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Green Day
The Smiths
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Bill Withers
Lou Reed
The Marvelettes
Nine Inch Nails
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What are people talking about?

About Rock Hall Projected, Rick Vendl II wrote:
My Blind Ballot nominations for 2030 induction...


Bachman-Turner Overdrive
The J. Geils Band


Don Arden (I've said it before, Col. Tom Parker is in, so now this guy should also be inducted!)


Don Covay & the Goodtimers


SuMagNa (Susan Collins, Margaret or Marge Raymond & Nancy O'Neill)
Saturday, 10.25.14 @ 03:52am

About Rock Hall Projected, Donnie wrote:
That's what I thought. Honestly Moby and Daft Punk are probably the two most well known 90's electronic acts to the causal public honestly. Although obviously that's not the only thing that makes Moby a worthwhile inductee. As his first self-titled album, "Everything is Wrong," and "Play" are albums so good they should get Moby inducted alone.
Saturday, 10.25.14 @ 03:34am

About Rock Hall Projected, DarinRG wrote:
Yeah, good catch, Donnie. Moby and the Prodigy both belong in that company.

I actually didn't realize that we haven't inducted Moby. That's kind of a WTF.
Saturday, 10.25.14 @ 03:06am

About Rock Hall Projected, Donnie wrote:
If I was gonna rank those five artists are far as the order they should be inducted in, it'd probably go something like this...

1. Aphex Twin
2. Moby
3. The Prodigy
4. Orbital
5. Underworld

After that, Air, the Crystal Method, DJ Shadow, The Orb, Leftfield, Boards of Canada, and Fatboy Slim would be good electronic acts to look at.
Saturday, 10.25.14 @ 02:57am

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