as firmly set as Stevie Wonder’s or Neil Young’s. The Purple One has released six albums in the last 10 years and only two have attained gold status. Paul McCartney’s last two albums didn’t hit the gold mark, either. Similarly, the most recent albums by icons like U2 and Bruce Springsteen only garnered relatively modest sales. Madonna’s status as a consistent presence on the pop charts waned around the same time as Janet’s did; the Material Girl has mostly dominated just the dance/club charts over the last decade. That transition hasn’t led to any loss in Madonna’s status as the so-called “Queen of Pop.”

No one is telling those aging legends to stop releasing new music. We don’t seem to expect them to have to compete with their younger counterparts at all. If their die-hard fans enjoy the albums and the artists enjoy making them, they’ve earned the right to not be judged by the same standard as the hit-making pop star of the moment. Once a legendary artist has cemented their place in the canon of popular music, there is nothing left for them to do to affirm it. The greats don’t have to keep auditioning. They made the grade long ago, and everything they achieve now is just an addendum to their legacy.

So what does a “successful” Janet Jackson comeback mean? Battling the Beyoncés and Taylor Swifts of the world for pop supremacy? None of that matters. None of that is necessary. A successful Janet Jackson comeback simply means that one of the greatest artists of the last 30 years is back to doing what she loves and what her fans love seeing her do. Delivering a compelling album and an electrifying tour is all that matters, not sales or Grammys. She’s done all of that time and again. It’s past time to recognize that Janet Jackson is among the artists at the very top of popular music’s hierarchy. It’s past time to give her the respect she deserves. She doesn’t have to prove she’s still “hot” or “relevant.” She’s a legend. She should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She should be as heralded as Tina Turner. This return isn’t about her “proving” anything to us. She’s doing this for her. And that’s good enough.

With all the great music she’s given the world, she’s more than earned that right.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 05.24.15 @ 18:11pm

The nomination committee claims that career influence on others is a main criteria for induction consideration. Well, here's a recent sampling of praise from the likes of Beyonce, Pink, Lady Gaga and more....


Beyonce on Janet Jackson: "When I was younger I was in a dance group. We were called the Smooth Dancers, and we were straight up Janet Jackson. We did 'Rhythm Nation,' we did 'Escapade,' we did it all. We would win up everything at the competitions because we learned it all from Ms. Janet,” says Beyonce, who recreated Janet's iconic 'Rhythm Nation' costume for Halloween in 2014.

Pink on Janet Jackson: Not only did Pink flex her athletic prowess during a 2001 dance tribute to Janet, perfecting choreography from the videos for "Miss You Much" and "Rhythm Nation," but she also went on to name the singer as one of the artists she respects most on being named Billboard’s 2014 Woman of the Year. “You can't compare anybody to the Tina Turners and the Chers and the Sades and the Janet Jacksons. They’re lifelong legendary touring artists.”

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga called Janet, “an unbelievable legend and such a talent; somebody that I really, really look up to.” And, having cited "Rhythm Nation" as one of her favourite music videos, has referenced it in works that include the video for 2010’s "Alejandro."

Christina Aguilera on Janet Jackson: Janet also counts Grammy-winner Christina Aguilera among her legion of fans. The "Beautiful" singer has referenced Janet as an inspiration in numerous interviews. “Janet never stops giving you what you want. She's an artist that will always be regarded as one of the best,” says Christina.

Rihanna: “She was the first female pop star I could relate to,” explains Rihanna, who has taken inspiration from Janet throughout her career—most notably on racier tracks like "S&M" and "Skin." “She still has power. I’ve seen her on stage, and she can stand there for 20 minutes and have the whole arena scream at her. You have to love Janet.”

Posted by Marissa on Monday, 05.25.15 @ 14:52pm

There's really nothing to add. This buzzfeed article I wrote says it all. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jdjfan1814/what-makes-a-legendicon-popularity-or-impact-ja-w2xx

Posted by Keaston on Tuesday, 05.26.15 @ 11:58am

Good stuff, Keaston! I'm sure you already are - but if not, be sure to check out my "Induct Janet" page on Facebook.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 05.26.15 @ 12:06pm

There continues to be more and more support for Janet Jackson's induction. This is a great read.


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a highly debated entity. Since it's inception in 1983, there have been countless opinions openly floating around about its methodology, process, and, most abundantly, its list of inductees. We can nitpick every single artist who has ever been inducted, nominated, or snubbed and begin the debates over whether or not they're deserving, or who they should be inducted before or after, and so and so forth, but there’s been a circular motion to these arguments for 30-some years that seems unbreakable (they’re still fun.) While, on the outside, it may all just seem petty and obsessive, the fact remains that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is just about the only measurable entity for cementing one’s contributions to music, an art form notorious for its widespread subjectivity. Award shows are definitive snapshots in time that only on a rare occasion hold long term relevance (Michael Jackson’s 8 Grammy sweep was his defining “King of Pop moment.” On the other hand, we can safely say that Christopher Cross, who walked away with all four major categories, will not be seeing a Hall of Fame Induction any time soon,) and other organizations are far too specific or not nearly noteworthy. When it comes to music, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the endgame of all endgames.

I have been compiling lists of noteworthy snubs (See the 2014 Update Here) that feature artists who have been completely overlooked by the Hall of Fame over the years, inciting various levels of passion from their supporters and abhorrers, but there has seemingly been none more polarizing than Janet Jackson. I have to admit, it kind of caught me off guard. Obviously, as an artist with a huge, longterm fanbase, it makes sense that she’d have some rally towels SPINNING in her favor, but I was unaware that so many others would be so quick to write her off. Now, as an extension of my pro-Janet argument on my list of snubs, I’d like to take some time to really explain why this artist deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

The best way to really make this objective is to see if she meets the criteria for induction. What exactly is this "criteria" that I’m referring to? Well, just like music itself, it’s a pretty subjective thing. I’m sure we could come up with exact measurements, (sales, chart hits, etc,) but none would ever create an even playing field for artists spanning over 60 years (and counting!) You have to kind of go with the gut CHECK on three major categories: popularity, acclaim, and impact. So let’s start with popularity; that sounds like the easiest one. In a general sense, people clearly have to know your music in order to quality for induction. Popularity is still kind of a difficult thing to measure, though. Some acts have made cosmic impacts on rock and roll without ever landing a top-40 hit, while, conversely, there are countless artists who have racked up a plethora hits that will never even be considered for induction. It doesn’t come down to size of fan bases, but it’s more about a general public knowledge (again, a gut CHECK kind of thing.) Regardless, it is actually impossible to deny Janet Jackson’s popularity no matter how you slice and dice it. She has a legendary run of hits under her belt, has a widespread fanbase, has been a huge concert-draw, and is, at large, a household name; Check!

Another easy one to quantify would be critical acclaim… just look at all of her reviews and ratings over the years. In summary, critics have been in Janet’s corner ever since she unleashed the highly-influential (we’ll get back to that) Control LP. That record has already been acknowledged by the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (along with her classic janet. album) by making their list of the 200 Most Influential Albums Of All Time. Additionally, Rolling Stone has included two of her albums (Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 and The Velvet Rope) on their list of the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time. She is a multi-Grammy winner, in addition to countless other awards, recognitions, and honors, so it’d be pretty difficult to say that critics haven’t taken her seriously as an artist. There you have it… as much critical acclaim as you’re ever going to be able to quantify. Check!

This also segues nicely into the third major criteria, impact. This one is a little harder to measure because “impact” or “influence” is sort of an “aftermath” type of thing. Some records are immediately cemented into pop culture, but some others hit the underground or select markets before truly being heralded by the general populous. It has been almost 30 years since Janet Jackson released Control (actually her third album,) so there has been plenty of time to really look back at her impact. We could take the time to really analyze what music was like before and after each of her major records, but the proof is really in the pudding with this one. The pudding here being the countless artists who have acknowledged her direct influence or have been considered a direct decedent of her work… Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Usher, Kanye West, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Bruno Mars, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, even her brother Michael (you may have heard of him)… just to name a few. I’ll let that list speak for itself. Seemingly, the only recognition left to bestow upon her actually is an induction into the Hall of Fame. Impact? Check!

Ok, so we’ve established that she meets the criteria for induction, but it still seems like people don’t have an understanding of her career. First off, you have to really praise Janet for shedding the “Jackson” so successfully. Not that being a Jackson is by any means a bad thing… five of her brothers are already in the Hall of Fame (Michael’s in there twice!)… but she’s been determined to follow her own path. Taking “Control” was her mantra from the minute she fired her father as her manager straight through to today. For anyone who has any doubt about the determination and drive of this artist, please guess again. Additionally, it would be totally remiss to not bring up Jam & Lewis. They’re kind of the puzzle pieces that many are using to argue against her (“they did all of the work,” “it was their sound, not hers,”) but it’s more or less an empty argument. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (of The Time fame,) are a LEGENDARY production duo that helped get Janet on the map and change R&B, hip hop, and pop music as we know it. They, themselves, deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, they were not Janet’s puppeteers. If you really want to simplify it, glance over the credits of any of her albums. You’ll see writing, production, and performance (and not just vocals, mind you!) credits on almost every one of the tracks. Jam & Lewis themselves have even acknowledged Janet’s input and artistry. No matter how you look at it, Janet Jackson has been in the drivers seat the whole time, and if that isn’t Hall of Fame worthy, then I don’t know what is.

Much like Madonna, who was instantly (and rightfully) swept into the Hall Of Fame, Janet was an artist existing in the pop world, and you can’t hold that against her. For one, being a pop star doesn’t have anything to do with your music, it has to do with your impact on pop culture. With her countless iconic videos, images, fashion, and performances, Janet Jackson is a pop icon, standing as Madonna’s only true peer, internationally speaking. However, Janet Jackson is a well-rounded R&B artist who has given us incredible hit after incredible hit to dance to, cry to, escape to, and make love to, unapologetically pushing boundaries and buttons along the way. If you strip away the excess of all of her pop stardom, the music actually still holds up incredibly. Her albums and hits have stood the test of time, and not only is her influence as present as ever, Janet is still a viable success to this day. If you really think about, Janet Jackson belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, and not because she has a fan base that thinks so, but because she’s EARNED it.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 05.30.15 @ 07:38am

"Look pal. The Induct Janet Jackson into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Facebook page has 70,000 followers. You think 150 votes is out of the question?

Do the math, pal!"

So where did all the 70,000 Facebook fans go? The law of averages would dictate that the totals should be fairly consistent with that many potential voters on any given day, yet here we are a few weeks later and Janet has a whopping 11 votes out of the last 1000. Clearly the spikes above 100 out of 1000 votes we see are a bogus manipulation of the statistics, probably orchestrated by 1 person or perhaps a small group of people.

Posted by Darius on Monday, 06.8.15 @ 02:57am

Listen guys, Janet should be inducted but Janet really has never been thirsty about titles and receiving awards and you have to lobby for those things. Janet stands on her music as a true artist, she could care less how people feel about her, she has more integrity as an artist and as a human being. I like Madonna but she borrowed everything she has ever done from Grace Jones, Millie Jackson, later kylie minogue and the list goes on. Madonna is incredibly intelligent but doesn't have any true music talent, she is a beautifully crafted business plan that has been able to influence a great deal of followers by altering her appearances and honestly talking about being offensive, is the world better off "not at all". She continues to be offensive in a world that doesn't care but has changed nothing for the better if anything it's gotten worse because of her. Madonna lobbys for positions, she fights to be seen that is why she is successful and i applaud her success, i have fun with her. Madonna has a lot of fans but so did racism, it's a facade. Janet has never been influenced by Madonna, everything that Madonna has done was taken from people Janet was influenced by her parents, brothers, dorothy d, millie jackson, diana ross, mae west, grace jones and some others. If you are an artist or true musician you know that Madonna is not an artist but you have to admire her for her work ethic. When you speak on Musical influence Janet wins across the board especially when it comes to inspiring through music to be educated, to young girls and guys to be singers and dancers-beyonce, christina A, britney, justin t, neyo, usher, pink, mya, rihanna,kelly clarkson etc. i enjoy Madonna a lot but she is No janet Musically, Madonna just doesn't have the natural born talent but i am still proud of what she has been able to do with what she has and that is truly commendable.

Posted by real talk on Monday, 06.8.15 @ 14:30pm

Janet Jackson became the first artist in music history to score a number one single on Billboard's Hot 100 in three separate calendar years - all from the same album. (and keep in mind this was way before the re-release gimmick with new tracks frenzy)

Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation 1814" produced a record breaking seven top 5 singles on the Hot 100 and four of those reached the #1 spot.

Here are the #1 singles that established the '#1 in three calendar years from the same album' record:

'Miss You Much' ascended to #1 on the Hot 100 in 1989.
'Escapade' and 'Black Cat' both reached #1 on the Hot 100 in 1990.
'Love Will Never Do (Without You)' climbed to #1 on the Hot 100 in 1991.

It's also worth mentioning that Janet STILL holds the record for the most successful debut tour by any artist in music history. Rhythm Nation World Tour, 1990.


Posted by Mike on Sunday, 06.14.15 @ 10:29am

Janet's comeback seems to be right around the corner. She and her team are working social media quite nicely.

She ditched the traditional record labels, created her own (Rhythm Nation Records) and appears to be bucking the system like she's done her entire career. Paying attention nomination committee?

This snippet just came out today. Granted, she's no Barbra Streisand but her voice sounds lovely. If this is what we can look forward to on the new album then her comeback is going to be just fine!


Posted by Marissa on Wednesday, 06.17.15 @ 14:35pm

Great read from billboard.com.http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/6641067/inside-janet-jackson-comeback-gamble-aging-divas

Ageism? hardly. With tour tickets selling briskly and a new album bringing major buzz, the 49-year-old bucks the trend.

Time can be cruel to the female pop star rounding 50. No matter how little her talent might diminish, under the spotlight’s glare, critics gleefully count ­wrinkles and listen for pitchy vocals in a way that rarely happens with male artists. Just ask Madonna, 56, or 45-year-old Mariah Carey, whose journeys into middle age have been ­challenging at best. Britney Spears, 33, Jennifer Lopez, 46, Celine Dion, 47, and Shania Twain, 49, already have taken the Vegas route. (Granted, Cher at 69 seems immune, but she’s the exception to most rules.) Can Janet Jackson, at 49, avoid the syndrome?

She’s off to a strong start. Since a May 16 online tease of “new music, new world tour, a new movement,” Jackson has rapidly reeled off news about the launch of her own Rhythm Nation Records (a worldwide partnership with BMG), her first studio album in seven years and the initial two legs of a world tour, starting Aug. 31.

Jackson’s new single, “No Sleeep,” rose to No. 5 in its second week on Billboard’s Adult R&B airplay chart -- her first top five hit on that tally in 11 years -- and the song will get added sizzle when the album version, featuring red-hot rapper J. Cole, goes to radio on July 23. But most of all, her 65-date Unbreakable Tour is selling tickets at a blazing clip. According to promoter Live Nation, 88 percent of the tickets on the trek’s first leg (Aug. 31 to Nov. 15) were purchased two weeks after going on sale; nearly 80 percent of the tickets for the second leg (Jan. 12 to March 9) were gone in two days.

After a long lukewarm period, it seems the world wants Janet Jackson back. Still, by diva standards, the Janet rollout has had a relatively low profile so far. Why? “I think there’s a desperation to a lot of the older divas,” says Jon Cohen, evp of recorded music at BMG US. “They’ve got to hit it out of the park. With Janet, if she doesn’t put out a cross-format smash right out of the box, people think it isn’t a success, but that’s not it. This was completely calculated.”

Indeed, initial talk of a “multiple Janet projects occurring simultaneously” goes back at least to 2010, according to one source who was working with Jackson at the time. Back then, she was managed by Kenneth Crear and it seemed that new music was imminent, having built up “so much good will” over the years that “you just had to mention her name, it didn’t even have to be anything of substance, and people would go ape-s---t.”

But then, following a 2011 No. 1s tour, Jackson effectively pulled a vanishing act, ­marrying Qatari ­billionaire Wissam Al Mana in 2012 and shelving those very endeavors for what, to longtime fans, seemed like an eternity. Enter Kathy Ireland. The model/­businesswoman took a vested interest in Jackson’s career through Sterling/Winters, Jackson’s ­management company, which is owned by Kathy Ireland Worldwide and run by ­president/COO Stephen Roseberry. Sharing management duties are Jaime Mendoza and Jessica Davenport of JDJ Entertainment, who, as a group, negotiated with BMG to lock down a recording budget for Jackson (to the tune of at least $500,000, according to an insider) along with a sizable marketing spend.

Alternative financing models are becoming the norm even for heritage artists once used to grandiose paydays. Jackson herself landed a record-breaking $32 million deal with Virgin Records in 1991. Nine years later, Carey commanded an $80 ­million contract for four albums. But Carey signed to Epic earlier this year for a more modest advance of $2 million, according to sources. Speaking to Billboard in May, Epic chairman L.A. Reid laid out the lay of the land: For Carey "to even be on the radio at this point in her career is a huge accomplishment," he said. "Because radio doesn't cater to veteran artists or legends. Radio caters to in-the-moment stars."

So what is a Janet Jackson album worth in 2015? She’s one of the most successful artists in pop history, having sold some 20 million albums in the SoundScan era, which began five years after her 1986 breathrough, Control. During that time, she's also notched 10 Hot 100 No. 1s (through 2001) and 27 top 10 singles overall, tying her with Carey and Elton John. Her last album, 2008’s Discipline, has moved a respectable but hardly blockbuster 456,000 units, according to Nielsen Music. Her Number Ones package released in 2009, meanwhile, has moved 273,000 units.

BMG, which is ­providing ­marketing and promotion while the singer retains ownership of the recordings, declines to reveal specifics about Jackson’s ­licensing deal, but an insider familiar with the company’s contracts says BMG tends to favor “small-money, short-term deals.” In Jackson's case: no advance but an attractive back-end (a 50/50 split).

The investment saw the singer through the last seven months of round-the-clock production with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for an album that is eyeing a late September release.

Adds Cohen: “The project needs a level of money to protect it. Janet and her camp are extremely aware that it’s 2015 -- ­everyone is realistic about what record-selling and streaming mean in this era. Janet was very fair about the deal.”

It’s about the long view, says former Virgin president Phil Quartararo, who has a hand in steering Jackson’s current career path as a member of her extended “team,” and that means life for an artist beyond the “pop silo.” Jackson, he says, “has had such a vast career in music, TV and film; she’s not your average pop star. We’re going to work this record for a long time. It’s not something that’s going to come and go.”

Posted by Marissa on Thursday, 07.23.15 @ 11:25am

Looks like about 50 straight no votes for Janet. Right while Rick V was posting. Back to back to back. And there were 40 straight no's on Friday night. Sure does seem odd.

Looks like Janet's got some folks running scared. Her nomination is inevitable. You can continue to fudge the numbers and drop her percentages. Janet will be nominated sooner or later.

Posted by DJ Jack on Sunday, 08.2.15 @ 03:22am


Posted by sean gunsby on Saturday, 08.8.15 @ 16:44pm

Three years ago, I made a prediction, that I had HOPED would never come TRUE.

Sadly, it HAS.

The prediction was that the RRHOF would use the advent of the newly-formed R&B Music Hall of Fame as an EXCUSE..


For the most part, my fears have come TRUE !!!




Are numerous, truly DESERVING, R&B artists...


Chaka Khan & RUFUS,

The Marvelettes





and CHIC....

Have ALL been nominated...several of them over the LAST FEW YEARS...

Has received an INDUCTION...

While numerous OTHER R&B artists...


*****AT ALL !!!*****



















GENE CHANDLER (The Duke of Earl)

Do you mean to tell me that the R&R HoF....


ANY of them ??

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 08.13.15 @ 04:35am

...and what about....










And then the "Hallowed Hall"....

says that it's time to MOVE ON...

and gives walking papers....
to the people MOST LIKELY to NOMINATE and INDUCT these people ???

...move on to WHAT ???

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 08.13.15 @ 04:44am

Janet Jackson deserves to win this year....

Posted by Angie Holmes on Monday, 08.17.15 @ 19:06pm

Janet Jackson's forte is definitely acting. She has been doing this since she was a little girl. I have enjoyed some of her performances. I think that she did an outstanding job of portraying former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a SNL skit. I have no doubt that if she were to continue acting that she might win an Academy award someday.

However, unfortunately most of the public are only familiar with her striptease act during the 2004 Superbowl halftime show and her topless appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and of course, her many videos where she dances.

Now that she is married to a Qatari billionaire, she does not really have to pursue her career any longer.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Monday, 08.17.15 @ 19:45pm

As I had said previously. "Janet Jackson is a relatively good actress." Now, induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is a different matter entirely.

1. Has she been influential on other artists? Yes

2. Does she have a history of consecutively great albums? Maybe

3. Does she write her own lyrics?

4. Does she write her own music, or does she have professional songwriters write her songs for her?

5. Does she sing her songs, or lip synch, in concert?

6. Did Quincy Jones, or any other great producers ever want to work with her, because of her extraordinary talent?

Okay, Janet worshippers, convince me that your so-called goddess meets those criteria and provide me with substantiated proof and I will listen to your arguments.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 08.23.15 @ 12:45pm

As I had said previously. "Janet Jackson is a relatively good actress." Now, induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is a different matter entirely.

1. Has she been influential on other artists? Yes

2. Does she have a history of consecutively great albums? Maybe

3. Does she write her own lyrics?

4. Does she write her own music, or does she have professional songwriters write her songs for her?

5. Does she sing her songs, or lip synch, in concert?

6. Did Quincy Jones, or any other great producers ever want to work with her, because of her extraordinary talent?

Okay, Janet worshippers, convince me that your so-called goddess meets those criteria and provide me with substantiated proof, from independent sources, not affiliated with Janet, or her production team and I will listen to your
arguments. Otherwise, I will not, under any circumstances whatsoever ever support her induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, period!

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 08.23.15 @ 12:51pm

Oh, one more thing: stop voting against my favorite artists, or I will convince my numerous colleagues to vote against your artist. Thank you.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 08.23.15 @ 13:09pm

3-5, you are wrong to demand as criteria. 3 & 4 certainly HELP make a case stronger, but it has never been, nor should it EVER be required that an artist write any, let alone all or even the lion's share of their lyrics-writing. There's no other way to say it, really, as any level of sugarcoating fails to make the point in a way you will comprehend: you are in the wrong to demand this. End of story, and no amount of verbal diarrhea from you that would impress even Penn Jillette makes you right to try and make that a criterion.

But Google and Wikipedia are wonderful tools and in ten seconds, you too can garner a list like on this page:


It may not be the 75% you WRONGLY insist upon, but yes, she does write songs.

As for #5, the answer is probably both. Sometimes, every singer or band has an off-night, where they aren't feeling the best. Or one of the songs the people love, the performers don't want to sing because it's one of their touger numbers. Some power through and sound like shit, thus disappointing their fans ultimately, and some cancel which is a logistical nightmare for the artist, the venue, and the fans, so lip-syncing once in awhile or on that aforementioned difficult song is just a fact of the industry. So she probably does a mix of both.

In response to your earlier comment, her wardrobe malfunction is probably the only thing YOU know her for, but that doesn't mean that's the only thing anyone knows her for. Heck, it's not even among the first five things that come to my mind when you mention her name. Stop projecting.

As for her producers, it's hard to say, we may never know for fact if it's her talent or her name. But one thing IS clear.... all of the Jackson siblings have had solo hits (except Tito, who lived vicariously through his sons that formed the group 3T). But six of them had very few, very short-lived solo careers. Jermaine's was middling to a degree, but with a good track record. That means of the nine, two of them were major standouts, with long-lasting careers and powerful name recognition. Do you think that's even possible without extraordinary talent, to rise to the top, especially from the position as the baby of the family, to outdo all but one of your sibs? Does that happen without talent?

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 08.23.15 @ 13:15pm

Here is some real RHOF material.. She is at the top of her game for years... She co writes and produces.. Has a lot of control of her music and stage performance.. This is Her act ,, She more than a singer in a production group...This is what I am talking about....

Posted by RBFAN on Sunday, 08.23.15 @ 15:01pm


Listening to some Pop Trash this morning Duran Duran. Usually agree on the Duran Duran Rush & Prog posts but don't understand this slight of Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson has been very influential on the music scene. She should receive a nomination in 2015-2016 and will be inducted within next 5 years. With recent inductions of Madonna, Donna Summer, Joan Jett etc. Janet Jackson is at the top of female eligible artists with Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, Mariah, Whitney etc.

Like Duran Duran, Janet Jackson music has continued to evolve from Control which had a pop and dance flavor to Rhythm Nation a concept album with Rhythm Nation as a hit. Impressive dancing choreography and a nice mix of rock/pop hits. I remember the Janet album when I was in the military. Smooth songs like Sade. That's The Way Love Goes, Again.

There's really not much argument against JJ. Maybe, her voice couldn't break glass like Whitney or Mariah but there are many good singers who don't have that range. Marissa, Mike and others have documented several of Janet Jackson's hits, influence examples, and awards JJ has received. Wrong on this one Enig. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 08.23.15 @ 18:09pm

Pitchfork.com recently released their "Top 200 Songs of the 1980s" - and it's quite a list! Janet Jackson has 3 entries.

#126. Janet Jackson - "Control"
At this point, it seems as if Janet Jackson and her longtime studio accomplices Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were always the model for artist-producer synergy, twin forces forever meant to exist in tandem. Like most matters of pop, songwriting, and the industry, though, this theory appears to unravel with a bit with research. In fact, much of Janet’s breakthrough 1986 album Control was originally written for R&B singer Sharon Bryant, but she decided they were too "rambunctious." Yet Jackson, who was trying to put her bubblegum teenage years behind her, took charge of Control as no one else could. She wrote the toplines and arranged the complex vocals, which mix spoken-word, nonchalant rap-singing, and little iconic GIF-bursts of ad-libs. She helped with keyboards and synths. She reached into the Jam & Lewis machine and bent every part of it to her will, rearranging all the gears into a coat of armor. "Control" is the sound of Janet Jackson underlining her career moves, her decisions, her identity. —Katherine St. Asaph

#48. Janet Jackson - "When I Think of You"
This atypical love song is perfect for an album called Control: confident, crisp, precise. On "When I Think of You", Janet's lover sounds like a port in a storm, a talisman she can clutch when the world around her is spinning. Brash, blocky keyboard notes jump out from the back of the arrangement like external stressors, only to be constrained by Jam and Lewis’ ultra-tight rhythms: Nothing can penetrate her cocoon of affection. But when that initial giddy rush starts to sour, the appeal of something sturdier begins to reveal itself.

Janet hadn’t yet turned 20 when Control came out, but she had already gone through a marriage and an annulment. Taken another way, those same keyboard hits aren’t agents of chaos—they’re forces from within, the sounds of a heart trying to leap out of someone’s chest. It’s a delicate balance to strike: Janet is turning to her lover for calm, but she’s also trying to protect herself. "When I Think of You" isn’t overtly interested in sexual liberation or personal progression like the music of janet. or The Velvet Rope, but it’s a necessary precursor to those records. It’s defined by agency and predicated on action; it treats a healthy relationship as another element of self-care. That might not be a revelatory statement, but it’s another astute one from an artist who would go on to redefine the boundaries of personal satisfaction. —Jamieson Cox

#27. Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Without You)There isn’t a modern analog for the fearless daring of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 album cycle. Dressed in stark monochrome and executing choreography that resembled hand-to-hand combat more than traditional hip-hop dance, Jackson chased her 1986 breakthrough Control with a brash political gambit. "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" seems to hang back on the seriousness of Rhythm Nation’s social consciousness in favor of a simple song of devotion--though "simple" does this towering six-minute epic very little justice. Everything in the mix hits like percussion, and Janet’s voice glides coolly over top as she celebrates her lover while sneakily letting him know she could have anyone she wants. Beyonce stepping out in 1814 gear on a recent Halloween night confirmed what some of us suspected all along: Homegirl’s been taking notes. —Craig Jenkins

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 08.26.15 @ 18:08pm

Thanks for posting that Pitchfork list. I hadn't seen it. Interesting Janet selections and it just goes to show how strong her back catalog truly is. I haven't participated in the "Essential Songs" area but Control is the only song of the three selected by PitchFork as 1980's standouts that FutureRockLegends deems essential.

Love Will Never Do (Without You) should DEFINITELY be included as one of Janet's essential songs.

Posted by Marissa on Friday, 08.28.15 @ 16:29pm

New York Times review of Janet Jackson's opening night in Vancouver, BC.


VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- A newly demure Janet Jackson started her
"Unbreakable World Tour" at Rogers Arena here on Monday night. She was dressed in white and covered, like her dancers and musicians, from shoulders to shoes. And she avoided one big subset of her songwriting: her salacious, sometimes kinky whispers. That left Ms. Jackson, 49, to play the many other, less titillating roles that have given her major hits and made her an enduring influence across pop and R&B.

It has been four years since Ms. Jackson toured, and seven since she released a studio album; she has announced the impending release of a new one, “Unbreakable.” In 2012, Ms. Jackson married a Qatari businessman, Wissam al-Mana, and largely disappeared from public view before resurfacing to tour. Her Vancouver concert included three unreleased songs and the insinuating “No Sleeep,” the first single from “Unbreakable.” The concert’s finale, a ballad with Motown roots, was presumably the album’s title song; it praised enduring love, announcing, “It’s unbreakable.”

In songs and videos as early as her 1986 album, “Control,” Ms. Jackson staked out possibilities that have been seized by many younger hit makers. Her songs with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, her longtime collaborators in songwriting and production, extrapolated from her brother Michael and from Prince — then seen as rivals — while adding the Olympian optimism of Diana Ross and her own increasingly explicit eroticism. But even her risqué details were usually proffered to a man she loved, making romance carnal.

In Vancouver, her “Unbreakable” tour set arrived as medleys that touched on as many hits as possible, grouping the songs by persona and tempo.

She was the woman taking charge (funk), the joyfully loyal lover (upbeat pop), the ballad singer, the woman left lonely (midtempo R&B), the party girl (dance club beats), the rocker (with guitar up front) and, in the end, the idealist.

She also established her hip-hop connections. The opening song, a new one about D.J.s and dancing, had Missy Elliott rapping (on video) in praise of Ms. Jackson, and Ms. Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place” was updated with a bit of Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice,” which had sampled “Any Time, Any Place.” J. Cole, also on video, rapped on “No Sleeep.”

Most of the songs based their arrangements on the album tracks, propulsive and bustling. Yet when the band was pared back for ballads, Ms. Jackson’s exposed voice was still secure, never as delicate as she could make it sound. The rock songs included “Scream” as a duet with the voice of Michael Jackson; she belted it with a raw urgency.

Life is still a line dance for Ms. Jackson. For most of her concert, she was flanked by dancers in white who staked out geometric formations and usually echoed her every angular move: the jutting elbows, the quick head turns, the canted legs, the precise hip twitches, some of them familiar from the choreography in her old videos.

The dancers are her retinue and her troops, maybe even her cult, a vision of strength and solidarity even when Ms. Jackson was singing about one-on-one relationships.

As the concert neared its end, Ms. Jackson moved from the personal to the communal, summoning the staccato funk and calls for collective action of “Rhythm Nation”; suddenly, the number of onstage dancers more than doubled, all moving in sync.

Next came a new song: a ballad that marched its way toward an anthem, part U2 and part trance music. The video screens showed photographs of the poor and homeless, as well as a shot with a Canadian message, with a protester’s sign addressing the country’s prime minister, Stephen Harper: “Harper: No Tar Sands Pipelines.” Her dancers pumped fists in the air, and she sang, “We won’t accept excuses/We tolerate no abuses” and “Make this world a better place.” It was the virtuous Janet Jackson, the one who was always there.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 14:44pm

Stellar reviews continue to pour in for Janet's Unbreakable World Tour.

EW.com spoke with producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis about reuniting again with Janet and the new album:

"It's wonderful to be creating again with Janet,” they said in a statement. “From songwriting, producing, arranging, singing, dancing, acting, she deftly does it all and truly personifies the word ARTIST. Unbreakable is a gift to all of her fans who have steadfastly stood by her.”

Unbreakable is not only shaping up to be one of 2015's best -- it could very well rank up with her upper echelon of works like Rhythm Nation 1814, The Velvet Rope, janet. & Control.

#InductJanet #RockHall2016

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 09.3.15 @ 16:24pm


I would like to see Janet get inducted this year. Things are in her favor. Carole King & Stevie Nicks inducted already so I don't see 2 inductions for them. Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey might cancel each other out. It's possible Janet Jackson & Pat Benatar make the ballot together. Janet will be 50 in May and it's 30 years since Control. Almost like destiny. Black Cat is probably my FAV Janet Jackson song. That was an excellent song. She can dance and sing which makes her a good headliner at the RRHOF induction. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 09.3.15 @ 23:21pm

I agree, KING. The timing definitely feels right for Janet this year.

Oh - and she rocks the heck out of Black Cat on this new tour. Janet's definitely got an edge...

Posted by Mike on Friday, 09.4.15 @ 09:20am

The RAVE reviews for Janet's new album, Unbreakable, continue to pour in. Here's Time's review:


Posted by Mike on Thursday, 10.1.15 @ 10:33am

Great throwback article from the LA Times today. Ironically, written by former NomCom member Robert Hilburn.


An excerpt from the article that should provide some food for thought for the naysayers out there...

Jimmy Jam, who co-produced Jackson's two best-selling albums, seemed surprised in a separate interview that Jackson would worry about anyone suspecting she was some kind of pop creation. He, too, sees Jackson as a "strong, natural" talent.

"To begin with, when someone says, 'Well, she brought in a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis,' you've got to remember that we weren't exactly (the hottest producers around.) We weren't Quincy Jones," he said in phone interview from Minneapolis." 'Control' was our first . . . smash. The same with Paula Abdul. It wasn't like Janet was (hiring) Fred Astaire. You know what I'm saying? She took a chance on all of us.

"So, the question (can be debated): Who raised who to what level? I think everyone benefited. I know Janet has taken our songs and raised them to a new level of success. Bottom line: none of it would have happened without her."

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 10.1.15 @ 15:57pm



As Arsenio would say, " Things that make you go "Hmmmm"....

Janet Jackson's career and her RRHOF induction chances are derailed by one "wardrobe malfunction", Yet, Madonna releases an entire X-RATED BOOK about "SEX" and SHE GETS INDUCTED.


Posted by Bill G. on Monday, 10.5.15 @ 01:58am

8 years is not a snub especially with more important artist being kept out longer.

Wardrobe malfunction - give me a break!

Let's talk about the real reason. The molestation charges against her

Is this Janice campaign supposed to make people forget?

Dragging his kids out isn't bad enough.

From what was coming out that there was abuse in the family - she was clueless to what was going on. Can you say enabler?

Posted by Zuzu on Monday, 10.5.15 @ 07:39am

^Nice to see you again, Enig. ;)

You continue to sound ridiculous.

Enjoy your day.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.5.15 @ 09:56am

Let's see if E posts another 15 or so no votes this morning at 4 am back to back like they've every single day for the past 3 months....

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.6.15 @ 21:48pm

Thumbs up to her nomination this year. It's her ninth year of eligibility, which isn't too bad (Chicago had to wait 20+ years for its first nod).

Posted by JR on Thursday, 10.8.15 @ 09:58am

Psst......Madonna has been in it since 2008.

Posted by It's not about Madonna. on Saturday, 10.10.15 @ 11:19am

Did I miss something? I assumed this was for the R&R Hall of Fame.
If so, most of you need to revisit that place. Madonna was inducted in 2008. She is already in the Hall. Duh.
Janet is a rocker with rock songs on several of her albums. The most famous (Black Cat) reached #1 on the Rock and Roll Charts in 1989/1990, when rock was still ROCK. So there you go.
She also has a slew of unbroken records by anyone. Even the most famous of Jacksons.

Posted by John on Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 19:00pm

With Unbreakable, Janet sends her seventh album to #1. Pretty incredible for an independent artist doing it without a record label.

Bucking the trend and setting the standard. Again!

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 10.18.15 @ 09:17am

Janet Jackson is still breaking records on the charts and influencing new artists after 30 years of making major hit music. She is long overdue for this honor! She has more than proved she is worthy to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She is a part of one of the most famous, internationally known musical families in history and something would be a true injustice if she does not make it in, in 2016!

Posted by TicietheGreat on Monday, 10.19.15 @ 17:16pm

Janet Jackson is still breaking records on the charts and influencing new artists after 30 years of making major hit music. She is long overdue for this honor! She has more than proved she is worthy to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She is a part of one of the most famous, internationally known musical families in history and something would be a true injustice if she does not make it in, in 2016!

Posted by TicietheGreat on Monday, 10.19.15 @ 17:16pm


Not to mention that "Unbreakable" just topped the Billboard 200 Album chart and is receiving some of the best reviews and critical acclaim of her career.

It's definitely time!

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.24.15 @ 05:59am

Any chance the voters will pass on Janet Jackson?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 11.14.15 @ 07:29am

Anything is possible, Roy.

With "Unbreakable" debuting at #1 (her seventh #1 album, by the way) --- it'll be a bit of a surprise if she doesn't make the cut. Just my opinion, of course.

We'll know in a month. #InductJanet

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 11.14.15 @ 08:55am

I think Janet is a shoo-in at this point... they'll induct her before they induct Chaka.

Posted by Tim on Monday, 11.16.15 @ 02:36am

Janet's "No Sleeep" has risen back to the top of the Urban AC chart - marking a tenth week at #1.

Ironically, "Unbreakable" the follow up single rises to #10. Janet enjoys two top 10 hits on the same Urban chart this week.

#1 album (Unbreakable) and worldwide sold-out arenas for the Unbreakable World Tour only solidifies Janet's inductions chances.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 11.20.15 @ 03:27am

25 Top Ten Hits , including 10 # 1's .
And THAT'S only in America !!!
Internationally, She has had far MORE !!!

Posted by Bill G. on Tuesday, 12.1.15 @ 18:38pm

I agree that she will be inducted, but number of hits and album sales aren't priorities with the Hall...

Posted by dmg on Tuesday, 12.1.15 @ 19:37pm

Will Janet Jackson make it to 10 million votes before Rock Hall fan poll closes? December 15 is the last day.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 12.4.15 @ 07:52am

It's a shame they didn't address the tampered with fan votes. If there wasn't a 'problem' identified, why were they forced to place restrictions on their process to eliminate the bot voting.

They should have closed it weeks ago. It's mathematically impossible for an artist to catch up. Oh well. Guess the Hall will tout their record number of votes in the press and call it a day.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 12.6.15 @ 23:09pm

Unbreakable by Janet Jackson continues to appear on many year end best-of lists. Pretty remarkable considering she's been on the music scene since the early 1980s.

Posted by Nick on Monday, 12.14.15 @ 22:20pm

Janet's Hall of Fame credentials has to do with the fact that, along with Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Whitney Houston, she helped to define the modern dance pop movement from the 1980s onwards, not only that but she helped to contribute to R&B's futuristic direction. Missy Elliott is a pretty good example of that. She has influence and her four albums between 1986 (Control) and 1997 (The Velvet Rope) definitely have artistic merit. That would stand out more than just how much she sold.

Posted by Tim on Tuesday, 12.15.15 @ 00:32am

Pitchfork.com places Janet's "No Sleeep" in their Best Tracks of 2015.

"Even if she hadn’t re-emerged with her first studio album in seven years, Janet Jackson was already embodied in R&B’s 2015 landscape—the sound of her work with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis was everywhere. Janet’s defiant spirit echoed in the likes of alt-R&B stars like FKA twigs and Kelela, her coos in more mainstream singers like Tinashe and Jhené Aiko, and in Carly Rae Jepsen’s recent work with another Jam-Lewis acolyte, Dev Hynes. Even the men amalgamating pop, R&B and rock—Miguel, Jason Derulo, and the Weeknd—worshiped at her altar.

When Jackson returned with "No Sleeep" she embraced her status as elder stateswoman. Rather than bend to the current trends of uptown funk and electronic hybrids (ground she’s already trod in her formidable catalog), she returned with an air of assurance, never needing to rise above the purr of pillow talk to set the mood. Working with Jam & Lewis to conjure this quiet storm, Janet also documented the wee hours of the night. She sings of a time that’s around "half past five," but here it’s a time where touch and feel is the realest of sensations. —Andy Beta"


Posted by Marissa on Tuesday, 12.15.15 @ 06:36am

I'm very surprised Janet Jackson was not inducted for 2016. She had plenty of support from Induct Janet plus the album and tour. Mark & Marissa made several valid points throughout this year discussing Janet's hits, examples of who she influenced, awards gathered, etc. This was a very strong ballot. Looks like it became a numbers game with the strict 5 inductees. Janet should be back on the ballot next year. Janet's still younger than most nominees and looking good. I feel worse for The Spinners and YES who are older. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 00:27am

Rolling Stone, SPIN, Billboard, Cosmopolitan, Pitchfork, Ebony and many, many others all have "Unbreakable" on their year end best of 2015 lists.

Janet's sold-out tour will continue a second leg through the USA and then hits Europe before returning to the USA for a third leg.
I'd venture a guess that we'll see Janet on the ballot again next year.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 16:39pm

Robert Hilburn wrote a great piece for the LA Times: Janet Jackson Finally Learns To Say 'I'


An important excerpt:
Jimmy Jam, who co-produced Jackson's two best-selling albums, seemed surprised in a separate interview that Jackson would worry about anyone suspecting she was some kind of pop creation. He, too, sees Jackson as a "strong, natural" talent.

"To begin with, when someone says, 'Well, she brought in a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis,' you've got to remember that we weren't exactly (the hottest producers around.) We weren't Quincy Jones," he said in phone interview from Minneapolis. " 'Control' was our first . . . smash. The same with Paula. It wasn't like Janet was (hiring) Fred Astaire. You know what I'm saying? She took a chance on all of us .

"So, the question (can be debated): Who raised who to what level? I think everyone benefited. I know Janet has taken our songs and raised them to a new level of success. Bottom line: none of it would have happened without her."


Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 09:26am

Billboard recently released their Greatest of All-Time Hot 100 Artists. Janet Jackson ranks an impressive 7th on the list - notably ahead of her big brother and Whitney Houston.

Janet is in good company at the top of the heap - The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, etc.

Janet deserves another nomination in 2016. And this time I'm pretty sure she'll make induction.

Posted by Marissa on Thursday, 12.31.15 @ 16:16pm

janet doesn't have the votes to be inducted i think she has a weaker voice compared to mariah and whitney her best cds were light years ago she might be nominated again but i don't see her as important as madonna and whitney were love whitney's voice have janet 50 on the 100 hall of fame criteria she's a taurus though that she will persevere to succeed can't count her out

Posted by vick on Friday, 01.1.16 @ 23:49pm

Some great insight from producer Jimmy Jam on Janet Jackson's work ethic and creative involvement in her albums.


Q: After the success of Control, Janet was still regarded as Michael's little sister and a one album wonder. Can you delve into Janet Jackson's work ethic and talent during the making of the Rhythm Nation 1814 album?

Jimmy Jam: She outworked most of the people we've ever worked with. Janet does all of her background vocals and not just the lead vocals. The idea with her has always been that she does all of her own vocals, so that it's totally a Janet record. If you think about the way we did the harmonies for this album, I think about the song "Love Will Never Do (Without You)," which had some of the most intricate harmonies, particularly at the end of the song, where things are overlapping each other.

There may be 32 tracks of vocals at that point in the song, where we would take a four part harmony and we have her do each note four times, which would be sixteen takes. If we had to put another part on top of that, we would do the same thing, so then there would be 32 vocal takes not counting the leads. We would do the backgrounds first to get her voice warmed up, so when it came time to do the leads it was simple, because her voice had warmed up. It takes a lot discipline and work ethic to do that. To me, the only person close to Janet in that regard is Ralph Tresvant from New Edition.

Once Janet goes in the room to sing, she is not coming out until she's done. She may be in there three to four hours or sometimes longer and we felt really bad, but she wanted to stay in there. So, she would work and hit every note. Sometimes, I would give her a harmony where the notes would be right next to each other and they would sound horrible. It just wouldn't work. I would say to her, "These two notes may not sound right until I get the next note on here, but trust me it's going to work." She said, "Okay. I trust you, Jimmy." She would sing it and nail it. Then, when we put the next note on it, it would be this harmony, and it would turn out crazy in a good way. Janet was totally committed and worked very long hours.

Away from the studio she was still doing the business of being Janet Jackson. She was setting up the tour, because she knew she was going to go on tour behind Rhythm Nation 1814. She was going through artwork and credits that needed to be done. There were several deadlines outside of the recording of the record. The other thing she did and I liken her to a fighter between fights, Janet loves food between fights, but when it came time to take those pictures and make those music videos, Janet would shut all that down.

She would work out every single day with her trainer, Tony Martinez. She would be on a limited number of carbs she could eat, and we could always tell when she was doing that, because she wasn't quite as nice as when she was allowed to eat what she wanted. [laughs] But she would work. We would watch her transform the last two months of doing the record. She would work so hard to lose the weight and there weren't any tricks involved. She would be in the snow running, or on the bike in the studio. She worked her butt off, so when you talk about work ethic, it's not only about what she did in the studio, but it was her handling the business of being Janet Jackson.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 01.13.16 @ 05:38am

Another noteworthy excerpt:

Jimmy Jam on the early stages of Rhythm Nation 1814: When you're sitting in the studio for long hours, you tend to watch a lot of television. Back then, there were probably 50 channels. You had to have MTV, BET, VH1, and CNN. These channels were constantly playing on our TV in the studio. We would flip between MTV to watch music videos and CNN to see what was happening in the world. Somehow, it almost became a blur to us. We would see something tragic happening like a school shooting or gang violence. These images became one thought and Janet felt very strongly about addressing it. At that moment it was kind of a no brainer that this was going to be the theme of the album. "Rhythm Nation", "State of the World" and "The Knowledge" come to mind. We laid down those slick, hard beats and Janet brought the lyrical components and we'd all collaborate from there.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 01.13.16 @ 05:44am

Rhythm Nation 1814 album intro:
We are a nation with no geographic boundaries - bound together through our beliefs.
We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision
Pushing toward a world rid of color lines.

Rhythm Nation 1814 album outro:
In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us. Don't let your eyes deceive you.

Posted by Marissa on Sunday, 01.24.16 @ 10:13am

30 years ago today, the "Control" album was released. From that point forward Janet was no longer just considered "Michael's baby sister."

Social media has been ablaze all day celebrating the anniversary.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 18:29pm

The Voting Committee really blundered Mike not inducting Janet. 30 year anniversary for Control and Miss Janet turns 50 in May. Could have been a grand celebration in New York for Janet but not to be. I think she could be inducted in 2017. Can't think of many woman artists who can compete with Janet taking her entire package of singing and dancing. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 18:56pm

Some career standouts from Janet Jackson's resume.....(from the InductJanet Facebook page)

-Career spans five decades, beginning in the mid 1970's performing with her legendary family on stage and TV, and acting in shows like “Good Times”, “Different Strokes”
-Solo music career begin in 1982
-First female artist to have five back to back #1 albums
-Third artist in history (Behind Barbara Streisand and Bruce Springsteen) to have a #1 album in four consecutive decades.
-10 #1's on the “Billboard Hot 100”, along with more than 45 “Hot 100” hits
-Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 was the first album in history to place seven singles in the top five; four of which bolted to #1
-With “Rhythm Nation 1814” Janet became only the 2nd female in history (and the first female artist in the 90s) to have the best-selling album of the year.
-First female artist to sweep an award show telecast (The 1990 billboard awards) receiving 8 awards during the broadcast, and 7 awards after the broadcast for “Rhythm Nation”, giving her 15 awards for one album.
-Janet's Rhythm Nation 1814 world tour sold out across the globe and went on to become the most successful debut tour by any artist in history. (still holds true today)
-Janet has received the most “Billboard Music Awards” in history at 33 wins
-“All For You” was the first single in history to be added to every CHR, Rhythmic and Urban station in its first week in 2001
-Janet ranks second (behind only Aretha Franklin) as the female artist with the most #1's on the “Billboard R&B Chart”
-Janet was the first female artist to receive a Grammy nomination for “Producer of the Year” along with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for 1989’s Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 set.
-She is the only artist in history to receive Grammy nominations that span multiple formats like Dance, Pop, Rock, Rap and R&B.
-Many critics praise “Control” and “Rhythm Nation” for bridging the gap between Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop genres. Creating a unique sound that still inspires music today.
-Janet has received 6 Grammy© Awards and 12 American Music Awards
-Unbreakable debuted at #1 in 2015, marking Janet's 7th #1 album
-160 million records sold worldwide

Posted by Marissa on Monday, 02.22.16 @ 05:28am

Some career standouts from Janet Jackson's resume.....(from the InductJanet Facebook page)

-Career spans five decades, beginning in the mid 1970's performing with her legendary family on stage and TV, and acting in shows like “Good Times”, “Different Strokes”
-Solo music career begin in 1982
-First female artist to have five back to back #1 albums
-Third artist in history (Behind Barbara Streisand and Bruce Springsteen) to have a #1 album in four consecutive decades.
-10 #1's on the “Billboard Hot 100”, along with more than 45 “Hot 100” hits
-Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 was the first album in history to place seven singles in the top five; four of which bolted to #1
-With “Rhythm Nation 1814” Janet became only the 2nd female in history (and the first female artist in the 90s) to have the best-selling album of the year.
-First female artist to sweep an award show telecast (The 1990 billboard awards) receiving 8 awards during the broadcast, and 7 awards after the broadcast for “Rhythm Nation”, giving her 15 awards for one album.
-Janet's Rhythm Nation 1814 world tour sold out across the globe and went on to become the most successful debut tour by any artist in history. (still holds true today)
-Janet has received the most “Billboard Music Awards” in history at 33 wins
-“All For You” was the first single in history to be added to every CHR, Rhythmic and Urban station in its first week in 2001
-Janet ranks second (behind only Aretha Franklin) as the female artist with the most #1's on the “Billboard R&B Chart”
-Janet was the first female artist to receive a Grammy nomination for “Producer of the Year” along with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for 1989’s Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 set.
-She is the only artist in history to receive Grammy nominations that span multiple formats like Dance, Pop, Rock, Rap and R&B.
-Many critics praise “Control” and “Rhythm Nation” for bridging the gap between Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop genres. Creating a unique sound that still inspires music today.
-Janet has received 6 Grammy© Awards and 12 American Music Awards
-Unbreakable debuted at #1 in 2015, marking Janet's 7th #1 album
-160 million records sold worldwide

Posted by Marissa on Monday, 02.22.16 @ 05:28am

What is taking so long? Janet Jackson should have been inducted years ago. There have been so many artists that have been influenced by her... not once has Janet ever been duplicated. She is definitely a legend... she has a phenomenal music career as well... no doubt about that. Like Nike, "Just Do It"!

Posted by Shan Lighty on Sunday, 03.20.16 @ 08:27am

Seriously. Has it come to this?

Posted by Wow .com on Tuesday, 03.29.16 @ 01:56am

Can you name the only artist in history to be nominated for a Grammy in 5 different musical genres? (R&B, Pop, Dance, Rock, Rap)

Answer: Janet Jackson

Posted by Marissa on Tuesday, 04.12.16 @ 18:36pm

Janet Jackson is an inspiration to so many people. Her music is amazing.

Posted by James Majestic on Thursday, 04.28.16 @ 20:59pm

It is almost impossible to leave the shadow of The Jackson's and then Michael. She did that in a huge way. Her music and influence is far-reaching...and will be for a long time. It is laughable that the public has to appeal to you for something that is common sense.

Posted by Anthony Evans on Monday, 05.2.16 @ 18:41pm

Yes she needs to be inducted

Posted by Frank Ruggiero on Saturday, 05.7.16 @ 04:21am

Without a doubt. And 2017 looks perfect for Janet.

Posted by Marissa on Monday, 05.9.16 @ 00:18am

On this date back in 1990, BMI honored Janet as 'Songwriter of the Year.' At the time, Janet was the youngest female artist to receive that award.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 05.10.16 @ 08:29am

Janet Jackson belongs in the Rock Hall of Fame. PERIOD. If you look at her body of work even with the Unbreakable album, you cannot deny that she brings relevance to the musical landscape, even with being out of the spotlight for more than seven years...there's nothing more for her to do or prove to anyone at this point going forward...after losing MJ and Prince, she and Madonna are the only ones left of the old guard, so induct her and let's be done with the talk...you cannot tell them or show them how much you love their music or performances when they are gone, departed from us, so do it now while they are alive and can appreciate it.

Posted by Anessia Horns on Saturday, 06.4.16 @ 18:07pm

Please can you include 'Unbreakable' on to the Albums list.

It's terribly underrated and seriously packed with a diverse array of influence such as Soul, Funk, Rock, Folk, Ambient, Dance, House, Pop, R'nB and Adult Contemporary.

Posted by Gray on Wednesday, 07.27.16 @ 14:15pm


Janet Jackson | 100 Fans. 100 Reasons. #InductJanet.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 08.15.16 @ 21:16pm


Janet Jackson | 100 Fans. 100 Reasons. #InductJanet.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 08.15.16 @ 21:18pm

That fan-made video for #InductJanet is pretty amazing.
What a solid campaign! They just continue to do everything right!

Posted by Marissa on Tuesday, 08.16.16 @ 03:09am

There's no reason why this woman shouldn't be inducted!! Her career is everlasting (rich with hits and number 1's over 4 decades) and countless awards!! Honor this legend while she is still living because we all know tomorrow isn't promise.

Posted by C on Tuesday, 08.16.16 @ 12:43pm

Creative impact and influence: Janet Jackson released the first 'visual album' concept back in 1989 with Rhythm Nation 1814. Many seem to forget that. And it was a HUGE risk that A&M label executives weren't too thrilled about.

We need to give credit where credit is due. #InductJanet


Posted by Mike on Friday, 08.19.16 @ 08:32am

Janet Jackson, where does one even begin? Rather than type a book, I will just say, Janet has earned her place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Janet's influence on the music industry, her accomplishments in the industry, her influence on today's artists, her talent,her ability to compose, write, then bring it all to life through her amazing dancing skills, Janet's impact is immeasurable. In 2016, an album she released over thirty years ago is still referenced for it's greatness.(Rhythm Nation)Janet's presence will validate what I consider the Rock Hall to be, An institution where America's greatest are listed.

Posted by Brenda on Thursday, 09.1.16 @ 16:53pm

I think Janet has done more than enough to get inducted. Plus, if her contemporaries Madonna & Michael Jackson have already been inducted, then why not Janet?

Posted by Christian on Tuesday, 09.13.16 @ 17:07pm

Janet is a LEGEND. Janet's videos were ground breaking and she has influenced so many current artists. Her albums are classics and not to mention her elaborate tours. Janet deserves to be inducted.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.3.16 @ 08:42am

Janet Jackson received an American Music Award nomination this morning. Favorite Female Artist - Soul / R&B

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.10.16 @ 16:04pm

Janet is definitely having a fantastic Fall season. First, her long overdue and very happy pregnancy news.

Second came the exciting news of the American Music Award nomination in the Best Female Artist - Soul / R&B category. If Janet takes home the trophy, this will be her 12th American Music Award.

And then this past week, she gets the news of a second straight nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This one is absolutely thrilling for her fans and the #InductJanet movement. Sure hope she's proud ---- and certainly hope she's inducted. Very, very, very well deserved.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.24.16 @ 06:32am


The music for Let's Wait Awhile was taken from the song Daisy Jane by America. Janet also says "slow it down" at the 4-minute mark of the song, the way Ralph Tresvant says it in the New Edition song "Cool It Now."

And I thought Janet Jackson's borrowing and sampling days started with "If" - using the Supremes opening to Reflections.

Last year my ears finally caught on to the fact that Rhythm Nation borrows from a Sly and the Family Stone song.

Does Come Back To Me borrow from anywhere?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 11.5.16 @ 19:38pm


Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis are nominated for the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 11.5.16 @ 20:33pm

Janet has more longevity than Madonna. She has been dancing and singing on stage since she was 7. They started around the music scene around the same time. Janet is still rocking at 50. She will be like a Tina Turner of our generation. Madonna is an icon in her own right. I love Madonna. Madonna is the last of the icons born in the same year as Michael Jackson and Prince. Janet deserves to be inducted. She is still a living icon and performing. We won't see this level of entertainment again. Let more women be nominated for this special honor. Start with Janet.

Posted by James on Thursday, 12.8.16 @ 06:52am

Anybody know who the first African American female was to be nominated for Producer of the Year - Grammy category?

Posted by Marissa on Sunday, 12.11.16 @ 21:10pm


That would be Janet Jackson. She received the Producer of the Year Grammy nomination in 1990 for the epic "Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814."

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 12.13.16 @ 06:09am

Janet snubbed again this year. Unbelievable. I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised, though.

Posted by Christian on Thursday, 12.22.16 @ 18:45pm

Janet announced earlier this week that she and hubby welcomed a baby boy to the world. Exciting news to start the new year. She's going to be such a good mom!

Looking forward to what's next for Janet.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 01.7.17 @ 07:26am

There have only been six female Grammy nominees in the Producer of the Year category. Who was the first?

Janet Jackson - for Rhythm Nation 1814


Posted by Mike on Friday, 02.24.17 @ 06:07am

She deserves to be in!! 😃

Posted by Karla Marrone on Thursday, 03.9.17 @ 08:43am

A third straight nomination for Janet Jackson seems likely.
Will the third time be the charm?

Posted by Christian on Thursday, 04.27.17 @ 08:14am

It's time...

Posted by tells on Sunday, 05.14.17 @ 18:54pm

It's an emphatic Yes!

Posted by KHudson on Saturday, 07.29.17 @ 18:17pm

So many Janet fans are cult-like. Its all only about Janet. Janet is like royalty, and every other artist is below her. Do these fans see her in context, or are they single-focused? What is she really? Michael was rightfully "King of Pop" ... but she is not queen of anything musically. Does she belong in the Rock Hall? I say, meh! Meh means who cares! She was a good artist, but really, no need for a pedestal, please! Fanbase stop worshipping your idol. Its tedious. Janet did not change musical history. And stop going on about her being a "woman" producer. Who cares about that!

Posted by Prissypuss on Wednesday, 08.30.17 @ 03:52am

You sound like you need a hug,, sour puss.

Did you know that only 5 females in history have received a Grammy nomination in he Producer of the Year category?
That's why it's a worthy part of the conversation. (Janet was the first)

Janet will be inducted. It's only a matter of time.

Posted by KHudson on Wednesday, 08.30.17 @ 05:08am

Maybe Janet will get in (probably will). Absolutely I know about her being a "female" producer, if I can believe what is written here many times. Do you vote No on every other artist, and only Yes for your idol? Why all the No votes surrounding the Janet Yes votes? Her rabid-ass fans is why. Do I need a hug, KHudson? Not really. But I could do with a lot less cowbell from airbrain Janet nation.

Posted by Prissypuss on Wednesday, 08.30.17 @ 05:38am

Me not like Janet buttheads.

Posted by Dick on Tuesday, 09.12.17 @ 21:37pm

Wth was she thinkin' showing her boob at the Superbowl half-time! But she had on a nipple "shield", is that right? Dag! She shor supprized my boy JT with her liddle antic. Nipplegate! Some a you all Janet fannies like dat, huh? But many did not! Family values!

Posted by Dick on Thursday, 09.28.17 @ 03:36am

I watched Timberlake reach Janet’s to remove a piece of the costume. Janet didn’t expose her breast. Justin did!

As a true class act, she took the heat while her ‘friend’ continued to throw her under the bus again and again. Caucasian privilege in action And it worked. Janet was blackballed from all Clear Channel pwned radio stations.

Justin's album soars to the top and has a solid run.

Inviting that punk to perform at the the Super Bowl halftime. If he shows - she shows. Wake up people. Protect our women. Especially our African American woman!!

Posted by KHudson on Friday, 11.10.17 @ 02:14am

Janet Jackson is the blueprint of music, art, dance, and raising cultural awareness through her music. Her artistic talent is long overdue and

Posted by Aiukli Choctaw` on Monday, 12.18.17 @ 07:38am

It’s ridiculous that Janet Jackson is still waiting for induction.

The bias against female artists by the Hall’s voting committee is embarrassing. And it’s even worse for African American female artists. On the plus side for this latest induction cycle is the addition of Nina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Janet needs to be next.

Posted by Terrence on Sunday, 01.14.18 @ 07:47am

Why does Madonna get inducted on the first try, but not Janet Jackson?

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 01.14.18 @ 08:37am

Why does Madonna get inducted on the first try, but not Janet Jackson?

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 01.14.18 @ 08:37am

It's called having the respect of your peers.

Janet Jackson is the blueprint of music, art, dance, and raising cultural awareness through her music. Her artistic talent is long overdue and

Posted by Aiukli Choctaw` on Monday, 12.18.17 @ 07:38am

Where did this come from? According to Beyonce it was TLC that set the model for r&b female artist.

t’s ridiculous that Janet Jackson is still waiting for induction.

The bias against female artists by the Hall’s voting committee is embarrassing. And it’s even worse for African American female artists. On the plus side for this latest induction cycle is the addition of Nina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Janet needs to be next.

Posted by Terrence on Sunday, 01.14.18 @ 07:47am

Show me how you got that African American women get less respect than women of European descent.

What do you think is a fair breakdown?

Posted by Zuzu on Sunday, 01.14.18 @ 10:34am

First of all, I would like to say congratulations are in order for Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on their induction into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame.

Secondly, I would like to explain some of the many reasons why Janet Jackson has not received a third nomination.

1. She lacks cross-over appeal. Outside of her narrow demographic which so happens to appeal to young gay men, pop music critics and girls whose heyday was in the 1980’s, but are now in their 40’s, who else does her work really appeal to?

2. There are still far more important artists who have not yet been inducted. Think of it this way, there are many more far more important artists that the Rock Hall has not yet even recognized, or nominated. For example, if The Moody Blues, the fathers of PROG, which happens to be a very important genre, are just now getting into the Rock Hall, do you really think that an artist like Janet isn’t going to be on a
very long waiting list.

3. Others have agreed that she has not really done anything that innovative. Innovation is one of the many criteria that the Rock Hall utilizes, in order to evaluate the worthiness of inductees.

4. Although Janet Jackson is a very good actress and that is definitely her forte, her followers think that she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, voting against any of the artists who might happen to get more votes due to their appeal. This happens to annoy a lot of people.

5. She has absolutely inspired an entire generation of lip synching dancing divas. If you like that kind of thing that’s fine, but most of us would rather see a performance by an artist who has absolutely mastered his or her musical instrument, instead.

6. Her awards are industry awards. I used to think that the Grammy awards were very significant, but after hearing about the artists who have received Lifetime Achievement awards, I am quite doubtful.

7. Her work does not resonate with a large portion of the voting population, on a whole. Therefore, the fan vote, which is now an indicator of her appeal indicates that she has very low appeal among the general populace. Perhaps, this is due to her antics in the 1990’s or perhaps even the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” incident. In any event, it turns voters off.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 01.14.18 @ 13:27pm


1. What you are describing is not "crossover appeal." Janet Jackson had incredible crossover appeal between the dance, R&B, and pop markets. What you're describing is more about music enduring throughout time. Admittedly, Janet is a little bit lacking in that regard to a degree, but then again, so are most artists who first rose to prominence during the late '80s and early '90s before Nirvana and Jay-Z changed the musicscape irreversibly. Funny enough too, that except for Pink Floyd and Rush, prog suffers quite a bit from this as well.

2. There are also several less important artists than Janet who have already gotten in. Rock Hall merit doesn't need to follow a chronological layout for her to get in or be denied. And just because you keep repeating that prog is a "very important genre," that doesn't necessarily make it so.

3. Hobbyists like us use Innovation a lot more than the Rock Hall actually does. Their primary metric is "Unquestionable musical excellence," remember? And there are those who do call her an innovator, particularly in regard to New Jack Swing. That doesn't mean as much to me as I'm probably making it sound; my point is simply that she is not without innovation merit.

4. "[H]er followers think that she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread... This happens to annoy a lot of people. "---My irony detector just burst into flames.

5. Don't blame the great for the knockoffs. "Spin" magazine once listed the album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as one of the 50 worst things to happen to music because of all the copycats and wannabes that ensued, inspired by the genius of the Beatles' offering. It was a stupid reason for that list, and it's a stupid thing to say now. Also, the voice is an instrument. Don't be dissing a musician just because they are primarily, or even solely a singer. They have every right to be called a musician as a guitarist, pianist, drummer, or trumpeter. And honestly, the Hall probably cares more about getting a performance, period, at their ceremony than presumed masters and geniuses who can't put aside their egos or vendettas for the damn night.

6. And just which particular Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award recipients make you doubtful? I doubt they've gone and handed one to Percy Sledge, after all. Just because they're artists you don't care for doesn't mean they don't deserve a Lifetime Achievement Grammy.

7. Her work does resonate with a different, but still very large portion of the voting population too. This is a completely useless thing to say, validated only by the A] the fact that she hasn't gotten in yet, and B] the Hall's lack of transparency.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 01.14.18 @ 19:16pm

Both, Chaka Khan and Janet Jackson got enough votes in 2015 to get nominated again in 2016.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 05:26am

Chaka Khan is highly respected for her vocal ability. Go check out her credits on all music. Look at all the artist across age groups and genres that want to work with her.

By comparison who wants to work with Janice?

Barely anybody

Roy shame on you for even trying to belittle Chaka Khan. This is just as bad as you trying to sneek non-rock sales numbers with the Bee Gees.

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 05:50am

Correction: the name is Janet. Miss Jackson if you're nasty.

If "who wants to work with her" apparently is a factor to measure singing quality, here follows a list of some of the people who have worked with Janet Jackson:

Michael Jackson
Justin Timberlake
Luther Vandross
Joni Mitchell
Carly Simon
Herb Alpert
Missy Elliott
Puff Daddy
Busta Rhymes
MC Lyte
Jermaine Dupri
Beenie Man
Jam & Lewis

Posted by The_Claw on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 07:39am

I wasn't belittling anything. I was stating facts. They were both nominated the same year and they both got enough votes to be nominated again the following year. FRL needs to fix their numbers on some of the nominees pages. They are posting the induction year as the nomination year.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 07:56am

I think Ms. Jackson has done enough to get in.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 09:52am


Now compare that small paltry list to Chaka Khan's list.


Peter Cetera

Eric Clapton

George Benson

Kenny G

Ry Cooder

Robert Palmer

Quincy Jones

Luther Vandross

Miles Davis

Vince Guaraldi

Andraé Crouch

Herbie Hancock


Beverley Knight

Tom Jones

De La Soul

DJ Marky

Etta James

Big Mike

Aaron Neville

Mary J. Blige

B.B. King

Average White Band

Joni Mitchell

Rod Stewart


Stephen Bishop

Peabo Bryson



Lenny White

Ashford & Simpson

Barry White

Ray Charles

Queen Latifah

Bruce Hornsby

Steve Winwood

The Manhattan Transfer

Just so you know this is only a partial list

Now can you see why Janet falls so short

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 10:01am


What exactly has she even done that makes her deserving.

do a bit of googling and you will find that her fan sites don't care about her getting into the hall

lip syched dance shows have nothing to do with rock and roll.

No matter where you put here there are hundreds more that are more deserving and have actually made an impact

Quite frankly from what I have seen the induct jj campaign is funded by family dollars to hire publicity teams to spam the internet on her behalf

From a stat outlook there were too many funny things happening with her voting rates.

1 there were points that her numbers moved 2 to 3 xs faster than any other artist and then barely moved at all for certain periods. points outside of 2 standard deviations are called outliers and are considered red flags that scream that something is wrong here and needs to be investigated.

2 post tantrum near shutdown of vote movement - this is not normal fan behavior and is more consistant with a paid for publicity team

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 10:20am

I think she's deserving. One of the biggest stars of 90s & early 00s. Not 1st ballot, but deserving.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 12:44pm


I really have a problem with I thinks because so many can not back it up.

I showed that Chaka Khan had impact - look at those names. Some of them are legends. JJ does not have that.

What happened to popularity does not count? I heard it enough with Chicago. At least I could point out that it was a well known fact that RS did not like them. Hell even after induction they still insist on calling them a jazz rock band.

She didn't innovate. Only a small handful of artist consider the dance show an influence and she was a follower not leader in this.

Again according to Beyonce TLC set the mold for r&b female artist - not jj.

Her name was out their in the 90's but I think it's pushing it a bit to say she was one of the biggest artist of the 90's

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 13:28pm

Zuzu - Your clear disregard for Janet's musical style colors your analysis of her impact and innovations.

I'm not a fan of modern dance pop; but I don't let that play into my analysis of which artists from that subgenre are worth of HOF induction.

You say Janet was not innovative; I counter with the fact that if you look up the term New Jack Swing, you will find that the history of that style starts with Janet Jackson, and her breakthrough album Control.

Like many, you seem to dismiss that Janet Jackson can be legitimately considered "Rock and Roll" - which ignores the historical lineage of her musical approach. It buys into the fallacy that Rock and Roll is primarily defined by the redefinition that took place in the music industry after the British invasion, with the advent of "Hard Rock" which then got simply called "Rock". And suddenly R&B couldn't be considered Rock and Roll even though Chuck Berry and Little Richard were originally "R&B acts" before Rock And Roll came to be a marketable term for their music; and pop music couldn't be considered Rock and Roll even though Elvis and The Beatles were huge pop acts.

If you break down where the term Rock And Roll comes from, who were the original Rock and Roll bands, and study how modern music evolved from those roots. Janet Jackson is R&B; and she is pop, but as a pop star she is not a descendant of traditional pop such as Doris Day or Frank Sinatra - Janet Jackson is an obvious musical descendent of James Brown; and therefore she is a descendent of Rock and Roll.

Based on her career, the longevity of her success and the strength of that success; her influence on the music of her time and the music that has come out since; I believe that if it wasn't for the fact that Janet Jackson was the younger sister of the Jackson family; if her last name wasn't Jackson, then she would have gone in to the Hall Of Fame every bit as easily as Madonna did. But with that name hanging over her, she never gets the credit for the career she built by *breaking away* from the "control" of that family
to chart her own course.

I don't want to listen to her music; but I don't want to listen to Bon Jovi either and he's headlining this year's class.

Posted by Shrek on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 14:29pm


You are picking up on my disdain for almost the entire Jackson family.

Like too many you think r & r is all music forms. What I call rbist ideology. I'm 59 years old so what a lot of what is history for is a part of my life experiences.

r & b does not equal r & r so no that does not in any form make her r & r

Dance show - dance show - not dancing - big difference

you might want to go away from the propaganda sites and actually look up modern free form dance

jazz - not r & r it comes more from beat culture.

go watch West Side Story for an example

it may be called free form but it still choreographed. R & r is not choreographed.

Shrek give me a break on the classic rock bs

There was no british invasion and rock was born

there were various genres coming together fo make rock - - just like r & r primarily came from the Blues but was a pot luck of several genres to form a new genre

for the record metal punk and prog are not rock.
As someone old enough to remember the lay out in a record store hard rock was only 10% - sodo not insult me by telling me what is and what is not rock. I was there - were you?

r & b but no mention of folk or country - sounds prejudicial to me

check your history you will see 2 way streets not one way streets there is historical evidence of cultural influence between those of European and African heritage. Take a look at what was going on in Chicago during the 60s you might be in for some surprises

now music is an art form - all great art is universal - meaning that there is something embodied in the art that speaks to almost everyone.

look at who worked with j j compared to Chaka Khan

jj has barely any roots and a very small list of influence based on a very narrow band - that does not speak well for work being viewed as worthy by her peers. Again look at the breath and depth of the artist wanting to work with Chaka Khan - that says her art is considered worthy across a large spectrum.

This is not based on my personal tastes. I am analyzing based on artist reaction to both.

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 01.16.18 @ 18:10pm

Just to clarify: I created my list in 3 minutes time and never suggested that it was a full list. Furthermore, it doesn’t really prove anything. A short list could be because a person that not many people want to work with. It also could be because that person has a full agenda being an international superstar and all, and therefore doesn’t have much time. But breadth and depth? Not a large spectrum? My list included Herb Alpert, Joni Mitchell, Luther Vandross and Shaggy.

Posted by The_Claw on Wednesday, 01.17.18 @ 02:15am

Full agenda - Int'l superstar ??? Now Claw that is really pushing it. Somehow even the busiest manage to work with others,

I've looked at her list and you have a couple of names that aren't there and maybe 2 major ones

Claw there is barely any depth.

I found this to be a pretty good indicator

you need to face the old guard to be inducted

other than her family only a couple of artist and the same is true for contemporaries

only younger artist - not good

Everybody needs help getting up

Now ask yourself why nobody but family wanted to help

Posted by Zuzu on Wednesday, 01.17.18 @ 04:22am

I totally think Chaka Khan should be in the HOF as well by the way; I'm not sure why its some sort of competition between her and Janet; other than the fact that Janet is the bigger star in modern pop culture and has a bigger and louder fan push for her induction. they both bleong in for differing reasons - Chaka Khan because of her absolute musical excellence and her inspiration on a generation of following singers; Janet for her musical style innovations (which I don't find excellent personally, but that I recognize) and the overall length and depth of her success and her career inspiration on many following pop stars.

i base my view of "what is Rock And Roll" by starting with Alan Freed; because he is the one that created the term. It's his term - if you don't start with him, you aren't talking about Rock and Roll; you are inventing something new and coopting a name somebody made famous. His definition of it was very broad from the beginning as seen by the diversity of artists that he applied his term to. So I start with him and follow the pathways from those original performers who ranged from Rockabilly to jump blues to doo wop to early soul, etc. Anything that flowed out of them I think should be considered part of the Rock And Roll tree; rather than only including the music that was actively marketed as Rock And Roll after this diverse and multiculutral original music was actively resegregated by radio programmers and record executives.

When discussion Janet I didn't mention country or folk or jump blues, or doo wop; because she isn't generally lumped into those genres - she gets called either R&B or POP.

James Brown was rightfully included in the original HOF class; he was considered Rock And roll by Alan Freed, and indeed Brown was billed as a Rock and Roll performer for over a decade of his career, until Funk and Soul became popular marketing terms to help sell him. As I said, Janet is a descendant of James Brown; so I think she is legitimately considered a descendant of Rock And Roll. Just one that I have no personal affinity for her singing or musical arrangements.

By the way; I'm not sure how old you think I am; I'm well over 50 myself. So our experience of popular music as marketed to us and presented is pretty similar; and I add in the breadth of music that my parents listened to; and the fact that I have from a very young age been fascinated by and deeply studied music history. So I go well beyond the industry marketing which often is trying to catch up to the ongoing evolution and cross-pollonation that is at the heart of American Music.

Posted by Shrek on Wednesday, 01.17.18 @ 14:32pm

I will however give you credit for far more internal consistency to your view of Rock and Roll than most people who actively dismiss modern pop, disco, etc. In that you also are willing to admit that such a limited view of what Rock And Roll is should by definition also exclude Metal, Prog, Punk, etc.

I do however think that view winds up taking the original very broad spectrum Alan Freed used, and follow a much too narrow branch off of it that had more to do with marketing than it did on musical progression, influence and innovation.

Posted by Shrek on Wednesday, 01.17.18 @ 14:46pm

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