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Vote for the FIVE nominees you believe will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016:
Janet Jackson
The Cars
Los Lobos
Deep Purple
Nine Inch Nails
The Spinners
Cheap Trick
Steve Miller
The J.B.'s
Chaka Khan
The Smiths
Please vote for exactly five nominees.

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What are people talking about?

About The Album Project, Nick wrote:
Cheap Trick: Dream Police (1979)
Chic: C’est Chic (1978)
Los Lobos: How Will the Wolf Survive? (1984)
Nine Inch Nails: With Teeth (2005)
Steve Miller Band: Book of Dreams (1977)
The Cars: Shake It Up (1981)
Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 18:20pm

About the 2016 Nominees, Ben wrote:

I just want to correct myself and clarify. I think You said the Spinners are Good but NOT real great. I agree with You that a bunch of their Music was not bad. Although I've heard some clunkers. I agree that they don't stand out from the Crowd. Of course that don't seem to bother the Hall anymore. I do think They'll fall short on Votes though as compared to Janet Jackson for instance. I see an induction for Chaka Khan too. I only Own I Feel For You. That's why asked about other tunes.

Just like you I like some R&B but I am much more into Rock. I own every cd from The Who. I own most of the ones from Neil Young and Lots and lots of Eric Clapton. I own hundreds of cds from So many Rock artists. I have a very small R&B collection in contrast. I do like Chicago a lot. I have spoken about the Moody Blues. I like all the Classic Rock artists in some way this year. A bit less on Cheap Trick.

Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 18:20pm

About the Rock Hall Pyramid, Ry Guy wrote:
As happy as I am with this year's ballot, I don't think any of these artists could place above a level 2.

If I had to create a pyramid from this year's nominations alone, this is how I would create it.

Level 1
Nine Inch Nails

Level 2
Deep Purple

Level 3
The Cars
Cheap Trick
The Smiths

Level 4
Janet Jackson

Level 5
Chaka Khan
The J.B.'s
Los Lobos
The Spinners
Steve Miller

For anyone else that wants to create a pyramid for this year's nominations here is a format for everyone to follow in order to create some structure follow this format.
-All nominated artists must be used in the pyramid
-Use 5 levels in your pyramid
-You can place as many artists as you want at each level, however each level must have equal to more of the amount of artists than the level before it (For example: Level 1 can have 1 artist, Level 2 can have 3 artists, Level 3 can then have 3 artists also, but Level 4 can't have 2 or less, but it can have 3 or more. You could even have 5 levels of 3 artist at each level)

The purpose of these rules are to keep it even, in order for one artist to go up a level another artist has to go down a level.
Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 18:12pm

About Rock Hall Projected, dank wrote:
I assume we vote here so here's my ballot:


The Strokes
Queens of the Stone Age
Mariah Carey
A Tribe Called Quest


The Neptunes
Danger Mouse


The J.B's
Jaco Pastorius


Tom Lehrer (I'll get behind the hype train)
Theolonius Monk

(ballot is subject to change)
Tuesday, 10.13.15 @ 17:29pm

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