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Eligible in: 2028 (The 2029 Induction Ceremony)

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2032.

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Beyoncé (2013)
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Crazy in Love (2003)
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Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (2008)
Halo (2009)
Love On Top (2011)
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Will Beyoncé be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Why is she up for votes in a future ROCK hall?

Posted by Fay on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:24pm

fay is right. what is this world coming to?? haha. well whatever. i hope she doesn't get in, because i want senses fail to!!!!!!!!

Posted by Natalie on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 14:35pm

Despite an overflow of talented female recording stars, Beyonce is this decade's definitive diva. She possesses it all, and despite the votes from this site that say she's more likely NOT to be inducted than to be inducted, you'll all be proven wrong once she's eligible.

She's clearly a talented star to be reckoned with, and she's headed for legendary status faster than most of today's stars. She's already got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a member of Destiny's Child. Heck, she's the lead singer of the biggest selling girl group of all time! Of course she'll be inducted!

Posted by Michael H. on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 22:13pm

helzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no...I love Bee but nothing is special about her..She is the Paula abdul of the 2000's but can actually sing LOL but she isn't a skilled dancer though...Her music is fun to dance to but..She hasn't changed the game because the game been changed since Madonna and Janet came alone.

Posted by Kendall on Sunday, 09.30.07 @ 01:35am

Are you kidding? Beyoncé is the biggest female artist of the decade. She's this generation's wild woman, and her image and performances embody the spirit of Rock and Roll. Not only that, but she co-writes and produces. Of course she deserves to get in, especially if she keeps making music.

Posted by Ratchet on Friday, 06.6.08 @ 15:23pm

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Posted by Lilian wiafe on Friday, 11.14.08 @ 10:56am

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Posted by bubble on Friday, 11.14.08 @ 13:00pm

To Kendall: I don't think you have to "change the game." You just have to be good at the game, and Beyoncé is good. She does not need to copy Janet or Madonna, but sometimes she does. She really is a good singer. I loved when she sang at the Super Bowl and had the bird come and land on her.

Posted by Cokey on Friday, 11.14.08 @ 13:09pm

AVERAGE OF 80,000,000 A YEAR.

Posted by ADONIS on Thursday, 01.22.09 @ 00:24am

But of course, since people are suggesting everyone else get inducted, why not her??? While we're at it, let's waive the 25 year rule just for her!!!

First of all, she hasn't sold 80 million albums in her whole career (including Destiny's Child)...which isn't criteria for induction, anyway. Plus, who CARES about her marriage????

Maybe people will remember her in 25 years. Then, again...

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 01.22.09 @ 06:55am

Beyonce should definitely be Inducted, She has made her stamp in this industry and will be know for years to come...It will be a Crime if she wasn't!!!

Posted by Danielle on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 06:30am

Beyonce is the only artist of the 2000s who I believe have a chance of being inducted. Come on y'all the girl is super talented in everything from singing to producing. Plus she carries herself in a proper way and she very very humble. She is one of the only artist ever to not lose herself in her fame. Mother wants their children to be like her and that to me speaks volume.

Posted by keren on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 07:20am

I think Beyonce most def. possess the outcomes out this accomplishment! She's the artist out this decade pretty much, being consistent with both sells and airplay. The chick can do no wrong..

Posted by Giselle on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 11:06am

Of course, Beyonce will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She's a great singer, wonderful dancer, and she's on her way to becoming a remarkable actress as well. She has already accomplished so much at the age of 27. Other female singers' careers are being based off of Beyonce. I only see her continuing to grow as an artist everytime I see her. Beyonce is definitely a legend in the making, and by the time 2028 comes around, that will be more than confirmed.

Posted by Lily on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 11:33am

You haven't mentioned one attribute that is criteria for induction into the HoF...and 2028 is a long way off. I'm not seeing it. More often than not, artists can't be found on a milk carton 25 years after they're labeled "the next best thing". She hasn't pioneered anything, and really hasn't taken that genre to another level. To me, she's just "eye candy". It seems Jennifer Hudson seems to be getting a lot more acting roles, and Etta James was even critical of how she was portryed by her...and who would know better than the person you portrayed???

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 11:40am

Beyonce is this generation's Diana Ross... only she just dresses slutty instead of acting slutty.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 12:32pm

Etta James wasn't critical of Beyonce's performance of her in Cadillac Records. Actually at the premiere of the movie, Etta told Beyonce that she loved Beyonce from the first time she heard her. This footage is on YouTube. After the movie was over, Etta told reporters she loved the movie. Etta just got jealous and petty after Beyonce sung At Last at the inauguration. It's not like it's even Etta's original song. It had been done by Glenn Miller and Nat King Cole before Etta. Plus, several other artists have done it after Etta. Etta just wasn't being gracious at all. Beyonce helped produce Cadillac Records and had said many positive things about Etta. I personally feel like Etta was in the wrong when this young woman hadn't did anything but go out of her way to honor her. Beyonce could've sung Dangerously in Love, Halo and yet she was honoring Etta in a way by singing At Last by singing the song at such a historical moment.

Posted by Sarah on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 14:22pm

Wow, support for Beyonce has seriously kicked up today...I think we have this significantly large group of people who get together, select a pop artist, and then descend en masse upon FRL with "yes" votes. While I'll admit I'm impressed by the dedication and support, I wish more than the pop fans showered that level of support. Other bands exist, and those bands might be a tad more rock oriented...

Posted by Ray on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 18:41pm

She's going in bottom line BITCHES!

Posted by Adonis on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 03:38am

Beyonce deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall Fame. Both as a member of Destiny's Child, who is one if not the biggest selling girl group of all time. Beyonce also deserves to go in as a solo artist. She has had enough career accomplishments to go in right now. But Beyonce still has so much of her career in front of her that she's going to accomplish a lot more. She's a wonderful entertainer and so influential as an artist. When everybody from Barack and Michelle Obama, Bono, Prince, Michael Jackson, Charlie Watts, Patti Labelle, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hanks says that you are great. You must truly be. Like Chris Martin of Coldplay said, Beyonce is the most impressive person he has ever met.

Posted by Mallory on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 08:20am

O.K. so what on Earth possessed everyone to go nutty over Beyonce suddenly? I mean, she's o.k., but she's really not innovating anything, not only in terms of rock but of music in general. She's definitely got some catchy songs, and has had a lot of hit records, but I cannot see just what's so different here.

What's the real difference between Destiny's Child & an act like TLC? Not much. For that matter, what's the diff. between TLC & somebody like Salt & Pepa? (I dated myself there, lol). I know she has her mug all over the place, but I'm of the impression that movie & TV roles aren't supposed to count towards induction, nor is high profile marriages.

What's the diff. solo-wise as well? Not much. She's got all kinds of success, but nothing that stands out as the Rock Hall would define it. Whether that's all she would need come the 2020's is anyone's guess, especially since the voting panel will have changed.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 14:16pm

Beyonce definitely deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall Fame. Beyonce is a great singer and dancer, and she has catchy and memorable music.

Posted by Jessca on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 15:06pm

She would be in the Rock Hall of Fame vecause when she is live(which supposedly its most important to rock) she blows it out of the water compared to anyone in any genre. That is what rock is good music especially live. I dont know hwy people are mentioning her being a diva or a high profile marriage or acting. Rock Hall of Fame should be strictly music

Posted by Joe Sullivan on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 15:14pm

Will the stupid ass who keeps voting ''yes'' for her please stop? Thank-you.

Posted by S.R on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 15:57pm

So how come she not innovative when mostly all of the artist who comes after her is trying to follow in her footsteps, Big people in the industry and even people outside use her name as an adjective. To be honest there is nothing like beyonce out there now and they never been anything like her. Whether y'all like it or not her name will be up there because she had made just a great impact on the industry that it is impossible for her to be forgotten now.

Posted by kmatthew on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 16:16pm

So how come she not innovative when mostly all of the artist who comes after her is trying to follow in her footsteps, Big people in the industry and even people outside use her name as an adjective. To be honest there is nothing like beyonce out there now and they never been anything like her. Whether y'all like it or not her name will be up there because she had made just a great impact on the industry that it is impossible for her to be forgotten now.

Posted by kmatthew on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 16:16pm

Could you possibly list specific artists that list her as an influence or describe how precisely Beyonce changed the industry? Right now, her supporters seem to be claiming innovation and influence on her behalf without actually putting out the specifics.

Posted by Ray on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 17:21pm

Will the stupid ass who keeps voting ''No'' for her please stop? Thank-you.

Posted by Danielle on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 20:57pm

You can only vote she obviously doesn't have a lot of fans on this site...

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 21:51pm

She's not ready to go in now but she will be by 2028 believe me. oh yea and she's inspired.

Leona Lewis
Alexandra Burke
katherine Machphee
Jordin Sparks
Prima J
The Cheetah Girls
and countless people across THE WORLD.

Posted by Adonis on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 03:17am

Adonis...of course, all these people have told you personally how inspired they are by her...

One phrase you need to learn about this site...either give your opinion or substatiate what you say with FACT!

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 06:23am

Oh, so now Beyonce "inspired" The Cheetah Girls!

Well if she made such a big accomplishment to "inspire" the Cheetah Girls then Beyonce should get inducted right away!

(By the way, I'm being sarcastic in case you can't detect it. With people these days you never know)

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 12:11pm

Well, the Beatles inspired The Monkees. Not everybody you inspire is going to be your equal. Nevertheless, everybody from Rihanna, Adele, Leona Lewis, etc...have said that Beyonce is a major influence. Not to mention, Beyonce has many great musical admirers like Bono, Prince, Stevie Wonder, etc...The New Yorker said that Beyonce belongs in the genius class of musicians. The woman is the template for the 21st century pop star. Just give credit, where credit is due. Beyonce is a phenomenon and should be appreciated as such.

Posted by Tasha on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 14:16pm

Tasha, I enjoyed your post, but a couple things: one, The Monkees were originally a TV show that kind of lampooned for the rock and roll world a little bit, while not going over the edge. It's really not a wholly accurate statement when you say the Beatles inspired The Monkees.

I for one can't stand Leona Lewis, not familiar at all with Adele... those two really don't have the clout to have their statements mean anything. Rhianna... maybe to almost. It's just a matter of time telling, I suppose. Destiny's Child's induction wouldn't bother me all that much, but Beyonce as a soloist... just not seeing it really.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 14:52pm

Danielle, if you think you're funny by mocking my comment,then you are very stupid indeed. By the way, Beyonce does not belong in this hall of fame,as there is no room for annoying pop stars like her, or unorginal idiotic statements,such as the one made by you.Have a nice day.

Posted by S.R on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 16:12pm

Adele just won best new artist at the Grammys this year. Beyonce is inspiring a whole new legion of pop stars, and she is admired by legends and her peers alike. She'll make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame both as part of Destiny's Child and as a solo artist. She already has enough accomplishments to be there now, both as a group member and solo artist. By the time, 2022 and 2028 roll around she'll have accomplished even more.

Posted by Penelope on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 16:53pm

Maybe I'm alone here, but the arguments for Beyonce are actually starting to sound credible. Obviously we'll have a clearer idea by 2028...

Posted by Ray on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 16:57pm

Chris Martin of Coldplay said that Beyonce is the most impressive person he has ever met. Bono called her the Queen Bee. Tom Hanks said that Beyonce is the most exciting person in entertainment. The New Yorker called her a musical genius. She's going to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. Some of your bourgeois, rock musicians only attitude isn't going to matter. Rock and Roll is comprised of jazz, blues, gospel, r&b, country and rock. All of it's considered rock and roll, and the origins of rock came from the blues and r&b.

Posted by John on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 16:59pm

Penelope, Milli Vanilli won the Best New Artist Grammy, too. The Best New Artist Grammy is not really all that well-known for its accuracy as a measure of who's gonna be around the longest or who is gonna move the most mountains. I mean, I haven't heard anything from Sisqo in a long while, and I believe he won it too.

John, I wouldn't say we're being bourgeios in our mindset. Inspiring legions of pop stars (many of whom prove to be a flash in the pan) isn't as important as influencing the true artists of rock.

I think another thing that some of us are leery of it, at least I am, is are we really distinguishing solo Beyonce from her work with Destiny's Child? If her work was noticeably different from that with Destiny's Child, I'd be more inclined to agree with the inevitability and the accolades she's been showered with. But so far, I'm not really seeing a significant difference or deviation from her trio days. I don't think it's asking too much that we see that from Beyonce before we induct her a second time.

And the origins of rock come from country music and folk as well. Hence we've got Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Jimmie Rodgers and Pete Seeger in as Early Influences as well as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, etc.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 17:38pm

Gitarzan thoses arent opinions all thoses artists have cited Beyonce as inspiration.... GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT..... 59% say shes in get over it

Posted by Adonis on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 17:41pm

I love Beyonce and she should be accepted into rock hall of fame

Posted by Tee on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 17:46pm

Well, the Beatles inspired The Monkees. Not everybody you inspire is going to be your equal. (Tasha)

Why must everyone keep bringing up the Beatles when commenting on a band or artist who maybe good in his or her own right, but are so completely inferior to the Beatles?

I am begging you all, please stop. It is not fair to the artist that you are supporting and it really makes my head hurt.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 17:46pm haven't substantiated anything you've said with a direct quote, fact source, NOTHING!!! Add that to the fact that you haven't offered any innovation, the aformentioned influence, or perpetuation of the know, the criteria they supposedly look at. What "wheel" has she invented in regard to music??? What does she do different than any other female artist in that genre? I certainly don't see or hear anything that makes her talent stand head and shoulders over everyone else. Now, if you're talking about her "physical attributes"...musically all I can say is "So what?"

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame....Hmmmm, not likely!!! All you're doing is spouting hot air.

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 18:06pm


Posted by akeem on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 18:18pm

Let's face it, she's gonna get in. As many had said before, lead singer of the top selling female recording group of all time, 3 multi platinum albums, she writes and produces, first african american woman to win an ASCAP award (most white, male producers spend their lives trying to achieve this one.) 10 grammys to date, 6 movies, 80 mil a year, and two successful clothing lines.

I really dont understand when people say that she isnt innovative and successful with her innovations. All her tours were creative in their own like, she released a video anthology and it sold (well), and she released a double album (and it is the highest selling double album within the U.S. and U.K. to date). Whether you like beyonce or not, this chick deserves the honor of HoF.

Posted by dude on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 20:15pm

Well she's the best in this generation so she should be in. She can do everything

Posted by da3bool on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 21:24pm

Well she's the best in this generation so she should be in. She can do everything

Posted by da3bool on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 21:24pm

That is of the "Old World" maybe "old world"

Natahsa Kahn IS the NEW VOICE!!! Two Suns will be out soon!!

Posted by goldeneye on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 21:30pm

She's had an influence, I'll admit, especially with Destiny's Child. However, that influence has all been negative -- she has managed to completely filter out the soul of R&B. She may be the absolute worst pop vocalist in memory, INCLUDING Katy Perry. I honestly, not joking, think Paris Hilton is a better singer than her; Beyonce has demonstrated a complete inability to find any emotional connection with anything she's ever sung. Her voice is obnoxious, and she's an uninteresting person. I don't even understand why this woman is tolerated anymore.

Posted by MBI on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 06:45am

Beyonce is definitely one of the most consistent vocalists in pop music of this decade. She's a firecracker on stage and in my opinion the best entertainer of our generation.
She's also a very good role model for young girls all over the world.

Posted by cream on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 07:15am

There are 19 more years until Beyonce is eligible for her solo career being considered. Perhaps we should all wait awhile before passing judgement; good or bad.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 10:40am

So is John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's work so drastically different from their Beatles' work? I see any excuse to deny a black woman her rightful place in history. Beyonce takes major risk with every album throughout her Destiny's Child and solo career, but every artist will have a foundation in which they build their music. Beyonce's foundation is R&B, hip hop and pop. I don't think it's coincidence that Beyonce is lauded by people like Prince, Bono, Chris Martin, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, Patti Labelle, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, etc....And her own peers like Usher, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Adele, Corrine Bailey Rae, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, etc... have heaped nothing but praise on her. Beyonce is amazing. She'll be in the Hall of Fame as a member of a group and as a solo artist.

Posted by Stephanie on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 11:31am

Bjork is even a fan of Beyonce's that's how widespread Beyonce's appeal is. Beyonce is legendary already.

Posted by Nate on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 11:35am

Two things about the last two Beyonce posts:

Not all of us are enamored of Lennon & McCartney's solo careers.

Having Bjork as an admitted fan is not going to change the universe in any real way.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 17:04pm

Another thing I noticed on a previous post is the obligatory "race" card...which I won't even dignify with a comment. But, I would like to bring up a case in point...that being ABBA (who are as much "rock" as Beyonce) stars with few equals, sales of over 370 million albums, still selling well into the millions every year 25 years after their lasr performance together, music being the subject of a very successful Broadway stage play and movie, etc...but no Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Another would be Donna Summer (who should've been inducted before Madonna)...legendary performer, whose credentials also include singing an Oscar winning song (even though I wasn't crazy about it...she also appeared in the movie) several platinum albums...including 3 double albums in a row going platinum, multiple Grammy winner, basically invented what Beyonce is doing guessed it, no HoF!!!!

No, if these artists can't get in...!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 03.4.09 @ 18:14pm

"Beyonce takes major risk with every album throughout her Destiny's Child and solo career"

Complete and utter bullshit.

Kelly Clarkson risked and nearly destroyed her entire career with her underrated My December album which divorced her entirely from the realm of pop. Gwen Stefani is a white girl left behind a rock career to make shiny new wave and hiphop. What in God's name has Beyonce done that's ever been a risk, beside the risk every artist makes with a new album. Christina Aguilera decided to stake out her own identity based on old '40s jazz tunes. Alicia Keys chose for the leadoff single off her last album a bizarre and spare song with hoarse vocals that was almost unrecognizable from her usual lush, smooth neo-soul.

Meanwhile, Beyonce continues to bleat like a goat over the same old beats she always has. What risks has she taken besides the risk any artist takes with any new album?

Posted by MBI on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 09:13am

"So is John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's work so drastically different from their Beatles' work?"

I would say yes. The guitar licks that we heard on "Helen Wheels," "Jet," "Girls' School," "Hi Hi Hi," etc. are pretty signature and unique to Wings alone. Same with the horn arrangements for "Arrow Through Me," "Coming Up" (the studio version), "Letting Go," etc.

John, meanwhile, got more political in his lyrics and more etherial and distant in his sound... the likes of which we only got a sneak preview for on "Across The Universe."

To go a bit further, George made music of a more spiritual nature and did more of an Allman-esque singing guitar on his records. Listen to "Cheer Down," "Blow Away," "Crackerbox Palace", and "All Things Must Pass." You'll hear it.

Ringo went for more a straight-laced pop'n'roll kind of sound. His solo career picked up the ball where the Lovin' Spoonful left off, and it ran with it, making some amazing rock'n'roll in the process.

Lastly, I think the fact that others here who love the Beatles but aren't hot for the solo careers is proof enough that there is a substantial difference between the Beatles' sound, and the different sounds of the solo careers of each individual member.

I agree with MBI about Beyonce's ability to sing. Destiny's Child was a talented vocal group. They could/can harmonize. But in order to do that, Beyonce's got subside her own voice to add to the blend. "Single Ladies" has a catchy dance beat to it, but hearing her 'sing' is not a treat at all.

And no one's really answered the question of how Beyonce is innovative.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 16:36pm

"So is John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's work so drastically different from their Beatles' work?"

I would say yes.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 16:36pm
I already stated I am not enamored of all of the ex-Beatles solo work. I do like some of it, though. My question to you, and to anyone who wants to toss a line this way, is this:

Which solo Beatle do you think most closely held to the group's style, & which moved farthest away from it?

In addition, if they had lasted as a band into the 70's, who's solo style would best fit the decade? In other words, who's solo albums do you think would've served as the guiding direction in general for the band?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 17:03pm

I'm not sure I understand your second question, but really, I don't think any of their solo albums would have been the guiding direction for the band. Just really seems they were at odds so much with each other in one way or another, it's hard to imagine what they'd have been like as a band post-1970.

Your first question though is good and tough. I'd probably say Paul's, though even his were quite different. But he had the blend of rockers and ballads and pop and bizarre at times that seemed to fit with what one might find on a Beatles album (later period, anyway).

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 17:08pm

You actually did answer my question, to a degree. I always felt that Mc Cartney would've had a greater control over the band post-70 than anyone else. I may also be the only one who thinks they might have been good w/him at the helm.

Everyone knows how Paul operates on his own. One thing that was interesting is the fact that he had a thing for the farthest reaches of rock, volume wise, that he hardly ever tapped into. Even Lennon liked that part of him, & from what I've heard they were able to mesh somewhat on the "White Album", particularly because of that. It would've been interesting if Mc Cartney went behind the console and tried to produce a heavier sounding Beatle album after "Abbey Road". Gotta wonder if they could've hung in there w/the Zeppelins & the Sabbath's hitting the scene then (or at least come close).

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 17:23pm

The problem is, that was also a major driving wedge. Ringo's "Early 1970;" George's "Waah-Waah;" John's "How Do You Sleep?" What do they all have in common? All three were not only performed by the song's writer, but all three are about how difficult and annoying Paul could be to work with. All three wrote songs about what a prick he could be. Paul's control would have been the death of the band even more than it already contributed to the break-up.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 17:28pm

Guess what I was getting at was this - if Paul could have subsumed himself into the recording process & taken over part of the George Martin role, he may have surrendered some of his album space to George & Ringo. I have heard Lennon was suprised by "Helter Skelter"; imagine Lennon's politics backed by McCartney's production, done up "White Album" style. Add in the backlog of George's extra stuff as well. An album w/"All Things Must Pass", "Instant Karma", "What Is Life", etc., pumped up a little more than they did turn out.

It's an interesting concept, I think.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 17:40pm

That's where I have to disagree. You know the reason "All Things Must Pass" was a triple LP? Because George had that huge a backlog of stuff he couldn't get the others to agree to do as a group. It seems somewhat self-contradictory to think that Paul would have found a way to make this stuff work from behind the control console, given that he had been a bit of a roadblock at times.

Posted by Philp on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 18:01pm

You're the only two I can think of who would have a Beatles discussion on Beyonce's page...

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 18:37pm

Gitarzan--you say that like that's a BAD thing or something!

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 18:42pm

It's better than discussing her, I guess. When people start talking about record sales, It makes me wonder who'll be the big sellers in this day & age when it makes more sense to buy songs one at a time...I'm wondering whose overall catalog will outshine everyone else over time. I brought this up because the first thing people bring up about "artists" like this are sales...

Sorry about coming out of left field with that, but I started wondering about that when all this Beyonce, boy band, etc..., started coming up again.

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 18:54pm

Nah, it's fine. It's kinda funny because it's fun to shoot back with the quote and reminder that the nominating committee claims they don't look at sales or chart numbers when discussing worthy artists. I call BS on it, but they at least make the effort to be oblivious to it.

To me, Beyonce is this generation's Diana Ross: lead singer of a trio that had been a quartet (I believe DC had been a quartet at first, anyway); but fighting in the group due in large part to the lead singer's ego led her going solo. And her sounding full of herself in a lot of her records. Oh, and she's been appearing in movies too. I respect Beyonce more than Diana Ross though. I'm willing to give the fans a chance to explain what the artistic merits of her music are, and more importantly, how they differ significantly from her work in Destiny's Child. I believe I've answered Stephanie's Beatles question sufficiently, and now I'd like an answer to mine that I asked first.

As much as I'm a fan of U2, I don't see Bono's praising her as very telling. Bono's gotten a lot gushier with the praise of other people in the industry ever since his (U2's) induction in 2005. And seriously, what the heck does "Queen Bee" even mean? Cuz I sure don't want a taste of her royal jelly! Is it that she simply knows how to wield power because she's a strong independent woman? So what? That still doesn't mean the music is of serious merit.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 19:04pm

"Lead Singer's Disease"...a term used to describe the break-up and/or butchering of a perfectly good band because of the lead singer's over-inflated ego...

There's another one for the glossary!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 19:09pm

Needs to be snappier.

I've also thought of "Trio Trouble." Trios seem notorious for constant infighting. Supremes, DC, BGs... just seems like trios are constantly fighting with each other. Maybe that's not fair though either.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 19:12pm

What a piece of Azz she is...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Friday, 03.6.09 @ 14:54pm

That's where I have to disagree. You know the reason "All Things Must Pass" was a triple LP? Because George had that huge a backlog of stuff he couldn't get the others to agree to do as a group. It seems somewhat self-contradictory to think that Paul would have found a way to make this stuff work from behind the control console, given that he had been a bit of a roadblock at times.

Posted by Philp on Thursday, 03.5.09 @ 18:01pm
I guess you have a point here. I'd like to imagine McCartney swallowing up the production board and letting the others divvy up the album. If he had thrown himslef behind it and merely attempted to enhance the sound, not alter the vision, it would have been pretty cool.

Sorry I wasn't around to continue this last night. Minor plumbing crisis.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 03.6.09 @ 16:20pm

First of all, I think some of you are being very hard on Beyonce. Paris Hilton better than Beyonce as a VOCALIST? Come on, people. Stop it. People are going too far with that to make a point.

Whether you like it or not, Bey has made a great contribution to music as a solo artist. In fact, I will post this: World Music Awards, World

Year Nominated work Award Result
2004 Representing: Dangerously in Love World's Best-Selling Female Solo Artist Nominated
2006 Representing: B'Day World's Best-Selling R&B Artist Won
2007 Representing: B'Day World's Best-Selling Female Pop Artist Nominated
Representing: B'Day World's Best-Selling R&B Artist Nominated
2008 Outstanding Contribution to the Arts Won

Look at that last statement right there. And she's ONLY 27 doing that. Now when 2028 comes, we can discuss her nomination then. But let's not take away from what she has done thus far.

Posted by Curtis on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 10:56am

MBI, I see you are not a fan and that's fine. So it would be understandable that you know NOTHING about Bey's solo music.

I agree that Bey's sound is uptempo, big beats, horn heavy, funk/go-go inspired music(Crazy in Love for example) but...her first album(Dangerously in love) was pretty much ballad-heavy leaning toward traditional R&B. B'day was the epitome of the Beyonce sound: Uptempo, Edgy, Funky and basically changed the way Comtemporary Urban Music Artist approach its albums(Mostly ballad-heavy with a couple of club bangers to get sales) which is her main genre.

I am....Sasha Fierce is all over the place with her sound(Alternative/Rock/Hip-Hop/Techo/Country, etc). There is even folk music on the album(Satellites, last song on the album). The girl said that her influence for this album was the Beatles, Karen Carpenter and Barbra Streisand while still giving the fans who has been fans from the start the uptempo sound that she is known for.

That's one of the reasons she is released her singles as double singles, so she can showcase this fact. Yeah, there is Single Ladies but there is also if I Was A Boy which is very rockish. The next singles are halo(alternative, egdy ballad) and Diva(Hip-Hop). I am saying all this so that you can see all this for yourself and therefore have more of understanding of what you are speaking of when it comes to Beyonce.

Bey DOES take risks with her music and if you said to me that the Beyonce of DIL era would be doing songs like Halo, Broken Hearted Girl, Smash into you and That's why you're beautiful, I would have said, Yeah, right!!! See it for yourself and have an open mind to what I am saying. Don't judge her music just on Single Ladies and Check on it.

Posted by Curtis on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 11:15am

Curtis, I'm not saying Beyonce isn't a force to be reconciled with, what I'm asking, and what still hasn't been answered, is how are her solo songs different enough from her Destiny's Child work that we should consider her once/if Destiny's Child gets in? If she keeps winning new awards with the same style, it's not a convincing argument.

And there is absolutely nothing rock about "If I Were A Boy." Nada.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 14:45pm

Paris Hilton a better vocalist??? YIKES...that is harsh!!!! I have an English Springer (or "Sprung", in this case) Spaniel that's a better vocalist than Paris Hilton...

I have to agree with Philip...her solo work is essentially the same as Destiny's Child. Stealing a line from mrxyz...


Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 18:13pm

Truth be told, both Beyonce and Paris likely have their voices so altered by the studio that we have no clue how either of them actually sound. In all likelihood, they both suck horribly and there is no point in discussing it further.

Posted by Randy on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 23:45pm

Actually, Randy, Destiny's Child sang a few bars from "Say My Name" when they won an award, to prove they could actually sing, in harmony no less. Beyonce does have talent, but the problem is she's developed a bit of Leadegosis... when the leader of the group gets a fat head and ditches the group, thinking they're being held back by the others.

Paris has absolutely no talent. The only thing she's good at is being famous.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 00:45am

Yes, Paris Hilton as a better vocalist. I stand by that statement.

Beyonce has undeniably better pitch, better vocal control, and certainly more power. Paris's voice is weak and she probably can't sing live.

And I'd still rather listen to her because she at least sounds like she likes singing, likes the song she's singing, has actually listened to it once or twice. Beyonce just beats a song to death with her voice like a brick. She has no emotional connection to her music whatsoever. I know plenty of divas have been hit with the same charge, but Whitney, Mariah, and even Celine always sounded engaged with their music to me, which is not true at all with Beyonce.

Posted by MBI on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 08:47am

Phillip, that is a good question. As I said in my post to MBI, the Beyonce that did Dangerously in love would have never, ever done folk music. Or never ever done alternative music. Or even think of saying that her music is inspired by Karen Carpenter and this is obviously after Destiny's child.

As I said to him, she has actually had different styles throughout the 3 albums she has done. Dangerously in love: pretty much ballad-heavy leaning toward traditional R&B. B'day: Uptempo, Edgy, Funky and you see the genres that I posted. I do know what she is known for, but the ones who judge this will see the whole evidence and body of her work and judge from there and that's 19 years from now. So that's a long way from now. If she make it to the HOF, it will probably take a while for her to be inducted even when she is eligible.

Posted by Curtis on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 13:54pm

Randy, I don't know if I should do this but I am going to do it just for you. Here is a performance of her with Bono: The only thing that she is backed by is an acoustic guitar. I am not saying she is the greatest female vocalist of all time and her melismatic style of singing is an acquired taste(you either like it or you don't) but she don't need voice altering to make her sound like she does on CDs but as some in here said, the girl does have talent. Paris, not so much. Good thing she is a Hilton. LOL.

Posted by Curtis on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 14:01pm

MBI, I like that you didn't back down. LOL. I see what you are saying, and that use to be my criticism of her also but she has gotten better at it IMO. I do get your point though. It is the same thing I say of Christina Aguilera at times. But I would never say that Paris is better than her(C-Tina) though. I am just saying. LOL.

Posted by Curtis on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 14:08pm

Fair enough Curtis. But I don't think the occasional foray into alternative styles of music is enough when at the end of the day, you stick with your bread and butter. "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" is Beyonce's bread and butter. Now maybe it's just because she can't get the public to follow her on the trip that she's taking, but if Christina could do it with her "Back To Basics" album (and I F***in LOVE "Candy Man," I don't care WHO knows!), and OutKast could do it with the variety of stuff they did, I think the public would follow Beyonce if she tried a little harder.

Still, it is early in the ballgame, and I'm willing to say "let's wait and see." Diana Ross's solo stuff is definitely quite different from the stuff she did with the Supremes, but it wasn't always so at the beginning either. I just hope Beyonce puts out better stuff than Diana. Blech.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 18:49pm

MBI, if there's a modern singer that I would say hits songs "like a brick" the way you describe, it'd be Joss Stone. She sounds like a barking bulldog, imo. Though I can see why you'd say Beyonce does that too.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 18:51pm

I have no problem with Beyonce, but it does get annoying that people act like she is the only female to accomplish something!!! She won't be the only legend in the future Alicia, India, Jill, hey even Ashanti just saying!!!! And I don't know why they are making that estimate for all we know Earth might not be here at that time!!!! It's true too if you read the bible which I need to start reading again it is very important to know about that!!!!

Posted by Feleisha on Wednesday, 05.6.09 @ 02:04am

She could've made it after Destiny's Child because she has been on top of her game since the beginning. But, of course, she's getting inducted - no one is holding down a stage like her in this generation.

Posted by Kaye on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 10:59am

I agree with Feleisha. Beyonce is amazing, but ppl act like there isn't any other female singer out there! Keyshia cole, Brandy, India....I love alicia and I think she once of the greatest artist of our time and has alot more to offer. She's one of the few artist that I believe has her own thing going for her......

I think they should based the RnRHOF on Innovation. Period!

Posted by Najee on Friday, 06.26.09 @ 15:23pm


Posted by Kaye on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 09:55am

I really do hate it when people use the term "hater." It sounds so uneducated and unprofessional and pretty much ruins everything else you have to say (for me at least). What do they teach these people in School? The term is CRITIC

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 11:27am

Beyonce has given us pure talent since she's stepped on the scene. She's not a studio gimmick, she's never disrespected herself mentally or physically in the public eye and is clearly the best performer live. She's not disrespectful and she carries herself like a graceful woman. I admire her for keeping her head high admist all the negativity and it shows in sales, her growth and her humbleness. She deserves this accolade and any other that comes her way because she's earned it.

Posted by Tre on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 15:02pm

Yes there are artists that have been around as long as Beyonce, but you have to give credit where it's due. She's never slacked and carried a group before putting herself out there and even went back. Justin didn't do that for N'Sync and his Mother was their Road Manager and on the scene, but when it comes to a beautiful black woman people have to show their green side. It has nothing to do with other artists - it has to do with this artist. Regardless if you like it or not - she's already a legend and will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to go alongside her Star on the Walk of Fame.

Posted by Dionne on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 15:05pm

It doesn't matter what she's done. This is the ROCK & ROLL Hall of Fame, but Beyonce's fan website is open to discussion for you people

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 15:18pm

What she's done is what has her being considered and rightly so. This woman works hard, is beautiful and is actually talented. She's no studio gimmick or made up star. Strip the make-up and clothes from most female artists and you have nothing. Also, no female today is better than her live performances.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 07.16.09 @ 15:13pm

What does all of that have to do with her being inducted into the hall of fame?

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 07.16.09 @ 16:50pm

The way you people are on here protesting this talented hard working sister being inducted, I hope your fighting with Obama for healthcare and volunteering in that same manner. You're being critical over something you have no control over and the things you can control you're not bothering to debate with your local politician about.

Congrats to Beyonce on her future induction.

Posted by Doug on Friday, 07.17.09 @ 11:57am

Beyonce deserves this how she deserved her star on the walk of fame that she's received. The Rock & Roll hall of fame recognizes her work and talent which is all that matters.

Posted by Melanie on Friday, 07.17.09 @ 11:59am

Personally, I would agree that Beyonce is one of the better R&B singers to emerge over the last 25 years. Certainly not the best, but she is making her mark. Since she is not eligible for another 19 years as a solo artist, I don't think we can say either way whether she will be deserving just yet.

I personally believe that Dionne Warwick needs to be considered before all of these new divas.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 07.17.09 @ 12:26pm

So...what "Rock & Roll" has she performed lately, or did I miss something?

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 07.17.09 @ 17:41pm

What Rock & Roll has some other inductees performed? It's not about the genre of the music, it's the legend in the making and the tale they leave behind. She's young and already a legend. Kudos to Beyonce because she'll get in.

Posted by Greg on Wednesday, 07.22.09 @ 14:09pm

Some still refuse to see that "rock and roll" is just an umbrella categorization, that's mean to encompass rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, etc. Country less so, but country music has had its own HOF for years now, and- let's face it- isn't a genre that gets played in great amounts on mainstream top 40 stations like other genres.

As for Beyonce? She's had thre studio albums, and she's had some great singles. Still too soon to tell.

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 07.22.09 @ 15:36pm

Beyonce's been in the game for 10 years and has given us nothing but hits. Her future will consist of the same. She's a business and her empire is only building. I have no doubt she'll be inducted.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 07.24.09 @ 10:07am

Beyonce has the most #1's of this decade along with another female artist, but she has more categories won and that's not including he #1's with Destiny's Child or her future. It's a well deserved induction that's awaiting her.

Posted by Kathy on Wednesday, 08.12.09 @ 15:06pm

Beyonce!!? Not even eligible til 2028 ... don't waster my time. She was alright, but I'm getting a little sick of her. Her songs begin to sound a lot alike. Also she tries too much to be 'bootilicious' at the expense of vocal artistry. She does have a great voice. Wish she could get some decent songs and stop the wardrobe malfuntions.

Posted by Worm on Wednesday, 08.12.09 @ 17:25pm

I disagree about her wardrobe - what artist isn't half naked when performing and trying to look sexy? Britney's actually naked in most her videos. I think Beyonce does well with her wardrobe - on and off the screen. I appreciate that she's out here for a reason and is talented unlike most that are studio gimmicks and couldn't stand on their own 2 feet. She always gives you a different sound in her songs and can sing in a lot of different genres and octaves. She's the blueprint for females in this music generation.

Posted by Meghan on Tuesday, 08.18.09 @ 08:47am

If you love Beyonce, dont compare her to Britney ... Britney NEEDS to do the poledance bit because she really has mediocre vocal skills. But Beyonce can stand on the basis of great vocal talent. But ... guess its also true, if ya got it, strut it! (smile)

Posted by Telarock on Tuesday, 08.18.09 @ 13:13pm

"what artist isn't half naked when performing and trying to look sexy?"

An artist with class.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 08.18.09 @ 16:52pm

"An artist with class."

Posted by Philip


Posted by teaser on Wednesday, 08.19.09 @ 14:36pm

It's disrespectful to even put Britney the studio gimmick with Beyonce the real deal. Not even the same person, level or class.

Now let's refocus - Beyonce has worked for her spot and deserves to be in the hall. She's the female artist of this decade with the most #1's and length on the charts. Nuff said.

Posted by Wendy on Monday, 08.24.09 @ 20:03pm

What does what you said have to do with her being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Alot of artists have worked for their spots and had alot of #1's and length on the charts but aren't in the Hall.

Posted by Brian on Monday, 08.24.09 @ 20:13pm

By her actions last night at the MTV Awards, all props to Beyonce. She is a class act.

Kanye - as Gollum said, "go away and never come back"

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 09.14.09 @ 16:28pm

I agree totally Dameon, my opinion of Beyonce went up 20 times compared to that JERK Kanye.

Posted by Brian on Monday, 09.14.09 @ 17:06pm

You answered your own question. It has to do with her being more talented, inspirational and shining brighter than others.

Posted by Wendy on Friday, 09.18.09 @ 13:29pm

The award show showed newjacks and haters what fans have always known about Beyonce - she's humble, sweet, gracious and uber-talented. So really what she did for Taylor wasn't a surprise and why it was done with so much ease. Yeah, this is a future hall of famer.

Posted by RV on Friday, 09.18.09 @ 13:30pm

Being humble, sweet, and gracious have absolutely nothing to do with the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Look at whom they've inducted. Being a good role model is more likely to keep you OUT of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Uber-talented... we'll have to wait and see. So far, I'm not seeing it. And again, nothing that really distinguishes her sound from that of DC.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 09.18.09 @ 17:36pm

"she's humble, sweet, gracious and uber-talented." - RV

It's just too bad for you that humbleness, sweetness and graciousness aren't induction criteria, isn't it RV?

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 09.18.09 @ 18:57pm

She will very likely be inducted, as she has already had quite a bit of visibility (12 years at this point) and a good deal of influence on other artist (nearly every new female in the R&B field), yet she also has the talent to back it up.

If she continues to tread the path she is on, she's a shoo-in.

Posted by Ratchet on Friday, 10.16.09 @ 16:28pm

Very influential Ass shaker !!! lol

Posted by Joe-Skee on Saturday, 10.17.09 @ 11:21am

Ok, First off Beyonce is the most talented female artist of our generation. People hate on her, but really have nothing negative to say.
She has the sexuality of Janet, The electricty of Tina, The classiness of Diana and the uniquness that sets her apart from her imitators!

Beyonce has performed with people from Michael Jackon to Prince...and PRINCE dont perform with NOBODY that isnt already legendary. Beyonce is a LEGEND and she doenst have to shave her head and bust windows or get beat up to sell records

Posted by Aaron on Monday, 10.19.09 @ 10:58am

Very well said Aaron and ditto.

Posted by Real Talk on Wednesday, 10.21.09 @ 10:33am

When Elo and Moody Blues and Weird Al Yankovic have a chance of going into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame? I think they all should be in by now in my option

Posted by Michael Fischer on Wednesday, 04.7.10 @ 17:00pm

Here is Beyonce's innovation: The genius of Beyonce, as with any great artist, begins with the aspects of her music that have stylistically set her apart, and thus influenced her peers. Like Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill before her, Beyonce mixes Soul and R&B with elements of Hip Hop in a way that is neither forced nor haphazard. She can move seamlessly and assuredly between both aesthetically, attaining a certain level of believability that someone like Amerie never seems to reach in that arena. The core of what makes Beyonce’s take on Hip Hop/Soul so unique is her hiccupping, rapid-fire vocal style. Rather than going the Mary J. route, and basically utilizing a classically Soulful vocal style over Hip Hop-inflected beats, or the L-Boogie route, and both singing and rapping masterfully (but separately), Beyonce combines the two, delivering her soulful, R&B vocals in a stuttering, rhythmic fashion that almost sounds like rapping. Though Mariah Carey flirted with this style on her 1997 album Butterfly (particularly with “Breakdown,” her collaboration with Bone Thugs n’ Harmony), Beyonce clearly perfected it; she rides beats the way a rapper does, but never gets lost, staying focused and firmly on pitch. This was the key to the success of Destiny’s Child; heavily influenced by TLC (in which it was Left Eye’s job to convey the trio’s connection to Hip Hop vocally), the group improved upon their model by blurring the line between R&B and Rap vocals. The group’s debut single, the Wyclef Jean-remixed “No, No, No,” is a prime example of this, where Beyonce sings almost impossibly fast, while retaining a soulful delivery, melisma and all. Platinum-selling superstars like Usher (“Confessions [Part 2]”), Mariah Carey (“We Belong Together”), Chris Brown (“Kiss Kiss”), Rihanna (“Hard”), and basically every male or female artist that incorporates elements of Hip Hop into Pop music in the 2000s owe some debt to Beyonce in regards to this alone.

Posted by Curtis on Thursday, 04.15.10 @ 09:08am

And from the same article: Musically, Beyonce’s best work takes the Hip Hop-meets-60’s soul sound pioneered by Lauryn Hill, and makes it danceable, club-ready, and pop-oriented. Listen to “Crazy in Love,” Beyonce’s crowning achievement musically, and you hear many of the same retro-influenced elements present in Hill’s “Do Wop (That Thing);” particularly the raw, live instrumentation, and those insistent, Motown-inspired horns that anchor the song. And while Dangerously in Love may be Beyonce’s most impactful album, B-Day is unquestionably her best, as she explores this interesting balancing act over the course of the entire record. Live instrumentation was employed for most of the songs on B-Day, as well as some sampling from 60’s and 70’s soul artists like Curtis Mayfield and Betty Wright, and they blend perfectly with a contemporary, fiery hip hop production style that gives the album a rich and musical, yet radio-ready personality; Ike and Tina-meets-Swizz Beats, if you will. Recorded in only two weeks, and comprised of just ten songs, the album’s brevity and clear vision give it a cohesiveness rarely found in most mainstream, pop albums

Posted by Curtis on Thursday, 04.15.10 @ 09:09am

She still doesn't deserve to get in the RRHOF

Posted by Milestones on Thursday, 04.15.10 @ 09:40am

Who's Bey Once? Once means something that only occurred a single time while "Bey" is some sort of Islamic title of nobility I believe

Posted by Captain Popo on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 14:28pm

So in other words this "Beyonce" character, whoever he is must play some Middle Eastern influenced music am I correct? I'm also assuming he's fairly young, probably in his 40s

Posted by Captain Popo on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 15:56pm

You are correct Captain, and Bey Once has no business being in a RRHOF

Posted by Milestones on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 16:00pm

Beyonce is paving the way for other artists that will become eligible for the RRHOF. Beyonce will clearly have an entire corner to herself with all she's done for music and women in business. She's a real true talent.

Posted by True Talent on Tuesday, 04.27.10 @ 12:14pm

Beyonce has been named the #52 Greatest Artist OF ALL TIME by Vh1. And Rolling Stone has included her in their Best Songs Of All Time list. She will be inducted regardless of what anyone here feels.

Posted by Adonis aka Satellites on Monday, 09.13.10 @ 19:27pm

I hope not, I'm not a fan of Hip-Hop stars trying to win it over into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She's not rock, at least I don't think so?

Posted by Brittany on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 14:53pm

Although, I wouldn't mind Rhianna, at least she has better talent than Beyonce. I'm not saying I think Rhianna should be inducted but if it was between the two, I'd say Rhianna get's it.

Posted by Brittany on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 14:56pm

"She's had an influence, I'll admit, especially with Destiny's Child. However, that influence has all been negative -- she has managed to completely filter out the soul of R&B. She may be the absolute worst pop vocalist in memory, INCLUDING Katy Perry. I honestly, not joking, think Paris Hilton is a better singer than her; Beyonce has demonstrated a complete inability to find any emotional connection with anything she's ever sung. Her voice is obnoxious, and she's an uninteresting person. I don't even understand why this woman is tolerated anymore."

I was just thinking the same thing...., her voice is very obnoxious, I mean when she tries to get those high notes.....I plug my ears, it's frightening to listen to, and also quite embarrassing when she pretends to actually get into what she's singing. I think she's horrible and I hope she never gets inducted, ever.

Posted by Brittany on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 14:59pm

"She's not rock, at least I don't think so?"

She's not Hip Hop either. Keep trying though.

Posted by Chalkie on Wednesday, 11.17.10 @ 15:51pm

Beyonce is the epitome of class and grace and her music has done wonders for females in this industry. There's not denying from the music that's put out and the videos that Beyonce has had an influence and people are listening. She IS the future and will be in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Ted on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 08:36am

Rihanna? Stop it. I'm laughing so hard at even the thought of her being talented and let alone an inductee. She copied Beyonce's entire blueprint and still does but lacks the talent and vocal ability as does a lot of the other peers Beyonce has left behind. Beyonce will be inducted as she's outlasted everyone. She's gone through waves and waves of incoming performers and has outshined them all with her talent. A true inspiration and what the Hall of Fame looks at.

Posted by Singers on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 08:38am

I'm no spring chicken but I'm very much into all genres of music and I have to say there hasn't been a young person to move me since Lauryn Hill until I discovered Beyonce. She's such a class act and is very inspiring for young women. Her vocal ability and stage presence just takes it over the top. No gimmicks, just give her a mic and a stool. I have no doubt that this very deserving young woman will be inducted and rightly so.

Posted by Annie on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 12:23pm

I Could Have Another You In A Minute. Why would you want someone like the one you had before who treated you bad?

Posted by Suex on Friday, 11.19.10 @ 19:19pm

Beyonce has been putting it down for a long time and no one has done it better yet. Many have come to take the crown and no one has succeeded. She's a shoe-in for the hall of fame.

Posted by Mikey on Tuesday, 11.23.10 @ 11:11am

Yea, I'm not getting the "Beyonce moves mountains" vibe. Yea, she's aiight. She can sing - she can move. So what? She's not doing ANYTHING that ain't been done before. And done BETTER I might add.

Next ....

Posted by Marissa on Thursday, 12.16.10 @ 18:36pm

A lot of acts have come and gone and Beyonce has stood at the top through them all. She's not a studio artist and her concerts are high energy from beginning to end. Her records have been movements and anthems and she constantly changes the music scene each time she comes out because all the other acts follow. Anyone that makes that kind of impact internationally is destined for any hall of fame. Congrats to Beyonce.

Posted by Reg on Monday, 12.20.10 @ 10:39am

I have to say that Beyonce is one of the best singers of our generation. If anyone deserved to get inducted it will be her, although I feel that by 2028 Beyonce will be forgotten. Honestly, look at her now, the early 2000's was her prime. She can't keep up with stars like Rihanna, who are edgier, and unfortunately Beyonce has become a gimmick herself (along with her husband). The only way we will remember Beyonce is because of "Single Ladies", which will replace the "Macarena" as the world's most famous novelty dance. Sorry Bey, shakin'your ass didn't get you as far as you thought it would. We ALL miss the OLD YOU!!!

Posted by Tanisha on Monday, 01.3.11 @ 16:48pm

I beg to differ since Rihanna copies everything Beyonce does and edginess doesn't equal greatness. Beyonce constantly reinvents her sound and pushes her music. You're comparing her to stars of today who's been around for half the time she has yet she's on top of them. Beyonce is a force to be reckoned with as well as her Husband which is why everyone follows their Blueprint.

Posted by Nee on Friday, 01.21.11 @ 11:53am

I Could Have Another You In A Minute

Stupidest line ever!!

Posted by Loop on Tuesday, 01.25.11 @ 13:55pm

If Beyonce isn't inducted it'll be a crime to music history. She can actually sing and is no studio gimmick. She's the best female performer we have now. The female Michael Jackson.

Posted by True Talent on Monday, 02.7.11 @ 12:37pm

"The female Michael Jackson."

So she molests children?

Posted by Never Forget on Monday, 02.7.11 @ 12:40pm

She doesn't and neither did Michael as is being proven after his death. Your Father molested you which is why you'll "Never Forget".

Posted by Anna on Tuesday, 02.8.11 @ 13:30pm

I think the "female Michael Jackson" has already been found. And her name is Janet. Beyonce is a puppet. She has some catchy tunes, but they're forgotten as soon as they leave the charts....

I vote "no".

Posted by Clarissa on Saturday, 03.12.11 @ 08:33am

Artist.. Tiptop :)

Posted by on Friday, 06.3.11 @ 06:35am

She's already flaming out, there's a good chance she'll only be relevant for a few more years and then be a distant memory by 2028. So, probably not, but she has time. Destiny's Child wouldn't be a big problem for me though.

Posted by Jim on Wednesday, 08.3.11 @ 16:44pm

There seems to be a big in-flux of Beyonce fanatics voting. Word to the wise, she's not even eligible until 2028. Sit back and relax and vote for the trail-blazers. Because if Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc don't get voted in - then Beyonce, too, will be on the outside looking in.

Think! Then click. Enjoy.

Posted by JT on Monday, 08.22.11 @ 21:30pm

Of course my girl beyonce deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Beyonce should have been in the Hall of Fame when she first came out with her single-crazy in love.

Posted by Tekesha on Monday, 10.3.11 @ 18:24pm

She wasn't eligible then Tekesha.

Amongst the pop stars now she has probably the biggest chance.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 10.22.11 @ 15:15pm

I'm NOT a fan of beyonce, but there is no denying her impact in today's music.

Posted by Bastian on Tuesday, 11.29.11 @ 22:42pm

She's a complete fraud.

Posted by Stitch on Sunday, 03.4.12 @ 08:40am

^Care to elaborate?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 03.4.12 @ 09:05am

also i know it was posted ages ago but this comment really rustles my jimmies.

"influencing pop stars isn't as relevant as influencing the true artists of rock"

oh yeah, because they were never any flash in the pan rock artists who were after money and nothing else. that's the realm of pop, that filthy genre, not like the pure transcendence that is rock!

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 03.22.12 @ 16:10pm

GFW, how many times do I have to tell you, rock is the only "real" genre and the only one with a "pure" sound. Unless of course someone decides to "sellout" or go "corporate!!"


Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 03.22.12 @ 16:32pm

ah yes, silly me! john coltrane? pfft, who's that? beethoven? he lets commercials use his music, he's just after the money! no one's ognna remember him in a hundred years. Foghat though? timeless.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 03.22.12 @ 16:34pm

Sorry (not really) hard core rockers, but am giving Beyonce a "yes" ... she should go in either w/Destiny's Child or more certainly someday as a soloist.

Posted by Telarock on Thursday, 05.3.12 @ 16:29pm

I do not believe Beyonce will be gone in a few years she is clearly Tina turner, Michael Jackson and other artjst legacy, but she is not some great musician or artist and she has not changed anything in the industry. Yes young girls might want to become singers because of her, but they probably want to become singers because of Britney Spears. Lets be very honest Rihanna has a better chance of becoming an icon based on the fact that she is the first of her kind! Rihanna is an innovator she is the first famous carribean female artist to make it in the mainstream. I like Bey, but she really is not a TRUE STAR because DC had a hit cause of wyclef, then they really got famous when they disbanded and when she went solo she got with Jay-z all her success is accompanied by some outside influence. Though she is super talented that was not of interest to people without other factors mentioned. Excuse my words wanted to type fast.

Posted by tigress on Saturday, 07.14.12 @ 23:15pm

She's clearly one of the big superstars of this generation, but I don't think she's a no-brainer first-year inductee or anything. Look at Diana Ross- her solo period has yet to get her into the HOF. And, I don't see Destiny's Child being at the top of the induction list once it becomes eligible. The group's had a couple of notable singles, but, overall, not really an act that screams no-brainer HOF inductee.

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 08.1.12 @ 09:19am

59% No vs. 41% Yes? hmmm, well I think she will get in some day. if Jay-Z gets in she probally will also for shur coz they a royal pair.

Posted by Portnoi on Wednesday, 11.21.12 @ 17:27pm

Are you saying that Beyonce lip-synched at Obama's inauguration to a pre-recording of herself?

Posted by E on Tuesday, 01.22.13 @ 17:04pm

Beyonce is a strong singer and the performer of her generation. She has had so many iconic singles and has been such an inspiration to many other singers. I don't see how at least one of her or DC gets in. Jay Z however is another talentless story who is solely dependent on marketing.

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, 04.3.13 @ 17:37pm

"Jay Z however is another talentless story who is solely dependent on marketing"

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 04.3.13 @ 18:05pm

She's become a real phoney (oxymoron?) with lip-synching, overerotic performing, wearing exotic animal clothing, etc. Sorry, but she ceases to thrill me.

Posted by Benny on Friday, 04.5.13 @ 21:14pm


Posted by Crayzay on Saturday, 04.13.13 @ 12:40pm

Beyonce is fine for what she is. At the core she's a Janet Jackson wannabe. If/when Janet gets in we can continue the Beyonce conversation.

Until then ....... nope, it's all about Janet Jackson. Just saying.

Posted by Marissa on Saturday, 04.13.13 @ 16:57pm

So if Beyonce wasn't already on track for the Hall of Fame before, she absolutely guaranteed it with her new release.

Everybody in the industry seems to be freaking out about this. I haven't listened to the album myself but you can't deny how it seems like she just changed the game right before our eyes.

Posted by rockstar23 on Saturday, 12.14.13 @ 06:26am

Beyonce is an overproduced talent-less poseur who dresses like a cheap prostitute. Unfortunately celebrity trumps talent all too often.

Posted by TTK on Sunday, 08.3.14 @ 18:26pm

Lol the fact that most people voted no for Beyonce to be inducted proves they vote with their hearts and not their brains. Just because it's the "Rock" Hall doesn't mean she won't be inducted, Aretha Franklin was very much R&B and soul and she's in.

I am in no way a fan of Beyonce, but I'm not blind enough to see how influential she is. She is in my mind the biggest female artist of the 21st century. Destiny's Child was enormously popular, and Beyonce's solo career is even bigger than that. She's a lock for the Hall.

Posted by Logan on Monday, 11.2.15 @ 19:07pm

It appears so.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.19.16 @ 05:37am

So...she seems like a lock now. Probably a first year inductee?

Posted by Jack Tor on Wednesday, 04.27.16 @ 03:47am

She's easily a lock. It's hard for pop stars to come by critical acclaim, cultural relevance, and commercial success for such a long time, and she has all that in spades. First year inductee if I've ever seen one.

Posted by Jet on Wednesday, 07.27.16 @ 16:22pm

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