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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, K-Dawg wrote:
  Here is my list for posterity. I'm sticking with 16

1. Alice in Chains
2. Bad Company
3. Depeche Mode
4. Duran Duran
5. Iron Maiden
6. Jane's Addiction
7. Janet Jackson
8. Kraftwerk
9. Nine Inch Nails
10. Soundgarden
11. The Cars
12. The Doobie Brothers
13. The Monkees
14. The Moody Blues
15. The Spinners
16. Whitney Houston

I've seen great debates, but I am sticking at this point with my choices. A very preliminary induction, at one person's guess, is the Cars, the Monkees, the Moody Blues, Janet Jackson, Soundgarden, and Depeche Mode.
Thursday, 09.21.17 @ 02:38am
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About Rock Hall Projected, Tom H. wrote:
  Could someone tell me when we will start this procedure?


Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 09.13.17 @ 14:39pm


Usually we wait until the actual rock hall ballot comes out then get started on the rock hall projected voting a week later so my guess would be late October early November.
Wednesday, 09.20.17 @ 16:40pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Ben wrote:

You have a great list. I also have ones I wanted to include but didn't make the final cut of my own list. Dire Straits, Joe Cocker and Kate Bush are ones I would have considered. Also Steppenwolf got cut! I like Steppenwolf a lot. I agree with your Born to Be Wild discussion and I know they had some key albums at the time in the late 60s. I cut them in favor of the Jam a key pop punk group. A Town Called Malice was a key tune in the early 80s. I know it well. Anti Classic Rock fans should dig me saying that. A key tune of the 80s in some circles. I have also included the Cars. They possess one of the most distinctive sounds of the 80s. Now I have the Cure not Depeche Mode as an 80 alternative choice. I also think Radiohead is a lock for nomination. I don't know them very well but I know they were very respected in the 90s. I do think moving forward the nominating committee will try to nominate acts from the 1980s and 1990s to some extent.
Wednesday, 09.20.17 @ 16:17pm
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About Jann S. Wenner, Jason Voigt wrote:
  Damn. This is like the next nail in the coffin for magazines as a whole. True, Rolling Stone magazine readership and credibility has been on the decline for years now. Its now clear to those who follow the business/music industry that Rolling Stone is up for sale. Bob Lefsetz pretty much took words out of my mouth in his blog:

I'd have to agree with him on just about every point he makes. Wenner didn't really keep up with the times and technology. In the 60s and 70s, yes- he and his team knew what was 'hot'. Times began a-changing' in the 90s. Remember, this was the same magazine that gave Nirvana's "Nevermind" and Weezer's "Pinkerton" a 3-star review (the mag would give both a 5-star one later on and rank them on their lists). Every time Bruce and Dylan would put out a new record, it would automatically get either a 4 or 5-star rating. In fact, I think the only artist besides them to get a 5-star is the White Stripes, in the last 15 years. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

That just goes to show how Wenner kept living in the past. Their lists were another, as I have taken their Top 500 songs and albums lists seriously. To me, they were the most relevant for a while. They would also have lists for the best drummers of all-time, and of course, guitarists. Lists are never a win-win for anyone, but Rolling Stone's opinion, at times, was as important as Guitar Worlds or Hit Paraders.

But either way, Wenner has led a great but challenging life. He inducted himself into the RRHOF, something he helped co-found. I'm sure he'll be spending more time with his 'other baby' when he decides to give up Rolling Stone.
Wednesday, 09.20.17 @ 12:06pm
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About TLC, Phaedra wrote:
  Absolutely! TLC needs to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. They are the US's highest selling girl group, 2nd highest selling girl group in the world. They broke gender and racial barriers. Their album 'CrazySexyCool' is one of the few albums to diamond certified. Their albums 'Ooooooohhh on the TLC Tip', 'Fanmail' and '3D' all went multi-platium, and their recent album 'TLC' debuted at #1 on the independent charts. They have 4 #1 singles, (Creep, Waterfalls, No Scrubs and Unpretty).

They broke the mode for girl groups by infusing hip hop, rnb and funk to create a sound that has both soul and crossover appeal. They ushered in the 'tomboy' trend among female rnb artist. Their music was fearless and they have never shied away from addressing controversial topics, like the HIV/AIDS epidemic and gang violence with "Waterfalls" and social issues with songs like "Unpretty".

In 2013, their Vh1 biopoc 'CrazySexyCool' re introduced to a new generation and kicked off the current trend we see now of 80s and 90s rnb and hip hop artist doing biopics. TLC legends, icons and trendsetter. #Facts. It's time that their contribution to music is properly recognized. Induct them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Wednesday, 09.20.17 @ 11:41am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, AlexVoltaire wrote:
  Very nice choices, Nick! Truth be known, you have a lot of my "runners-up" who I wanted to include, but fell at the final hurdle in my own list of predictions: Dire Straits, Joe Cocker, The Cars...

But I like your "off the wall" picks most of all...Tracy Chapman and Toots & the Maytals are exactly the kind of left-field choices the Rock Hall makes from time to time.

If that was the ballot, I'd probably pick Janet, The Spinners, Dire Straits, The Cars and...either NIN or Kate Bush or Rage Against the Machine. I can't choose.
Wednesday, 09.20.17 @ 10:04am
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About Humble Pie, Icedcoffee24oz wrote:
  Just an Awesome Band and extremely versatile as well. SMOKIN , ROCKIN THE FILMORE just to name a few. Truelly Awesome..!
Wednesday, 09.20.17 @ 09:27am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Nick wrote:
  Hello FRL regulars,
I have been working on this list for the last few weeks and it’s finally done. I work two jobs (one full-time, one part-time) and currently enrolled as a full-time student for my second master’s program, so I have been pretty busy as of late. In my spare time, I managed to write a through essay discussing my predictions list for the 2018 Rock Hall nominees. I have seriously considered starting a blog devoted to all things related to the Rock Hall. Inspired by the likes of Alex Voltaire, Philip, Donnie, Tom Lane, and others, I wanted to take a stab and try to write one. Maybe this could be a launching pad for me to start writing about pop culture again, so I decided to challenge myself to write and see where it goes.

For my list, I chose 19 nominees - the same number of nominees on the 2017 list. Maybe it will be more or maybe it will be less, who knows. Of the 19 nominees on my list, there are 9 fresh names (aka never nominated before, including two first-year eligible picks) with the other 10 previously nominated. I tried to carefully consider a wide spectrum in the rock canon, everything including classic rock, R&B/Soul, alternative, blues, folk, and even reggae. There is an emphasis on post-1975 music because I think the nominating committee will now move forward and try to nominate acts from the 1980s and 1990s going forward. With classic rock acts dominating the performers category in the last five years, I think very few of them will be nominated this year. In fact, I’m only predicting 4 acts who fit the classic rock mold and hopefully that happens. I like Rock Hall classes to be inclusive and encompass all aspects of rock music and its history. Hopefully, this is a balanced enough list and offers something for everyone. Will my list exactly match the actual list in the upcoming weeks? Probably not, but the art of predicting Rock Hall ballots is both arbitrary and exciting. Everyone wants to “think” like the nominating committee, but it’s also possible to know who they will support and for what reasons they neglect others.

Any feedback or comments on my list would be greatly appreciated because I’m thinking about starting my own website and/or blog in the near future. I hope to hear from everyone soon. It’s down to the wire as we all make our final Rock Hall predictions list on FRL. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my list. Here goes nothing…

My Final Choices for the 2018 Rock Hall Nominees

1. Big Star
2. The Cars
3. Depeche Mode
4. Dire Straits
5. The J. Geils Band
6. Janet Jackson
7. Joe Cocker
8. Kate Bush
9. LL Cool J
10. Link Wray
11. Nine Inch Nails
12. Radiohead
13. Rage Against the Machine
14. Soundgarden
15. The Spinners
16. Steppenwolf
17. Toots & The Maytals
18. Tracy Chapman
19. War

Detailed Analysis for Each Candidate Below:

Big Star - Fronted by the late-great Alex Chilton (previously from the Box Tops fame in the late 1960s when he was only a teenager) in the early 1970s, Big Star foreshadowed the blossoming alternative rock scene that would dominate rock music in the subsequent decade. Big Star in its original incarnation released three critically acclaimed yet commercially underperforming albums - #1 Record (1972), Radio City (1974), and Third/Sister Lovers (1978). All 3 albums appear on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and many of the magazine’s writers are on the committee, so it’s only a matter of time before Big Star appears on the ballot. The band’s HOF chances are dramatically increased given Holly George-Warren, a HOF Nominating Committee member, wrote a recent biography on Chiton and helped create new interest in the band’s legacy. Big Star’s influence can clearly be heard in the music of R.E.M. (first-ballot inductee for the class of 2007), The Replacements (nominated once for the 2014 class and even named one of their most known-well songs after Big Star’s frontman), Gin Blossoms and Wilco.

The Cars - A fellow Rock Hall follower on this site remarked a while back they couldn’t tell if The Cars would be inducted upon their first Rock Hall nomination or if it would take 7-8 nominations (similar to the likes of Black Sabbath, The Stooges, and Lynyrd Skynyrd). This, for some reason, seems about right to me. They seem to be a band the Rock Hall would want to induct, especially considering The Cars possess one of the most distinctive sounds of their era.The Cars have been nominated the last two years and did not get enough votes for induction. Keep in mind The Cars appeared on two of the most heavily competitive ballots in recent memory and those ballots featured long-time snubs such as Chicago, Yes, Cheap Trick, Electric Light Orchestra, and Journey. All of those aforementioned bands were inducted within the past year or so yet The Cars The Cars finished among the top 5 in the fan’s poll and if that’s a good indicator for induction, they stand a good chance for induction. The only other act to finish in the top five on the fan ballot and not receive induction was Nine Inch Nails back in 2015. The Cars, along with The Police and Talking Heads, are one of the bands that helped bridge the gap between classic rock and new wave in the late 1970s and early 1980s and should receive immediate Rock Hall induction.

Depeche Mode - Depeche Mode is one of the most commercially successful bands currently not in the Rock Hall, selling well over 100 million records. They also had one of the five most profitable tours from this past year (behind only the likes of Guns N’ Roses and U2). Boosting both a string of hit songs (“Personal Jesus,” “Enjoy the Silence,” “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “People Are People,” “Never Let Me Down Again,” among many others) and great album cuts (“Fly on the Windscreen,” “Stripped,” “Blasphemous Rumours,”), Depeche Mode has one of the most impressive catalogues of their era. If you follow their career, they evolved as musicians- they experimented new sounds, wrote darker lyrics, and, as a result, became even more popular along the way. Depeche Mode’s influence seems to grow with each passing year in diverse genres ranging from metal to EMD to alternative rock. Sooner or later, Depeche Mode will receive an induction to the Rock Hall, it’s just a question of time. But that might take a while because the Rock Hall hasn’t inducted an 80s era British alternative act. The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division/New Order, Kate Bush, and Eurythmics are some other no-brainers from this decade, but many of them haven’t even been nominated yet. Besides the lack of Soul/R&B and heavy metal representation, 80s Alternative Rock is probably the weakest genre represented in the performers category. Plus Depeche Mode performed very well on the fan ballot last year, ranking #7 overall and much better than their alternative contemporaries The Smiths and The Replacements on previous fan ballots. So maybe that could be a sign for a second-straight nomination for one of my all-time favorite bands.

Dire Straits - Dire Straits is one of the greatly understated rock bands in post-punk British rock music. They were highly acclaimed by critics, sold over 100 million albums worldwide, and charted well on both the singles and albums charts. Mark Knopfler is simply one of rock music’s finest musicians. His steering guitar riffs, intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics (Knopfler is a highly underrated songwriter), and melancholic vocals (his voice always reminded me of Bob Dylan for some reason, but nobody sings quite like Knopfler) made him distinctive from anything else released at the time. Dire Straits’ most famous song “Money for Nothing” featured one of the first MTV references in a song and remains one of the most iconic music videos ever created. “ In fact, the album Brothers in Arms made them superstars and remains of the best-selling albums from the 1980s. Mark Knopfler is well connected with many Hall of Famers and worked with a who’s-who’s of the music industry, ranging from Elton John to Bob Dylan to Tina Turner to Randy Newman. He is also ranked #27 on Rolling Stone’s 100 Guitarists List, so maybe that could help elevate their HOF chances. Of all the classic rock acts to consider this year (such as The Moody Blues, Bad Company, Foreigner, and The Doobie Brothers, The Guess Who, and Jethro Tull), I would bet on Dire Straits and their brilliant musicianship.

The J. Geils Band - The J. Geils Band gets a bad reputation among Rock Hall followers: accusing their biggest admirers (primarily Steven Van Zandt and Dave Marsh, among the most powerful and influential members of the nominating committee) of cronyism. Even Jann Wanner, one of the co-founders of both Rolling Stone magazine and the Rock Hall of Fame + Museum, expressed his desire to see the Boston band inducted into the Hall one day. After 4 previous attempts (2005, 2006, 2011, and 2017), The J. Geils Band has not prevailed yet. At first glance, the Boston natives are often identified as one of the weakest acts ever appearing on a Rock Hall ballot. But those detesting the candidacy of the band should know they are so much more than their later crossover 1980s hits “Centerfold,” “Love Stinks,” and “Freeze Frame.” They are simply one of the best live acts, if you don’t believe me take a listen to ‘Live Full House’ as proof. In addition, Peter Wolf is one of rock’s most underrated and electrifying frontmen, a towering stage presence with a distinctive voice that blended rock, soul, and blues so effortlessly. With more names appearing on Rock Hall ballots, I think The J. Geils Band’s chances only increase. There is a certain segment of voters who will always vote for them and “gets” their music. Others will write them off as minor stars that struck it big with novelty songs and then faded away from the limelight. With the death of John Geils earlier this year, I think the Rock Hall will give the Boston natives another chance and this would be their fifth overall nomination.

Janet Jackson - Regardless of race and gender, Janet Jackson is one of the biggest Rock Hall omissions. She comes from one of American pop music’s most famous families and largely remained in the shadows of her brothers, especially Michael. Although she was a child star on the 70s sitcom Good Times, Jackson became a worldwide superstar with the release of her 1986 album Control. The album established Jackson as one of pop music’s great female talents – a woman willing to speak her mind, be in control of her sexuality, discuss socially conscious and controversial topics (e.g., AIDS, poverty, women's sexuality) and quite frankly proud to be a woman. Just take a listen to the introduction to the album’s title track – Jackson speaks to the listener telling them this is a song about her being in control of her life and this time it will be on her own terms. It might as well been an autobiographical song and the moment when she stepped out of Michael and the family’s shadow and became her own person. She has more top ten hits than any artist not inducted into the Rock Hall yet. For the album Rhythm Nation 1814 alone she deserves induction, an album that boasted a record-breaking seven top-five singles including four number one hits. Her work with producer Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis revolutionized pop music and helped break racial and gender boundaries along the way. As a result, Jackson became one of the biggest pop stars of the last 30 years. Jackson influenced virtually every female (and dare I say male) pop star that followed her – including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, TLC, Aaliyah, and Rihanna. It’s about time Janet joined her brothers and earn her rightful place in the Rock Hall.

Joe Cocker - The Rock Hall loves the ‘60s and perhaps, even more, they love anything and anyone associated with Woodstock. It is, after all, one of the biggest cultural events in rock music history. Joe Cocker’s soaring rendition of The Beatles’ ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ made him an instant star and became immortalized in Michael Wadleigh’s Oscar-winning documentary Woodstock (1970). When Cocker covered other artists’ works, ranging from Randy Newman to The Beatles to Traffic (all of whom are HOF inductees), he made those songs his own. Cocker possessed one of the most distinctive voices of the rock era- raw talents, soaring stage presence, and gravelly voice. Mad Dogs & Englishmen (1970), the brilliant live album with HOF inductee Leon Russell as a producer, is a great starting point for anyone doubting Cocker’s musical talents. Cocker also has another advantage: he perfectly fits with other classic rock acts whose music can still be heard on AOR stations (“The Letter,” “You Are So Beautiful,” “Feelin’ Alright,” “With a Little Help From My Friends,” and “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window”). Right before Cocker passed away in December 2014, Billy Joel told a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden his desire to see Cocker inducted into the Rock Hall before a Joe Cocker-inspirited rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Joel even wrote a letter to the institution stating his desire to his former friend among the Rock Hall nominees one day. I must be corrected from something I said earlier – the Rock Hall loves not only the 60s and the Woodstock era, but they love The Beatles even more. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have sung the praises of Cocker after his passing and the latter did famously cover a number of Beatles songs. Maybe a Cocker induction could see a living member of The Beatles induct one of their best interpreters. It could very well happen. Clearly, there’s support for Cocker, now it’s a matter of when than if at this point.

Kate Bush - I could not decide between Eurythmics, Siouxsie and the Banshees, or Kate Bush for this spot. All three feature important women in the all-too-neglected area of British women in the Rock Hall. If it was up to me, I would put all three of them on the list. For some reason, I think this might be Kate Bush’s time for a Rock Hall nomination. She shot to fame with the U.K. #1 hit “Wuthering Heights” at the age of 20 and remained one of her native country’s most popular and consistently brilliant musicians. She never quite made it big here in the U.S., but that should have little bearing on her candidacy for the Rock Hall (unfortunately sometimes it does when artists are considered for the HOF). Under the guidance of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Bush’s experimental and infectious work made her one of art pop’s greatest visionaries. She played a major influence on future female singer-songwriters such as Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Florence Welch, and Sia. Bush also has been fans, ranging from 2Pac to Coldplay to Bjork to The Sex Pistols’ Johnny Lydon– that’s about as diverse as any list of fans for a single artist. Finally, something that Kate Bush does not get enough credit for is her artsy, sometimes cinematic music videos. Take a look at “Running Up That Hill” and “Cloudbusting” as prime examples. Although other female singer-songwriters can also be considered her (I thought long and hard about Carly Simon for some reason and think she might sneak onto the ballot), Bush is a just a step above the rest and deserves a Rock Hall nomination.

LL Cool J - LL Cool J is arguably the most popular and perhaps important hip-hop/rap artist who is not yet enshrined in the Rock Hall. When I visited the Rock Hall a few years ago, I remember watching a film devoted to American Bandstand and towards the end of the film it featured the likes of Run-D.M.C. and LL Cool J and mentioned the former was the first-ever hip-hop artist to appear on the show. For some reason that always stuck in my mind when I consider LL Cool J’s HOF candidacy because he broke so many barriers for the genre’s appeal to mass audiences. LL Cool J’s popularity helped his producer Rick Rubin (who should be inducted in the non-performers category very, very soon) become a major player in the record industry and helped Def Jam Records become a legendary, groundbreaking label for hip-hop artists. LL Cool J also helped usher in the “golden age of hip-hop” in the mid-to-late 1980s along with the likes of RUN-D.M.C. and Beastie Boys) and constantly kept evolving his rap style over the years (from rap ballads to hardcore rap and everything in-between). This December LL Cool J will be the first-ever hip-hop artist to receive the Kennedy Center Honors award, a great achievement for LL Cool J in his own right at the still young age of 49 but there is one award looming over him: induction to the Rock Hall. None of the other musicians receiving Kennedy Center Honors - Lionel Ritchie and Gloria Esteban - are Rock Hall inductees themselves. This is strange given that is the vast majority of the musicians chosen by the D.C. group the last two decades are Rock Hall inductees. LL Cool J’s exclusion from the Rock Hall is both obvious and embarrassing at this point. Last year, Chuck D (a HOF inductee from Public Enemy) compared LL Cool J to the likes of Little Richard and Elvis Presley in the landscape of 1980s hip-hop. Chuck D also noted how 2Pac, a deserving candidate in his own right, should have been inducted after LL Cool J in terms of the importance and chronology of solo hip-hop artists. Chuck D is absolutely right and let’s hope the nominating committee remembers LL’s name this time around. LL Cool J was nominated three times over the last seven years and failed all three times. And at one point, LL Cool J received the most votes from the nominating committee when he appeared on one of the ballots so clearly he has the support of them. The recent induction of 2Pac, the first solo hip-hop/rap artist inducted into the Rock Hall, proves voters could embrace solo artists on the ballot. Don’t call it a comeback, LL Cool J has been here for years and although he’s now more well-known for his acting career, let’s not forget his accomplishments as one of hip-hop’s first great superstars.

Link Wray - There are few guitar riffs as influential as Link Wray’s 1958 instrumental smash ‘Rumble.’ It is the perhaps the only instrumental song banned on U.S. radio stations during its time for ‘promoting and indicting gang violence.’ Besides any sensationalism, the song revolutionized the use of guitars in rock music – using a distorted sound. He particularly created the use of the power cord which proved to be hugely influential in later rock trends and subgenres such as grunge, heavy metal, and hard rock. The song inspired future guitarists ranging from Jimmy Page to Pete Townshend, the latter who famously said ‘If it hadn’t been for Link Wray and ‘Rumble,’ I would have never picked up a guitar.’ If guitar heroes like Page and Townshend look up to Wray, then Wray should receive another look by the Rock Hall committee. Plus the recent release of the documentary ‘Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World’ (a film I really want to see) spends considerable time focusing on Wray’s legacy. Steven Van Zandt’s involvement with the promotion of the film and recent tweets make it apparent his desire for Wray’s eventual induction into the Rock Hall. Whatever Little Steven wants, Little Steven usually gets so it’s a good bet Wray will receive his second nomination this year (Wray was previously nominated for the class of 2014).

Nine Inch Nails - Trent Renzor should have been a first-ballot inductee when he initially appeared on the 2015 ballot. Behind only Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble on the 2015 fan ballot, Nine Inch Nails was passed over for Green Day as the 1990s superstar rock act. Nine Inch Nails helped transform industrial music to the mainstream and Renzor some of the most demanding yet brilliant music of the last 30 years. In short, Renzor is industrial's vanguard figure. He carefully crafted his music, sometimes taking years to release new music but it was almost always worth the wait. Part of Nine Inch Nails’ appeal is the endless possibilities Renzor might take with his next work. It’s something unexpected, exciting, and grabs the attention of the average rock listener. Renzor keeps evolving as an artist, changed the landscape of rock music, and remains of the few modern musical geniuses of our time. Nine Inch Nails is ranked on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists list and was nominated twice for the Rock Hall in 2015 and 2016. They were snubbed last year but with the ceremony returning to Cleveland next year, Renzor’s hometown, the time is right for another NIN Rock Hall nomination. If even a rockist commentator like Eddie Trunk can support and vote for Nine Inch Nails (despite the former’s dislike of their music) based on their groundbreaking achievements, then it's pretty obvious Nine Inch Nails immediately deserves Rock Hall induction.

Radiohead - Radiohead is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular bands of the last 25 years. They released some of the greatest albums of all time – from The Bends to OK Computer to Kid A, they have one of the best catalogs of any artist of the rock era (that includes inductees and those not nominated yet). This is a no-brainer first-ballot induction on the same level of Nirvana and Pearl Jam in recent years. Radiohead is ranked among Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists list and nearly 90% or more of those on that list eventually receive Rock Hall induction. I could go on, but Radiohead is the only lock for nomination and induction in the 2018 class and rightfully so. Just don’t leave them high and dry.

Rage Against the Machine - Few bands are more fiercely political and in-your-face than Rage Against the Machine. Although the band only released four albums from 1991-2000, the band remains one of the most revolutionary influential, and controversial bands of their time. Combining rap, metal, and hard rock, Rage Against the Machine ushered in a new voice that was blossoming in a time of ever-changing musical landscape in the early 1990s. Their lyrics discussed the oppression of economic, social, and political activists who held deeply anti-capitalistic and anti-government sentiments. Morello is a modern-day guitar hero and one of the most respected figures in Rock Hall circles. Morello, who currently sits on the Rock Hall nominating committee, will probably argue that a band that influenced RATM should be nominated (such as MC5) instead of his band. The nominating committee will refuse Morello’s request and nominate RATM for the 2018 class as a sign of protest against President Trump and his policies. Rage Against the Machine is the embodiment of everything President Trump and his allies support and the world needs another reunion of one of modern rock’s most polarizing bands. While I am not personally a fan of many of their political opinions and antics, it is hard to deny the tremendous impact of the continued intersection of rock music and politics.

Soundgarden- After the inductions of Nirvana and Pearl Jam (in 2014 and 2017 respectively), Soundgarden becomes the next likely Seattle-based grunge band to receive a Rock Hall nomination but under tragic circumstances. After the death of frontman Chris Cornell earlier this year, Soundgarden’s Rock Hall chances dramatically increase due to Tom Morello and Dave Grohl sitting on the nominating committee. Morello worked with Cornell in the early 2000s supergroup Audioslave and penned a heartfelt tribute to the late singer that was shared on his Twitter account. Grohl, a contemporary of Cornell from the Seattle grunge scene, recently spoke highly of Cornell and considered him a friend and a brilliant artist. Even before Cornell’s death, Soundgarden should have received an impending Rock Hall nomination (they have been eligible since 2012) for their merits and accomplishments. To Soundgarden’s credit, they were performing and popularizing grunge music before both Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Soundgarden was also the first grunge band to sign to a major record label. Basically, Soundgarden was around long before those two bands and helped build the transformation of rock music in the 1990s. Cornell, in my opinion, is the most vocally gifted and talented singer of the five big Seattle bands (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots). Cornell’s musical talents have sung the praises of many musicians – many of whom are Hall of Famers themselves, - Elton John, Alice Cooper, Pearl Jam,
Jimmy Page, Metallica, Heart, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and U2. With the nominating committee embracing more 80s and 90s music in recent years, I doubt Soundgarden would have little trouble getting inducted on their first try. This might be trivial but Soundgarden did rank at #14 on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Acts of All Time list back in 2000, outranking many HOF-inducted bands (e.g., Ramones, Cream, Deep Purple just to name a few) and even their contemporary Pearl Jam. It’s a damn shame Soundgarden will be chosen under these dire circumstances, but they are one of the best 90s rock bands and should be nominated very soon.

The Spinners - The Spinners are one of the great 70s soul groups and, alongside 2005 HOF inductees The O’Jays, are one of the proponents of the Philadelphia Soul Sound. After a minor and ultimately unmemorable stint at Motown in the 1960s, The Spinners left the label for Atlantic Records (at the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin’s suggestion no less) and became superstars the following decade, thanks in large to their collaborations with producer and writer Thom Bell. The Spinners’ work with Bell is one of the great artist-producer collaborations in rock music history and generated some of the best soul songs ever released: “I’ll Be Around,” “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love,” “Games People Play,” “The Rubberband Man,” “It’s a Shame.” Regardless of genre, The Spinners became one of the most reliable hit-makers of the decade. The Spinners represent one of the Rock Hall’s weakest areas for induction in the performer category: R&B and Soul. The Rock Hall used to love inducting soul artists but that stopped for reasons unknown. It’s almost as if soul music did not matter after 1970, after virtually all of the Motown legends and obvious non-Motown soul legends (e.g., Otis Redding, James Brown, Solomon Burke) were inducted years ago. Soul music is still severely underrepresented in the performers category and The Spinners would be an excellent starting choice for the 2018 class. Although 60s/70s soul artist Joe Tex might be popular with the likes of Questlove and Dave Marsh, Tex finished dead last on last year’s fan ballot and perhaps the ship has sailed for Tex to get inducted into the Rock Hall despite 5 previous nominations. I just don’t see Tex getting nominated again this year (although I do really enjoy his music quite a lot) and the committee will give The Spinners another try. Nominated three times in the last six years, let’s hope The Spinners will be around for another nomination next month.

Steppenwolf - The appearance of Steppenwolf on the 2017 ballot shocked most pundits. I think with the exception of Philip (I could be wrong here), most commenters wrote off Steppenwolf as a three-hit band for their iconic hits “Born to Be Wild,” “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Rock Me.” What most commentators forget, however, is how well Steppenwolf performed on the fan ballot last year. They ranked #6 out of the 19 nominees, just missing out in the top five and thus would have had an extra vote to their name. Would it have helped? Probably not, but that’s quite impressive given they were ahead of more well-known modern names such as Depeche Mode, Janet Jackson, and 2Pac. For their impressive showing on the fan ballot alone, Steppenwolf earns a spot on my 2018 list. Now, why should Steppenwolf be members of the Rock Hall? Aren’t they a marginal classic rock band from the late 60s? Yes and no. If Percy Sledge can get inducted solely based on “When a Man Loves a Woman,” then Steppenwolf has every right to receive induction for “Born to Be Wild.” The latter is probably the most famous countercultural anthem of the late 60s and a song that nearly every baby boomer (the most populated group in the larger voting body) can harbor back memories to seeing the song in the film Easy Rider or hearing it on their FM transmitters. Hell, “Born to Be Wild” still sounds fresh nearly half-century after its release. Steppenwolf was also at the forefront of hard rock in the late 60s and even famously introduced the phrase “heavy metal” in “Born to Be Wild.” Although John Kay was singing about motorcycles, the attitude and hard-sounding effects perfectly encapsulated the music and attitude that would dominate rock music in the next decade. Finally, Steppenwolf addressed serious issues and topics in their music – from the anti-drug song “The Pusher” to the anti-Vietnam tunes “Draft Resister” and “Monster” – and they are one of the understated bands of their time. But a Steppenwolf induction will ultimately boil down to the legacy and nostalgia of “Born To Be Wild” and how that sits with the larger body of voters. Plus wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if that song was the all-star jam with other performers?

Toots & The Maytals - Not since Jimmy Cliff’s surprise nomination in 2009 and surprise induction the following year has reggae appeared on Rock Hall ballots. While the Rock Hall has chosen left-field choices from “outside the mainstream” genres (e.g., Bad Brains and Hardcore Punk; Los Lobos and Chicano Rock), reggae has been a weak area for the nominating committee with the exception of Bob Marley and Cliff. Toots & The Maytals, still an active band after initially forming in the early 1960s, would be an excellent representation of the reggae genre this year. In fact, their 1968 song “Do the Reggay” helped popularize the term “reggae” to a worldwide audience. Plus they signed with producer Chris Blackwell (a 2001 HOF inductee in the non-performer category) in the early 1970s and even performed a few songs on The Harder They Come soundtrack (Cliff’s famous Jamaican film and one of the best soundtracks ever) that made them one of Jamaica’s biggest music stars. They are one of Jamaica’s most influential and important bands with some of the best live music footage you will ever watch online. So powerful, raw, and unique - those are really the only words to describe Toots & The Maytals’ live performances. Plus a recent parody of the band on Saturday Night Live, which featured a parody of President Trump and Toots & The Maytals who worked together on a 2004 SNL episode, could spark some interest from the nominating committee, especially in our troubled political times. Stranger things have happened and sometimes left-field, non-mainstream acts appear on Rock Hall ballots. At the same time, it’s about time the nominating considers musicians outside the U.S. and U.K. and this would be an excellent choice.

Tracy Chapman - A left-field choice with no momentum whatsoever, but Tracy Chapman could very well be an ideal nominee for the 2018 ballot. She perfectly fits the singer-songwriter bill, a label the larger voting body gravitates towards when they first appear on the ballot (especially in their first HOF appearance on ballots; see James Taylor, Neil Diamond, and Leonard Cohen as examples). Her music incorporates folk, blues, soul, and rock. She is also an African-American woman, something the larger voting body of Rock Hall voters have neglected on their ballots (Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, and The Marvelettes are recent examples). Finally, Chapman was born in Cleveland, the site for this year’s ceremony and also the home for the Rock Hall museum. Chapman was a Tuffs student when she was discovered by an audience member whose father was a record executive. After graduation, Chapman signed a record deal in 1987 at the age of 23 and started working on her self-titled debut album. It was released to universal acclaim and remains of the best debut albums of the decade. The album was different from other records in the late 1980s – she was a disadvantaged black woman struggling to survive the socio-economic climate of the Reagan era and sang about her troubles. She sang about issues the average listener could relate to – discrimination, unemployment, undying love, and poverty – and allowed listeners to think about the world around them and see it from a different perspective. The album also featured the top-ten hit “Fast Car” and earned her a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (She also won Best New Artist and Best Contemporary Folk Album). The song is among the 200 best songs on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list, something worthy to mention since many of the magazine’s past and present writers sit on the committee. It is the highest ranked song both written and performed by a female artist. She steadily sold albums throughout the 1990s and then released the monster hit “Give Me One Reason” in 1995, reaching the top three on the Billboard 100. In addition, Chapman has collaborated with many Hall of Famers including Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, and Peter Gabriel. While her name might be shocking at first glance, Chapman is well connected with the right people and is adored by most rock critics who nominate and eventually vote for the Rock Hall.

War - War has been nominated every three years since 2009 and all three of those years the ceremonies took place in Cleveland, the physical site for the Rock Hall museum. If I am a betting man, I think War will receive yet another nomination this year and make it onto the ballot for the fourth time. They have Questlove, a strong advocate for the band and even praised them on his Twitter account a few years ago, in their corner. I can also see someone like Tom Morello and Dave Marsh get behind another War nomination too (mainly for War’s innovative sound, the outspoken social consciousness in their lyrics, and their very diverse lineup of musicians from different ethnicities and races). Plus, War must have had their supporters in 2009 and 2012 when Questlove was not on the nominating committee, so another nomination seems like a strong possibility. War is one of the greatly underappreciated and revolutionary bands of the 1970s. Initially led by Eric Burdon of The Animals, War blended elements of rock, funk, soul, Latin music, and so many other musical styles to create a unique sound. It seems shocking War has not been inducted into the Rock Hall yet. They appeal to the classic rock segment of voters who hear “Spill the Wine” and “Low Rider” still heard on classic rock stations. They also appeal to voters who like R&B/Soul and funk music with the likes of “Slippin’ Into Darkness,” “Summer,” and “The World is a Ghetto.” And War’s pop hits “The Cisco Kid” and “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” are universally loved songs too. War should seem like a no-brainer for induction, but they failed on three occasions. Plus it would be awesome to see Eric Burdon (perhaps the next member of the infamous Clyde McPlatter club and maybe a driving force behind these War nominations) reunite with the band to play “Spill the Wine” one more time.
Tuesday, 09.19.17 @ 16:10pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, KXB wrote:
  Grading Enigmatic's nomination choices, according to overall quality/worthiness, and chances they have for actually getting nominated:

A (Has a very good, better than 50% chance of induction, and would deserve it)

The Cars
Rage Against the Machine

B (A less certain chance to get nominated/inducted, but with a likely shot)

The Spinners
The Doobie Brothers
The Moody Blues
The Zombies
The Cure
Procol Harum

C (Could go either way, quite frankly)

Tina Turner
Pat Benatar
Jethro Tull
Jim Croce
Duran Duran
Stevie Nicks
Lionel Richie/Commodores
Carly Simon
Roxy Music

D (Not really deserving of being HoF'ers *with 3 exceptions*, but whatever)

King Crimson* (SHOULD be seriously considered, but a group that doesn't seem to get enough traction with the Nominating Committee ;-( )
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Tori Amos
The Carpenters
Willie Nelson*/Patsy Cline* (excellent, worthy musicians, but just not the Rock Hall's cup of tea, by all accounts)

F (No chance in HELL, which is where their music gets played 24/7)

Mariah Carey
Grand Funk Railroad
The Alan Parsons Project
Gentle Giant
Dan Fogelberg
Garth Brooks
Twisted Sister (the ONE metal band he has listed, and it's THIS ONE? WTF?????)
Christopher Cross
Baba Strident

Tuesday, 09.19.17 @ 13:41pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Ben wrote:
  Nicky Joe,

I looked at your list. Its a good list pretty much but I don't know how likely some of those are. Herbie Hancock,Motorhead,Sonic Youth and Willie Nelson are all good picks. I just don't know how realistic they are as predictions. I predict ones like Emerson, Lake and Palmer,J. Geils Band Procol Harum instead.It seems like your list is a wish list. It is an excellent wish list.
Tuesday, 09.19.17 @ 07:22am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Donnie wrote:
  My blog on my predictions has been up for a couple of days, so I'm sure everyone that was interested in reading it, has by now, so I'll list my predictions here just so FRL can add them to the list of predictions for tallying purposes for when the nominees are officially announced.

I'm predicting 16 nominees (listed in order that I think the Committee is most likely to nominate them)

1. Radiohead
2. Janet Jackson
3. Link Wray
4. The Cars
5. Kraftwerk
6. Soundgarden
7. L.L. Cool J
8. Rage Against the Machine
9. The Moody Blues
10. War
11. Dr. Dre
12. Pat Benatar
13. Mary Wells
14. George Michael
15. Eurythmics
16. Kool and the Gang

With four additional nominees in case the Hall repeats last year with a big ballot.

17. Black Flag
18. Joe Cocker
19. Carole King
20. Patsy Cline

If that did turn out to be the ballot, even though this is not how I would vote or necessarily make for the truly best class, I have to bring up a scenario that would be absolutely cool to see.

Let's say the Hall goes with 6 acts again (which if they have a 20 artist ballot, they better, they should go for more frankly), with Radiohead being the obviously shoe-in. But what if the voters were to choose 5 female acts for the rest of the inductees, based on my ballot. I would say Janet Jackson, Patsy Cline, Pat Benatar, Carole King, and Eurythmics.

If that were to be your group of inductees how cool would it be for one of the final jam songs to be "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar with the members of Radiohead and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics backing up Carole King on piano and vocals, and Annie Lennox, Janet Jackson, and Pat herself all taking turns on vocals.

That would be perhaps the greatest moment for female artists in the history of the Hall and would be incredible, IMO.

But yeah, that's not gonna happen lol. It'd be awesome though.

Monday, 09.18.17 @ 21:57pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Ben wrote:
  Nicky Joe,

Thanks for re posting. Im not sure if the Top 10 is your predictions. In any case I see what you mean. I don't think the Committee would be bold enough for Bjork, Faith No More and Kate Bush in one shot. The committee with its Classic veterans would want to nominate a bunch of old Rock acts. I am confident about the Cars, the Cure and the Jam. I am very certain about Soundgarden. I am predicting a bunch of Classic acts alongside those.
Monday, 09.18.17 @ 20:47pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Nicky Joe wrote:
My Top 10 Would be
10 - Whitney Houston
9 - Pixies
8 - Kraftwerk
7 - King Crimson
6 - Judas Priest
5 - Joy Division
4 - John Coltrane
3 - Patsy Cline
2 - Roxy Music
1 - Nina Simone

Honourable Mentions
Captain Beefheart
Chic (The worst part with Chic is knowing that the Rock Hall will most likely see Nile Rodgers' induction as good enough and will never nominate Chic again, leaving them eternally sealed out of the rock hall)
Connie Francis
The Cure
Depeche Mode
Dolly Parton
Faith no More
Iron Maiden
Janet Jackson
Herbie Hancock
Kate Bush
LL Cool J
The Marvelettes
The Moody Blues
My Bloody Valentine
Nine Inch Nails
The Runaways
The Smiths
Sonic Youth
The Spinners
Thin Lizzy
Toots & The Maytals
Waylon Jennings
Willie Nelson
Monday, 09.18.17 @ 16:13pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Ben wrote:
  Nicky Joe,

I recall you liked my list. You are the one person on here besides me that has Captain Beefheart on their list. I recall Janet Jackson but I dont remember your whole list. Now last year Bad Brains, Depeche Mode, Janet Jackson and Chaka Khan were all on the Ballot. So thats why I am confident of some Modern choices. The Hall may bring back the Cure and may put the Jam on the ballot for the first time. I have some limited knowledge of them. I am confident in Janet Jackson and Tina Turner. Both women were dominant in the 80s. There were 6 acts notable in the 80s last year. I think the same will happen this year. I am NOT a fan of Radiohead at all but I know they prevailed in the 90s. Nicky Joe can you please Repost your full list. That would be helpful for chatting.
Monday, 09.18.17 @ 10:24am
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About Sergio Mendes, Roy wrote:
  RIP Laudir De Oliveira, 77 years old.
Monday, 09.18.17 @ 09:08am
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About Chicago, Roy wrote:

RIP Laudir De Oliveira, 77 years old. Oldest member of Chicago, ahead of Peter Cetera.

Apparently, he had suffered a heart attack on stage.
Monday, 09.18.17 @ 09:06am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Ben wrote:
  I think a somewhat balanced list will come this year. It is realistic to assume there will be some Classic Rock acts like there has been each year. There has been a trend lately for more Classic Rock acts. However, there will be more modern acts as well. I choose the Cure even though I am not a fan due to influence. I also choose Janet Jackson and Tina Turner who are both key Female R&b singers. I actually chose the Jam for this year. They had a career that was noticed. I do think both Radiohead and Soundgarden stand a very good chance. Especially Soundgarden due to the passing of Chris Cornell. It is most realistic to figure on both Classic and Modern.
Monday, 09.18.17 @ 06:20am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, KING wrote:
I like your recent posts. My guess Styx would have the best chance of some of on your list. They really made incredible songs. Best Of Times, Blue Collar Man, Mr. Roboto,Too Much Time On My Hands. I think Journey & Styx a good comparison. Definitely strange how The Guess Who has never been nominated. Excellent songs. I like the Wishbone Ash twin guitar attack Powell & Turner back in the 70's. That was great stuff Blowin Free, Warrior. I made my final list a couple of days ago. KING
Monday, 09.18.17 @ 05:05am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Zuzu wrote:


Thank you for liking my list! However, that list was for our Rock Hall Revisited/Projected project we have here, which is why a lot of the names you listed weren't included. Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, and Emmylou Harris, among others, have already been inducted into the Revisited/Projected hall while the Dells, Moonglows, and Ringo, despite having been inducted into Cleveland's hall of fame, haven't been inducted into ours.

I would love to see all of those acts I've listed inducted into both our project and Cleveland's Hall of Fame, but if I were to make predictions for whom the "real" hall will nominate, it'd probably be more in lieu of what everyone else has been posting. I do think that Dire Straits may be a sleeper, partly due to Mark Knopfler, while acts like Radiohead, Janet Jackson, Soundgarden, and Rage are likely. I think the Cars will be inducted sometime soon, and I'd love to see Kraftwerk and the Moody Blues really get a crack at it and go in.

Do you participate in our yearly Rock Hall Projected project? It'd be great to have you!

Posted by Steve Z on Sunday, 08.20.17 @ 14:24pm

Steve I owe you a double apology. First for taking so long to notice your reply and secondly I just thought you were putting your list in the wrong section. I was so excited to see somebody list BTO since Canadian artist have received so little representation.

Thanks for the invite. I'll have to see what's going on when the time comes. I've been working on projects into Country, Folk,70' artists and artist from Chicago or with Chicago ties.

I knew Dottie West had Rock connections with several Outlaws and Kenny Rogers but I recently learned of a Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton connection.

Another thing is the importance of 2 clear channel stations for Chicago area garage bands. Apparently these stations reached small towns across 40+ states at night and reached into 6 states during the day.

I'm finding lists I see on here and other places on the internet very disappointing this year. They are way too Gen Ex and British centric. There have been complaints about passing over folk
country r&b and other important artist from the 60's and 70's. You are going to have more artist speaking out and people need to look at the current trends in music and unless the hall changes track it's going to come back and bite them.

some things I see being missed:

with the uproar about women being inducted we might just have an all women nomination list. remember women make up more than 50% of the adult population.

With the hall opening in Japan I think it is worth considering the Kyu Sakamoto - probably as lifetime achievement.

There has been a trend of nominating artist from or connected to Chicago. Several of them are also Cubbies. I think somebody on the non com figured out what it will take to get Rufus or Chaka Khan inducted.


Guess Who
Tommy James and the Shondells
Ides of March
Jimmy Buffett

Artist that I have noticed getting attention

Jimmy Buffett
Steve Goodman - I have heard talk that just needs a focus to get moving
Judy Collins
REO - I would have said Styx first but I'm seeing the same thing that I saw for Steve Miller

Right now I'm leaning REO, Guess Who and Judy Collins.

I may have 2 lists 1 regular and 1 that is women and groups with a central woman.

Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 23:52pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Philip wrote:
  If Chuck Brown were to be nominated, I would hope they wouldn't make it another Front Man Fever case, and nominate the Soul Searchers as well... whichever members they decide to include in the nomination and potential induction.

However, the case of Steve Miller and Pearl Jam in the past two years would make me less than optimistic for this. Heck, it wasn't until public outcry got too big to ignore that the Rock Hall added "And Double Trouble" to the nomination of Stevie Ray Vaughn in 2014, for the Class of 2015.
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 20:43pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Enigmaticus wrote:

My lists are here to illustrate the absurdity of how the Rock Hall decides to induct artists. However, I disagree with you completely about The Moody Blues, i.e. they are very significant artists. The point is that no fan base will ever be completely satisfied. So, it makes sense for the Rock Hall to increase the number of worthy nominees each year. Not that there will actually be 30 names on the list, but more than 19 is probably realistic.

In recent years, "progressive" artists have finally started to become more recognized; there had been a long dry spell between the inductions of major progressive artists. Pink Floyd had been inducted in 1996. Then, Genesis had finally been inducted in 2010, although this may have occurred due to their more recent pop sensibilities. Rush had a very long wait also, until they had finally been inducted in 2013. Peter Gabriel, was inducted as a solo artist in 2014, but this was probably more likely due to Genesis' previous induction in 2010. Rush's induction in 2013, however may have led to 3 Yes nominations and Yes' inevitable induction. Yes and Electric Light Orchestra had finally been inducted in 2017. So, in my honest opinion, the nominations later this year will want to acknowledge and celebrate prog's fiftieth anniversary. In accordance with that event, who would it be better to nominate than The Moody Blues, King Crimson and Procol Harum? If the Rock Hall decides to nominate a major prog artist from the United States, then Kansas and Styx may not be unreasonable choices. As far as newer British prog bands are concerned, I cannot imagine that Marillion would ever receive a nomination, but Duran Duran and XTC certainly could, they have much greater name recognition.
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 17:56pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Zuzu wrote:

News Flash!!! Classic rock is mainly not even rock. It isn't even mainly Boomer music. It is actually Gen-ex music. It mainly consists of Hard rock (only about 10% actual rock) and metal (not rock) - and Prog (again not rock - although the term is applied to any British 1 or 2 hit wonders that Gen exer's like)

Let's talk about artist that were skipped over.

Early 60's - late 60's through late 70's - the women who got passed over because they actually made a difference and did not fit the corporate image that the hall wanted - folk - country (outlaws and the ones that were actually rock) - WTF is the problem with Canadian and artist from or connected to or from Chicago ... give me a break!!!! - Where the F are any of the garage bands - TMB & TMC - This isn't the all hail and glory to the Brits and California hall it is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Carter Family 1st and 2nd generation
Chubby Checker
Paul Ankaa
Patsy Cline
Bobby Vinton
Willie Nelson
Dottie West
The Spinners (I'll give Bill this one - I understand where he is coming from)
Herb Kent
Tommy James and the Shondells
The Buckinghams
Ides of March
Kris Kristoferson
Emmylou Harris
Waylon Jennings
The Guess Who
The First Edition/Kenny Rogers
Judy Collins
Helen Reddy
Three Dog Night
Grand Funk Railroad
Janis Ian
5th Dimension
Loggins and Messina
Peter Paul and Mary
Steve Goodman
John Prine
Dr Hook
David Allen Coe
Arlo Guthrie
Glen Campbell
Jimmy Buffett
Jerry Reed
Mary Ford (Maybe why Steve Miller spoke up for women in the hall - his godfather gets in but his godmother doesn't - I'd go on a rant too - thank God for men who aren't SEXIST)
Minnie Ripperton
Don McLean
Gordon Lightfoot

Until the Hall is back in balance there are only 3 Brits that I am ok with

The Chieftains
Bernie Taupin
Andy Fraser

Pat Benatar induction held hostage for Janet Jackson?????? Did you know that the Jackson family sold the rights to the Beatles songs?

This is exactly how the important acts get passed over and the 2nd and 3rd rate acts get in.

Try TLC instead

Hall Watchers? - You need to start looking at what the artist have to say - especially the ones that got black balled by the industry. You also need to take a look at who is connected and in what capacity in the industry.

Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 17:53pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Enigmaticus wrote:

My lists are here to illustrate the absurdity of how the Rock Hall decides to induct artists. However, I disagree with you completely about The Moody Blues, i.e. they are very significant artists. The point is that no fan base will ever be completely satisfied. So, it makes sense for the Rock Hall to increase the number of worthy nominees each year. Not that there will actually be 30 names on the list, but more than 19 is probably realistic.

In recent years, "progressive" artists have finally started to become more recognized, there had been a long dry spell between the inductions of major progressive artists: Pink Floyd had been inducted in 1996. Then, Genesis had finally been inducted in 2010. Rush had a very long wait also, until they had finally been inducted in 2013. Peter Gabriel, was inducted as a solo artist in 2014, but this was probably more likely due to Genesis' induction in 2010. Rush's induction in 2013, however may have led to 3 Yes nominations and Yes' inevitable induction. Yes and Electric Light Orchestra had finally been inducted in 2017. So, in my honest opinion, the nominations later this year will want to acknowledge and celebrate prog's fiftieth anniversary. In accordance with that event, who would it be better to nominate than The Moody Blues, King Crimson and Procol Harum?
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 17:42pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, That Guy wrote:
  Radiohead are making it in (you're telling me there are gonna be 6 acts that beat them out?)...

Non-North American acts to make it since 2005: U2, 3/4ths of The Pretenders (Chrissy Hyde is from Ohio), Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Jeff Beck, Genesis, ABBA, most of the Hollies, Small Faces/The Faces, Donovan, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, Deep Purple, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 17:31pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Classic Rock wrote:
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Better Than Ezra
George Jones
Gordon Lightfoot
Mary-Chapin Carpenter
The Smiths
Iron Maiden
Jim Croce
The Cranberries

Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 16:33pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Nicky Joe wrote:
  Hopefully they might induct some newer artists this year but it's a committee of people who are very stuck in their own ways so they'll probably just induct 1 or 2 artist that has been eligible for under 10 years.
Even Radiohead might not make it in as the latest British Artists to be inducted was The Pretenders in 2005, their first official release is 1979 which (for the most part) is when the Hall decides to remove their eyes and ears and pretend that new artists from 1980 and onwards are few and far between. Sure they've nominated The Smiths twice and Depeche Mode but it's clear that the committee isn't interested in inducting either of those two anything soon (and that's a complete shame) so I think it's completely reasonable to assume that Radiohead's induction isn't guaranteed and really, the only one who I think stands a very high chance is Janet Jackson.
I know it could happen but there still is a significant possibility that the committee will continue to pat each other on the back in their echo chamber and ignore all criticism thrown at them thrown people who aren't white cis-male reactionaries going "NON ROCK ARTISTS SHOULDN'T BE INDUCTED IN TO THE HALL OF FAME BECAUSE REASONS!!!!" camp that I unfortunately used to be apart of.
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 12:01pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, EDS wrote:
  To Roy: I like to think/hope the Nominating Committee is getting Classic Rock Fatigue (as are many Hall watchers), and hopefully will give other genres a chance, as it's become obvious those who vote are clearly biased Babby Boomer Old Farts- quite frankly, I'd be happy NOT to see a 'classic rock' act get in the next 2 or 3 years (except for the Cars, who are actually underrated compared to most of those above acts); the Moodies will likely be on the ballot (though it will be a pity vote if they get in, rather than one of merit- if anything, they should've been on the ballot 10-15 years ago, rather than waste of time choices like Percy Sledge, Sir Douglas Quintet, and Dr. John), Foreigner hopefully will NOT (Bad Co., Doobie Brothers. and King Crimson are ALL far worthier)!

To Enig: Most of your choices (no way are they nominating 30; I doubt they even go for more than 20) don't have a realistic chance...
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 11:34am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Roy wrote:
  Hey FRL

Why no classic 60s-70s Rock or Prog bands in your predictions this year? No Moody Blues, no Jethro Tull, no King Crimson, and no Foreigner. Look what's been happening these past few years as far as inductees:

Heart, Rush, Kiss, Chicago, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Yes, Journey, Electric Light Orchestra…

Don't you think this trend will continue?

The Moody Blues and Foreigner will be on the ballot this year.

You chose Bad Company?
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 08:57am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Enigmaticus wrote:
  Let's try this again, shall we?

01. The Moody Blues
02. King Crimson
03. Duran Duran
04. Sade
05. Carly Simon
06. Jethro Tull
07. Supertramp
08. Lionel Richie
09. Pat Benatar
10. The Carpenters
11. America
12. Bread
13. Stevie Nicks
14. Tina Turner
15. Eurythmics
16. XTC
17. Willie Nelson
18. Doobie Brothers
19. Garth Brooks
20. Dan Fogelberg
21. Toto
22. Mariah Carey
23. Soundgarden
24. The Spinners
25. The Cars
26. Procol Harum
27. Kansas
28. Tori Amos
29. Phish
30. Foreigner
Sunday, 09.17.17 @ 08:50am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Enigmaticus wrote:
  But, who would I really like to see nominated?

01. The Moody Blues
02. Jethro Tull
03. Duran Duran
04. Sade
05. King Crimson
06. Carly Simon
07. Supertramp
08. Carly Simon
09. Doobie Brothers
10. Stevie Nicks
11. XTC
12. Eurythmics
13. Tori Amos
14. Pat Benatar
15. Mariah Carey
16. Foreigner
17. Asia
18. Lionel Richie
19. Sting
20. Alan Parson's Project
21. Emerson Lake & Palmer
22. Gentle Giant
23. Kansas
24. Styx
25. Boston
26. Roxy Music
27. The Cars
28. The Cure
29. Twisted Sister
30. Soundgarden
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 23:41pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Enigmaticus wrote:

01. The Moody Blues
02. Procol Harum
03. King Crimson
04. Duran Duran
05. Supertramp
06. Sade
07. Carly Simon
08. Foreigner
09. The Spinners
10. America
11. Bread
12. Christopher Cross
13. The Carpenters
14. TLC
15. Queen Latifah
16. Mariah Carey
17. Tori Amos
18. Grand Funk Railroad
19. Tina Turner
20. Radiohead
21. Rage Against The Machine
22. Soundgarden
23. Willie Nelson
24. Patsy Cline
25. Eurythmics
26. The Cars
27. The Zombies
28. Dan Fogelberg
29. Jim Croce
30. Barbra Streisand
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 21:45pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, EDS wrote:
  Responding to Enig's list:

1) Probably inductee, but a likely 'pity' vote if they get inducted, as they won't be one of the 10 (let alone 6) best acts on the ballot
2) A more deserving pick than #1 would be, but likely won't make the ballot any time soon, if ever
3) Don't see it happening for them
4) Would be a good nominee selection, but likely not making it
5) See #4
6) Lock of the year!
7-9) ONE of these acts could make the ballot, but won't get inducted
10) A likely/worthy inductee pick, IF they make the ballot this year
11) Uh, NO
12) Sorry...
13) I can see the getting nommed, but not inducted, this year (should've made it on the ballot in 15/16 instead of Green Day/Steve Miller)
14) Should've made it years ago!
15) Better/worthier shot with his former group
16) Would like to see her make it, but not likely
18) Nah...
19) Maybe as an EI/MEXC, but not making the ballot (sorry)
20) Don't see her making it (again) this year
21) Would be a sneaky/underrated pick, but don't see it happening
22) Someone explain all the momentum/hype about them to me, please
23) Won't happen, but would be an interesting nom
24) Possible, but not at the expense of Janet!
25) Not in anyone's lifetime!
26-27) See #23, though she/they might actually have a better shot
28) Probably the one 'token' rap pick- if so, let's be rap-free this year
29) See #17 and/or 18
30) Death Fairy ain't coming to them for the '18 class...
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 16:54pm
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About Nickelback, Terrill wrote:
  Nickelback is the Brittney Spears of rock. Huge gullible fan base. Their music is made using the same equation that poops out crap-tons of radio hits. The result is a flash-in-the-pan pop song that's easy to understand for the masses, receives loads of attention and then 3 months later grinds ears and activates your gag reflex.

Next, Rock and Roll by definition requires some level of unconventionism - Nickelback is as conventional and predictable as it gets. Their sound wasn't original to begin with and has never since offered anything new. Every time I hear Nickelback I feel like my intelligence is insulted, as if I can't tell they've been feeding me the same generic crap for 20 years.
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 15:44pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Enigmaticus wrote:
  Once again, here is my revised list of Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nominees for 2018:

01. The Moody Blues
02. King Crimson
03. Duran Duran
04. Sade
05. Carly Simon
06. Radiohead
07. The Zombies
08. Procol Harum
09. Steppenwolf
10. The Cars
11. Phish
12. The Carpenters
13. Soundgarden
14. The Spinners
15. Lionel Richie
16. Tori Amos
17. Kansas
18. Garth Brooks
19. Willie Nelson
20. Chaka Khan
21. Doobie Brothers
22. Foreigner
23. Queen Latifah
24. Pat Benatar
25. The Monkees
26. Bjork
27. The Eurythmics
28. L.L. Cool J.
29. Sting
30. J. Geil's Band

The main point is that this list grows longer and longer each year. The other point is that economic factors should definitely be taken into consideration when considering who the Rock Hall will nominate and induct.
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 12:37pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Roy wrote:
  01. INXS
02. Kate Bush
03. The Cure
04. The Smiths
05. Television
06. Roxy Music
07. Duran Duran
08. Depeche Mode
09. Tears Foe Fears
10. Iron Maiden
11. Judas Priest
12. Motorhead
13. Joy Division/New Order
14. WHAM!/George Michael
15. Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine
16. Bruce Hornsby And The Range
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 07:53am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Roy wrote:
  01. Mary Wells
02. The Marvelettes
03. The Spinners
04. Link Wray
05. Billy Preston
06. Willie Nelson
07. Harry Nilsson
08. Carole King
09. Tina Turner
10. Stevie Nicks
11. The Moody Blues
12. Foreigner
13. Janet Jackson
14. Chaka Khan
15. Rage Against The Machine
16. Radiohead
17. Nine Inch Nails
18. Soundgarden
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 07:43am
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About Peter Paul and Mary, Happy wrote:
  Mystery to me why they aren't in ?
Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 02:24am
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, KING wrote:
   I'd probably give the FRL Nominees List a B. The 19 more monster Nominees List was a big hit 2016 with the fans. Could see 17 or more again. I'll agree with the probable Janet Jackson, Radiohead, The Cars. Don't see Dr. Dre that close after NWA induction. I like the Link Wray pick. So much smoke and fire around him. He will be inducted in some form or fashion. Moody Blues is a notable omission from your list. I also have Stevie Nicks. She's 1 of the Queens Of Rock and would receive many votes on the ballot. The women will be interesting to see on the ballot. KING
Friday, 09.15.17 @ 17:50pm
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About Snubbed Members, No Such Thing as the Death Fairy wrote:
  Yeah right, dream on about THAT! #notgonnahappen
Friday, 09.15.17 @ 17:07pm
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About the 2018 Nomination Predictions, Enough of All These Mediocre 'Classic' Rock Bands in the Hall Already wrote:
  One of them ain't making the cut (at least)... #getusedtoit
Friday, 09.15.17 @ 15:53pm
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