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The Thunder Rolls (1990)
Friends In Low Places (1990)
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Will Garth Brooks be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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WOW! No one has posted a comment on this page and his chances are less than 50/50?! That's RIDICULOUS! If any of the Rolling Stone writers and SPIN magazine readers would leave their studio apartments in the city to venture out into the country that surrounds them, they might realize that Garth Brooks record sales are second only to Michael Jackson. His concert's annual profits are like higher than Exxon's, and when you turn on your pop station and hear Faith Hill or Rascall Flatts and wonder when the "mainstream" radio started playing country music, the answer is when "Friends in Low Places" came out. Garth Brooks is so solely responsible for the Rockification of Country music that old time country music fans consider him the executioner of their genre! I hope that the RARHOF people built their Hall in Ohio because they understand all of America and the world, not just New York City... where there is the largest concentration of people and the largest variety of culture without ONE radio station playing the worlds most popluar genre... country. Garth Brooks fame, success, sales, and influence are only rivaled by two other solo artists, Michael Jackson and Elvis...

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 01.23.07 @ 22:48pm

All that being true....
ok now tell me what he did for ROCK-N-ROLL.

Posted by anthony on Wednesday, 04.18.07 @ 19:54pm

Garth Brooks should not be in. I mean, he's a good artist, but does anyone look at genre? He is a country artist, not a ROCK&ROLL artist. There's a Country Hall of Fame, you know.

Posted by Chance on Wednesday, 07.18.07 @ 15:05pm

He really didn't make a contribution to R & R, nor to country to any great degree for that matter. He was in the right place at the right time, from my point of view. If he didn't do it someone else would've. Country music desperately needed a shot in the arm at the time. You can offer any kind of food to someone whos starving. Plus, he was kind of "here today, gone tomorrow." You already hear "Garth who????" In 50 years people will remember George Strait...will they remember Garth Brooks? Probably not.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 01.27.08 @ 12:02pm

he prolly will, i dont think he should...but hell Madonna is in so he prolly will

Posted by Hum on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 11:41am

Look at all he's accomplished. Look at all he's influenced.

He should definitely be in, from where I sit.

Posted by K-Money on Sunday, 04.13.08 @ 09:00am


Garth Brooks ahd a HUGE influence.

And to those who say that since he's a country artist, he shouldn't be in: Hank Williams and Johnny Cash are in The Hall already. Guess what they are?

Give up?


And Garth may just be the biggest and greatest country icon of all time.

Put him in, I say.

Posted by K-Money on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 10:35am

Garth is not the biggest country icon, Shania Twain is. Shania is much bigger globally and more well known all over the world. She blurred the lines between country and pop and rock and set reccords in over 100 countries.
Garth has tons of over inflated sales from the Stats but Shania's COME ON OVER album alone sold 40 million worldwide and is the biggest country album of alltime.
Garth had to kiss butt with country radio and coutnry music but Shania did it her way and became a global icon hated by nashville.

Posted by Jen on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 09:58am

Pop/Country... Not bad though.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 11:01am


Seriously, Jen?

Shania had a few good years. Garth was great for a long time and I cannot wait until his daughter turns 18 and Garth comes back from retirement with full studio albums and tours some more. It'll be epic.

You can cite that one Shania album all you want, but in all of music, Garth Brooks is the biggest selling solo artist of all-time, surpassing Elivs Presley.

Posted by K-Money on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 09:20am

Sorry, that should say "Elvis Presley".

Posted by K-Money on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 09:21am

K-Money, come on now. I am a Garth fan too but I can't deny Shania's huge and massive impact on a global scale.
Shania has had many great years. In fact whenever she puts out an album it is one of the top sellers in the world.
And Shania will have many more great years.
She is a classy icon who keeps her life private and lives in seclusion in New Zealand and Switzerland. By her choice she decided to spend more time with her family and live a private life.
Shania has the money and power to make music on her own time schedule.
I expect Shania's next release to be the biggest seller in the world like all her other releases.

As for Garth and retirment? Garth has never retired.He keeps coming back and repackaging old songs.If he is retired then tell him to stay home and not try and milk money from his fans again.
And Garth has to kiss butt to country radio to get them to play his songs. Shania does not cares about country radio airplay anymore, she is a global megastar who is played on all genre stations worldwide.

Posted by Sammy on Tuesday, 05.13.08 @ 08:55am

Shania Twain's hit "Feels Like A Woman" completely ripped off the bridge from Aerosmith's "Uncle Salty" which appeared on their "Toys in the Attic" LP. She was ripped apart on NY Radio Rock stations the day after she perfomed that song on some music award show. And I would know, because I am the one who called it in to the stations that morning. She is hot, but musically, IMO, she is not anything special. And remember, she is married to one of the great Rock producers [Mutt Lange]. So that certainly doesn't hurt her in the studio.

As for Garth Brooks - he certainly sold a lot of albums, but I don't know if that ranks him with Hank Williams and the other immortals of Country.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 05.13.08 @ 10:51am

Dameon, you may not think she is special but tens of millions around the world think She is.
Just the fact that Shania could vanish for 4 years in her estates in Switzerland and New Zealand and come back and still have one of the top sellers in the world proves how wrong you are.
As for Man I feel like a woman, are you serious? lmao!!!! You think the greatest rock producer in history(Mutt Lange) would rip off anyone or need to rip off anyone.
Mutt Lange created the greatest sounds and riffs in history. He has produced 7 of the top 100 best selling albums of alltime including the biggest albums for ACDC,Def Leppard,.Foreginer,Bryan Adams, The carrs and so many more and of course all of Shania's mega seller.
With all due respect, Shania and Garth are the 2 biggest country stars in history. Shania created her own sound with Mutt.

Posted by sammy on Tuesday, 05.13.08 @ 14:30pm

Sammy - you are taking this a bit too personal. And I suggest you listen to "Uncle Salty".

I happen to like Shania; but I don't see her, at least based on what she has released so far in her career as something all that special. I don't know what her future in music will bring, so my opinion may change years from now.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 05.13.08 @ 15:29pm

I can't believe you are saying that Shania Twain is nothing special...Are you kidding me?...Just because one song is ripped from an Aerosmith beat? That is so stupid. She's clearly a special talent.

Posted by Anthony on Sunday, 10.12.08 @ 17:50pm

No to Garth Brooks.

Hank Williams and Johnny Cash were country, but they did stuff for rock 'n' roll (Williams is in as an Early Influence, so your using him as an argument goes right out the window there).

Conversely, Garth Brooks is not a country artist who's done a lot for rock'n'roll. He's a country artist who's done rock'n'roll for a lot. He was influenced by rockers, most notably KISS, but he has not influenced rock artists who've come after him. And that's the part that matters.

As for Shania, there are only two things I like about Shania Twain....

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 18:47pm

I am a HUGE Shania fan..but yes, "Man I feel like a woman" is from "Uncle Salty." Doesn't make it a bad thing...look how many people have copied Shania Twain over the years!

Shania is global phenomenon....there's a reason why she has sold 48 million copies of only 3 albums in the US alone. Have you ever tried to get a Shania song out of your head? Damn near impossible.

The main thing I think why Shania is better than Garth is because she writes her own material...all of it. Garth may have written a song here and there, but on "The Woman in Me," "Come on Over," and "Up!" all the songs were written by Twain/Lange.

People like Garth, Faith, Tim, Kenny are all performers...they sing songs that are given to them. Shania is an artist...she writes it all herself with Mutt. (NOTE: Not saying those 4 people didn't write some of their songs, but certainly not ALL of them.)

Posted by Travis on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 09:18am

"The main thing I think why Shania is better than Garth is because she writes her own material...all of it. Garth may have written a song here and there, but on "The Woman in Me," "Come on Over," and "Up!" all the songs were written by Twain/Lange."

The keyword there is "Lange". Once he is done with an artist, their work suddenly declines. Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, and Johnson era-AC/DC before The Razors Edge would be key examples of this. Def Leppard in particular sank pretty quickly once he left. (Except for a brief moment in 1999 when Lange helped them out a little.) Does Shania belong? I honestly don't know. Shania was more of a Mutt Lange creation IMO, But lets not act like Shania is this totally legitimate artist while Garth isn't.

Posted by Jim on Sunday, 07.25.10 @ 15:10pm

To whoever said garht brooks was the biggest selling solo artist ever, based off wikipedias best selling artists of all time page (which uses accurate official sources) here are the list of people who have surpassed him.

Whitney Houston No
Stevie Wonder Yes
Frank Sinatra No
David Bowie Yes
Barbra Streisand No
Nana Mouskouri No
Mariah Carey not eligible
Julio Iglesais No
Elton John Yes
Celine Dion not eligible
Madonna Yes
Michael Jackson Yes
Elvis Yes

I included wherever they are not in the rock and roll hall of fame or not, after all, for anyone who says he needs to get in based of just commercial sucess will have to say these should get in as well.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 12.4.10 @ 08:36am


John Bettis
Garth Brooks
Leon Russell
Billy Steinberg
Tom Kelly
Allen Toussaint

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 04.5.11 @ 17:38pm

Influence: Garth has had a big influence on the modern country scene. Yes.
Innovation: None.
Commercial Sucess: He's one of the biggest solo artists ever commercially. Yes
Critical respect: He's absolutely despised by critics. No

Halfway there.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 08.29.11 @ 11:41am

Hey gang, the Rock Hall Projected page won't load for me. It's got too many entries, I think, but I can still read the latest comments. If someone could copy and paste this entry on that page, I'd appreciate it.

Garth, no, I won't be voting for him either in Influence or Performer. His musical quality just doesn't pass muster for me.

Myself, if I can find a way to get the page to load, I'm going after most of the real Hall of Famers. Wanda, Moonglows and Dells, primarily. They've got to get in. The inductions of the Dells and Moonglows were NOT mistakes. They were darn good choices. Wanda belongs in as a Performer, NOT influence.

Belle And Sebastian I'd be willing to help with, too. If I remember them correctly, they've got a pretty cool sound despite being ethereal and trippy (not what I usually go for). Next in the punk catalog has gotta be Bad Religion. I do think we've gotta get back to mainstream, too. I know we love the alt-scenes, but realistically, the mainstream will always overshadow the alt in the real Hall. That will never change. For non-rap R&B, I'm pushing for Boyz II Men first, then Mariah later. There is still a huge backlog of oldies era artists that I'd like to get in as well, but knowing how greatly I'm outnumbered, I'm willing to play ball and help out you guys if you'll throw me a bone or two every cycle.

As for the other categories, if we haven't gotten Freddie King in yet, he would be a good call for Influence if we stick to previous trends. Not that we should, but I honestly don't see it changing. Kirshner, Rupe, and Johns should be put in our N-P inductions within the next two rounds, too.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 12.13.11 @ 00:49am

Shania fans...yes come on over has sold 40 million albums but youre forgetting one thing....Garth's double live has sold over 300 million. I think this argument is now 6 feet under.

Posted by Luke Reedy on Wednesday, 02.1.12 @ 00:53am

I would like to congratulate Garth on his induction to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Posted by Brian on Wednesday, 03.7.12 @ 11:35am

Luke, you're forgetting two things. Garth's double live has not sold 300 million copies . Michael Jacksons Thriller" is the best selling album ever.
How many albums has Garth released? Too many. Shania has released 4 albums and a greatest hits package and is just as huge as Garth is.
Garth is amazing, no doubt. But so is shania.

Posted by Travis on Wednesday, 03.21.12 @ 02:00am

Here is the problem with the rock and roll hall of fame and "purists". I am from Ohio, and most people I know have visited the rock and roll hall of fame. Most peoples reaction is "meh". This is because the voters cop their elitist attitude and try to avoid popular music. So many peoples favorite artists have little to no mention at the museum. There are a few exceptions such as Madonna and Michael Jackson that they just could not avoid. Garth falls into this category. Yes, he is a country artist- don't use the "it's not rock and roll" excuse (Public Enemy- definetely not rock and roll). Garth Brooks was the first to mix rock with country and make it popular. THE MAN HAS 6 DIAMOND CERTIFIED ALBUMS. Being that successful makes you VERY FAMOUS. I don't even like country, but he should be a first ballot hall of famer. Three other bands that also should have been 1st ballot are Bon Jovi- (over 300 million album sales in the world, and to this day they are still one of the top grossing concert earners every year). Def Leppard- (similar to BJ in sales, were one of the best New Wave of British Heavy Metal artists in their beginning, 2 diamond certified albums). And Motley Crue (still a great draw, and they inspired the entire 80's Sunset Strip metal scene that lasted over a decade). No matter how hard you try to look past "That Decade", you can't deny how extremely popular rock was in the 80's. Peace out.

Posted by Mike T. on Sunday, 09.21.14 @ 19:40pm

Rolling Stone gave all his studio albums 1 star out of 5.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 09.25.14 @ 23:34pm

That's Rolling Stone for you, Roy.

Posted by Andrew on Saturday, 09.27.14 @ 15:40pm

From what I have heard previously Garth Brooks was a huge KISS fan. Garth Brooks also says that he had liked Kansas a great deal in their new documentary, "Miracles Out Of Nowhere." So my question is this, does anybody know whether or not, Garth Brooks also likes the band, Rush?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 08.22.15 @ 23:10pm


How do you think KISS & Rush were similar or different? I know Garth Brooks was a gigantic KISS fan. Remembering seeing him sing Hard Luck Woman with KISS. Garth Brooks was one of the greatest music artists in last 50 years. I think he would make excellent RRHOF inductee.You are starting to get some support for Sade and some of your other nominees. Love to see Moody Blues inducted! KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 08.22.15 @ 23:29pm


KISS and Rush are very different. In their early years however, Rush had served as an opening act for KISS. Rush and Kansas are much more similar. Garth Brooks professes his love of Kansas in their documentary, "Miracles Out Of Nowhere."

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 08.23.15 @ 00:08am

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