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Will Incubus be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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incubus is an awsome band...and they will keep on rockin for a long time!! they rock!

Posted by jennifer on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 22:23pm

Everyone knows what they are capable of. We'll see what they do with their funk metal sound later.

Posted by maplejet on Thursday, 04.5.07 @ 13:44pm

Incubus ****ing rock, but there's no way they're getting in.

Posted by Anti You on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 15:09pm

Incubus are very good, lyrically extremely imaginative and musically are very talented- definietly deserve to be in there.

Posted by Luke on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 15:17pm

they deserve to be in, but i dont know if they will get in. i love them so much

Posted by sam on Thursday, 02.14.08 @ 16:33pm

If they made more songs like "Dig" they'd probably be my favorite band. But as it is, I don't really know what to make of them. Overall, they're just too average, I'm afraid.

Posted by denyo on Wednesday, 11.12.08 @ 20:24pm

boring as hell. no.

Posted by Grungesucks on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 03:12am

as a huge fan, i of course think they should get in. i can see some arguements, particularly regarding their last album "Light Grenades", which i thougth was their weakest album, and most unoriginal lyrics. Songs like "oil and water" and "dig" and "love hurts", where just typical and cheesey. the guitar playing went south on that album too, i think b/c Einzeger had carpel tunnel in his hand resulting in a sub par album. but, they are taking some time off, Einziger is going to Harvard for a degree in composition, so we'll see how their career progresses. Maybe not in right away, but eventually should be. Science, Make Yourself, Morning View and Crow were all too good of albums to ignore. Plus, amidst all the rap/rock, limp biscit (sp?) bull sh*t, they actually progressed and used a turntable to hightlight and enhance their music, not over power it.

Posted by yes on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 09:33am

Anyone who makes statements as stupid as, "boring as hell. no.", and "they're too average" has NO IDEA who Incubus is as a band, and HAS NOT listened to all of their albums. Or seen their live shows. PERIOD!

Incubus is one of the most creative/funky/imaginative/lyrically inept bands I've ever had the pleasure of listening to! This band is definitely underrated nowadays...they deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...give them about ten years, it should happen.

Posted by random on Thursday, 01.22.09 @ 08:44am

Incubus is one of the most creative/funky/imaginative/lyrically inept bands I've ever had the pleasure of listening to! (Random)

I am not quite sure what you are saying here. You first state that they are creative and imaginitive, but then you say in the same sentence that they are lyrically inept. Seems like a contradiction to me.

Posted by Blah-blah-blah on Thursday, 01.22.09 @ 12:39pm

Drive is the one of the best of the 2000's. Keeping rock alive in this rap dominated age. New album is great (go buy it!). Four number ones on the modern rock chart already. And four more on the way. If they keep it up they will be ultimate locks.

Posted by lame on Monday, 06.15.09 @ 15:17pm

Not that this has anything to do with whether or not they're Hall worthy, but, they're gay, right?

Posted by Steve on Thursday, 03.18.10 @ 08:13am

I still have yet to hear from a band that was influenced by Incubus.

Posted by SSR on Thursday, 06.10.10 @ 17:48pm

According to billboard, Incubus is the most commercially successful band of the 21st century. 1 album went #5, 3 albums went #2, 1 went #1. 16 top 20 singles on the Alt chart, 4 of which went #1. Drive went #9 on the US TOP 200. Hall of fame.

Posted by AP on Saturday, 08.11.12 @ 21:03pm

i would personally love to see incubus get in, they are one of the most unique bands ive ever seen, incubus in every album to date they have a different sound, and thats diversity.

Posted by wheresware on Sunday, 05.26.13 @ 21:07pm

Incubus has been my number one band for ten years

Posted by Edward on Saturday, 07.12.14 @ 03:56am

Incubus is so underrated. If Madonna can be in the rock & roll hall of fame, Incubus sure as hell can. Incubus is such a talented and creative band.

Posted by CC on Monday, 06.13.16 @ 21:16pm

I'm not even a Madonna fan, but really? I can only hope that was satire.

Posted by DarinRG on Tuesday, 06.14.16 @ 06:44am

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