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What are people talking about?

About The Song Project, Greg F wrote:
This genre vote did get me more interested and appreciate country music more than I ever had.
Sunday, 12.28.14 @ 01:24am

About The Song Project, Darren wrote:
Logan - "I can't believe Kerosene and Before He Cheats are doing well... okay songs that are just everything wrong with modern country."

There's plenty wrong with modern Country music (no one's mentioned 5 televised award shows for one genre of music yet? lol) and I get the animosity towards Carrie Underwood because of American Idol, but "he / she done me wrong" has been a common theme in Country music from the beginning, so I'm not sure exactly sure why they're everything wrong with modern country.

PopeCharming and Lax31's arguments are accurate. The two biggest problems with contemporary country music are the generic "bro-country" (the joke used to be that when you play a country song backwards you get your dog back, your truck back and your wife back, but now it seems like every hit country song requires a pick-up truck, a body of water and women in tight blue jeans) and as Toby Keith (?) put it: "someone spilled some pop in my country".

That being said, contemporary country music (in particular the 90's boom) is an area with a few missing pieces. Garth Brooks has two songs inducted into the project. Clint Black doesn't have any. Alan Jackson (whose music I can't stand lol) has one song inducted and I (and South Park) would describe it as shamefully exploitative. All of these artists were insanely significant during their prime and all of them would have fit in during the genre's earlier decades. Garth and Clint, in particular, fit in well with the singer-songwriter tradition that dominated the genre from Hank Williams through George Strait. If the purpose of these genre votes is to vote in deserving and significant songs from genres that we, as voters, don't personally prefer, I think this vote is doing a good job of doing so.
Sunday, 12.28.14 @ 01:06am

About Revisited Projected Rankings, Arrow Man wrote:
Joni Mitchell-25
The Kinks-24
The Supremes-23
Roy Orbison-22
B.B. King-21
The Miracles with Smokey Robinson-20
The Everly Brothers-19
Jerry Lee Lewis-18
Talking Heads-17
The Temptations-16
Van Morrison-15
The Allman Brothers Band-14
Sly & The Family Stone-12
The Byrds-11
The Grateful Dead-10
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-9
The Band-8
Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company-7
Otis Redding-6
Deep Purple-5
Billy Joel-3
The Police-2
Sunday, 12.28.14 @ 00:58am

About Revisited Projected Rankings, Taylor wrote:
Bo Diddley - 25
Joni Mitchell - 24
Sam Cooke - 23
The Kinks - 22
Sly & the Family Stone - 21
Parliament-Funkadelic - 20
Talking Heads - 19
The Supremes - 18
Otis Redding - 17
The Allman Brothers Band - 16
Jerry Lee Lewis - 15
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - 14
The Temptations - 13
The Smiths - 12
Kraftwerk - 11
OutKast - 10
The Miracles with Smokey Robinson - 9
The Byrds - 8
Roy Orbison - 7
The Band - 6
Run-D.M.C. - 5
Radiohead - 4
Cream - 3
Deep Purple - 2
Aerosmith - 1
Sunday, 12.28.14 @ 00:52am

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