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Eligible since: 1998 (The 1999 Induction Ceremony)

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Mandy (1974)
Bandstand Boogie (1975)

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Will Barry Manilow be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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He is one of the major artists of the 20th century, on par with Beethoven. C'mon, he's a superstar. Cheryls' grandmother is friends with him.

Posted by me2 on Wednesday, 02.14.07 @ 09:58am

Yes he is, me2, and I am slightly embarrassed to admit how much I liked him. But his music is hardly rock and roll. Sorry.

Posted by Joe on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 16:49pm

Neither is Grand Master Flash or Miles Davis........

Posted by ANON on Saturday, 04.7.07 @ 10:58am

I love Manilow, man. I want him to lead the Crue the next time Vince freaks out...

Posted by Nikki Sixx on Wednesday, 10.31.07 @ 19:35pm

If after a night of partying, you think puking will help you feel better. Play some Manilow and you'll puke. Come to think of it, you don't need to drink to puke after listening to Manilow, you just need to listen to Manilow

Posted by D. Fend on Sunday, 12.9.07 @ 19:31pm

Can't stand his music, haven't since I turned about eight.

One of the most deserving non-members that probably won't get in, none the less. You will not find anyone who has influenced songwriting more than this guy.

Posted by TAG on Saturday, 01.19.08 @ 09:22am

Artists who maybe have a case for being inducted but will probably never be becuase of a certain, vague wimpy factor:
- Barry Manilow
- Neil Diamond
- Jim Croce
- Carol King
- John Denver
- George Michael

Posted by Blue on Saturday, 01.19.08 @ 09:38am

I think his music is the best.I can't see why he has been passed over so much!

Posted by Deirdre Feightner on Saturday, 01.19.08 @ 11:51am

He beat Colbert, so my answer is no.

Posted by K-Money on Wednesday, 04.16.08 @ 10:03am

I was stunned to realize he is not already in the HOF. What the heck? The man has had more hits and written more great stuff and is a wonderful live performer. This is one that boggles my mind, and I am not even a huge fan of his. This is truly a travesty,

Posted by Tim O on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 14:20pm

Never was a fan,very cheesy imo,yet he DOES fit the criteria he'll most (sadly) definitley be inducted.

Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 09:48am

How does he fit the criteria? He is one of the better oens at making those cheesy love songs (he and Air Supply). But, he's been eligible for some time, and I don't think the HOF committee will give him serious consideration (as it hasn't yet).

Posted by JR on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 09:53am

"How does he fit the criteria?"
Posted by JR on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 09:53am

Hi JR, I meant sales wise, popularity,longevity I assume in TRRHOF he fits "their" criteria.
Influence ,I'm sure he has done that as well,but being it's not really my style of music I can't give KNOWN examples.

I think he'll eventually make it in.

Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 10:18am

Those aren't the criteria they use, Lynn. The HoF even explicity states that sales and popularity are too subjective to say anything about the influence and innovation of an act. Plus, Barry never was popular with the critics. I would say Pat Boone has a bigger chance of getting inducted.

Posted by The_Claw on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 11:22am

"Those aren't the criteria they use, Lynn."
Posted by The_Claw on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 11:22am

Hmm, well I "figured" being he's so hugely popular and has sold so many albums and all.
Not too mention he composed the theme for American Bandstand.
But perhaps I'm wrong.

Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 11:39am

Bary absolutley belongs in the HoF.
As mentioned by others he is great and
did do the theme for American Bandstand
and alot of other ads that some people do not
know he has anything to do with.
Great singer and performer as well.
Hopefully he will make it their some day.

Posted by Fred on Wednesday, 10.29.08 @ 07:54am

He should be inducted. He has written more songs both for his career and other singers. He is truly multi talanted. He has won Emmy's and Grammy's. Who is anyone to knock him. Why because he doesn't do drugs or you don't read about him in the tabloids. I am an avid Manilow fan and always will be. His music has helped me through many difficult times. God bless him.

Posted by Mary on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 16:02pm

definately not..... ewww

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, 10.12.10 @ 08:02am

Artists who maybe have a case for being inducted but will probably never be becuase of a certain, vague wimpy factor:
- Barry Manilow
- Neil Diamond
- Jim Croce
- Carol King
- John Denver
- George Michael

Posted by Blue on Saturday, 01.19.08 @ 09:38am

Well, Blue was wrong--as we found out three years later--so if Neil Diamond gets in, will Manilow be far behind?

Yes, he will--and I was a fan. If there were a POP music hall of fame, maybe...

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 01.11.11 @ 17:20pm

Barry Manilow has been name the best performer of our time by many including the late, great Frank Sinatra. He has already has been inducted itto the Songwriters Hall of Fame and won numerous awards including several Grammys. He not only writes the lyrics and music but has put on an amazing performance for over 30 years! Don't knock him unless you have seen him and don't count him out just yet!!

Posted by JC on Saturday, 03.5.11 @ 13:03pm

I wonder how Manilow made the Songwriter's Hall of Fame (though I am not denying that he did), since most of his hits were written by others. As for the Rock hall, since Neil Diamond made it, I suppose it may be possible. Unlikely, but possible.

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 03.5.11 @ 13:40pm

Neil Diamond is in the hall of fame and Barry Manilow is not? This is just wrong! Manilow is a living legend, and he still has a huge following. He deserves to be in the hall as an entertainer and a composer/producer. up until he stopped touring in 2015, he was still selling out concert halls!

Posted by Daphne on Thursday, 10.20.16 @ 22:42pm

Barry Manilow definitely has a bit of schmaltzy Vegas crooner about him on songs like "Copacabana", but he also has several gems that are definite soft-rock standards: "Mandy", "Ships", "Trying to Get the Feeling Again", "It's a Miracle", "Looks Like We Made It"... I agree that a little Manilow goes a long way, but those songs (among others) are absolutely essential. He's certainly more talented and tolerable than, say, Michael Bolton (*gag*).

Posted by E E on Wednesday, 01.18.17 @ 16:42pm

he needs to be in hof. a lot of people may not like him but he is one of the adult comt musicians around. plus has countless awards and does do a lot of good for high school music programs.

Posted by kelly johnston on Thursday, 10.5.17 @ 19:48pm

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